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Manifesting an ex back ft Denise |Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future


How she manifested a commitment ft Coneigh Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future


How to get past the fear of rejection feat Coneigh | Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future


How she turned her situation around and Manifested a commitment Success Story Feat Coneigh

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future


How she manifested a relationship Feat Denise Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future


She manifested him making her a priority | Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future


Change his mind in seconds feat Ani Success Story

Video taken from the channel: Create Your Future

This summer, we’re giving YOU the chance to create your own member success story! Our very own Jodi the Trainer will be personally selecting three members who are looking to commit to their fitness goals and get started on the path to better results. She’ll chat with you one-on-one to discuss your goals and challenges, create a workout plan that fits your needs, help you with meal planning, and get you started. This summer, we’re giving YOU the chance to create your own member success story!

Our very own Jodi the Trainer will be personally selecting three members who are looking to commit to their fitness goals and get started on the path to better results. She’ll chat with you one-on-one to discuss your goals and challenges, create a workout plan that fits your needs, help you with meal planning, and get you started. To make your success story skimmable, try these techniques: • Add detail to the title.

Rather than just a success story, add in the industry type (for B2B), or details about the person (for B2C). • Make it immediately obvious which products or services of yours were used. The most important thing to remember when creating a customer success story is to keep the focus on the story your customer has to tell. If you can tell that story simply, logically and emotionally, then you’re well on your way to producing a standout piece of content that will continually build trust and convert.

To create your own success story, you have to realize at first that you might just be the key to it. It is quite an odd concept, and yet, if you can visualize the person you want to be, you may win half of the battle already. So, in spite of everything else, you must see where you are going to get. If you define success for your business as reaching 1,000 customers and achieve that do you stop there? No, of course you don’t.

You celebrate and try and reach 2,000 then 10,000 and so on. Create your own success, and don’t let anything stop you. Share your story and inspire others! Share what success means to you, how you’ve overcome obstacles.

How to write a Success Story “Success stories” are an important marketing tool for ]project-open[. Success stories are usually directed towards potential customers who seriously consider using ]project-open[ for their organization. The success stories provide these readers with real-world examples, and help them to set expectations in terms of. the achievements and progress of a program/activity.

A success story can document program improvement over time and demonstrate the value of program activities. When presented effectively, success stories can be a useful tool for educating your stakeholders about the outcomes of your work and the results you are achieving. Recognizing why.

The 2019 US List; The 2019 Europe List you’re still reading-here are some important tips to help you on your way to becoming a real-life success story. Then let your motivation-your.

List of related literature:

We promoted our “success stories” among the group and tried to make everyone feel continually and substantively involved in the process.

“The UX Book: Process and Guidelines for Ensuring a Quality User Experience” by Rex Hartson, Pardha S. Pyla
from The UX Book: Process and Guidelines for Ensuring a Quality User Experience
by Rex Hartson, Pardha S. Pyla
Elsevier Science, 2012

Waiting for the day that I felt I had accomplished enough_enough to make me qualified, a “success story.”

“Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out” by Cristina Curp
from Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out
by Cristina Curp
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Eighteen months later, upon receiving notice of my impending promotion to manager, a distinction revered second only to becoming a partner, I decided to move on and follow another dream: to become an entrepreneur.

“Infinite Possibilities (10th Anniversary)” by Mike Dooley
from Infinite Possibilities (10th Anniversary)
by Mike Dooley
Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2019

I finally had the string of my dreams; the season at my Mile High Polo Club was due to start in two days’ time and we had been assured of a large crowd.

“Ginger Baker Hellraiser: The Autobiography of The World's Greatest Drummer” by Ginger Baker
from Ginger Baker Hellraiser: The Autobiography of The World’s Greatest Drummer
by Ginger Baker
John Blake, 2010

I built specialized teams for Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, that focused on selling into the top four hundred Golden accounts.”

“Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview: 15 Insider Secrets from a Top-Level Recruiter” by Evan Pellett
from Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview: 15 Insider Secrets from a Top-Level Recruiter
by Evan Pellett
Blackstone Publishing, 2016

People noticed my effort, and I began signing up new customers and winning bonuses.

“The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy's Journey Into Manhood” by Kevin Powell
from The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey Into Manhood
by Kevin Powell
Atria Books, 2016

I joined four other people, two couples, and together we hired an Indian woman as our guide.

