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Building Muscle & Keeping Gains During Ramadan

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3 Ways To Keep Your Muscle During Ramadan

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Here are five nutritional strategies to ensure you keep all of your muscle mass this Ramadan: When breaking the 16-hour fast it is critical to get in these vital nutrients. First is making sure you’re adequately hydrated with not only Prioritize getting adequate protein in the 8-hours of allowed. In the weeks and days leading up to Ramadan, try to give your training an extra push, more than normal, via increased volume and/or intensity, is a great option. Knowing that during Ramadan, you can still train, but at a reduced intensity with.

1. Keep Getting Stronger. The #1 thing you have to do to build muscle is to progressively get stronger so during Ramadan if you’re lifting heavier weights, doing more reps and/or more sets with or without these fast muscle building tricks to get stronger each time you workout then it’ll be impossible for you not to gain any muscle because A Stronger Muscle is A Bigger Muscle. · Keep your workout to a medium or at a low intensity.

This period is not to gain muscle. It is to preserve and maintain your gains. · Keep your workout duration short. Listening to your body is key, but if you want to train, he advised keeping workouts light during daylight hours. Steering clear of salty, processed foods will help you stay hydrated and keep.

If you feel able to give it a go, follow these guidelines to maximize fat loss whilst maintaining muscle mass: • Keep it light weight (and stay around 12-15 reps). You are very unlikely to make any muscle gains during Ramadan. • Keep your workouts short, around 30 minutes. • Train around 4-5 days a. With long hours of fasting without food or water, and limited time to get to the gym, it can be tempting to abandon your regular training and diet during Ramadan. However, this can really set you back and undo all your hard-earned progress. It’s really important to keep training regularly during Ramadan to maintain muscle mass and strength.

10 tips to avoid weight gain during Ramadan News | Khaleej Times Make your favourite Ramdan recipes healthier by avoiding deep frying whenever possible. The long fasting window can take a toll on your gains. Prolonged fasting is counter-productive to building muscle.

To manage this, you need to. During the month of Ramadan, your focus should become doing everything in your power to at least maintain muscle mass and strength. Trust me, even that will be hard to do.

To build or maintain muscle mass, you need to be consuming enough calories and simultaneously stimulating muscle growth via resistance training.

List of related literature:

Muslims, for example, break the daily fast during Ramadan each night with hearty eating (Messina 1988).

“The Anthropology of Food and Body: Gender, Meaning, and Power” by Carole Counihan
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On the ninth day, break your fast in the morning with omelet and yellow rice (rice cooked with turmeric juice).

“Arabian Magic Compendium” by Geoffrey Harris
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It is recommended to fast the entire month of Sha’ban and join it with Ramadan.

“Concise Description of Islamic Law and Legal Opinions” by Muhammad ibn Hasan Al-Tusi, Abū al-Faz̤l ʻIzzatī
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During the 30 days of Ramadan, people pray, fast, and refrain from drinking during the day and eat only at night.

“International encyclopedia of adolescence: A-J, index” by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
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You have to get up for Sehri early before dawn, stop all eating and drinking precisely at the breaking of dawn, do such and such work and abstain from such and such work during the day, take Iftar in the evening exactly at the time of sunset, then have dinner and relax, then hurry up for Taravih.

“Fundamentals of Islam: Let us be Muslim” by Sayyed Abul A‘la Maududi
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Every year, in the month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar, Muslims should fast during the day, and eat and drink only between sunset and sunrise.

“Window on the World: An Operation World Prayer Resource” by Molly Wall, Jason Mandryk
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Fasting for a whole day and eating only one meal on the second day, he who pours libations upon his sacred fire for the period of a whole year,—verily, he who observes such a fast and attends every day to his fire and rises every day from bed before sunrise, attains to the merit of the Agnishtoma sacrifice.

“The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa (Complete)” by Anonymous
from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa (Complete)
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Library of Alexandria,

Although no food or liquid is to be consumed from sunrise (Sahur) to sunset (Iftar), Muslims eat a greater variety of foods during Ramadan than during the rest of the year and increase their intake of sugary foods and drinks (Dima-Cozma and Cozma 2012).

