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Military Muscle! 20 Active Duty Service Members With Big Arms — Tiger Fitness Welcome to the military muscle gun show! These active duty service members make time to hit the gym, and are a true inspiration. Welcome to the gun show!

Military Muscle is a Veteran Owned and Operated business. Our military inspired apparel helps us donate to our deployed troops, homeless Veterans and provide resources with every purchase! Military Muscle is part of a movement to help motivate, inspire and support our Troops!“Motivate, Inspire and Support all active duty military, veterans and their families through different platforms and nationwide fitness outreach events.We live our mission to the core by “Never Leaving a Brother or Sister in Arms behind” and connecting those in need with available resources through our Non-profit Organization, Military Muscle foundation.

The figures translate into suicide rates of 24.8 per 100,000 active-duty service members, 22.9 deaths per 100,000 for the reserves and 30.6 per 100,000 for the National Guard. Service members aren’t the only people within the military community affected by lead exposure. In August 2018, Reuters reported that more than 1,000 military children living in. The U.S. Army had the highest number of active duty personnel in 2018, with 471,990 troops.

In the same year, the Coast Guard had the fewest number of active duty members, with 41,132. The army is the largest U.S. military service, followed by the navy, air force, marine corps, and coast guard. The space force became its own branch of the armed services in late 2019 and is still. Active duty military members can retire after 20 years of active duty service.

In exchange, they receive retirement pay for life. How much retirement pay a member receives is based on years of service and rank. Every member’s retirement pay differs to some degree based on length of service and rank. For example, the retirement of an E-8 with 20.

The United States Armed Forces are the military forces of the United States.It consists of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. The president of the United States is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and forms military policy with the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), both federal executive departments, acting as. Waived card fees and 0% down.

For active-duty service members, federal law requires lenders to cap interest rates on preservice charge card debt at 6 percent APR and waive service.

List of related literature:

Someone with higher maximum recruitment, on the other hand, can recruit nearly all of his available muscle fibers if he exerts his maximum strength.

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Nearly everyone who picks up a weight is interested in developing big arms.

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There is one great advantage when it comes to training arms.

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Recruit muscle.

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Maximal muscle recruitment is 91.

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However, short solders with stockier, more muscular builds could offset this disadvantage.

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Ballistic and weightlifting training with heavy loads would still allow for the recruitment of high-threshold motor units (30, 31).

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Most of them are probably a little small, but we’ve got one guy with arms that looks like he did a lot of steroids.

“Monster Hunter Nemesis” by Larry Correia
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Vegetius remarked that recruits now needed only keen eyes, an erect head, broad chest, muscular shoulders, strong arms, long fingers, modest belly, thin buttocks, and tough, not fat, calves’.

“The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare: The Triumph of the West” by Geoffrey Parker
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  • Great video and To answer your question about the US Marine Corps, I’m a former Marine. The Marine Corps was Founded in Tun Tavern, a bar in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, because we needed a fighting force who could fight on both land and sea. The reason the Marine Corps is kept small is because it’s the only Branch of the Service that the President can utilize without an act of Congress. By keeping the Corps small, no US President could abuse his or her authority by prolonging a conflict without involving the other judicial Branches, (Congress and Senate). Also, the Civil War was actually a political one. You had the South, which were mostly Democrats and the North that were mostly Republicans. There were Southern Republicans that fought for the North and you had Northern Democrats fighting for the South. That’s why Historians will sometimes reference Brother against Brother, Father against son because some families fought on different sides but there were also people like General Lee, who commanded the Southern army that felt strongly against slavery but believed in States rights and since his home State of Virginia broke to the Confederacy he chose to fight for the South. It was a very complex war that had multiple variable.:)

  • It’s important to note that the cause of the civil war wasn’t so cut and dry.

    While the contentious issue was slavery, there was underlying connotations involved. Primarily, the north held the power of the Congress during this time. Congress wasn’t willing to strictly say, “free the slaves”, because a great many of them owned slaves. Rather, they tried weaponizing slavery ownership. Namely, they introduced legislation which would tax slaves as real property. While, at the same time, only counting slaves as 2/3rds of a person in census counts.
    Being that the Southern states held more slaves than Northern states, this legislation would give the northern states defacto control of Congress. Since, the house of representative seats are delegated by census.

