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When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be on her way to becoming a personal trainer. This August, she’ll be certified! This has been a long, rewarding journey for Krystal, but she isn’t done yet. After the holiday season, Krystal. Success Stories.

Podcast. Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM. Lifestyle. 2014-04-15 | By: Snap Fitness When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be on her way to becoming a personal trainer.

Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM. When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be. Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be Learn more Lifestyle Quick n’.

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Don’t miss a beat. Get fit tips and more in your inbox × YES, I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE E-MAILS. I understand that if I am or become a member, I must provide a valid. Nov 3, 2015 Meet Christina!

She found the support she needed at her local Snap Fitness. With help from personal trainers and her support team at home, she lost more than 30 pounds!There aren’t too many women over 60 that can dead lift well over a hundred pounds. We couldn’t be more proud to say that at the La Crescent Snap Fitness there are four of them and the oldest is over 80.

Read here why they say their Snap Fitness “isn’t just a gym”. Oct 3, 2019 We’re so proud of John who achieved serious results and lost 71 pounds in 10 months. Learn how setting goals with a personal trainer at his local Snap Fitness gave him incredible energy!

TABLE OF CONTENTS NEW MEXICO STOCKMAN Write or call: P.O. Box 7127 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87194 505/243-9515 Fax: 505/998-6236 E-mail: caren­ Official publication of: n. Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company.

Our products are sold exclusively by nearly 2.3 million independent Distributors around the world.

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Terri and I also began seeing old friends on the Filipino tournament trail.

“Growing Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino American” by Peter M. Jamero, Sr., Dorothy Laigo Cordova, Peter Bacho, Fred Cordova
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One year after her promotion, she was appointed to a prominent position in the maquiladora trade association in Ciudad Juárez, and she expressed the hope of opening the door for other mexicana managers to participate in the group.

“Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism” by Melissa W. Wright
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Three months after her first full-day coaching session with me in San Diego, Cynthia stood up and told the group a story.

“Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” by Brian Tracy
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Then she joined Bozell public relations, working there for 20 years to become a partner at Bozell Worldwide, Inc., handling local, regional, and national clients.

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In a long overdue reunion, she shared with me that she too wants to find a forum to discuss and influence the status of women in the mariachi world.

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Cara, a member since her daughter was born, sees it as the friend she needed when she was negotiating being “at home” and starting her own business.

“Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community” by Riché J. Daniel Barnes
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Previously she was director of Risk Management Consulting Services and senior vice president and manager of the health care unit, Aon Risk Services of Northern California.

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Patti also worked with the fast-growing and influential Latino community, whose enthusiastic support of my campaign delighted me.

“Living History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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As a result of her success, Lampkin was invited to join the NAACP staff as regional field secretary.

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Her progress there was steady, working as associate counsel, director of the employment litigation program, executive vice president, and deputy general counsel before moving into the top slot.

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  • I’m a English native speaker and a teacher. I’ve recently started studying English phonetics. I found myself doubting my ability to speak my own language. I realized that my sounds are not always dictionary accurate. I added regional accents to my studies and lost my doubt. Vowels in particular are all over the place.
    I can only imagine how difficult it is for an English learner.
    Many students use YouTube for listening practice. I will get a question like. “What does this sentence mean in this episode of Friends.”
    I often tell the students to turn off subtitles and audio and watch the body language, facial expressions and gestures of the actors. They are simply so focused on understanding speech, they overlook the most basic ways we communicate. They often understand the scene once they do. My angry or sad face is no different than anyone elses and those expressions are universally understood.
    A whole lot of context can be established without a single word.

  • Sometimes it’s gruelling to push yourself forward after you took so long way but yet the journey isn’t over, at that time the only thing that can assist to u to end your journey is just by listening other people’s experiences and what ways took them to the end line of their journey early. those stories of incredible students were the ones who would actually be described as inspirational stories. thank u teacher hadar they were brilliant and inspirational stories beginning now I am my way to making incredible story like they did.

