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LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward how to lose fat, build muscle, and get back in shape!

Video taken from the channel: Total Fitness Bodybuilding


LIVE Video Q & A with Lee Hayward Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Get Back In Shape!

Video taken from the channel: Total Fitness Bodybuilding


Total Body Warm Up 10 Exercises To Do BEFORE Your Workout


Video taken from the channel: Total Fitness Bodybuilding


My Diet To Build Lean Muscle Mass (FULL DAY OF EATING)

Video taken from the channel: Total Fitness Bodybuilding


Men Over 40 �� Lifestyle HACKS w/ Bodybuilder Lee Hayward | SBD Ep 51

Video taken from the channel: Criticalbench


Total Body Workout Routine at the Gym

Video taken from the channel: Total Fitness Bodybuilding


5 Minute Home Ab Workout

Video taken from the channel: Total Fitness Bodybuilding

Since 1999 my Total Fitness Bodybuilding website has been online helping people build better bodies. I’ve been around since the start of the online bodybuild. Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter, and muscle building coach who has been online helping people build muscle, lose bodyfat, and get in shape since 1999. LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward how to lose fat, build muscle, & get back in shape after 40! by Total Fitness Bodybuilding. The top-viewed videos from Lee Hayward’s YouTube channel.

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Please post them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out. Lee Hayward is a former competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach who has been online coaching people since 1997. His work has been featured in several international magazines such as: FLEX, Muscle Insider, Muscle Mag International, Testosterone, Ironmag, and Forbes. Hi Lee: I’ve been receiving your youtube videos for a while now, and I finally decided to write to you for some advice. I’m 63 years old and have lifted weights on and off through the years.

Download Lee’s Bodybuilding App: And that’s exactly what you’re going to get in this video. Top 5 Dumbbell Tricep Exercises! Build Muscle & Strength!

Lee’s YouTube Workout Videos. Top 10 Bodybuilding E-books. Heavy Grips Hand Grippers. Blast Your Bench. Blast Your Biceps.

Bio-Genetic Weight Gain System. Contact Lee. 12 Week Workout Program. By Lee Hayward. I get a lot of e-mail from people asking me all sorts of exercise related questions such as: How many days per week should I workout?

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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All the videos you see on this page are uploaded by Tubers who created a Musicians specialty account.

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Online videos range from funny and witty shorts and series, to product demos, tutorials, and screencasts,

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  • About what I do. Except I have 3 meals per day spaced every 6 hour apart. I weigh 155 @ 10% bf @ 5’6″. My breakdown is 60 g. Protein, 60 g. Carbs, 20 g. Fat per meal. So 180 g. Protien, 180 g. Carbs, 60 g. Fat. Per day, give or take.

  • Got my frother for Christmas! Thanks for the tip. Lee, Is that all you have for breakfast? The coffee/protein and a banana then you workout? Thanks!

  • Hey Lee Chris here.. What’s your thoughts on sauna suits.. I was thinking of getting one top and bottoms. Just got cardio only.. please advise thank you.’

  • do i only do 1 set of each or do i add more sets? and if i add more sets do i do lets say 3 sets of the reaching oblique crunch then move to the next ab workout? can i add more time to certain ab workouts not all of them? is it recommended i follow these in order?

  • I like the idea of protein inside your morning coffee. It’s great that your wife understands bodybuilding, your eating needs, and allows you to pretty much do what you need to do.

  • Here are the questions and time stamps from our video chat:

    01:54 – How to lose weight without counting calories.
    06:08 – How to manipulate your appetite by choosing foods based on taste and texture.
    09:00 – Simple strategy to help increase your appetite and gain weight when bulking up.
    11:47 – The 5 key tastes and how they impact your diet plan strategy.
    12:44 – The secret to successfully following a bodybuilding diet plan is learning how to make yourself feel “comfortable” with your meals.
    Viewer Q & As…
    14:17 – Can you get stronger while losing weight?
    16:58 – I’m 16 years old and thinking about jumping on a quick cycle of tren and dianabol for some lean muscle gains for next year’s football tryouts. What are your thoughts?
    18:07 – Can I build muscle at the age of 29? Is it too late for me to build muscle?
    20:08 – I took your advice on filling myself up on healthier food. But how can I deal with caffeine and sugar withdrawal?
    24:12 – How do you start working out after getting sick and what should a diet look like while you’re sick or have a cold?
    27:53 – Should you do cardio before or after a weight training workout?
    31:17 – How do you build wide shoulders?
    36:30 – I feel tight pressure in my sternum when I do heavy chest or certain exercises. What could be the cause? How can I adjust to this?
    39:27 – How do I avoid binge eating and how to resist fast foods, and how to fix emotional eating like eating when happy or eating when stressed?
    40:51 – Do you believe in a stronger back for a bigger bench-press?
    41:33 – What do you think of the push-pull split?
    43:15 – When should someone look into HGH (Human Growth Hormone) supplements or are they a waste?
    44:58 – How did your body respond when you quit powerlifting and went back into bodybuilding? Did your strength drop significantly? I’ve been training for five years now and I’m considering transitioning.
    48:35 – After how many years of training, do we stop seeing gains?
    51:12 – What are your thoughts on smoking weed to help with calorie intake?
    51:41 – What do you think of Athlean-X?
    55:22 – I would like to know an exercise split to make muscle faster.
    01:02:05 – I’m 47 years old. I want to know how can I build my legs at the gym?
    01:04:45 – I do Judo. One time I landed terribly in training. At first, the pain was unbearable, after five months the pain stopped but it comes and goes. For example, when I do heavy squats, it hurts. What do I do?
    01:10:14 – How long should you stick to your program before trying a new one? Is changing programs even required to continue growing or is progressive overload enough?
    01:11:02 – Is creatine good for a teenager?
    01:12:35 – How many rest days should we take while training for strength?
    01:14:18 – What’s your take on full-body training?
    01:16:00 – Is cardio important while trying to gain muscle?
    01:17:41 – I am 18 years old; I like to lift heavy. What do you recommend?
    01:21:08 – Do you think ‘Combat Conditioning’ which is calisthenics and a good full-body weight training workout is a good idea?
    01:23:20 – What is your opinion on the reliability of protein supplements and how much protein they actually contain compared to what the labels tell you?
    01:28:20 – I listen to your advice and I’ve been consistent with my diet. My weight has gone down from 130 kilograms to 126 kilograms but I see no difference in the mirror. Any advice?