“Health and Well-Being in Islamic Societies: Background, Research, and Applications” by Harold G. Koenig, Saad Al Shohaib
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Every year, in the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast from dawn until sundown abstaining from food and drink.

“UAE Largest Importers Directory Volume 1 Strategic Information and Contacts” by IBP, Inc
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For me, one of those times came during the holy month of Ramadan, when devout Muslims must fast from sunup to sundown every day.

“Captive in Iran: A Remarkable True Story of Hope and Triumph amid the Horror of Tehran's Brutal Evin Prison” by Maryam Rostampour, Marziyeh Amirizadeh, Anne Graham Lotz
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  • As Elliot Hulse says if you’re worried about losing gains during Ramadan then don’t do Ramadan! Simple as! It defeats the point if you’re being narcissistic during it

  • I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years and it absolutely works. Going hard for max gain after Ramadan is new to me. I appreciate it. Peace and respect.

  • I love Brandon Carter but this video was fully stupid. If you’re gonna do a video about a certain topic, at least do some proper research beforehand so you’re not constantly defending your lack of knowledge ����‍♂️

  • Omg you always making mi happy lol
    I Lov this video how intelligent are you
    I was think ma self I wish you will make a video about the Ramadan…here you go…you are the best bro believe mi����..
    Lov from Africa the Gambia

  • You can’t keep gains in Ramadan. You have to give up your physical vanity for spiritual cleansing. It’s a hard decision for people who have addiction to vanity. That’s why Ramadan tests us all.

  • Brandon Carter
    bro..Good job…trust me..your information is very accurate…
    Fasting is just the dry version of intermittent fasting if you will
    From a muslim to you
    thank you Sir..
    I like when you said break your fast with Banana and protein shake and get to work…
    that s very good..cause when you are fasting..your stomach shrinks and when you eat too lose energy
    and are right on that one as well
    I am fasting…but I work rotation shifts..glad working nights… it’s a good start to my fasting month…
    I did cut down on my Hiit training cause I have no energy for it
    but I still do abs…but just 10..15 min here and there…
    lightweight is better..cause if you go heavy…it will be hard to fast the next day..your body will start asking for food..
    unless if you take cold showers to help you re hydrate.. than it’s okay
    I usually do 50 percent my max workout…
    and trust me…I shredd very good in Ramadan
    cheers bro…good job

  • Your doing great man ��
    Its not cheating to stay up the whole night.. some people like me have 4 hour window to eat every day so you probably dont want to sleep during it. Thx alot for the video ❤

  • Thks for this Bbc. I’ll be doing only conpound heavy exercise like one or 2 in my workout day. Hopefully the eating period would be sufficient for recovery. Most likely might require longer rest days too

  • Brandon just to I think you are a very respectful person this is the first video I have seen of yours where you didnt swear. Great advice I have been doing this for years but good to hear it from a pro like yours. Peace to you bro!

  • I am currently eating at a calorie surplus to gain muscle and weight. I am worried that when ramadan comes around and I start eating significantly less than I am right now, my metabolism with counter act and I will lose more weight the average. Does it make sense for me slowly decrease my caloric intake before ramadan comes around so that my metabolism can slowly get used to eating less. Is that something that makes sense to do?

  • Hey Alpha, got a question. I live in Sweden and here the sun goes down around 10-11PM and then goes up 1-4AM in the summer. What should I do?

  • Not a useful video, you can’t be lifting heavy weights whilst fasting it would damage you Internally, we wont have enough power, strength and liquid in our body to even get some heavy stuff done, the best time is to train is 2 hours after you opened your fast because you digest the food and you are ready to get a good 1 hour training done.

  • ah ramadan is no problem to training at all, you just have to time it well. Muslims are used to ramadan dont worry. I could eat 4000kcal and 3 litres of water at night lol. You can eat all in one meal or you can eat and drink once at 9pm then again at 2am. The next day waiting until evening is no problem. Your body adapts quickly to this new eating and drinking routine after a few days. Actually it is more natural for us to eat and drink once, early humans would have maybe walked to the lake in the morning to drink and then not drank for the rest of the day.

