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When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be on her way to becoming a personal trainer. This August, she’ll be certified! This has been a long, rewarding journey for Krystal, but she isn’t done yet. After the holiday season, Krystal. Success Stories.

Podcast. Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM. Lifestyle. 2014-04-15 | By: Snap Fitness When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be on her way to becoming a personal trainer.

Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM. When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be. Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be Learn more Lifestyle Quick n’.

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Don’t miss a beat. Get fit tips and more in your inbox × YES, I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE E-MAILS. I understand that if I am or become a member, I must provide a valid. Nov 3, 2015 Meet Christina!

She found the support she needed at her local Snap Fitness. With help from personal trainers and her support team at home, she lost more than 30 pounds!There aren’t too many women over 60 that can dead lift well over a hundred pounds. We couldn’t be more proud to say that at the La Crescent Snap Fitness there are four of them and the oldest is over 80.

Read here why they say their Snap Fitness “isn’t just a gym”. Oct 3, 2019 We’re so proud of John who achieved serious results and lost 71 pounds in 10 months. Learn how setting goals with a personal trainer at his local Snap Fitness gave him incredible energy!

TABLE OF CONTENTS NEW MEXICO STOCKMAN Write or call: P.O. Box 7127 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87194 505/243-9515 Fax: 505/998-6236 E-mail: caren­ Official publication of: n. Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company.

Our products are sold exclusively by nearly 2.3 million independent Distributors around the world.

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Terri and I also began seeing old friends on the Filipino tournament trail.

“Growing Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino American” by Peter M. Jamero, Sr., Dorothy Laigo Cordova, Peter Bacho, Fred Cordova
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One year after her promotion, she was appointed to a prominent position in the maquiladora trade association in Ciudad Juárez, and she expressed the hope of opening the door for other mexicana managers to participate in the group.

“Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism” by Melissa W. Wright
from Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism
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Three months after her first full-day coaching session with me in San Diego, Cynthia stood up and told the group a story.

“Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” by Brian Tracy
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Then she joined Bozell public relations, working there for 20 years to become a partner at Bozell Worldwide, Inc., handling local, regional, and national clients.

“Encyclopedia of Public Relations” by Robert L. Heath
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In a long overdue reunion, she shared with me that she too wants to find a forum to discuss and influence the status of women in the mariachi world.

“Chicana Traditions: Continuity and Change” by Norma E. Cantú, Olga Nájera-Ramírez
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Cara, a member since her daughter was born, sees it as the friend she needed when she was negotiating being “at home” and starting her own business.

“Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community” by Riché J. Daniel Barnes
from Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community
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Previously she was director of Risk Management Consulting Services and senior vice president and manager of the health care unit, Aon Risk Services of Northern California.

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Patti also worked with the fast-growing and influential Latino community, whose enthusiastic support of my campaign delighted me.

“Living History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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As a result of her success, Lampkin was invited to join the NAACP staff as regional field secretary.

“Notable American Women: The Modern Period: a Biographical Dictionary” by Barbara Sicherman, Carol Hurd Green
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Her progress there was steady, working as associate counsel, director of the employment litigation program, executive vice president, and deputy general counsel before moving into the top slot.

“Notable Hispanic American Women” by Diane Telgen, Joseph M. Palmisano, Eva M. Neito, Jim Kamp
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I’m a English native speaker and a teacher. I’ve recently started studying English phonetics. I found myself doubting my ability to speak my own language. I realized that my sounds are not always dictionary accurate. I added regional accents to my studies and lost my doubt. Vowels in particular are all over the place.
    I can only imagine how difficult it is for an English learner.
    Many students use YouTube for listening practice. I will get a question like. “What does this sentence mean in this episode of Friends.”
    I often tell the students to turn off subtitles and audio and watch the body language, facial expressions and gestures of the actors. They are simply so focused on understanding speech, they overlook the most basic ways we communicate. They often understand the scene once they do. My angry or sad face is no different than anyone elses and those expressions are universally understood.
    A whole lot of context can be established without a single word.

  • Sometimes it’s gruelling to push yourself forward after you took so long way but yet the journey isn’t over, at that time the only thing that can assist to u to end your journey is just by listening other people’s experiences and what ways took them to the end line of their journey early. those stories of incredible students were the ones who would actually be described as inspirational stories. thank u teacher hadar they were brilliant and inspirational stories beginning now I am my way to making incredible story like they did.

  • That was really helpful. I usually listen to Abraham Hicks and you’re basically saying the same things as them, but in a different way, which right now helps me to understand it better! Thank you!

  • Thanks for this video. Your student Alfaro has to create a channel to teach English because he speaks like a native speaker the flap t, intonation, connecting words you name it

  • uff dah, wish i has done this in the past, would’ve saved me some dignity and self-respect. No point to follow anyone, we tend to stay away when a stranger says so, why we don’t listen when an ex requests the same is beyond me.

