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Jeff B. joined Snap Fitness in the middle of October last year. “During the summer, I did long-distance bike riding to get in shape. Once bike season was over, I needed something to do to stay in shape,” Jeff said. After trying his neighborhood Snap Fitness one day, the 42-year-old dad was hooked. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Jeff B. from Minnesota Jeff B. joined Snap Fitness in the middle of October last year. “During the summer, I did long-distance bike r.

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My Snap Fitness Success Story Jeff B From Minnesota Local Gym Fitness Center Buffalo Monticello Zimmerman Mn Stronger Workouts Personal Training At Home Fitness Options Best Budget Fitness Cl In Minnesota Wcco Cbs Snap Fitness Annandale 55302 Wright County 125 Oak Ave N Hotel A Greenville Best Western Plus Suites. “I love my new lifestyle,” he says proudly. “Snap Fitness made it so easy for me to getting a regular workout schedule, and now it’s part of my life.” Not only is he still working on his own fitness goals, but Najib has become so inspired that he is now a personal trainer at the Snap Fitness. Success Stories. Podcast. 5 Foods You Might Be Preparing Wrong. Nutrition.

2014-08-27 | By: Snap Fitness If you embrace a life of healthy wholesome eating, or are beginning to adopt some healthy eating practices, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your diet should look like. Personal Trainer at Snap Fitness Parkwood, AUS. Q. Tell us about your fitness background. A. Growing up, I wasn’t really into school sports and didn’t enjoy participating in sports classes or athletics.

I viewed exercise as a “chore” and didn’t have the education to understand the positive benefits it could have on my. Circuit workout snap fitness diagram snap fitness 206 osborne street my snap fitness success story raya k the last workout new york times gym trainers urge people to stay active The Gym Group EpiserverSandwich Snap Fitness UsaYa 7088 No Equipment Needed Circuit Workout Snap Fitness DiagramCoronavirus Covid 19 Update Snap Fitness SarurGym Trainers Urge People [ ]. Success Stories. Podcast.

5 Tips To Hit Your Goal Weight. Lifestyle. 2016-03-03 | By: Snap Fitness Can you believe it’s already March? We hope 2016 is off to a great start for you.

Now’s a perfect time to check in with your New Year’s resolutions.

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He reviewed my activities and adjusted my workouts on the fly.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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In 58 weeks he and MacKenzie had set me on a course that transformed me from a limping former runner who couldn’t do 15 push-ups to one of 62,000 people competing to enter the 2012 CrossFit Games.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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Jeff has served on the advisory group for the Northwest Fitness Center for two decades.

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Recently Texas powerlifter, Ben Phillip Workman contacted me.

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One year later he was still following my program, and had dropped his body fat from 42.5 down to 18 percent.

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Between intermittent complaints that since he lost weight he was getting pushed around in football, Brandon also saw some positive results in his performance, and that motivated him to keep up the good work.

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Chris Teff, a teammate of mine at Minnesota Crookston, was my roommate, along with Nick Niedermann, a random roommate from Delafield, WI. Chris was also attempting to walk-on, and it was great having someone around that shared my vision.

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The team assumed that he was also overweight during the lockout, even though the twice-monthly weigh-ins never occurred.

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He Joined an Ultimate Frisbee team, began running, and started eating at home more often.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • People were saying what he was saying in the podcast was about Francesca and it wasn’t how is he gonna address it and set the record straight without saying her name?

  • if i had 5$ for everytime shane said that was stupid or im sorry, id be rich. lmao like my first grade teacher used to say DONT BE SORRY JUST DONT DO IT

  • I have been on Shane’s ass about this shit since before Onision went on his campaign to expose him (literally screaming at people over their hypocrisy/double standards in blindly defending Shane) however I will say that it is unfair to attack him for being self deprecating when it is actually appropriate for once. He is is laying it on thick because it is the truth. He did some awful shit and that all of this hate is overwhelming because that’s how it is. If he didn’t grovel you would all be saying he doesn’t care or is brushing the magnitude of this scandal off. Minimising. To me the point you praised about him saying ‘you don’t have to accept my apology, that’s fine’ seems more like potential reverse psychology, virtue-signally and ‘manipulative’. But can you really call people’s behaviours manipulative when in reality everything we do and say is objectively manipulating others and for the most part is GENUINELY what we actually think and feel? Can you really cherry pick like that?