  • Interesting video, respect for putting your knowledge out there. I’ve made a video all about this and I’ve been able to maintain weight throughout the last two Ramadan’s. Check it out on my channel.

  • Mad respect for this i Couldnt find a video like this and was this thinking of stopping trainning but I know if I did id lose motivation after ramadan

  • Gabriel u the man respect from the states I’m a Muslim and this helped me out a lot I always lose 10-15pounds in Ramadan since I became Muslim

  • Thanks coach, this is really helpful info. Btw, somehow I have more energy in my ramadan fasting. I do cardio one hour before breaking my fast and it’s really helpful in losing weight. I really appreciate you doing this video. Thanks a lot��

  • Thanks for the video. I personally prefer doing exercise on 1 or 2 hour before the eating-window, and I also avoid doing heavy cardio. Anyway, gaining weight during Ramadan is nearly impossible, because generally people lose their weight.

  • Good advice apart from the eating big and snacking then eating big before fasting. Trust me man when you eat your first meal you so full and the window of 5 hours isnt enough to get through them meals.

  • Spot on mate. the only guy that makes sense on here. its what i have been doing and works perfectly. if you get enough protein in and train right, you can make gains. you need longer rest breaks and dont let your heart beat get too high otherwise you will get light headed and thirsty in no time.

  • you idiots do realize that.. none of this stuff applies to you since majority of you fucktards are true naturals jerking off to guys like him.. wake up and get your shit together. you guys are not helping.

  • Great video and I’m a Muslim teenager and I have school. What I wanna do is one body part per day for example day 1 chest day 2 biceps and so on. Do you thing that’s smart???

  • Nice video Gabriel. Respect.

    I have a question though. My main objective is fat loss for now. I’m a bit of a gym noob, so I’m not that strong yet anyway. Any advice for fat loss during ramadan?

  • Hey Alex, I understand that you want to help people but the truth is this advice is TERRIBLE. I am really suspicious about you have ever tried fasting.

    First, if you break your fast with a big meal, YOU ARE DONE. There is no chance you can recover after that, moreover, you might have a stomachache. Never ever break your fast with a big meal (This is what recommended in Islam literature, too) You need to go easy on your digestive system because your whole body was on a resting phase during the fast. If you load too much, you just burn it out, you feel like shit and you can never get your ass up. This is a very well-known thing by the way. You say that get a nap, but NOPE just try it and see.
    Second, you should not train on a fasted state. I trained a lot and I know that it feels shit. The lactic acid builds up very easy and you feel tired all the time. If you have to train in a fasted state, you gotta do a minimal training session which is OK but it just helps you to maintain your gains. This is acceptable in Ramadan because the real gains are in the spiritual level.

    Well, I wrote these to help people too and here’s my experienced advice.

    1Do not train in a fasted state.
    2Break your fast with a small meal. (A soup is a great opener, support it with a high-quality protein source)
    3Get your water and minerals (lots of veggies and an apple for example)
    4Have a little rest. ( app. 1 hour )
    5Go and train.
    6Get back and complete your calories until sleep.

  • Wow I never expected a video like this. You are one hell of a guy Gabriel, seriously tons of respect for being so understanding and cool and helpful. I am flabbergasted

  • How to make gains during ramadan: EAT! Get over your stupid religious zealotry, the only reason people care is to make money off of your view… So stupid.

  • Thanks for this video man!! �� fully respect. Although, you said to train while fasted but, you have to remember that we have been fasting thus far soooooooooo long and extremely exhausted, and also sleep deprived because most stay up till the fast begins again. The absalutue zero amount of water drank through out the day the muscles legit don’t want to do anything while in a fasted state still. My option is this, after breaking fast with a small decent meal, wait an hour while having drunk a litre and half of water and take a half scoop of preworkout for a boost train, provided the gym is open late hours and have a shake after with a huuuge meal before the fast re begins ��

  • Man my stomach gets bigger every ramadhan as I lose muscle over eat at opening fast. I’m training but just hiit workouts running and pressups but still not shifting the gut.