  • Accent Makeover Program is the best investment in English learning I’ve ever made.. The lifetime access and the excellent content are worthy every cent.. I’m joining the next round on August 10th as part of my lifetime access and I can’t stress this enough how important it is to be a lifetime membership.. I highly recommend this course.

  • Hi hadar, Just let you know hat I really like your videos and ask you for a any books to study english. Hope you still make this kind of videos. Thank you

  • I am new here but I need to tell you. I like your channel. I like how you explain everything and the Most important thing is that I can understand 75% when you talk.

  • Русские девочки вы большие молодцы…как ваш соотечественник переживаю за ваш английский потому что у нас общие проблемы что касается произношения…надо убрать г на конце инговых форм readinn… doin…не произносите г… там носовой звук… потом наше мягкое И попробуйте чувствовать как Ы не дид а дыд in did…тверже… инглЫш… ну не букально…но наши мягкие И надо убирать….кантрИ-нет….кантрЫ….актывыты…кэмньюныты

  • چیرۆکی ھەزار و یەک شەوە
    ٧ چاپتەر لە ئینگلیزی بۆ کوردی وەرگێرانی رەنجدەر زاھیر.

  • It’s really,very great n excellent to who are hanging up in some issues,. super n excellent motivater n here,voice of teller is superb..

  • Do you offer online courses?
    If so, how much?
    You’d be the first person I’ve ever trusted.
    I just listen two videos of yours and they’re awesome.
    I can’t describe you only my words but you’re a Great teacher who has a good relationship with your students and you show off that you care about them as people. You are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring.
    I really enjoyed you lessons.
    One ❤from Somalia

  • ……these are not miracles,…if there is a brilliant leadership,….thank you President Gotabaya and the team,…love you!..and all Sri Lankans,…a very disciplined lot. No questions asked,..followed the health guidelines given to them to the last letter….Success. Thank you for sharing this with the world!!!!

  • Hi guys… I found Hadar and she changed my way to affront different situations… is very hard to me to understand the nativeEnglish speaker… but, I think that I found my way with Hadar. Thanks so much Hadar.

  • My ex contacted me 4 days into no contact, but I felt like I had to be strong and show her I don’t have to text her, because I begged when we broke up. But now idk if she’ll ever reach out again… idk what to do

  • Im in a 2nd day of NC. I hope this will work on me. I really wanted to be back with my ex. I havent got any message from my ex since we broke up.

  • Hi, hadar!, I just want to make some comments about your recent event, which according to me it was excellent. This is my first time that I ever seen something different online. It was amazing how dedicated you were every day. Explaining how students and teachers need to face this reality how teacher they need to teach and what students they need to do in order to learn and be able to speak and the fact that the most important thing is not only to be like a native speaker or sound like them is to try to acquire clarity and confidence to be fluent in this language, the rest will come easily. I Think is insane how you can see on media that huge amount of videos where teachers, the majority are focusing on it. I am not saying that is not essential, but first is necessary that students try to acquire the language without being under a lot of pressure so they can they learn in a natural way. Good Job Hadar you should be an example for many of them. In my case, I would like to take one of your program, but right now I can not for having difficult situations, but for sure in the future I will.

  • we are married and we live together, she wants to divorce, I have applied smart contact so far, do you think it is good if I go to another country and not tell her, so I would apply a no contact 100% authentic no cantact, any answer would help me Is it okay if I do this?

  • My ex broke up with me twice. After the first time I went no contact and after a week SHE sent flowers and a card. Only to break up again for good a week later. The last time I told her I’m not doing this again and that we would not be staying in contact if this is what she wanted. (she wanted to still stay in touch) I went into no contact immediately. After about a month her sister went to the ER so I texted her mom(we were close) and let her know I hope everything turns out okay and I would keep her in my prayers. About a week later the mom starts sending me family pics with her daughter front and center. We would make small talk but I always kept it short to be nice and I never initiated. This went on for about 3 weeks of her mom sending me pics of the “family” until I finally addressed it politely with her. Bottom line I’m positive her mom still wants us to be together, which leads me to believe my ex is having regrets but too scared and or embarrassed to admit. I also noticed a few weeks ago my ex unfriended me but did not block me on instagram. So coach is right, she’s probably upset that I have not reached out to her, am not chasing after her and is trying to get a reaction out of me. It’ll be 2 months since the break up in 2 days and I havent cracked. Still no word from my ex. And I never begged during either breakup.

