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Member Success: Michael Drops Over 100 Pounds! Lifestyle. 2016-04-26 | By: Snap Fitness In 2009, Michael weighed 340 pounds.

At 6’ 5’’, he had 40.1 percent body fat and a 54-inch waist. Numbers like that put him in high risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, and other medical issues that ran in his family. Meet six inspiring people who lost over 100 pounds each in mid-life. Weight-loss success: 6 Joy Fit members who have lost over 100 pounds. Woman drops 275 lbs.

I finally found a weight-loss strategy that works for me and dropped over 100 pounds in a year. I had been overweight ever since I was a little girl. I was badly bullied for it all through school.

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Members lost weight on a prior program and is continuing on myWW™. The best weight loss tips involve sustainable habits that bring you closer to your goals both on and off the scale.

And while there’s no single secret to success on WW—sorry!—practicing strategies that have helped others hit their strides can make the. For some reason, my body wants to stay here at this weight. In the fall, I will do another round of drops and see if I can get at least 10 more pounds off. more Hcg Diet Success Stories A 100 pound Hcg Diet success story! My story with Hcg started after a realization that I had gotten way too big.

When he realized that his thoughts were just as important in his weight loss journey as his body, he was able to lose over 100 pounds. “Once I broke the hold on my thoughts about food, hunger, and myself, I was able to take off and never look back,” he says. Tips to Lose 100 Pounds or More. 1 / 17. talk to your doctor about whether a prescription drug or over-the-counter product could help you keep going.

ACSM EP-C, member, Education Committee. Whether you’ve always battled the bulge — or just since your last birthday — it’s true that age can have a lot to do with weight loss. You’re simply more susceptible to gaining weight once you hit the big 5-0, and it’s harder to lose. From fasting to protein to sleep, here are 5 ways to lose weight. I lost 75 pounds over the course of a year and a half.

Now I strength-train three days a week and do five-mile walk-run workouts one or two days a week. I’ll pick a post, jog to it, then walk to. Once under his care, he suggested that Janine follow a strict 1200-calorie diet in order to lose 100 pounds before she can qualify for the surgery, but she struggled to control her eating habits.

List of related literature:

He admitted to being just ten pounds shy of his starting weight when he went on the show.

“Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution” by S. Margot Finn
from Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution
by S. Margot Finn
Rutgers University Press, 2017

But shortly after Michael turned twentyone, he began to lose weight fast.

“Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes” by Gerald Callahan
from Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes
by Gerald Callahan
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In one RCT, participants who completed a group class lost an average of 11.1 pounds over

“Genie in Your Genes” by Dawson Church
from Genie in Your Genes
by Dawson Church
Hay House, 2018

In the first study of deposit or precommitment contracts by Jeffery et al. (1978), participants who responded to an advertisement for a weight loss program were informed that study participation required a deposit of $200 (1974 dollars), which would be fully refunded contingent on satisfactory weight loss.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
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He lost 51 pounds during the stunt, dropping to 158 pounds.

“Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience” by Randi Fredricks
from Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience
by Randi Fredricks
AuthorHouse, 2012

At the end of the first week, Jim had dropped 13 pounds.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
by Shawn Baker
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

But after the initial bump in his fitness that came with the weight loss, his output plateaued.

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
from Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance
by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
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This proved to be an insurmountable obstacle to lasting weight loss, and sure enough, he, along with almost all the other contestants, ended up regaining all their hard-lost weight.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2016

These featured ‘success’ stories (members who had lost a lot of weight, but not necessarily maintained this, as reported in local newspapers), graphs showing some members’ weightloss over time, and other motivational paraphernalia that conveyed the message that the system was infallible.

“McDonaldization: The Reader” by George Ritzer
from McDonaldization: The Reader
by George Ritzer
SAGE Publications, 2010

Michael got stronger and stronger, week by week, and he shed weight when I didn’t think he had any more to lose.

