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Too many trainers put clients through intense sessions that are way too advanced, says NASM-certified personal trainer Alex Robles, MD. They do it to make you feel like you’ve had a good. Choose wisely so you don’t waste your time and energy.

It will help you find a personal trainer; the best personal trainer. Find a Personal Trainer The assessments personal trainer needs to. “A good trainer might know the science behind fitness, but if he can’t connect on a personal level, it probably won’t be a good fit,” he says. “A good trainer knows how to push a client. Having a personal trainer once sounded like something only celebrities could afford. After all, before he created the beloved Power 90 exercise program, Tony Horton was a personal trainer for stars like Bruce Springsteen and Usher.

But thanks to the magic of streaming and technology such as Zoom, Facetime and Skype, it’s fairly easy to find an affordable personal trainer. Choose a trainer who will cater to your personal needs and learning preferences. While some people want to be pushed to their limits by a drill sergeant type, others are going to work better with positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement. Tell us when, where, and why you are looking for a personal trainer and we’ll display the best matches in your area. 2. Sign Up.

Once you have found the right trainer, you can sign up for in-person training sessions on their profile page. Sign up, get in contact with your personal trainer. None of the plans is easier or more difficult than another, but it’s a matter of personal preference which plan you find the most easy to follow.

Choose one, try it for a few weeks, and you can always switch to another. Now you have some helpful information for how to choose the MyWW plan that’s best. To help with choosing the best online personal trainer for you, reach out to several trainers when trying to find an online fitness coach. After you reach out, see how they respond to you.

Your. You can find an online personal trainer in at least two ways. The first is through your phone. You can now download an app and choose from a list of instructors. A second.

As you find personal trainers you like, dive into their available routines and start training with instructors that truly speak your language and motivate you. To make it even easier, take the.

List of related literature:

Make sure you go through the pointers on how to choose the right personal trainer too!

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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The personal trainer who does so will increase his or her knowledge, skills, and confidence; and both the personal trainer and the clients will benefit from the effort.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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This type of more personalized program is typically more costly and may require you to purchase WAT so that the instructor can monitor your fitness data (e.g., HR) in real time.

“Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy” by Seth E. Jenny, Jennifer M. Krause, Tess Armstrong
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If you’re thinking that a personal trainer may be your best option, check out Chapter 7 — it shows you how to pick a trainer to meet your needs.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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For this reason, an aspiring personal trainer likely will begin a career as a fitness instructor or health and fitness specialist and move into a personal trainer position after gaining considerable experience and a specialized certification.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman
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Visit www.acefitness.org for a list of certified personal trainers in your area to get you started using appropriate techniques.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
from The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
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Trust me your personal trainer will never let you down…It will guide you where to go and achieve your goal..

“Heal without Pill” by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
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Start by talking to personal trainers in your area.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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The qualifications needed by a personal trainer vary dramatically across different types of health and fitness facilities.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman, Duane V. Knudson
from Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
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oers certied and professional tness trainers who can help you lose weight and motivate you through customised training.

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  • Finally, someone says a PT is an unhealthy motivation!!!!!! My PT guilts me so much saying I should stop being “lazy” and I have to “push through”. I find it so toxic and discouraging the words she says…when I work out myself, I push myself way more even if my muscle is about to give up because there is no one around me calling me “lazy” and I can progressively overload at my own pace!!!!!!

  • This actually happened to me at Planet Fitness. The “personal trainer” told me to come back and see him in three weeks. I was a little discouraged because I was hoping it would be someone helping me every step of the way.

  • I’ve had friends who always wondered why I never took clients as a CPT and have caught flack for it. The keeping clients in the dark/capitalist mindset you mentioned is the reason why. I love to learn, and at the time when I started wanting to bodybuild (had 4 years background in powerlifting) I couldn’t afford a CPT so I saved up and got my certification with ISSA about 6 years ago so I could start from the ground up and create that foundational knowledge to help me in the hobby I love so much. Even though my cert is expired, I still keep up to date with published studies, current trends, keep a vast mental log of the numerous exercises/combos/routines I’ve accrued, tested and experimented with. I love to teach, and found the time crunch and the intentional with holding of information to secure return clients disingenuous and it didn’t work for me. I really enjoy dissecting a movement and explaining the benefits to someone and instilling lasting, usable information which there isn’t always time for during a paid session. I don’t just want to show someone how to do curls and cash a check, though there are clients and trainers who are perfectly content with that relationship which is totally fine. ❤️

  • If this is for personal trainers, you are not in position to give anywhere near these detailed meal plans you are talking about. stay within your scope of practice.

  • my old trainer (I had two the first one was just what you described the second was AMAZING)… my first trainer would get between 5-8 of us all doing everything at the same time. I’ve got two kids, my good friend had 4, and we were doing the same stuff as the 19 yr girl, a mid 20’s runner and an overweight short girl that although she had tons of energy, she struggled a lot. my trainer would yell at her and call her lazy. when she didn’t come, she would mock her and talk behind her back. I felt she booked us all at once so she could get our workouts done within 1 hr ago she could go about her day.

  • There is a reason people need long term training and accountability… beyond what you covered, as we get older we develop bad posture, muscle imbalances, have injuries and just going out and moving can be painful and those things need to be addressed. Clients are not going to have the knowledge to deal with those on their own for the most part. Most clients who are long term are over 40 or 50. The younger ones usually don’t have a lifetime of damage yet. But what the young ones do need is to be pushed and challenged in a progressive safe way. Unless they have a lot of knowledge they are not going to sit down and design a program or know where to start. Just a few tips without education is not enough. People with professional careers don’t have the time to put that much focus solely on fitness. They would rather hire an expert to get to their goals faster and more efficiently and have an appointment and input of a professional.Being a professional trainer means having a lot of passion for fitness and your own fitness goals as well. I train all ages and their goals are wide ranging. I have a coach too, no matter your level there is someone with more expertise.

  • Thank you for this video, Daniel. It’s also great to get a look into yours and Kelli’s own ethics and approach in training people to become healthy.

    QUESTION: I read somewhere that increased muscle mass doesn’t have much of an impact on resting metabolic rate as it is purported to have… is this true? There is so much conflicting information on this one. Help!