  • That first guy you talked about, thats me to a freakin T
    I even told her before, thanks to my first ex using silence as a punishment, when she doesnt talk to me I feel like shes mad at me and likewise when I dont talk to her itin my brainequates to me NOT caring, even though thats what she wants
    No Contact is hard as hell (I’ve been in it since March, broke it once and only once, last week before shit hit the fan), and this rebound (I heavily suspect its a rebound cause she started talking to him as a friend soon after her last breakup) shes in from her last european boyfriend doesnt help my case any cause they just became facebook official a week ago and that utterly destroyed me (i stayed vigilant though) so if history repeats itself I have to wait at least 6 months upwards of a year before he breaks her heart somehow:/
    one thing I always find amusing is when you talk about how people usually only try to reach out once or twice, meanwhile I (in the past) reached out soooooo many times (sometimes still do) I guess theres always that 1 guy who is persistant

  • My bf of 2.5 years asked to be alone for a few months because he has been going through a lot and has been super stressed out, up to the point where he has had a migraine everyday for a week and a half up to the point of our
    “breakup”. He said he wants to be in a better place because he doesn’t like who he has become and doesn’t want me to resent or hate him or vice versa. Even though i disagree with his decision, i agreed to the break. The longest we’ve ever gone without talking is a day and now it’s been 5 days. Hardest thing i’ve ever done and not knowing how he’s doing on his end makes it worse because i just want him to be okay. Is he truly genuine or just wanted an easy way out of the relationship (which has been really good the whole time)? Maybe loss of attraction? Any advice?

  • Tell me Is it even worth to get back with the person if you have to opt for ” the no contact rule “. I mean if they lost their interest once, couldn’t they loose it twice?

  • Coach Lee, those are wonderful stories! But how those people got so lucky to get your personal coaching, to actually talk to you? Why don’t you put this information here? I think you did it before, why not now? There are plenty of people here who are willing to pay for your personal advise, because every story is different. And I am one of them. Can you please answer that question? Thank you!

  • you kniow im manefesting my specific person, and one of the signs that i searched was my reality is reflected on others, mt manifestation, i wasn’t mad that you had and I wasn’t why do have it and i don’t, actually i was aaaaaawwww so cute so happy for you I am sure my SP will do that with me too ♥
    circunstancies don’t matter, I am worth it and I deserve what I want

  • Please help me…I did no contact rule and after a month my ex contacted me. He suprised me with flowers and spent almost all day with me. Said he missed me and wants to be with me. We ended up in bed. Since then he barely contacts me….it’s been a week. Shall I go back to no contact????

  • I broke up with my ex 2 weeks ago. Now I totally regret it. So far I’ve made some mistakes but now I’m on my 3rd day of no contact. I am going to see this all the way through. I will keep everyone updated. Wish me luck!

  • Can no contact work after 7 months? Meaning if I started it now? Anyone with that success. We have had mild contact in this time apart but nothing that has progressed. She has been hot cold and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the hurt she has caused mainly because of this limerence with a 3rd party.

  • Lovely video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Millawdon Preserve Balance Trick (do a google search)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for learning how to effortlessly manifest the life of your dreams without the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got great success with it.

  • Hi Coach! Am Donaldson fron Haiti i would say like your students said, am very happy to be one your subscribers and to have you as one of my Coaches.You and your students really inspire me especially the girl from Ukraine and i come to realize as a non-native speaker i could do better.

  • Your explanations are so true. Anytime anyone looks up “get my ex back” they come upon a million metaphysical “law of attraction” bullshit. Your advice is scientific and psychological. It’s not about praying or chanting and meditating. It’s about being logical and level-headed. It’s not about “soulmates” or “twin flames” it’s just about how human being’s brains naturally respond to breakups and relationships. You are the real deal.

  • Hope It worked out for me, I am now in 23 days of no contact. Were just been together with just 4 months but it was intense and somewhat build some good memories. However I am ready, for what would be the outcome of this. But I am hoping for the best!

  • Ok I had my doubts with the No Contact Rule, until today a good friend of my ex an I, told me my ex on FB ask how I was doing? They told my ex they have not talked to me. My ex an I were in a 15 year relationship, he left me 2 months ago for his high school girl. Me? I have went in to NC the next day,I deleted FB totally. I became a ghost!

  • i’ve tried to win him back for half a year. We went on dates and he was like hot and cold but a month ago he told me he doesn’t love me at all and doesn’t want any girlfriend at all, so I said goodbye and went nc (it was 6th of may). Day 6 he reached out, i replied politely but now, day 29 of NC i’m losing hope. I guess i should just move on.

  • Gonna be 3 weeks in NC it’s very hard not to think about the good times we had,all these memories haunt me. I have done all the mistakes which coach Lee mentioned. I even told her,I will be waiting for you and she told me not to waste my time, she’s not coming back to me. I know even though I m in NC,it won’t matter to her. This break up and the LOCKDOWN combo is making it more difficult. I want to wish good luck to all the people going through this bad phase. We are in this together.
    Thank you Coach Lee. ☺️

  • At first i started NO CONTACT to get her back but with time i realized i needed it for myself,if someone truly loves you they will never leave you because of issues that can be resolved,I know God got my back and i will heal completely and things will be better with me if i continue working to be a better version of myself

  • Honestly I think if you have to play all these no contact games etc an treat them mean tactics to stop someone ignoring you they arent worth your attention anyway. I have a success story my ex dumped me a year ago. I was devastated after a month I decided not to let someone else control my happiness I got back out there an found someone alot more suitable to me who I have been with for 9 months now, my ex didn’t contact me an I’m cool with that I still think of the times we shared but it isnt in a bad way an your ex probably doesnt feel that bad about you, unless you were a total idiot, move on an find your happiness too things happen for a reason

  • been 3 days so far, watching these videos is my only motivation. She grew distant i could feel her slipping away and i started chasing more.. then she ended things. I will wait for her but not for any longer than two months. I will update if anything happens, wish me luck!