  • WTF?!? I don’t use the word crazy all willy nilly, I have trauma based mental disorders and know how much it sucks to be called as such. With that said……..dude is ���� crazy.

  • This is great. I love this. My one suggestion for next time is too hop on it immediately. I was craving this content last week. Still good this week though! ��

  • You’re scrolling through a person’s twitter who IS ACTUALLY A BLACK MAN and would be badly affected by what Shane did, and you’re talking over their voice? You say that it’s okay for the people watching your streams to not accept Shane’s apology but then you go on this guy’s twitter and “Just can’t understand” why they don’t get it was something that happened in the past?

    You have incredible privilege to be able to laugh this off and talk over black voices, and you’re doing a good job of not listening.

  • I’m not even a Shane Dawson fanbut I didn’t find his apology that horrible. Jeffree Star, on the other hand, IS horrible, arrogant and will never take responsibility.

    I think Shane at least made a good effort and truly expressed remorse for what he did. But I don’t think anyone’s apology is ever going to be good enough for the Edwin-Creepshow Art crowd… They get off on picking apart apologies, trashing Youtubers on Twitter, and fluffing eachother up in their little clique. Looking forward to when one of them screws up in a big way and they get turned on by their communitymaybe then they won’t feel so self-righteous up on their moral pedestals.

  • Did you watch dangelowallace’s video about Shane Dawson zero respect for Shane after seeing that minus respect don’t know how he got any followers whatsoever going to be a lot of confused young people around

  • Dude what about the Podcast where he’s talking about a 6 yearold cheerleader on instagram where he’s calling her sexy even though the host keeps telling him to stop. Then the podcast of him molesting his cat and it was okay because there was no penetration

  • I think this old quote expresses something valid about the psychology of cancel culture:

    “The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.”

    ― Aldous Huxley, Crome Yellow

  • I do believe he’s sorry (in one way or the other), but he seriously needs a lesson in ACTUAL accountability; all of his apology videos sound EXACTLY the same. Seriously.

  • At this point Shane shouldn’t be like “I’m sensitive! I can’t handle this!” Like bro you shouldn’t have done it then AND you shouldn’t be a youtuber if you can’t handle shit being dished out to you.

  • Yeah Garrett is good and his words really spoke to that Strangely in the exact way he was speaking on it too, made me feel good. I’ve always felt really good watching Garrett he’s funny and genuine:)

  • While I agree with a lot of Edwin’s points on how this apology could have been better, I feel like he didn’t put some of the examples of what he was talking about because they’d cause the video to be taken down? Lol. Like seriously if that podcast part was in there it’s probably get flagged for extreme violence or something because it’s really graphic. Maybe it’s giving him too much credit but I’m quicker to think he knew he couldn’t put that in a video than he did it to be deceitful. That might be more about knowing how much YouTube is sniping videos and channels lately and knowing he’s currently on their bad side.
    Also if he was so fine with losing everything and felt he deserved it, then why doesn’t he step himself away like Jenna did? Isn’t he trying to apologise and say he’s different now and not that person so he can continue and not lose everything?

  • it made me happy to see Shanna & Qaadir speak up, i’ve been a fan of shane since 2011 up until around 2018. I was 9 in 2011. It saddens me to look back on how his content took affect on me at such a young age and i’ve seen many others that were young like me talk about this too. I was a big fan of Qaadir on Shane’s vlogs, Shane and Friends, and loved Shanna and her own content on her channel. around 2017-18 is when I really finally got out of the mindset his content put me in and thought about how it was hurting those around him, POC & younger fans like me at the time. It’s sad to see many excuse his actions because they truly don’t understand the magnitude of his actions and those he’s hurt and continues to hurt.