  • A lot of personal trainers here saying he’s lying bc again, this video takes clients from them once we all realize what they’re doing. But as someone who has had 5 personal trainers, a lifetime of sports coaches and STILL doesn’t know how to tweak my diet and exercise myself bc they kept me reliant on them… every word he’s saying is true. Sure there are good PTs out there, but those PTs admit there’s an issue in the profession. So that tells me all the ones in the comments here are the money hungry assholes who don’t want their potential clients to find out they’re getting screwed into being more dependent, not independent

  • Just hired a personal trainer at my gym and OMG! I am going through all these signs of having a bad trainer �� they stack training sessions with multiple people and you can tell…

  • Alright so most corp gyms won’t want you to go through the entire PAR-Q. Most clients starting out will be in a boring stabilization phase at the first month. Most trainers now force certain exercises or routines to stand more out and get a sale. No trainer wants to go through orientation with a potential client but its needed for progress. This is solely based on the commission and amount of time in the gym you don’t get paid. If trainers had an hourly wage and quite frankly got paid like they do at ymca for PF hourly + commission I don’t think there would be an issue at all.

  • Most of trainers in big box gyms are fucking horrible that it’s pathetic. Problem lies in the management of big box gyms because these managers in gym care about one thing and one thing only fucking SALES if any idiot trainer good at bullshyting hie way our to sell personal training his idiot manager give trainer Hifi be all cheerful u saw these trainers giving exercise to clients horrible but they get no accountability from manager as long they bring them sakes they don’t care how they teach exercise. It sucks because personal training can be reputable career but big box gyms are killing this field Any self respecting personal trainer should never work for big box gyms it’s better to train independent and have some fucking dignity for fuck sake

  • Diving in a culture of “knowing” instead of “feeling” (or at least a good mix of both) isn’t it ridiculous that someone should teach someone else (hoping to get enough bucks in return) how to move his/her body for the sake of loosing weight or “get a better shape”?! WTF… is in fact much better to choose an activity that you FEEL you like it, I agree with that! Then, sports make far more sense like a training practice focused on skills or perfomance objectives within a specific activity! If you teach your client to train independently, is a satisfaction for you because you taught someone else how to take care of him/her-self but on the other side of course they will not need any more to pay for your “PT session”. And it sucks when you have to explain why it is good to do some form of training, especially with topics related to health, because HOW the hell a person should be not interested in his/her own health!!??!?? It sounds like you should convince them to some form of training!! O_O One of the strongest motivational tricks could be to make some people realize that they do not give a F** to their own health, in other words to themselves, at all!!

  • Thank you so much for all the information you have always provided us in order for us to understand why and how to get healthy. It’s always a matter of health with you 2 and I absolutely love this approach on life and fitness. This is truly what motivates me to work out and I will always be grateful to you guys and the content and information you put out! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, you are helping a lot of people and it’s amazing!

  • As a Health Coach who is studying for a personal trainer exam right now, it is so nice to see a personal trainer that knows how to work with people and focus on their actual needs.

  • This is a weird question but If you have an Injury which means you can’t work out how do you lose weight because I was told that officially I’m slightly overweight and I used to have a food problem so this is freaking me out

  • You’re too much of a good person to screw ppl over lol. You should do more videos on working out. I need it. I’m so out of shape, HELP ME!!!

  • Thank you SO MUCH for this information!!! I thought something was wrong with ME because my PT worked me so hard on day 1 that I got sick. I was always told that was a good trainer. After day 2, I paid them off and never used her again. I think one of the “thumbs down” of this video is her. I’m encouraged again to start taking better care of my health. I found your videos and tears came to my eyes. Thank you so much!!

  • You channel is truly a one-stop “shop” for all things fitness. You and Kelli cannot begin to imagine how greatly you’ve helped me (self-esteem, health and heck my body is shaping up!) and so many others. So in your moments of doubt, just know that you two rock and your videos are amazing! Keep up with the good work:).

  • Hi, I have one question!I’m 203cm tall(90kg) and I go to gym.In gym,gym workers advised me to engage personal trainer because he will give me some exercises which will enable me to do squats, dead lifts,push ups.I dont have money for personal trainer, so what can you advise me? I repeat once again, I dont have money for personal trainer.Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  • Thank you for all the information! Now I realize you guys are the first good trainers I’ve ever had. Thank you for all your work, for educating us, and for always being positive!

  • I’m a trainer myself and I cold heartedly tell them you wont get instant results. Its a life long game. Most of the time this means losing $ in the short run but then you get more long term paying clients. Spot reduction is just what some trainers will say to get more sales (I make fun of them). Don’t always trust the super shredded trainer because in my experience they know 0% and only care about their own goals and beliefs

  • agree with everything except the part about supplements being useless. it’s true you don’t need it, but with correct supplementation, it can give you that small extra boost for whatever your specific needs are.

  • Insightful video. I did hear one misinterpretation regarding fat oxidation and exercise intensity. The body derives more energy from fat during low intensity exercise. Fact. However, 55% 65% VO2 max is optimal range for both fat and carb utilization, “fats burn in a carbohydrate flame.” If overall calorie burn is the concern then high intensity is the ideal prescription. The body derives more energy from fat during low intensity.

  • I seriously appreciate these videos because I am a newly certified trainer and always love to learn about what I SHOULDN’T do when I do find a job as a trainer.

  • Being a good personal trainer is about helping out clients in such a way that they talk about you and word of mouth keeps you in business. Your mindset of not wanting to help train ppl into independence seems skewed.

  • My trainer did not at all recommend Supplements. Rather she used to say that supplements should not be taken because they all have side effects. She always said that all supplementation should come from the food in the plate. I respect her more now.

  • Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of fitness trainers as yours a lot
    easier 😉
    Which is why I have two very simple questions:
    1. ​As a personal trainer do you sometimes struggele with getting high paying clients Online? If so, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?
    2. Regarding getting online clients, what would you wish for more than anything else? Thanks so much in advance looking forward to reading your answers!

  • These are no-brainers. I can’t believe there are trainers that actually get away with this b.s. None of the trainers I work with do these. However, I will say there is an IG wannabe fitness model type trainer that is constantly texting or has her face buried in her phone.

  • “If the meal plan contains chicken, fish, broccoli, rice, or water you should find a new trainer” Good tip… I’ll just eat dirt and peanut butter.

  • I’ve had the best results from having a personal trainer. It’s a lifestyle thing, my personal trainer makes me feel a lot more positive and happy. Instead of spending money on shoes and hand bags, invest in a personal trainer. They are worth it!

  • Thanks for this video. I been working out with a personal trainer who was a friend of a friend. The trainer is not certified but I will say I have seen great results, However I feel I can do do it on my own and even more. I also when I work out with my 2 other friends I noticed that they only praise the other 2 girls on there results and not say a word about my results even tho I have been working my butt off.