  • Story was really incredible… Even though we know all the things, what we have to do, we will procrastinate and we will deviate. But motivational videos take us back to work and enhances our mindset to achieve our dreams. Thank you ��. Great work ��…

  • Hello, I have just subscribed. I am a 44 yr old lady from the West Country, England. I literally was drawn here at 3:11am
    Congratulations on your engagement Lucie & Jamie.

    I would like to order something unusual. I really would like to not have Clinical Depression, I’ve had a mental health breakdown in 2007 & 2014, yes I have a therapist & I’m on 60mg of Prozac per day. I just want to wake up really happy & energised. I don’t know how to make the dark cloud & low mood disappear from my life ������

  • Coach Lee, I watch all your videos. I was married for 18 years. My wife and daughter left me 2 months back after a fight and they haven’t contacted me. I tried calling them but they did not pick up my call. My wife replied briefly on WhatsApp for some issues with our pet but nothing beyond that. Whenever we use to fight I use to threaten my wife that I will leave the marriage but I now realize that I never meant that. Now she has left and that has left me completely surprised. Watching your videos I have now gone into no contact for the past 37 days. Kindly advice what should be my approach. Thanks a lot for your videos they are very helpful

  • Coach lee you are helping, I don’t want to lose, this lady and as I explained mine wa long distance, single mum of 1″,we known each other since 90s we had a thing before, I moved,only dated over last few months, but she got spooked found these last few months very overwhelming, gave me text dumped can’t be with me, needs to be grounded and realistic, marriage was on the cards, heavy love calls, then the dump.. Now I don’t want to lose her, but our relationship may be unrealistic, but I also don’t want to lose her as a friend aswell, we’ve known each other too long. But if I contact her now I’m not emotionally ready, and I know it’ll be coz I don’t want her to forget me,.. Now in this situation will no contact work to maintain our previous friend hip.. Look I’d love to be with her, but this will only work if I can change my situation, and get rid of this long distance.. I d love to coach call but right now it’ll be difficult.. But like I said at this moment in time I know it wouldn’t be wise, but I’d like to be one of your success stories.. I’m in such an awful place right nowadays

  • So recently me and my ex got in touch at the end of March. We were talking back and forth and spending time with each other. He had a conversation with me and told me he still loved me, life was better when i was in it. He then said he wanted to be with me again and asked what I wanted. I said I don’t want to jump back into the relationship but for is to continue talking and see each other and takes things slow. So the following week he was really distant with me. Then when I saw him again I asked him about what he said as his actions were not corresponding with what he said. He told me that he isn’t sure about getting back together. He said everything he said was true about loving me ect but he is conflicted if he wants to be with me. So i said I don’t think it’s fair saying those things if you’re not 100% certain. I said to him I’m not going to wait around and if you want to go figure out what you want that’s okay. He said he wants to continue spending time with me but is confused to what he wants. We didn’t really talk much then he messaged me happy birthday last week and we arranged to meet up after his exams. I said let me know a few days beforehand and I told him the days I am free but he never got back to me and hasn’t reached out in about a week to arrange anything as his exams are finished. I’m giving him space and not reaching out. Any advice and thoughts to this would be great! I just feel like I have been messed about as he’s chopping and changing his mind. Feel like he’s at that hot and cold stage where he’s deciding what to do.

  • What if you showed up at her house before you started the no contact they reacted cruelly but haven’t came back to get their stuff yet, still have a pic or two of you on Facebook.

  • I’m here to spread some hope y’all. I initiated NC and after 37 days of NC he texted me today. He texted me asking me how I’m doing, he said he missed talking to me and he’s anxious asking me when he and I can see each other again! This is 100% truth. Listen, here and there some days were pretty difficult for me but I stuck to NC. Keep going everyone. Trust me I know how you feel. You can do it. Thank you Coach Lee for your logical, sound and soothing videos to keep us going. I’ll be taking things slow with him but excited to see where this goes.

  • I do 3days no contact. And he keep sending msgs. Why i dont read his msgs. How i am doing. If im mad at him. I reply im okay and im not angry. And he ask again how i am doing. I dont reply. Do you think it working?

