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Molly Ditched Low-Calorie Diets and Lost 98 Pounds. When someone is on a weight-loss journey, it can be surprisingly easy to jump from a healthy, balanced diet to over-restricting and living in deprivation. That’s what Molly Agnew, a 26-year-old from Dublin, Ireland, discovered when she decided to get healthy.

The beginning of Agnew’s story can be traced back to her early college days, as she. Mallory King may have lost almost half her body weight in 2013, but it wasn’t in the “quick-fix” way so many Molly Ditched Low-Calorie Diets and Lost 98 Pounds When someone is on a weight-loss journey, it can be surprisingly easy to jump from a healthy, balanced diet to From Sedentary to Stage: Nicole’s Body and Mind Transformation. A junk news story about the cancellation of the ‘Mike & Molly’ sitcom over Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss was created to sell diet pills. Dan Evon Published 4 August 2016. Weight Loss Tip #2: Drink lots of water (at least 100 ounces a day).

Weight Loss Tip #3: No artificial sweeteners! Weight Loss Tip #4: Keep at it. You will hit plateaus, but you will get past them. Weight Loss Tip #5: Cheat meals should only be once a week, and only one meal, not an entire day of bad eating.

Molly’s Weight Loss Eating Plan. At Diet Doctor, we’ve been writing about the benefits of ketogenic diets for weight loss and health for years.. Now a large review of clinical trials and cohort studies has concluded that very-low-calorie, ketogenic diets (VLCKDs) are both safe and effective for achieving weight loss in people who are overweight or obes. 30 Best Low-Calorie Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast, According to Dietitians Add these picks to your shopping list and reach your weight loss goals faster. By Marygrace Taylor.

Just keep in mind that as with other low calorie diets, most of the weight lost over the 5–10 days is likely due to water rather than fat loss. Furthermor. When you’re on a low-calorie diet, you usually get between 800 and 1,500 calories a day. For some people, an alternative for short-term weight loss is a very low-calorie diet..

Many very low. A low-calorie-density diet helps you lose weight A low-calorie-dense diet may aid weight loss. It focuses on whole foods and limits your intake of processed foods, naturally increasing your. A low calorie diet gives a target intake of calories each day. A low calorie diet, which may also be referred to as a calorie restricted diet, provides a steady way to achieve weight loss and is usually a key part of weight loss plans such as those used by slimming clubs..

A low calorie diet is commonly advised for anyone people with diabetes that is overweight to some degree.

List of related literature:

Molly had struggled with maintaining a healthy weight ever since she was ten years old.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
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Yet her friend Molly doesn’t seem to gain weight no matter what she eats.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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Molly will lose no more than 10% of her birth weight within the first week of life.

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Over the years Molly gained weight steadily until she realized one day that 40 extra pounds had accumulated.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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Molly is 15 and is diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

“Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care” by Ian Peate, Karen Wild, Muralitharan Nair
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Molly can’t go back to school until she gains a little weight and gets

“A Summer to Die” by Lois Lowry, Jenni Oliver
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While cachexia is an important paraneoplastic syndrome, it is not the only cause of decreased food intake and loss of body condition in pets with cancer.

“Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals” by Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch
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She had begun to gain back some of the weight that she had lost during her illness, and her energy was returning.

“Project Day Lily: An American Biological Warfare Tragedy” by Garth L. Nicolson Ph.D., Nancy L. N
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She was lethargic and incredibly still losing weight.

“The Captain of All Pleasures” by Kresley Cole
from The Captain of All Pleasures
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This pattern led to a 10-lb weight loss, and it was at this point that she also began binge eating.

“The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry, Seventh Edition” by Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A.
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  • So I watched this for one night and the next morning I woke up really hot my head hurting and my stomach felt really bad. I ate that morning and my stomach would not stop hurting the whole day. It gave me a huge headache. This didn’t happen before I watched the video at all. I don’t recommend doing it find another one

  • I think there’s a mistake @ 49:49
    The Hint says a Platinum Piece (PP) is 1,5 times the worth of Gold Pieces (GP), but shouldn’t a PP actually be 10 GP?
    Or did this just change at some point?

  • I’m a 5ft1 girl. I also found (and sometimes still do) the fact I get less cals annoying. But I deal with it by saying

    1. The more exercise I do, the more cals I can increase by
    2. Flipping my fat to muscle ratio also gives me more cals.

    If I REALLY want that other piece of chocolate I can just jog in place till I make up for it.

  • I’m looking for a version of this that I listened to earlier this year. It has the same candle graphic and talks about picturing someone you admire and emulating their healthy habits. Can anyone help me find it?

  • To the short people that think that eating 1200 calories is too low, it is, but by logic, a larger, heavier body takes more energy to move and maintain, is like when you’re at the gym and trying to move 50 lbs vs 120 lbs, you’re going to be more tired when trying to move the 120 lbs.
    As a 5’10 fairly active woman who’s 190 lbs, I’ve been losing weight at 2000 daily cals and I still find that I want to eat more.

  • It worked for me tho. I may not lose weight overnight. But my eating habit has changed as well as my sleeping pattern. I woke up early and eat my breakfast. I don’t eat my breakfast before. I stopped eating late at night and found myself eating properly and not over eating.

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  • I woke up with only the left earphone on and scared me so much to hear his voice say I am loosing weight now������ been listening to this for one week and I mo longer want soda, I want pure water with no crystal light or any flavor…thats a big step I use to drink up to 3 sodas a day…..its working

  • Don’t make fun of my weight I’m pretty tall, any who lemme update. (Btw I’m also eating healthier and working out )
    Week 1: 181.2
    Week 2: —
    Week 3: —
    Week 4: —
    Week 5: —

  • Omg!!!
    This comment section made me laugh so hard that my stomach started hurting����������
    And i think I already loss 1kg by laughing like a whale��������

  • I only started 2 nights ago and I and don’t know yet if it works. However I always had difficulty sleeping at night and after few minutes of listening I am profoundly asleep and for the whole night. The guy’s voice is very soothing so just for this reason I will continue to listen every night. No cravings so far and a general good mood throughout the day.

  • man i lost 6,4 kg in 12 days. Idk if thats just waterweight/muscles or real fat. (Im doing 2hrs sport each day and im eating what i want but keep it under 1000kcal per day). Is this a good routin? 6.4kg in 12 days kinda seems too good to be true…

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  • Imma try this bc I have school in 6 weeks (it’s July 6 rn) and I’ve gained so much weight over quarantine I can’t even fit my school pants or skirts LOL I’m hoping to fit in my jeans from last summer ��

  • Hey! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • What is the best product or brand to lost crazy amounts of weight? I read many superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a ton of weight. Has anybody tested out this popular fat burn secrets?

  • After listening to this one night, the next day I attempted to eat a pie and chocolate but both was absolutely tasteless to the point I just gave it away. Instead had some fruit and veg which was really tasty. So I plan to listen again tonight.

  • Keep in mind, back in Chesty’s day, young men were way more literate. There was no film, tv, not even radio. Children read more back then, than adults do today. The military also attracted a broader socio-economic demographic than it does today. By today’s standards, Chesty would probably be ranked near the top of his class, scholastically.