  • I discovered you guys just recently after scrolling through countless videos, looking for some more challenging workouts. I”m in love with your advanced workouts/strength training! Just what I needed to take my exercise to the next level:) I’m also a fan of your message to your followers, fitness is not just about looks!:)

  • Thank you for these tips. I am looking for trainer. I haven’t worked out in over 3 years since having two major surgeries in having both of my hips replaced. I am also internally ill with a liver disease. How do I go about locating a local trainer that would be willing to go above and beyond for my specific issues and personal goals? Is there an official database of listed trainers like Angie’s List but for fitness that I can search with?

  • I personally don’t want a personal trainer as I’m perfectly fine with following along with FitnessBlender workouts, but I like all your points here and if I ever see or hear of a trainer that does these things I’ll be sure to spread the word to try to keep people from going to them.

    I especially hate the body shaming and supplements points. It’s important to love your body and yourself before you start seeing changes. You don’t have or need to hate how you look or feel to exercise it’s really for your overall health. I especially hate commercials that promote surgeries and supplements and stuff by having a “personal account” by someone who says they hated looking at themselves in the mirror before they tried whatever’s being promoted. Like no. Get that shit off my screen.

  • This may be really late but I think that I can be motivated and I workout a lot but I need someone who knows what they are doing to get my body to be what I want it to be. I’ve been doing videos and other things for years and motivation and consistency is not enough I would have to pay someone to get me the next level

  • I met a personal trainer today, it was going good until I found out it was one long infomercial. I told him I didn’t want sups, I said I would train alone, I told him i didn’t want to spend any more then what I am already spending. He lost all my respect.

  • I feel kind of out of breath after watching because I don’t think you’re breathing at the right phase. =P

    Anyway, I think if you’re giving too much information with your clients that’s just giving them importance, genuine concern and value they deserve. And if you’re doing that, it’s actually a good practice. That’s what I believe. Because when you’re giving value, I’m sure more clients will come. They will refer you. And it’s not really about getting them at the long-term, it’s about helping them reach their goals. And if you do that consistently aside from marketing your services, you will always have clients. 😉

  • Had a personal trainers canceling rescheduling.and switching my sessions. Focusing on his goes and program he wanted for me instead of my goals. yelling at me for no reason. I fired him

  • PT isn’t for me. Most recent experience was a disaster. I didn’t lose weight. He kept blaming my beer intake and ignoring how he failed and didn’t take blame. I know it’s a two way street, but he wasn’t great. He was good.

  • There are too many trainers out there just focused on getting as many clients into the program as possible to where they forget about the quality and consistency of their program between clients. Fit Biz Owners themselves need to make $$$, so they have to focus on getting bodies in the doors too. The best coaches/trainers can get bodies in the door, but also train them well!

  • I’ve seen a few trainers and I’ve given up. The problem that I have is, many of them sell themselves on the idea that they’re going to help build strength, they’re going to help me improve flexibility and mobility and all of that. So then, when I have flexibility issues (such as with squats and lunges), there’s no input at all. He’ll just say “stop doing it like that” without explaining what “that” is. If I ask, he’ll look at me like I have three heads, like I should have known. Every trainer I’ve encountered, cancels at the last minute, or doesn’t even bother to cancel at all and just fails to show up. All of these trainers seemed to have good track records, they had good word of mouth, but as far as I’m concerned, they don’t even have jobs. THey just want to hang out at the gym and get paid to do it.

    So, honestly, I am in no way motivated to find a “good” trainer anymore. It’s not worth my time and energy to find a “good” trainer, only to find out that they are just as much as a scam artist as the last one. I work hard for my cash. I still go to the gym year round. Maybe I should just resort to having poor lower body strength despite my own failed efforts, because unless a fitness professional is willing to finally prove me wrong, I no longer believe this is a legitimate profession.

  • You lost me at “I gave my client too much information” and ‘that they would know as much as you and there wont be any construction’. Sir, the point of humanity and life is to gain knowledge and share it with others. And if you feel as if your client “knows more than you” then that should be a drive to become even more knowledgeable in said topic. I think you just don’t like to grind bro. Share your knowledge. Personal trainers are always going to be on demand.

  • You either win or learn

    Hello everyone, I’m about to start my own small business as a consultant for Personal Trainers.
    I’m going to help people achieve 5-10k/mo.
    But before asking for money, I’d like to find one or two more test clients to really perfect my method. I won’t be asking for anything but constructive feedback or recommendations. If you’re interested send me a message / comment below!

  • I became a trainer a few years ago, and I wasn’t making enough money to keep training. I was so sad that I was going to have to give it up and go back to a job in retail.

    My friend told me about a personal trainer that mentored her and helper her build her business. The guy’s name is Stu and he has a website at http://www.TheSixFigureTrainer.com

    He was nice enough to give me some advice on how to build my clients. I was at the wrong type of gym and I wasn’t marketing myself right. Once I switched gyms and changed the way I presented myself to potential clients, I was able to build up to about 10 full clients.

    I’m at about 15 clients now, and I’ve grown my business to about $4,200 per month which is enough for me to keep training and growing my business full time.

  • Your are spot on about sharing information but no offense. EVERYTHING you just put out there has been said and re-said x amount of times.. its not more poignant cuz u said it a different way

  • Matt thank you so much for this video. I started a 900 hour ACSM CPT program at a trade school in MA in May and its just shocking how many bad/uneducated PT there are around. I’m so glad I’m getting a well rounded education following the ACSM guidelines so I can be the best PT for my clients. This video is great!

  • 1lb of muscle burns 6-7 calories a day.

    His #5 reason to watch out is full of misinformation.

    If you spend years building 20lbs of muscle, that’s an extra 120 calories a day at rest. Not significant at all

  • >teaches half or quarter squats
    >only does isolation
    >random workouts or lack of planning
    >doesnt ask goals
    >cant do cleans and power cleans
    >teaches bastardized oly lifting and powerlifting movements with 25 pound with bad form

  • I have an independent trainer for one reason, to push me. When I workout by myself I barely break a sweat, plus I hate not having a spotter. When I’m with my trainer, it feels like I’ve been in a physical battle afterwards.

  • Good Morning, I am developing an app for Fitness Instructors and I am doing some market research can you help me out by taking the survey if you teach fitness classes or passing it along to anyone you know that does? Thank you!

    Can you spare a few moments to take my survey?
    Fitness Instructors please take this 2 minute survey. Your feedback is important!

  • A lot of the big chain gyms like LA Fitness and NY Sports Club employ ‘personal trainers’ who constantly try to get their clients to purchase supplements and exercise accessories from the gym.They’re basically sales people

    Even the higher end gyms, where the personal trainers are typically certified and/or have university degrees in a relevant area do this.