  • That was really helpful. I usually listen to Abraham Hicks and you’re basically saying the same things as them, but in a different way, which right now helps me to understand it better! Thank you!

  • Thanks for this video. Your student Alfaro has to create a channel to teach English because he speaks like a native speaker the flap t, intonation, connecting words you name it

  • uff dah, wish i has done this in the past, would’ve saved me some dignity and self-respect. No point to follow anyone, we tend to stay away when a stranger says so, why we don’t listen when an ex requests the same is beyond me.

  • Accent Makeover Program is the best investment in English learning I’ve ever made.. The lifetime access and the excellent content are worthy every cent.. I’m joining the next round on August 10th as part of my lifetime access and I can’t stress this enough how important it is to be a lifetime membership.. I highly recommend this course.

  • Hi hadar, Just let you know hat I really like your videos and ask you for a any books to study english. Hope you still make this kind of videos. Thank you

  • I am new here but I need to tell you. I like your channel. I like how you explain everything and the Most important thing is that I can understand 75% when you talk.

  • Русские девочки вы большие молодцы…как ваш соотечественник переживаю за ваш английский потому что у нас общие проблемы что касается произношения…надо убрать г на конце инговых форм readinn… doin…не произносите г… там носовой звук… потом наше мягкое И попробуйте чувствовать как Ы не дид а дыд in did…тверже… инглЫш… ну не букально…но наши мягкие И надо убирать….кантрИ-нет….кантрЫ….актывыты…кэмньюныты

  • چیرۆکی ھەزار و یەک شەوە
    ٧ چاپتەر لە ئینگلیزی بۆ کوردی وەرگێرانی رەنجدەر زاھیر.

  • It’s really,very great n excellent to who are hanging up in some issues,. super n excellent motivater n here,voice of teller is superb..

  • Do you offer online courses?
    If so, how much?
    You’d be the first person I’ve ever trusted.
    I just listen two videos of yours and they’re awesome.
    I can’t describe you only my words but you’re a Great teacher who has a good relationship with your students and you show off that you care about them as people. You are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring.
    I really enjoyed you lessons.
    One ❤from Somalia

  • ……these are not miracles,…if there is a brilliant leadership,….thank you President Gotabaya and the team,…love you!..and all Sri Lankans,…a very disciplined lot. No questions asked,..followed the health guidelines given to them to the last letter….Success. Thank you for sharing this with the world!!!!

  • Hi guys… I found Hadar and she changed my way to affront different situations… is very hard to me to understand the nativeEnglish speaker… but, I think that I found my way with Hadar. Thanks so much Hadar.

  • My ex contacted me 4 days into no contact, but I felt like I had to be strong and show her I don’t have to text her, because I begged when we broke up. But now idk if she’ll ever reach out again… idk what to do

  • Im in a 2nd day of NC. I hope this will work on me. I really wanted to be back with my ex. I havent got any message from my ex since we broke up.

  • Hi, hadar!, I just want to make some comments about your recent event, which according to me it was excellent. This is my first time that I ever seen something different online. It was amazing how dedicated you were every day. Explaining how students and teachers need to face this reality how teacher they need to teach and what students they need to do in order to learn and be able to speak and the fact that the most important thing is not only to be like a native speaker or sound like them is to try to acquire clarity and confidence to be fluent in this language, the rest will come easily. I Think is insane how you can see on media that huge amount of videos where teachers, the majority are focusing on it. I am not saying that is not essential, but first is necessary that students try to acquire the language without being under a lot of pressure so they can they learn in a natural way. Good Job Hadar you should be an example for many of them. In my case, I would like to take one of your program, but right now I can not for having difficult situations, but for sure in the future I will.

  • we are married and we live together, she wants to divorce, I have applied smart contact so far, do you think it is good if I go to another country and not tell her, so I would apply a no contact 100% authentic no cantact, any answer would help me Is it okay if I do this?

