Lindsey Vonn On the Pursuit to Prove That Female Athletes Are as Strong as Men


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Lindsey Vonn: On a Mission to Prove That Female Athletes Are as Strong as Men. Throughout her storied skiing career, Lindsey Vonn has overcome her share of obstacles. She’s worked through ankle fractures, knee injuries and a severely fractured arm and has repeatedly bounced back — physically and mentally. Now, the four-time World Cup champion is on a mission to prove female athletes. Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Just Shared Her At-Home Core and Balance Routine Downhill skier Lindsey Vonn is the latest pro athlete to share a.

Whether it was skiing in superhero racing suits or appearing in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, Vonn let women and girls everywhere know. Lindsey Vonn Is the Fastest Woman on the Planet With more than 57 World Cup wins and four overall titles, Lindsey Vonn has already established herself as the greatest women. Lindsey Vonn is a three-time Olympic medal-winning alpine ski racer for the U.S.

Ski Team. The most successful American skier in history, she holds seven World Championship medals, twenty World Cup titles, and is one of only seven women to have won World Cup races in all five disciplines of alpine skiing. Vonn, widely considered the greatest female ski racer in the world, earned a gold medal in the 2010 downhill and a silver medal in the super-G before being sidelined for Sochi with an injury.

The 2011–2012 ski season was the best in Lindsey Vonn’s career. With 12 wins, she crushed her opponents on slope after slope. When Vonn looks back on it. Lindsey Vonn showed she’s still got the figure of an athlete on Friday, when Sports Illustrated shared behind the scenes images from the blonde. There’s no question that female athletes are strong.

From climbing the highest mountains on earth to swimming in brutal ocean conditions to running 26.2 miles at blistering speeds, women. Lindsey Vonn (Photo: a milestone that would quash any lingering doubts about her total dominance—over men and women. Now nearly 100,000 walkers strong, GirlTrek is a.

List of related literature:

Successful athletes must be powerful and strong, yet obvious signs of this power are construed negatively, as contradicting hegemonic femininity.

“Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader” by Jean O'Reilly
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For two weeks successful female athletes like Freeman, Susie O’Neill and others are afforded the attention their athleticism deserves.

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It is hardly news to hear women athletes disparaged as manly.

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Unfortunately, Semenya’s case has not led to greater acceptance of women athletes whose physical characteristics fall outside the norms of femininity.

“Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America” by Kristin Haltinner, Ryanne Pilgeram
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Wright said her goal was to produce a magazine for all women who chose to explore their own physical potential, not simply to report on the accomplishments of elite athletes.

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In 1978 Time reported that the female athlete is “acquiring a new sense of self, and of self-confidence in her physical abilities and her potential.

“Qualifying Times: Points of Change in U.S. Women's Sport” by Jaime Schultz
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Her focus is on female athletes rather than on their far more numerous and athletically successful male counterparts.

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It is disingenuous when we laud only those successful female athletes who aren’t too masculine appearing, since the musculature needed for strength and speed creates a more masculine appearance.

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She encouraged the same training program for both genders: “Naturally, the best woman athlete will never be able to defeat the best male athlete, but she can uncompromisingly defeat one-half of the country’s senior men’s champions.”

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Such goals will render outmoded most sexist ideas about the “inferiority” of female athletes.

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  • Lindsey Love her! Her outlook her Confidence!! Lucy is Adorable! Dog I really want!! Great Picture ❤️! Duck tape is Awesome! Great gift! ❤️

  • Is always funny listen Americans try to talk about soccer.
    MEN = Professional football superior leagues level more people watch it more sponsors more money to pay the players.
    WOMEN = Amateur football nobody watches (not even womens) nobody cares less sponsors less money to pay the players.
    Simple as that.

  • she sould’ve been Wonder Woman. Not against Gal Gadot (she along with Afleck were the only good things in Justice League) but she’s way to skinny for the role.

  • No longer a fan of Lindsey, not patriotic and disrespects the presidency, She seems like a mean bitch. the fact she dates Dirty Tiger Woods says a lot about her lack of character and class. by the way if a man would have touched Lindsey’s leg like Ellen degenerate did he would be hit with a sexual harassment suit!

  • Ellen Degenerate’s gift was terribly distasteful and not funny at all. Fippin’ carpet muncher hasn’t the slightest idea about competing in athletics.