    They also are constantly coming up with what they call ‘challenges’ (i.e. “The [Insert Gimmicky Jargon Here] Challenge” etc), which they charge significant additional fees for.

    Moreover, they use very aggressive and dishonest sales techniques, such as regularly saying a given ‘challenge’ will never be available again when in fact they offer it nearly every other month.

    I’ve never used a personal trainer but I’ve observed their bullshittery in gyms for years.

    I’ve also noticed that a lot of what they tell their clients is sheer bro science bullshit, especially when it comes to dietary advice.

    They’re very reminiscent of time share sellers and used car sellers.

  • Biggest offender of body shaming and unhealthy weight loss is the show ” The Biggest Loser,” the shows name is Biggest loser for heavens sakes!

  • My first personal trainer got me to do the barbel squat for the first time and when I had the bar behind my neck she got me to lower the bar down toward my shoulder blades. Pins and needles shooting through my shoulders right out to my fingertips. Was so uncomfortable! I told her it hurt and she wouldn’t listen to me…. man I wanted to punch her face ����

  • Another one is if you have a trainer who preaches low carb or no carb diets they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and you should drop them.

  • I can not understand you, everything you did not like about being a personal trainner is exactly what could make u an excelent personal… educate your students… is like a teacher at school trying to keep their students stupid so they never graduate.

  • Very good information. I see these in the gym all the time. Especially the last one. Sad thing is these guys have most of the clients because people just don’t know better

  • I have PCOS and Myo Inositol is supposed to be very helpful for that and is currently being tested for treatment here in the UK under the NHS. As of right now though, you have to buy it and I’m thinking of getting some. Would this come under the supplementation thing??? Because I really think I need it tbh. Also I’ve been told by a doctor to start taking multivitamins with iron so I’m gonna have to do that too. I don’t think all supplements are bad. Obviously they shouldn’t be a replacement for a healthy and balanced diet but sometimes, people need them and they can be really helpful.

  • Copies of ms word aren’t the problem. It’s ok. They don’t make new exercises everyday or is your body so different from the rest that the copy has helped. Specialised plans are sales bait. We know fitness is trial and error. Take what works.

  • The reason you failed is because you talk too much. Just guide them and COACH them. You don’t give them tips and too much knowledge because you’re just compromising your job. It’s like giving them tips on how to become a personal trainer. Be the leader and not the follower.

  • Hey, I’m 15 and I honestly had no idea what I wanted to be and I realized that I love fitness and health so I’m looking into personal training as a career path but my dad has alot of different ideas for what I should be because I’m smart and he says I can do more than just physical work but I really want to do it but I need to know what it takes to become one and what I can do to help my chances to become successful

  • Most personal trainers are not allowed under their scope of practice to give meal plans. If they don’t have some kind of nutrition certification or degree, they shouldn’t be giving meal plans.

  • Hey
    I would like to know how the American certifications like the NSSA, ACE are compared to Germany. We have an Aand a B-Certification over there. I’m just wondering if those certifications are considered as a high level (A-License) certification.

    Have a good one everybody ��

  • I’m a trainer and I can proudly say I do none of these things! I can’t believe there are trainers that use body shaming as motivation that saddens me. Also when you talked about supplementation i totally agree with you. I see so many trainers push products that actually have really unhealthy ingredients. I’ve always pushed health and healthy eating anything else is garbage!!

  • A good personal trainer should educate their client but also learn from their client

    If you run out of topics or knowledge then you need to learn more doesn’t have to be technical just practical stuff helps as well

    Finally like the rest of the fitness industry stop lying to people

    Worked 10 years in the fitness industry, my first couple of years I worked in a hardcore bodybuilding gym and then so much truth and knowledge been spreading so forth

    When you get to the commercial side from the media managers down to instructors so much BS being spread

  • I already liked your advice, but when you reached number #1 you got my definite respect and support! Reasonable, honest advice. Well done

  • Thank you for the red flag advice. I’m not very aware of the human body in its details, but well, my job is not related, but now you gave me to think about certain YouTubers and their sliced body parts workouts. Do we want to talk about those totally avoiding warm ups and cool downs..?

  • Does a personal trainer reach out to a client or should a client reach out to a personal trainer. I have a trainer at EOS and all I do is visit her once a week for 30 minutes. She just gives me 4 workouts never discuss about nutrition and workout plan. When I try to tell her about my nutrition and tell her that I haven’t seen a change., she tells me “it takes time”.:/

  • I heard once a trainer who put some very skinny guys about 40 or more minutes of cardio before strength training and to the fat peoples telling not do to any weight of machines because it’s gonna make fat thicker instead they put them into long time cardio to reduce the fat first…etc very very incompetent trainers

  • Nice and very true information!! I’m a personal trainer myself and where i live i hear everyday these mistakes from my clients who have been with other personal trainers

  • I take a multivitamin and Vegan Protein…is that considered supplementation? I feel like I need it because I’m not getting enough in my diet.

  • I don’t understand why people are hating on him he pretty much told you how to save money and that you can learn online… what’s so bad about that?

  • I found this really helpful, I’ve just found a gym recently and had a PT approach me and tell me my form was bad. This then made me feel bad. He then talked about how it would cost 150 pounds a month. Nothing worse than trying new things out as a newbie and being told you’re doing it wrong

  • But low-intensity exercises DO burn more calories from fatthat is a scientific fact. It doesn’t burn MORE calories, but more of the calories burned are from fat.

  • Good points raised and overall a generally sound guide (though a wee bit bias) to anyone who’s shopping for a personal trainer or fitness coach out there.

  • Thank you so much! I was just about to spend a few hundred dollars on supplements. I will be investing that in quality foods instead;)

  • Fitness Blender, this is very helpful. Because I am in search for a good personal trainer. I’ve been going to gym for four months now. And all of the trainers I had were flukes. But I am trying to find one that will train me well so I can exercise properly.

  • I would really like a personal trainer to teach me about nurtition and weight lifting. I don’t need to motivation. But, I’m tight on money and I feel like it’s so much harder to learn without that one on one.

  • I think that you need one good PT in order to UNDERSTAND what is the meaning of that job! There is sooo much more to offer as a PT to a client!!
    good luck to you with that garage

  • As a new personal trainer I have taken some of th services things into account for what NOT TO DO! I can’t tell you how many trainers I see at gyms who just don’t pay attention.

    Someone is giving you time and money to improve their lives. Never take advantage of that

  • Love the last one, I hate when I see trainers telling people to take supplements!
    Especially when they make money off the supplements.

