Losing Your Motivation How you can Self Motivate to Workout


Why We Quit Our Exercise Plans And What We Can Do About It | Simon Long | TEDxLoughboroughU

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If you lack MOTIVATION watch this video Joe Rogan on excersise and motivation

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HOW TO GET MOTIVATED When You Don’t Want To Workout

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Lose Yourself Aesthetics Motivation

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Tyson Fury | How To Gain MOTIVATION Back

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WATCH THIS If You’ve Lost Your Motivation!

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How To Get Motivated To Work Out, 9 Tips For Finding Motivation To Workout

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Multitask. Eat something healthy and feed your motivation. If you start to feel detached from your goal or are losing motivation, watch another video. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to be proactive and watch something motivational each time you eat a major meal. Feed your brain.

Learn more about exercise form. Digest tips. Refine your diet and training.

Surround yourself with motivation You also need to hang around with people that make you feel capable of reaching your goals. It can be helpful to write down your goals and motivational quotes where you can see them every day. Rewarding yourself is one of the motivational factors for proceeding with workouts.

Whenever you achieve a short-term goal, reward yourself with something that you want. It can be a small piece of cake, chocolate, new running shoes, watch, socks anything that will keep you motivated. Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your password.

Workout Motivation Posters The internet is full of photos and quotes that are inspirational and will motivate you for sure. Just try reading some of them and you will notice that they could make your laziness disappear. Also, you could print some of your favorite motivational posters, and put them somewhere in your room. By changing the goal of exercise, we can better motivate ourselves to pursue it.

Similarly, we might be better motivated to think about exercise as a means of feeling better in the future. Remember the reason for your workout. Many a time, you must have worn a dress only to find that it doesn’t look good on you. Your image in the mirror is enough to get you motivated.

So whenever, you go off the track, just remember how bad you. 1. Make space in your home. Given the circumstances we are in, setting a certain area in your home where you can relax and put your mind at ease may be able to help keep a positive attitude. This area may also be your regular exercise space. Another really amazing way to motivate yourself to workout is by keeping a weight loss journal.

Writing down your activities, progress, and setbacks will definitely give you the need motivation you need to. Aim for 30 minutes of activity a day, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t hit that number: Even doing 10 minutes of exercise once a week can boost your mood more than doing nothing at all, according to a 2018 systematic review in the Journal of Happiness Studies. Instead, explore why you were motivated to work out before this pandemic.

List of related literature:

You may say, “I want to look like that person,” and that makes you feel motivated for a while, but then you could just as easily compare yourself to someone in worse shape than you are and then say, “Oh, no, I’m actually doing fine,” and your motivation is gone.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
by Drew Manning
Hay House, 2019

Look in the mirror and use that dissatisfaction or pride that you feel to motivate you.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

It’s on the days you feel motivated and then pursue your goals that you take notice and think, “Motivation is the key to action!”

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

You don’t need inspiration, you don’t need motivation, and you don’t need discipline; you’ve built a habit through associative learning.15 It’s just like brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, and what have you.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

I would suggest you get a workout partner, who will help you stay motivated.

“Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America” by Chuck Norris
from Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America
by Chuck Norris
Fidelis Books, 2009

One way to motivate yourself is by remembering the value of exercise.

“Macrobiotics For Dummies” by Verne Varona
from Macrobiotics For Dummies
by Verne Varona
Wiley, 2009

Place a few positive and motivating quotes around the house where you can see them, such as on your bedroom mirror or on the fridge door.

“The Banting Pocket Guide” by Tim Noakes
from The Banting Pocket Guide
by Tim Noakes
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2017

As I say in my book The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation (www.workoutmotivationbook.com), if you have the power to change your body, you have the power to change your life.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Motivation is a whole different thing than inspiration.

“Co-creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Esther Hicks
from Co-creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Master Teachers
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Esther Hicks
Hay House, 2014

If music is in the foreground, it needs to fit the workout segment to help with motivation.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • I get you SO SO much my friend. Your never be alone while I’m alive. ( watch this space) You’ve helped me So much through what you’ve been through.. I WILL return the favour’ if you’ll allow me to my friend.You are an inspiration to all that are suffering. If I can’t keep going long term I hope you do. until then’ I guarantee’ and I guarantee’ I’ll be by your side if nobody is there for you.MAY GOD STRIKE ME DOWN. If I don’t.