  • i wholeheartedly believe in the power of meditation for manifesting these things, but i think most ppl in the comments saying they lost weight also started dieting and exercising when they started listening to this. but correct me if i’m wrong

  • I have a playlist with five videos and I started to listen to my playlist every night and so far I literally lost 2 pounds in three days. The crazy thing is that I did not work out at all and I ate a whole bunch…. This is one of the videos from the other five ��

  • Is there any help for Type 2, 73 yr old diabetics to lose weight? This does not work at all for me. I live on a flour free, sugar free, salt free, packaged food free, and wheat free diet. “I” cook all my meals myself from fresh food and I do energy exercises (which work fantastic), Meditate at least 30 min. daily and do stationary bike for 30 minutes a day in addition to housework, gardening, helping others, etc.
    . The doctor has checked my thyroid (it’s ok). Been doing this daily for over10 months (systematically) and have not lost a pound.
    Diabetes and age are the worst challenge to weight loss And I have found nothing works except the keto diet IF YOU CAN GET ALL THE FAT IN YOUR SYSTEM FOR KETOSIS. (Lost 6 #’s first day and have yo-yo’d since back to original weight. Haven’t found a way to consume enough (healthy) fats. Feeling all these weight loss ideas are useless. But thanks for trying and especially not charging like all the other Charlatans..

  • I’m new to the Jocko Podcast and have only listened to 121 and 115. I was struck how these two podcasts connected. I listened to 115 first and cringed at how Dakota and Swenson struggled with staff types not on the battlefield, or even near it, forcing mission planning and execution conditions on them that got people killed. In 121 Jocko expertly explains how Chesty perceived the very same problems with staff and even battlefield commanders nearby the real fighting. Some things never change. I was a young recon marine in the late seventies, but after a long career in the USBP I deployed first with a Marine TT to Iraq based out of both Speicher and Habbaniyah and then to the AFG as a LEP embedded with an Army infantry platoon at Dand Wa Patan (BN calls them company minus but really it was just platoon plus), anyway same kinds of problems. North of us was a one gun 105 and we had an attached 120 mortar. I don’t think anything short of an angles lightening bolt would have released fires for us if needed. Our air was often black and complicated by very high passes to either Salerno or Gardez. Thanks for the real review of history and personal experiences. Oh, and since you get recommendations on podcasts mine is to go over LCDR Albert Schaufelberger Class 65. He was talked about a lot when as a marine I went to Class 93 for the Scuba portion. Quite the story with much to be learned about his time and assassination in El Sal in the early 80s. Although six years earlier than Col Nick Rowe’s assassination in the PI they seem connected somehow.

  • Great work! It ain’t easy loosing weight and also sharing that journey with the whole world. Well done. Would love to see your juice cleansing journey.

  • Went to Dr. And my thyroid is off. I put 44 pounds on. My weight went up to 188 lbs. I feel like a beached whale. I am going to try this to loose 30 pounds. 5/26/2020. Will keep u updated.

  • What is the best way to lost a ton of weight? I read plenty of great opinions on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost lots of weight. Has anyone tried this popular fat burn secrets?

  • Dauchsy, I want to say thank you. I started one week ago and have found listening to you has made losing weight much easier as I’m not having any cravings and finding it easy to choose healthy eating choices.

  • Listened for the first time last night. While I was dreaming, I kept trying to get away from a man who would NOT stop talking to me. Once I got away from him-the rest of my dream involved up close and personal conversations with random people-maybe I won’t use the headphones next time. LOL

  • This really works!! Helps a ton with self control and hunger throughout the day!!! I don’t even want to eat sometimes!! Easily staying under my calorie allotment for the day!

  • Interesting fact. Chesty Puller had asthma and would not even be allowed to join the military because of today’s enlistment standards.

  • I’m eating chips while watching I been waiting to be skinny but never worked my mom tolded me I’m getting taller and kinda skinny but that was a few days ago I wanna get skinny but I’m not eating chips now

  • How can Jessica Chastain praise cruelty free products when she promotes Ralph Lauren beauty products that are not cruelty free, I don’t get it��

  • For most of the less then wealthy (me included) meat, poultry, and all forms of fish has become to expensive where shelter, and utilities are concerned. The producers of the aforementioned stock have out done themselves in reaming out every $ from the populace. If not for the sake of the animals being misused and abused we should start backing off from the poisons one, product at a time until we ditch the fast food pyramid lies that keep the pharmacuticals in our pockets shortening our lives pilling us to an early grave. Some might want to seriously start growing their own veggies as a start, 20 packs of various seeds will not cost as much as the meat, poultry, or fish that’s being farm raised �� to kill us!

  • I lost 35 Kg in two and a half years (on January 17th i was at 125 Kg)because i was gaining and losing wait for two years,in the end of December last year i was at 108 Kg,we toke the bake for a 10 days at work,after one week just eating and sleeping,i gained 4 Kg,when i came back in January 6 i made the decision to cut on some foods that i love eating (Bread,spaghetti,Couscous…),not 100% but maybe 50% and start moving more,i was already in the gym since December 27th (gym is a luxury and there aren’t many good ones,i tried an expensive one a in 2018 for three months i didn’t know what to begin with or what to focus on and the trainers were mostly using their phones) i saw results every day that was crazy,in 2 months i lost 14 kg from January 6th until march 17 i started at 112 Kg ended up at 98 Kg Same conclusion i came up with about the Gym,in “Quarantine” i walked every day i trained for 10 maybe 15 minutes at home on abs and push ups,i watched YouTube videos on Calisthenics (it looked very very difficult to do at 98 Kg with a weak body strength)…i didn’t want to gain wait again,i’m at 89/90 kg now,these last few days i tried 16 to 24 h fasting to loose belly fat (without food or water a bit easy since i do it at Ramadan) and i’m doing a 48h fasting with water,ACV, and black coffee no sugar don’t know if it’s considered a Keto diet (YouTube is a rabbit hole)since Monday 10:00 Pm it’s Wednesday 13:23 Pm now hopefully with a bit of your experience i will continue,i was skeptic in the beginning i thought you were like the others but you took it to a whole other level������congratulation,i might try it������

  • Truly I find myself making better decisions with my eating habits and feel fuller with less than before. I swear I fall asleep so soon after starting these but I know it works because I get this deja vu feeling from time to time when dealing with food/eating. It’s been less than a week but I’m interested in continuing for sure

  • Amazing segments. Keep up the amazing work. I’m working on dissection alternatives in science classrooms and universities. For the animals! For the Earth. For us.

  • Wait okey so I’m dead serious right now if anyone tried this and actually got results like and reply how long it took to get results and how much did u lose

  • It’s really interesting how you can train your stomach not to growl by just eating smaller portions and not over eating when really hungry and fasting once a week 24 hours / fasting until noon

  • I started trying to lose weight back in January but I broke ankle so I stopped doing that but during lockdown I started again. I’ve lost around 10 pounds and I’m still going. I know it’s a bit slow and I am taking my time but it’s harder to lose weight and change your diet as a teenager because you need certain nutrients and more calories than other people because you’re still growing so yeah I’ve been trying to learn how to healthily lose weight but I have been strengthening my willpower as well. Before lockdown I wasn’t able to say no to a slice of cake or an ice cream but now I can turn it down easily. Of course I still eat things I want to on an occasion like you still need to have fun as a kid whilst it lasts.

  • I wonder who his girlfriend was in the beginning that turn him onto Veganism. But being Vegan I still didn’t have much energy. Tried everything couldn’t do it.

