Maintaining Gains During Ramadan


Building Muscle & Keeping Gains During Ramadan

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3 Ways To Keep Your Muscle During Ramadan

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Here are five nutritional strategies to ensure you keep all of your muscle mass this Ramadan: When breaking the 16-hour fast it is critical to get in these vital nutrients. First is making sure you’re adequately hydrated with not only Prioritize getting adequate protein in the 8-hours of allowed. In the weeks and days leading up to Ramadan, try to give your training an extra push, more than normal, via increased volume and/or intensity, is a great option. Knowing that during Ramadan, you can still train, but at a reduced intensity with.

1. Keep Getting Stronger. The #1 thing you have to do to build muscle is to progressively get stronger so during Ramadan if you’re lifting heavier weights, doing more reps and/or more sets with or without these fast muscle building tricks to get stronger each time you workout then it’ll be impossible for you not to gain any muscle because A Stronger Muscle is A Bigger Muscle. · Keep your workout to a medium or at a low intensity.

This period is not to gain muscle. It is to preserve and maintain your gains. · Keep your workout duration short. Listening to your body is key, but if you want to train, he advised keeping workouts light during daylight hours. Steering clear of salty, processed foods will help you stay hydrated and keep.

If you feel able to give it a go, follow these guidelines to maximize fat loss whilst maintaining muscle mass: • Keep it light weight (and stay around 12-15 reps). You are very unlikely to make any muscle gains during Ramadan. • Keep your workouts short, around 30 minutes. • Train around 4-5 days a. With long hours of fasting without food or water, and limited time to get to the gym, it can be tempting to abandon your regular training and diet during Ramadan. However, this can really set you back and undo all your hard-earned progress. It’s really important to keep training regularly during Ramadan to maintain muscle mass and strength.

10 tips to avoid weight gain during Ramadan News | Khaleej Times Make your favourite Ramdan recipes healthier by avoiding deep frying whenever possible. The long fasting window can take a toll on your gains. Prolonged fasting is counter-productive to building muscle.

To manage this, you need to. During the month of Ramadan, your focus should become doing everything in your power to at least maintain muscle mass and strength. Trust me, even that will be hard to do.

To build or maintain muscle mass, you need to be consuming enough calories and simultaneously stimulating muscle growth via resistance training.

List of related literature:

Muslims, for example, break the daily fast during Ramadan each night with hearty eating (Messina 1988).

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On the ninth day, break your fast in the morning with omelet and yellow rice (rice cooked with turmeric juice).

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It is recommended to fast the entire month of Sha’ban and join it with Ramadan.

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During the 30 days of Ramadan, people pray, fast, and refrain from drinking during the day and eat only at night.

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You have to get up for Sehri early before dawn, stop all eating and drinking precisely at the breaking of dawn, do such and such work and abstain from such and such work during the day, take Iftar in the evening exactly at the time of sunset, then have dinner and relax, then hurry up for Taravih.

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Every year, in the month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar, Muslims should fast during the day, and eat and drink only between sunset and sunrise.

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Fasting for a whole day and eating only one meal on the second day, he who pours libations upon his sacred fire for the period of a whole year,—verily, he who observes such a fast and attends every day to his fire and rises every day from bed before sunrise, attains to the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice.

“The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa (Complete)” by Anonymous
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Although no food or liquid is to be consumed from sunrise (Sahur) to sunset (Iftar), Muslims eat a greater variety of foods during Ramadan than during the rest of the year and increase their intake of sugary foods and drinks (Dima-Cozma and Cozma 2012).

“Health and Well-Being in Islamic Societies: Background, Research, and Applications” by Harold G. Koenig, Saad Al Shohaib
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Every year, in the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast from dawn until sundown abstaining from food and drink.

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For me, one of those times came during the holy month of Ramadan, when devout Muslims must fast from sunup to sundown every day.