  • My ex broke up with me twice. After the first time I went no contact and after a week SHE sent flowers and a card. Only to break up again for good a week later. The last time I told her I’m not doing this again and that we would not be staying in contact if this is what she wanted. (she wanted to still stay in touch) I went into no contact immediately. After about a month her sister went to the ER so I texted her mom(we were close) and let her know I hope everything turns out okay and I would keep her in my prayers. About a week later the mom starts sending me family pics with her daughter front and center. We would make small talk but I always kept it short to be nice and I never initiated. This went on for about 3 weeks of her mom sending me pics of the “family” until I finally addressed it politely with her. Bottom line I’m positive her mom still wants us to be together, which leads me to believe my ex is having regrets but too scared and or embarrassed to admit. I also noticed a few weeks ago my ex unfriended me but did not block me on instagram. So coach is right, she’s probably upset that I have not reached out to her, am not chasing after her and is trying to get a reaction out of me. It’ll be 2 months since the break up in 2 days and I havent cracked. Still no word from my ex. And I never begged during either breakup.

  • That first guy you talked about, thats me to a freakin T
    I even told her before, thanks to my first ex using silence as a punishment, when she doesnt talk to me I feel like shes mad at me and likewise when I dont talk to her itin my brainequates to me NOT caring, even though thats what she wants
    No Contact is hard as hell (I’ve been in it since March, broke it once and only once, last week before shit hit the fan), and this rebound (I heavily suspect its a rebound cause she started talking to him as a friend soon after her last breakup) shes in from her last european boyfriend doesnt help my case any cause they just became facebook official a week ago and that utterly destroyed me (i stayed vigilant though) so if history repeats itself I have to wait at least 6 months upwards of a year before he breaks her heart somehow:/
    one thing I always find amusing is when you talk about how people usually only try to reach out once or twice, meanwhile I (in the past) reached out soooooo many times (sometimes still do) I guess theres always that 1 guy who is persistant

  • My bf of 2.5 years asked to be alone for a few months because he has been going through a lot and has been super stressed out, up to the point where he has had a migraine everyday for a week and a half up to the point of our
    “breakup”. He said he wants to be in a better place because he doesn’t like who he has become and doesn’t want me to resent or hate him or vice versa. Even though i disagree with his decision, i agreed to the break. The longest we’ve ever gone without talking is a day and now it’s been 5 days. Hardest thing i’ve ever done and not knowing how he’s doing on his end makes it worse because i just want him to be okay. Is he truly genuine or just wanted an easy way out of the relationship (which has been really good the whole time)? Maybe loss of attraction? Any advice?

  • Tell me Is it even worth to get back with the person if you have to opt for ” the no contact rule “. I mean if they lost their interest once, couldn’t they loose it twice?

  • Coach Lee, those are wonderful stories! But how those people got so lucky to get your personal coaching, to actually talk to you? Why don’t you put this information here? I think you did it before, why not now? There are plenty of people here who are willing to pay for your personal advise, because every story is different. And I am one of them. Can you please answer that question? Thank you!

  • you kniow im manefesting my specific person, and one of the signs that i searched was my reality is reflected on others, mt manifestation, i wasn’t mad that you had and I wasn’t why do have it and i don’t, actually i was aaaaaawwww so cute so happy for you I am sure my SP will do that with me too ♥
    circunstancies don’t matter, I am worth it and I deserve what I want

  • Please help me…I did no contact rule and after a month my ex contacted me. He suprised me with flowers and spent almost all day with me. Said he missed me and wants to be with me. We ended up in bed. Since then he barely contacts me….it’s been a week. Shall I go back to no contact????

  • I broke up with my ex 2 weeks ago. Now I totally regret it. So far I’ve made some mistakes but now I’m on my 3rd day of no contact. I am going to see this all the way through. I will keep everyone updated. Wish me luck!