“You Are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes” by Jermaine Jackson
from You Are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes
by Jermaine Jackson
Touchstone, 2012

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  • Yeah, this keto diet really works. I tried myself and it’s been about 4 weeks. Results? Lost 6 inches in belly fat without any workouts! Just for lazy girls like me, hehe. Now trying to plan ahead everything, as it’s again my laziness =). Well, by the way, who is looking for keto-recipes and is lazy as me to search every time on youtube, I found one cookbook with illustrations, timing, portions. If you want I can give you the link where you can download it. And it’s for Free, while quality is pretty good enough. So just go yourself and check it out. Happy and delicious meals for everyone who is on keto diet. Sorry forgot to give the link, here it is

  • U guys wanna know a tip. Igh this is a bigggggg tip that’s overlooked. Don’t set ur goals unrealistically. It’s easier said than done. I told myself I wasn’t gonna eat for 2 weeks and train for 13 hours a day. Obviously u guys can guess they didn’t happen. After my first run I binge ate and stopped exercising. Do little joys of exercising and follow the 16:8 method. I go for a bike ride then do ab exercises then on the next day I go for a bike ride and do chest workouts and it works. I lost 1 year cause I pushed my limits too much. Just train a little and IF

  • I want to know what the epileptic patients usually die of? Because they are on a ketogenic diet.. So this can be a good cohort study to check the outcomes from.

  • Check this out: The Ketogenic Lifestyle: A Complete Guide Into The Keto Diet by… free for a couple more days!

  • Any one tried the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? We have noticed several awesome things about this popular fat loss system.

  • Great video! Being fat is not embarrassing but knowing that you have some health problems (physical or mental) and consciously deciding to do nothing about your issues could definitely be labeled as embarrassing ( of course I do not mean embarrassing in the eyes of other people because honesty it does not matter much what others think but embarrassing in your own eyes).

  • Great video! Being fat is not embarrassing but knowing that you have some health problems (physical or mental) and consciously deciding to do nothing about your issues could definitely be labeled as embarrassing ( of course I do not mean embarrassing in the eyes of other people because honesty it does not matter much what others think but embarrassing in your own eyes).

  • Screw the 16:8 method, Go for a 18:6 method and youll see double the results in half the time, I am losing 3 pounds per week on this and I feel fantastic, I have more energy than I ever had before. This stuff really works!

  • No Keto diet at all? Did you lost all that weight including fruits in your diet? Just Appling intermittent fasting? Asking because I just started with both, fasting as you but also Keto…including fruits will allow me to loss weight I mean just fasting? Please answer to my question��

  • Pretty nice video love the keto diet great breakdown i also have one else well its very educational but i appreciate this video huge thumbs up

  • Perfect Keto Collagen Peptides Powder with MCT Oil Grassfed, GF, Multi Supplement, Use in Coffee, Shakes for Women & Men – Chocolate..

  • Congratulations on your achievement! I have long and hard way to go, I started almost month ago with some off and on fasting. I’m new to it. I don’t think I want to go for more then 5 days. I think my longest will be 72 hours, I’m planing on doing alternate day.
    So far 10 lbs down.

  • I kind of played with the keto diet to regulate seizures that started at 22. I like to explain it by saying to strike a match in a room……..wait a few minutes and empty a few propane tanks in the same room and strike a match again. Might have a different result.
    Bread was the big trigger. I could drink soda, sweet tea, candy, potatoes all day but then I notice when I mixed it up bread was the big trigger.
    It got to where that was something I had to be serious because meds got it in line and then after some time sz started up again. Dr altered dosage saying the body gets used to them. A few more years it started acting up again.

  • Us humans are essentially all the same. Don’t feel embarrassed, we’re all struggling to maintain a healthy weight, even the ones who are “naturally skinny”.

  • What a wonderful, motivating video for men and women alike. You have done amazingly well and look healthier and younger too. Keep up the good work and thank you for your inspiration!

  • I was recommended to do a ketogenic diet when I was still in paediatrics with neuro-disabilities. I have JME (juvenile myoclonic epilepsy). The diet reduces brain electrical activity by up to 60% (which is the aim when treating epilepsy). But they warned me that it is a very, very strict diet. I would be referred to a nutrition, however it will not be easy to follow. Of course, being 15 at the time, the thought of losing weight super fast was super exciting for me. I quickly said that I wanted to do it. But when the doctor realised that I was more happy about the weight loss, she quickly turned me down. At first I was kinda disappointed, but I think that it is definitely for the best. I think that I should be using my teen years to explore different flavours and culture of food. I ended up finding an anticonvulsant drug that worked perfectly first try and I am blessed to have done so. In fact, everyone was relieved that medication worked over a diet. But I definitely think that I will try out the lifestyle when I am slightly older.

  • I agree on meditation part. Not only that you need it, you have to remind yourself every day too! Start by asking yourself “why” you wanna lose weight. Make a list or just keep asking whys until you don’t know what to answer.

  • Thank you for sharing your story! It proves that taking small steps in the beginning is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle.

