Mike Carter Ditches 70 Pounds After cardiac arrest



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Study Links Paleo Diet To Heart Disease!

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How do I lower blood pressure with keto?

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Ketosis Causes Long-Term DAMAGE. Ketogenic Diets Cause Heart Attacks Raise LDL Cholesterol. Strokes.

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The moment it all changed was a Saturday evening. I was sitting down to watch TV after polishing off a large slab of cake. This was after my dinner. I suddenly felt a pain in my chest.

As a first aider, I was well aware of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, but as I was only 46 it couldn’t possibly be happening to me. July 23, 2019 Team Tiger Fitness Mike Carter Ditches 70 Pounds After a Heart Attack Mike Carter was making himself sick on a diet of pies, pasties, and cakes before a run-in with a heart attack changed his life. Previous article Mike Carter Ditches 70 Pounds After a Heart Attack Next article 70-Year-Old Woman Makes Chicago Marathon Look Easy Comments.

The beginning of 2017, after leaving a treatment center and my grandpa dying it slowly came back to me that’s life too short to waste worrying about food and how we look compared to other people. Bridget’s Diet and Workout Approach. The start of my journey was rough. Generally, traffic wardens are employed by the council so some areas of Britain have seen the rules relaxed, while in others wardens are still being spotted. By Jonathan Martin and Mike Carter Seattle Times staff reporters At left is a police sketch of a suspect in the 1997 slaying.

At right is a photo of Joseph Edward Duncan III, taken July 2. Anthony Martinez was killed in 1997. In March 1997, Joseph Edward Duncan III suddenly quit his job in Seattle, borrowed his girlfriend’s car and fled parole. There are so many possibilities in a sport where 100-plus people are in a locker room, 70-plus players travel, add on coaches, staff, trainers, and more and I.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Carter, head of the force’s major crime review team, said: ‘We looked at the circumstances surrounding the death six months ago after comments made by Dame Shirley. Sept. 25, 2010, Michigan State 45, Northern Colorado 7, Spartan Stadium: In a game that Dantonio missed after suffering a mild heart attack in the wake of.

The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, better known by its informal name “Jonestown”, was a remote settlement established by the Peoples Temple, a cult under the leadership of Jim Jones, in Guayana Esequiba, a disputed territory in northwestern Guyana claimed by Venezuela.. It became internationally known when, on November 18, 1978, a total of 918 people died at the settlemen.

List of related literature:

Stump lost 65 pounds when Fall Out Boy went on hiatus, due in part to growing health issues, including asthma and pre-diabetes, with which he was diagnosed.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular American Rock Guitarists” by Wikipedia contributors
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His ankles had been swollen for years, ever since his weight exceeded 350 pounds.

“Cardiology E-Book” by Michael H. Crawford, John P. DiMarco, Walter J. Paulus
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Without the outward signs of disease, Frank believed he was out of shape but generally healthy.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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Mr Carter, a 65-year-old morbidly obese patient, was admitted to the ICU for the second time in 12 months with an admitting diagnosis of respiratory failure secondary to sepsis.

“ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing” by Doug Elliott, Leanne Aitken, Wendy Chaboyer
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He had experienced rectal bleeding and weight loss of 22 kg over the last year.

“Occupational Therapy for People Experiencing Illness, Injury Or Impairment E-Book(previously Entitled Occupational Therapy and Physical Dysfunction): Promoting Occupation and Participation” by Michael Curtin, Mary Egan, Jo Adams (PhD)
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And now, after a gastric bypass and battling pneumonia, he was looking pretty thin.

“Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward” by Lisa Niemi Swayze
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Fans and critics alike were noticing his increasingly haggard appearance and weight loss even before it was announced that he was ill.

“American Silent Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Feature Films, 1913-1929” by John T. Soister, Henry Nicolella, Steve Joyce
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Hospitalized on a medical unit, he began to regain weight but was discharged prior to full weight restoration.

“Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap” by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
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Charlie Weis almost died in the 2002 preseason after undergoing gastric bypass surgery designed to shed weight (Weis weighed more than 300 pounds) and to improve his life expectancy after burying his father at age 56.

“Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time” by Ian O'Connor
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On October 26, 2011, it was reported that he was hospitalized for either a very serious stroke or a massive heart attack and was in an ICU [68][69] He was found at his ranch by his brother-in-law [70] His family confirmed that Windham suffered a heart attack.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
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  • Chris. I love your videos and your attitude is great. You have a contagious energy. You should refer your friend to read “Lies My Doctor Told Me” by Dr. Ken Berry, MD. It will help him to understand exactly why he received that information from his doctor. IMO Ken Berry is hero in the medical community. I recommend everyone read his book. Cheers from Edmonton, AB Canada!

  • I bet if he was fat they would tell him his LDL is within a good range but on the higher end and he should lose some weight(Not fat but weight, Why would doctors say the difference? everyone’s after a buck��)

  • too bad this wasn’t out before the Joe Rogan podcast.

    Would have been nice to slam dunk the paleo garbage with this additional data comparing Australian standard diet to the “natural” paleo style of eating.

  • Lost 6 pounds in my first week of keto low carb diet combined with intermittent fasting. Blood presssure is lowered from pre hypertension to safe levels. No more high fructose corn syrup, I can even have a nice serving of fresh fruit daily and still losing the weight. Heightened energy, improved mood, hunger hormones down, Weight loss steady and continual. So greatful for the keto community getting the latest accurate information out there.

  • Losing weight doesn’t mean that cholesterol won’t start to coat the vascular system over time. This diet will do that for many people… even while they lose weight and get in visual shape. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. A low fat plant based diet would have rendered the same results. My workout partner had 2 yrs great results on high fat diet until.. hear palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, and waking up gasping for air at night!!!! THIS IS NO LIE. Weight loss isn’t always a sign of a good diet.. you can lose weight being a cocaine addict.

  • Awesome! I bet future studies will show that the health benefits of Paleo diets (from no processed food, increased vegetable intake, etc) will be mostly cancelled out by the increased meat and egg consumption

  • How to lower blood pressure? On a carnivore diet my blood pressure is 146/90 I workout hard everyday and I’m 5”10 200 pounds ripped bodybuilder. Thanks for any tips!

  • Hello from Texas. 42 yo Female, never considered an obese person, but I’ve lost 13 lbs on keto since Jan 2 (im 5’7″ 166.5 to 153). Do you think some people never naturally will have a flat tummy? I dont mean a 6 pack, but just a flat stomach. I have never had it flat, even years ago when i went from 176 to 143, or when I was in my 130s in high school has my stomach been flat. All my fat centers around my middle, I dont have that pretty cinched waist some women have.

  • The information within the Fat Decimator plan is certainly unique, uncomplicated and considerably effective. What’s even further amazing is the fact that Kyle isn’t charging large sums of money for his program. Find out about this program right here https://goo.gl/WVeskJ

  • Reversed diabetes and normalized cholesterol and triglycerides with keto and fasting. The doctors will never tell you. I was taking hundreds of units of insulin. I threw it in the garbage! Oh btw I lost 40 lbs all in 4 months.

  • Hello Mr. Kruger I have a question, I work 7am to 330pm five days a week and the only way that I can do beasting, feasting and fasting is doing OMAD. Your formula works on weekends. But during the week it is hard. I have made many sacrifices in the past also OMAD. But my weight keeps coming back. Any suggestions?

  • When I first saw this title I was like oooo shit. But I feel great and im losing weight? We should learn to listen to our bodies and trust how we feel. Was a relief to see the truth about Keto verified again ����..no more polony homie.����

  • There is no money to be made from anyone following a paleo style diet. Plenty to be made from diets high in refined carbohydrates, fake meats, sugar and soy. Australia is one of the most obese countries in the world. The agricultural, pharmaceutical companies, not to mention big food have an interest in keeping it that way. Always follow the money trail

  • I’ve learned a lot in the last couple months about our bodies chemicals and ketosis and I was curious if you’ve ever talked to Cole from Snake Diet Chris. I’d love to get your point of view on some of the things he has to say about fasting focused life style.