    So, the south decided that if the north wanted total control of government, they would break off into their own confederation of states. The north then attacked the southern states by way of trade blockades. The initial shot was fired in Charleston harbor, but no one knows which side fired it.

    The southern states still call the civil was as “the war of northern aggression”.

    All in all, slavery was the big issue, but it wasn’t the real issue. This is telling since it took 13 years after the civil war for Congress to free slaves in the northern states.

  • This explains why my sleep apnea was denied I did not have the service related data and now I understand what I need to get this approved
    Thank you Brian

  • Back then during the Malayan Emergency Moerdani was a Major and a battalion commander I thought, not Col.

    However, another fun fact about Moerdani and Lofty was that they would meet each other again in 1976 but at that time during an official Indonesian army visit to SAS HQ in the UK. He told Moerdani (now a Flag officer) about his decision not to shoot him, then they shared laughs together.

    Moerdani would rise to the rank of General (4 stars) in the Indonesian army and would become the Commander of the Armed Forces in the late 1980s. An Equivalent to the US Joint Chief of Staff.

  • Craig you and Dave just made an outstanding video! I mean it’s very informational and to the point which helps the veteran out tremendously. That video contains so much knowledge that’s so helpful with a claim. You and DP should make more videos because they definitely help us veterans 100%. Again I want to thank you guys for the wonderful video I give it a thumbs up and a 10 out of 10��

  • I have a similar friend. He spent 11 years deployed as a Green Beret in the US Army. He was almost cut in half during a helicopter crash on a mission. Medical discharge, out for 12 years. One day (he was 40) he told me “I am going back into SF because I miss killing people. �� He had to requalify, and he made it. He’s still deployed today. ������

  • Marine are a light agressive force that does not occupy territory the Army is much heavier force that occupies territory and it can also perform amphibious operatoons the same as marines. The army and marines are both elite fighting forces. The marines have a small budget and often fight with less and often with army hand-me-downs. Army and marines often fight together in expeditionary forces.

  • Also keep in mind, you’re activity level at basic is HIGH HIGH HIGH. Even on slow days where you’re in the battalion classroom getting a class. That one guy/gal is gonna have the whole company recieving this training in the squat position. You’re activity level will drop 60-70% going from basic to AIT.

  • Corporate growth strategies may become increasingly violent, if these military corporations join up the world economic forum for instance then they will be supporting corporations collective growth, and seeing how little privacy is respected, I expect spying to increase in peoples homes via corporate computer devices and corporate social networks. Private policing and jails in the USA has resulted in an explosion of people incarcerated in jails, Military kill people sometimes for so called loose security reasons, I expect more human rights abuses and for an increase in people being assassinated and disappeared once military expand to further infiltration. Political opposition are already getting called extremists or populist in Germany. This corporate dictatorship good turn very bloody under certain future leadership, it’s set up for that. Assassinations that look like natural deaths will probably be a growth tactic for corporate expansion. The EU is too large a group to avoid corruption, our security has been sold, anything can happen.

  • I know a lot of people outside the U.S. don’t understand our fascination with firearms, but the beginning of this video shows the main reason why. We had no real military and regular people made up our fighting forces. Everyone was expected to own, and know how to use military weapons. Its the entire point of our 2nd Amendment and the founding fathers knew how important it was to our ability to remain free from other nations who may want to do us harm, any domestic enemies who may pop up, and as a check against standing armies (which a lot of them despised at the time)

    To this very day, every able bodied person b/t 18-45 is considered to be in the Unorganized Militia. This is why arguments that the 2nd Amendment only applies to militias is bullshit. We ARE the militia. Many state constitutions also have their own Bill of Rights that sanctify the right to keep and bear arms. Even if the Federal Government repealed the 2nd, the State Governments still have their own B.O.R’s. and can tell the Fed’s to go pound sand. The Organized Militia is now the National Guard and they answer directly to the Governor of each respective state. Its basically the Governor’s own private army. Although, they are now under dual command of both federal and state government’s, each guard unit is made up of members from each state and are generally deployed by the Governor throughout their state during emergencies. They’re also deployed overseas.

    This mindset has permeated our entire culture over generations. Its why we have more firearms than people and we’re always adding more. I know everyone else may see it as insanity, but we’re like this for a reason and there is a purpose behind it.

