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Why I’m Deleting My YouTube Videos

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro


Meals w/ Matty! {MwM} Full Day of Eating Ep.4

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro


Halo Top Taste Test and Review | ALL NEW FLAVORS (The Best Healthy Ice Cream)

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro


We All Start Somewhere

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro


Did I Miss YouTube?

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro


Best Home Workouts To Get You Through Coronavirus (No Equipment Required)

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro


Full Day of Eating | Flexible Dieting Lifestyle

Video taken from the channel: Matty Fusaro

Fusaro Fitness is set out to inform and educate the masses on nutrition and training while motivating people to transform their lives. The mission is to insp. Halo Top Taste Test and Review | ALL NEW FLAVORS (The Best Healthy Ice Cream) by Matty Fusaro.

10:23. Let’s Do This More Often | Alphalete NYC. The top-viewed videos from Matty Fusaro’s YouTube channel. Menu. Cancel View cart.

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18:32. Mix Play all Mix Matty Fusaro YouTub. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

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How To Build Bigger Biceps [FULL VIDEO] I uploaded a new YouTube video sharing 3 different biceps exercises that you. East Coast Collab! This is the first of a few videos from the YouTube collab. This one is very basic and shows myself traveling to Rhode Island to meet Brandon Campbell of Campbell Fitness.

37.2k Followers, 298 Following, 1,668 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from MATTY FUSARO (@mattyfusaro).

List of related literature:

He searches Google, YouTube, and MySpace for skate videos.

“Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research” by Leila Christenbury, Randy Bomer, Peter Smagorinsky
from Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research
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He has ten videos in total.

“Thesis Writing for Master's and Ph.D. Program” by Subhash Chandra Parija, Vikram Kate
from Thesis Writing for Master’s and Ph.D. Program
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Chris Pirillo has recorded more than 1,000 videos in the past year, made the Top 100 Most Subscribed on YouTube and has the distinction of being the number one hit on Google for the word Chris.

“The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success” by Lon Safko
from The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success
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He has videos of some of the most famous young yo-yo players in the country.

“Spectrum Word Study and Phonics, Grade 3” by Spectrum
from Spectrum Word Study and Phonics, Grade 3
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Freestyle (Burleigh Heads, Qld), v.4, Autumn 1994: 24-25 (Clothing / Water sports* / Manufacturing* / Tariffs / Surfwear) Greg goes off, quietly [Surfer, Greg Anderson, leaves the international professional surfing circuit).

“APAIS 1994: Australian public affairs information service” by National Library of Australia
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He was featured in Momentum (1992), and more than a dozen other surf videos, then went behind the camera to coproduce Thicker Than Water, Surfer magazine’s Video of the Year in 2000.

“The Encyclopedia of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw
from The Encyclopedia of Surfing
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To date, he has posted close to 300 videos; he posts at least one video per month, sometimes as often as once a week.

“YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business” by Michael Miller
from YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business
by Michael Miller
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To go beyond the top 10, we perform some iteration to get some more videos in the list.

“Python Social Media Analytics” by Siddhartha Chatterjee, Michal Krystyanczuk
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One of the founders of YouTube, Jawed Karim, states that Matt’s video is his favorite.

“Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business” by Erik Qualman
from Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business
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One of the founders of YouTube, Jawed Karim, stated that Matt’s video was his favorite.

“Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business” by Erik Qualman
from Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business
by Erik Qualman
Wiley, 2012

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Damn man haven’t seen your videos in a while nice content love the food practicing flexible diet is new to me intermediate diet has been getting me to over eat but clean meals. So decided to look for flexible dieting channels and found yours again and feel less guilty.

  • @Matty Fusaro make an inventory of the older videos you’re removing and use that as a reminder for newer, more up-to-date videos on the same subject matter (or correction). I did that with my blog posts on an excel spreadsheet (or Google Sheet). I updated the article, either make it evergreen or more up-to-date with newer information, and republished it. Out of 300 or so articles, I still have like 100 to do. But it’s crazy the amount of new subscribers I get because of the updated content. Anyway, I’m blabbing. Good luck and keep up the great content.