  • Hi Mark, first day of Ramadan I trained 1.5 hr before I broke my fast. It felt tougher than any workout I’ve gone before just because the lock of drinking water. The only enjoyment or benefits and working out earlier I was going to in more an hour after workout. I will keep doing this during the holy month. I reduced the sets and reps and of course the weights. My main objective to maintain my muscle mass and reduce fat.

  • Would you recommend cutting in Ramadan? Because I’m bulking right now and I need around 3000 calories and I can no way do that is 5-6 hours

  • Thank you Mike for this video, it really has helped me, I’m 100 % certain that all the Muslims and non Muslims respect you, taking time out and doing this video, which has helped us all. God bless you brother. Stay safe stay blessed.

  • Funfact: Comsum and bodyweight doesn’t goes down in the ramadan month in most islamic countries, cause people eat way more then regular..just at night.

  • ELLIOTTTTTTT!!!!! I am soooooooooooo appreciative of this knowledge that you just placed a few years ago but love the messge and lesson that soooo many people need to know! thank you

  • Amazing video. Very inspirational message. I want to workout to create a positive habit and to distract myself from my desires in Ramadan. But this made me realise that I should look within myself first and then when I manage to control and master my spiritual self, I can look outwards. Btw; it was Allah that ordered us to fast and not Muhammad ✌️

  • Wait are you fasting during ramadan….props to you man…love the way you are embracing the cultural differences…open mind…lovely to see…

  • I think you can workout even in Ramadan, after Iftar workout maybe home workout, working out doesnt have to be always in the morning.

  • Here we are again 2020 Ramadan.
    BTW it is Allah’s Commandment to fast in the month of Ramadan, not Muhammad phuh.
    Thanks Elliot for this great content

  • I love you Elliot. Your every word just make so sense. May Allah bless you and your family with eternal happiness in this world and the next.

  • You still eat every fucking day???? People have problems with weight gains during ramadan! It’s not even fasting! you still have a big festive meal EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!! True fasting is going 30 days with nothing but water….. Eating EVERY FUCKING DAY is not fasting.

  • I’m not particularly religious or take part in ramadan but I respect you for trying to help people with stuff like this. Unites culture a bit in my opinion and some of the info is still useful! Keep up the videos boss!

  • I lost 5k and having sleeping problems I sleep barley 2 hours while I have to wake up for work I weight at 50k. Ramadan is really hard for me cause I’m very skiny im trying hard to gaine Waite nothing helps. Praying for Allah to give me weight Im 25 years of age.

  • you don’t lose gains in a month, train regular, eat your breakfast before Salat,Break fast,Train at night when body is fueled to go….If your natural you will not lose gains,you only feel like you lose gains because you don’t have fullness in your muscles do to fasting,but trust me gains will no go anywhere

  • its really sad that even muslims do not understand this.. u r right man Ramadan is for our spiritual and physical benefits as it written in the Holy Quran “”Fast U Get Healthier “”

  • Fasting Is Not Just About Abstaining From Food, Drinks, Needs & Typical Motives, It’s Also A Form Of Discipline & Closeness To The Creator Who Created You.

  • As a Muslim, I appreciate you breaking this down for the muslims and non-muslims. Its bigger than gains. It’s a cleanse spirituality, physically, and mentally. May Allah continue to guide you.

  • I have way more respect for you now brother,
    Thank you for reminding us & explaining everybody about Ramadan.
    May Allah bless you and family with more success, health, wealth, love, happiness & guide you in the path of Islam.

  • To be honest this man has some deep real stuff in his lectures man. Fasting is already proved health benficial by the benefit is it mainly purify red blood cells.And there are many more countless benefits which all can search in Google stuff.

  • 0:36 bulk or cut?
    1:17 best time to train?
    2:05 should you change your training routine?
    3:24 what would you break your fast with?
    4:18 how would you eat 3,000kcal+?
    5:07 how to avoid binging and eating the wrong foods
    6:22 tracking macros
    7:12 what if you have a 9-5 job?
    7:53 pre-Ramadan preparation
    8:24 training before sunset? Yes or no?