  • Most people think the civil war was fought over slavery and that was why Lincoln fought it. Actually it was fought over slavery but not in the way most people think. The south did threaten to leave the union because they needed slavery due to the south being primarily plantations and farming. Slaves were a very big part of that because they did all the work and for free. Lincolns main reason for fighting the war was because he didn’t want to see the nation torn in two. It wasn’t necessarily to free slaves as much as that. The biggest reason why the south lost was because of their lack of industry. Pretty much everything was made in the north and grown in the south. Eventually the south lost because they couldn’t replace lost cannons, guns, gun powered, etc, because it all came from the north. Which of course was stopped when war broke out. The north also had a much larger population. The only reason the war lasted as long as it did was because the south did have better fighters and definitely better leaders. Robert E. Lee was one of the very best generals this country has ever had at any time.

  • it makes me throw up to hear those people idealising them!! spit on your face…and he is like: travel the world and make money…but forgets to say “we kill all we are told to”…bastard

  • FWIW to the viewers, my initial Sleep Apnea claim is currently being reviewed by the VA. I used a NEXUS Letter from my new personal Sleep Doctor (with more than 25 years of experience), with the DBQ Form being completed by my first personal Sleep Doctor (she wouldn’t do the Nexus). My new Sleep Doctor only agreed to complete a Nexus Letter connecting my Sleep Apnea to service after he reviewed a Holter Heart Monitor I wore for 24 hours while on Active Duty for unrelated issue. There is a strong relationship between the longest apneic events in OSA and the greatest swings in beat-to-beat (RR) intervals,” illustrating what they called ‘cyclical variations in heart rate’. Typically, cyclical variations consist of bradycardia (slow heart rate) during apnea followed by tachycardia (rapid heart rate) upon its cessation. My Holter Heart Monitor captured this while I was on Active Duty. It may save my bacon. Holter Monitor worn in 2015. Retired APRIL 30, 2017. Sleep Study within a year on FEBRUARY 7, 2018. INTENT TO FILE to VA FEBRUARY 21, 2018. Filed Sleep Apnea Claim OCTOBER 7, 2018 STILL Waiting. I used my personal sleep doctors to complete the NEXUS and DBQ Forms. I would have used VA Claim Insider as I’m a Mastery Member, but didn’t need to. I HAVE used VA Claim Insider to create, sign, and issue NEXUS Letters and DBQ Forms for my other claims, also submitted on October 7. Fingers Crossed. Currently in “Preparation for Decision.” If I get denied, it will either be lawyer time for an appeal, or I will join Elite. READ THE FINE PRINT. These guys ARE legit, and ARE great, but of course they’re not going to do the work for free, but what they’re asking for in fees is well below what other companies are asking, or what a lawyer would suck from you and you can’t use a lawyer for an initial claim. I recommend VA Claim Insider. Seems like day after day, guys and gals posting their new updating ratings.. 40% to 80%, 30% up to 100%.. seriously. I am just a Mastery Member, no kickbacks for me for this post, I just see folks getting the ratings they deserve with the help of Brian and his amazing staff.

  • That narrator of the video you reacted to is full of crap when he spoke about the civil war and the southern states….he’s a self righteous delusional lying liberal

  • Couple of these companies are trying to make their interview into a dick measuring contest, my guys do this while others are incompetent, STF up oversee your group & let others oversee theirs.

  • I just love how half way into the video it becomes less about facts and takes a whole 2 minutes to shove personal opinions down peoples throats -_-

  • Loved this doc, thought it was a mature handling of the topic which presented the facts as well as all the different points of view. I took from this that the PMCs are not morally wrong and can in fact be helpful, but I reckon more regulation and oversight is needed in order to make sure that tragedies don’t occur. Also, war in general sucks so there’s that, too.

  • Hey Brian, have PTSD with secondary sleep apnea at 30%, doctor put on sleep study cpap would be beneficial. Should I ask for increase since cpap is rated at 50% or file appeal?

  • ✔️I understand how to build a winning VA claim. If you are interested in learning more about the medical evidence that you will need to WIN your VA claim, feel free to email me at [email protected] ����

  • When I was in I was diagnosed with insomnia, now that I’m out va tested me for sleep apnea and confirmed I have it and issued me a cpap machine. Would my insomnia qualify me for the 50% sleep apnea rating? I am also 50% service connected for depression which I’ve been on antidepressants since I was in.

  • We do not have the larges military we have the most advanced military in the world and it better be with how much we spend ever year on it.