  • too many negative comments on this, can tell how much effort you’re putting into everything and its really paying off man, great video

  • The hodgetwins should take notes. Hundreds of videos with misinformation that are still up. Dat Dere YT money. Oh yea and Matty the tittle is a bit misleading but good video.

  • Bro, if you think JFK is bad when it comes to getting back into your terminal….LGA is even worse! especially considering it’s under construction

  • Great vid as always! Especially like the closing comments. Appreciate your efforts in providing quality and informative content. Keep it up!

  • I feel most fitness Youtber’s are forgetting why we started watching these videos in the first place. Everyone is focusing on the fancy editing, drone shots etc when I feel most people want the personal touch back to youtube. Youtube gives an insight into people’s lives, that’s what people are after. People are working with videographer’s now.

    Just get the camera in your hand and keep it personal, non scripted and fun. I personally aren’t looking for fancy editing or crazy shots, it’s the person behind the camera that keeps me watching, not the fancy edits or scripted commentary.

  • Never seen your channel before, your content looks like one of the real deal channels in training. Subscribing and bingeing your past uploads, and no need to worry about not being on YT for a while, live your life.

  • Wow Matty been wondering where you’ve been. Been subbed when you had around 10K subs, but haven’t seen your channel in recent years.

  • This makes sense. I had the same with writing. I write brogs (creative writing). Looking back at some old stuff, I just feel like deleting it.

  • I know I’ve been absent from YouTube for quite some time, but I felt as though it was my responsibility to show up here and provide you with some resources and workouts you can do during this time and I understand how important it is for us to take care of ourselves and loved ones, and now more than ever we need to prioritize our health, fitness, and mindset. Let’s get through this together.Thank you for checking out the video and I hope you enjoy the free at-home training programs. Stay safe everyone. -Matty

  • Dude that Friday night lights idea is awesome. For someone like me that doesn’t go to bars and clubs anymore…I would definitely attend.

  • Hey Matty, I hope that you don’t mind some honest criticism… Yes, the new videos looks incredible… but It feels like the actual value and content is kind of suffering lately. After initially being impressed by the cinematic quality and once that wow-effect is gone, it just feels like I’m watching eye-candy instead of informative content. Maybe its just me, but I usually prefer videos that get to the point, deliver the information as precise and clearly as possible and don’t waste my time with unnecessary filler stuff. I hope this perspective of a long time viewer is of some help to you.

  • Hi Matty,
    I met you at the Arnold Australia and honestly you were by far the most genuine person I met there. I spoke to you about the hate you get and do not understand it at all, do not change for anybody. You bringing it up on your social media just brings attention to it and will only fuel the fire.
    Just create content because YOU want to, do what makes YOU happy.
    You are in an incredible position, I guarantee all the “haters” are simply jealous of what you have created.
    Cannot wait to meet you again and watch all your videos to come!
    Keep it real, and enjoy the gym you have created:)

  • That’s hilarious. I’ve got a couple of vids I would like to take down. And I just started my channel a couple of months ago. Way to admit you’re wrong sometimes it’s not always easy.

  • I don’t think it’s Matty’s videos gone bad..I think it pretty much in same continent it was. It just we all want too much, because of youtubers ( as example ) christian, maxx.. because of their continent, we expect same from him.

  • I been saying this for 2years…….your videos and editing better than the people that has more views and subs!! your a good gut an d those other dudes rude and take life for granted get it all which don’t make sense to me…….”no 15 year old gonna get to me” lmaoo love it

  • Thanks Matty for the video! Unfortunately the timestamps in the description are not correct, you might want to change the correct times.:)

  • Matty
    Great video very down to earth much appreciated I’ve followed you for a while incorporated a lot of your suggestions and I’m down 40 lbs
    Thanks for the motivation

  • glad to see you’re back, keep putting out content and i’ll make sure to throw a like. Found you from a video where you were being very real about struggling, and i want to keep showing my support.