  • Dear Ellen,

    This video teaches viewers something that could easily be inappropriate in my opinion. Many people could accuse someone of inappropriate touching or sexual harassment if there is a spill on an uncovered thigh/knee and then the other person cleans the spill without getting consent. Ok if I get this? That’s someone’s personal space. Women are upset with so many men crossing boundaries ( #MeToo movement) and then Ellen teaches it’s ok to do this. In this case Ellen happens to have plenty of respect from fans so people don’t think it’s inappropriate. But plenty of people in a similar situation could be accused of inappropriately crossing a boundary. I would have preferred seeing Ellen check in with Lindsey before she did something so flirtatious.

    Stephen Walker
    Plymouth, MI

  • If women and men compete in the same sports together……….goodbye to any women winning anything. But I bet they will still ask for equal pay.

  • She’s a big mouthed idiot. She cannot get those men a run for their money. Sure, send her down the Streif. That course is ice, not snow. Better have something ready to scrape her remains off the course after she broke all of her bones.

    Even in slalom there’s no way for her to beat the men. Basic biology, do you even do it?

  • I couldn’t get into the Olympics this year and didn’t watch. People like her politicizing it ruined it, and ratings were record lows.

  • Why did Lindsey appear on this crappy show? And why did she not lamp the fuck out of the interviewer. Indeed who is the interviewer?

  • In a thousand years from now, someone will dig up one of the trans athletes who competed against women and say “This is the remains of a man”.
    A student will ask “How do you know”?
    The arceaologist will say “The size of the skull is larger, the rib cage is larger and the pelvis is smaller, there are many other ways, but they are the main ones”.
    In other words, you cant change your gender, if your a man and trans to a woman having the operation and all, you will be a man without a dick.

  • So a Ferrari decides to be a Truck, and participates in a Truck-Race. Guess who will win? This is so stupid, i even cant explain. Denying the rule of nature is exactly what kills mankind!

  • I love how Ellen just cleans up the guests with tissues whenever they spill something. She doesn’t ask, she just cleans them like a mother. It’s cute lol

  • Screw this losing anti-American. And Ellen, don’t be a c… You help many people, but if you support this anti-American, you are Done!!

  • Men only get 7% of the revenue they generate. The women get 23% of the revenue they generate. The men made 6 billion, the women 131 million. If they want equal pay drop them to 7%. This greedy chick. The Olympics doesn’t really pay any sport. It’s representing your country. This right to entitlement is out of control. If the women’s team were paid the same as the men the league would fold in less than a month…then she’d be unemployed.

  • My biology text book says this is bullshit.
    It is a book from before 2016 though so it might not be as woke as todays text books. I know these days facts and opinions are very similar.

  • Wow. these trolls are everywhere. comments should be banned. I’m sure they would like that since they hate free speech. Go Lindsey! We’re proud of you! Proud you’re representing AMERICA and STRONG WOMEN!!

  • this girl is so ignorant and immature. she shit talked trump and lost. must everyone learn the hard way? she’s a bad example of a role model

  • I thought we are all equal. Feminism taught me me there is no difference and woman can do anything a male can do. I am being obtuse, of course.

  • What does being black have to do with it? Its about men competing with women. Btw her daughters father is black. The aclu is like blm and the lgbtqrstuvwxyz…all jokes����

  • The issue is and I’m sorry for saying this at some things men are better but we live in a world of equality not being told the world isn’t fair which is true

  • When the girls know that they are competing against a biological male they all should walk off the field, womens sport is now a thing of the past.

  • I feel sorry for her. She might surpass Stenmark and reach the record, and i’ll be happy for her but i think in 5 years Mikaela Shiffrin will surpass both. But hey, records made to be broken…

  • The world today, takes something as basic as the biological differences between men and women, and make it some complicated issue. Sad.

  • Part of me is getting a kick out of this. Radical females have had a huge hand in bringing this about. Now it’s biting them in the *ss.

  • Just simply, get a separate league for transgendered students. Get four leagues, one for biological girls, one for biological boys, one for transgender girls and one for transgender boys.

  • What a pathetic and self serving cheat.

    He couldn’t win on fair and equal terms. So he abuses the advantage a deranged ideology now metasizing through the legal codes via shyster lawyers to ‘win’.

    What next?