  • Dear Gamers I know you might not have enough money to pay for ring fit Adventure but there’s always jump rope challenge you can download from the Nintendo eShop it’s completely free and all you need is a pair of Joy con also you don’t have to worry about tripping over a jump rope

  • The post about thinking it was unfair that others can eat more is something I’ve been struggling with. My sister and brother are both well over 6 ft tall and exercise regularly while I am 5’5, overweight, and have never been super active, but when I saw them devouring all the food we had in the house and maintaining their weight, I was angry about it and thought it wasn’t fair. I guess i never thought about the fact that theyre taking what they need and im taking more than i need.

  • Mini story time and rant lol:
    As a child I (f) struggled with obesity but once I hit puberty around 10 (our girl moment) I lost so much weight. I began to remain 4’11 and 105lbs my whole middle school years. When I turned 13 I found my appetite increasing so much. When I graduated middle school I went from 105lbs to 138lbs. With my body type I still looked super slim. Once I finished my freshman year I was 150lbs at 5’0. My doctor flipped and told me how obese I was and that I was considered fat and much more. It got in my head and that day on I worked out everyday. I lost 8lbs the next time (in 2 weeks) I seen her then my doctor began to flip out and say I lost too much weight and etc. I then maintained 142lbs for a year then I developed an eating disorder and only worked out. I went from 142lbs to 112lbs in two months. Again due to my body type I looked super sick and old even tho I was almost 16 I looked 24. It was really bad but my eating disorder continued and I became super depressed. I was 98lbs at my thinnest and I was now 5’1. The doctors told my parents I was depressed but they denied it and I eventually began to attempt to heal my own self but it ended with me eating nonstop. Nearly two years later I went from 98lbs to 174lbs at 5’1. I’m working on myself and plan to get to 130lbs and just maintain it hopefully ❤️

  • I don’t think it’s fair that shorter folks have such a low calorie allowance in one retrospect…our world is full of this insanely addicting food (enter any fast food place).
    Someone who can only have 1200 calories vs someone who can have 2000…a donut is not going to take a huge chunk out of the 2000 calorie person’s day.
    But now the 1200 calorie person has to give up their breakfast or lunch or dinner to stay that low. Yes, they can budget it in, but they still miss out on quality nutrition when such a large portion of their calories come from a treat. I guess the moral of the story is, find low calorie high density foods and stuff yourself so you don’t have to be in that situation.
    Granted, when you finally buckle down into the lifestyle that is health and fitness, you’re not going to pine over that donut so much anyway.

  • I really enjoyed this, I started my journy for real on my birthday (mid may) now at the end of june, ive gone from 222lbs to 215.4
    Some days it doesnt feel like much but I feel the difference, my tummy is softer, my sides have slimmed and my butt and boobies are nicer. I appreciate the motivation❤

  • Useless rant in the comment section on common and cliche dieting notions: I have been on an alternate day fast for six months(since I began eating meat again for the first time in six/five years or so) and have come off a 2 week water fast the 17th this June. Guess what? I haven’t lost any weight and I honestly go on dieting like this because I don’t want to gain weight and try reduce inflammation, be healthy etc. Right now, I look somewhere between muscular lean/skinny fat. Exactly the same I was before I did my fast this June and since I came of my fast it feels like have gained a lot of excess weight even though I mainly eat very spicy soup, meats and well, oven cooked french fries(also spicy) on my eating days. Now, even if I came to eat in excess on my eating days for the past week I have been exercising daily so seeing myself losing progress with all of this can be a bit disheartening(at least if you want to be picture perfect lean). If you want to change your composition and already look fairly healthy its not going to be easy. You’ll have to change your lifestyle totally and getting to a satisfactory point is going to take years, maybe. Personally, for me, its been a consistent but slow decline since my early teens when I was at my highest. When I eat I don’t control my portions or what I eat but I mostly like spicy stuff so as long as it got spicy its good for me so you can imagine how impeded my process was because of that.

  • So a quick tip for anyone trying to lose weight: GO ON A PLANT BASED DIET!! yes I understand this can be really hard for people to do whether it’s because of their family eating animal products or thinking it’s too expensive but you will drop pounds very quickly if you are eating the right things. Just because you can eat Oreos and drink coke doesn’t mean it’s the right way to eat plant based. I went on a pb diet and my acne cleared up, my skin rashes went away, I lost about 20 lbs that first month but it was because I was eating enough vegetables and fibers and PROTEIN to make up for what I was not getting from eating meat. I stopped eating a good plant based diet and ended up just eating mostly junk and processed meat substitutions and you can not lose weight like that. Yes soy chicken and beyond burgers taste good but they do not have enough nutrients to fulfill your everyday needs food wise. And if you need motivation watch documentaries like What The Health, Game Changers, and Forks Over Knives. These are on Netflix but they also available on other apps as well. These are just my two cents and yea good luck. I’m still on the weight loss journey myself!

  • I understand there are exceptions like the shorter girl mentioned, but the average person is not gonna be able to sustain 1,200 cals, it doesn’t need to be a giant calorie deficit and long as your in a deficit of around 200 cals you can still lose weight it will take longer but your chances for success will be better!

  • Great podcast…I have been managing people for many years…people no matter their education, color, creed, or background can smell a phony a mile away…nobody likes or respects a phony…

  • In regards to the first post I think most people are in fault for being overweight and they “choose” it in a way. Like if you start overeating and you notice it but you dont care to fix eat it’s your fault. Even if something bad happened to you and you started overeating to cope once you recognize what caused that overeating if you don’t try to fix it it’s your fault. I could go on and on but I’m bored. The one’s I think are not in fault are kids like under the age of 15-16 cause most of the fault lies in their parents/ legal guardian.

  • Your channel is actually a huge help when it comes to losing weight healthily. I’m currently trying to overcome my restrictive eating disorder, and it gets really hard not to restrict. Even though I barely know how to eat anymore, this channel is reminding me that it isn’t impossible to lose weight in a sustainable way, and get stronger as you go. Thank you.

  • felt the one about being bitter about having a lower calorie allowance. im a 5’5 female (luckily not that short) but my appetite is huge, which makes weight loss really hard. its annoying that my 15 year old brother “is allowed” to eat more than me to maintain his weight, when in reality my appetite is way bigger than his ��

  • I always roll my eyes when someone gives themselves a pat on the back like a jackass for finally having compassion for other human beings once they have a shitty life event that is the catalyst of them becoming fat.

    “I’m so happy I’m not like that anymore”
    Well let’s give a round of applause to Narcissus!����

    How about being ashamed of yourself for ever being like that? That’s the proper mindset here.

    Sorry guys I’m have a lot of feelings today

  • To the short woman who is eating 1200cals, I’m 4’11, eating 1750cals and still in a deficit. Seriously hit the gym, put on some muscle mass and you’ll be able to eat more.

  • It just shows, how amazing the narrative is for a DnD session. When all the players genuinely feel sad when a character dies or even cry when a character dies. This is DnD at its finest.

  • Hey, maybe you can do a video about books and stuff people read that helped them change their habits? I know I first need to heal myself before I can heal my body. Videos alone don’t do it for me but maybe there are books out there that help go through this?

  • Let me explain why our subconscious is stronger than being consciously aware. Only 10% of our daily decisions are consciously. 90% are subconscious decisions based on neural connections we have built up over years. Ergo, when you are in deeply relaxed/deep sleep station your subconscious is stronger and still listening to what this guided meditation is telling you. You can subconsciously learn new habits or re-shape your neural connections. Subconscious habits are things you don’t really think about like driving, riding your bike, breathing, knowing where your house is etc. Really, it is that logical. There is no magic behind this! 😉 So, try it: It may help!