  • Hey, do you have an email? Wanted to discuss topics on science of weight loss and nutrition. Currently looking a way to integrate new way to train.

  • I can completely relate You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t!! The landlord analogy… You hit it right on the head. The goal is ALWAYS to retain that client for yearrrrrrrrrrrs! I’ll tell you this, as someone who’s been a private PT for years, I’ve found myself having to be a professional business man / marketer in order to keep my PT business alive! It’s a freakin’ beast and it’s NOT for everyone. If you don’t have marketing skills you might as well turn to Ubering or flipping burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great video Daniel, some solid tips! I got my PT certifications recently through https://pteliteuk.com/ and i’m so glad I did. It has to be one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Honesty is key when dealing with clients and you seem to be doing a great job of that!

  • Well first of all I’ve been a personal trainer and coach for a very long time.. even before Certs.were needed. In any case, the first 2 seconds of this video told me right there that is not a trainer that I’d want as a client. Secondly, the first 5 Seconds of the video described about 80% of the personal trainers in health clubs and gyms today. Then I’ll go on to say 95% of them have no clue what a workout regimen is unless it’s revolved around bodybuilding and extensive weight training. That’s about the extent of their knowledge and ambition. It’s sad to say but many of the certified personal trainers today think that it’s one-size-fits-all but they couldn’t be any more wrong.
    The problem with many personal trainers today is they fit a client with a training program that’s not designed for the client it’s based on the trainers program for himself and his friends. When I train a new client I have to retrain them mentally, physically, and then reprogram their minds to think at a level of fitness, and not just bodybuilding and weightlifting.
    Each of my clients get a custom blue printed strength training and fitness programmed specifically design for them, as it should be for all clients.

  • Before bad mouthing a trainer, we should always look at how we can improve ourselves. Also, diet plans are for certified and qualified food professionals only. These videos spend so much time bashing other trainers, how can we all help each other to progress. Some handy information, nice video.

  • You mentioned trainers that say low intensity burn fat.. I know a trainer who has ALOT of followers on instragram, and she has LISS, as part of her routine. I wonder if she photoshops??

  • i know i’m mad late on this but i just discovered it. lol
    anyways, these r some good advices. i just got a personal trainer not to long ago & the only reason I started with him is becuz of my friend but now me & my friend are no longer friends but i continue with the trainer out of loyalty & since i’ve already put in so much time wit him. I’m in a bind, sometimes i wanna leave becuz he does exhibit some of the things u talked about in the video. what should i do?

  • Talk about taking measurements and knowing a person’s starting point so they know whether or not they are in fact progressing. I had a guy who just gave me workouts and never weighed me, promoted supplements, etc. And gave me a cookie cutter bodybuilder diet. He lived in the next city but treated our relationship more “online”. Another point to talk about as well. Dropped him after 3 months. He came highly recommended by a lady I knew from the gym. And his wife is an IFBB Pro, so I thought I was in good hands. I do want to compete and I’ve been doing fine on my own. I do use supplements and feel what I use is beneficial. However, I would suggest people do their research and make their own decisions on that. I’m studying to be a trainer myself and that’s one thing that I learned is that only Dr. should be recommending supplements. Anyway, good stuff.

  • Nutrition? And meal plans… Thats out your scope. Thats why I didn’t wanna be a trainer for the longest because you can’t make meal plans and have to refer to other people..thats bs in my eyes.

  • U r right I just fired a personal trainer after 4 th day as I was not comfortable with him and u got right point his target and my targets were like sky and earth
    If personal trainer is not a person u can talk to better don’t go for him

  • Very informative and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’ll make sure to follow these rules with my own clients as well. ����

    Amdis Health

  • I really enjoy all your videos. They are so informative. I’m 53 and have done two bootcamps in the last six months at a local gym. I wound up having a lot of knee pain and impingement syndrome of my rotator cuff. The trainers were great but I feel  the one size fits all method pushes you into speed and intensity over form! I was told by my doctor to avoid overhead weight lifting now. I have been encouraged to supplement my protein with powders and bars to help build muscle by the trainers. Now im really confused. I was getting good results but have not been able to exercise for about a month now.

  • absolutely all of our meal diets have to be physician ordered of course the doctors always ask the nurses what do we think or how have they been doing on the diet. reason being some food interact with others and certain meds. some of the top things we always have to tell people they can’t have because of medicine and other things is grapefruit. grapefruit when combined with certain things cause unwanted or side effects. red dye is something we don’t give to patients especially cancer patients. if you want more nutritional facts follow me on twitter @what2eathealthy

  • some people like to workout at home, some of them at the park and some of them prefer going to the gym. in my opinion, diff people diff approach. i understand what you are trying to say. but im gonna disagree with you dude. some are just to broke they can only get information from the internet and do it at home or pay entry fee at the gym. but some of people need a pt so that they dont waste their time on self learning and just go straight for the goal and tadaaa! they are in shape while still make time for their business. thats the magic when you hire someone to do something. similar to when you hire someone to edit your video or repair your phone. you get the job done more faster. rather then, find information on youtube how to edit video this and that or how to repair your camera this and that. its gonna take forever. people can do anything with their money so yeah. 150$ seems a lot to you but 150$ is so little for those have the money.

  • I’ve watched your video and read the comments. As a personal trainer myself (the generalist one as you describe), people come to me after they have tried many of the different options out there, (Weight Watchers, gym membership, crash diets, even putting a home gym together like you have done) and found none of them worked. I am sort of a last attempt to break through their mental barriers in an area of their lives that constantly defeats them which is Fat Loss. My role in this situation is to provide as much assistance as they need without overloading them with too much information. In my experience there is no point giving people information they haven’t asked for, they simply don’t take it in (reticular activating system in play). I think if you are working with bodybuilders, powerlifters, or aspiring athletes it makes sense to provide online training and/or educate them as much as possible as they tend to be passionate about exercise and can do the workouts with specificity, volume and intensity without you being there. This however, is not typical of the average population, who need extrinsic motivation before they gain enough confidence to go it alone with a sport, gym, increased physical activity as a part of daily lifestyle etc. I tend not to do the whole hide information game because I just come off as ingenuine, and people won’t trust me, use my personal training services or refer me to others. I think those that do this earn a decent/average wage but will never become outstanding i.e. the top 5%.

    here are my concerns:
    1) the clients that are not motivated enough to take their health seriously probably wont follow your plan correctly and might not get the results they desire, in return they can hold you responsible and give you bad feedback even though it is down to their lack of trying, lets face it lots of people are naturally like this who blame you for something they cant achieve just because you had input.

