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Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay (Egyptian Arabic: ممدوح السبيعي‎; born 16 September 1984) is an Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder who is a resident of Dubai. Elssbiay is often referred to by his nickname Big Ramy. Mamdouh Elssbiay Big Ramy Bio and Competition History Mamdouh Elssbiay is an Egyptian bodybuilder who was born in Cairo, Egypt.

As a son of a fisherman, Elssbiay worked the trade until his teenage years when he moved to Kuwait with his brothers. Location: Kuwait A late bloomer to the world of competitive bodybuilding, Big Ramy threw every ounce of himself into the sport in 2010. Incredibly, two years later he had earned his pro card by winning the Amateur Olympia. He began his pro career with a first place finish in New York, and went on to finish 8th in his first Olympia. Mamdouh Elssbiay is a professional bodybuilder, who broke the record of the heaviest bodybuilder to compete at the 2015 Mr.

Olympia, one of the prestigious events of his career. Elssbiay is married and has 2 children. Mamdouh Elssbiay Early Life and Education Elssbiay was born on September 16, 1984, in Baltim, Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt.

14 rows · Competition Weight: 286. Off-Season: 318. Competition History.

Year League Competition. Mamdouh is a married man. He also has three children with his oldest child being a girl, who was born on the eve of his debut at the New York Pro Championship 2013. OFFICIAL WEBSITE IFBB PRO BIG RAMY REAL NAME “Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay” | BIGRAMY WINNER ARNOLD CLASSIC 2017, BIGRAMY 2nd MR OLYMPIA 2017| BIGRAMY. Mamdouh Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy, is an Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder who lives in Jabriya, Kuwait.

Interestingly, Big Ramy won his IFBB pro card in 2012, just two years after he started weight training. After that, Ramy was always in the stoplight as a contender in all the professional competitions where he participated. Fig 1.

Mini Biography of Big Ramy: Here we come with new New York Pro 2013 the only and one o one Mamdouh The Big Ramy Elssbiay. Ramy also won last 2012 Kuwait Mr.Olympia title.Now he is preparing for Mr.Olympia competition.He was a not a professional Bodybuilder.He was a Fisherman basically then he started working out. Ramy got on the Professional Card for the first time in the Big Show in Kuwait IFBB Amateur Olympia 2012 Achieve the Dream of the Great Champion of the Disease his Career in Professional Sport Bodybuilding With the Man Who has Always Been Supporting Bader Boodai Gym owner of the largest in the world famous name Oxygen gym Where there Are all Training of Champion Big Ramy For 3.

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  • Much respect to ramy, but Ruhl will tear him apart, size, shape and defention, ruhl is rounded. The 70’s and 90′ s is the era to compete. Of course by time standards.

  • No matter wht people said about him we all know deep in our heart that he is the best nd he get everything need to be number 1 but…

  • Let me ask u one thing!! What is the use of getting this much muscular body? They are eating 20 people’s food at a time. How many people are suffering starvation in this world?????

  • NEXT to RAMY he would look like a KID.. This disgusting GUT.. And his BICEPS amd SHOULDER are full of some SHIT.. Also NO Triceps at all..

  • la verdad me quedo admirado lo q puede hacer los los estoroides hubiece sido bueno en q sean naturales,por que el deporte es salud

  • Aesthetics aside lets talk about this for a second. Ruhl is THAT big while being so shredded out of his mind he wouldn’t even sweat during the poses because he did have any water of fat to begin wit. I mean you could see a Christmas tree in a rear relax pose for gods sake. Ramy doesn’t even have one when he tries to flex his lower back. Pretty sure they are at least the same size in muscle mass and Ramy looks like he is deep in the off season guest posing next to Ruhl. No Markus takes this hands down without a shred of doubt.

  • On a side perspective and conditioning ruhl wins, but ramy is a little more complete, the blocky waist of ruhl holds him back, they’ve both got the freak factor but there’s a reason why ramy has won more pro shows than ruhl and we really haven’t seen the best of ramy as he hasn’t retired yet, we can’t really tell the future lol, both of them have great attributes.

  • Ramy is looking very soft/smooth here. Where is the definition or vascularity? Sure he’s really big, but I can’t even see his tricep. Most guys have cross striations in their tricep. I can’t even see his… And no most muscular (“crab”)? In my opinion, it seems like he kind of “phoned it in”. He didn’t really seemed interested…

  • ok so it’s 2020 and big ramy STILL doesn’t have the “deadlift hump” in his upper/ mid-back. without this feature, i don’t think ramy will ever win the olympia

  • Only now he knows how to perform back position.
    I mean that, internally, the backbone in that position has to be curved towards the front in order to pump back muscles.
    In past mr Olympias he used to curve his backbone to the back. That way his back only looks like a wall.

    His legs are more developped now. But he critically lacks hamstrings development.

  • I’m a huge Ramy fan, but he’s never come in conditioned. Ruhl is much more conditioned in these side by side videos. If Ramy could come in super hard, super lean, super vascular, and striated, he would be tough to beat. But I’m not sure Ramy has it in him to reach down deep and to diet hard enough to get to that crazy conditioning. I’d love to see it, but each year goes by and he’s never in that kind of shape.

