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2014-01-12 | By: Snap Fitness When Loretta D. first joined the Snap Fitness in Franksville, WI, last January, she weighed 222 pounds and liked working out in the middle of the day when nobody else was around. On March 1, she signed up for her club’s “Weight Loss Challenge,” which included weighing in during staffed hours. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI.

What’s Your Fit Workout | Core and Stability Training: 45|15. Quinoa Granola. I must provide a valid email address to receive transactional emails from Snap Fitness or the Club at which I am a member that relate to my membership. I understand that I may also receive commercial.

My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI Don’t want to miss anything? Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI Don’t want to miss anything?

Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI. When Loretta D. first joined the Snap Fitness in Franksville, WI, last January, she weighed 222 pounds and lik. Success Stories. Podcast.

Tips for Sticking to Your Fitness Routine. Some people say the hard part of working out is actually getting yourself to the gym. They’re right-the real b Learn more Lifestyle.

Downhill Ski Workout. You may view skiing as a fun way to spend a cold winter morning outdoors, but it’s also an intense workout tha. If there is a Snap Fitness close to your office, hit the gym or use the time to go for a run or walk. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI.

Deep Green Sandwich Recipe. #SnapNation Success Story: Kim V. Don’t want to miss anything? Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Loretta D. of Franksville, WI.

Staying Healthy and Active While Traveling. Roasted Vegetable Tostadas. Don’t want to miss anything?

Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. I must provide a valid email address to receive transactional emails from Snap Fitness or the. A year ago, Franksville resident Loretta Dowhower weighed 222 pounds, had little energy and had sore feet and knees. She realized she needed to make a change. So the 57-year-old set out on a.

Success Stories. Podcast. 5 Ways To Energize Your Water Stay hydrated! Nutrition. 2020-07-17 | By: Snap Fitness It’s no secret that staying hydrated is an essential part of every health and wellness routine.

Water helps your memory, gut health, and skin amongst many other benefits. It’s generally recommended that people consume around 8.

List of related literature:

She received encouragement from her boyfriend, family members, and fitness coaches, but she also found a support group of thousandsofnew friendsonline.

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
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Canadian Virginia Champoux told CNN that Fitocracy kept her diligent about her workouts, “It is motivational and it offers me support.

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She has been a group fitness manager for Equinox Fitness Clubs and for Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.

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Aformer senior editor of Shape magazine, sheisthe authoror coauthor often books, including Weight TrainingFor Dummies, The Ultimate Workout Log, TheUltimate Diet Log, TheGood Neighbor Cookbook, and The Active Woman’s Pregnancy Log.

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She continued with outpatient rehabilitation that included both treadmill exercise and free walking while at home.

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Now that she’s feeling more confident about her exercise abilities, Lakeisha and her girlfriends have agreed to meet twice a week at the gym to lift weights together.

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She visits other CrossFit affiliates in the spirit of friendship and love for the community.

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After two months, she invested even more in herself by joining Beachbody On Demand and utilizing the daily workouts.

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Erin has guided thousands of people through her mind-body fitness programs, including her signature “Shrink Session” workout and “Soul Strolls.”

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Its their dumbbells, I work night shift as a janitor independent contractor and I get free membership, their dumbbells have made my bicep and tricep grow, even my boss jocks. Turning into the boss. Good luck fellas

  • Are you worried about getting a rash or disease from touching machinery & free standing weights & dumb bells that have fresh sweat & bodily fluids dripping off & onto you, Especially if you may have a wound or open scuff mark which could leak onto you???

  • Hey! I really enjoyed your review. I’m looking into becoming a first time member somewhere. I can’t find many reviews on 10 Fitness gyms but have heard varied things about them. Could you visit them and do a review for us all?

  • I love my Anytime fitness my gym doesn’t charge for classes. I downgraded my membership at PF to the 10 month and I’m not disappointed I did

  • By far the cleanest and chillest 24 hour gym, and it has tons of locations. As a guy who just does the basics at odd times and doesn’t wanna deal with misplaced equipment or a grimey environment/people, anytime is my ideal gym. Especially with the vet discount.

  • Its a close location to my location and I struggle with getting rides but my concern is the little lifting equipment they have do they even have benchpress racks?

