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2013-12-29 | By: Snap Fitness Bethany R. in Tupelo, MS was always an active person, playing sports all through college. After graduation, however, her health and fitness took a backseat to her professional life. ”I was starting to gain weight and not really taking care of myself,” she says. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Bethany R. gets her college body back Bethany R. in Tupelo, MS was always an active person, playing sports all through college. My Snap Fitness Success Story: Bethany R. gets her college body back Bethany R. in Tupelo, MS was always an active person, playing sports all through college.

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Tips for Sticking to Your Fitness Routine. Some people say the hard part of working out is actually getting yourself to the gym. They’re right-the real b Learn more Lifestyle. Downhill Ski Workout.

You may view skiing as a fun way to spend a cold winter morning outdoors, but it’s also an intense workout tha. The classes are smaller so everyone gets an individualized challenge.” Snap Fitness members are finding the facility has a lot to offer: • 24/7 access so you can fit in your workout when it is. Your browser does not support the video tag. © 2020 Meredith Corp. All Rights Reserved. Careers; Contact Us; Brand Media Kits; Ad Specs; Privacy Policy.

The Dordt Diamond’s twelfth issue in 2009 on December 10. features. page 4. 10 December 2009. Look at all the pretty colors! Hummingbird Saltalamacchia Staff Writer.

Shape Magazine: Diet, fitness and beauty features, with an online community. Shape Magazine: Diet, fitness and beauty features, with an online community. 10 Things I Learned During My Body Transformation Alex Morgan Is Pushing Female Athletes to the Forefront—and She Isn’t Letting Anyone Hold Her Back Do the Work.

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I’ve seen HIIT workouts transform Heather’s body, too, even though it took some convincing to get her to try this style of working out, which ultimately changed her entire relationship with exercise.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
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What started out as a way to get back to her college weight has turned into a full-fledged passion for Kassandre—she has now competed in four figure competitions and is training for the national stage.

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
from The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever
by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
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Erin has guided thousands of people through her mind-body fitness programs, including her signature “Shrink Session” workout and “Soul Strolls.”

“Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement” by Erin Stutland
from Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement
by Erin Stutland
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After two months, she invested even more in herself by joining Beachbody On Demand and utilizing the daily workouts.

“You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!” by Ilana Muhlstein
from You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!
by Ilana Muhlstein
Galvanized Media, 2020

Katrina, 31 and single, also described finding an activity that not only has helped her improve her fitness level, but that has also helped her change the way she sees her body.

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
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In her first few months of doing CrossFit, Drost didn’t bother changing her eating habits.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
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She has studied with a personal trainer and now appreciates how to treat her body well while she is exercising.

“Lifestyle Wellness Coaching” by James Gavin, Madeleine Mcbrearty
from Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
by James Gavin, Madeleine Mcbrearty
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The PA suggested she see the RDN again for more dietary and physical activity counseling.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
from Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book
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Month after month she stayed committed to fitness, but went back to her old, comfortable ways of eating.

“R3 Diet” by Joy Brown
from R3 Diet
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JJ has dedicated her life to the field of healthy eating and living.

“7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days and Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine” by JJ Smith
from 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days and Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine
by JJ Smith
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hi Hannah! I recently wrote a story about my new love for exercise and I’d think you really enjoy it and be able to relate with it a bit too
    Let me know what you think

  • Yes, amen to the TV watching (yeah!), the reading, and the snacking you go girl!  We can be vegan and exercise and still enjoy the mainstream pleasures of life:)  Be careful with that marathon running, it eventually causes joint wear (believe me) and releases free radicals (aka ‘rust’ in your cells), better to walk than run all the time.

  • 4:38 why is Megyn Kelly so ignorant?? She really does not have good interviewing skills… I’ve never watched her show, but from the few YouTube videos I’ve seen I hope she is no longer on the air. She is awful.

  • The host was kinda rude..everytym she spoke i just prayed she wont say something crazy..super cool dad..i really admire those beautiful sure i would have paid more attention if the host was different.she really got into my nerve system

  • The host is asking the guestions but is she listening to the answers, the mother explained thoroghly two legs coming out of one hole in the onesies and the host is like so you sewed to onseis together???? What the heckmom said nothing like that!!!