  • Mike when are you becoming Muslim my brother? I would like to welcome you to the umma. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. May Allah guide you my bro
    This Dua was made for you on the 13 night of Ramadhan 2020

  • @Mike thurston Im interested in taking my bodybuilding a step further I want to know what steroids should i begin with could you advise?

  • Good vid bruh
    Are you fasting or just explaining?
    I always loose 6-8 pounds of weight during Ramadan but most muscles. Then you get it back in the year inchallah

  • Fasting is to make u more God conscious. Do focus on gaining your good deeds and increase that deed scale.
    Dont worry about some flesh loss as longs as its your bad deeds

  • I don’t really agree with many of the muslim beleifs or some of the stuff in the quran. But, it seems very considerate of you to make this video Alex.

  • Building Body muscles for showing off your body is part of Riya and not permissible in Islam also Not part of sunnah. Not sure how 2 things can be put together?

  • I respect that you also made a video on this topic.

    I also like the advice eventhough its different from my advice in my “ramadan gains” vid lol.

  • Your a good man for putting up this video hopefully one day you’ll visit a mosque and read the Quran and learn about Islam and maybe you’ll take shahada and be a Muslim one day take care very nice video.

  • Assalamu’Alaikum WarahmatUllahi Talaa Wabarakatuh.
    Workout = Șalawať, dhikir.
    Food = sunset to Fajar.
    The rest of the 11 months, Bulk, Cut, Tone.

  • I agree 100% as a Muslim that fasting is not just a physical act, but the soviet union was also a flawed system. Islam is the only solution to these problems.

  • This was a highly requested video, so enjoy! I hope these tips help you make gains during Ramadan. Also, if you have experience-based advice to share…leave your comments over here! The more feedback, the better.
    PS: I forgot to mention that in some areas (particularly northern climates), this advice may be altered due to the longer fasting time. That said this is a general video that should be beneficial for the vast majority of Muslims.

  • Body building a waste of time. You can’t do weight training and fast it’s too much. Even after you open your fast you can’t recover. I left weight training and only do physical exercise and slight weight training but no body building. Body building gives you mental problems and stress. Physical exercise is better, boxing excersize, martial arts excersize is much better than bodybuilding.

  • respect Mike, appreciate the advice for this year’s fasts, I desperately need to lose weight this month, but also not lose any definition, going to traini after fast now rather than hour before,

  • We train for 11 months of the year..lets train the soul for one month in ramadan..the body will become food for insects in the grave..but the soul will perservere for eternity

  • Hi I am fasting this month while doing 5 min skipping to lose weight hope you can view it if u want and gonan upload daily for a month

  • Ramadan is there not for being busy with your body. Your body will eventually be nothing anymore. We should be focused on the people who do no have food unable to get water. Feeling with them. I can only advice

  • Nice video and tips appreciate that your give attention for your muslim subscriber keep going and i wish that you will smash the 100k subs bar

  • Hey Alex. Thank you for the ramadan video. I got a couple questions.

    1) Place where i live does not have 7/24h Gym. During Ramadan Fastbraking time in here around 22. The Latest gym close at 22 and opens at 8. So do you have any recommendation for this situation?

    2) What is the best logical way to run Wendler 5/3/1 programme with Martial Art(BJJ,Muay Thai, Boxing e.t.c.) sessions? How the days should be splitted? Which variation of Wendler programme you recommend for it? How should be the rest days?

  • I’d like to rectify one thing, fasting in Ramadan for us is not difficult at all, off course you need to listen to your body if your training while fasting,

  • Thank you Alex. What I noticed that worked for me this past Ramadan is working out an hour after your first meal. I had to fast from 3Am to 10 PM. So I’d eat at 10 and hit the gym at 12 or so. Intensity was on point but I couldn’t handle any volume work. I also lost 19 pounds that month which wasn’t optimal either but that’s on me for not eating enough. 2020 I’ll probably take some snacks with me to the gym. 3500 calories for maintenance isn’t easy.

  • My ramadan today meal 200 grams of chicken breast one French anabolic toast pancake of �� great meal u think eating toast pancake is good? To break fast??