  • i would nt recomend it to any one unprofessional. unhelpful lazy. inept staff. who spend more time looking out the window. chatting. playing on the computer, rather than2 showers for up to 50 people. showers cold. toilets not cleaned. bins not emptied. floors not cleaned. i was accused by the so say manager of sending indecent images to peoples phones women that is. i immediately contacted the police. my phone was checked by them. also vodaphone. it was all clear. the manager who made these allegations said o there are ways to send pictures with out being detected.he seemed to no an awfull lot about it. he was ltransfered just after. to cribbs. my friend female said he had been making advances towards her. also my niece said he has been making eyes at her. and getting a bit to friendly. his name is LEWIS ELSKIN. HE IS BEING WATCHED. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS.

  • I work at an Anytime Fitness and I’am trying to get 110 weights in my gym and you’re right pricing is different in all the clubs so definitely check out your local gym to see what their pricing would be and unfortunately staffing is limited as I’am the only staff member in my gym and I have no trainers. I did try to do a class for free no one showed up for like over a month so I had to end it, but other than that great video.

  • I love my anytime fitness. I got a student rate at 35 dollars a month with no enrollment fee since I am a first responder and they didn’t have a discount for that. My anytime also offers classes 4 times a week and access to virtual classes in the studio that are free to use anytime the studio is not being used for classes (which are also free for members)

  • I realize that you may not care about this although, how to pronounce the city Anytime’s first location is said like this “Came Bridge”. I know it looks confusing. We have a lot of confusing cities here.

  • I just signed up today for a student summer pass, it was $99 + $50 for keycard + tax = $163. This is valid for a little more than 3 months. They don’t have my address, and I payed with a debit card. The manager mentioned keeping me in membership during winter break, spring break, next summer, but this was a one-time payment and they don’t have any way to charge me. What are they going to do with regards to my membership in September when my keycard expires?

  • I’ve always heard this place is expensive, but there’s one right next to my work. I feel like I’ll save money going there after work rather than going to another gym like 20-30 minutes away from my work. I may make the switch

  • I love it.. I didnt pay for the key! Its private atmosphere, the bathrooms a super clean, and the gym equipment the gym staff is friendly. The people go to work out not to take selfies like most gyms, why pay $60.00 to take pictures of your poses. People actually work out here… using the machines and weights wisely.. Not baby sitting the machines and weights

  • Anytime is awesome. Good place for me because my crazy work hours. Also I love doing road trips for vacations and you can find Anyrime fitness everywhere. Locations are convenient, one close to my job, grocery store, one close to home, shopping centers whatever… good place to go in work out leave.

  • Recently joined Anytime since my uni gym is going to shut down for renovation. I think it’s a great place for people who already have knowledge on how to properly use free weight / machine equipments (though some branches have personal trainers that you can hire) and don’t need a spotter. I travel often so the worldwide 24/7 usage makes it worth the price for me too.
    Problem is that the equipment quality and overall experience varies massively since many of them are franchises so you really need to do prior research each time before visiting a branch. My place is small but has really decent stuff since the owner’s a bodybuilder but the other one close to my house was quite honestly a horrible gym.

  • These are independent franchises, so pricing will vary. I think that’s why it’s not posted on their site. I joined a fairly new one today for no initiation fee and 32 a month. They have a once a year 25 dollar upgrade fee where they poll members and use the upgrade fee to add equipment or amenities based on the member polls. Everyone there was more fit than me. Personal preference, but I would rather be in that situation than the converse. You can tell the members there are using the place and it’s good motivation for me.

  • What I like about the gym is that it feels like a personal gym. Not many people if any at all vs….commercialized gym where you have way too many people and fight for a bench or squat machine….

  • I love this gym. I travel a lot and work different hours as well as in graduate school. This gym is awesome because for 35 dollars a month you can workout at any location at anytime. Also it’s never really busy even at busy gym times.

  • Right now I’m at planet fitness. It’s been great, but the $10 is attracting more members lately. I used to go to anytime fitness but I didn’t like it during busy hours. Since its smaller it felt sorta suffocating. They opened up a new AF by my house. So now I’m debating……I just don’t wanna be around alot of humans ��

  • I’m a member and I 100% agree with you!

    It quiet and empty and that’s probably because it’s overpriced and nobody wants to spend that money.