  • It’s all fun and games and weight loss until you wake up in the middle of the night and in the dark there’s a voice creepily whispering in your ear about water and sugar and your weight. I don’t need my aunt in my room too okay?

  • I think this is the earliest I’ve gotten to one of your videos after it has been uploaded lol. I’m currently trying to lose weight for the umpteenth time & haven’t told anyone I know about it bc I just feel like telling others adds too much pressure. I’d much rather suprise them with it. I’ve been tracking calories for a little over a month now. I don’t know what I weighed a month ago but based on my calories, i’ve probably lost about 15 lbs so far but I still have a very long way to go. I’ve lost lots of weight in the past (40 lbs here, 30 lbs there) but always put it back on bc i’d have a bad day & say “screw it, I ruined everything”, even though I totally didn’t. I’ve tried to change my mindset this go around & there have been days where I ate more calories than anticipated but I just got right back on track, & i’m hoping this means i’ll be more successful this time around.

  • Thank you for these videos!
    They’ve helped me lose 20 lbs/9 kgs so far and I only need another 20 lbs/9 kgs left to get to my goal weight of 120 lbs/54 kgs

  • This is an awesome podcast. I’ve heard about him all my life but didn’t know specific details. What a badass. The only beef I have is at the 2:33:00 mark. Chesty said his men don’t need ice cream. Speak for yourself dude. Ice cream is awesome!

  • It is peoples fault for being obese. Very seldom there is a disease and even then there are ways to work against gaining weight. Self responsibility.

  • What is Mofedest Miracle? I’ve heard several awesome things about this popular personal development techniques that designed by well known life coach.

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I’m also on a weight loss journey I lost 25lbs since i started and have 142lbs left to lose. I’m subscribing to your channel, i can’t wait to see your next video, could you please show some support back to my channel. I would appreciate any feedback and advice you will like to share! Thank you!

  • i love watching your video i really enjoyed it im on a weight loss journey myself you can check me out if youd like

  • Y’all think they look young and healthy cause their diet, probably has nothing to do with low stress and lots of money… Not to mention it is the most unnatural diet for humans. These false idols just promote lies normal people can’t survive.

  • That Peter Dinklage video is the very reason I became Vegan 5 years ago. If it hadn’t been for my love for Peter as an actor, I would never have initially clicked to watch the video when it “randomly” showed up in my recommended video feed on YouTube. I tried hard not to watch the video at first due to seeing it was PETA made, but everything was screaming inside of me to watch it. I am eternally grateful I listened to the deafening roar of what I can only assume was a part of my conscience telling me over and over “it is time”. Needless to say, message received, the connection was made and I became Vegan then and there. I’ve never looked back and I never will. Compassion and empathy are the most vital “tools” we can possess and these same imperatives are the only way we are ever going to create a better world.

  • From my first week of my new life I felt an energy flow through me.
    50 overweight crippled with fibromyalgia my body couldn’t cope with the destruction I put it through.
    But now I have NO PAIN!
    My high blood pressure is now normal
    And I do not miss anything not even Cadbury’s chocolate
    This health I have now feels like the earth has blessed me for stopping my murder and exploitation of her life forms.
    I am however sad that I didn’t do this sooner.

  • The white elephant in the room is our pets. The pet food industry is undeniable. We cannot make predators into prey animals feeding them that way. This is something we really need to look at too if we are to go 100% vegan. I have been a horsewoman for most of my life and went vegan, I no longer ride my horses exploiting their natural giving nature, my horses are now therapy horses (non riding) helping people to heal that void in their hearts. Oh and yes they are vegan….

  • Veganism is WRONG Honoring the sacrifice of the animals has been passed down for eons,
    God(The One I Am), not the deceiver god that the celebrities worship;
    created this world to have a specific balance. All laws of nature and
    physics are God’s laws! When we go against them, there are
    consequences. These “animals” you idolize so much, would EAT YOU if it
    was starving. But of course that’s the Vegan Endgame, right????Wake UP!
    You are killing yourself slowly from the inside out, its EUGENICS!

  • Truthfully, there’s only 1 reason to be vegan non-participation in animal exploitation, for any reason (beyond diet). Being vegan extends beyond diet, and should not be portrayed as synonymous with those who eat a plant-based diet for planetary or personal health. They’re not the same. While it is commendable to eat plants for the planet, if you are still funding animal exploitation for clothing, entertainment, experimentation, toiletries, etc. then you’re not vegan. Some of these actors/celebrities may not be truly vegan; though Joaquin Phoenix is for sure.

  • Here is some great Vegan apparel that can be also worn as workout gear.Offered by my online retail company called Big Apple Fashions.

  • Startsat 3rd may 2020
    Weight: 67.1 kg (147 lbs, 10.5 stone)
    Height: 5’0
    Age: 13
    Now13 August 2020
    Weight: 54.4 kg (120 lbs, 8.57 stone)
    Height: 5’1
    Age: 13
    ( im gonna continue to lose weight)

  • Sooo…apparently we are supposed to be influenced or validated by celebrity lifestyles. Bigly sad! I gave up meat, poultry and fish 48 years ago, and the rest 25 years later because it’s all cruel, disgusting and nauseating. No other influences needed.

  • If any of you think that looking old at 70+ years old is normal; Here is a video of a man that is 68 years old. He looks like he’s 40 and theres many other “old” people like him, that look very young because of a raw vegan diet. The reason we age prematurely is because we cook our food.

  • Really?…a dead piglet? Why don’t these same people take a dead human fetus into the capitol building? Oh, BTW, Adolf Hitler loved animals too.

  • It’s true, but worst, animal production industries are the number one reason of man made methane gases zapping our oxygen!
    Now it’s 10 years or less, unless we and our friends, family and colleagues go vegan

    Vegan worl
    My favorite products when I’m not eating fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, herbs, legumes, beans, rice, ancient wheat, are:
    BRANDS: Violife, Kitehill, Treehill, Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger, Good & Green, Miyoko, Silk, Daiya……

  • Rudimentary Timestamps before Flando gets here:

    0:14 Travis and Laura are back!
    1:28 Sam updates Laura and Travis
    6:44 Level up max hp show of hands

    10:02 Recap starts
    12:52 Recap ends
    15:30 Fjord freed
    15:56 Yasha, unconscious
    16:54 Clay meets Jester
    18:52 “Where’s Molly?”
    21:22 Fjord: “Fuck!”
    23:45 Clay: “Nothing this good ever happens”
    25:35 Beau pulls from her butt
    27:38 Fjord and Jester had lotsa eye contact
    29:07 iNsIGhT CHecK
    30:57 Clay in the kitchen
    33:44 Laura: “you STOLE from me”
    34:05 A receipt
    36:09 A mysterious bag
    43:22 “What’s that new magic..?”
    45:45 Grog gets the bag
    48:00 Contents of the bag
    49:58 A letter, signed Avantika
    59:22 Caleb casts Tiny Hut
    1:03:28 Keg comes back
    1:05:36 Caleb ritual casts Identify
    1:10:28 Fjord grieves for Mollymauk and attunes to a sword
    1:13:28 Beau x Keg
    1:15:00 Jester and her sketchbook
    1:18:25 Keg’s letter to Nott
    1:20:39 Keg’s letter to Beau
    1:24:50 Caduceus and the M9
    1:28:27 Acquiring a stealth cart