    2) the people who really would be worth the time to train, who take their health seriously, who are motivated are more than likey not going to bother with a personal train er in the first place, like myself they are so motivated to get the job done why have a middle man?, we got internet now you can find out how to do anything if you can bothered to try find it.

    3) if i become a personal trainer i truly! would want to help people by teaching them all they need to know about diet, training, benefits, how-to etc.. there will come a point where they will know all they need to know and if youre really passionate about helping them that will come sooner then later which is so ironic, eventually they will question why they are paying you when they no longer need your advice (like what was said in this video). its true though, what kind of idiot would pay some one for something they already know or can do without that person?

    4) i honestly predict the only clients that would be beneficial are the ones who have high payed jobs or have extremely limited time to train, smart motivated people but simply dont have the time to look into how to get fit, due to this they would probably be looking for the best of the best most experinced PTs, so beginners probably wont get these kind of clients and lets be honest they are usually the smart switched on type people so eventually they would cut you off too when you have taught them all they need to know.

    5) the current recommendations and guidelines on diet and training exercises are always outdated, the cutting edge new scientifuc breakthroughs take years to hit the main stream, so if i use the new ideas i researched about i.e what to eat and how to train because it would contradict the status quo people would more than likely reject it, for example if i told a client protein isnt that important they would think im crazy, not to mention risking losing my licence because i dont follow the “standard” FDA bullshit approved recommended healthy diet, so whats the fucking point?, its not personalised fitness at all its just passing on mainstream, misleading bullshit, or lose your qualification, like wtf is going here, corrupt.

    in conclusion: so if i have to lie, mislead people and sabotage their fitness to keep them in the loop and always need my expertise whats the point in doing it in the first place?, it defies the whole objective of why i wanted to become a PT, which is to teach people how to live healthy and be fit, so keeping people in the dark would sabotage my purpose, plus i think this stuff should be free anyway so id feel get guilty or reluctant charging money for something i would happily give away for free. the types of people who would truly need my knowledge (like people who are rehabilitating from some disease) i wouldn’t be able to bring myself to charge anyway and there will probably be legal reasons as to why im jot aloud to help them. so in my opinion being a PT is not going to work for me personally. its no better than being a person who teaches someone how to ride a bike, once they got it they wont need you, so yeah fitness is staying my hobby not a career.

  • Had a trainer cancelling sessions so regularly. I paid for 12 sessions to be completed within a month. However, I am 4 months in and I still have 2 more sessions. I literally hate him to the guts. What a waste of money!

  • Could you go more into your no. 1 reason? You say supplements don’t make you “healthier,” does that also mean that protein powder for example does not help your muscles recover, grow, etc…?

  • This video made me regret leaving my yoga classes. I had such a good, understanding and responsible trainer, according to this list. Thank you for taking the time

  • Hi there your video was very helpful I am dealing with lack of communication they refuse to make repeat consults and I’m actually going backwards overeating as I feel not believed in my body fat is very high and have osteoporosis I’m disgusted that 4 personal trainers have done the emotional impact is quite devast using instead of excitement looking for a trainer I think will it happen again

  • I’m glad I got back to you. You’re trustworthy and what I like most is you even remind us in your workout vids to take care of our form, our breathing and listen to our body. That means so much to me.
    For a while ago I trained with Tracy A. videos. Bad idea, really bad idea. My body felt horrible with that and looking in comparsion at the little results I had it wasn’t worth it! At the end of the day it was a little lesson about trusting not every “fitness expert“ out there.
    Fitness Blender rocks! <3

  • You are so brave to tell this. I believe you specially what i saw at my gym. Some clients with PT usually just lay down, texts, take selfies for about an hour IF their trainer is not yet done with some sessions with other clients, or they’re having a break, I mean they’re all dependent on their PT. They’re just wasting their time.
    Also, PT costs $17 per hr at my gym, when your late your money is gone, but when the PT is late nothing happens.

  • Your the only personal trainer I’ve seen who actually looks like a personal trainer. The rest are either skinny fat or just skinny af in general.

  • Its youtube videos like these why clients gets injuries. Why a #CERTIFIED PT IS NECESSARILY: proper techniques, to create muscular balance, to help with nutrition.

    How much videos you see around with people with weak posterior chains and over active anterior chains, underactive glutes? I wonder what info you were giving to your clients because if you were staying one step a head by recertifying you’d not have to worry about them leaving.

  • My personal trainer is excellent. He always make sure to check for proper form and he modifies the exercises to alleviate wrist pain. He is also a nutrionist so he made a diet plan with some difficulty though due to my allergies and intolerances.

  • some things i don’t agree with but most of all I appreciate you sharing the knowledge. You are literally practicing what you preach as you share with us. I recently was fired as a personal trainer and so much of what you said I experience from my manager. practically(I’m paraphrasing) keeping a client In the dark. This man pride himself in this tactic and so many other tactics,lol. Overall it is a passion I have as I have as I persue becoming a D.P.T. The nutritional part I would had never guess that would had been number on the list. I seen so much of the stuff you have mention in the gym I was in,lol. I realize P.T is a bit of a struggle in the beginning for most unless you come in with a marketable service or have a name for yourself. Everybody else is scrambling to get a piece of a so for block of cheese.

  • The one-liner that I tell myself before every session that puts all this together is “Be present and you will know what he/she needs today. Go be that.” Oh! And a lesson from my dad that I remember daily in coaching and in life: “Listening is an art.” When we more “interested”, we stop thinking about being more “interesting”… #peopleskills

  • The trainer at my gym told me to go home, watch YT vids, and practice, before scheduling a session to learn how to use the smith machines. Do what???

  • My work has a state of the art gym. It’s free to use. Bad thing is I have no idea where to start. I’m 38 6’3 400lbs. I need to find someone who can teach me and not overload me with info

  • It’s a waste of money. You can provide yourself with all the knowledge that a personal trainer provides. The internet can tell you everything you want to know about nutrition and training. A personal trainer only provides short term motivation. There is no reason for people to hire personal trainers unless they are competing in sports at a competitive level. A high school kid who wants a football scholarship would benefit from a trainer or a bodybuilder who wants to take it to the next level. Then there’s actors who need to look a certain way for movies. Besides that, your average gym goer is wasting their money by paying for personal trainers that provides you with stuff you can find for free!

  • Thank you. It helps so much especially now that I am considering going back to the gym. What happens is I enroll and then after a few months I stop just because I dont feel that the trainers are professional enough and thats has always been my problem.