    Not to mention mine is the size of a shoebox

  • I’m an anytime fitness member and I think you fairly judged the gym. But for someone who’s fairly new to the gym and working out I think the app is the number one selling point because it can give you a plan when you go to the gym.

  • I pay 40 a month and could pay as low as 35 a month if i took certain things off my plan. Plus I can use any location in the world.

  • Good review. I first saw this gym through Globalfit where you can sign up for 1 year @ $36/month and $49 initiation fee. 18 months is $32.

  • They should have gym etiquette posted they have the most unruly people that go to that gym… unruly members are troublemakers… they bring their problems to the gym and share their misery!

  • The one i go to in canada has better pricing. I paid 30 dollars for the key fob, and 40 bucks a month. You get to keep the key fob so if you go back there, they reactivate it

  • I had a membership (I may still)…. additionally I’d like to change the location to my house the equipment and definitely the hours but the main thing that started to annoy me was it my location West Palm Beach was that a night once the staff was gone and you use the key to let yourself in there were many times where one person would scan the door and groups would come in and flood the gym with non-paying members Vinny at West Palm if you listening please attend to this also people would bring in the small children When they do that work out the sleeve and the children to roam the building silver machines on the floor and generally be a nuisance in the way I do tend not to work out in gymes were children are constantly in the way besides those two issues the location of the equipment and the visibility was very good

  • If anyone I worried about additional charges and how much all fees for a year would be or how ever long the membership plus card etc. Then go to Wal-Mart put money in a pre paid debut and pay that way. Completely prevents extra charges coming out…. also read the contract it’s worth the extra 30 mins to an hour.

  • Its not a beginner gym lol. It has all the equipment an advanced bodybuilder would need to get great gains. And its dependent on the location. Some locations have dumbbells as heavy as 150lbs.

  • Thanks for your review. I just recently joined the gym. There was some information that was left out of the review. There are amenities to this gym, such as free wi-fi. The owner also let me join and I got a good discount on the key fob of $27, then he wouldn’t charge my account until next month on dues. I also thought it was nice that I could connect to their wi-fi and pick out a workout plan on the app on the spot. The gym also offers workout classes that members don’t pay for. And if you cannot make it into a class, you can workout with a pre-recorded class in the classroom, 24/7.

  • Did not join cause zero of them in Miami, FL yet like 20 in Tampa, FL. No staff or security on weekends?
    How is security in their parking lots? Okay to park an small RV outside overnight? Is their free wifi? good speed and range?

  • im looking to join as it is very close to where i live in BC, Canada. I’m a beginner and so am comfortable with the size and scale of equipment…… the price though!! wtf?
    if they fed me after my workout (please include some bacon lol) I would be okay. i will try for a few months and try and avoid a long term (lock-down scheme) if i can. Wish me luck lol

  • You’re a f**king idiot if you join this place. hidden fees, double pricing and not uniform at all locations. google the UNBIAS reviews and see the headaches with this joint. nothing but a lie in waiting

  • Before Anytime Fitness, I worked out at Lifetime Fitness. I joined it back in 2012. I think it’s a good gym for those who are beginners as well as those who like 24 hour conveniences. I like it also because I can go to any Anytime Fitness location and exercise. Now if I was a serious bodybuilder, I would probably want to live in Dallas-Fort Worth Area and go to Metroflex Gym. All gyms have pros and cons. Not all places are meant to be something to everybody. I know lots of people who go to various places from 24 Hour Fitness, Golds Gym, LA Fitness, Bally’s Fitness, Icon Fitness, and so on. It all depends on fitness objectives and goals also. Not everyone is meant to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman. I’ve never tried Planet Fitness and probably never would unless I was financially strapped. Don’t need to be policed while working out.


  • This place is a ripoff. Impossible to cancel your membership and stop the payments. The employee said “you’re good to go” when my daughter cancelled her membership but the payments kept coming out. When she cancelled her bank card they turned her into collections. Point blank…these people are con artists. Don’t join, if you do want to join, pay cash. DO NOT give them any banking info.

  • Don’t go, some of the members there are complete cunts. They don’t wipe their equipment, they play with the towel dispensers, and if you dare look at them for one second they get mad at you for no reason. Not worth the money imo. I’ve been in one for at least two years and it was not fun.