    Will he complain about age ‘restrictions’ and compete with toddlers?

  • Males are not females. Simple as that. Facts do not care about anyone’s feelings. I’ll call you whatever you want but don’t steal little girls dreams by capitalizing on rules that allow you to compete unfairly. Anyone who wins anything unfairly cheats themselves out of ever knowing where they really stand on a true level playing field. All for being inclusive to transgender people for absolutely everything and anything accept stealing little biological girls dreams who never stood a chance. If this continues there may come a day regardless of hormone therapy where no biological female may ever win a gold medal again or hold a world record. I believe many trangender people will agree with me

  • Girls should identify as men and take testosterone for months then on the day of the competition identify back as a girl and compete that day with an advantage!!

  • You want the world to pretend that you FEEL like your someone else in side sure, but dont demand everyone ignore basic biology so you can feel like a competitor. Actual biological women should be outraged that once again men are proving we can be better woman than you all. Man won woman of the year award so prove me wrong.

  • People should stop tip-toeing around this issue. Too many who cannot cut it as a man are deciding that it’s easier to identify as a woman so they have a chance of winning.

  • You can have all the “gender reassignment surgery” in the world you can get; it won’t change that Y-chromosome into another X.
    If you have to tell people that you’re “legally” female, you’re not actually female.

  • But according to the logic of today, men and women are the same, women are just as competent as men in everything, so…what is the problem??

  • She’s the most annoying skier of all time. All she can do is ski downhill. Put her between the gates and it’s like watching a fish trying to hike mount Everest. Tina Maze, Lara Gut, Anna Veith > Lindsey Vonn.

  • I totally agree that trans woman should not compete in women’s sports. Whose the cause of this? The feminist movement continues to advocate for LGBT rights and insist they can participate in every aspect in sports. The minute it doesn’t suit woman now they have a issue with it. The irony.

  • How stupid the “science intellectuals, SJWs, leftists “ are… how convoluted in reasoning. ‘For women’ yet deny biological reality of women and men for the sake of delusional beliefs

  • Dems used to support empowering women now they’ve decided screw the women it’s all about the transgenders oh how special it must feel to be the democrats most cherished victim group

  • Blame yourself women. Eat the shit you’ve made for yourselves. Enjoy!! Keep saying women can do what men can do. All this is just comedy for me.

  • What?! Who could have guessed that a biological male with more muscle mass, a different skeletal structure and high testosterone would be more athletic than a biological female?! It’s almost as if gender is reality and cannot be changed. / Sarc

    This is the fault of feminists. It absolutely is. You cannot support the LGBTQP crowd and then turn around and support traditional gender. You have to pick one. Logical people choose reality and biology.

  • Trans girls may look like girls but biologically aren’t and should only compete in trans sports otherwise real women might as well forget about competing altogether. Just sad

  • I thought i would never see the day that i agree with someone who works for Fox News, but here i am agreeing with every word. trans people make up less than 1% of the population but somehow we are to cater everything to them like neglecting biology just to appease them. There is no way a man can become a woman and vice a versa it’s biologically impossible. Frankly this whole trans debate is sexist to women like why is there an obvious push from the (mostly liberal) media to induct men in women spaces? Are we not good enough for our own spaces.

  • In Brazil we have one trangender vlleyball player, and she get higher strike numbers than all the others in her first season. Incredible.

  • funny how people do not understand simple sports economics….yes pay gap is justified especially in regards to World Cup. MENS generate 66 times more revenue (20143.2 BILLION to 2015 2015 773 million) and over 70% more tv ratings (20143.4 BILLION viewers to 201573 million viewers.)

  • If this nonsense isn’t stopped soon, then I predict that we will see the first Trans Women winning Gold Medals in the Olympics, and absolutely SHATTERING previous World Recods in nearly every Sport, starting in 2024! Guaranteed!

    It is already being talked about, and because the Trans Women are not yet allowed to compete at the 2020 Games, we are going to be inundated with insanity from the Far Left as well as moronic Protests by these people!

    It is insane! The people who are allowing this, they KNOW this is wrong, but they would rather watch the girls and women who have worked hard all of their lives get embarrassed by a BIOLOGICAL MALE, than risk getting called out on Twitter by the “Woke Left” and the LGBT!