  • Question: I have confirmed sleep apnea, so I’ve had 3 back surgeries and chronic sciatica. Due to chronic sciatica not allowing me to sleep well Is the a form of sleep apnea?

  • Moerdani during the time they met is not the commander of the armed forces yet
    He still the commander of Indonesia Army Special Forces (RPKAD “army para commando regiment => koppasandha => now kopasus)
    He was stationed

  • So,, I I had wrist surgery, a week ago, on my service connected wrist. So this past Friday I filed for an increase, and just got a call this morning for a c&p examination Thursday. Do you think I’ll have a problems because my wrist is still in a sling and I think I’m getting it in a cast Wednesday. I didn’t think my CMP examination would be so fast just wondering if you think this will be an issue??

  • The Civil War was more about rights vs slavery. Slavery was a major issue yet the Southern states felt as if the North was taking away their rights. Marines were the sharp shooters on the ships, Montezuma changed the course for the Marines

  • This is so interesting to me after all these years to see shots of my husband all throughout this documentary. These were interesting times before he and his team got blown up by an IED. And Robert Young Pelton is one of the most interesting men alive.

  • This is my first time hearing about this guy. And all I have to say is wow this guy took the ultimate sacrifice and fought for his country and did everything he could. God bless this hero.

  • Much like criminals the terrorists and insurgents also have no rules. 2 best suited to deal with them but us. We also operated with minimal rules and that’s how we kick the shit out of them

  • The south didn’t fight because they wanted slavery �� the south didn’t support some of the federal laws being ratified and they fought to abolish them

  • I’m actually dreading basic. I’m very used to stretching every day and doing my breathing meditations before or after workouts. Without them I hope I don’t run into injuries.

  • Just remember as this narrator of the video fails to mentioned, Democrats were the ones that owned the slaves, not Republicans. When it comes to the “switch”, go to Prager U for a great lesson in history and not your friend or professor.

  • You are wrong, lofty’s weight made no difference no matter what the weight of an object they all fall at the same speed 32 feet per second, per second. ( that is 32 feet the first second, 64 feet the second to a maximum terminal velocity of 164feet per second). Gravity acts the same way on objects regardless of their weight

  • Great documentary Nick, sheds lots of light on this subject…buut I believe that PMC’s are only used BECAUSE of the fact that the rules of warfare dont apply to them like if they were to commit a war crime for example, a soldier would be court marshalled whereas a contractor would just be removed from the country where it took place like they explained in this doc. With that said, IF there were laws or rules in place for PMCs I dont think there would b as many factions as there is nowadays…
    Thanks for the upload yo!!!

  • Area 51 they’ve moved it that’s at Wright-Patt Air Force Base Dayton Ohio but where do you think we got our technology from so fast.

  • The documentary was good until those murderers began talking about morals and ethics…. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!! Now tell me those hired gun murderers and thieves who kill everyone for money have morals and ethics…. So typical of murderers try to justify themselves telling they follow the rules and the law… and then they picture the dangers of the profession trying to get some sympathy, SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!!! Why don´t they show the civil population they murder (women and children) to steal their resources????

  • Tom Cochrane, Sinking like a sunset
    “The old sergeant has broken down

    He’s grown senile

    He shouts “kill the bastards!” in the night

    Cause he’s all out of time”

    Your 7 Tours of Duty are Finished
    Rest In Peace now Father
    Time to Sleep

  • I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I did everything suggested by VA Claims only to keep my same rating because the VA said they don’t use private doctors DBQ forms. Period. Full Stop. Now what?

  • AGREED, Sir! As long as anyone has the mindset to improve and supplement their fitness and learn (Army) the right technique and form then you’ll get/stay in shape. I can’t wait for your ACFT training video!

  • Amen! It’s always fun to see the fat guys start getting nervous every time a Physical Readiness Test is announced. If you’re leaving for boot camp and you haven’t done anything to condition your body, best of luck!

  • @Brian Reese, I recently filed my claim back in February this year and are currently awaiting the decision. I was discharged under a “General Discharge for failure to adapt” back in 2009. I waited so long to do my claim because when I was discharged, I was told I didnt qualify for ANY benefits… But working as a military contractor now, I was informed by a Navy colleague of mine that I needed to do this. I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea while in active duty. I underwent the sleep study, and was prescribed a CPAP machine. What are my chances of approval for a primary, given the circumstances of my diagnosis, the time frame for filing, and not having a buddy letter?