  • Apologizing is not enough for this behavior. He needs to do work. He needs to be deplatformed for a better cause. He needs to put the money he earned where his apology is at.

  • It’s not a “god complex.” For those curious, I would suggest looking up “Codependency” and “Avoidant Personality Disorder.” I’m not saying that’s what Shane has, I’m not a doctor. But wanting to be around authoritative but broken people, making excuses for them and getting defensive, and avoiding things you got in trouble for….

  • you’ve been following the Shane Dawson drama! You should react to D’Angelo Wallace video ” The exact moment Shane Dawson’s career ended:12:37 06/30/20″

  • I’ve always gotten pedo vibes from so many big youtubers.. They know their audience consists of 12 year olds but everything they do is very sexual and inappropriate.. Like don’t show your damn dil*o collection and constantly hint about how much s*x you’re having. These gen Z kids are messed up bc they’ve never even seen anyone entertain the idea that you can WAIT, you don’t have to sleep around. Being a virgin isn’t something embarrassing, it just is what it is. Shane constantly tried to make every child think that him still being a virgin was super cringy and sad. He wasn’t even 25 yet, like yeah.. Worst thing in the world.

  • Honestly I didn’t understand much of this video because I just got done with an intense blood treatment to kill off a bacteria effecting my nervous system. So all I really got out of this was how Shane should have apologized and I totally agree.

  • There’s something in Shane’s voice in his video that makes it sound like he wants you to feel sorry for him and that he legit feels bad but he doesn’t

  • I’ve seen a few people who were sexually abused as children go through a phase where they used humor to cope with what happened. Very dark, racist, homophobic, violent humor. You sometimes wonder if they’re actually joking or not. It’s a bad coping mechanism but it happens sometimes, especially to younger people who have never been to therapy and don’t realize their past trauma is making them act this way. They want to project all that disgust, shame, guilt and rage on to other people.

    That’s how predators are born too. They were abused as a child. But just because every single person who’s sexually abused as child doesn’t become a rapist doesn’t mean that it doesn’t ever happen. It’s not a very good topic to try to talk about on YouTube because there’s a lot of people who haven’t experienced trauma like that before and don’t believe it could have that kind of effect or see the connection. And people who have been sexually abused as a child who haven’t experienced these type of things who are trying to say that… because it hasn’t happened to them, it doesn’t happen.

  • I actually love what you did here by showing actually what he was trying to apologize for because I watched his apology video however there were quite a lot of things he was apologizing for and I didn’t know what he was referring to. This actually puts it into context for me.

  • I do wanna note that while Shane plagiarized Jenna’s phrasing I’m pretty certain he just co-opted it to mean something else entirely…Jenna said “now is a time of people wanting to purge themselves of things that are toxic” making it both individual and impersonal, she didn’t make her apology for anyone else she did it because she, like many others, wanted to purge that toxicity in any way she could.

    Shane in his video says “now is a time of people wanting accountability…wanting punishment…” which is collective and personal. He’s using the same phrasing but co-opting it to make it sound like he’s being attacked for past “mistakes”, maybe to earn some sympathy points from anyone who doesn’t understand the gravity of the things he’s glossing over.

  • It’s sad to see how no one is taking Shane’s side. We’ve all did questionable things in the past, he just happened to record it, he didn’t do any harm to anyone, it was just edgy humor, the “shock” factor that made him stand out.

    Back in the day no one cared, or was offended…it’s been what 10 years? during this time the culture has shifted so much, and so did he, he understands that. He understands that his humor was unacceptable but he didn’t know better, he just wanted to make people laugh.