  • I’m a inspirational speaker on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter you like to hear any of my speeches just go on YouTube type in Jesse Love inspirational speeches, Instagram jesselove010791 also on Snapchat page jesse_love2019 now on Twitter my Twitter page,

  • I don’t think it’s impossible I’d just rather eat good food and accept that I’m gaining weight than go sweat my ass off and be out of breath at a gym where everyone is astronomically ahead of my progress

  • OOOOOH the struggle is REAL! You’re such an inspirationI see you everywhere on IG! It’s good to know that you still have the same struggles makes me feel so much better about myself lol! Love your bubbly personality:)

  • Been going to the gym 8 months straight, slowly loosing it. Loosing motivation for everything, dont get out of bed, my mentality destroys me every night, havent been to the gym for 6 days now.. Becoming a personal trainer because I fell in love with the gym and slowly hating everything again:)))) hopefully all these videos can snap me out of it

  • Dave Skywalker did this video soooo close to the camera….and soooo skillful……….he just seduces you with his body….and he winks and rolls his tongue around his beautiful lips…dude…I’m telling it is seductive and groundbreaking….check him out!!!! Or try it yourself…..

  • He’s right because everyone can do something. If you walk to the fridge twice a day normally, walk back and forth to it 4 times a day. Congrats, you just exercised.

  • Tyson Fury I think you have saved my live. saw your rant on wlad and your thoughts about yourself on y tube. you’re such a honest person and great fighter ND a real man. Because of you I will keep on fighting all odds AND Win. Thank you ok!!!

  • So why is Athlean-X in this? I’m in the best physical shape of my life. Except lung-wise. Be Inspired is not for me anymore. I like the deeper stuff.

  • Your 60 year old dream is literally my motivation. My parents are 60+ now and they are more fit than their 50 year old friends. That’s my motivation:)

  • Honestly for Me i play football box and Powerlifting and I just felt like I don’t even care anymore for like the past week and I also want to do other stuff in life like start my own audio company but I just haven’t had the motivation to get back to what Im doing. I’ve just been slacking and overthinking to myself.

  • Yes, some days when I feel too tired to go to the gym. I find if I still go, I end up having more energy after a work out. If I didn’t experience that for myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it.

  • It’s crazy that he just said that working out is the answer to your mental health issues and you have a fucking banner for better help. That program is garbage. Literally go hit the gym!

  • He is a man that had beaten up the Cancer keep it up man and he

    Blow it All over & credit goes to it’s own hard work now no one can stop him zach lighting king

  • I can’t…because I don’t WANT….I don’t DESIRE anymore. I don’t know why. It’s gone. Maybe I just got old at 38 and came to the realization of my limitations.
    I once heard an expression, ” we can’t all be heroes. There has to be someone to clap.”
    Maybe I am just meant to clap.

  • I don’t even have a motivation to lift a finger. How am I supposed to work out if that in itself is out of character and something I hate doing.
    I don’t have the motivation for anything.
    This video did not adress the issue in core nor guidance for the rest of us to move on to the next step. Working out is the solution? But what if it isn’t what then?!

  • Got to be getting extraordinary,got to do Extraordinary, actions to goals,, nothing gonna stop me �� I am doing it religiously,daily,I Will get it��

  • 100% pure hard truth. My back hurts today, can barely do a sit up without pain today. So I do jumping burpees so I don’t put pressure on my back. Lye down and kettle bell bench. We all should be excersising everyday, pushing and challenging ourselves. Even if it’s just one more step we take a day

  • watches video
    presses home button
    Doesnt even click on animating program
    Goes back to YouTube and watches again

  • I can’t take this guy seriously anymore after he said masks are for pussies and then all the anti mask morons are breaking records as we speak.. 10k in one day in FL?? Wow stupid sheeps

  • Ditto with the other comments: if you don’t love it you won’t do it. Excellent job of breaking it down into easy-to-understand blocks Mr. Long. And congrats on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Blablablabla its easy to get motivaded when you haave an entire team that push you forward and vining milions, go and work for 1000€ at month like many People and Bee motivaded

  • The vicious cycle of not feeling good to psychologically weak with discipline feeds on itself exponentially until both are insurmountable to overcome. Really only 2 things can break this pattern when it’s become a deep cycle. It’s usually either a life changing or life threatening event in which not breaking the cycle will most definitely have detrimental consequences, or you get inspired by something or an amazing unprecedented opportunity inspires you to epic proportions that gives you a vision to fight through the deep pattern and through pain to create that vision. Anything less usually ends in repeated failure and eventual surrender. MOST people are in this cycle which is why their is so much opportunity for success in life. Not many people can do it.