“The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience” by Benny Shanon, Professor Department of Psychology Benny Shanon
from The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience
by Benny Shanon, Professor Department of Psychology Benny Shanon
Oxford University Press, 2002

I ended the launch on 1,240 new members, and the feedback was amazing.

“She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur” by Carrie Green
from She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur
by Carrie Green
Hay House, 2017

We decided that our project would be a success when we saw a statistically significant increase in the percentage of new users coming back within a certain amount of time.

“UX for Lean Startups: Faster, Smarter User Experience Research and Design” by Laura Klein
from UX for Lean Startups: Faster, Smarter User Experience Research and Design
by Laura Klein
O’Reilly Media, 2013

In all the success stories l’ve personally participated in, I began without knowing how to produce the results I later produced.

“The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint For Wealth and Success” by Robert Scheinfeld
from The 11th Element: The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint For Wealth and Success
by Robert Scheinfeld
Wiley, 2003

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  • What about if I want ex back and I initiate contact in the past, I even ask him to get back about 3 times but he said no (of course of my blocks) but now I am,,working” on to get back the way that he realised he loves me and want get back.
    May I create him to contact me first? As he knows that I want to be with him and don’t want to said it him for 4th time?�� (it is not about ego but you know…)

  • Mental diet is key!! I found this channel less than a week ago and have manifested a bunch of little things way faster than I have ever had before. I am still manifesting my SP, but that’s ok because it will happen! You create your own reality! I also suggest watching as many of Amanda’s videos as possible. One, you learn SO much and two, she is just so comforting!! I re-watch them just to keep me in my positive mood and enhance my mental diet. ��

  • Amanda! Your videos have helped me so much. I always have a hard time letting go when it comes to my SP. Persistent assumption has been KEY to my success. You have taught me to stop emotionally reacting and reaffirm my new reality. Thank you so much!

  • Hi Amanda, I have been trying to recover my SP for months now, I make intentions, I go into that state of gratitude as if I had already received my desire (reconciled with SP) but the feeling of anxiety / sadness that fills my heart just returns I stop… she does it especially in the morning, that despite being able to fall asleep serene, I wake up with that sense of emptiness and sadness… I’ve been doing it for months now… I’ve also done a revision, but I can’t get away from this ugly feeling off me, honestly if before I hoped to have the key to fix everything, now I no longer believe that the event works with specific people… how do I get out of this situation? Thanks ❤️

  • I bumped into my SP last night while at a hookah lounge. It was not expected and I could only laugh in my head. I saw him, and I am sure he saw me, but we never made eye contact. Long story short, we did not speak so perhaps I have more work to do but now I just want to move on.

  • The sign I needed. I reached out today as a friend. He answered. I did revision read 2x but will have to continue. it is written. I know inmy heart and gut he is my soul mate and we will be together forever. Thank you

  • Yaaaay I’m always so excited to see a video from Amanda and all the coaches. Such a good video and with so many wonderful nuggets. Here’s to living a happy joyful life:-)

  • So I’ve been doing the affirmations…and I feel like I am fucking this up somehow. Situation with the bf seems to keep getting worse. I know everyone is me pushed out and Im the only mother fucker with free will…but nothing is happening the way I am affirming it to. You can imagine I am fucking frustrated and some tears have been shed. I told him I love him two weeks ago (which I wouldnt have done in the past but I figured it’s my world and he’s fucking in love with me anyway)…he hasnt said it back, he barely speaks to me, we havent seen each other since and he isnt affectionate with me anymore. WTF. Needless to say, I need your wisdom right now because I am very fucking pissed off and I feel like an idiot. If other people can manifest what they want, then I sure as fuck can as well….I just dont understand what the fuck Im missing here. So much swearingsorry! ��

  • I needed a black pen for an application. I had no black ink pens. I went to the bank and in my bank envelope was…A BLACK PEN! So simple! ��

  • Amanda, your videos have helped me get through a lot of dark times. Just hearing you and your team of coaches talk gives me so much peace and hope that things will get better. I cant be more grateful to you all for all that you do and I hope I will be lucky enough to send in a success story of my own one day soon. I’ve had a session with Ani and it was really amazing! I’ve manifested some contact back with my SP and am now working towards getting back into a relationship again. Thank you both so very much. I hope you post videos daily!