  • Here are the topics discussed during the video chat…

    03:18 – What do you do to protect your kidneys?
    04:17 – ​How do you do seated calf raises without a machine?
    05:48 – When you’re squatting, do you push with the center of your feet or the heel? Which do you think is more optimal?
    08:08 – I’m pretty athletic but I always feel dehydrated. How can I get even more hydrated? I drink only water; I don’t drink coke or anything.
    10:17 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] Just started push-pull legs, love it.
    11:42 – ​I have seen your video about trap workouts. Do you have a day where you only do traps back in your bodybuilding days?
    14:21 – ​Should you do pushups before your workout as a warm-up?
    18:20 – When I’m doing side lateral raises with dumbbells or cables, I feel it more in my traps, any advice?
    20:50 – Do you have any videos or tips regarding growing your forearms/traps?
    23:49 – Would you consider resting between days to maximize your mass potential?
    25:55 – ​How long do you think it takes for muscles to fully recover? For most people, 48 hours, or 5 to 7 days after a hard workout?
    27:20 – My parents restrict me from tablets like fish oil and stuff like that. What are your thoughts on that? Is it okay in a teenager to take tablets?
    29:23 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] I really like your “Start Again” series. I have been training in my garage for years and started to get a bit bored with it. I’ll probably go back to it or use it more as a back-up gym.
    31:54 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] ​I like your idea of training “good enough” and not being perfect. 80% effort consistently is better than 100% inconsistently.
    36:58 – ​I do Suriyanamaskar and push-ups as a warm-up, 40 of each. Is it possibly too much?
    38:07 – I heard that you should switch up exercises using dumbbells instead of a barbell sometimes to challenge the body in different ways when it becomes too efficient. Is this true?
    40:43 – ​I was squatting 80 kilograms, my max is 120 kilograms but when I did 6 reps of 80kg suddenly, I felt someone hammering my head in the back. What is it?
    41:36 – How much time a week should you hit the gym? I usually go 6 days a week, Sunday off. Is it okay or is it too much? I’ve been working out for 2 months.
    43:19 – When doing the incline barbell bench press, do you need to go all the way to the chest or stop short of it?
    46:22 – Does the deadlift help to build a bigger upper body?
    46:48 – Which is better in your opinion, a full-body 3 times a week or your latest push-pull split on Monday/Wednesday/Friday?
    47:24 – Can I train calves the day before legs? Do calves come into play when squatting?
    48:05 – Sometimes I feel hip pain when I Squat or do Sumo deadlift. Can you suggest reasons why?

  • Great discussion. 56 next month and went from 89kg to 71kg now by just dropping portion size just a little over a year. Up to 11 chin ups and 5 pull ups, 15 dips on the pull up rig. I only use 6kn and 15kg weights along with resistance bands 15-22KG range. I do this to avoid injury because I would over do the weights no doubt.

  • Hey Lee! Aren’t stretches always supposed to be done after workouts, not before as warm-up? I thought stretching beforehand can be dangerous.

  • I lost over 200 I lost over a hundred pounds I weigh ball over 300 lb I was a severe diabetic since April I’ve been walking exercising and everything now I weigh 175 22% body fat 30% muscle mass is that good

  • Try making chicken curry by cooking with Indian chicken spice or using garam masala where you can get from superstore or local Indian store, and using Greek yogurt or regular yogurt to give extra cream taste instead of using regular cream.