  • Thanks Daniel…I agree with you 100% on every point. I am a newly certified PT yet I have had my share of them in the past. Many people that go into this industry really do not get it….and some think passion for fitness equals a good PT…it really isn’t for everyone.

  • I just wanted to add my 2cents from experience. Having major depressive disorder I needed the one on one attention and encouragement to jump start a lifestyle change that would combat depression. But also I’ve had trouble being self aware with my posture for example. So I found having a trainer in person correcting your form as you lift was invaluable as a beginner. But he was also good at helping me begin to observe myself in the mirror as I lifted and I gradually got better at self correcting my form. I dont feel I could of self corrected my form from day one as a true beginner to the gym if I just read info online first.

  • What holds me back from finding a personal trainer is the fact I have a tight budget. I don’t want to risk investing in someone that may/may not invest the time in me. I don’t have that kind of money to spend nor time to waste. I’m usually running/working out at 5:00am or 8-9pm because of my work, and haven’t found a trainer that can accomdate my schedule (which isn’t their fault of course) it’s just discouraging at times.

  • Sexually inappropriate, using unnecessary touch, standing so close I felt his abs on my back and sexually themed conversation, all occurring gradually, intensifying as the weeks went by. Stopped the sessions and moving house anyway so I’ve found a new gym. I had feelings for him and he could sense that, waited a month until he told me he had a girlfriend. Never met outside the gym.

  • I agree with most everything except one minor part. While supplementation is not necessary at all. I do believe everyone should be taking some form of fish oil.

  • I liked your advice at first but….I’m confused. You’re the first person I’ve ever heard say that body building is not the best for you…

  • im not sure pts have 10% of these qualities lol, honestly 90% of them are just meatheads who became coaches teaching bro science, i silently laugh at people in the gym getting coached by these guys and seeing what dumb shit they teach them, coming months later seeing no results on their body but still using the same coach lol. im super anti coaching in fitness unless u have a real profesional that has all these qualities u mentioned, otherwise u are better of watching videos and studying urself on youtube from elite coaches, in the end its not rocket science

  • I tried a personal trainer once, paid big bucks too…he was young, very nice but when I told him I have rheumatoid arthritis in my knees, he still had me doing squats with weight and every time my knees would swell up…I told him it was hurting me…but we still did them…so I quit, haven’t been back to the gym and have gained 30lbs…I’m so bummed, I really need someone there to show me how to do it right

  • I’m getting recertificatied as a personal trainer and it is out of scope of practice to give any one a diet. As far as written down how many reps and sets they have done is wasting the clients time especially if you are trying to keep there heart rate up and moving. As far as asking them about what they can and cannot do trainer should have done this in the beginning of investigation

  • I became a trainer a few years ago, and I wasn’t making enough money to keep training. I was so sad that I was going to have to give it up and go back to a job in retail.

    My friend told me about a personal trainer that mentored her and helper her build her business. The guy’s name is Stu and he has a website at http://www.TheSixFigureTrainer.com

    He was nice enough to give me some advice on how to build my clients. I was at the wrong type of gym and I wasn’t marketing myself right. Once I switched gyms and changed the way I presented myself to potential clients, I was able to build up to about 10 full clients.

    I’m at about 15 clients now, and I’ve grown my business to about $4,200 per month which is enough for me to keep training and growing my business full time.

  • I would have to strongly 100% disagree with you. I work for a University In Northern Canada. I educate my clients…because I believe our jobs as personal trainers ( CSEP CPTS) is to educate and teach our clientele to be healthy. If you are good at what you do, you will have multiple clientele knocking down your doors to train with you. You don’t have to rely on permanent clientele….PS ( I have a waiting list for people to see me ) so I’m the type that does not leave my clients in the dark. I give them a lot of information, motivation and it keeps them coming back! Cheers

  • Hire a competitive bodybuilder personal trainer.. bodybuilders learn about nutrition and how to bulk up and how to get shredded! Anybody can be a trainer but not everybody has the experience

  • Hey thanks for the video, i have a great personal trainer, who goes into more detail / information, they also go into form within my fitness, i am right now going into weightlifting training, they are starting me of slow with lower weights to make sure i get my form right, they also ensuring that i am working on my weaker side, with them going through this, i am now going into study as a personal trainer myself, i must also admit that i am keep pushing them to get up to a higher weights for me to try they seem to keep at a lower amount just ensure form is right. I am seeing changes and weight loss with muscle gains, i know that they dont want to push me to hard but i am pushing them to push more, i am using the way when i was in forces (British Army) to break me down so then i can pick up the things i am needing to do faster. I am kinda teaching them. I do feel lot better for my self, they dont see having protein shakes ect will help much just the right food intake. Can you please let me know if they are a good trainer.

  • So u r yelling that we can’t find a personal trainer with all the above qualities… Except u…. Some r good but some r contradictory

  • I dont know if you would be able to answer this but I recently went vegan so I was wondering if I should ask my doctor about taking a vitamin B12? I’ve done research, and although I did go vegan for health purposes, b12 is said to only be found in meat… Does that mean i should not worry about it or find a supplement?

  • Bad coaches can have a detrimental effect on the future of young athletes: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/the-coach-who-bullied-high-school

  • My trainer doesn’t give me information or educate me on workouts nor nutrition. I see her every week for 30 minutes and all we do is 4 workouts of strength training and that it. My first trainer was the exactly the same thing. The fitness manager pair me up with someone else and I think she’s just as bad….the fitness manager said to wait till February and see if I want to continue. Obviously I have to pay the 100 bi weekly. We shall see….

  • If a trainer does not have a degree, they are not a real trainer. A personal training certification is not a sign of expertise. Someone who works as a trainer or holds themselves as a fitness expert should be ashamed of themselves.

  • I have a personal trainer at the moment. Im curious into knowing why she hasnt asked me for my goals when we started compared to the other trainers at my gym who do. I dont see her taking notes although she does check my form when I do the moves. Its kind of weird too cos when she found out I was going to japan for vication she asked for chocolates? I was going to buy her some on my way back but its kind of “hello” if she asks it for herself no offense. I dont think I have any other choice since my parents dont want me to have a male personal trainer, which I observed one of them, who are actually passionate in helping his clients. Oh well.

  • Thank you ladies!
    I’m in the process of searching for a personal trainer and your video has helped me a lot on what to look for in a trainer and what to ask!
    Thank you ��❤️

  • I was talking to a trainer today and he body shamed me due to my size and I don’t even feel comfortable in a “no judgment zone” bitch ass

  • I just overheard some people at the grocery yesterday talking about bad trainers at one of the local gyms, saying that one particular trainer was ruining his reputation because of his attitude and behavior. Your video couldn’t be more timely!