  • Hi Amanda, thank you so much for discussing my success story. You explained it so well. We’ve been very happy. I will send the update when I physically have the ring. ❤️❤️❤️ to you all. ��

  • Love this! Why are some coaches so against nobody has free will. It’s a concept that has given me hope that I can turn my situation around with an SP who has told me many times that he hates me

  • Anyone can shed some light?
    My sp and I went on a six week no contact after I reacted to him saying he couldn’t give me what I needed..During this time I was strict on mental diet and repeated intentions and did meditations…I always thought he’d message me but I didn’t hear from him at all. A few days ago I took an inspired action and texted him, just wanted to make sure he was ok. We exchanged a few text and he still took long time to respond.. recently I am experiencing some work stress and I asked him if he could come and be with me. My family are far away and living alone under this pandemic made it worse. Just now he msged me saying he cared about me but he isn’t mentally available..i didn’t respond but I can’t stop crying. I’ve been trying to be positive and on a mental diet, why I still get this. I don’t know what’s in me that’s creating him like this. Amanda said usually it took 2 weeks for things to change, my 6 week strict mental diet seemed didn’t get me the result…I really need him at the moment but his response was just so heartbreaking…we have been on and off in the past two years and I’ve been on this manifestation journey with him…Idk what to do guys.. it’s heartbreaking… should I give up and move on…but I do love him…any advice guys..? Thank you all!

  • I just wanna add something here.
    If there’s a third party involved and you are trying to manifest your SP dont just say oh i hope they break up, rather, say I hope that whatever needs to happen, happens for him to come back to me in the way I want. This statement is so broad and doesn’t limit the universe to only one specific event happening (them breaking up) plus it doesnt create an expectation which could lead to disappointment if it doesnot transpire. By you saying I hope whatever needs to happen, happens for me to have__ (desired manifestation) it is more likely to come to fruition because you have not placed any limits on the universe and the infinite possibilities of how things can shift to bring your exact manifestation to you

  • but what’s wrong with manifesting them to reach out first? especially if they block/ghost us? what if we want them to reach out first because we love them but we just want some self respect? i need more nuance then just a black and white “you wont get a text if you’re scared to text first.”. and what if people who text first who comes from a fear of “if i dont text, they would forget me”

  • Love that…all around best husband ever♥️. So I want a $7 million property in wine country CA with my SP as one of our vacation/investment properties to create our own wine for sale, it’s got a syrah vineyard, it has a pool, a barn for horses, a wine cellar, etc and almost everything I envisioned in a special getaway home, romantic, historic, french touches, solar powered, so much and more that I saw in a listing recently…. I have seriously seen us walking down its paths, enjoying our marriage to each other, so in love, making out in the wine cellar, having dinner and friends together, mingling with neighbors, on the sofas, just being together in different rooms and areas shown in the listing…Even if we have to buy someone out later. I don’t want to be fleeting about my desires, like…a phase or a right now thing…so I agree about being clear of what you want. That voice comes…$7 million seems so far off for me and ridiculous… but in my heart I know it’s possible. How do we let go of those things that tell us…that’s too big, too expensive, too much to expect to create? It’s not about the number for me it’s the freedom to do it, have it, connect to a space that invigorates me, the fruit trees, the vegetable garden, the rustic wood, it’s character and potential to bring our loved ones together and friends we haven’t even met yet…i even imagined us having you guys, the coaches and hosting a create mastery intimate gathering retreat weekend, having a great time with people, etc but there’s the “reasoning” and analytical side that try to talk you out of creating too big. He’s in business and I’m a performing artist/entrepreneur, I know we have similar financial goals, but there was almost this guilt about falling in love with that property and possibility for the future at that price point-as well as our ages and financially where we are both still climbing (can we get there in enough time?) Drake did it and accomplished it…living in his dream home he drove past pre game, affirming, one day…He did it. So how do we remove the “that’s too much to ask” voice??

  • I have an appointment with Coneigh on Monday and I was intending to see a success story from her and this was the first video to pop up! Im so excited to meet her on Monday! Thank you universe!!