  • i hope you’re in a happy relationship dude you deserve it you’re such a selfless amazing person for making all these videos. wish you the best man

  • Hello ma’am you are so much beautiful. I love your channel. Ma’am l have one doubt from you, ma’am can you please tell me that how should I do scripting whether l should focus on one desire or more and also whether l have to be so much detailed or less for one desire and the letter should be long or short.Ma’am please tell me l will be so much grateful for that please ma’am

  • Coach Lee my ex finally reached out just yesterday. Been in radio silence for 1 month and 12 days. However, he didnt contact me now. Did i messed up? He said “Hello _, how are you? I hope you’re doing well…I’m still sorry about what happened, we are lock down in Italy because of the coronavirus…I hope it’s good there. I send you a big hug and a shiny smile.. then my reply was” im doing the best as i can. I heard about it from the global news. I hope All and your family will be safe. Praying still.” (thats few hours from his chat) then he replied” Thank you, I wish always the best for you��” then i replied” i hope you too”.. thats the end. But now. he didnt reach out again. ��

  • Been in no contact but my ex keeps reaching out and asking how im doing all the time, i keep saying everything is good and hope everything is going well for her too (she even asked why im not following her on instagram anymore)

  • How do you continue no contact with your ex husband we still have bills to seperate and my brother is getting involve in our business and sending bad emails about us to my family. Because he has no idea as to why we seperated. Its been hard. I have only called him about my brother or bills. I still go back to no contact. He did call me but then my brother started modeling in our business again. What do I do?

  • It’s been 26 days of no contact and today is her birthday, haven’t given her mom or sister any message to give her, I will not try to reach out to her (I’m blocked btw)

  • Just want to ask if I can also do no contact to my bf? Because I really want him to see my worth as he cant able to see it as he is still in love with his ex girlfriend, should I do no contact with my boyfriend

  • Coach Lee, any chance you intend to take on phone coaching clients again anytime soon? I’m pretty new to your channel but would love your advice on my situation. It involves long distance, a 13 year age difference and I am currently a little over a month of NC after we were unofficially dating for 5 months. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

  • My soon to be ex husband is a lot like the last story…can you still get this much advice from the kit? Our situation I feel is so fragile…

  • The first story is very similar to mine. Except she was very passive and has low self esteem. She said one day that she was feeling conflicted, needed some guidance. I heard her, but didn’t act quickly enough or give the answers she was looking for. I thought I had, but she acted not herself since and then delayed the breakup. When she did, she didnt want to work on the relationship, yet didnt want to cut me off completely, knowing that I too, am sensitive, and said she wanted to be there if I needed her. I begged and pleaded, trying to get information, and explain how much she meant to me. This went on for months until I was exhausted, without options other than chatting to myself. Wish I hadnt been so stupid, I thought I was doing the right thing. I had one friend with good sense, and finally checked online to confirm what he was saying. That was was a bad feeling, initially, but I have more confidence already. I want my soul mate back!!

  • Aww love these Emma it would be great if you could do these Like every month or something as I’m sure you would get enough stories to feature ��❤️ it’s really inspired me this morning listing to all these love it xx

  • Hi coach lee, what if my ex will contact me but asking for financial help but he is already in a relationship right now after our break up. what will i do?

  • Hey Coach Lee, will no contact work in this situation??? We were good friends before the relationship, after 5 months they said that they don’t have feelings for me anymore and still wanted to be friends. I tried friendship for 2 weeks then told her I can’t be friends and we can’t talk unless it leads to something romantic so that I can move on.

  • Ok, I have a question I have been under no contact with my recent ex for about 2 weeks now we have to talk about him getting his stuff out of the house we shared together for a year and a half. Now I have a question, should I be here when he comes to get the rest of his stuff? We have been together a total of almost 3 years and we had a heated fight at 4:30 in the morning on Monday, 2 weeks ago, and he packed some of the stuff and left, and I really love him and I’m trying really hard not to break the no contact rule, but when he reaches out, I do answer and I really really want him back. The fight was both of our fault, but I said, somethings, I shouldn’t have that was really hurtful to him. And he did say he still loves me, and another thing he wants to continue to pay for my phone and my bill, which is on his Verizon plan, what to do.

  • I kinda need help I feel like I fucked up. So my ex and I have been in no contact for about 2 weeks and she got a colonoscopy and I didn’t check up on her after. I have been worried about her health so much since I was with her and she knew how much I cared about her, but she got drunk the night before her operation with some dude and it really hurt me cause I would always check up on her tell her to drink water, get rest, etc, and she pulls this off and it made me feel like ass. So I didn’t check up on her after and its to late to ask her now, idk if I should just keep the no contact rule since I feel like she is never going to reach out because I didn’t after something pretty serious.

  • Coach lee, what if the reason for the break up was lack of intimacy’. We had stopped having sex for months and every time he tried id reject him. He got to the point where he felt unwanted by me and like I didn’t find him attractive and he became unhappy and left. I had a lot going on in my life which made me complacent and made me not able to be intimate or be in the mood. What do I do to get him back?

  • Coach can you do some success stories about getting them back from the rebound? My ex is in a rebound and I need some encouragement. I’ve been NC for almost 2 months.