    1:32:51 Welcome back. PT2
    1:33:39 HBD Ashley Johnson!
    1:34:19 Session resumes
    1:36:45 Back to the Mardun Estate
    1:39:10 Stay put, cart
    1:40:49 Ophelia
    1:50:53 Fjord tries to get used to Clay
    1:53:49 Nott moons the carriages
    1:58:38 Nott and the horses
    2:01:21 Seeing a suspicious meeting
    2:05:25 Passing through the gates
    2:08:25 Jester casts Cloak of Shadows
    2:10:25 Caleb and Beauregard
    2:17:44 Visiting Mollymauk
    2:22:44 Yasha awakes
    2:27:30 Clay casts Decompose
    2:33:20 Arrival at Zadash
    2:35:59 Divvying up gold
    2:39:42 The Evening Nip
    2:43:50 The Gentleman and Ophelia
    2:48:35 Clay meets the Gentleman
    2:52:55 Caleb deceives Cree
    2:53:48 Metagaming pigeons
    2:55:47 Caduceus has never drinked
    3:57:10 Caduceus tries alcohol
    3:01:02 Fjord, Beau and Caleb chat
    3:06:10 The M9 at one table
    3:08:19 Jester and reverse psychology
    3:10:29 To that purple devil
    3:11:30 “What kind of swords would you like to eat this week?”
    3:14:30 “Insight check me”
    3:15:53 Nott goes and name-drops Avantika to the Gentleman
    3:18:16 For Molly!

    3:21:27 Fanart Compilation

    EDIT: Flando’s back. Find their timestamps and go shower them with likes


    Okay so when I first started listening this, I did lose about a kilogram or 2. This became my periodical routine.

    A few moments, (it is 3.12 am), I was in a dream state and this subliminal was playing and some grimly-looking was holding my left arm saying “you can control your weight, you are now in charge if your body, you will lose weight” and I freaking got terrified. I tried pulling my earphones out but that mf did not let go of my arm. Then, a knock on my door (idk about this but a few of my housemates that our dorm is haunted and I stay in college dorms) brought me to semi-consciousness and my guardian (she claimed to be) suddenly appeared in the form of my mother asking me if she could check my arm and that grimly mf got scared. He disappeared, I woke up and I pulled out my earphones.


  • Can we say Caleb is a fucking hypocrite, when he told fjord that he can’t blame himself since fjord was the victim, Caleb is a hypocrite since he blames himself (who was a victim to manipulation as a child and i guess memory manipulation) who didn’t have a choice in that but he still blames.himself

  • i listen to three of these videos per night, and I would really love one that is focused on strength. Physical and mental. Some kind of mix between this one and the confidence one with things like “my muscles are strong” <3

  • This was extremely enjoyable because Chesty was so awesome, and Jocko got fired up over it. Which I think is cool.
    Jocko. You don’t owe the world anything where sharing your combat stories goes; but it’d be really cool if you wrote Task Unit Bruiser. It’d be even cooler to make a four hour movie out of it. I’d buy it for $150.00! Fact Actual!

  • Lions and tigers and wolves and bears and hyenas, have short guts (3-6). Gorillas and elephant and giraffes and buffalo and horse and Antelope have long guts (10-14). They have 5% cancer, or less. Meat eaters have heart attack and stroke and high blood pressure and tight arteries and cancer ☠️, 51% death rate. Scientific fact. We eat the wrong stuff. Meat eaters stink ��‍♂️��������, deodorant mask your symptoms. Meat is rotting your body, five days, five days wrote in your stomach, putrefied, corpse ��‍♂️��. That is scientific fact.
    Clean vegans don’t stink. They don’t use deodorant and they are clean and fresh ��������✅��. That’s scientific fact.
    Baby calves are killed at birth, that’s evil ������. Pigs �� get gassed, like Germany, in World War II, exactly the same ��!! Baby chicks, ��males, get killed at birth, macerated ��������. Fish get mercury ��▫️☠️!!! Very evil ��, hint hint, no you know. YouTube it, hundreds!! You won’t do that to your dog��…
    Eating 2 1/2% eggs a week increases risk of Prostate Cancer by 81%.(����☠️☠️☠️) (Source: Harvard School of Public Health Study 1994-2008)����

    Follow the masses��‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️��… Me me me, all about me ����. Poor little animal. They did nothing wrong. They’re innocent. Purely innocent ��. You get to pay someone else to do it, that’s a coward. Purely a coward ��. Shame on you. Murder is murder. Holocaust is Holocaust, no matter what. Stalin and Hitler did the same, there is no difference, hint hint ����. Grow up. Change as a person. Martin Luther King and Gandhi and Einstein, was a thinker ��. Help the planet �� and the animals, they didn’t do anything wrong. ������������… ✅✅✅. It’s easy being a vegan, vegan curry ��, vegan ice cream ��, vegan pizza��������������…. on YouTube. It’s easy, NO guilt, win-win situation ����✅✅ Holocaust Survivor, ����⛓��������…✅ Meat eaters die young. Scientific fact! Pictures included. Science rules. Actual photos, hundreds of pictures, Page after page after page of actual photos. Scientific fact!! Dr. Garth Davis. Science �� Scientific fact! Milk is pus ������������… Pigs get gassed alive, like Hitler, holocaust!! Sickening ������. Time to change, go vegan. Hypocritical if you don’t ���� B12 bacteria. Science rules. ��✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅… Scientific fact.
    ����������plant-based. NO meat ��, very strong �� Mercury in Fish ��☠️ Mic the science Guide No smell, ��������✅ my own vegan curry ��✅������

    ‘DOMINION’ on YouTube. Please watch it, thank you ��

    Meat is cancer☠️���������� Plutonium ☢️, Asbestos ☠️. Number 1 killer������⚰️Early grave��. Number 2 ������������������������, Soda��, 51% death rate ������…. WHO, NHS.
    Vegans 4% ����������….

    (��Bharti Professor(Neu5Gc), Dr. Kim Williams President College of Cardiology, Dr. Milton Mills, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. T. Colin Campall PhD, Dr. Pamela Popper, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, Dr. Michael Gregor, Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. John Kelly, Dr. Brenda Davis, Dr. Brooks Goldner, Dr. James Loomis, Dr. Cyrus Khambatta, Dr. Vivian Chen, Dr. Saray Stancic, Dr. Anthony Lim, Dr. Shireen Kassam, Dr. Gemma Newman, Dr. Michelle O’donoghue, Dr. Anthony, Dr. Danielle Belardo, Dr. Chris Bressler….����✅)

  • Hi I’ve seen a lot of positive comments which encouraged me sm so I will try right now and get back to edit the comment and tell u the results ��

  • Do anyone know about Mofedest Miracle? Does it really work? I hear most people learn making a difference in their quality life with this popular law of attraction course that created by well known motivator.

  • Age: 18
    Height: 152 cm
    Start (July): 68kg
    Current weight (August): 65 kg
    Goal weight: 47 kg

    (Please do like this so I can come back to this and update from my notifications)

  • Proving determination and commitment is really the key. So many people can’t stay committed to a program. Lower calorie alternatives to food you love is a great idea to make sticking to your nutrition plan is good. And Finding exercise you actually like will make it easier to stick to.