  • Okay I’m just seeing this and want to drop a couple of pound I’m 5’9 165 I want to lose sum weight I’m also a basketball player and want to lose sum weight before the season workouts won’t be as hard, can u give me more information on this 16:8 like can I eat anything in the 8hr eatting period? Or can I give you a call? If you don’t mind

  • I ordered all three books after I gave my dad his HOW NOT TO DIE Book after his stroke. I read throigh it and it was so good! I usually borrow books from my local libraries but his books are so good I want to have them on my hand all the time!

  • Its sad to see peoole trying to make money with animals:( this is where some people are at. Some people dont go for evolution, just quick and easy cash. Poor dog being used

  • My weight loss skyrocketed when I switched from vegan to ketogenic including my health, it’s so much better, my triglycerides dropped in half, good hdl improved, VlDl dropped, my A1c is now 5.4 it was never under 7.0 on the vegan diet, ketogenic diet is the future, which is how humans have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years,… sorry If you don’t like hearing the actual truth

  • The vegan and plant-based community should be a better communicator of Jordan Petersons position if they care to talk about it.. just to say that Jordan Peterson is on the carnivore diet does not actually help with the conversation if you leave out that dr. Peterson has autoimmune issues and all sorts of other problems with his health that after going through an elimination diet he found that just eating meat didn’t trigger his symptoms.. Jordan has said that he knows it’s not a healthy diet for the typical person and he wouldn’t wish his situation on anyone. so just saying that he’s on that diet without any further context of his diseases makes it seem like he chose that diet over others, when he really came to the conclusion that he can only eat certain things because everything else that normal people eat reacts poorly to his poorly operating body.

    so it would be great if in the future when people bring up Jordan Peterson and the carnivore diet, that they shed some light on him being backed into a corner and unfortunately for him meat currently is the only thing he can eat without having dramatic repercussions without immediate and obvious health issues..

  • I started IF with keto and slowly went off keto but stayed low(ish) carb. My resting heart rate before I started keto was 62-64 day or night, now as I’m doing IF my RHR during the day is almost never under 70 (usually 75) but sometimes under 60 at night, has anyone else noticed similar changes in RHR?

  • Appreciate video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one off product for learning how to quickly lose weight minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years got astronomical results with it.

  • Do natural popular fat burn secrets like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I’ve noticed numerous amazing things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Actually keto diet does not have a long term research study done..and blindly following it can cause rise in LDL and VLDL..which is bad for heart and body..don’t follow any diet eat everything in in calorific deficit you can maintain your fitness..

  • Been Keto for over 3 years, and do not even crave things like ice cream in the least. I scope it up for my kids all the time, and am not even tempted. The thing that people do not understand is that once you break the addiction to sugar, you no longer crave it��‍♀️. I crave asparagus…no joke!

  • I appreciate Greger is not interested in anecdotes, interested in science. I have to say I am so tired of 98% of YouTube on these subjects being about videos where one person tells his supposed success story whatever it is -or comments that scream at people. This includes both sides of these arguments.

  • I do not find too difficult to keep keto diet. If your friends have ice cream eat bacon. Instead of sweet soda drink bacon. If vegans will be bitchin about you eating too much bacon, throw meatballs at them to destroy their opinions.

  • Wow, this dog has done double of what I had been trying to do since last 10 years. Lost 100 pounds. Proud of you both. Dog and the owner.

  • You have alot of research to do still most of comments are false, irs really easy to do long term its eating real tasty good food 7

  • Here is what happened after:

    The dog started a farm and ended up with a 4 mile long farm

    He sold his stuff

    Became a billionaire

    Got famous

    Got a job as a supervisor

    Opened up 10 business

    Also started rapping and became famous from THAT too

    Opened up an animal gym

    Made animal tinder

    Opened a local dog jacuzzi

    Got a family

    Bought a limo

    Bought a plane,10 mansions and a pool

    Inspired imagine doggos

    Became a wooftuber

    Then this is where it goes downhill…

    His owners died…..

    But he didnt care because he was rich

  • I like keto. can’t afford it, as cheapest thing I get to eat are potatoes. so I eat potatoes. okay, pastries are cheapest, but I am celiac, so potatoes it is. but back when I had job and could afford meats, oh boy, it was the best. I’d eat once a day and feel filled, no breakfast, no snacks, no dinner, just being powered up and not wasting time on boring things like eating if no other benefits, that one was awesome. and my keto flue was easy too, it lasted 3 days total, two days were really bad, I was like “can I sit here” every couple of steps. but 3 days is a breeze really.

  • if you just want to slim down for a vacation and that’s it, i would say go on the keto diet, because once you’re off it, you’ll gain the weight back pretty easily

  • I found the “hang out with friends” argument a bit naive. Because if you are in a diet, and you prioritize your health, no matter in which diet you are, you skeep b.s.