  • The Anytime gym in Reno Nevada at the Golden Valley exit has very good staff and know the customers by name and talk with you. The gym is very clean and well maintained. It has a good selection of free weights as well as machines.
    By the way I pay $ 30.00 a month military and law enforcement discount.

  • I am an owner of a club here in Ocoee FL. Thank you authentic review. Clubs vary a lot based on the owner running it. You mentioned one of our strengths are that we are never busy. This has a lot to with price as you see the cheapest gyms are overselling membership and you need to wait in line for machines.

  • Im a member of my local location. I love it. Its a small gym. But its clean and people are friendly. Just signed up for group training and cant wait to get started. I have heard people complain about how expensive they are wich is true. But what you get with your money is wort it in my opinion.

  • I’m changing from a womens only gym to Anytime soon just because I’m seriously outgrowing my current gym and it’s full of baby weights. I’m about the only serious female weight lifter in the whole gym so it’ll be nice to join a gym that has some actual weight lifters in it. My personal trainers are really awesome but I’ve just out grown this women only gym… lol. (there are no squat racks, no benches and the heaviest dumb bell is 10kg, seriously). I’ve resorted to using one leg on the leg machines. The upper body machines go crazy heavy but for some reason the leg ones don’t….

  • anytime fitness is a shit scam gym…. you’re better off with other gym. once you sign up they will never issue you a cancellation of your account and will continue to charge you until you take them to court. i’ve been their customer for 2 years and when i wanted to switch to other gym cause of my friend, they refuse to cancel my account even if the contract is already over and the contract is pretty much monthly. so they continue to mooch $60 from my account for 6 months before i sued the shit out of them. they have terrible management and dubious administration… so if i were u id save my ass n never sign up to this fraud gym… look up online and people had the same problem

  • It sucks because the only gyms where i live are Planet fitness and anytime fitness, anytime fitness is closer a 30 min walk (i don’t drive) so i went with that one. I just joind yesterday my first bill is gonna be somthing crazy like $300 then $49 a month after that i kinda felt scammed, but i just need to get in a gym and change my lifestyle i wish i had better gyms to choose from, but at this point i’d give up every other bill i have just to get healthy. Thanks for the review i think it was pretty accurate

  • Anytime or crunch my crunch is 47. Classes are extra 2 min away tanning 15 extra smg. Crunch is 22 but classes included only thing fucking 15 min drive 3.5 miles ugh

  • I have been a member at Anytime for 4 years. What won me to join is that you can go to anytime and anywhere at the Anytime Fitness clubs. Also, they are all over the country and international clubs too. I can say Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gyms did not like. The only Gold’s Gym I did like is the one in Vince Beach, California. I have been to a lot of Anytime clubs in Iowa, Washington, Nevada and Oregon. There are the small clubs and also larger ones with Studios. Each club has their own way of Unique way and some classes for free at some clubs. Like the way you review gyms. There are always Pros and Cons to gyms, just find what fits you and as you said “READ the FINE PRINT!” so you know what your getting. Keep up the reviews…Have you rated LifeTime Fitness Clubs? As Rubin down below mentioned I too got the membership $1.00 and they still do it too.

  • Most of the review is accurate but i’m not sure where you got your pricing. My membership is $34/mo and it was a $35 enrollment. All the anytimes in my area have the same rate.

  • Thanks for this video. I’m contemplating leaving LA Fitness for a 24 hour gym. I really love LAF, but my work and school hours are demanding. However, AF may not be the gym for me. It’s a step down compared to LAF. Thanks again for your research and opinion.

  • I’m pretty happy with my membership. I’ve been a member of several gyms over the past 25 years in the US and in Brazil where I’m originally from. I like smaller and more intimate gyms, I love to go, do my job w/out socializing too much, and go on with my day. It is pretty clean, pretty fair priced I pay $39 bucks a month + $25 dollars for the fob. You do have to give a two-month notice when you decide to leave, but I still think it is a great deal.

  • I worked for Anytime for 9 years and at the start the membership price was lower and things were much better. Now the owner’s of the company push price as get as much as you can. The reason is they saw the way to make themselves money by charging the owners of the club outrages prices for the “remodel”. The cost of a remodel now is around 100,000. That is done every 5 years. So they want to lock people into contracts and really don’t care if they come. It is nowhere as good as it used to be there. Getting out of contract there is almost impossible.