  • Hi guy’s can u plz go over to my YouTube channel Bailey’s Creations so we can cook and bake together thank you. Come along and have fun cooking with me

  • Ok but like this is a genuine question I’ve had for months after watching this how do u pee or poop with only one butt cheek??? Like I’m so counfuxed

  • Being a twin myself…I hate the whole “who’s the _ twin?” Like ‘more outgoing’ or ‘shy’ or my personal favorite, “who’s the evil twin?” Don’t ask twins to compare their personality or physical traits. It encourages a competitive spirit in us. Even now at 23, I struggle with being considered the “introverted twin with the rounder face” because in my mind I translate that to “the no-fun, fatter twin.”

  • What a wonderful family! It’s so nice to see such a BLESSED family, that know and appreciate the Blessings, and where they come from! I love them!

  • Love the video great advice! I am starting my weight loss journey and I started off at 287 I am now 263. Great motivation! Support me.

  • Hey Hannah, I also an a Banana Blondie Yoga follower. How long did it take you to do handstands, or splits with the help of the channel?

  • Did they always have different color hair? It seems most conjoined twins I see look easy to tell apart even though technically they are identical.

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  • I prefer to use free weights too, I own my own as most body builders do, but I don’t always have a spotter so there’s a lot to like about machines as well. If you watched the video the narrator said free weights are available. And you could clearly see people using barbells and dumbbells from:20 to:32 seconds and during other parts of the video. None of the other things you mentioned are relevant to the majority of persons looking for a casual workout or to slim down rather than to bulk up.

  • Wow, I’m so glad they’re okay. I laughed and cried. They really are blessed that everything turned out okay whereas other cases had very sad endings. The parents, especially the mother, when she said she’s a serious think processor, I’m the same way and I understand how she could not even say the word or tell anyone about this before the surgery. The parents must’ve been so devastated upon learning about this before they were born. Anyway, so very glad this had a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this. XXOO

  • my breathing is also a struggle! after getting an apple watch I’ve actually realised my vo2 max is quite bad for my age, despite exercising regularly?

  • The important thing of being an interviewer is when your in the room with the guest or guests you are the least important person there.

  • Good. Luck. To. Both. Twins. Really. Girls. Good. Luck. I. Do. Hope. The. Both. Of. Graduate. From. Collage Good. Luck. To. Both. Parents. May. God. Bless. All. Of. You!

  • I’m so glad they’re alright now. They seem like really sweet girls. I hope things continue to go well for them and for their parents. God bless them.

    In these deeply disturbing times, more and more people are becoming suicidal. Every single person who sees this comment, I am pleading with you to PLEASE remember these dear people in your prayers. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. If someone you know is suicidal, PLEASE share this number with them and help them to reach out for the help they need. Thank you.

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  • I live on the Big Island and joined paddling. I was so nervous and so bad at first but it was such a great decision. I got fitter and made so many friends and feel more apart of my community. Go canoes!!

  • Scars are the least of all problems, ihad cancer and I have a scar from my breast bone down to my pubic bone & ascar across my stomach for gall stones, & it doesn’t bother me at all You go girls

  • Hannah, I am so inspired by you and your story since it very much like my own. I am ready to get into shape and get my body healthy. I just signed up for a triathlon this summer! Thank you ��

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  • Big ol scar?, who is the out going one? Who is the better one? Eho is useless? Who got most of yhe butt cheek? You can take the girl out of foxnews, but cant take fox news out of the girl, this was awful,

  • I have a twin and when I was born my mom had a ultrasound, I was baby a and my brother was baby bthe doctor said, “baby a is kicking baby b!”. And that’s the story of why my twin has a flat head