  • My grandmother just passed away, my family is in the process of selling our house with nowhere planned to go afterward, I have nowhere planned to go to college now because they’re moving all of us and classes are a month away….I’ve been really struggling with motivation these past few days. The stress and depression has been high and I haven’t had the energy to want to do anything… let alone work out. But I can’t lose my progress.. I’m gonna try to keep pushing

  • Glad he left religion out of his speech mainly, I was ready to hit the off switch if he started crapping on about God helped me with this and God brought me through that etc. God is real, I don’t doubt that, but God is powerless when it comes to mind problems, simple reason is, God is a Spirit and he dwells in the realm of the Spirit, not the mental realm.You are the one who needs to sort that area out. God can’t and won’t be able to do it for you, I know from knowledge and experience. Anyone who thinks God can fix your head straight away and quickly is gravely mistaken.

  • I want you to know that working out may help, but is not the solution. I’ve been working out for 8 years and gone through depression in most of it. The solution is to nut up. Do what is necessary to get what you want. Often what causes depression is multi-faceted, so you will have to do multiple necessary tasks to change your life.

    For me that means doing what I’ve been avoiding for two years. Time to get a second job. 70 hour work weeks here we come.

  • How do you tune out your recessive side when it’s telling you to just stop I’m tired just take a break you deserve time off…How do I develop my dominant voice to be louder than the weak voice?

  • I was/am there… Tyson hit everything right on the mark, I had nothing to aim for, I was stoned everyday, just doing the bare minimum. Even when I quit the drugs, I was just going through the motions… Im currently feeling better, but my work is so far behind and to such a poor standard that I feel like I’m going to be found out as an imposter at any moment.

    I signed up to a 12 week boxing charity event 6 weeks ago, I can honestly say that this is the greatest challenge I’ve taken on. It sucks being the shittest, fattest, most unfit bloke in the gym. I started at 124kg by far the heaviest I’ve been, 5 years ago when I quit the military I was 97kg and thought I was a bit fat! When I started I couldn’t even do 5 push ups… �� I hope I have the determination and fire of Fury, I’m working hard, I’m eating right, I’m putting in the extra, the result for me is not the result of the fight it’s the journey, but who ever steps in front of me will know they are in for a battle! This video is the most accurate mental health video I’ve ever seen!

  • I’d just like to confirm that Joe is 100% correct. I used to weight 330lbs. I lived a sedentary life. I’d do nothing all day just lie in bed, smoke weed and eat snacks while watching TV. I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed and regularly brush my teeth, let alone work out.

    One day I suddenly realised that I’m completely disrespecting myself. I realised that there’s no one to hold me accountable for the actions that effect me. And so I need to be the one responsible.

    You can start anywhere. I started by walking. Every time I’d get up to go to get food, I’d make it a rule that if it was unhealthy, however many calories that thing is, I have to walk a tenth that many minutes around the house before I eat it. Just one rule.

    I lost 130lbs that year.

    You just get the ball rolling, that’s it. You drag your useless body through the first workout, then the second, then the third. It doesn’t matter even if u just tell urself to go to the gym. Even if u don’t wanna work out, just get in your workout gear.

  • I’ll keep it real here Tyson doesn’t get the respect and plaudits he deserves because he’s a traveller “gypisy king” the msm don’t like they views on gays ect. But that’s his beliefs and we need to respect that. He’s not a pumped up good looking media savy guy like AJ, he’s a hell of a fighter and its in his blood they need to make a film Unbelievable comeback story!

  • When your motivation is not based on these rewards ��������������♀️♂️ you have to put in more effort to form a reason for self improvement.

  • If you’re physically sick and force yourself to exercise, you only get sicker. Totally different than forcing yourself to workout if you really don’t want to. I see intelligent people make this mistake. It’s something I learned as a teenager.

  • I’m absolutely speechless after watching this, I can relate to so much of what Tyson says in this and he deserves so much credit for stepping up and putting himself and his “vulnerabilities” in the limelight! I have been in dark places before and I think as men we need to “man up” by admitting we need help, that’s true strength, unfortunately society has made us feel its a weakness!

  • I work under the sun with heavy stuff all day long and get home and workout. Don’t tell me you don’t have energy from sitting around at the office

  • Fair play to him for getting thru it I relate to a lot of the things he said but I don’t have the strength that he does right now hopefully one day I can sort my life out like he did

  • I watched last night at like 1 am and now I’m just gonna do it! I don’t have the guts to go to the gym but I put together a workout routine to do at home until I feel okay going to the gym so thank you so much for this!

  • I’ve lost any friends I ever had. Most of my family. I’m broke. I feel like a monster. I feel hopeless. I regret a lot. I cannot escape my brain reminding me of the past. I feel permanently damaged. Nobody to help. I think about death all the time. God help me.

  • People need people. No matter how strong you are. You don’t need a family, not a job, not a house, not a car. You need like-minded people. These are the people with whom you feel like a full-fledged person, but independent.

    Hello from Russia.