    I WAS MANIFESTING MY EX BACK IN MY LIFE….n yes i had acknowledged that i had manifested a 3rd party because of doubts n all but now…. Again manifested out of our life but hez again telling me everyday and we do fight every day on 3rd party topic… He tells me that he wants to get back with her he is Missing her and he wants her back…and he keeps on messgng 3rd party….and the reason for the 3rd party to leave was he was with me also when he has already moved on with her… So i told her the truth and she left…but now he keeps telling me thay he is not over her and all….which is directe opposite of my manifestation……..i want him back in my life… I want him to want me back in his life i wants him to love me unconditionally and realise that iam the one for him….he has blocked me again….

    Can anyone give me some advice and motivation as this incident has broken me

  • Hey can u tell me how does the coaching works like do I only need to pay once and you’ll just help me till I get my sp back or do I have to pay from time to time

  • Amanda I need some help. I am very bad when it comes to patience after manifestation. And that demotivates me. Please give me a solution to this.

  • I was seeing my sp for 5 months and we decided to end this relation on may 10 since then i was using mental diet and thought only positive thoughts about him that he wants to be with me, that he forgives me, i changed the story, but he still didnt came:/ im starting to lose hopes for getting him back, he used to snapchat me all the time but he stopped idk what to do anymore ��

  • How can I manifest a SP who doesn’t know me? I want to manifest this guy who is kinda famous. He is not super famous, he is a very regular guy, but the way he talks about family, love and marriage makes me wanna know him better. Yesterday I made a joke in a picture he posted on instagram and he replied to me. How can I manifest more? What affirmations can I use to be really noticed by him and to give him to realize I am the love is his life? hahah Seriously, I truly believe he would like to know me, my “”problem”” is on how to get there

  • I remember in the beginning I always felt and believed I had to feel a certain way or else and that led nowhere for years! Until I found this channel. I only watch your channel along w 2 other channels now bc I feel you all actually understand and know how to teach manifesting

  • Sometimes worry comes over at random times. Is there a way to better handle these moments of weakness? I tell myself there is no need to worry. He loves and cares about me.

  • If you want a good life keep your inner conversations and outer spoken conversations joyful happy positive. If you want a bad life (no one wants a bad life but people create it unconsciously) think and speak and feel negatively. You can’t create a good life by being negative. And you have to decide if living a healthy happy life is more important than thinking and feeling bad. Turn off the news if you’re emotionally unstable and a ‘reactor’. If you can watch the news and be UNMOVED you’re halfway there to creating a life you desire. It takes practise and practise makes perfect. A good life simply means controlling your inner thoughts feelings and emotions. Don’t get to the end of your life and wish you’d done it. Do it now. ����❤️��

  • guys omg i had a small manifestation. yesterday after watching Amanda’s videos i kinda tested it and start small first. i said to myself that “i intend that (best friend’s name) will chat me” then i kinda forgot about it becoz i had to drive my sis to work. then this morning at 3:20 am in the morning i woke up coz i have to drive my sis again when i open my wifi there was a chat from my friend at 2:55 am!!!

    this made me realize that i created this!!! now i will manifest my sp back in my life!!!!

  • Many many Congratulations.. Lots of blessings for both lots of Love to both.. So exited to hear your success with your Loved one and both together.. Thank you for sharing

  • This video is perfect timing cause right now I just wrote my intentions on manifesting my SP back! Love this success story! Looking forward to post mine very soon:)

  • I recently got cheated on multiple times by my partner. I know this sounds horrible but can I manifest and keep a mental diet on how I am the only woman for him and that he will never cheat again? ��

  • Hey amanda loving these long videos and so much info! I have a video suggestion a video on how to create intentions according situations like how would I create intentions that would suit my situation!

  • As much as I loved you doing this success story Amanda, which you did really well. I would have liked to have seen Erika on here with you. Erika is so beautiful, and I love how she shares the story, and offers advice as well just like you did here. I love seeing you and the coaches sharing success stories. I AM A SUCCESS STORY!! I loved this success story. It was amazing.

  • I love the success stories when you tell them, and also when your coaches tell them. My perfect format would be: The coaches telling the story and what happened, and then at the end the little rampage that you went on here, where you sum it up and add your own story. That was a goldmine

  • Amanda, I love everything that you do��. I love that you care so deeply for others and that you care for your community of followers❤️. I love all of your videos, they are simply the best. I have watched and listened to other online coaches, but I get the most results from you and your team. I’ve had coaching sessions with Erika and Megan, and so when I see them, I get excited because they are beautiful beings. I actually watched all of their previous videos to help me prepare for my coaching sessions with them. I am not manifesting an ex but I can still use the advice from your videos to help me manifest anything. This success story was a tear-jerker for me. Thank you for all that you do! Lifer! ����

  • It was nice hearing from you! But also could you have the people with success stories to come on here too so we can hear straight from them as well?