  • The last 5 videos I’ve watched on this channel were all preceded by a Mozzarella cheese add. Barking up the wrong tree, or trying to break my vegan conviction.. Now where did I leave my tinfoil..

  • My doc tried to talk me out of fasting. He is great in so many ways, but missed the lecture on fasting. He wasn’t keen on Keto so I said I was very low carb, so he was fine with it. He was shocked that my triglycerides were as good as they were, and re ordered the test, the next set came back even better and to boot, had to lower my thyroid meds. Not exactly Keto, but I added cranberries to my oatmeal, for the iodine content. My cholesterol is fantastic, and my HbAC1 is excellent now. I am 53, worked out a lot, but continued to get fat and unfit, despite exercise. Doing Keto and Low Carb with time restricted eating has helped me reduce my weight from 223.5 to 164 lbs. I have never felt better. I have abs for the first time in 30 years. My V02 max is really really good. Resting heart rate, blood pressure, bench press, endurance all the best they have been in 30 years. You don’t have to go super high fat to get the benefits of healthy eating, cutting processed crap, cutting breads and sugars out, and adding healthy fats and better quality protein. Eat a variety of healthy vegetables that are lower glycemic vegetables.

  • I’ve always had high good cholesterol and high bad cholesterol. Every time I do a blood test, I’m told by my healthcare provider that my bad cholesterol is high but it’s okay because my good cholesterol is higher too so it’s balanced. No one has ever told me that my total cholesterol is too high. This doctor is obviously still practicing on old research and hasn’t updated himself in a long time.

  • Higher rate of heart disease and kidney problems will be the main findings when studying the paleo diet I think. Why do people even bother with the paleo diet when a much proven healthier diet already exists? The wholefoods vegan diet.

  • The keto diet (low carb, high fat) seems to have amazing results. The problem of this diet lies in the type of fat you do consume. If you look at keto recipes the types of fat that people use is mostly saturated fat. That’s the killer. Saturated fat increases your LDL(unhealthy) cholesterol, which causes cardio vascular diseases. You have to use unsaturated fat, preferably poly unsaturated fats, like fat that stays soft or liquid at room temperature, fatty fish (salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, trout), shellfish, crab, lobster, nuts, fatty meat and green leafy vegetables. Poly unsaturated fats increases HDL (healthy) cholesterol and lowers LDL(unhealthy) cholesterol. Therefore it lowers the risks of cardio vascular disease. If you get confused about the types of cholesterol think of HDL (starts with an H) as “keep it High” and LDL (starts with an L) as “keep it Low”.

  • Another great video HHV:) Does anyone know where to find this study? I’m looking on google scholar but it doesn’t seem to be coming up, but I see other news articles on google about it but no one references the actual study? Can anyone help me please?

  • I believe keto can and is a healing healthy diet.it has to be done right. Give yourself a higher carb day once a week. Just to switch it up. Intermittent fasting is the way to go. 16/8 is doable and very healthy. I eat can eat higher carbs from fruits and vegetables. Not sugar! I’ve lost a good amount of weight and best of all…I don’t miss sugar and no cravings. It works for me.

  • Funny how Dr Gundry is the intro ad for this video. He tells you how bad lectins and beans are and then says he eats them just fine after cooking them the way we’ve been doing it for centuries, in another video. Man that’s what I call Post Modern Nutritionism. But the plebs fall for it!?

  • You lost me at 6 min 16 sec when you called vegans a cult. Im vegetarian tending towards vegan, the only ethical choice. Seriously ignorant comment. Im also on a keto diet.