  • Woww this really touched me…this guy has been through a lot..and he still managed to make it to the top…. Very inspirational ������❤️

  • Dear Students,Teachers or Professionals Stay Motivated Daily Please Click Here https://www.facebook.com/Motivational-Quotes-Notebooks-for-Everyone-100529801737933/

  • I’m a 6,4 tall 14 year old
    I recently got back into basketball
    I have training
    Its painful, it’s always painful
    But what comes out of it
    Makes it worth the pain

  • Enorme motivación, eres una persona que nos demuestra que las personas podemos vencer todo tipo de adversidades! Gracias por tus vídeos.

  • Nah bro this doesn’t work your telling me “I can do attitude” listen I can do 1000 different things I don’t want to I don’t give a fuck if there was no pain in it I’d lay on the ground and starve to death I have “NO MOTIVE” so what goal I can’t gain anything I don’t want anything why? I have existential depression not laziness

  • This….the words that he said, is precision, it precisely describe my life sometimes. Some days I felt like I gotta grind, some days I felt like I didn’t have any motivation to brush my teeth, let alone to take my shower. I don’t know why, are we humans meant to be born like this? To have this horrible occasional feeling? Why can’t we just be consistent even when we know that we have to? Why is our brains like this? I don’t get it. I tried to stay consistent, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it is gonna stay that way every day, it can go down and it go up again. And today I just feel like shit.

  • You can buy a book on The Navy Seal Workout but if you don’t start small, start by walking and doing some calisthenics chances are you’re going to find the motivation to ‘just do it’ a real challenge. Not everybody is Goggins with the iron will to demand that kind of focus on day #1.

  • Joe is right…Our life and our comfort zone is just a series of small habits we do daily that have been ingrained into our brain. If you’ve been eating junk food and playing video games from an early age it’s going to be so ingrained in your brain that excersise and diet is going to feel literally impossible because your brain isn’t used to it. It’s best to start small and build a little momentum and be introspective enough to catch yourself everytime you start to have negative and undisciplined thoughts. Once you understand it’s only your brain making you feel unmotivated and uncomfortable it’s easier to push past it.

  • When he said he had zero motivation to do anything even brush his teeth or have a shave… people with mental health issues will understand this… ��

  • I go alone to the gym, but I go to classes, I have a friend in some of the classes. I also take another one of my friend’s who is a group fitness instructor her classes. But I also like solo workout too. Love This.

  • While the guy is smarrt, he is too self-absorbed.

    He talks over her constantly with a “This is how things are, screw your dad” attitude.
    What he is saying isn´t wrong to say, but the way he does it, shows that he is arrogant.

  • Poor people

    “I can’t afford it.”

    Rich people

    “How can I afford it?”

    Unhealthy mind-set

    “I don’t have the energy to exercise, dieting is too hard”

    Healthy mind-set

    “How can I do a little bit of exercise and eat one salad?”


  • I feel bad everyday and all I get is my nieghbour and tesco staff making me contemplate suicide for a long time now and when i take my own pitiful life then I’m free I’ve begged wandsworth council to move me from this hell hole flat in battersea for 13 years they arnt going to so it’s time to meet my maker anyway good luck to you all god bless x

  • I am just so lazy right now. I feel like i prefer to workout at home rather than going to the gym. I need to make a schedule. It might be easier to stick to it

  • Thanks for omitting the part where he cried out to God on his knees to help him change, since he said he couldn’t change on his own. Then got up and felt the world lift from his shoulders, and didn’t feel alone in tackling the world anymore. That gave him the motivation to get his life back on track. Without that important part of the story, it’s just another inspiring if empty humanist motivational story of someone pulling themselves up by their own britches.

  • I’ve become soo hate filled at society and at people saying I suck at things I used to love to do so I just said fuck it and fuck you. I don’t want to do anything in my life if you’re going to shit on me I might as well remind you of what you told me everyday because I can and it doesn’t matter anymore.

    When you fuck with someone and they bite back don’t be surprised.

  • One day hopefully you’ll have children. Cuz you would make some pretty babies girl!!!
    So, being healthy to be a great parent. And dogs too!!

  • I agree I have bad lungs and can hardly breathe due to multiple surgeries. And I can barely breathe half the time. If I don’t do cardio consistently it gets a lot worse. So I have to cultivate the energy to get shit done.

  • Sometimes it makes me wonder why Im suffering so much in life unlike the others. Im not sure if i get why but all people do suffer and they just try to stay positive and motivated. But that part of me, motivation isnt my thing. Id always think i wouldnt improve anything, grades, not make any progress. But the real reason is I lack patience and responsibilty. Motivation is everything, means alot more than I expected. No wonder why people make so much money, and suceed so much in life just by staying motivated. Starting now, i will try my hardest to motivate myself and live my life the fullest, not caring about what people thinks of me, my looks, that will just get in the way. We live life for a reason. Just dont waste it

  • People always say I’m motivated in the military, but in reality %80 of the time I go to the gym I don’t want to be there. This same concept can be applied to work in general. Especially hard work

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (search on google) help me lost a lot of weight? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss method.

  • Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t.

  • Just a few days ago I wanted to commit suicide now I might or might not but it changed that from a 90 percent year I’ll die to a 70 percent

  • It’s all great to talk about it in the way we do but so many are born & in a way that to just talk about it & then to not have a monetary means to do it like you all talk about it so let’s talk about that so we can help more people. This is what my next video will be about

  • If anyone else sees this, I’m with y’all. It feels tough but nothing is more beautiful than life. Been at some of my lowest lows lately but I have seen the light I know there is more than this, we can all do it.

  • watching this.. i realise I’m not unmotivated, i just feel jittery and crappy cos i drank too much coffee, and i hate working out when i’m feeling like a wet noodle.

  • Tip 1: find a reason why
    Tip 2: find your inspiration use it as your wallpaper on your phone
    Tip 3: create a plan/ workout schedule
    Tip 4: just do it
    Tip 5: reward yourself

  • I honestly can’t workout in a routine, i workout for a week and then not whole month and then one time and pushing myself again next time it doesn’t work. I don’t know how people do it. I wish i earned more and then do liposuction and be in shape.

  • Watching this during quarantine. It’s hard to be motivated to work out when the gyms are closed. And I feel the lack of exercise greatly on my mental health and my ability to do my school work. Exercise is so important

  • Your tip that you said to have you idol/motivation as your wall paper on your phone, you are are my wall paper on everything. I love you so much! You are my idol

  • AVE messaged lots of groups for help and support and nothing every day is a struggle AVE tryed Manny times ending it and I think the next time is the end

  • It comes down to food That fuels how we feel. I have been through a hard phase of looking after my dying father for 8 months with cancer until he passed, I stayed in bed….moving was the last thing I could do at that time. There are circumstances that can effect our want to get up and move…I know exercise is so beneficial if we are going through hard times, all I’m saying is (from experience) is sometimes in life we go through things and phases where we are unmotivated and things happen, it’s a phase. Don’t label people as lazy you never know what they are going through. Don’t judge

  • This is promise to myself that I am going to turn around my life. Right now my mind is in bad place with anxiety. I’ve never accomplished anything till now and days are filled with dark clouds. This quarantine really filled my mind with negative thoughts, It’s true that when you don’t stimulate your brain then it will eat you from inside like a silent killer. I miss my life six years ago when I had no mental health problem, Life was simple. I hope I can turn it around. I will return again to those days when it is filled with rose colored and warm sunshine.

  • Start with 5 mins a day. Wake up and do a quick workout while your coffee is brewing. Tabata or a quick yoga routine or even just a stretch. Start to challenge yourself and before you k now it, its a regular part of your day that you can’t overlook. You crave even just 15 mins of yoga or a quick short run (or jump rope for 10 mins) and you realize that working out IS self care

  • Tip #2: for me, Batman. I’m dead serious. He’s everything I want to be in life. I’m not really talking mentally as far as all of his trust issues, but his physical health is something I strive for and keeps me going.

  • I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was in 5th grade. I’m going into 9th grade and nothing changed exept i got bigger. I worked my ass off all that time, nothing worked.

  • I’m not sure if I still have a healthy relationship with exercising. I’ve had an eating disorder for 2 years and I’ve struggled with working out everyday even tho I hated it because the only reason was to get rid of the binges and the calories which made it worse cause of the binge attacks. I’m still not sure what my goal is even tho my eating disorder voice is not that loud… guess I’ll have to just find the goal and focus on it

  • Im disabled. If i dont workout/physio then I feel worse. Yes their r days i dont want to do it. Im much stronger now doing this. Doesnt need be weights also. Over time u workout what works for you. Also diet is important. Being healthier dont mean its not tasty

  • Totally agree. I have people that tell me “I wish I had your energy”. This comment always gets to me because we create our energy. It doesn’t come knocking on my door telling me to go workout, go swimming, go for a walk, go to yoga. It’s me choosing to go be active, cook healthy meals and put the time into myself. And yes lots of times I don’t feel like it but I always feel great after choosing to do so.