    There was A LOT of horrible humor on youtube back in the day that pushed way further than Shane. Just because someone decided to dig 10 years back to cancel Shane everyone is ok with that? If we follow this same logic why don’t we invade Germany for what they did in the past? This is so toxic and narrow-minded. Shane is so kind so caring, and now he’s suffering because someone made too big of a deal about the past cringe jokes? you don’t care who’s life is being ruined while you jerk yourself off over being “righteous” do you, people?

    and Edwin, forgive me if I’m wrong but I think you don’t understand the concept of people changing and learning on their mistakes and doing better. Being ashamed or hating your past self is what happens when you learn, change and move on. I was shocked to see that you are turning your back on Shane because of his past that he clearly has moved on from? If you have watched his change and progress and what kind of person he is, your opinion on him would be different I think. It is so unfair to harass people over their past that they no longer approve themselves…

  • Shane didn’t private any of these horrible videos because everyone was lifting him up for doing those bad things. Millions of ppl placed his humor upon a high pedistol. Doesn’t make it ok but they did make it ok and for many more YouTuber, celebs to act this way

  • Oh my god!!! He had the torture death dream about loran his old producer/ manager / person he constantly made antisemitic remarks to.

  • interesting how he softens and raises the pitch of the voice to appear softer.The karpman drama triangle is an interesting look at how bullies set themself up as victims to justify what they do (the other part of the triangle is rescuer)

  • tbh, he is trying to justify because in the podcast there is no part were he says its disgusting… someone played the whole thing.

  • I think it’s also fair to mention he’s friends with Molly Burke, a blind youtuber, and he has made jokes about disability (blindness being one). I think you did a really good job at making points and I 100% understand the disappointment

  • Shane has always rubbed me wrong. Its like when ppl say drunk people voice sober thoughtsI feel the same with Shane but with jokes. Like, he ment everything he joked about. He ment it. But he was insecure with how it would be received if he said it outloud so he cushioned it with a joke so he could backtrack out of it if it wasnt well relieved and he needed to.

  • It was 10 years ago everyone on youtube was doing that kinda shit to gain followers the more outragous the more contraversial the more people would watch and follow allot can change in a decade let it go and last i checked jimmy kimmel blackface still has a job.. Why are you not getting him fired

  • Also i can hear onision from miles away screaming ” i told you he was a pedophile” but i feel like onision was using Shane to cover up his own paedophilia

  • I feel like his biggest issues is that he wasn’t looking at his apology as an outsider. I think him admitting the other videos his made have always came from a place of fear speaks a lot about him. He has anxiety and I get that as a person with anxiety… and lots of other issues. Its really easy for it to get out of hand and for it to control whats going on. And the worst part with anxiety (aka fear) is it keeps going until someone can validate you. Or you learn to validate yourself. I think him seeing Jenna speak up, it probably did really speak to him, she’s really mature about it. She saw she needed to take accountability and did so she also wasn’t chased out by a mob. She probably has been upset about BLM and looking back saw how her stuff could be damaging. Took it down etc. Shane saw this, probably did think about it. And attempted to do the same thing, and probably filmed and posted his video and got over whelmed and took a break.

    I feel like shane could’ve did a tweet and said “I agree with everything Jenna Marbles said in her video and I’ve been working on privating/ delete content that was really offensive and extremely distasteful, that I had made. I still make profit from some merch I have of a POC character, and I will be donating the remaining money to BLM services…” something to that effect. in that same tweet, or next tweet he could’ve announced doing a video to apologise and try to explain away things. If he really felt like he needed too. But realistically I think he again jumped the ship and was way to emotional and impulsive to think his actions through which is why his canceling fire got so big. It also would explain why he had trouble addressing a lot of stuff and how the only emotional outburst we saw was from the Tati insta live thing. He was emotional.

    I feel like if a friend had sent him a script of what they were going to say. And it’s word for word of what he said, and they asked “Does this sound okay” I feel like he’d be honest enough to say some parts are good, but the beating yourself up, asking to be punished etc. these aren’t good. An apology and accountable are different than beating yourself up, and asking for mercy.