  • The Southern Army (confederates) who fought to keep slavery were what we now call the “democrat party,” which is the same political party that started the KKK and enacted Jim Crow law of segregation

  • US Marines started out as a handful of “snipers” on vessels that were tasked with killing British officers in order to create disarray.

  • As a Southern American, the video you reacted to can kiss my Rebel ass! Participation trophies!? Look, it’s good that we lost the war, but it took a million men (which had 150x as much money for munitions) 4 years to snuff out 100,000 Rebels. And people wonder why the South is the way it is to this day. This is how we are represented and treated. I’ll always be proud to be from Dixieland!

  • This guy’s a complete twat! It’s not a “course”. It’s a test. It has changed since the time you speak of, but it was for decades called the SAS Aptitude Test. Coloquially, t was known as “selection”. Many SAS men have.for one reason or another, done selection twice or even three times and many have done it witha substantial injury, including cracked shins, torn ligaments, etc.Cadets don’t “serve”. Only paid adults liable for missions can be categoized as “serving soldiers”. Ponse!

  • The largest military in the world? The U.S. civilians is the largest. The number of gun/weapons owners in our country…really, no one knows. Now with the U.S. Space Force?

  • Brian I’m a new 100 percent p&t veteran do I get another I.D. card sorry if I went off course but I didn’t know how that work this for all your help go ARMY.

  • The soldiers don’t know what they’re doing:
    They go to countries they don’t know, murder people who have done nothing to them, believing they are doing the right thing, for reasons they don’t know. (Daniele #Ganser)
    It is the plutocrats of the US empire and its vassals who want to make Russia their prey. In the 90’s it did not work out with the sale of Russian resources to US corporations under Yeltsin. Now, military action is being taken further: “NATO expansion” with bribery of the so-called elites (Poland,…) or with a CIA coup (Ukraine) and now concrete exercises directly on the border to Russia. They play with nuclear fire.

  • Thank you for your videos. What does going to the gym look like at OCS? Evenings? Weekends? How about opportunities to learn how to swim?

  • Just who the hell are you going to be defending….??? the corrupt Vatican and the Central banking system again…??? you cowards sure as hell aren’t going to be defending the people….because your always funded by the corrupt money system built for the Banksters by the banksters and Not for the people…you have betrayed the people over and over again and wouldn’t dare bite the banksters hand that feeds you now would you???…GOD despises the Devils acts of treason on his people…you can have your moment of glory with the devil now…and then you can spend eternity in hell.

  • Just had my apnea denied. It seems like my vet rep did what she can when we filed. I had sleep study confirming moderate sleep apnea. I am using cpop machine. We send all necessary medical records along. We filed secondary to my service connected deviated septum, allergic rhinitis and tonsillitis. I am planning to appeal the decision. Any suggestions or opinion on what I can still do to help my appeal? Thanks

  • ring light makes a difference
    !the academy is just training, to join the military. you probaly get more info by watching videos:)

  • Just had to switch to the DAV. Legion here is so vague not very helpful, since the head guy retired in the federal building here. I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I dont go into getting my rating for fibro blind, because of an incident causing rabdo, have arthritis, degenerative discs and scoliosis. Service connected for both knees, discs, Anciety depression disorder, headaches, lower back n hips area etc. Dnt function well most days, but pretend well. Do u guys have an email?

  • I love all the academics and analysts explaining why mercenaries are so bad, people who have never fired a gun, fought a fist fight or could do 10 pullups. Real men exist, women know.

  • I leave July 2nd for fort Benning. Your videos have been absolutely amazing and have definitely helped give me a clearer picture on what to expect during basic, Thank you!

  • I head to fort jackson July 23rd. Super excited, I been doing CrossFit and I’m afraid I’m gonna get out of shape going to basic training. I heard it’s a lot easier than CrossFit.

  • God, complete lies about the Civil War. The NORTH had slaves states during and AFTER the war.. The war Lincoln started wasn’t about slavery.

  • Combat arms are a whole different animal when it comes to these last few videos. Good stuff though, I appreciate the content Lt. Ward

  • Hi, im in Germany and just was at the VES and the Psych Dr told me that my sleep apnea would most likely be connected to my PTSD. I haven’t send a claim in yet threw ebenefits. But I emailed the VES,and told them that the Psych Dr recommends me doing a Sleep apnea test. Is a recommendation enought from the Psych Dr to get a %.
    And with the obesity I’m in that too with a lower back service connected can it get me % too. Thanks

  • The word freelance, originally described knights with a free lance, or open allegiance. There are freelancers in every profession, from pencil to gun. This is nothing new, as old as time itself. You can call them mercenaries, or freelancers depending on your moral opinions. They are both.