  • eating some protein cheesecake while watching your video:)
    try it out, it’s really good. mix together 250g of low fat cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 1 scoop of protein powder and bake ita at 175 celsius for 25 min. i topped mine with some stawberries, peanuts and some cereal, hope you give it a try:)

  • Good to see you Matty. I completely agree with what you said. This is one of my favorite times of the new year because I love to see the new faces at the gym trying to improve themselves. Puts a smile on my face

  • But what about the textures!?!? It’s been my experience that different flavors actually have different textures, some seem to be softer than others.

  • When I first started working out you and Christian were the first people I followed in the fitness industry, always been genuine and real. Great to see you back on youtube����

  • Glad to see you back! This kind of content gets me pumped to train wayyy harder this year! I already started, and I’m loving it! Keep it up!

  • I get the feeling that there’s an unfair pre-biased distaste for the green tea in all these reviews I’ve seen. But maybe it really is just bad haha. I just don’t see it being a hard flavor to make. Guess we’ll find out soon though. Pumped to try all these. Dope review Matty. Still confused by all these dislikes

  • Weird. I thought candy bar was not very good at all. The chocolate flavor was light and fruity and the rest of the flavor was just nuts. It did not taste like any kind of candy bar I’ve ever had. Now Pancakes and Waffles was amazing and tasted scarily accurate.

  • Dayummmmm i was so hyped for thats Mochi flavor. Sounds interesting. But ill keep my eye out for Candy Bar and Cinnamon Roll��
    I think Birthday Cake will be hard to top though. That flavor is straight fireeeeeeeeee.

  • Great to see you again, really missed your videos! To everyone watching/reading comments like the video and share if you support!

  • Is one way better than the other….taking all 4 fish oil at once like that or spreading out one at four different meals? That’s what I do, jw, thanks

  • real talk! ur doing the right thing that most fitness  youtubers dont being accountable for the content u put out. i remember when i first started lifting, i got mislead with bro-advice/hippie shit and wasted so much time until i learned wat was right.

  • Dude you’re fucking awesome to watch and I’m wondering if it’s possible for anyone to snack on chips, Cereal, oatmeal which the best, if it fits your macros? You eat and enjoy whatever you want and aren’t strict on what you eat throughout the day and that’s great, you eat to your liking just trying to reach your macros. I feel like having some oatmeal now….

  • Trust me when I say 99% of you won’t even realize the videos that are gone. There are just a small handful that I’m not particularly happy about or feel will benefit anyone.

  • I have always wanted to try MyProtein. The POW website uses it for a lot of their recipes. Is it good? And how do you get it in the US?

  • Thank you for the heads up, can you list the ones you plan on taking down. I use lots of the videos as reference when conversing with friends.

  • You gotta do what you know is right. So follow that mantra. We all appreciate the time and effort you and all the guys that post on this medium put into it. Like any thing you surely need a break at times.

  • That epic BLT looks amazing.  I like the greek yogurt/choc pudding/puffs mixture idea.  Thanks for these full day of eating vids.  Love em!

  • excellent video..mad respect for you man. The beauty about this industry and science in general is that  things are constantly moving forward. Science once told us the world was flat It is important to give as accurate information as you can and takes a grown man to admit to his mistakes. Looking forward to the videos to come

  • Hey Matty! Keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job.

    I noticed that you took 4 fish oil soft gels. I take cod liver oil soft gel and the max it says on the label is just one a day. It’s 1000 mg btw. Are you taking 4 to reach the 1000 mg limit or are we meant to take more when working out?

  • For my biceps to develop, would you consider hitting biceps 3x a week with one exercise each day, or 2x week with 2 different exercises?