  • Clickbait! I refuse to watch a clickbait video, even if you’re giving us good info. Clickbait is not a joke, it’s not even funny. Its unfair to others who give us serious info with honest titles. Change the title and get back my thumbs up. Others who are not bothered by it are obviously entitled to their opinion, here’s where I draw the line. Have a nice one:-)

  • Nice one Ryan! Looking forward to seeing the details of the study. I would be interested like you said, how much meat were the “healthy” group eating?

  • Wow great video!!! I had a very similar experience. My triglycerides were normal, HDL high, blood sugars good and the ONLY thing was the high LDL and He wanted to put me on Statins. I felt intuitively NO and I told him right there in the exam room. He was trying to intimidate me through fear saying I had the highest cholesterol of any of his patients and he then typed in his notes OUTLOUD while he typed them that he could sleep at night if I had a heart attack because I REFUSED statins. I said wow and I left and I went home (he got in my head a bit) and was in fear and I researched. I fouund out there are 2 types of LDL one that is big and bouncy and one that is smaller and can get caught under the walls of the artery and create a blockage. Since my HDL and triglycerides were all good I assumed that i had the healthy kind. This was 6 years ago so I am just going off memory of how to explain it.:) I also researched Statins and saw a Ted Talk from a neurologist who was put on them and she started having alzheimers symptoms. It’s the greatest lie these statins!!!:( Thank you for the video.:)

  • i hope, when they come out whit the first big VEGAN study that u all vegans just dont debunked like all other critics u do. cuz it will come a big study on vegans to

  • I know from my interactions with meater trolls the last few months that they were awaiting release of this study’s findings with bated breath. They will now jump through hoops of fire to dissect the study parameters and compile a list of reasons to discredit it. Prepare for a circus of intellectual contortion, fellow vegans! TFP, Ryan: )

  • I love that you fully source Dr Greger, unlike vegan gains who ripped his work word for word when he first started making videos, and only sometimes mentioned him.

  • Thats ketoacidosis not ketosis two different things. Ive been on a keto style grain free diet more then 20 years healthy as ox according to my yearly check ups. But by all means keep eating your sugars.

  • Must of been what was making me sick this whole time and I didn’t know it. I’d get inflammation. And I’d get bacteria that causes ulcers. Maybe the Plant Based diet is for me.:) I’m getting there. Gradually getting to a Plant Based diet. The more I study up on it the more I really think I need to do this.:) Thanks Ryan. Another great video.:)

  • Clickbait consists of attention-grabbing headlines used for Web content to lure readers into clicking on normally uninteresting content…. Clickbait is characterized by a highly enticing headline with a hyperlink that, when clicked, reveals a website that has content that is not nearly as interesting as the headline.  https://www.techopedia.com/definition/31287/clickbait
    I guess I was wrong, characterizing it as clickbait because the content was the opposite of the headline (and icon), sorry.

  • Do you believe in Miracles? With Beasting, Feasting, and Fasting you won’t need one:) Read my 6-Pack manifesto right here and get started on BFF for Free https://www.krugerbody.com/secret
    Best, CK.

  • That’s unbelievable 120 isn’t even high to begin with. It’s especially not high if you’re in great shape. I tore my meniscus and my first Ortho said don’t kneel. That was his solution! Don’t kneel! I was 15 and couldn’t extend my knee. My second doctor gave me a MRI and a cortisone shot. He told me I’m fine. Finally I went to a third doctor he gave me another MRI and seen my meniscus shredded. When he went in my knee not only did he fix my meniscus, but I had really bad cartridge damage as well. Never trusting a doctor again.

  • I predict that veganism will end the fad diet phenomenon by 2028. Thence forth all people shall know that veganism is the one true diet.

  • Hey Ryan, I don’t think you linked to the video where the researchers shared their findings. If you could that’d be great. Keep up the good work man.

  • one of my colleagues said his mother and sister were going on a paleo diet as they had started training for a marathon. Immediately i just told him outright that paleo diets are dangerous and should be avoided. We are in the age now where people refer to google for everything and eat up all the bullshit from these websites with all these “fitness gurus” and all these nutritionists who know jack shit. Look at science don’t be sheep

  • Huh? How can eating dead animal corpses with all that saturated fat, cholesterol, zero antioxidants and injected with antibiotics be unhealthy for humans? Can’t believe it!