  • At one point in my young life, I found myself in the GREATEST NAVY, THIS WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN.
    Btw, you are beautiful

  • thank god I found you. all the help I can get I’m going to use it. it’s time to press forward with these issues I have been having

  • The US has 8,771+ active nuclear weapons(which are a M.A.D deterrent), ship and land vehicle mounted laser weapons(so supersonic missiles don’t mean anything to a weapon that fires at speed of light).
    Every other power on Earth tries to copy our jets, most notorious failure is China.
    The USA is the only real Super power on the planet, as acknowledged by Russia.
    The most devastating weapon in our arsenal is…we control all the world’s money and trade.
    Even the Yuan and the Ruble are based on the USD. I hope Russians don’t suffer too much when Putin changes their currency to be based on gold.
    China can’t make that transition.

  • I was in the Navy and wanted to be a SEAL, so naturally I researched the program and after some thought I choose to go with the Marines as a Corpsman. That said, I can say with confidence that you cannot make the program with a bad ankle in anyway. Also, as a physician, this guy seems to be a large sociopath and probably was allowed to go through the military without objection because he was violent. Nobody of intellect, which special forces are, goes around punching animals.

  • this is an exercise in provocation, Russia has no intention to attack EU, it is more interested in selling gas and oil to EU, but US wants to militarily provoke Russia using Poland as a puppet kamikazee state and represent Russia as an aggressor, so EU will stop buying gas and oil from Russia and buy it from US, so Defender-Europe 20 is just a marketing tool for USA

  • these are the most inhuman devils ever…people who become mercenarys are people who enjoy to kill and have no moral, ethical or whatever else standards. they kill and not give a f***. countries who hire them need to be deleted from planet earth immediatly. because if they hire them they do not need to explain war crimes and civilists killed. this is filthy scum. but I bet U.S. does not care about it. they will do it. and pay them to even rape as well…as U.S. commanders welcome their troops overseas with “I know you are here to rape and kill…me too but…” proven, recorded shit

  • Yes, I think there is crazy shit going on in area 51. But I also know that America is actually in the process of stopping another world war as we speak.

    You’ll see what Trump has been doing behind the scenes to take down evil world leaders, corrupt child sex trafficker politicians, and Hollywood A Listers who have also been trafficking kids for decades. Trump is taking control of the area once controlled by the British Royal Family as well as the Vatican (where children where being trafficked to, raped, sacrificed, and even eaten) where the US forces have confiscated a fuck ton of gold to help pay for the new financial reset called NESARA/GESARA

  • Its because the army allows anyone in basically. If you are an active duty infantry marine then I’ll bet your ass that you are in shape.

  • Got injured several times. Had all documents. Did not claim when leaving military. Read books on how to claim process. Got 10%. Paid a Representative to get 20% when the civilian doctor rated me at 70%. If you want anything over 30% you have to hire a attorney.

  • hey, i am going to be a junior in high school and would like to know when is it the right time to talk to a recruiter? i plan on joining right after high school.

  • Too bad England didnt have a selective breeding program and have this man inseminate many English women so the island could be populated with that kind of dude.

  • Excellent! Please do a story on Roy Boehm, he completed buds twice! Once with a bad knee, even killed a shark with a dive knife. These type of Men are rare indeed!��

  • I ship out on august 20th but Yesterday I threw out my back and Today I got an MRI and I ruptured a disk in my back. A disk blew out and made a bubble from the fluid and I can barely move let alone do a sit up. Hopefully I can get better before I ship out.

  • What about Circadiac Rhythm Disorder (Can’t sleep) like literally my body won’t shut down to sleep. They denied me on my claim but I feel like it’s getting worse and like a I’m walking zombie and it’s not cool. How do I go about this, does this come under sleep apnea?

  • I can only do 10 push ups, 34 curl ups, cant lift myself with my arms only, can run 1.5 mile in 16 mins with heavy breath. Want to join the navy, should I improve more before doing so or just go in?