  • What’s happening right now is my past thoughts so can i change my past thoughts with positive thoughts? Will that change my outcome now and stop my past negative thoughts from happening in my reality?

  • I think this is the best story of success story I have heard. She told what she said, her script and her Intension n everything. Usually the success story there is no details and no script and no Intention.
    Thank u for the video.

  • Yaay!!! This is so awesome. I just got rejected by my sp. He says he has fallen out of love. But I am going to turn that around. This success story has juiced me up.

  • I was in a relationship with my sp for 2 months. And then I felt my insecurities pop up:( she started ignoring me, distancing herself from me. And eventually she broke up with me. 3 months later I manifested her back. She sent me a long apology letter, said that she can’t move on from me, and said that I reminded her of the moon and the scent of my special perfume. We were doing great and had a wonderful relationship. suddenly I started getting insecure again, and she started to distance herself again. We broke up again. She won’t reply and would ghost Me. I’m trying to manifest her back again:((( wish me good look. Loa works

  • I really like seeing you doing solo. I missed this. This is like one on one session for me. You’re very comforting and very friendly. Thank you �� love you

  • I need help with getting rid of my herpes (cold sore problem) I’ve been trying since March but keep failing. Any advice for me that I can do? Please and thank you

  • I have a question, if I wanted to make something part of my mental diet for example saying that I get money online and I have this and that and basically everything I desire in the morning after I wake up. Is that going to be enough? And do we have to do it daily?

  • Absolutely loved it!
    Love the way you narrated the story
    Your great energy was felt!��
    And also loved the way you gave awesome explanation in the end.
    Loads of love and power to you ������

  • i just had my first session with Coneigh yesterday and she’s seriously so greati just knew to pick her and she was so relatable and comfortable to talk to!!

  • Hey Amanda! I hope you get to read this and give me some guidance. I was with my fiancé for four years. This spring we were bound to move in together and start a family as we both wished. Coronavirus came along and after two months apart he called me and called it quits. No further explanation. I was devastated. I went on a mental diet, trying to live in the end result but after 2 months of no contact, I decided to drive to his town and visit him. He was shocked to see me. He proceeded to tell me he was now in a relationship with an ex gf he’d been dating for 3 years as a teenager and they were living together in just a month and that he was super happy and wished the same. I requested a hug before leaving and he told me he could not give it to me because “that would mess things up”. I am beyond devastated as I saw him as my partner for life. But the no hugging because that would mess up things sounded to me so weird. Does that mean he still has feelings for me? Is he on a rebound relationship? Or given the fact they already had a previous love story, it is the absolute end of our story together?
    What are your thoughts? Any advice? Thank you:)

  • I love everything about this video. The success story, intentions, the not walking on eggshells part, and I laughed out loud with lets keep it PG folks.

  • Great video. Can you guys share some tips if someone wants to manifest 2 things together. Like i am up for a job and i also want my SP to contact me and such and also my beliefs regarding my SP that are originated from my self worth, can they affect my other manifestations, like in case of a job? It will be really really helpful if you could share some pointers. thanks:)

  • Hi Denise �� I was thinking I’ve not seen a video with you and here you are! Thank you guys so much for these success stories ������ I’m gonna be a success story soon change that; I am a success story ��

  • Amanda I love love love this channel. I thoroughly enjoy videos with you on your own but also the videos where coaches give their tips as well. Thank you for being such a vivacious person. Love your energy.

  • Can I manifest my ex even though I already move on? I’ve been manifesting him a long time but nothing is working maybe because I’m so needy.. That’s why I stop manifesting him for weeks to detach my self from him.. and now I think I move on because I don’t feel anything now.. But I still want him to get back with me and apologize to me.. can I manifest that even though I don’t have feelings anymore?

  • I just cant believe…..but this is my exact story….iam so glad and greatful that this video poped up because from a very long time i was struggling with the same situation and after watching this video im so very much motivated and yes i do believe that iam next….. thank u Amanda ����

  • The fried chicken story! Classic.