  • This is a waste of time video. Go watch Dr Berg to actually learn the science behind keto. LDL isn’t even cholesterol. So dumb.

  • A picture (of open heart surgery ) that is not in the contents and the title had no indication of sarcasm. So, I watched the video because I thought “what have I been doing to my body this year”. It is not easy being on this type of diet with the majority of people thinking I’m killing my self. I had been talking to a friend all day about ketones, go home and watch your video. Scared the hell out of me until I watched it, then it ticked me off. Today is a different day and I’ll remove my comment if you like, it’s hard to remember that negative comments online bother some people. I like your channel and what you do, yesterday your icon and title just rubbed my sensitivities. Technically If it’s (icon) not in the video it’s click bait, doesn’t have to be a girl in a bikini. Again, I’ll be happy to remove my comment and wish you nothing but the best.

  • There is no such thing as “”bad”” cholesterol, this is a huge scam from the pharmaceuticals to make profits of selling drugs. All cholesterols are building block to maintain and repair the human body!

  • Dr. Nally,
    I watched this discussion live last night. Someone asked about tea consumption. My husband of five months now drinks unsweet iced tea instead of Coke Zero. He has made the switch on my word as a studier of health and nutrition. Last night you said that black tea raises insulin. So, I have hit the “cyber” books. Many articles later, I see that there is an increase in insulin, but also an increase in insulin sensitivity. Does the good outweighed the bad in this case? He drinks a LOT of this tea. I thought that was good…to stay away from the Coke Zero. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’ve been vegan for 25+ years.
    My power comes from within and I don’t need power over anyone. It’s pretty unfair to stereotype ANYONE, ANYTIME!

  • One participant lowered his blood pressure from 153/93 to 106/70! That’s from full blown, life-threatening hypertension to a healthy blood pressure. All in just a few short weeks.

  • So what if I choose to switch to plant based and I feel like crap? Should I continue the diet or eat in a way that gives me energy and gives me less depression and better digestion? As humans we are so different…

  • Olive Oil actually is one of the oils that is good for heart disease patients. It’s breaks down cholesterol building particles so it flushes out the arteries. Cardiologists actually recommend it. The RDA for oil is vitally necessary in order for the body to process and take in fat soluble vitamins. Some other recommendations are rice bran oil and safflower oil. Completely cutting out fat will actually severally affect the patient negatively. A fat free diet actually causes a higher death rate whether they have a heart problem or not. Balance is key!

  • Hello from Garner,NC
    Dr westman and my dr says not to do salt cause I have high blood pressure and I am sensitive to salt and my blood pressure is high. But I cut it out and eat salt in the food instead of adding it, my blood pressure isnt dropping. I am loosing weight and my blood sugar is 62 I dont think that is normal, but it varies between 100 to 62. Blood pressure stays up to 142/ 98 or it drops to 118/86. I weigh in is 175.9

  • Thanks again Doc! I always appreciate your videos. Very informative and educational. As soon as I get insured, I want you to be my PCP!

  • Thank you for your videos Dr. Nally, Just want to point out that vitamin K2 is not found in leafy greens that’s K1. A little is found in fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, much more is found in natto, fermented soybeans and in grass fed butter, cheeses, egg yolks, dark chicken meat and liver.

  • His HDL is high, his LDL isn’t crazy high and his Triglycerides are low. There’s two types of LDL, small dense LDL is the bad stuff, large boyant LDL is fine. The testing does not differentiate between the two. HDL vs Triglycerides is the better predictor of heart disease. Animal fat is not bad for you, sugar is bad for you. Sugar is what is making everyone obese and unhealthy. Sugar is in EVERYTHING read your labels. Stick with mostly whole foods.

  • Very informative and enjoyable.  Willard Robison has long been one of my musical heroes whether or not he would have appreciated such idolatry.