  • This was intimidating and not motivational�� why are you yelling at me? Lol I just want to go to the gym consecutively for three months��������

  • add to all this, the normal dayjob rhythm like eleven months at job and a 1 month+1week vacation. and the feel no one gives a fuck about your problems. no wonder people kill themselves. obviously Tyson had the money to do shit and did not have to work while being depressed… good luck normal people. the only option is heavy drinking everyday or something heavier

  • every time i want to skip a workout now i think of Mikhaila Peterson telling me “its okay, your overweight and sick. you don’t have to workout today” shit gets me fired up. haven’t skipped a day since.

  • I didnt like Tyson Fury but after this… This is truly inspirational because this is exactly how i feel now i was a very promising Football/Soccer⚽️ Everything was going good but still a felt so down but i will never give up.
    Go out There and chase youre dreams people lets do it together������

  • this is very recognisable. I do realise now i like swimming. and as i am moving close to a pool soon i wil be doing that. plus i wil be cyceling to my new job as its the easiest and fastest way to get there.

    i kept getting recomended to go jogging. while i dont only get bored but its physicaly painful for me due to a old knee injury. (makes me feel like a old lady XD ) should just listen to myself what i want to do.

  • I wanna become a boxer and fight for my country but I’m honestly thinking it’s not gonna happen I’m already 15 and I havnt got the balls to go learn I’m just doing it at home ��

  • If you don’t like the gym Don’t go
    Find something else you enjoy that gets you fit.
    I’m 64 my wife 65 difference? I love the gym wife hates it she’s a walk leader I’m a gym nut.
    What ever floats your boat guys.

  • I dont agree with him and many others on this issue…there is always an overlooked part of this forever conversstion… I have survived lung cancer, and a few other cancers, I have now nerve damage and constant pain…I GET SO DISTURBED WHEN I AM CALLED LAZY…or these people say I am lazy.. I have Damage to my metabolism from radiation and chemo and if I eat 800 to 1200 calories A-day I still will seem to gain rather than loose..These discussions are never for the person over 60, and just trying to survive with all good intentions…JOE should have more respect for medically challenged people..he is a real dick sometimes..he speaks to the masses not everyone who does want to hear other avenues of choice…thaks!! I could go into much more about my personal history in my life about what an athlete I used to be and how healthy I was but that I’ll take way long and way boaring reading to make a point…

  • For those who say they don’t have enough energy to exercise, set their couch on fire as they’re watching tv. You’ll see real quick just how Much potential energy they really do have! ✌️����

  • Guys. lost crazy amounts of weight doesn’t need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’m going to give you some advice now. Look for a popular weight loss system called Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). Thanks to it I’ve lost a lot of weight. I shouldn’t even be talking about it cause I do not want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a excellent mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  • I could not agree more. No excuses, force yourself. I went from over 330lbs. T0 210lbs. Never went to a gym either. Thats an excuse I HEAR ALOT. “I don’t like the gym.”
    Pick your fat behind up AND DO SOMETHING it gets easier.

  • my goals ( i have a 4 year old now) when im 60 i want to jump on the trampoline with grand kids. (and not complain about my back or hipps) i want to run and keep up with my daughter as she gets older and do active things with her

  • I was inspired by joe Rogen to get back into the gym during his interview with Tom green. He told him “just do it, make it part of your routine”…ok joe you got it

  • Here’s a tip keep positive people in your life who are doin something with themselfs to help keep motivation
    you are who you associate yourself with

  • Agree 100% everyday fast walking 3-6 miles jump rope every other day push ups sit ups haven’t had a TV in 5 yrs people are shocked

  • Best quote I’ve heard that helps me just do it is: motivation follows action. When you just make yourself do it, you gain more future motivation.

  • Fat people don’t have the energy to exercise?….the fat hanging off their bodies is literally stored energy. Get off your ass and start small. Also, screw TV.

  • I see alot of my former Army mates run into this problem. They lose their purpose in life, they let themselves go, and sadly some have killed themselves. This is a great post by Tyson Fury. Hang in there, take little steps, and try to do just 1% more than yesterday.

  • I know how this feels I’m going through this right now �� and everyday I’m thinking negative feelings sad with life I can’t be happy

  • Fuck this motivational videos to always have to show people in gyms. That’s so motivational to lift weights? It’s like that’s the only thing people can do for success.. LoL

  • Great talk! Never really thought about getting to a point with any exercise where I say “I do it because I enjoy it” but that makes sense that it’s the best way to ensure you keep sticking to it.

  • 3:28 I know the feeling, talking helped BIG TIME, I thought that I was too strong and my ego told me I was too special to open up about my pain and feelings but anyone who has it should speak to family, friends or doctor ❤

  • Exercise takes discipline. and so does a good diet. Americans consume way more calories than they require. Look at movies from the 1970’s, 1960’s, 50’s, 40’s, 30’s 20’s….Very few fat people in those old films and documentaries. When I was a kid in elementary school back in the 60’s there was 1 or 2 obese kids in my classes. Now it is 40% of the kids. All you need is 1500 calories a day to stay alive. and you dont need many more to do anything else. It takes 75 to 100 calories to walk a mile. 100 calories is not a lot of food. if you consume more than you need it gets stored for future use. FAT.