  • Hello friends, I share this product that is the best that I have tried since it has an extensive amount of diets and products that help us to make our body healthy and healthy and the best thing does not cost even 5 dollars also that it is digital, here below I leave you the link for you to see it I’m sure you will love it��

  • Dear Dr. Mike I see your video is older but I am just seeing it today. I hope it’s okay to share my story with you about my experience on keto. I would like to warn others now before they end up in the same situation I am in… I have a long history with low carb / keto. I have a relative who is a MD who once worked for Dr. Atkins approximately around 1991. At that time, he suggested I go on the diet. I did have my cholesterol checked before and after. During the 5-1/2 to 6 months on the diet I lost 75 to 80 pounds and my cholesterol went down 80 points. However, of course, once going off and returning to my bad eating habits, I regained weight. Not to bore you with too many facts, but I was on again / off again Atkins and gained and lost the weight numerous times. I then decided that I needed to deal with the emotional component and was able to maintain my weight for many years however, that was just shy of being morbidly obese. On the other hand, I also began walking regularly and have been the most consistent of my life for over nine years. I am now 60 gosh I can’t believe it myself.:-( As I reached my late 50’s and already having ultra high LDL cholesterol, I decided to go on Keto hearing from the many videos I watched that it would so magically go down. I was drawn to the many recipes, including desserts that one could make. Boy was that a big mistake!!! I want to caution anyone who is older about the dangers of a keto diet, especially on again / off again. My MD relative once warned me it’s more dangerous to have fats and go on and off a low-carb/keto program. I later learned about the dangers of the process when sugar and fat are combined. Almost a year ago, I went to the ophthalmologist for a routine visit, and the doctor stated I now had drusen in my right eye. Six months later, the drusen was in both eyes and the right was getting worse. In fact, I saw the retina scan myself and that the drusen was almost at the macula. It didn’t take too many months more that I started to have a strange visual disturbance in that eye. Couldn’t have been my lazy left eye???:-( Anyway, I had already started to focus on a plant-based program, but now I had to get serious about stopping all the fats in my diet. The doctor relative said to me “You know if you have lipids in your eyes, it’s probably in all your tissues it’s just that the eye doctor was looking in your eyes.” That and the visual disturbance snapped me into the reality that keto is dangerous, at least for me. I have stopped drinking heavy whipping cream. I am eliminating coconut oil regardless of the controversial belief that it is healthy. I do intermittent fasting and only eat two meals per day. I now have oatmeal a couple of times per week or will be making oatmeal flour tortillas. I keep my daily carbs to about 30. For example, if I have oatmeal at breakfast, I would not touch a carb at dinner (well, not counting vegetables low in carbs). I am trying to only have chicken and even limit the amount. I don’t touch fish due to polluted waters, but I do take fish oil. I will eat eggs, but I am eliminating cheese and yogurt. I will take probiotics instead. I will have some red meat but only once in a while. I have stopped eating bacon and sausage. During the pandemic, I also stocked up on a few packages of organic turkey breast, but when used up, I will not buy more. Lastly, I do make wonderful split pea / vegetable or red lentil / vegetable soups in my Instant Pot which I then freeze in portions. If I were to have eggs for breakfast, the soup makes a delicious and healthy dinner. I have already lost a close friend and three friends of friends due to Covid-19 so I don’t shop very often. However, to have fresh salads, I purchase a couple of heads of green cabbage. It lasts in the fridge for about six weeks. Alrighty, I hope I didn’t bore you too much. I have high hopes that shifting these fats out of my diet will help the drusen to reduce. I also take vitamins, and I am on eye herbs such as bilberry, butcher’s broom, ginkgold, etc. I felt compelled to share my experience to warn others about the dangers of a high-fat program. I was so arrogant and naive and suspicious of medical doctors for a long time, but now I highly respect their scientific knowledge more than ever! Stay safe and thank you for your wonderful videos. -Michele

  • Well, actually humans do need to eat carbs to live, even if in a small amount, we do need to metabolize insulin in our livers, then breaking essential monosaccharides and transfering them to the cells.
    Yes, excess of sugar intake causes insulin resistance, but don’t say human can’t survive without carbs, that’s just a lie. Or a at least, it won’t be a well-lived life.

  • Still a little confused on how this works. I started 2 days ago, for the 16-8. I am getting mixed answers, so is it eat only 2 meals within the 8 hour window without snacks? Like for example I had a half of a roastbeef sandwich at noon, then had a muffin a few hours later, then a greek yogurt, and then ate the other half of my sandwich before 8 pm. Am I doing it wrong?