  • Says the vegan video. Enjoy your diet that needs supplements and remember, you can’t spell vegetarian without vagina.������������������.Mmmmm

  • Yes this video is absolutel bs, I went from 300 pounds to 210 and been keto for over 3 years and I am 57 my dad keeps asking me what my cholesterol is at, I say to him I don’t care on keto but if you were on the sad diet or what I call the stupid American diet then you better be worried, because all that sugar high carb way of eating is gonna kill your ass

  • “it might be the best”chris

    So appeal to ignorance from chris. We don’t know, so you cant say it’s bad!

    Yea, we don’t know. so you can’t say it’s good either chris. Dumbass. lol. Kresser is always a laugh.

  • of course it’s linked to heart disease, they usually eat tons of fat. they even put butter in coffee. i’m not even vegan and it’s obvious that it’s the worst diet ever. did we all forget that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart problems?

  • I was with you until you got to vegan cult and talking about how they want followers for political reasons. That was an intellectually dishonest thing to say and was also a bit of a projection ie: “They get power the same way that all cults get power. By getting followers” Which is literally just you talking about yourself. I personally turned to veganism on my own after doing years of research after being injured by the military. My chronic pain and depression did not begin healing (for like 6 years) until I embraced veganism. I went from using a walker and having sciatica so bad that I couldnt even walk with it, I had to sit in it and wheel backwards with one leg, to walking an average of 10 miles a day at work. Before I embraced veganism I became aware of the power our intention has to literally shape and transform matter due to my research into quantum physics and spent many years experimenting with this. My experimentation has shown me beyond all shadow of doubt that energy is everything. I have eliminated infection and pain in people that are thousands of miles away from me just by focusing on it with intention. This has shown me that it is not just about nutrients, it is about the light contained within the matter that we consume and that light can be a multitude of frequencies. Animals feel emotion, and therefore the light contained within their matter has emotion, mind, to it. This means it can contain the light of suffering, of sorrow, of fear, etc. Whatever we consume, we merge ourselves with and modify our gene expressions through doing so. I was shown once in a vision, that all of the fear I had consumed in the animal energy throughout my life until that point had literally built my physical body out of that light. That light was in a sense, acting as a filter that I was experiencing through. I have noticed that as I have given up consuming animal energy, other than feeling substantially better physically, I have become more emotionally balanced and as such, aware. I have been vegan for about 5 years, maybe a little less and I still do not have any vegan friends or groups. Veganism can be much more than something about getting followers or politics. For me it was about spirituality and healing my body. Just to be clear I still watched the whole video because regardless of my personal choices and understandings I seek learn and understand more and I let others do what they will in their own life for what reasons they choose. I am happy that people are healed, however it comes. I just wish more respect was given to all beings, plants included.

  • I’ve been fasting for over 40 years by skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch and I’m still here. and I have just started the ketogenic diet or over a month ago and I feel great. More energy, no headaches,sleep better, think better.

  • Did you know that smoking/nicotine causes a spike in blood glucose, and then suppresses insulin from clearing the glucose from the blood stream… Nicotine is an instant insulin resistance maker & hyperglycemia maker. You should check into this area and do a video for the smokers. Is Keto helping the smoker? or harming the smoker? I guess it would be helping because they are keeping the need for insulin at a minimum, so their body doesn’t need to use it. the nicotine won’t allow the insulin to come out anyway and do it’s job.

  • By no means am I scientist, but when studies like this come out there are some things one must keep in mind. 1. What was the quality of the diet? Organic, non organic? Were they eating refined carbs in this diet? Just because its paleo compliant doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for you. etc. 2. When one “bad” study comes out, what is the source? Is it flawed because of bias? 3. Does one bad study automatically mean that it’s a bad diet and we have to disregard everything about said diet? No. That’s silliness. Remember correlation is one of the weakest forms of evidence. There are many studies of the paleo diet and sub studies of certain foods, that say if done correctly, a paleo diet can be incredibly healthy. Chris didn’t say in the debate or in his books that everyone needs to go paleo and it’s the only diet that works. He said “it’s a good template.” Also, I’m honestly really disappointed in the comments on this(these) video(s). Some come off rather hateful towards people who aren’t on a high carb, plant based vegan diet. C’mon guys, let’s lift each other up and try to help one another instead of tearing each other down.