  • Hey Lee, i have been broken up with her 80 days now and in nc. I had small breakups before and i always reached out first to repair. Also she has been taught to play hard to get and that “men need to chase her to prove their love”. Since you said max nc missing strength is at 45 days amd then it gets easier for them to move on i am afraid she will do so. Should i try contact her or wait more? I am afraid to do both options. But i stalk her yt and she has “i am lonely” videos and subbed to the channel i told her before. Please answer my dude.

  • Hey Coach Lee,

    my girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago and after watching your videos I kind of found hope that she may message me; however, there is some lingering doubt that she will contact me at all during no contact. I am really at a loss what to do when she doesnt reach out to me at all. I understand that my no contact phase is not long enough, but I am afraid that it will turn out this way.
    Do you have any advice on how to act after a long period of no contact, or do you have a video you already made that talks about this topic?

    Nonetheless, I love your videos, and I found new hope through them. Thank you very much.

  • Success story here coach Lee,,,my ex had dumped me after going hot and cold for some time. I had gone into NC. He called today after about three weeks. We spoke naturally. He told me he was watching a song,and it reminded me of him and what went wrong between us. I felt happy. I pray for everyone to find their love. Thank you coach Lee for giving strength and being there.

  • Hey teacher Hadar your class Is so facinanting l like to hear another people experiences. I’m from Paraguay ���� I love it your programme I’ve never missed one I’d like to increase my English thank you for supporting I know that I make a mistake but I actually trying to speak and I love English thank you for help me god blessing you forever.

  • Coach can i please talk to you… I am desperate at this point. Please help
    I’ve been trying to reach you in just about every way possible but i realize that’s a long shot considering how many others try to reach you…. Please

  • But Lee, in the case where I broke up with him because he told me he doesn’t feel the same ( however crying saying he’s sorry) then who’s the dumper? I still think its him, since he pushed me there..?

  • 26 day NC.. his with someone before after we broke up.. and i think his in rebound relationship.. last march 24, 2020 someone told me that they are already separated.. hoping he comes back..

  • I had a boyfriend we dated for about 6 months (it was a long distance relationship) We broke up like 3 weeks ago but for a couple weeks we talked and I kinda wish I didn’t try so hard to talk to him because it kinda made things worse and he’s in a relationship which I think it’s a rebound not sure though. We had an argument before he blocked me and it’s been a week and time is going by so slow:’)

  • I set up a premium website to sell custom T shirts raising money for unemployed hospitality worker. The fundraiser took months to put together, but half way through Wix shut down my payments because they thought I was selling alcohol. The only thing on my website is T Shirts. I’ve used all the contact options Wix gave me and no one has responded. Wix has ruined my fundraiser. It’s obvious no one ever even looked at my website.

  • Well, I broke no contact after a little over 2 months. Figured I didn’t have anything to lose and told her I hope she’s doing well. Turns out she had blocked me. Cool.

  • Bhariloki digaaka kantiki kanabadaalsindi target maatrame, superb sir story and your voice also, meeru elanti marenno vedious chesi maalanti vaarini inspire cheyali Ani korukuntu, thanks

  • What do we do if the last thing you told your ex was that you want them to text you when they want to try again? Like basically saying that you’ll be waiting for them? The no contact rule would be way less effective right?

  • Thank you

    U inspired me a lot thank u sooo mochhh��������������������

    If I can like u soo many times I give u 10000000000000000000000 no.of likes

  • This video is really������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • I have to say this it works but I did only 5 days no contact he reached out to me I’m not gonna wait 30 days cause I think that’s to long and somethings can happen in 30 days what you can’t change were talking and trying to get better this time! Do the no contact. Rule and when they reach out just text them but casual it works x

  • అద్భుతమైన కధ సర్…సూపర్ మనసుకి ఎంతో ప్రేరణ కలిగింది.. కానీ సర్ మధ్యలో బాహుబలి,,బిజ్జలదేవ ఉదాహరణ మాత్రంచాలా బాగుంది��������������

  • Physically challenged persons mannasulo burning desire unttunthi vallu emaina sadhistamu anukontte definet ga sadhistaru ila endharo valla goals reach ayyi nirupincharu

  • ​ @Poor Poor Ok, mister. You blabber too much. Let’s say for a moment that you are correct and there is something fishy is going on. Now you said Western media is not reporting the success because there is something fishy going on here. Right? Ok. Then do you seriously believe that western media will not report on such a fishy thing? It’s impossible. Right. That’s all they love. “Fishy things in developing countries”. So if there is any hidden propaganda behind this, then western media must’ve reported that. There is no such thing. That’s why even the people in the west are criticizing western media. Because it’s purely geopolitical envy toward countries like us. It’s because the current administration is not seeing eye to eye with liberal west.