  • Eating 2 meals a day, no softdrinks, less sweets. Plus Yoga and Pilates
    For a month i loss 3 kilos.
    This is a diet that I can keep ��

  • Weight currently 125kg
    Goal weight 99kg
    Looking to achieve this goal by this December, my calorie intake to stay at 125kg was at 2960 cal a day, so I’ve dropped it too 1760 cal a day with less carbs in that figure, started 5 days ago eating this way and will start Hii cardio at home in two weeks time don’t want to rush things, take it day by day, wish me luck I’m over 40 lol

  • started at 83,9kg, currently at 74,8kg, goal is to get under 70kg (height: 171cm), it was a lot easier at the beginning and now i‘m struggling a bit but this video motivated me to keep going and not stop before reaching my goal (like all the other times i tried to lose weight and just got tired of it) and i have never been this close to my goal

  • Healthy Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting is the best way.
    But yes, all diets, when reducing “calories in” and the number of insulin spikes, can work.
    Very nice results, Lucy.

  • Thank thank you for this video! I am short and I gained a lot of weight, I am 63 kg now and that is a high BMI for me. So this is my start in losing weight and getting healthier and fit. My goal is 50kg right now.��

  • I am happy for Lucy. She did wonderful for herself! I dont care for physical activity and i have to force myself to work out. I would love to train because i love it not because of appearances. I don’t think i could do this because of my love of food. I dont know what i would do about family events or vacations.

  • You look much better and more attractive with the weight loss. People, don’t be fooled with being overweight as being normal because it’s it’s not. More prone to diabetes, heart disease, auto immune disease, the list is endless. Also, attracting a partner is way easier when your at your desired BMI. Just eat whole foods that haven’t gone through a process in a factory, and get into the habit of doing that, starting from today. Game changer. Oh, and don’t work nights ha ha!

  • Who is echo Charles? I’ve just started listening to jocko and haven’t heard him say anything more than good evening can someone fill me in

  • age: 16
    height: 159
    starting weight: 90 kg (10th august 2020)
    Week 1: 86.4 kg (14th august 2020)
    Week 2: 85.3 kg (21th august 2020)
    goal: 50-55 kg

  • Ummm, no Jessica Chastain is NOT a “vegan.” She’s been doubted before and I found these DIRECT QUOTES from one interview she did: “I don’t think that eating meat is wrong” and “We have to honor the animal that we’re eating and know the history of where the food came from” and “we have to know what were the sacrifices made to give you sustenance” and *[my personal favorite] “for an animal to give its life for you to eat it, this is a beautiful thing.”* Take this animal-exploiter OFF the list.

  • I follow a lot of calisthenics people who’ve been fit their whole lives, kind of making calisthenics seem like an unattainable superpower for someone who got chubby (me). Knowing you were where I am now pretty recently is incredibly motivating. I’m so glad I found your channel!! You’re a total badass!!!

  • As a person who has suffered from eating disorders I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to not starve yourself or throw up after eating or binging then throwing up. Out of all the three eating disorders I’ve suffered from I’d say starving myself was the worst because I almost died, I threw up water, felt so nauseous and sick, so weak all the time I thought I would die then I thought about all the people who don’t have food and there I was killing myself, taking the gift of food for granted when people are suffering from hunger. Binging too is terrible and I’ve suffered from this too because it left me hating myself, disgusted and it lowered my esteem so bad. Binging is as bad an eating disorder as any other disorder, I’d throw up after eating even after eating a small meal but most of the time it was because I idle ate which sent me Into a panic leading me to purge. I mean, eating disorders are terrible. I even suffered from body dysmorphia, like come the fuck on! That’s just too much shit but I didn’t change my attitude towards food until I felt like I’d fucking die after starving myself, I was so weak I couldn’t even stand or walk, I was dizzy as hell, didn’t even have the strength to make myself a sandwich. What am I trying to say? Eat, eat food we need food to live, go about our activities, food is so important I can’t emphasize this enough but don’t overeat because remember overeating is another problem too. For a long time I worked out but my progress wasn’t as great and particularly around my gut because of my poor Eating habits which brings me to my second point, don’t work out then eat a whole bowl of white rice and other unsuitable foods during weight loss. It’s this lack of major weight transformation that made my body dysmorphia worse, my eating habits terrible, binging then purging, then hating myself, then being disgusted to straight up starving. If you can’t access super healthy foods I’d suggest intermittent fasting, eat whatever you want but for a specific amount of hours plus include exercises if you want to. Don’t idle eat too, that also is another problem. If you are hungry eat but watch what you eat, if you have a craving eat whatever you crave but in reasonable amounts, like I said overeating is bad whether the food is healthy or not. I also stopped counting calories and all that shit.

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, this has been the most helpful information from anyones transformation. You look amazing and with your information I will too. My motivation. Thank you.

  • Luvvies… God give me strength! They all preach at us to follow the vegan lifestyle “to save the planet”, yet they drive around in flashy gas-guzzling cars and fly everywhere by private jet! No wonder nobody takes them seriously!

  • Serious comment..

    I never have motivation to eat less or work out but since I started listening to this meditation since november 2019 I lost 9 kilograms in 4 months. This is the only meditation that works for me and believe me I have tried a lot. While I was in quarantine I gained 4 kilograms but this will not stop me from getting back to my workouts. You can do this!

  • Thank you so much for acknowledging Ellen Burstyn. As I mentioned before, she went vegan right after me. And was featured in an article in Vegetarian Times titled “Ellen doesn’t eat meat anymore”. This was a reference to her Oscar wining role playing Alice. And that movie’s titeld is Alice doesn’t live here anymore.

  • If Molly’s were an ordinary character death in a book or tv series then I would be able to get over it pretty easily; but since there’s a player behind him and resurrections are not unusual in d&d but he’s not returning then it really disappoints me. He wasn’t even my favorite character of the campaign but I liked him and these factors make his death really hurt.

  • Ok let’s do this! ��
    Day One: 11.AUG.2020
    Lifestyle: seriously sedentary
    Age: 29
    Height: 1.54m
    Weight: 80.2kg
    Ballpark weight target: 50-something-kgs.
    I just want to be fitter, stronger and happier. I’ve never been below 68kg in my adult life, currently have difficulty with carrying my weight as I’m naturally petite so much so that I get knee and ankle pain from walking a short distance. Wish me luck!

  • “You cannot blame yourself when you are taken advantage of” said Caleb unironically. My poor Zemnian walking contradiction, my sweet boy:(

  • I’ve got an English Bulldog named Chesty & a German Shepherd named Rommel.
    My next dog is going to be a Neapolitan Mastiff named JOCKO lol

  • Started excercising indoors and paying attention to my food intake when the lockdown began (South Africa):
    Age: 26
    Hieght: 1,7m
    Day 1: 124.9kg
    Day 136 (06/08): 94.9kg
    Goal: 80kg

  • Who unmotivates me is stretch marks.. I know when I lose weight I won’t be able to wear crop tops.. and I have a lot.. I mean A LOT of stretch marks.. Arms, back, legs, shoulders, tummy and etc.. I know lots of people says wear what you want.. but still..

  • Calorie restricting diet is bound to fail 99% of the time. Also, doing a calorie restricting diet MESSES UP OUR METABOLISM. Why do you think there isn’t a Biggest Loser Reunion Show? Because all of them are fat again. I started doing OMAD (One Meal A Day) for a month now and i’m down 7kgs. You guys should watch Dr. Jason Fung’s video.