  • As a gym instructor myself who does NOT sell shakes however I can’t completely agree with that last point. Protein shakes are not supplements and or drugs, and trainers are allowed to give tips in regards to nutrition. In most cases the trainer should not be recommending anything but a healthy diet which includes many fruits and vegetables and some lean grass feed meats (if any) which would have the required protein intake of.07 grams per pound of lean muscle. I never tell someone to go out to buy protein or creatine and even if I did under the rarest of circumstances I would only give them general advice. As in, you require this much protein and if you are not getting in the standard 0.7 grams per pound then you could go out and try a natural protein with no additives but only if you are in such and such circumstance and have been training a long time for muscle percentage gain.  I think this is more down to opinion not facts, most doctors have no idea what the required protein is to build lean muscle..

  • Matty I am over 60 and one of the young female trainers at a big box gym pushed me way too hard, way too fast. I ended up telling her I didn’t think she understood my body. Almost quit personal training, but was then paired with a master personal trainer who totally “got” what it’s like to live in an older body with joint issues, as well as osteoporosis. I love this coach and made real progress in a fairly short amount of time.

  • Nice informetion bro…and good steps…thanks..well i have a full cours about it, if anyone want to take this cours then pleaz visit this link https://clk. ink/rlsB5n7B
    To click pleaz copy it and past it in browser and remove the space then enter.thanks…

  • meh the old hiit is better toburnfat cliche… haha, let me run everyday of the week for 3-6 miles, you do your hit 3 times a week and I bet I burn more fat than you.

  • I absolutely don’t agree with you when you say that people who are less motivated are the ones who pay to hire a personal trainer. I have been working out since the last 4-5 years, not into bodybuilding but just for aesthetics and fitness and i always go 5 times a week. Recently i went for a personal trainer because i wanted someone to push me to condition my brain and body to hit one more rep, one more set, when i felt like i could not lift anymore and it has worked its charm. Within 2 weeks i feel i can push and pull more, i have gained a little more stamina and strength.

  • Excellent analysis of a poor personal trainer. I’m just about to step in to a job in personal training and know myself that most of these points are very important in helping clients to reach their own goals. Good to refresh the memory every now and again.

  • My personal trainer made me lift weights with an arm cast and I had pins in my finger from post-surgery so I switched trainers shortly after my contract was up.

  • What this guy is saying is true to refer to you, and advertise yourself and social media then you are gonna go no where it’s a repeat progress

  • Better outlet for you but not your clients. I love my PT he saved my life. Plus I learned everything but stay with him for motivation and support.

  • A few years ago, I wanted to be a personal trainer and I had tried training a few of my friends
    Some were happy with what they were doing with me, but I definitely didn’t know what i was doing
    This video was definitely insightful
    Especially since I started studying for the NASM certification a few months back

  • Glad I found this.
    I know it’s old but still very
    I’m wondering do you have a personal training certification coarse
    I would love to take.
    You would be a great teacher.

  • Pretty much the jist of this guys life was people left him to do other shit so he said fuck it and tried to be another athlelean x YouTube personal trainer and make a lot of $$ with millions of subs be realized he fucking sucks at that too and has not uploaded a video in over a year

  • I cannot stand watching trainers walk away while their client is mid set…what do you have that’s more important than them?! It’s infuriating hahaha

  • i love the womens more than life itself but id happily roll around nudey with that body…as long as you never tried to have a conversion with me. lol

  • You also described every trainer on that awful “Biggest Loser” debacle of a program. I think the contestants ought to bring class action suits against the producers of that one. I appreciate that you speak the truth in love.

  • body shaming can work for veterans that have had that experience work for them before from drill instructors tearing them down and building them back up. Its familiar to them and can help them lock in mentally. Haven’t seen it work in any other case though..

  • I had been lifting for about 3 months when a personal trainer tried to sell me roids. What a jerk. I’m glad most of you are at least well intentioned.

  • Your so wet behind the ear you need a terrycloth trainer shirt,’ you haven’t got a clue what the BEST Trainers do after 30 years and over a million dollars of training revenue I can tell you your so off it’s funny �� you can start by learning how to talk and communicate that’s #1

  • this is so true, l almost wasted my money for a bad trainer who told me “women don’t need to lift, u want soft lines rather than being muscular like a man!” so he said “we are gonna do two hour cardio everyday and use the vibration training”. And man i almost believed him, and that afternoon l found FB haha, now thinking back, what a crap

  • i love how you guys actually care about people and dedicate your educational videos to teach people how to keep a healthy life working out more than just telling people how to get abs in 3 days. love you guys! i always do your workouts to stay in shape when i cant workout outside.

  • Great video! Quick question though. I’m in sports conditioning & exercise science (using ACE). So I become certified personal trainer and that’s it. I’m not aloud to give meal plans bc I’m not a dietician, therefore it’s out of my scope of practice. Is that statement correct?? And how do train people who are… afraid of what people think of them so then they do not get in “the zone”. Or they don’t really participate. So how do I deal with clients with high expectations with low effort?

  • Great information, thanks Matty. It will really help me with my training and certification. Am presently enrolled in program with Bryan University for Associate Degree. I will then work for BA.

  • Thanks for sharing. I like the time on the space and them getting REALLY close. I guess I didn’t consider that (duh).I usually just workout at home. thanks Have a good one:)

  • But don’t people hide personal trainers for THEIR specific needs? That’s why I’m thinking about hiring one. I didn’t realize I had imbalances until I meet with a PT. The goal is to make me independent, not reliant on him forever.

  • I’ve interviewed dozens and dozens of personal trainers. As the owner of a personal training and teaching kitchen facility since 1989 I can say that 99% of personal trainers have no idea what they are doing. The so-called “certified” ones were the worst.. My biggest problem personally was that most of MY clients stayed too long! The average client was with me 15 years. I started out WANTING SPECIFICALLY to make my wonderful clients independent and set them up in their home gym. I also owned and operated two fitness supply and commercial gym design brick and mortar businesses since 1985. Commercial gyms today SUCK in terms of equipment and lack of serious health and fitness minded people. Serious adults never go there.

  • Let’s be real. I’m a pt for a corporate gym and 80% of clients just want a friend. We’re getting paid to socialize. For the real clients, its rare to see someone who wants to progress alot and have the passion

  • yes your right let get thing better in usa and the uk we have exercise professionals, in the uk and that not good at all i found the chek the best and totally agree