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  • As Elliot Hulse says if you’re worried about losing gains during Ramadan then don’t do Ramadan! Simple as! It defeats the point if you’re being narcissistic during it

  • I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years and it absolutely works. Going hard for max gain after Ramadan is new to me. I appreciate it. Peace and respect.

  • I love Brandon Carter but this video was fully stupid. If you’re gonna do a video about a certain topic, at least do some proper research beforehand so you’re not constantly defending your lack of knowledge ����‍♂️

  • Omg you always making mi happy lol
    I Lov this video how intelligent are you
    I was think ma self I wish you will make a video about the Ramadan…here you go…you are the best bro believe mi����..
    Lov from Africa the Gambia

  • You can’t keep gains in Ramadan. You have to give up your physical vanity for spiritual cleansing. It’s a hard decision for people who have addiction to vanity. That’s why Ramadan tests us all.

  • Brandon Carter
    bro..Good job…trust me..your information is very accurate…
    Fasting is just the dry version of intermittent fasting if you will
    From a muslim to you
    thank you Sir..
    I like when you said break your fast with Banana and protein shake and get to work…
    that s very good..cause when you are fasting..your stomach shrinks and when you eat too lose energy
    and are right on that one as well
    I am fasting…but I work rotation shifts..glad working nights… it’s a good start to my fasting month…
    I did cut down on my Hiit training cause I have no energy for it
    but I still do abs…but just 10..15 min here and there…
    lightweight is better..cause if you go heavy…it will be hard to fast the next day..your body will start asking for food..
    unless if you take cold showers to help you re hydrate.. than it’s okay
    I usually do 50 percent my max workout…
    and trust me…I shredd very good in Ramadan
    cheers bro…good job

  • Your doing great man ��
    Its not cheating to stay up the whole night.. some people like me have 4 hour window to eat every day so you probably dont want to sleep during it. Thx alot for the video ❤

  • Thks for this Bbc. I’ll be doing only conpound heavy exercise like one or 2 in my workout day. Hopefully the eating period would be sufficient for recovery. Most likely might require longer rest days too

  • Brandon just to I think you are a very respectful person this is the first video I have seen of yours where you didnt swear. Great advice I have been doing this for years but good to hear it from a pro like yours. Peace to you bro!

  • I am currently eating at a calorie surplus to gain muscle and weight. I am worried that when ramadan comes around and I start eating significantly less than I am right now, my metabolism with counter act and I will lose more weight the average. Does it make sense for me slowly decrease my caloric intake before ramadan comes around so that my metabolism can slowly get used to eating less. Is that something that makes sense to do?

  • Hey Alpha, got a question. I live in Sweden and here the sun goes down around 10-11PM and then goes up 1-4AM in the summer. What should I do?

  • Not a useful video, you can’t be lifting heavy weights whilst fasting it would damage you Internally, we wont have enough power, strength and liquid in our body to even get some heavy stuff done, the best time is to train is 2 hours after you opened your fast because you digest the food and you are ready to get a good 1 hour training done.

  • ah ramadan is no problem to training at all, you just have to time it well. Muslims are used to ramadan dont worry. I could eat 4000kcal and 3 litres of water at night lol. You can eat all in one meal or you can eat and drink once at 9pm then again at 2am. The next day waiting until evening is no problem. Your body adapts quickly to this new eating and drinking routine after a few days. Actually it is more natural for us to eat and drink once, early humans would have maybe walked to the lake in the morning to drink and then not drank for the rest of the day.

  • Interesting video, respect for putting your knowledge out there. I’ve made a video all about this and I’ve been able to maintain weight throughout the last two Ramadan’s. Check it out on my channel.