  • “I didn’t have any sugar or carbs… I just had a soda and a few drinks”
    Come ooooon Doc, u know better than anyone what’s in a coke

  • Dr.Greger has earned his stripes in credibility. And I don’t envy him the research needed for this book! Love and respect to Dr.G & his team.

  • I’d like to see a study showing how many people were healed thanks to your books Dr Greger, vs that crackpot’s you mention at 7:14. You might be very surprised.

  • I began using Resurge approximately a month ago. It definitely adds energy to my morning, as well as appetite suppressant. I’ve modified my diet, and added cardio to my daily routine, and have seen significant weight loss in the first 5 weeks since using. Highly recommended for anyone that needs an extra boost in the a.m. without negative side effects!

    Όταν θέλετε να σταματήσετε, σκεφτείτε γιατί ξεκινήσατε

    When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

  • Thanks to the keto diet I lost more than 70 pounds and I no longer have diabetes. For me

    it is a lifestyle. I feel very

    energetic and happy! If I feel like bread or it happens

    stick, there are many delicious recipes that can be used. This has been my lifestyle for

    over a year and I love it… I love the Keto diet<3

  • Would You Like to Know Exactly What to Eat to Lose Fat and Get Healthy Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods or Starving Yourself?
    Try this with keto diet I promise it’s really awesome diet to loose weight free ebook of keto recipes checkout the blog

  • The ketogenic diet does not work for Type 2 Diabetes your just another idiotic misinformed doctor did you know to induce diabetes in an animal you do not feed them carbs you feed them fat turns out it controls blood sugars yes but your treating the symptoms, not the cause in fact, your consolidating your diabetes and whenever you eat carbs it will come back worse than before the cause of diabetes is excess fat lipids stored in the cells that are suppressing the insulin receptors so eating fat to cure it is demented the way to cure your diabetes is at the outset to eat low glycemic whole food plant-based diet with very moderate amounts of nuts and avocados not refined oils lots of beans legumes and greens & veggiesand gradually introduce more whole grains as you lose the excess weight your a good looking young doctor but not that insightful short term Keto will give you good blood panels long term your exposed to a plethora of chronic diseases in particular, heart diseases and if you eat meat on it a 30% increase all-cause death factors and BTW no animal on earth lives permanently in ketosis so maybe there is a message in that.

  • Imagine people one day talk about fat shame of a dog and won’t allow it to lose weight because it should love itself for whoever it is.

  • Quite literally, this is the only cookbook you’ll ever need. 20 delicious, Keto-Friendly, Whole Food Recipes, conveniently sorted by meal times:
    For more info check out this link:

  • I’m 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I’ve lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it’s actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up.

  • I really think that Keto Diet depends a lot of the lifestyle of each person and how carb sensitive they are.

    I went keto for about half a year and I felt terrible, I started to lost hair, I lost my period and had low energy everyday even though I was doing clean and healthy keto.

    So I discovered that my body feels better in a moderate to high carb diet with appropriate calorie intake for my body.

    Now I can lose weight eating whatever I want in moderation and I have lots of energy all the time also my hair stopped falling and my hormones are getting back to healthy levels.

  • I lost 19 lbs since last month. It works. I started 16:8 for the first week and went to 20:4. I would go on with OMAD but I’m sticking with 20:4 for the next month until my body can handle it.

  • In Russia there are strikes of people. While Putin is engaged in foreign policy, domestic politics in Russia is collapsing. People are not happy with the changes in laws. The Russian people are furious.

  • I do keto have for awhile. I needed to lose weight and it works. Did this Dr. need to lose any weight? My doctor said it’s working for you and your blood work is great. Keep doing it.

  • I’m so confused.. in the beginning you said obviously loved.. but he was dropped at a kill shelter?? Who kills a healthy happy animal? A hateful monster

  • I been doing Keto for about 3 months. It hasnt changed my lifestyle too much. I get to eat a lot of healthy things and eat way better than I used to.

  • Wonderful, thank you Klaus I love this man… he is so great… I recently bought the cookbook How not to die for my parents… hoping that it will finally help them to change their diet…

  • Just pre-ordered my copy. I almost never pre-order anything, but I know Greger is solid gold. Plus you just can’t resist that enthusiasm. LOL!

  • Thanks Michael. I have done 5 and 7 days fasts….I also regularly do Dr. Fungs 42 to 48 hour fast ( he does this with patients)with awesome weight and health results. I am flirting with the idea of a 30 day fast. I know you aren’t a Dr. and you aren’t offering advice….but could you share how you personally prepared for the 30 day? Thanks!