  • Graduates OSUT a month ago, and i have to agree/disagree….
    Its all about what you put into it, i weighed 295 when i got to actual basic (reception is a [email protected][email protected]) with a body fat of 26%. When i was done i was down to 235 with a body fat of 16% abs showing and all. During normal PT yes we run but we mix it up like running with IOTV’S or pro masks. But we also hit the gym on duty DAILY. So its really all on you

  • The US Military is the tip of the spear for the entirety of The West. It’s not just America’s military… we’re operating on behalf of our European allies (primarily colonies of the UK).

  • I met a contractor who worked in Iraq and he told me and I quote “I was a interrogator who was brought in to do what the US military could not” aka full on torture and even murdering ppl something he also admitted to doing since he thought he had a sympathetic ear and was drunk thus was dying to talk. Obviously I played along and then got the fuck away.

  • $47/day, earnings of a Private E1 in Iraq. NCO E5 earns $83/day, a dishwasher in NYC makes $120/day… a minimum per day salary for an ACADEMI soldier? $500/day… and don’t say the US Army soldiers stay in because they are serving the country. They are in the service because that is the highest paying job they found and it seemed glamorous, otherwise they would have volunteered. The army knows it it and it capitalizes on that, just like Blackwater capitalizes on the neediness of soldiers they recruit overseas to pay them less that they would pay those in the US.

  • The 9th Infantry division patch you’ve got in your display is on its side…..Not displayed correctly. It’s the one that looks like the flower on the bottom right. Black (blue on colored patch) goes on the bottom. May want to fix that…..

  • The nexus letter how do I get it is that something I can get through you or do I ask the doctor for it and what is the DBQ stand for,I would like to file a claim for sleep apnea

  • Everyone knows now what type of religious terrorists western countries were fighting in iraq thanks to ISIS and their home movies. And clearly America and Britain wouldn’t tolerate anyone raping and murder innocent ( or anyone for that matter) people especially if they hired them. The west should be held to a high standard because its a civilized and developed, but the new anti west culture thats popular is just propaganda taught by a liberal arts teacher. Its not from caring but its from hatred of the west.

  • I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2017 but I just filed for it a week and half ago. I was contacted and informed that they’re fast tracking my claim and that I don’t need a C&P exam. I was prescribed c-pak machine back then. I filed it with diabetes as a Secondary to my Service Connected back and feet issues. I think it’s all or nothing in my case: 0 or 50%. Thoughts?

  • Very good documentary althrough I have 1 problem. Are those PMC sure they were buying 1st Gen AKs off the market? To my knowledge in Middle East both insurgents and local armies use AKM/AKMS platforms. Half of those guns have wooden foregrips which were exclusive to AKMS

  • I’m sure there are lots of tough soldiers in all armies, but one who springs to my mind is certainly Paddy Mayne, who won the 3 bars to the MC, never awarded the VC certainly because he didn’t “fit in”. A great photo in Ben Mcintyres book “Rogue Heroes” of Mayne clearly reading a book whilst his comrades take cover under enemy fire in a wood in Germany!

  • I was in the Air Force. We did squadron PT once a month. It absolutely fell on each Airman to maintain their own physical fitness. The majority of the unit was out of shape and at one point over 25% of the squadron was failing their PT test.

  • Thinking back, I had plantar fasciitis during overseas tour and that caused me to stop daily runs and I gained weight rather quickly. I was a fit 190 and by the time I returned to Hood I had gained 20lbs. Top reminded me every time he saw me. Wonder if that could work? I did see medics then by order of a SGM.

  • So
    Bct made me fat. I’ve been going to the gym non stop just to get back to my normal shape; resting 12pack. It’s weird when a colonel asks you “ how did you get so fit!?”

  • The narrator in that video you watched,turned stupid when it came to the subject of the civil war. Apparently his knowledge of civil history beyond numbers ain’t that great.

  • good work very informative…..the sad thing is the american police forces are so militarized.the u.s. is in for some problems commited against its communitys.because they have government clauses that protect them, not us.. against their crimes against its own…

  • Io mi chiedo come mai in una situazione di emergenza epocale per quanto riguarda la diffusione del virus Coronavirus….America rischia di inviare in italia 30.000 militari per una ESERCITAZIONE.??? Cosa ci sta sotto???? Perché non potete aspettare e non rischiare???
    Ci sta qualche collegamento con voi e il virus???

  • How much of a rating will I get for sleep disturbance or insomnia? My back doesn’t allow me to sleep well or fall asleep. My back is service connected by the way.