  • WOW is there a LOVE button for this? Your story is so so so similar to mine! I feel like there is definitely a type of people that although they aren’t “sportsy,” they can still be very athletic and maintain fitness in their own way. You don’t have to like sports in order to like working out, and I feel that’s a misconception many people have is that you have to be into competitive/team sports and/or they are the same thing.
    Also, I have also recently started exercising regularly, I’m training for a 5k (I know that’s not much but hey ����‍♀️) and I definitely feel off if I don’t exercise after a few days!! Totally can relate with so much and YES working out to make yourself feel good and the community support and all of it!!! ����

  • Really an appreciation madam n specifically for those who always say ki bahoot try Kiya but kuch nahi hua…

    Karne se hi hoga…

    Great effort����

  • Gosh I wish I would live with you. Can I please come live with you for a month or so and you sprinkle some of your stardust on me? ����❤�� how does june or july sound? ����
    Thanks for this video! Made me want to move off my couch ^^:)

  • Hannah,

    I think the problem people have with working out to look good, or your statement that “if you want to look good, workout and look good” (and this may be a wording problem), is that it implies to look good you have to be a worker outer. It associates a certain tiny athletic body type with “looking good”. I can’t lie it made me feel a little cringey hearing that statement (yikes) and I love the shape of my body.
    As a fitness professional for the last 15 years I have observed pretty readily, that working out because you aspire to some tiny (and for many unattainable or miserable to maintain) shape is a relationship to fitness that is quite often not lasting and rewarding in the long run.
    That’s probably why I gravitated to teaching classical Pilates, and many also teaching it came to it because it made us feel strong and self confident when we began to have control over our bodies and see ourselves grow more capable. It’s the same pleasure that a child has when they can finally do the monkey bars, they celebrate their new found ability and it grows their confidence, they don’t run home to look at their guns in the mirror.
    I enjoy your channel so much but I’d love to see some of this boring and crappy diet culture language go the way of the dinosaurs.

  • Think I really needed to watch this!! I’ve been in a rut with exercise and staying fit.. I started and then motivation left me. Guess because I don’t have some one there pushing me.. but I’m like you have always wanted to get into running! And scared to.. that and Im probably not doing it right lol you are such an inspiration! ❤️

  • I really like your hair. You look beautiful! Thank you for being you and sending out positive messages. I really like to watch it. You make me happy. Big hug from the Netherlands

  • But you say you were naturally flexible and always had good body control. Honestly, I suck at everything. I’m so stiff and inflexible, so weak, a bad dancer, have bad hand-eye coordination. Anything and everything physical is a struggle and nothing comes naturally. It’s so demotivating. I feel like a granny and I’m only 29. Desperate to build a habit and find something I enjoy but it’s horrible to always be the worse in the room and never see yourself improve.

  • I used to run a lot too. Than I had a baby. Now he is 3 and I am going to teach him how to ski and in the summer we will bike and hike and swim.

  • As you said you haven’t been one of those girls focused into fitness but let me honestly say that you have been blessed anyway because you look having a very good body shape since ever… a good “base” helps a lot, trust me, specially when it comes on results. On that type of shape is easier to be more motivated because you see results very quickly. Different is for whoever has a bad body shape or metabolism… you need of course to find the sport that motivates you but even a strong mental push by a good professional expert because the result will come by very long time and the motivation goes down in a wick of the eye.
    I suffer a bit when I see girls/women like you speaking positively about sport benefits and stuff like that… it’s not just about habit but it’s also about a bit of luck and beautiful body on a base.

  • Please pay attention to your words thinness doesn’t equal health and isn’t a marker of it either! This can be really harmful. You’re really inspiring Hannah, and I think it’s all about finding a way of moving your body that you love!:)


  • hey Hannah! loved this video. im a college student in the midwest and find it hard to find places to run outside (trails are far away/dangerous to run outside). I prefer to run outdoors because I love nature! but if that’s not an option, do you have any tips on how to do fitness at home or at the gym? I would love a video on home yoga practice:)

  • The most efficient exercise to me was therapy. Took me away a lot of unnecessary weight. And it’s not coming back �� for sure, being fit is a total different point

  • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, when I started my pilates classes I thought I was going to faint, now I feel great! I can’t live without it, I feel stronger and healthier.