  • Why is i not fair? Arent men and women equal? Women are just as good as men. If this individual believes they are a female who are you to tell them they can not compete in sports with other females. This is bigoted and trans phobic!

  • It’s clearly mental illness. Competitors compete with their bodies in sport, the nature of which is governed by their chromosomes. X-female, y-male. If an individuals male body is not accepted by that body’s psyche, then it’s clearly a mental malfunction. To say otherwise is to accept that a human identifying as a rabbit could well have a valid argument. It’s utterly ridiculous. STOP CHEATING AT SPORT!

  • Everything has been spoiled. Having trans competing with women in Sports. Wth! And last year Miss Spain was a trans. Like there is no competent young natural born women from Spain can represent the country. In Sports in Evertyhing Woman has to give their space to a transwoman. If we are saying this we are consider transphob. Boolsheet

  • I’m waiting for another guy to identify himself as woman and join women’s tennis, boxing, basketball, volleyball etc. liberals are nutssss

  • As a long distance runner since grade 3 I have frequently raced in the boys relay long distanceuntil we began to all mature and changeat 11 I could competebut at 15 I was no longer able to compete do to the huge differences in our genetics!
    Men vs women is not fair!
    There is no sport in men competing against women period!
    Men cant be womenwomen can’t be menit’s impossible

  • I absolutely do not think men should be competing against women in any sport. Maybe schools need to start a coed branch. This interview is saying that women can’t compete against boys and that’s sexist. You have to wonder if women didn’t start this by allowing girls to play in boys sports

  • But…….women wanted all this equality remember? Burning bras? Whining and crying on the news about equality? Now they got it and don’t want it, you’ll never understand women…….

  • This shit is coming back to bite us in the ass! And don’t you dare say those 2 are males. They identify as female then modern Social Justice says that this is how we MUST identify them!

  • I love how mainstream folks always talk about how women are stronger and smarter than men but when a trans woman wants to do a swimming competition against a woman and mind you have been on HRT for a long time with significant changes, suddenly, this is unfair to women. GTFOH.

  • Ah ah the chicken are coming to roost, females always complaining about not not being able to compete against m’en, well there you have it, keep quiet and enjoy

  • If the girls stop compeating all you have on the field is a couple mental boys no one would come and it would change. Don’t show up.GOT IT?!?!???

  • At Shakespeare’s time only men could act on stage. No place for women were allowed. This will be the transformation of sport were only biological men would compete as women. We are heading backwards and destroying all progress we made in society. Stop the madness

  • Hey feminists, all your work was in vain. All a man has to do is say he identifies as a woman and now he gets to completely take over, potentially, everything you’ve worked for. You better take that activism and start directing it where it really belongs because you can’t have feminism and transgenderism working together. They cancel each other out.

  • How is this horseshit allowed? Identifying as a woman does not make you a woman, It makes you a man with issues. Who is looking after the rights of women here?

  • Political correctness coming back to bite them on the ass. If this hadn’t effected them, they’d be right there cheering for the trans along with the other delusional academics!

  • Lindsey Vonn should compete in the Summer Games she might not be ready for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 but could be ready by 2024 in Paris she would make a great cyclist representing her nation well of America either way Team USA benefitted a lot by having her compete as a skier may GOD continue to bless her in all her future endeavours she deems fit to accomplish as a athlete she was amazing as a woman she is terrific as a human she is a role model ;p xo+ #RavishingLovelyLady & #WonderfulVictoriousVixen & #BrawnyBronzedBabe & #StrongSeductiveStarlet & #ToughTemptress #YouthfulYearling

  • It’ll happen when women can start beating 13 year old boys, which they can’t. Women vs men is a joke. I’m old fat and out of shape and can beat women in sports I don’t even play.

  • 1) Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law.” 2) Foreign troops with AK, trained to destroy & to kill will soon invade Canada America Europeans before the end of time. 3) Own a firearm & ammo to drive away looters from your property. 4) When there’s civil unrest, word war, foreign troops invasion, it will be difficult to find one.

  • The women’s World Cup doesn’t make more money than the men’s but with that being said I do think the US women should have equal pay with men or even make more because they have been the most successful of the two.

    No they dont deserve more.
    The opposite… they should be punished for trample on the US flag. And for doing such a public riot about getting not enough money.

  • I don’t care about anything else other than that cute dress. If anyone knows where she got it, comment below. Congrats to her for the win.