    I personally don’t think Shane is stupid I think he saw the hate train coming and he panicked and freaked out. He should’ve talked to partner about it. (The pedo shit makes me extremely uncomfortable so I don’t want to comment on that stuff)

  • UwU pweez don’t cancew me fow being vewy wacist! He thinks if he acts like a submissive worm he will be forgiven and we will believe him. Shane Dawson has never been a good actor, I think his old sketches prove that.

  • People always show you who they really are if you just pay attention. SD has been showing his true self for a long time now. Its about time people woke up.

  • when he was talking about people being allowed to not accept his apologyhe should have stressed that his white audience can’t grant him that forgivenesswhen you look at all the people who comment that they still love Shane and that he’s forgiven (same with Jeff’s audience) the vast majority are white girls.
    Imagine harassing someone, and then a stranger from across the street yells “it’s ok! I know you’re a good person! You’re forgiven!”

  • I like Shane.. and I genuinely think he has changed as a person, and grew up a bit. But I think it’s too little too late.. he’s done ALOT of bad shit, and I can’t help but think his apologies just seem a little in genuine, and he’s apologised because he’s been caught, rather than because he’s actually sorry. The video he made reacting to Tati was soooo fake it’s laughable. It was cringe worthy. I think he’s trying, but is that enough ����‍♀️

  • Whether or not Shane is an empath is debatable. But to be fair, empaths *feel. Everything. No one ever said empaths feel pleasant feelings all the time.

  • When it got to the pod cast bit where this crazy man talks about his violence fantasies, jesus christ, this is NOT normal whatsoever.

  • Bruh! I’m digging the goatee and the magenta…it’s very ������ (chef’s kiss) quarantine chic! Also, really appreciate your honest reactions and opinions in real time, regardless of how others may receive them or respond, you’re true and genuine to yourself ������✌��(not that I’m implying your take is controversial, just that I value your honesty)

  • Idk the one joke about the black girls hair on the back of the pancake box really made me side-eye him when he tried claiming he has never had hate for black people.. I know that’s not the most outrageously racist thing he said but i think it is incredibly telling.

  • There’s nothing to forgive,
    If you’re let down,because he’s inappropriate, again, the cancel culture mindset, yr measuring your offended by others people reception ��

  • There is never “a time” for racist jokes. Its not funny, it hurts and he monetized this content. Was there ever “a time” for anti-semetic jokes? I think not. So please stop saying Shane’s racist behavior was appropriate for the time.

  • When you give excuses for your behavior with examples of personal pain it seems like you’re trying to justify your actions. An actual apology is not a pity party it’s about showing remorse and using future actions to make amends. None of these YouTube apology videos seem to have any sincerity to them at all.

  • unbelievably irritating how he continues to say “it was gross.. it was insane”. “I’d never talk about a child like that” oh weird how you DID. “I’d never do this, in my whole life” oh right but you did for YEARS….. “I feel so bad about this” that’s why you were still making money off your racist merch up till 2 seconds ago

  • He took pieces from Jeffree and Jenna Marbles’ apologies. why does no one realize that just because you’re in a bad place at one point or another, it doesn’t make racism or pedophilia or discussions of that nature ok!! It doesn’t excuse the fact that his mind went to any of those places! I personally feel that a person who thinks many of these things ok needs therapy to do better! Being scolded for believing in these things that are a learned notion, doesn’t change their beliefs.

  • thank you for showing clear examples. I’ve been watching Shane Dawson since I was 12 and some of these things I had not seen or had not registered properly..