  • First off, which National Park is this mans recording at? Finna get smacked by as big ass bear. Second, consuming a 2K cal meal is wayyyyy easier said than done if the calories are “clean calories” (ie. not all sugars and fats). Eating such a large meal will get you bloated and put too much stress on your GI tract. (ie. You’ll be on the toilet for days) Drinking 1 L water with pink salt sounds good in theory but it’s putting way too much physiological pressure on your kidneys and may increase the chance of urological abnormalities. I would rather eat fruits and vegetables when I break my fast to replenish micronutrients and ions. Fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber as well so it would relieve the GI pressure from a large meal and soften the stool to a healthy degree. In terms of the reigious part of Ramadan, Muslims pray optional prayers called Taraweeh at night approximately 1-2.5 hours after breaking their fast. During these prayers, Muslims stand up and concentrate on the Quran being recited. Eating such a large meal would make you too sleepy to focus on these prayers. Unfortunately, Muslims typically don’t have enough time to take the nap he described due to a time constraint in conflict with these optional prayers. Also, drinking all this water would induce frequent urination during these prayers and become a nuisance. Lastly, caffeine supplementation would greatly affect sleep quality and duration post workout, which are both key to gainz. These tips would be more applicable to people who live alone, do not attend taraweeh prayers and are solely focused on gainz during Ramadan. I hope you are not only focused on making gainz during Ramadan because Ramadan is not only dry fasting but also a spiritual cleansing and strengthening of the mind. Kudos to those who read this super long ass comment. Take whatever you read with a grain of salt and research for yourself.

  • I just stopped working out during ramadhan, untill I saw this video, my problem is how much time should I rest before the workout on method 1?

  • I’m not even Muslim but I’m so impressed that you made a video for all the muslims who are subscribed to you. So happy I subscribed to you for more lifting knowledge, cheers from a fellow montrealer

  • Both of these options suck… Let me tell THE BEST method! Train 30-50min before breaking your fast. You’ll have a large eating window all that night to recover and eat on a caloric surplus
    Also training while you’re fasting increases Testosterone and GH hormones like crazy and you’ll feel it on the first few days, I’ve been doing this since years now and i make killer gains during Ramadan.

  • big meal at 8pm breaking fast time then two hours later we go to mosque to pray together which now we finish about 11pm. I work out after prayers late, or just fasted before breaking fast

  • Thank u soo much sir for this vedio ur vedios r very meaningful I was thinking to not to workout during this month coz I don’t knw how to train but this vedio really helpful

  • Cool video. This is applicable to people who fast in general so it’s very relevant. I personally love intermittent fasting. Would never go back!

  • Informative video, but I’d like to add a few key points. If you have a full time job and live in an Arab/Muslim majority country, you are working usually around 6 hours a day, from 9-3 or 10-4 and breaking your fast at around 6 or 7 pm. (timing could vary the further east you go)

    If you live however in a secular or western country, the hours vary greatly. I have a Swedish friend who fasts from 2 am to 10 pm (since Ramadan is occurring during summer now), which leaves him with only a 4 hour window to eat, hydrate and get ready for bed since his working hours haven’t changed.

    Keep in mind, Muslims have been fasting since a relatively young age and I remember playing all sorts of sports while fasting (not condoning it), but my point is their bodies have adapted to it far better than if you were to fast for the first time at age 28 and try to kill it at the gym.

    Let me end this by, adding my 2 points:
    1. If you live in an Arab country. When it’s time to break your fast. Have a protein shake, energy packed meal +coffee then hit the gym and then have your 2,000 kcal one meal a day (to also avoid the potential after effects of tiredness and lethargy after such a long day of dry fast ending with such a huge meal that would require alot of energy and blood flow to digest).

    2. If you live in a western country, I honestly have no experience but I’d suggest to cut during this month. It’s going to be unrealistic to balance a full time job + a massive 2,000+ kcal meal + a workout while dry fasting for 18 hours.

  • I was a fan of Coach Greg Doucette for a long time back anyway! And now I can pat on my back for making a good choice for choosing his channel for him being so caring for the Muslims in their most precious month!!! Respect for Coach! Respect! Love from Bangladesh!