    My husband is always saying the lines are so long at the chicken drive thru and I’m like….no there’s only one or two cars. So I am at a stop sign and see two cars at the drive thru. Of course. But then two cars pull in a head of me….and I’m like…oh no. How am I not second or third in line? And both cars pull over, wave me ahead, and pull in line behind me. Wild fun stuff. Cause when I want fried chicken, I can not wait four or five cars ahead of me.

  • My boyfriend got engaged and he is getting married soon.. his mother forced him to do so..she is stubborn.. but my boyfriend loves me alot and even i love him more than anything in this world.. but we are not talking anymore.. he said he has to do whatever his mother is asking him to do, else she will take suicidal attempts.. can i still manifest marrying with him? Can i still change and create the situation? And One other thing i am too much worried about, if i am manifesting him to be in my life forever, am i doing wrong with his fiance? Although my boy doesn’t love her, he is jut compromising.. and that girl is so nice… please help me…. i love him alot and really want to spend my whole life with him

  • I had a moment of feeling rejected by my SP today. I told myself it would pass. Only a few hours later, you post this video �� and I have totally changed my perspective and attitude. I intend to be a success story. Thank you for what you do ��

  • Thanks Amanda. I came across your channel just a couple hours ago and since then i am watchingyour videod repeatedly. I m on the path of manifesting my love back. My break up and after events took place in the same way i used to fear. Now i only focus on my true desire that is to rekindle with her. If i can push her out i can bring her in. I know the clear focus that why i love so much and why i am manifesting her back. I have been using a lot of techniques but i have stopped using most of them after i came to know about study of neville goddard. I learned from them to just to focus on the goal and live in the end result. I m happy now and i live in the end result. Earlier i used to visualize her and then start to cry. But now i feel each and everything like warmthness of her hands. Smell of her hair when i hug her. That tension when i hug her and now when i visualize her i dont feel much joyful coz i have already assumed that i m with her back together. I just do his three techniques like scripting, congratulations and fast forward. I think i m sure i m on the right path my self talk has improved a lot. I m keeping faith in my love and the power of imagination.

  • I appreciate u so much, I’m so glad I manifested u into my life, so far ur the easiest to understand and follow, I am seeing results and I INTEND to write u a success email very soon

  • i have some success stories i don’t really use affirmations n the usually aren’t specific too me or anything that’s been significant as they have but i would like to share it how should they be written?

  • The whole vast world is YOU pushed out Neville Goddard. This means whatever you experience in the world in your own reality is your consciousness objectified.

  • saw 111 in my end! you know what that means? fufufufu also, I got in the mail a prize i thought i got lost because of what is happening, again like the porcelain kitty i manifested when i was 10 i manifested this raffle prize and i was like “omg! it came home” i was thinking “i would love to get that! but considering what is happening world wide I understand, it gets here when it gets here, i’m sure it will get here” I will think that abou my SP, because I know they will get here, like a mail package xD

  • Omg I started crying when I heard the message she got! I want this! It’s been five years and he has not commited yet but he will now! I deserve it ❤️

  • Such an amazing instructive video, everything we need to know & to re-direct
    our creations in 10 minutes.
    Lots of Love to you guys❤️

  • Amanda plz share a success story how person manifest her sp even when he/she is engaged with 3rd party and going to marry him/her.
    I think this would tricky one!!!

  • Hey Amanda! First time Iv managed to catch you live ���� Iv had coaching with Carol & Denise! O can’t wait time be your next success story ��

  • Amazing story. How does one go from crying for 5 days n not eating to strict mental diet. This person can achieve anything in the world n gives me so much courage.

  • Folks, my sp and I broke up about 6 weeks ago not on bad terms, we haven’t talked at all since then. I’ve been trying to attract them back into my life. Since I started this process I always wake up between 3-4am. There are times that I feel like I need to move on, but something always pulls me back. For a while I kind of stepped back from the process, she removed me from snapchat as well, but the last 3 straight nights I have dreamt of them. What do you think folks

  • Hi Amanda, I’m looking forward to watching your Video, Have a Very Wonderful Day and a Very Blessed, Peaceful and Safe Weekend �� ��⚘������

  • This was SO exciting!!! OMG what great news, so encouraging!! I think on the believing topic…in the beginning when you say your affirmations, there may be times when you don’t believe them..but when you say them all the time..as time goes on they beCOME your belief. It just takes time…like baking a cake…the thoughts are like the dough that rise into the belief/cake. At least that is how I have come to see it up till now in my experience. Thank you Amanda and Denise!! Blessings

  • Had a major wobble this evening and then i found this which addressed everything i was agonising over… thank you, thank you, THANK YOU �� ��

  • It is so easy for me to get the simple stuff. So, I intend my big manifestations will come to the 3d as simple as my small ones. I intend to release all resistance.