  • Age: 25
    Started:87 kg (7/21/2020)
    Goal: 65 kg
    Current: 84 kg

    08/13/2020 84 kg
    … Can’t do pull ups yet, knees hurt if I’m not carefull, pretty weak upper body. Doing: skipping, walks, str trainning at home. Also: I hate burpees.

  • Funnily enough, I live in Lismore…
    and want to lose 30KG…
    Seems things are finally lining up.
    You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the video. I’m very interested in using calisthenics to continue my weight loss journey and transformations like yours are super inspiring. I have lost 7 kg and still have 35 kg to go.

  • I’m 15 I’m 5’7 and weigh 197 pounds and trying to achieve my goal of 167 pounds if anyone knows any good workouts or meal plans and foods too eat please comment I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time and I can’t I keep staying at the same weight and can’t shred any pounds I’m doing this for my self and I’m very self conscious about my body if anyone has some tips and workout plans please comment

  • Age: 17
    Height: 165cm (5’4″)
    Starting weight: 75kg (165.3 lbs) 13-08-2020
    Goal: 55kg (121.2 lbs)

    All the best!! You can do it! We’re sailing in the same boat.

  • Burke Davis was my uncle. Iwas 16 yrs. old when he wrote “marine”. The most compeling book I’ve ever read. His books about military heros are all great reads. “Get Yamamoto, The billy Mitchell affair”, They called him Stonewall”are a few.

  • Anyone see the note about the Platinum Pieces? “Worth 1.5x more than Gold Pieces”. I thought they went in increments of 10x…such as:
    Copper 1
    Silver 10
    Gold 100
    Platinum 1000 (or 10 Gold)
    Am I remembering such a big part of the game horribly wrong?!?!?

  • 3.05.40
    Caleb “I think it is an act”
    music stops
    Me “o shit”
    Matt “cant control the playlist, it stops when it stops, song was done”
    Me ” still, o shit”

  • You probably listen to this in the hope that you find a way not just to loose those few pounds but to feel good about yourself….. We all try to feel good about ourselves and I start with, I Love Me. Then I can……. At list be kind to other��

  • Wow grandma……. everyone deserves a person like this in their life. This actually made me cry a little bit. Miss you grandma ❤️❤️

  • When you realize that if laura and travis hadnt had a baby then molly probably wouldnt have died lol dnd is so crazy and unpredictable

  • The whole bit at Molly’s grave I was hoping Caduceus would do something like that! I really hope that when they come across it again it’s some super beautiful and colourful tree.


    Hail King Mollymauk, may he reign eternally.

  • Spoilers ahead!! The cast have mentioned a few times about why they keep finding manacles this campaign… it’s a theme people. The Chained Oblivion. Matt you smart fucker lol

  • Start weight 75kg
    Current weight 64kg
    Goal weight 55kg

    Not sure about my goal weight, I just want to see how my body looks as I keep going

  • Start weight 118
    Current weight: 106 kg
    Goal is 76 kg I’m 5’7 trying to shed the weiight to better my chances of conceiving I’m already 36 wish me luck ��
    I lost 12 kg since Xmas and still working out and eating clean

  • Wow this is amazing! Well done. I think you’re the first person I’ve seen who wasn’t an ex-gymnast or cheerleader etc to get this far! So inspiring

  • Being a cleric doesn’t mean you have to be a healer. A 5e Trickster Cleric is no better at healing than a Bard, for example, and in C1 you didn’t see anyone describe Scanlan as “a healer”. And with Spiritual Weapon up, has even better uses for her bonus action than bardic inspiration. In 5e at least, clerics get lots of good damage and control spells, as well as good healing spells, so it’s fully viable to play a cleric who only heals as a backup when needed. Even to the point of only preparing one or the other of healing word and cure wounds, instead of both.
    It’s not so viable when a large party doesn’t have anyone else who can heal at all, though; you will get stuck healing in serious fights against hard-hitting foes, even if that’s not the role you want to play.
    I’m 100% on Laura’s side here, even to the point of being annoyed with people when they take damage they could have avoided, forcing her to waste an action and a spell-slot healing them. She wanted to play a trickster and damage-dealer, not a healer, but nobody else rolled a character that could heal at all (until Cad).
    Cleric is a good choice if you want to be a healer (also druid), if you pick a domain that gives healing bonuses like Life or Grave. But being a cleric doesn’t mean people should automatically think of you as a heal-bot or primary healer role. Especially if you’re not a healing domain.

    The world of warcraft equivalent is like assuming that a Shadow Priest or Balance Druid is a healer. (The specialization is more extreme in WoW than in DnD.)

  • 49:38 1 pp = 10gp, not just 1.5x like the bottom-left corner card says. Usually it’s correctly quoted the rules, but not this time.

    1:00:00 Technically, Leomund’s Tiny Hut stops people from entering if they weren’t in the radius when it was cast. That’s its only mechanism for keeping out enemies: cast it when there aren’t enemies next to you (it has a 1 minute cast time anyway). You can’t cast it and then invite people in. IDK if Liam just didn’t want to RP asking the party to huddle up toward the end of the 1+10 = 11 minute ritual cast time, or if he missed that. Either way it’s 100% fine in this case, wouldn’t have made a significant difference, just an interesting quirk of how that spell is designed.

  • 2:45:14 Caduceus is quickly becoming my favorite. The way Talesin plays him is so expressive. I love what a weird, awkward, but chill guy he is.

  • It’s been brought up before about how well Matt balances intense sad encounters with fun light-hearted moments. Gives them a festival to enjoy and win gold in, lets them have a ridiculous cannonball contest, stuff like that to bring laughter and ease back to the group. Those two letters from Ashley B. were perfection and such a simple way to get the group smiling again.

  • I read a lot of people keep on talking about Mofedest Miracle. But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular manifesting and law of attraction techniques that created by well known life coach?


    Maybe I’m overthinking this-but in the most recent episode they found a square-ish green gemstone. Here, they found a squarish red gemstone. Think there might be a connection?

  • I understand why they left it, but part of me wishes they took Molly’s coat to give to Yasha the next time they saw her, seeing her wear it would be something special

    Now, trying to get into the mindset of Yasha, she may think that she could never wear his coat. That she isn’t worthy of it. That she could never embody the meaning that this coat brings. That she could never embody the spirit and way of life Molly had. But, that’s exactly why she should have it, to remind her to lighten up, and strive to embody Molly’s way of life, even if she isn’t good at it or goes back to how she usually does things.

  • 51:04 I love when the players have a moment of recognizing their own plot lines coming to haunt them. I’m reminded of the time Taliesin/Percy heard the name Briarwood in C1 and just sat there blinking at Matt.

  • When Ophelia through the bribe to the gate guards, all I could think about, for some reason, was the Oncelor from Lorax (the original Seuss illustrations where you only ever saw his arms). Also, apparently I’ve never experienced civilization according to Caleb, as I have never been blackout drunk, so there’s that.

  • 2:24:00 This scene is even more heartbreaking to watch the second time after already being caught up, knowing more about Yasha’s backstory

  • Well time to hit the hay.

    “Uncle Jocko can you read me a bedtime story?”

    “All right but I’m going to tell you a story of war and pain and love and… death… a heroic story. The most heroic story. It’s also a tragedy, the most tragic story….”