  • I would say that bulking is extremely difficult since the window is pretty short for all those calories. I usually go for maintenance or a mini cut. This year I’ll take it easy with the workouts due to several injuries. Hope those will get better this month. Thanks for the video brother.

  • This is the type of energy we need in the world. My type. Clear cut. Masculine. Inclusive. Informative. May Allah guide you to Islam.

  • There is one problem is that after breaking the fast you have to pray and then eat and then you go to 1:30 to 2 hours so whhat you don’t have time to eat because after coming back from that prayer it’S just a few hours before the other prayer that you are not allowed to eat after so to get all the calories and the training you have to skip those prayers ( that’s what i usually do ) but most of people prefer to not do that

  • THANKS Alex I LITERALLY LOVE YOU. I was struggling as I’m really skinny like 110 POUNDS and tryna gain and bulking, I started in December last year and have been seeing small results but I thought Ramadan would stop my gains and I would be stuck with being skinny forever

  • Thanks for the tips bro, I was planning to do low weight accessory work at first. But I guess imma go with heavy compounds and a bit longer pauses now.

  • Sorry Alex, I mean no offense but if you haven’t done Ramadan it’s too hard to give advice. 2000 calories + 2l of water with that is too much. Also it’s not practical for those with regular jobs. Anyway just my thoughts

  • Im currently on my last week of fasting during ramadan and im a rasta i read quran and believe in one god and ALL his messengers. PBUT… observing this holy month is by far the best thing ive done. From being “big” to now feeling “small” was challenging lol but watching this video again jus makes me smile. Elliot spits str8 FACTS god bless you brother!! From day!! ��

  • I cut during ramadhan, and so I make sure to bulk well before ramadhan which many people don’t because it’s summer.. so I don’t look for building muscles, but rather just maintain as much as possible, I have really low carbs, only fats and protien.. also I don’t have a big meal, it’s about 8 hours from iftar to sahoor.. I have a really small meal in iftar, probably a fruit and yogurt, and have mostly water.. I go to the gym and drain myself and have another bigger carb and protien meal to replenish I don’t eat everything, I eat rice or potatoes, chicken. After that I have two meals with totally no carbs in them, one of them is the sahoor. Mostly have veggies, protiens and fats.. the goal in this is to teach my body to not be insulin resistant and so I have no big carb meals in iftar.. it works well for me because I sleep most of the day

  • To all my Muslim brothers out there, let me know if you see any changes at the end of Ramadan. Would love to know how the body responds to weight training during fasting keeping all other factors constant. Have heard alot ahout how fasting improves your HGH and test levels.

  • Option 2 is how I did it last year. Option 1 isn’t possible if you go to Taraweeh at night.

    Eat Suhur, drink lots of water, take a nap after Fajr, and then go and workout. Keep in mind, I switched my workouts into strength training style (Low volume, bigger weights). You won’t be dehydrated since you will be done quickly but you will still make strength gains.

  • Omg, finally someone did a long and a FKN GOOOD VIDEO ABOUT IT. I’m going fast this ramadan. And I havent seen the video yet but I know its so damn Good cuz its greeeegggggs video

  • Great video!! This guy is inspirational, real, and the most observant person ive seen in a video. Keep up the good workk making remarkable videos.

  • I couldnot download the ebook about fasting. i clicked the link, type my e-mail and name, watch the video, then nothing on my email!
    any help?

  • Turn to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Chris-the Son of God, who died on the cross, went to hell, and resurrected 3 days after to pay for the sins of the whole world. That is how to make optimal gains.

  • so much respect for this man. By far the most respectable and mature youtube I’ve ever seen, im happy i bought your program and im making great gains thank you thank you thank you.

  • Top video one thing I’d love someone to address is I’m a man who has to force my self eat as I’m not a huge eater so with stomach shrinking during Ramadan and the fatigue it’s even harder any tips for that? Also big meal straight away sounds right but it’s not it will smash you and Sap your energy as mentioned your stomach shrinks during the day, hitting it with a ton of heavy food makes you feel unwell, id say eat light to the point you’re still hungry then smash a big meal an hour later then another small one sleep and wake up and a big sahoor, for me the trouble is I actually lose my appetite.