  • Your yoga video was how I discovered your channel! This is super relatable. I had a mental breakdown in 8th grade bc I wasn’t athletic and all my friends had started playing soccer or whatever when they were like 5. I felt like I was never going to be able to catch up (I was only 14! Lmao) But then I started forcing myself to run and it sucked at first but when I got into shape it became so enjoyable. As a fellow vegan yogi runner (with dreams of publishing a book!) who is very busy and addicted to productivity, I occasionally fall off the wagon with yoga or running, but I really appreciated your IG post awhile back about progress not being linear. Love you Hannah! ��

  • Hy, i really dispressed for my heavy weight but due to office schedule i am unable to get time for exercise and diet plan
    Can anyone help me how to reduce my fat.


    Most weight loss pills target only one element of your weight loss. To get the body you deserve you need a solution that works from all angles. You need PhenQ.




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  • I can gym well but plz guys tell me about the diet
    I didn’t get any result after 2 months of gym.
    Maybe my diet is wrong
    Plz guide me.

  • I love Meg’s brains! She’s super smart, the moment she opens her mouth you immediately feel the power of her thoughts.
    I don’t care about the bad press she gets.

  • this video made me miss when I was in love with exercise. I was also not very athletic as a child, then grew to love exercise around age 19 and I still exercise regularly at age 27 but it’s been such a drag the past few months that I’ve wanted to quit more times than I can count. Even if you make it a habit, there can still be such dramatic ebbs and flows to your fitness levels and passion for exercise. My fitness right now is horrible primarily because I am exercising solely to keep the habit going, not because I actually like it or care at all. I hope that by sticking with it the spark will eventually come back!

  • Thanks for sharing!!! I was literally just thinking today how I want to start running again. I used to love it and I really want to do a 5K 1/2 marathon each month in 2020! I live in Florida so the weather is on my side (no excuses, Lol) I Love Banana Blondie Yoga!!! I just need to be consistent… and you are inspiring me! Xoxo

  • Inspiring! I’ve been dealing with a torn meniscus and just found out today that I need arthroscopic surgery. Not a big deal but I told my doctor today and last time I saw him that I NEED to workout. It’s been a tough few months where it seems like anything I do (including yoga) aggravates my knee. I’m trying to do yoga with Michelle 4-5 days a week but can’t even do childs pose right now. It’s all frustrating because working out helps me so much mentally. I’ve always done “something” since I was 18 but it usually involved power walking. I was running the past few years but that’s out of the question. My hope and wish is that I have this surgery in a couple weeks and then I’ll finally be able to bend my knee while doing yoga or walk for 30 minutes. All of which will clear my head and relax my shoulders. Thanks for sharing your journey. I found it interesting and inspiring.❤️

  • after puberty “oh I can’t just eat two boxes of cheeze-its while watching Gilmore Girls and stay thin”
    Oh how I relate!! I think I’m in a very similar position where I’ve always been associated as the “non-sporty” bookish/contemplative type (with terrible endurance). I recently did a holiday 5K and my whole family was like “what?! You?!” I wish the two didn’t feel so mutually exclusive. I appreciate that you disprove that stereotype:)
    For myself, I needed to first love my body as it is and find support for my mental health. But now I have the capacity to expand my focus to my physical health and with it also further improve my mind!

  • Thanks for this, Hannah! It gave me some hope for myself, haha.
    I am super insecure about my “nonathletic personality” if you can even call it that. All of my closest friends run marathons, compete in sports, and go to the gym almost every day. The fact that I have no desire to do any of that makes me feel terrible. I do like yoga, though, and that is the one thing I have been able to more or less stick to – on and off, I’d say. This video not only showed me I am not alone, along with the comment section, but it also made me feel okay but continuing to try new things and bet on myself. I really want to find a routine that I enjoy and that works for me. Will keep trying! xx

  • Love it! I love going to the gym and lifting because it makes me feel strong, but I also respect people who do other things that make them feel strong. You just have to find what makes sense to you and makes you happy!! Great message!! Thank you!

  • The one in savannah missouri and st JOE missouri are ran by crooks if you cancel your membership they keep taking money out of your account until you cancel your card.