    6 wars later “awe look at him sleep at attention”

  • I wish I could go back in time and fight beside “CHESTY”.
    100 times over I would if i could. A true BONAFIDE War Hero. FUCKING RAHH CHESTY

  • An hour in and I want to go to war for that man. He knew how to earn respect of his men. Bathed with them, slept with them, fought with them and bled with them. This is leadership at its finest.

  • Lewis Puller aka. Chesty Puller was the man it’s just sad what have happened to his son!!!!, and yes i need to get that book and add it to my collection.

  • This podcast among with SOG members podcast were the ones that I’ve listen to many times and it helps me to go to sleep even though i have listen to them many times. I don’t wanna be an asshole but please Jacko if you can get more SOG members i would love o listen to them and many other people i would suspect. Just if you can get more SOG members please do so, im not he only one hoping for few more episodes cause they are so captivating just like this one.

  • I often times think that SEALs were born of two fathers. The first father obviously was WW2 UDT Frogmen. But the second father surprisingly were WW2 USMC Raider Battalions. UDT owned everything up to the high tide mark. And the USMC Raiders owned everything over the beach. The raid of Makin Island using subs and inserting by rubber boats was a first in US combat. Any SEAL I think could look at that WW2 operation and nod in appreciation of the tactics used. So could any Recon Marine or modern Raider. Our current USN and USMC amphibious capabilities are without equal in the world today. And its all owed to those old timers who had to figure it all out while fighting an unmerciful zealous enemy that generally died to the man. And not just Raiders or Marine Infantry, but Corpsmen, and Boat Crews and all Sailors who risked their lives to get those guys onto the beach. To take the fight to the enemy…. Herculean effort! God bless em.

  • When I was considering day by day weight loss or gain… I weighed a mouth full of water, for a normal good sized swig… and weighed the glass before and after the swig. And worked out that in ONE YEAR, 3x a day, that extra MOUTHFUL added up to 20KG!!! That is weight for weight. However what you store on your body is a percentage of what you eat, depending on carbs, fat, protein etc.. But it did give both hope and an idea of 3 extra mouthfuls of food a day… or ONE extra per meal. Could add up to be 20KG. It could be that a mouthful that is retained on the body is actually 2 or 3 mouthfuls depending on what the content is. But it is maths, cause and effect and it makes a difference. So weighing food to get an idea of how much each meal should be. Lite n Easy does 5 meals a day with a tally of calories, and this model works for many. But I didn’t like the main meals after a couple of weeks. 400 Calories for main meal they didn’t have the nutritional balance that one would have thought they would have. And the novel cauliflower in the first few meals was in most of them and was too much.

  • You should do something about The Constitution & Bill of Rights mainly the 2nd Amendment and where you and all other Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, & Airmen stand on gun control and what you believe citizens should be able to possess.

  • Jocko willink you should check out what Wes Watson is all about. You too should come together n talk about how u two went on two completely different paths but came to the same conclusion.
    Get after it.

  • If you are one of the strong, and surround yourself by other strong people, there’s a good chance that you’re out of touch with exactly how weak the majority of Americans have become.

  • try free 12 step Food addicts in recovery annonmomous… if you are a true food addict you need a lot support and joining a group will help

  • Is Mofedest Miracle effective to discover the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success? We’ve read a lot of good things about this popular self-development program that created by popular life coach.

  • So because some celebrities are vegan that means I should be too? Clarifying question… does this also apply to cocaine, heroine, illicit sex, etc? Just want to make sure I’m following the logic here.

  • Bedtime story with Jocko and Echo. Fascinating listening. I wonder, how about reading “With the Old Breed” by (the almost saintly) Eugene Sledge the TV series The Pacific is mentioned which is adapted from that and My Helmet for a Pillow. Covers Guadalcanal, Peleliu and Okinawa campaigns.

  • I named my cat echo Charles
    He’s a special ops cat,
    He brawls with other critters that try to smoke his perimeter
    He trains for battle, he climbs trees that serve for his lookout post

  • The first story is interesting, they gained weight because they were overeating. It’s unfortunate that they were doing so due to a tragic event, but in truth it was because they were overeating that they gained weight. It’s the same for most people. It was the same for me. It’s so easy to overeat and it’s a struggle for me to keep my calories low everyday after losing 180 pounds.

  • I can refer you all to a powerful spellcaster who helped me reduced my weight from 128 to 148lbs=97 to 123lbs.. Contact him on whtsapp

  • Amazing man. Great job Jocko!
    I must be really immature because I chuckled many times when hearing the phrase “ beat off “ peppered throughout this podcast.

  • Straight up awesome!

    All the episodes are awesome

    I loved the Dick Winters, Hal Moore, James Mukoyama, William Reeder and any episode with Leif especially

  • Yes, please, let’s cover Smedley Butler, who as a peace activist exposed the agendas behind WWI (so did congress during the ’30’s, with the Nye Commission), U.S. intervention in Haiti, Nicaragua, etc. This show needs to quit maintaining this image of the U.S. as the light on the hill, when in fact it’s gone out of its way to wage illegal war (Nuremberg Laws, etc.) since Vietnam (of which there was already a diplomatic, internationally-recognized solution, before the U.S. went in there militarily and violated it).

  • ****Spoilers for Jester story arch****

    Anyone else realize the Gentleman probably sees The Ruby in Lady Mardoon? Maybe him trying to fill a tiefling shaped hole in his heart:*(

  • I am losing weight gradually but my figure has not changed really. I am 5ft 2, I weighed 136.6 (62kg) now I am 125.5. (57.6kg) I have never been overweight but I don’t like how disproportionate my body. For example, my pants didn’t really fit and I am in-between sizes UK 10-12, this made me insecure to shop for jeans etc. My stomach was too big for size 10 but size 12 was too loose. So I decided to lose weight and exercise more, I want to be confident in how I look. My goal weight is 123.4 lbs (56kg), I am losing weight but I am becoming demotivated. I lose weight in my shoulder, my back and legs. I still have stomach fat and I can’t fix into my jeans comfortably. My figure still looks disproportionate, the weight loss in legs made my stomach look bigger. I am getting a tighter core but I am feel disheartened. Has your figure changed? did you plateau and how did you overcome this? I know I can’t stop reduction stomach fat but what can I do? should I move my goal weight lower to 114.64 lbs (

  • As I sit and listen to this podcast all day here at work all I think about is how amazing it would have been for Pat Tillman to have been able to be on this podcast.

  • Absolutely amazing podcast, fellas. Thanks for all your hard work & all the hours it takes to put it together. I just want to mention real quick that I never had heard anyone ever use the word, dichotomy, until I started listening to Jocko.. kinda sad to admit that, but true. I had to go look it up and even wrote down the definition. Almost 40 and didnt know what dichotomy meant, geezlouise. Good stuff, guys. Appreciate it. Keep it up.

  • I know its not exactly your wheelhouse but I would love hearing you talk to Wim Hof! I think that would be a fascinating conversation.

  • I am just re-watching all of this campaign because I needed to catch up before watching the new stuff. And getting to this episode again… I can’t help but be reminded of a line Travis Willingham once voiced. “Its a terrible day for rain”

  • Started listening to this episode last night. This morning was asked what I was listening to last night. Couldn’t remember Chesty’s name. Called him Pully Chester.

    I wonder if he’d been the kind of guy to laugh at that, or seriously kick my ass.