  • Hi Coach Greg, I might be late seeing this video but may I ask you to review the Prophet Muhammad’s diet according to your personal opinion from an authentic source. There are more than one and a half million to two million Muslims there that could be your potential market and 95% of your opinion matters. Anyway, thank you for making this video for Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide.

  • Im team i stay up at night i only ate 2 meals (not really healthy lol) and i worked out 3h after my first meal like at 11 pm and i lost 1.5kg.

  • Ty for the info and what i’m doing during Ramadan is i eat 4 meals 1 big meal at 7:30 PM (900-1200cal) 1small meal at 11:00 PM(400 cal) 1 medium meal at 2:15 AM (550-750)cal
    last meal at 4:15 AM small meal (400cal) and my first meal contains fast absorption carbs and last meal has slow absorption carbs

  • Appreciated that a lot bro. However it’s difficult this year, we break fast at 9:05ish pm then night prayer at 10:50pm till 1am latest. Then you have until 3am ish to eat to keep fast.

  • hi Alex,, big and old fan for you (and grig plit fan if you still remember me:) ).how about to train for just 1 hour before the eating in the night directly (before the sunset directly i mean).so all day fasting and train for 1 hour before sunset and then eat.. how about that?

  • This exactly how I train during Ramadan, Iftar at 8pm high carb food starting with dried dates. Train around 10:30 pm not draining myself with heavy moves then small protein meal like Tuna post workout. Sahur at 4 am ended with Casein Protein with milk as slow digesting protein.

  • Although not a muslim as a Christian we may fast a whole day or couple of days which is pretty scary imo lol. I’m trying to adjust.

  • Hey, Greg just for your statistics. I’m 24 and 5’5 160lbs yr round. I bench 315 with elbow wraps without 305lbs, squat 325lbs for 1 and dead-lift 380lbs. I have been lifting consistently for 4yrs. I run 2 miles every other day after training due to being in the military. Would I be a moron in your eyes?

  • Thx a lot for the video and analysis great to have your take as a certified coach! as Muslims it is more about mental energy and being close to God it is said to help physically.

  • Hey Greg I am a muslim from Turkey. I follow you and thanks for your great advices about nutrition and training. In two days ramadan is coming and I will fast during the month. This is the thing I was looking for. Thank you so much for the content, keep up the good work. Greetings from Turkey… ����

  • I was motivated to workout seeing his videos and just the day before Ramadan which is tomorrow, I stumble upon this video. Oh my god, he is so wholesome

  • Hey, thanks for the video about ramadan!! since I’ll be doing ramadan in Belgium we have an open window of eating for 5 hours between 10pm to 3am.
    I was thinking to break fast at 10 with amino acid and some dates then half an hour later i’d have a small meal which would be a pre workout meal one hour later i go to the gym for an hour then get back for my post workout meal and just before bed i’d have a casein protein. what are your thoughts?

  • in ramadhan i eat my first meal then a snack like a banana then workout and 2nd meal at 12 then sleep wake at 4am eat complex carb and casein then sleep again until 10 am

  • Hey Alex, would you recommend having your neck training and mini home workout prior to breaking the dry fast? or would it be best to wait till after eating?

  • I’m sorry bro that is bad advice…brothers don’t train while your fasting. That could be fatal. that is dangerous, your dehydrated and low on energy. Train after therawee prayer.

  • Dam appreciate how he took the effort to make this for muslims and for people who want to fast and keep their gains, thank you greg!!!

  • if my goal is getting ripped or near that my weight is 54kg
    height is 170 cm
    age 15 years
    if i rest one day
    cardio 2 days
    workout 4 days
    is this good

  • Thank you for this video, brother. Glad to see you helping all types of people from different backgrounds. Also looks like you’ve done your research regarding Ramadan and all the timings. Major props to you, brother. Love from Canada.

  • whoa respect…… dude good work. Thanks for recognition of the diversity in religion. Seriously lack of channel recognize Ramadhan. Keep up the good work