  • Watching this makes me kind of want to of been a conjoined twin like them to see what it is like going back into the position and getting upset for my sister

  • Hannah, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for being a positive influence on people through YouTube videos. Thanks that when I need to feel inspired, entertained, or need a mood boost, I can just pick up my phone and find on of your videos. I can’t get enough of you and your sister. Please tell your parents they did a GREAT job. �� And tell yourself that also.

  • You and ellen have been big motivators to me
    I’ve been vegan for 1 year and finally have my nutrition figured out, and I’m around one week in to doing yoga every day for a year.♡

  • snap fitness is a shit company that abuse people. I had a non plan pay as you go membership contract. When I wanted to cancel my contract they pushed me to accept a one month notice period. It means that I have to pay for one month membership fee before they finalize my cancellation while I am not using the gym. They do not show you the contract and give you the right direction.

  • Hi Hannah! Super inspiring video, I have been interested in getting to running for a bit now. I was just wondering though, how do you do it comfortably as someone with a larger chest? I always find uncomfortable so I would love to know if that is something you’ve dealt with/overcame.��

  • I’ve instantly thought about you when I thought to consistently gain a yoga practice 2020. I think I’m going to trying 30 days of yoga. Yes… that’s what I’m going to do. Lol i might add running her and there. ����‍♀️

  • What are some tips you have for a complete novice about to start training for a half marathon in November 2020? I honestly don’t even know where to start.

  • I m also 93 kg and 35 years old…Having medical issues…Since 2011 I put on wt.and now trying seriously after 9 big years…Tried so many times but couldn’t continue for long….Not more than 1 month or less…

  • HI Hannah i always enjoy your honest and genuine approach you have to life. Your factual about yourself and feelings and its so positive and refreshing. I live in Paris and keep myself but varying up my routines, I get easily bored so this helps plus its nice to have a husband who also likes to keep healthy. Thanks again, oh what were your favorite parks in Paris to run?

  • There are more female fat percent in India more than male percent every women should she her because India in females criteria other countries woman do lot of workout so indian woman should take inspiration from her

  • I can feel her. My story is Lil bit different. I gained 25 kg extra weight during my pregnancy. My body changed from slim to fat only in 9month’s and I was fully active through out my pregnancy. Now I have lost 10 kg of weight and still m trying to achieve my goal weight.

  • Hi how we can contact you? It’s really surprising… after my second child I put lots of weight now I m 100kg want to lose weight pls guide us

    Didnt tell your FRIENDS
    & when The DEVIL Rewards You & Makes YOU SUFFER Eternally –
    GOOD on Job well Done

  • Do rope skipping exercises increase muscle separation? Or does it eliminate the belly? Please reply, no, I asked many coaches, and no one answered me��

  • Have you done my abdominal muscle separation exercises before? Then did you do abdominal exercises? Because I heard that there is a muscle separation can abdominal exercises increase it? Please reply ��

  • Love this! I have noticed that recently too, I love running and not really notice my body changing, but it’s slowly becoming less important to me as I feel SO GOOD when I work out! Thanks for this:)

  • I was whooping 100 kgs 4 months back now I’m 75 kgs and I’m aiming for 60kgs.. �� �� �� Thanks keep sharing ur weight loss journey / transformation �� �� �� love and peace

  • Nice editing and nice marketing by fittr… Fact is clients only loose 10-15% of body weight by fittr nutritionist s… Even that too restricted calorie diet, obviously anyone loose initially grt amount of weight with drastic reduction calories n high protein.. But these guys posting fake pics which shows drastic weightloss.. That means oldest pic of them to grow their business…..dear Indians grow up. Check fact n decide…..

  • Hey Hannah, I loved this video because I have the same story. I’ve been super unathletic and uncoordinated my whole life, but when I turned 20 I knew I wanted to be active. I started going to the gym everyday, started doing yoga (on and off) regularly, and as of a month ago I’ve just started running partly because of you hehe. I feel so great and I I’ll never go back. You just gotta find what works for you:)

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