  • I might be wrong but the guy who owned my gym said to me that myprotine has been closed down twice by trading standards in last 2 or three years. I used to buy there stuff because it was cheap but now I got better job I buy more higher quality protine

  • It’s always good to remove information but I think those videos could have been great portals to the new information that you wanted to present but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes and I respect that. BTW I’m a noob just subbed to the channel like what I see so far.

  • That sandwich looks awesome! Sweet video man, if you like chocolate mint protein forza one has an awesome chocolate mint protein!

  • Your videos are really awesome. I just wanted to ask you. I have been working out and I gained some good results. But I still have a very annoying stubborn belly fat.(It decreased but now I think its stuck) Should I do more cardio or more strength or any other things? Thanks

  • Always great seeing a Matty Fusaro video notification!!! Looking forward to your upcoming content! Btw, your IG posts are great, always good information and/or motivation!

  • I’m 17 and eat 3000 calories a day, then again im 5’8 and weigh 130.. even doing this, gaining weight is super tough, wish i could eat that much and maintain or gain weight!

  • Great stuff matty, been waiting for a new vid. Myprotein is a awesome site, get all my shit from there here in the u.k and it’s cheap too. I got sent them container stacks too, come in useful. You need to try the banoffee flavour whey they do it’s real good

  • damn matty your fat is low as fuck!:) gotta say your macros are about the same as mine I do 200-220 protein, 300-320 carbs, 60-70 fat…I keep increasing the carbs like 10g each week tracking my weight love it easy peeszyyy

  • What is the name of the program or app to track your foods. Or could you recommend some.. I’m on android also maybe one for pc….Thanks I get some good ideas from ya

  • Ya, HodgeTwins should take down there Beta Alinine review. I for the longest didn’t try because of what they said. Tried it and it most definitely does work.

  • it’s ok for low calorie ice cream but a bit too much like eating crushed puree ice. i think skinny cow is far better.
    protein fluff FTW! always and forever. in fact just forget halotop altogether and go protein fluff! ☺

  • Man, I have not watched one of his videos in a long time. Still has not hit 200K. He used to be with Maxx and GC who have since grown way more.

  • Zach should open a restaurant!!
    All he’s recipe looks amazing but it require patience to cook all these macrofriendly recipe.
    I have he’s book which is amazing BTW, but I’d love to just sit in a restaurant ordering all this kind of meal!

  • The last clip with you and Zach sitting on the couch had some strange lighting. Looked a bit too gaussian blur-ish. Other than that, I feel like I’m watching a vlog done by a filmmaker. Nice job!

  • Hey Matty, I’ve been checking out your whole day of eating vids and I can say they’re really good and Im really learning. I recently got into fitness, they’re easy to understand and insightful. I got a questionn though. I’ve noticed you use an app to keep track of your macros. Would you mind telling me what is it called? So I can get it on my mobile. Peace out! Thanks

  • Matty, I think you should be giving fitness advices quite often. Down the road, the channel needs it for its og subscribers. Please make informative videos for us.

  • Matty I’m from the UK and use My Protein all the time and have got through almost every flavour, agreed the choc smooth isn’t great but the chocolate caramel is next level better than the mint!

  • It’s good that your taking down old video that have miss information because if someone finds one of those videos and believes you then they could be doing stuff wrong

  • Wise choice you have made and I fully understand the reasoning behind it.  Just don’t delete any of the ones that have recipes…lol

  • One of the OG’s! glad to see you’re doing well Matty, welcome back and thanks for your dedication to helping others with your passion!

  • I think this makes a lot of sense. When I write blog posts giving information/direction, I can go back and update them with new findings/methods. Since we can’t edit an already published video, I think taking them down and doing them over is the best way to handle it.


  • That is a really good move,we all make mistakes and we should learn from them,not to be embarrassed.I see so many people on youtube giving advice about a thing they think they have good information on,when in reallity they just know the basics,or ar not right at all.

  • hahaha, “unless I delete it”  good move, both deleting them and also explaining why before you got questions about where they went and why… etc.