  • We have 2020, and people still take these selfdestructing, unhealthy, completely deluded steroid/drug ABUSERS serious. Not only that, they are given a stage and are praised lol….wake up mongos, these people die faster than chainsmokers

  • Them tiny posing briefs catch all my attention -disracting from his immaculate physique! Then Big Ramy leaves the stage, cums down to mingle among the crowd of admirers! (don’t know if I could have controlled myself, refraining from cupping his big bulge, touching his God-like body!!

  • صراحة لست مختصا في رياضة كمال الاجسام.ولكن لشدة اهتمامي بابطال.العرب خاصة الذين وصلوا إلى العالمية الراقية
    الاحظ ان بيق رامي لا يتقن عملية عروض.
    عضلاته الجمالية كما يقدمها منافسيه.الاقل منه جمالا
    وقوة وعليه لابد أن يقتدي بغيره حتى يكتمل المشهد بكل احترافية كاملة والله يوفقه وينجحه.امين

  • Im sure he got a ton of his $$ by selling his false advertising products. Unlike the rip-off roids they try and sell online at @t under the guise of the actual names of real anabolic steroids, he is on the real ones. It is literally impossible to get “real” OXANDROLONE (ANAVAR) ANAVAR nowadays. but sure enough, you’ve got it in ready supply on your site though. How about actually sending what the label says that it is and we could look just like….well, bigger.

  • He has been working on his balance, we can see. Calves are improved. Traps and back are getting massive. Shoulders are always massive. Hope he would trim down the waistline when it is show time. Keep working hard ��

  • I hope these fake ass judges they don’t treat you like they did to nasser elsonbaty! I don’t know! They feel ashamed if someone from third world win in they own land! PERIOD

  • objectively speaking, this was a very good showing for ramy.
    it’s just that the expectations for him were set so damn high, that everyone failed to look at what ‘IS’ and just focused on what ‘COULD BE’.

  • all props goes to Markus Rhul,bcoz he is more conditioned,his calves,bicep peak,chest stirations are tremendous.
    Big Ramy has always suffered due to lack of conditioning,he looks soft in front of Markus

  • So grotesque. Everyone here thinks bigger is always better. An elephant’s ass is bigger than Jessica Alba, but surely Jessica is “better.”

  • Big Ramy would look like Little Ramy next to Rühl. Just like Big Ron looked like Little Ron. That insane width just dwarfs everyone and everything.

  • ماركوس انشف من البيج رامي بكتير اووي لسه بدري عالبيج عشان يوصل للناس دي متجبش حد لسه بيتمرن 7 سنين وناس بقالها اكتر من 15 سنه بتلعب

  • For Big Ramy no. 1 qualification to win Mr. Olympia you have be an American that’s it! Mr. Olympia competition was ruled by politics and influence…..

  • Iam sure his heart is bigger than normal person that could lead to sudden death, due anabolic steroids,These guys are not healthy they just ruins there internal vital system by just getting one title..Hope you all knew about various body builder who died of these anabolic steroids..So plz my frnds never ever touch such steroids,iam also a trainer and i not even suggest to take even protein powder, just grab it from natural source…

  • He’s never looked better!!! This is arguably the best conditioning I’ve ever seen Big Ramy in onstage. If he peels one, final layer/film of subcutaneous water more… He could contend for 1st place at the 2020 Olympia.

  • Both are huge thick bull muscle freaks BUT for me it has to be Markus Rhul HUGE thick bull muscle he is MY ULTIMATE MUSCLE FANTASY!!

  • Ну большой человек, ну а практическая польза какая? Да не какой. Мое мнение это больной человек,перекормленный медикаментами, протеинами, с набором болезней.

  • Spoiler alert. It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen then & it won’t happen in the future. He’s too big and politics will prevent him winning.


  • No point to compare. Markus piss all over Ramy. Best thing is that Markus was considered soft and struggled with conditioning in his time. Compared to Ramy he looks ripped to fuck.

  • What’s messed up is Ramy won’t even be considered when it comes time to hand down the 1st place trophy when he faces the King of Bubble….Bubble…Bubble guts Phil, and Ramy is looking top of the line….paper thin skin and toned like a brick shit house…politics, you have to love them right Greene (rhetorical).

  • Abhi recently apne bataya ki big ramy ki 7th position aayi thi 2016 ke Olympia me or iss video me 8 position bata rahe ho. Why are you sharing the wrong information??

  • Marks ruhl is winner
    In 2018 Olympia as compare to 90 Olympia is not staff as compare to all legend flex, Ronnie, Shawn,marks,lee every bodybuilder is a legend

  • That right there is an unbeatable structure. Like Chad Nicholas said, Ramy has the true potential for becoming the best ever bodybuilder. Just has to nail down that conditioning.