  • I’ve only watched a few of his shows, but he seems to patiently let his male guests speak, whereas he rambles on himself with the females

  • Mental Illness is exactly like that. You don’t know you have it, you don’t even care, often you ignore it. Until it rots you from the inside. Finally bottling your emotions and pains becomes unbearable.

  • I’m 8months into my journey guys, I’ve lost 45pounds I was at 230 I’m now at 180, because of effort, and diet… I started with 1 mile a day and I thought “I killed it today” then that became 2miles, then 3, now I do 6 a day and 2hours of strength workouts, it really is mental and effort at the end of the day, he’s right if nothin is wrong w you then there is no excuse, I hope you wake up motivated and go get it

  • I know it feels negative thoughts almost everywhere you go on your mind and everytime you thinking about something good from good you turn it into a bad thought

  • You know what joe this is my motivational video I’m not over weight but do suffer from diagnosed back problems, mental health issues and insomnia. Taking that many tablets in the morning it’s like a breakfast but as you say if you can walk to the fucking fridge you can exercise!!! You might feel shit now but imagine how good you will feel know you accomplished something good to you and your health. JOE ROGAN PEOPLE WHAT A GUY!!!

  • Joe is speaking truth and people don’t want to hear it and make tons of excuses. For the majority of people exercise and eating more nutritionally is a choice. There are some exceptions but most people just choose not to.

  • Can my dog be my workout buddy??? And I already have my motivation on my wallpaper it is my dog she passed away from being over weight and I will workout for her it is a way to cope and to be motivated I love you buba!

  • Carnivore diet is not healthy to sustain for long periods a vegan diet is the most powerful tool as we are designed to eat that way with most calories coming from carbs such as beans

  • This woman is speaking like a loser. I’m not saying she is. She’s on Joe’s podcast so she’s probably doing fine, but her tone at 4:35 is pure loser talk.

  • Literally, it is what i did and this is what im going to do yesterday for break the devil’s leg. Im fighting with my mind and even my wife cant help me about it. So, i need fix it myself… Tomorrow will be a big day, wish me the good luck please.

  • A perfect example would be physical therapy. If some has brain surgery and stays in the icu for two weeks, the next most important step is pt. In some cases something as small as bending your knee 20 times a day, in some cases walking down the hallway once. The patient feels like they can barely do it but within a month they can walk fine. For some people walking around the block will be as draining as long distance running but that’s progress. That’s what makes the difference. If you get tired just doing that, that doesn’t mean you’re a pussy, it means you’re getting a good workout and will be able to do more with each day.

  • Its get hard, its get harder every day.
    All days come a new problem.
    When someone breaks your heart, you dont want to do ah shit, you just dont have motivation and energy to train. Im in that situation, I want to get better but I dont know what to do. My heart and my mind are paralyzed. What motivation can i have if I dont have a objetive in mi life…

  • A great bloke that has been extremely lucky to land in the worst ever era of heavyweights. Take nothing away from the man tho it was meant to be. All the very best to Tyson Fury ❤️

  • I normally don’t mind Rogan, but he was being a prick here. Constantly interrupting and talking over her pushing his agenda. I completely agree with the discipline point, but let your guest actually talk regardless of if they have a different view or not.

  • It’s because exercise shouldn’t be a ‘plan’! Going to the ‘gym’ 3 times a week or whatever is just mental and probably physical torture! No one can stick to that!

    Exercise should be something you do every day without really thinking about it!

    Here’s a start to do every day: First thing straight out of bed, 20 jumping jacks, 10 press ups, bit of planking (there’s loads of variants). Evening after dinner, 20-30 minute walk (preferably in nature, woodland etc.). DONE! You will soon be feeling better, losing weight, then you will add extra press ups, longer walks etc. without really thinking about it! Some days you won’t feel like it but do it anyway just reduce the amount you do, so like just the 20 jumping jacks and a minute plank in the morning, the next day you’ll be ready to smash it again! ��

  • I’ve been training nearly 6 months now throughout I’ve had a drive like no other I worked like I could never imagine and changed so much I’m so proud, but recently i just feel like I’m slacking so bad my diet has faded I eat whatever now and don’t put in as much work I wish I could go back to when I had such a drive:(

  • Is it just me or did you really delete your Gym/Workout music uploads? �� I love that you created a separate account for workouts but I hope you would re-upload them. You have no idea how motivating those were for me.�� Thank you for the daily motivation!