  • Mad respect for this i Couldnt find a video like this and was this thinking of stopping trainning but I know if I did id lose motivation after ramadan

  • Gabriel u the man respect from the states I’m a Muslim and this helped me out a lot I always lose 10-15pounds in Ramadan since I became Muslim

  • Thanks coach, this is really helpful info. Btw, somehow I have more energy in my ramadan fasting. I do cardio one hour before breaking my fast and it’s really helpful in losing weight. I really appreciate you doing this video. Thanks a lot��

  • Thanks for the video. I personally prefer doing exercise on 1 or 2 hour before the eating-window, and I also avoid doing heavy cardio. Anyway, gaining weight during Ramadan is nearly impossible, because generally people lose their weight.

  • Good advice apart from the eating big and snacking then eating big before fasting. Trust me man when you eat your first meal you so full and the window of 5 hours isnt enough to get through them meals.

  • Spot on mate. the only guy that makes sense on here. its what i have been doing and works perfectly. if you get enough protein in and train right, you can make gains. you need longer rest breaks and dont let your heart beat get too high otherwise you will get light headed and thirsty in no time.

  • you idiots do realize that.. none of this stuff applies to you since majority of you fucktards are true naturals jerking off to guys like him.. wake up and get your shit together. you guys are not helping.

  • Great video and I’m a Muslim teenager and I have school. What I wanna do is one body part per day for example day 1 chest day 2 biceps and so on. Do you thing that’s smart???

  • Nice video Gabriel. Respect.

    I have a question though. My main objective is fat loss for now. I’m a bit of a gym noob, so I’m not that strong yet anyway. Any advice for fat loss during ramadan?

  • Hey Alex, I understand that you want to help people but the truth is this advice is TERRIBLE. I am really suspicious about you have ever tried fasting.

    First, if you break your fast with a big meal, YOU ARE DONE. There is no chance you can recover after that, moreover, you might have a stomachache. Never ever break your fast with a big meal (This is what recommended in Islam literature, too) You need to go easy on your digestive system because your whole body was on a resting phase during the fast. If you load too much, you just burn it out, you feel like shit and you can never get your ass up. This is a very well-known thing by the way. You say that get a nap, but NOPE just try it and see.
    Second, you should not train on a fasted state. I trained a lot and I know that it feels shit. The lactic acid builds up very easy and you feel tired all the time. If you have to train in a fasted state, you gotta do a minimal training session which is OK but it just helps you to maintain your gains. This is acceptable in Ramadan because the real gains are in the spiritual level.

    Well, I wrote these to help people too and here’s my experienced advice.

    1Do not train in a fasted state.
    2Break your fast with a small meal. (A soup is a great opener, support it with a high-quality protein source)
    3Get your water and minerals (lots of veggies and an apple for example)
    4Have a little rest. ( app. 1 hour )
    5Go and train.
    6Get back and complete your calories until sleep.

  • Wow I never expected a video like this. You are one hell of a guy Gabriel, seriously tons of respect for being so understanding and cool and helpful. I am flabbergasted

  • How to make gains during ramadan: EAT! Get over your stupid religious zealotry, the only reason people care is to make money off of your view… So stupid.

  • Thanks for this video man!! �� fully respect. Although, you said to train while fasted but, you have to remember that we have been fasting thus far soooooooooo long and extremely exhausted, and also sleep deprived because most stay up till the fast begins again. The absalutue zero amount of water drank through out the day the muscles legit don’t want to do anything while in a fasted state still. My option is this, after breaking fast with a small decent meal, wait an hour while having drunk a litre and half of water and take a half scoop of preworkout for a boost train, provided the gym is open late hours and have a shake after with a huuuge meal before the fast re begins ��

  • Man my stomach gets bigger every ramadhan as I lose muscle over eat at opening fast. I’m training but just hiit workouts running and pressups but still not shifting the gut.

  • Hi Mark, first day of Ramadan I trained 1.5 hr before I broke my fast. It felt tougher than any workout I’ve gone before just because the lock of drinking water. The only enjoyment or benefits and working out earlier I was going to in more an hour after workout. I will keep doing this during the holy month. I reduced the sets and reps and of course the weights. My main objective to maintain my muscle mass and reduce fat.