  • Mr. Aviral make a video on what happens to the body builder when he gets retire.. what happens to the muscles.. why do they shrink

  • That’s what should be called bodybuilding build the body and yea big ramy he has built that body for me he is the best and I am 100% if he put together…… Just wawww

  • بصراحه ودى رائي الشخصى رامى يستحق أول كثافة عضلية مهوله وسمتيريه ايه يعنى منطقه القطنية محتاج شغل بسيط جدا والقلف طب ماهو متفوق فى باقى الجسم الموضوع عنصريه ذي ماكان بيحصل زمان مع ارنولد واللعب إللى ابنه بيلعب بنفس الاسم دلوقت

  • He has the best genetics of all time over 310lbs no bubble gut like unlike Coleman but for some reason he can’t get the detail and condition required

  • Every video reaffirms my love for bodybuilding. I’m a noob still mirin and dreaming and training to be like Big Ramy. But someday I will get there.

  • PREGNANT RÜHL.. No LEGS.. weak BACK.. also injecting some SHIT in his BICEPS and SHOULDERS.. Would never place in his BEST SHAPE TOP 3 in any Mr. O!! His WAIST was so wide like hes PREGNANT!!

  • Bhai pls Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman and shawn ray ki bhi aise hi video banao Arnold ki bhi…Apne abhi tak aise inki video nahi banai

  • He is a real massive thing…. Curry was lucky that Ramy was not on stage and Roelly came off….. he is a real package…. 2020 Mr olympia for sure…if he is maintaining this package. Need needs to improve his back double bisceps…thats all i felt where he should improve.

  • Flex wheeler me sahi bola lekin aaj ke bodybuilder ko bhi him ignore nAhi kar sakte but pahle ke bodybuilders or aaj ke bodybuilders me Fark he.

  • Markus hulls was many many rimes robbed bye that stupids juggeds on stage * he destroiers many buddy bilders even thos Day at hes best shap back on those Days no thougts at all my Friends lol

  • Ahhh why don’t bodybuilders hold their poses, the millisecond their into the pose they are out of it, hold the pose for fuck sake,

  • lol at the cars and 10 million $$. i f he owns a car it will be at most a toyota camry. There isn’t much money in bodybuilding unless for very few guys. also i am very familiar with egyptian people they are very conservative when it comes to spending a money. a Ferrari?? get outta here.

  • So happy I found your channel, thanks for sharing and being so awesome! Hopefully you will subscribe back to me and check out my videos too, that would mean the world to me:-D

  • He needs to completely stop doing those heavy legs workouts..
    .he doesn’t need the size. All he should do is lunges and leg extensions.

  • is it me or his legs got even bigger than they were LOL, he should really completely stop straining legs and bring his upperbody to match those “THINGS”

  • Flex said in exactly the way it should tell…he is all time legend and Sultan of symmetry yet never won Mr. Olympia title…the biggest difference with 90’s & modern era is size + great conditioning…90’s was the best era in bodybuilding…

  • The different is light and tan.. if light and tan of markus ruhl change to big ramy.. you can see big ramy more better more than ruhl.. deal with it..

  • boy, oh boy is he on trakc
    damn, for a second i thought he’s a competitor, he’s IN SHAPE for guest posing, HOPEFULLY he’ll be SHREDDED in arnold and we finally see him CRUSHING OTHERS with his physique

  • Ruhl have more conidition than ramy however not enough to beat ramy superior genetics ramy will still beat him by far in mr olympia ruhl wouldnt make it top 6

  • Hii brother….. Namaste….. Sabse aapka voice best lagta hai…..So mera ek request hai…… Lazar Angelov ka biography video banao pls.

  • Looks good but needs help with posing routine. At no point does he ever bring each pose home, lock it in and pause for a moment. And stop closing your eyes at the top of each pose. Makes an otherwise great physic look weak.

  • Ramy is on a mission. He’s going to blow it up this year. He will attack the stage with his massive guns and terrorize his competitors.

  • Pichle kuch dino SE Aapke videos dekh RHA Hun… Ek advice h.. Jo AAP KR rhe ho vo best h.. koi dusre channel ko reply ya comparison ki jrurt nhi h… Aapne nhi Kia h ab tk but koi bhonke to bhi Mt krna…
    Aap aise hi took the point discuss kijie aapke subjects PE…
    Supperb… Mind blowing Analysis… Bohot hi clear.. keep it up

  • Main 2020 mr olampia main phil heath ko dekhna chahta hai…jab phil mr Olympia 2020 banke ek war shawan ronden ki taraff dekhne..or smill kare like king of mr olampia 8×….l..l.

  • Big ramy samne se big lagta hai but jab poss marta hai koi luk nhi ati..jst side chest wala poss vdia hai…rammt ka….big rammy ek peacefull athlete hai..

  • بيج رامي بطل العالم بلا منازع في كمال الاجسام ماشاء الله عليه وربي يحميه وراسنا مرفوع فيك احسن اخلاق وبطل العالم تحياتنا لبيج رامي الكوتش سمير السوري من المانيا

  • Its an aweful editing…the entire video you showed BIG RAMY in full length and Markus in half i.e. closer. Ofcourse the closer image looks bigger to intrained ignorant eyes. Well played!

  • 90’s bodybuilder are the bestest ever, today’s bodybuilders are just toddlers in front of them.
    If 90’s bodybuilders are 100% then today’s bodybuilders are just 10% in front of them