    Please look at the videos below. It’s recorded by a westerner. This is the truth. Its no propaganda. Look at how much people have acted disciplined and obeyed the law. And how this old couple has chosen to treat this foreigner in that troubled times. You can learn one or two from them. And read the comments on how much western people, I mean real people understands and appreciates my country and people:

  • If you locked them down as prisoners and starting with fear mongering tactics and doing things in authoritarian way with no laws in place for corvid restrictions but government authorities restrict people in anyway they want..The real numbers aren’t presented as some people who died of corvid was diagnosed and reported as some other disease, If this is your success story,then this is for the mentality of the majority of the people in this country living in Stone Age era so may be these kind of things suits them but in the west you cannot do things and restrict people unless there are laws in place and the great freedom that they enjoy.. people don’t force things on others on day to day life in west and the numbers aren’t manipulated here in west. Now SL government asking money from EU,World bank,India and China, why? its because long lockdown,closed airport only dragged them to beg for help just to feed their population..The west is partially running the economy so that the people won’t die without food in their respective countries and also they have children’s like SL waiting to ask for help. Now ask your family run,no neuron but jackfruit filled brains who run the country to open the airport and sell something instead of begging.

  • Foreigners are being discriminated and called “Corona” on the streets in Sri Lanka. Stranded tourists are being charged high visa extension fees by the immigration department. The island government does not know many stranded tourists are unable to leave the island until November.

  • Hey Lucie… your videos are really amazing ��…tell me one thing,when we are scripting,do we have to continue it for a particular time or till it is coming true?

  • Congratulations to Sri Lanka’s able leadership, Health Services and Security Forces and everyone who contributed to this success story. Well done and keep it up!

  • Thanks to the Leadership under Prez Gota and great Medical intelligence! It is an island, so needed strict measures! Great Success Story for 18m population, Not surprised under the right leadership!! M. Blessings!������

  • Hahahah thank you for sharing my Kangaroo story Emma, we never saw the kangaroo after the accident we hope he was okay! #aussiethings xx

  • What is your perspective about speed up manifestation? What’s the key to unlock success? How to attract wealth and great experiences? ������������

  • What do you think of discover making a difference in your quality life with Mofedest Miracle? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about Mofedest Miracle.

  • Law of Attraction and manifestation etc isn’t “new age” it’s been a huge Hindu practice and other religions like Buddhism etc. Love ur videos but just thought I’d point that out to give credit where it’s deserved

  • Success story here! My ex from 2 YEARS AGO texted me this morning. We haven’t spoken at all for the past two years and out of nowhere he texts me saying he wants to see if we can get back together. Now I didn’t do no contact because I wanted him back. I already moved a long time ago and in the processes off no contact to get my current ex back not the ex from 2 years ago. No contact works guys. Stay strong.

  • Your videos are so inspiring! I’ve never been in a relationship before but I started to work on my self love and I’m getting more and more confident everyday. So I’m currently manifesting a boyfriend and I’m so grateful that I found your channel to give me some tips to realize all of my dreams. Thank you!

  • I have lived all of your videos ( a way to say it��) I was dumped, he went into a rebound, I went into no contact, he blocked me, continued no contact, had to see him ( I did everything you advise) It was super hard�� He contacted me again… with little things. I had to be extra patient. He went hot and cold. I had to step back. I finally ” stole” him from her by focusing on me�� We are together… taking our time. Same people. New relationship. Step by step. Love wins and Coach Lee is the best��Greetings from Argentina���� Thank you so much coach����You are the best

  • “I have dwelled in darkness without you”
    Sadly, even though I now realize it might sound stupid, I probably would’ve said something like that unless I saw your videos�� Coach Lee has our backs. You’re a Godsend!

  • okay question tho. if i need to be as unbothered as possible to give the least resistence, how is it if i want to manifest a specific person that just makes me all smily, giggly, excited when i see them in a way that just makes me want them even more in this moment? is this a type of resistence im building? cuz if so, jokes on me ��

  • how do I script to get my job back. long story short: dream job, 4 months ago i got terminated for bad behavior, wrote an email with my phone number to the ceo for a second chance yesterday.

    so as a new person to LOA how should I word my script for this?

  • So many beautiful things are quickly coming to fruition after I started scripting!!! You are such a light and I’m SOOO thankful to have discovered your channel ��♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Is working! Today we Kiss Like crazyyyyy.Follow this Man rules and You will recover your girlfriend i asure You 100%.
    You are God!!

  • Hey lucie, hope you’re doing good. I have a question, I’m not sure if I can manifest this. So I got my results for my semester exams and I don’t qualify for the scholarship sadly. I really thought i would get one this time. So my question is can i still manifest it? Like some kind of reduction in my fees somehow. Thanks for answering my question ��. This isn’t a tangible object and Idk if it’s possible

  • The light you saw…. I get that often and have been told that is the presence of energy letting you know they are present ����������

  • Hello Lucie, If you like abraham hicks you will LOVE Stuart Wilde.. Wish I would have found him before he passed! Absolutely life changing, best teacher of metaphysics that ever lived! There are a few of his on youtube. Manifestation is great, but living free and unbounded is beyond compare.