  • I can remember multiple times I’d commented on someone’s transformation video/inspiration video and swore I’d commit, I was unhappy with my body for years but it was hard for me to believe that the work would make a difference, sure enough after high school (at around 275 lbs) i decided to turn my life around. I didn’t comment on a video, I got sick of being stagnant and even worse, digressing. It was around this time I found Tyson Fury, I found his story to be similar to my own. I was depressed badly during my last year of high school, I have a similar build as fury except I’m 6’2 and 205 now. My goal is to get to 175 and go amateur in boxing ���� I know this was all over the place, but thank you Tyson Fury, you gave this fat kid hope that he could be greater.

  • Alternate ending of 8 mile where B-Rabbit loses the rap battle and decides to join the gym to get swole and beat up the leaders of the free world.

  • Girl this video might be two years old, but this advice is pretty dang timeless! After a hectic week of feeling disconnected from my gym routine, this advice just motivated me to get back at it! TY, ILYSM

  • There’s this girl who my friend and I dance against she’s so healthy in all the ways she has a great education she’s smart, fit, sweat and kind genuinely and determined she’s so inspiring

  • Here the tough part about this depression and feeling worthless. People just say “you need to workout.” I do, the workout is great, the pre workout is awesome, more alive than ever. Then when the workout is over, I just wanna die. I wanna take my own life. I don’t have the balls to do it, so I just wish death to come up on me.

  • I was also a good weight lifter…..
    But i done so heavy weights in 2016-2017. (DOCTORS SAVE ME)

    Now im completely disabled to do GYm in my life ������

  • God Joe Rogan sounds like Dr. Phil right now, lol. Low energy can be from several things, from the food that you eat to depression. I agree with the things said about discipline, and your own self will to push yourself, as well as symbiosis and social conditioning / a lifestyle that’s lazy and sedentary. But you can “lack the energy” if your heart, or whatever, isn’t in it. Hence depression.

    》》 https://youtu.be/Sdu_1_A0dcM ����������������

  • #tysonfury I used to think you were a big galloot and an average boxer at best, jab, jab, jab. You’ve come a long way and I solute you and thank you for speaking the words that have lived in my head for far too long. I’m buying a track suit now and getting this grey shit done with.
    P.S I’m 6ft 6 and now 21st…if you want to share diet tips that would also help ��

  • I resonate with what you say. I’m new since Covid. I’m in the absorbing truth of looking at my bullish. I need to eat/ live CLEAN. THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING TRUTH. I watch you I real ate to you. THANKS….. Still in the sludge but looking where YOU and loved ones are shining a light… THANK YOU FOR BEING IN THE LIGHT. We can follow that shit. Again thank you ��✌️��

  • I’m hoping this will help me get motivated to make ME my priority. I can’t keep neglecting myself to do things for others. I can do this right? ����‍♀️

  • Watched this while struggling to want to go to the gym. Thank you. And thanks for the cute doggo in the background…also a dog mom here. I get the long term dream goals! 😉

  • I think this is good and helpful advice, but I don’t personally think enjoyment in an activity is enough to sustain regular exercise, because enjoyment in anything fluctuates. For sure, choice is helpful in motivation. So is variance. But I don’t think “motivation” is a synonym for “enjoyment.” For example, when I have a really terrible run that was not fun AT ALL and leaves me feeling defeated, what is it that stops me quitting? That would be the thought that maybe I’ll do better tomorrow. Motivation can’t be divorced from enjoyment, but it’s much more complex than just enjoyment, and it’s very individual. What motivates one person won’t necessarily motivate another.
    At least, this is what I think. I think part of humanity’s problem (not just in sport) is that we give up far too quickly when we get bored.

  • Thank you I almost didn’t go to the gym today but I drank coffee and I felt the motivation coming back and I’m here at the gym right now about to do waist workouts

  • I wish people noticed the hard effort I put, when I run, when I train jiu jitsu… when I do anything. I feel special… but idk how to be great. I wish I had more positive influences in my life. I’ll never give up though. I’ll wake up and train and love all the people that love me. Just like how momma raised me!:) never give up guys! Much love lol

  • I always try to remember why I started in the first place to help people overcome an epidemic. Most people could actually live a more fulfilling life, but choose not to.

  • Thank you so much. I realize that I have listened to too many well-meaning friends who tell me that skiing (the exercise I love most) can’t work as my main form of fitness because I can’t get up to the slopes but a few times a year. Now I am thinking about other forms of exercise that puts the wind in my hair and allows me to experience nature and a rush, like hiking, (fast) or maybe rollerblading.

    Mostly you got me thinking, so thank you. What is it about skiing? How could I seek to find that essence in other ways?