  • So if vegans do not produce TMAO if they eat meat, what about vegans who supplement with l-carnitine for it’s benefits. Do they produce TMAO?

  • Some people follow “Pegan” (paleo vegan).  I would be interested in knowing whether avoiding grain and legumes makes a difference to a vegan biome.

  • Variation of fasting, mostly low carb/keto (also vegetarian), with occasionally not low carb, ldl went down, hdl went up, tricylcerides went down, total cholesterol went down, resting heart rate is lower,, fasting blood sugar went down for the first time…

  • I have no thoughts on it because we have no details other than these previews that may not be truthful. You should have waited to put out a video until the study was finally published so there’s no grey area of information.

  • “Big Pharma”  pretty much owns the curriculum and any so-called “research”  done by medical schools today.  Medical Doctors are indoctrinated NOT educated about human physiology.

  • Something I never hear about is the placebo/belief effect on diet. That would be fascinating to study. Meanwhile my belief is that a whole food plant based diet is optimal for me.

  • I think there will be a lot more studies coming out showing how animal products are not healthy for human consumption. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Paleo is one the most ignorant and destructive diet in terms of ecology and biology. Whenever it is proven to be harmful, I rejoice.

  • With each passing day, week, month and year, meat eaters are slowly being proven how flawed their diet is. Sadly many people are beyond any change and would continue eating that way despite the health risks.
    In my country hospitals are full of age 60+ people, obese and sick from having a diet rich in meats and large amounts of fats, like pig snouts…and lard. And you know what the irony is? It’s clean here, small and agricultural country, meats and plant foods are uncontaminated with chemicals of any kind( as much as possible), farms with grazing animals.Clean meat and people still get sick. Veggies with deep aroma and taste, feels like an orgasm:P

  • I do not care what my LDL is when I am doing a keto type diet. I have been prescribed statins, and I simply do not take them. My decision.

  • I’ve been an ACE (American Council on Exercise) trainer and nutrition specialist for years and all my research has led me to a plant based life style. The evidence is just unrelenting that humans are herbivores! I just can’t believe it took me till I was 31 to figure this out… I missed out on some serious gains and health benefits all those years I was eating animal flesh and their secretions. Not to mention all the pain and suffering I was supporting every time I purchased these “items”. Living a whole foods plant based lifestyle is the life humans are suppose live; it’s only a matter of time before the world changes (hopefully sooner than later). Thanks Ryan!

  • Click bait title you idiot, for those of use who intermittent fast and keto this does a disservice. Unsubscribed regardless of the video, scaremonger for views. Moron.

  • If we switch over to a vegan diet will the body heal itself if it does have too much of a TMAO value? My doctor recently told me that I should leave Paleo and become vegan, but then he couldn’t stay vegan himself. We always pick lower fat meats and have just about completely eliminated beef from our diet, but I do not want to have congestive heart failure. I want to avoid that like the plague.

  • Thanks a lot Ryan. The Paleo community don’t even have a handle on the lifestyles of the different paleolithic peoples of the times.

  • Statins have an NNT (number needed to treat) of over 100. That means 100 people have to take the drug to see 1 success. In other words a 1% success rate. In other words a complete failure. Besides being a failure the side effects are terrible.

  • I like focusing on blood pressure to take the mind off of trying to move numbers on a scale. I now no longer have high blood pressure readings, and I am under 200 pounds for the first time in my adult life.

  • It’s hard to believe so many people follow a diet with no major studies examining whether it’s healthy or not. Paleo people didn’t even eat this diet. It’s an Orwellian diet where true is false and false is true.