  • Hello everyone! I’m considering going keto to lose weight especially body fat but I still don’t understand how will my body be burning stored fat if I still add more fat?? Anybody know the answer?

  • My experience with the keto diet: It’s not awful like classical low calorie dieting, but you don’t feel great either like when you’re eating to satisfaction, a full meal with all your macro and micro nutrients, after a hard workout. You kind of feel 70-80% all the time. Your appetite is pretty much gone, but you’re never satisfied either, you don’t feel weak, but you don’t feel awesome either. All around you feel kind of worked up all the time. I think that people that say they feel more focused on keto had a really bad lifestyle before going on keto, and confuse the raised cortisol and adrenaline with a clear mind. I don’t think being in survival mode for months on end can be too good for the brain. Can’t wait to go back to the gym and have my baked potatoes and fruits again. That being said, fat is melting away with keto.

  • Many people nowadays are working to find out the best method to drop weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that will work for you is tough to discover. A crucial thing you need to understand is that a diet is effective for one person may not operate for another. So you have to know what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. Therefore we have decided to give you a fantastic look at the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This may give you enough info to find out if this is something that is appropriate to your requirements. Read more here

  • Love this! Very educational and would love more diet review videos. It’ll help keep everyone informed and debunk a lot of those myths. Safe to say I will probably never do the keto diet, I love pasta too much ����

  • I came across the Quick Guide to Keto, I realized I have to share it with you because it: says exactly what to eat and what to do.

  • Preordered the book and off to get some more garlic and ginger. Love, love, love Dr Greger!! He lets me have smoothies, plus a few seeds and nuts.

  • Seems to be carrying a lot more pudge around the middle than I remember him having.  I suppose you can overdo anything in life, even a healthy diet.

  • finally I have found someone like me with the “itchy nose syndrome” it happens suddenly and my nose tip get itchy as hell, I feel like it’s some sort of allergy to some things

  • I know keto is a thing and i did that as much as possible, but being asian myself, i wonder how peoples from pre modern era can stay healthy as being an asians means no rice = no eat. Are foods these days is just that bad?

  • So I’ve gone on keto/low carb just over a week ago, I actually enjoy the food so much and have gone out to restaurants a few times in this time (I’m home for summer so it’s like a long holiday eating out will be a part of that) and I’ve gotten around ordering something super yummy yet keto friendly every single time if you cook enough and know your ingredients it is quite sustainable

  • I’m following Ketogenic diet for last 5 years, What I learned from it
    *Super easy to follow once you are adapted which takes around 15 to 45 days.
    *Only after you are keto adapted you get all the brain related benefits( more focus, occasional high:p, no brain fogs and super concentration as I can sit at one place and work for about 8 hours without running for food or snacks)
    *8 weeks ON Keto and next 4 weeks OFF keto works for me as by doing that I face less Keto issues like dry skin, hair loss, occasional tingling in finger tips etc.
    * Do not cheat on a regular interval it increases your cravings for carbs, If you don’t cheat there will be no cravings.
    *You can’t judge this diet just by trying it for a week or so cause that’s just the transition period and you don’t see many benefits and because of your system changing to fat friendly from carb you may feel pathetic about it.
    *There are many tips and tricks I can share but this is becoming very long comment, I have a page on facebook with the name ‘Himalayan Keto adaptation’ where i occasionally share my experience and keto recipes.


    Love this eBook. Easy and delicious meals and a great 4 week grocery list. Loved every recipe. It’s 60% off right now!!

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a google search search. On there you will discover that an awesome suggestions about how you can lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  • Man, you sure look great! Love this easy going chat and the filming. Glad you’re in better health. I’m trying to bang out my first five consecutive days in a row. I’ve been doing OMAD for weeks.

  • The keto diet made me lose 30 pounds in about 1 year it’s amazing, I feel happier more energetic, and I don´t need to eat bread, or candy, I don’t have back pain anymore, The doctor said I had to get a surgery, but guess who doesn’t have to anymore, I love keto!

  • Thanks for the Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you researched Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good one off product for learning how to quickly lose weight minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got cool success with it.

  • when they flipped the food chart upside down, people turned into cows, by the way when you want to fatten up cattle you give them grains interesting, also look at the videos on utube, where they show pictures and also videos in the early 1900’s, for some reason you never see an obese person, this greger is a complete FOOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Brendan Egan says, “They had keto naive and keto adapted individuals in that [study] and the bump that they got in terms of BHB concentration was similar between the groups so there is that added affect of increasing concentrations of VHB if you’re already on a ketogenic diet. Curlsandcurves81, Megan Smith.