  • This is very true! Especially if you’re in a reserve/NG unit! I’m going to try and find a workout partner in my unit to stay in shape! ��

  • Get out of the outside and get on the INSIDE of VA Claims! These cats are your ticket to more $$$ from the VA! Like Nike said….JUST DO IT!

  • Oh, boy. I sure hope they don’t kill 2 beloved characters in the modern warfare franchise and then burn them to ashes. Nobody’s gonna like that at all.

  • I am leaving to BCT in August 6th my graduation will be around oct 17 will I be doing ACFT? Or still pushups situps and 2.0 mile run?? FRT Leonard Wood Active duty.

  • Private security is ok.
    When an army gets bolstered with hired guns they are just mercenaries. They are unlawfull killers who useually get executed when captured by the enemy, which is fine by international law. You are not a POW because your not a soldier, your a foreign civilian with a gun…

  • Not only is the US military the largest in the world most of the citizens practice the 2nd amendment so if you figure at least 3/4 of the population of the US in with the number of military that’s a number of armed people no one wants to mess with

    8:42 the chap states they have the private military have “NOT” been given the POWER but they have because the USA Government wouldnt allow private military contractors to step foot in war zones that the USA are fighting in, the USA government hires private military contractors but little does the American taxpayers know they are giving there money to the government which goes through a chain and ends up in private military contractors bank accounts which is similar to the standard USA soldier it’s all they trade blood and for money simple

  • PT is meant to maintain physical fitness. When or if you deployed is the best time since it’s the best way to make the time pass. I’ve always been in decent shape had no problem passing an APFT but got true gains in Iraq/Afghanistan. The more in shape you are the easier the job is, regardless of MOS.

  • Actually his book made me wonder how well the army train the troops. His biography details a mission during the Brunei campaign, where he left for his mission without test firing his weapon (without which he could not have sighted in the weapon), then when in contact with the enemy the FAL failed to fire after one round. His book claims he has no idea why, whereas anyone familiar with the FAL would know the gas block was clearly adjusted to the wrong position, this after 15 years service and a special forces operator.

  • I just filed a VA claim with a VSO. I’m a reservist just off 3 year orders. Diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea with prescribed CPAP in my 3 years active service (just before getting off). Should I have any issues with apnea as a primary?

  • I have stress fractures R/L legs and have been rated and have severe sleep apnea a few years ago, but what is the process to file for a secondary claim, your channels is so informative…Hooah!!!

  • I dont understand how him being heavier would increase his speed in reaching terminal velocity… acceleration towards the ground is 9.8 m/s^2 regardless

  • If you’re so interested in my countries military then maybe you should consider joining because we would love to have someone like you

  • I got my sleep apnea service connected at 0% eight years after I got out. If I get a cpap would I automatically go to 50% with a c&p exam?

  • Ok, I have one I need help with. I went to the TMC with complaint of snoring and waking up all night and the next thing I know they took out my tonsils and my uvula. The diagnoses in my chart is tonsillitis, with no treatment at all for this supposed tonsillitis.
    Took a sleep study about three years ago and woke 88 times in 6 hours of testing but only 3 events.

  • 32:45 bruh just imagine trying to think what the hell the solder is doing, it looks like he’s throwing his fist at a concert towards you then grabs a m4 and strafes road with it.

  • Personally I was in the best shape of my life before basic and when I left for basic but by the end of basic and at my first duty station this is the worst shape I’ve been in. The army will not get you in shape but it mostly revolves around willpower. My body was definitely weaker and broken down by basic.

  • Had a couple of fat bodies in basic when I went through. Towards the end they were no longer fat bodies. From my experience, army gets you in shape. I’d guess Marines do also. Navy and airforce, who knows. They are pretty soft on pt. But the military can and will get you in shape. 19k

  • Did they do Sleep studies in DOD in 1999? I had to have tonsils and adenoids removed at Walter Reed in 2000 and medical documentation says I have sleep apnea (by the Dr., not “patient reports”). I got out (med board for chronic stress fx tibea) but deployed years later as DOD civ (not contractor) to AFG, got a TBI and was sent to Walter Reed for treatment. Was given a sleep study there and been on a cpap (from them) every night since then for the past five years. I have only been rated at 10% for tinnitus (was 11B and 13B), but NEVER had a C&P even though I have requested many times. DAV has been useless. Anyone got any advice?