  • Along with a low carb, Keto style diet and intermittent fasting, my A1C dropped to below Pre-diabetic from literally borderline diabetic. I lost 50 pounds in 18 weeks. I eat bacon, eggs, meats, cheeses, some veggies and still enjoy food. I pulled myself off statins and stayed off. Thanks to my alkaline water machine (it also has five filters) I no longer need Omeprazole for acid reflux and my bodies alkalinity is back in line. The doctors tried to get me to take all this crap and more. I did the above practices, along with exercise/resistance training, took myself off some meds and my blood panels are like that of a person in their 20’s. I am 53, retired LEO and still teach combat skills and controls to deputies. Do your IF, eat your Keto style foods, work out and you will be fine.

  • No no… the TMAO’s become building blocks for muscle growth.  Yeah… that’s the ticket! Sure, if you want to be a scrawny vegan then avoid meat, but if you wanna be ripped like Dr. Kresser then… uh.. oh… well, wait… not him… but Bob Harper! Yeah, that’s it! Do Bob Harper’s Bullitt Proof eating… maybe it won’t cause a heart attack. He’s recovering…

  • We are arguing over whether the Earth is flat again. There is no question eating Paleo causes all kinds of chronic diseases. I bet Kresser’s comeback will be ” there is no evidence high TMAO causes anything” ” show me the studies” LOL. Leave these dummies alone, it’s like arguing with a pigeon.

  • just as a point of reference, people on keto diets have a 33% higher risk of dying from CVD, people with previous heart attack die have a 53% chance of dying from another heart attack.  Otherwise folks seem to love keto diets and some seem to do well.  I switched to a whole food plant based diet, am losing weight and I feel good too.  My meds have decreased, guessing keto is better than the SAD but I have never heard of folks dying from a whole food plant based diet.  Fasting is supposed to be very good and they say folks who restrict calories have some of the longest life spans.  Maybe that cancels out some of the effects of the keto diet.  Good luck, you look ripped!

  • This is interesting preliminary work, but it will be even more interesting when followed up after 5 years or when it gets accepted into a paper. I know sometimes conference proceedings can be a little light on rigour, so it would be nice to see it be peer reviewed.

  • Olive oil is 100% fat and oil is the most calorie dense thing out there. Olive oil is 120 calories per tablespoon. olive oil, contributes to arterial damage and the progression of heart disease.

  • Does Erectodom Secrets really help to solve your erectile dysfunction problem? We have learn many good stuff about this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • I’m obese at 5 ft 9
    45 yr old
    Numbers great, blood
    Deadlift 405
    Squat 405
    Bench 355
    Run 2 miles a couple times a week. Fuck them! Stay keto
    Oh ya I’m keto

  • It won’t matter if the last scientific nail is in the coffin, some will still be espousing a meat based diet. People tend to be driven by desire rather than logic.

  • 8:42 Getting rid of stress, how about masturbation?
    It’s not really a workout like sex but…
    It seems to help me.
    Does it make sense?

  • What, no, really?(sarcasm). The study is great, but proves what was really already proven. Paleo is so obviously magical thinking. Why do people want to cling to meat so badly?

  • I thought maybe you had a good point, but then I had to read it myself and this reminded me why I hate people; they really are stupid and can’t read. You fail to mention the carriers and non-carriers of whites in this study had THE EXACT SAME triglycerides (and HDL) but the carriers had a large reduction of LDL, and consequently 47% reduction in CHD:

    “Of the 9524 white subjects examined, 3.2 percent had a sequence variation in PCSK9 that was associated with a 15 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol and a 47 percent reduction in the risk of CHD”

    This points to the well established fact that Triglycerides DO have impact, but not as much as LDL. So honestly, don’t give up your day job. You think you’re so bright, and that all these researchers are just in over their heads. This is cognitive dissonance at its finest. Without the white subjects, yes you couldn’t tell if it was the triglycerides or the LDL With the white subjects, you are able to make a conclusion.

  • One thing with this is that paleo people still eat a lot of whole food plant based things, so I don’t think it’s a slam dunk for us