  • Healthy keto. 7-10 cups of veggies a day. No processed meats. No processed oils. Mediterranean keto even. The best diet there is period. Unhealthy keto. Processed meat. Processed oils. Not enough veggies. One of the worst diets there is period. Pretty simple. Do Keto right!

  • Nice Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (probably on Google)? It is a good one off product for learning how to quickly lose weight minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy at last got great success with it.

  • Years ago, I heard a doctor say that he would NOT allow any product with hydrogenated oils of any kind into his home. The demo showing what hydrogenated oils do was trying to push shortening through a clear tube the size of a garden hose. It literally blocks veins/arteries! Lots of products, including Crisco, contain hydrogenated oils.

  • Wtf who kills a dog, because it didnt surrender its rights to eat as much as it wants

    If anything had to get put down it would be the person who wanted to kill da doggo

    Why would anyone wanna do that?

    Oh right because some people wanna go to hell of

  • The ‘crackpot’ Dr Greger refers to is Anthony William whose work is helping hundreds of thousands to heal from chronic illness all over the world. If there is no science behind celery juice it’s simply because it hasn’t been done. Celery juice has reversed my partner’s gut issues and brought back my sleep after suffering insomnia for years. Our skin is glowing. Anthony’s work may not fit into Greger’s scientific world but that doesn’t mean anything. The problem with academics is that they are lost in their facts and figures and anything that may present itself outside of that is not deemed worthy of their time. Perhaps Dr Greger can try and explain why so many are healing under Anthony William’s suggested protocols. Anthony has brought something new to the table and that is an antiviral diet that is designed to pull out all the heavy metals that is keeping us sick. I have reversed my rheumatoid arthritis even though I have been vegan for years. I have followed the advice of all the plant based doctors out there and even though it all helped, nothing took me to the next level which is finally healing until I followed Anthony’s advice. His books were life changing for me. One needs to just go into his Insta account to see all the healing testimonialsfrom MS, autism, RA, weight loss, every kind of autoimmune disease, etc. I would rather see people based evidence than facts and figures that only look good on paper. Science is always changing and studies are not always accurate. So Anthony isn’t a doctor and has no science behind him? Who cares when you see those close to you healing from issues no one else including alternative doctors have been able to help them with. Perhaps there is something ‘bigger’ than what we understand and science may be limiting us in this knowledge. I have always been a fan of Dr Greger’s and bought his last book but his slur on someone else making a difference is arrogant and low. Perhaps he is unhappy that he has competition from someone who has a massive following and helping so many, including losing tons of weight. Let’s hope Greger’s new book is bringing something new to the table and not rehashed info that other plant based doctor’s have already put out. I will give it a miss.

  • The generosity of this man and his willingness to share his knowledge will never cease to amaze me. Soldier on, Dr Greger. We are listening.

  • Wonder ful..sir.. but could you please tell me.. did you had any operation for the loose skin or.. this too automatically adjusted…,please respond sir.

  • The problem with this supposed science based diet research is that we have had science for a while now, and humans always find a way to corrupt things, including science. Look back at the history and the supposed scientific solutions have been all over the place, and mostly wrong. Why is this any different? There are already a ton of videos that are contrary to this, not to mention the hundreds if not thousands, if not millions of comments about how terrible or great some diet is and why based on how insults and lies? How is anyone supposed to know what the truth is… and if they go the vegan route… what kind of vegan to be, and mostly how to get food on a daily basis that sustains our health and that we like to eat?

  • I was considering trying keto for its effects on the brain and epilepsy. I had brain surgery in 2017 to remove a cavernoma and now am on anti seizure meds long term. I thought this might have benefits for me as far as brain helping but after seeing this an that there isn’t much science to prove that it helps with these concerns, I will be rethinking this now. Thanks, Dr. Mike!

  • So clearly the audio and video on Klaus wasn’t the best. Instead of covering the wide shots with that atrocious text, you could have Klaus overdub his questions so that he’s actually audible. Then re-edit the video so it mostly features Greger’s face, even while Klaus is asking his questions. I know, everyone’s a critic.

  • Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine)? I have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • My dad lost 100lbs. I visited Next Level Diet and followed their steps. I only selected food he likes and they provided me with FULL PACKET in seconds. I got 30 days DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS, and HEALTHY RECIPES as well.