  • I am wondering if these so called LOA coaches as they claim to be.. are talking about them manifesting anything in this world..: then why haven’t they manifested something like becoming a multibillionaire.. like Jeff Bezos

  • I have just recently started to watch your videos (like 2 days ago) and I truly feel so inspired and motivated by your positive vibes!! You’re such a lovely person <3 <3 <3

  • Hi! I really enjoyed taking the New sound of English free week course! I’m amazed of how so many wonderful people are united by a particular purpose, which is: finding our voice in English! I’ve learnt many aspects that I didn’t consider before and that will be helpers to me from now on in my journey of improving skills! Million thanks to Hadar, her team, and the rest of the people who made this event possible! Lots of blessings to you all!

  • I manifested good health for my family. My in laws both have covid 19 right now. But they’re not dead. Mother in laws sister died from it, but I don’t think she counts as family. We are blessed.

  • Only just found you Lucie and this is the first video I’ve seen from you I love your vibe! Very calming and infectiously happy ��

  • I broke up with her and I felt a void within me after three days but we still talked during this three days. I’ve talked to her about getting back together but she refused and I’ve begged her for almost two weeks now but she still said she can’t do it anymore. I tried the no contact rule and I’ve had a panic attacks, my body keep trembling which made me broke the “ no contact rule” but hearing this successful stories.. I’m now standing on my grounds with the no contact rule. I really messed up by breaking the rule which made her hanged up the phone on me. I just wanna tell you guys who are starting the “ no contact rule” we should stay strong. It’ll work itself out. Thanks Coach Lee

  • I first time came across your video and while watching it I subscribed to your channel. I so liked your background. The fact that you did not edit or pause the video but spoke to your BF on arrival as we could hear the door. You not only spoke to him b ut also introduced him to all of us. That’s the rare thing. N yes, I saw that big flash too:) Thank you so much.

  • So I was with a girl for 2 years. Our relationship was not perfect and I made mistakes, did some things I shouldn’t have, I never cheated on her but still made some mistakes. Start of school after Christmas a lot of things hit her at once and we were in a long-distance relationship so I only got to see her on the weekends. At first I was getting worried because she wasn’t able to talk as much. so I started getting in my own head and letting that control my emotions and even lead to me getting made at her. She asked for space for a couple weeks so I tried to give that to her but id only go a couple days before I would check up on her and make sure she was ok. That lead into her saying she felt like we needed a break. I told her I disagreed and that I still wanted to be with her that I thought we could make this work, but told her I respected her decision and that if that’s what she thought was best that we would go on a break. That was supposed to be for a couple weeks also. After about 4 days I messaged her just to check in on her. then she responds saying that she felt like we needed to completely break up. i was in disbelief and felt so terrible because she said it felt like over the past couple months I had been pushing her away. We broke up and I told her that I still wanted to be with her and that I thought we could work through things but still respected her decision and we broke up. i went 2 weeks without talking to her and it got to the point where I just didn’t know what to think. i had heard rumors that she was already talking to another guy and had already hung out with him. so I called her and just said that I needed some clarity on the situation. I told her where I was and that I still loved her. i asked her if she was looking for another relationship or if she was talking to this other guy. she said that they had hung out a couple time (it was a guy she had been friends with for a long time and their families were friends so shed known him for a while). So after hearing that, I simply told her that she was the girl I love and that she’s the girl I want to be with. i told her I was sorry for not treating her the right way in the last few months of the relationship. I told her that I just wanted her happy and only wanted the best for her no matter how much that hurt me. she said that for the next few months she just didn’t see us getting back together, and as far as the future goes that she didn’t know what would happen. That was the last time i talked to her. Im on day 23 of NC.

    If anybody has any advice i would love to here it. Its been hard especially those first two weeks, but I’m better now than i was then. But please feel free to reply to this

  • This is the first the first thing I’ve watched today and It’s made me feel like I’ve just been shot out of a cannon! Thank you ����

  • Hello Lucie! Im trying this whole manifesting journey starting tommorow, your words make me so comfortable and makes me trust you! But I have a question to get started, I hope you can awnser!

    Should I manifest literally my whole LIFE in one piece of paper? Because I’m still VERY young and I don’t know if my beliefs would be right and what god wants for me, OR, should I just write what I want NOW (as in mabye 5 months?) and as my life goes on I will write many more manifesting notes? What do you recommend Lucie??

    Thank you!

  • Hello your channel just popped up on my feed and I have been practicing this everyday since the end of 2018 I meditate before bed and right when I wake up not looking at any social media and feel how it will feel like all ready having it during meditation and it always work. I have some pretty fun stories with my bank account and my birthday this year. I love hearing about everyone manifestations videos they are always fun.

  • I have been scripting since 3 months for SP but nothing happened. All this is just about making people fool. I wasted my time.And if it works then y it didn’t not a single thing came true. I use to script every single day!!

  • All I can say about Manifestation over here and conclusion about ur whole video..
    Is –
    And ur Manifestation is on it’s way.��