  • Some people say you shouldn’t put that much energy to it because it’s to much for the other person? Even if it’s all positive thoughts. Is it ok to obsess on mental diet all day if it’s all good?!!

  • Morning everyone, I hope this comment finds everyone safe and well ��. I also hope you are recovering well from your surgery Amanda, much love from the UK ��. Thank you SO much for sharing this amazing success story. I have literally had so many success stories with my SP but then I find myself back here again to being ghosted… im starting to see how I have created all of it by not being on top of my mental diet when things go right and I need to change the story. This video has helped me rewrite my intentions and given me the positive boost that I needed today! Time to step it up a gear now and be the amazing manifestor that I know I can be. Seriously think its time to sign up for some coaching from you guys now too the time has come I can feel it. Thank you so much for all you do, you are the sweetest and kindest person with an amazing heart ���� thank you xxx

  • my ex’s bff is the girl they cheated on me with and has been on/ off in an open relationship with as well as with me. they say they want ti be my friends. i feel that what they have is stronger now since she’s involved and im just the ex that’s a friend. idk what to do. it seems impossible that they will ever cut them out for me. ever. we are disconnected but 2 weeks ago we were together and they spoke about never being able to forget me. and that i was the woman they have ever loved the most. then slowly we talked and they spoke about us getting it together to be together. i ruined it, and now i feel its better if they forget me. it won’t ever be

  • ooof this one hit me hard! I’ll be next!! (people are telling to give on my sp, there are more fish on the ocean, no, I WANT THAT FISH!

  • Oh god i am crying tears of joy. I love this. Ahhh so much love i feel right now. I am so grateful for your channel and you Amanda. Thank you.

  • Love both of your infectious energy!! Amanda, you and your coaches are my absolute favourites, you make everything seem possible when others don’t. You have both helped and inspired me immensely tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!������

  • I loved this video! �� Thank you Amanda. Please make more videos like this & also other than success stories, for example about other topics related to the law of attraction! ��

  • I’ve been manifesting a text from my SP and its been 3 months since he has texted me…how do I revise the story that he hasnt texted me for 3 months, even though we’re at home in lockdown?

  • Your belief has to be your dominant thought. That’s the key to releasing resistance.Let go of every ounce of any thought contrary to your desire.

  • I love Amanda’s style. She said couple of important manifestation rules, like mental diet, everyone is me pushed out, persistence affirmations and prove these things with success stories.
    Other law of attraction coaches, in this week they accept 1 technique and the next month, they refuse it and creat different. We r not pro conscious manifestators, we need to stick on 1 stable technique.
    Thank u Amanda and ur teaaam.
    U changed my life����

  • these stories are so wonderful, but i think it doesn’t come down to the words or affirmations we use but the way we see others being as everyone is a reflection in some way of us so we can shape the way we see them as we go thru experiences, i think affirmation work but they just complicate it when it’s our perspective that matters more


    In addition to what I just shared below the last video, today I manifested
    something absolutely wonderful. I manifested 1. that my SP told his father about coming to live with me for three months and his father was supportive, positive, and gave his blessing; (I intended that our families love us together!) and 2. my SP told me that he made a decision that he was leaving all his emotional burdens and sadness from the past behind once and for all and letting it go (which if any of you have followed me from the beginning, know that was my biggest challenge from the beginning because at the start he would disappear a month at a time on several occasions because he was emotionally getting over his past and I kept intending that I overwrote his past with my love!) and that since he did that, EVERYTHING started to work out suddenly! (I intended literally that everything always works out in our favor, that everything flows, is easy and effortless all the time in our life!) He told me how happy it makes him that I am such an affectionate person and that he loves that! It was ALL WORTH IT GUYS!!!

  • Hi Amanda! My conscious mind is calm but my subconscious mind is trying to block/ fight the positivity I’m building to manifest my SP. could you give me an advice for this please?:)