  • I’m doing keto AND I love cookies and cream milkshakes. While I’m definitely losing weight my heart still longs for the sweet, crunchy vanilla goodness of a pint of the good stuff. Looking forward to a couple of months when I ween myself back onto a balanced amount of carbs.

  • I feel like I’m living in bizarro world. How do people listen to this man about being healthy, losing weight, not aging, etc? He’s skinny fat with a bloated gut and arms the size of toothpicks, has weird skin, terrible teeth, and no hair. What is going on?????

  • On Day 3 I’m still hungry! (_)but more lightheaded. But I agree, I felt hungrier when I was actually eating regular meals. It’s more a mental desire to eat than my stomach asking for food…my family does not want me to fast and tempt me.

  • Thick glasses, no muscle tone, skinny fat “spare tyre” around the middle… not to mention the MASSIVE overcomplication of weight loss theories and reliance on pseudoscience… and, of course, avoidance of pics and anecdotes that show actual body composition because he doesn’t want to take his top off… How does anyone still listen to poor old Greger? Can’t wait until this new carnivore study comes out. I wonder how he will answer that one.

  • I quickly read the title of the video, and thought the title of the book was a typo for a second.

    Anyways, I need to read his book “How not to die”. I really like his YouTube channel and keep meaning to get around to reading his book.

  • I appreciate Dr. Gregor so much! Thank you for all the research you do and thank you for helping to change my life! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  • Try fasting guys…. u can lose a lot of weight without exercising, even though we need to exercise. Lots of videos on YouTube about different types of fasting. I use the intermittent and alternate day fasting.

  • Not sure if it’s just from losing weight (87kilos to 45) but many people commented on how I look younger. I was only 8 months on keto before having to stop because I am now underweight. A tip: Be a habitual label reader and learn the hidden names for sugar (especially since there are so many other names for sugar).

  • 7/2/2020
    I’m on my second day of fasting. It’s not too hard since I sometimes would do it without even knowing. I weigh 192, my goal is 130. I’ll update y’all in a week. I’m not eating any sort of junk food.

    UPDATE 7/4/2020:
    so like.. i did eat just a little.. literally a small handful of fries.. BUT i have so far lost 2 inches on my waist and i’m assuming it’s the bloating that’s gone. I am 18 years old. im still going to continue but this time i will actually stay away from junk food.

  • Great teaching, but why is he so fast….? my brain can’t catch it all!
    p.s. how is it that the Pharma has allowed him to be so educational and honest?

  • Love Dr Gregor’s enthusiasmespecially as he’s trying to explain vital information:)))) Wish I was back in school with Dr Gregor instructing!

  • People are dying from created diseases so that the earth’s population is reduced below the current number of 9 Billion but is rising fast.
    The good doctor forgot to mention that we have the Fat Gene, and that is a big factor too in our obesity epidemic.

  • Love this guy because he is no BS. Interesting slam about the celery juice. Hmm, wonder who he is referring to. �� I’ll buy this book. When I first went vegan, I ate mostly whole unprocessed foods. Lost 33 lbs in 3 months. Over the past year though, I started working in more processed vegan stuff. Slowly the pounds have crept back—not all, but too many for my liking! The key for me is to eat at home and stay higher raw vegan. You can go eat vegan food at restaurants or even the Whole Foods salad/hot bar, but they use SO much oil, even in plain rice. Ugh, why?! I need to stick with home cooking and packing my lunch for work. Oh, and maybe if I took a walk now and then instead of watching videos, eh?

  • I’m doing 24:1 so I only eat for 1 hour a day from 4pm-5pm (after I come back from the gym) but I have a protein shake before I go to the gym because I need some energy after fasting for nearly 24 hours so does that protein shake break the fast technically?

  • Keto diet is awesome!
    There is a free article that i love…it has all the things you need about nutrients, what is keto, keto benefits, what you should eat etc.
    Check the link to learn some keto:)@t

  • i could follow his diets too the letter, but i watched a video the other day about how he promotes articles about the nutritionl values on nuts based on research funded by nut companies, dr esselston even questioned his research made me rething what i thought i knew about dr greger, i was a blind follower because he does so much research i never questione who payed for the research he promotes:-(

  • I have been trying this Elevacity product for memory and focus and it actually works as a weight loss product too. Here is my blog of my journey and the product. I do not sell the product!!

  • We all should be passionate about what we put in our family’s mouth like Dr. Greger. thank you so much! even if my family criticizes me being too much on eating organic and vegan food, I will keep my current diet. because it FEELS great eating plant-based whole food!!!!!!!! and at the same time, I am glad that I can be part of helping the environment and small farmers. Vegan is the future!