  • So I guess the dream was about Lauren Schnipper.. which given how much she tried to save that movie I can’t imagine how mean he was to her outside of the show

  • It’s just crazy to think that in his Jake Paul video they explain that a sociopath can mirror other people’s actions and fake real emotions in order for people to like them. Im guessing he must have realised after that behind the scenes video came out from his ‘not cool’ movie, that he was clearly coming across unlikeable or maybe he was getting backlash from his old content. So he completely changed his whole persona by acting like he was over emotional and empathic because that was how to get views.

  • and people being mad at you, the appology is for you too, since you were in the people he made racist jokes about by stereotypes…

  • Shane describing his murder fantasy about that poor girl makes me fucking sick ��
    And whoever those people laughing along with him are annoying and obviously just trying to match Shane’s “shock humor”

  • I’ve just spent too long writing up timestamps for those of you who want to see specific points or can’t catch it all in one sitting! Hope you enjoy and new videos and livestreams coming real soon.
    0:00 2:54 Introduction + Personal Opinions Towards Shane

    2:44 Jenna Marbles Comparison & “I Should Have Been Punished For This”

    7:38 Shane’s Objectives: Saying everything, ways to help and ways to not being a part of the problem

    11:19 Shane addressing black face

    18:47 Re: Chesca Leigh and the podcast she alleged was about her

    32:00 Viewer Says “No apology would have been good enough”

    36:55 “I Can’t Believe I Talked To My Cousin Like That”

    42:35 “I’ll put more that aren’t just white youtubers”

    45:56 Shane quitting the makeup industry

    56:20 Shane saying he would self-promo next time he had a scandal (last year)

    58:38 Shane’s ex girlfriend Lisa speaks re: the cousin video

    59:52 Jaden Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith’s tweets & The “Different Times”

    1:02:36 Shane called out re: James Charles by one of his best friends, CassieeMua.

    1:03:35 Garrett Watts’ tweet. Former friends Qaadir Howard and Bree Essrig speak out against Shane.
    (links in description ^)

  • when you were talking about korn and how glad you are that they don’t seem to have done any awful shit, i had the strongest 2017 brand new flashbacks. damn. good breakdown of all this disaster, by the way he’s nauseating.

  • You do a great job of highlighting all the contradictions Shane expresses. I suspect that Shane has a lot of confusing and conflicting thoughts/feelings/ideas right now. My biggest concern is that he explains that his previous bad actions by talking about the pain he was in, how miserable he was, and how much he hated himself-all while talking about the pain he’s in today, how miserable he is today, and how much he hates himself. In other words, the circumstances that created the bad behavior have not changed. If those were the only reasons why he did all of these things, and they all still exist, who’s to say he won’t keep lashing out, using bad attempts at humor to cover his anger, projecting his self hatred onto others, feeling criticized, retreating, etc.? Like you said, he literally just did the same pattern with his notesapp rant about the beauty community.

    Frankly, his content suffers from the same problems as his explanations and apologies: incomplete planning, meandering execution, and ultimately a failure to deliver what was promised at the beginning. He could do so much better if he worked with a production team. The whole situation is sad, disgusting, cringy, and disappointing.

  • This is fascinating to watch. How he blames his audience laughing at his BS as the reason/excuse why, in his “adult” mind, he wasn’t able to tell that he was being offensive/racist/pedophelic/condescending/overall weird. I mean, come on! ��

  • I take issue with the fact that he tweeted about the vlog with his 12 yo cousin. He knows it would attract creeps. I remember when I was younger watching him on FB reaction channel about an old viral youtube video of a woman just looking at the camera and saying nothing and he said that the only reason it got clicks was because there are lots of pervs out there who enjoy j***ing off to it. His whole attitude on their channel was always that creeps exist and that’s why videos go viral, so if that was really his mindset it bothers me how he promoted his cousin all those years

  • Bit disappointed that the most important question wasn’t asked. Namely, have there being empiric studies with AB testing, placebos etc with sizable groups of people and definitive results to show it works?
    Also, Jason fibbed a bit when he said he replies in the Youtube comments. I’ve been goading him for a while now and he’s never replied in mine or any other comments 😉