  • Hey Lee hayward please answar me what do you think about this chest workout
    7×12-15 benchpress, incline dumbbell Press 5×12 and High to low cable fly 5×15 please answar me i am a Big fan. PS i have workout out in almist a year now

  • Hi lee! can u make a video about a quick morning exercises. Forinstance what to do at the morning before we have a breakfast and go to the uni or work?:)

  • Protien coffee veggies salad.. raspberries.. all I have is bread and pastas lol Lee I’m moving in buddy. Lol jk great nutrition video though!!

  • If you would like some help with planning out a realistic bodybuilding diet and training program to build you muscle and lose the gut, just visit my website at: https://leehayward.com/blog/free-10-minute-strategy-session

  • Thanks Lee for this warm up video, because I don’t do them, but I must! I do stretch my thighs and my knees pop, but then it makes it all the better. I’m 45, so…

  • Lee, a very very good question here. I have a “big belly” with thinny abs. So it’s not the fat going out it’s the muscles. How I bring them to their place, can you make a video about this? Greets!

  • I have been watching a few of Lee’s videos and they are awesome!  I also like that he gives feeback to questions like below on how often to do this routine every other day.

  • hi lee to i’m 18 years old, 330 pounds, hight 6,2 if I was to grind an go to the gym an stay in a caloric deficit, while going to the gym consistently and hitting my macros,is there a good possibility i could get in that six pack big muscular shape i want to obtain,also think you for all the value you give through this channel,god bless you an your family bro

  • Neat exercises Mr. Haward! One important question, how much rest is recommended between each exercise? Since the title said “5 minute Home Ab Workout”, I assume there is no rest at all between each excersise am I correct?

  • Awesome Video Lee, very informative and helpful content!!! Serious question regarding gut health and digestion. How many times do you go to the bathroom per day with all that massive amount of food? Thank you very much and keep going!!!

  • Hey lee great video…..I have been not in any kind of gym or wrkout fr long tym…my belly comes out….nw I wnt to run andexercise without ging to gym suggest me plss

  • thanks for this video lee, i pulled a muscle in my back neck area from hanging down on pull-ups. I do warm-up but im thinking I need to change my warmup routine

  • Great video Lee! Can I do these type of workouts 7 days a week? I’ve done it for the past 3 months and I feel great moving my whole body every day. I’m just worried about those gains, is it enough or do you need to focus each muscle group harder with volume in a splitroutine to make them grow?

  • Don’t get the views you deserve. Been following you 10+ years and even with 200k + subscribers you didn’t break 1k views. What’s happened Lee. You should have far more views and far more subscribers

  • Great video. Find a healthy balanced approach to eating that you enjoy so you stick with it. Consistency make healthier choices. ����

  • No warm-up exercises for the Penis? The Penis is a very important Body Part. Why skip it? It too needs some rotational and circular movement exercises…

  • Hey Lee, I love the protein shake coffee can’t wait to try that and the big salads or even veg is a great idea to fill up. A great video, thanks ��

  • I’ve been doing total body workouts lately. I always start with my bodyweight exercises first. If I do the weights first my body is to fatigued to do Pull Ups and Dips.

  • You got me inspired to start lifting again…not out of shape just haven’t worked out in 5 years, I just gotta go hard and stay consistent like you said.

  • If you would like some help with a realistic exercise and nutrition plan to build muscle and lose fat, just visit my website at: https://leehayward.com/blog/free-10-minute-strategy-session

  • Lee,,Always great to learn from your vid’s,,,whether new stuff or reteaching us what we should be doing,,,as always a big Thank’s,,,have a great week,,

  • Hey Lee Hayward
    i have a question. please help me out
    do nuts lower testosterone? Because i saw a video which claims that some of the nuts including peanuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios cause decrease in testosterone levels.. i was going to include these nuts in my diet, but now im a little confused… the video had got more than 1.3 million views on it.

    Please help.. Thanx!

    Nuts and Testosterone: Do Not Eat These Nuts…

  • What are those salads called? I’m guessing you got them from Costco? I’m in Canada too.

    Also, don’t you find the greek yogurt a bit of an odd taste as a salad dressing? Do you mix it with regular dressing or just straight yogurt?


  • Great discussion on all topics guys. I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about including yoga into my active bodybuilding lifestyle.

  • This was really helpful. I love your common sense and real approach to maintaining a healthy lean body weight and lifestyle. Great ideas I plan to use… love the yogurt for dressing! I do struggle to get in the protein so little additions(in coffee) are great tips. ��❤️

  • If you would like some help with a realistic exercise and nutrition plan to build muscle and lose fat, just visit my website at: https://leehayward.com/blog/free-10-minute-strategy-session

  • It sounded like you said “That’s what I’ll be keeping track of my sex with” when you referred to the stopwatch app!  Sets, sex, both are good.

  • Wow! your ab workout is a killer. couldn’t finished it the first day. After a week I’m beginning to notice top 4 abs showing themselves. bottom 2 are still covered up by love handles. btw, i’m holding each of your ab exercises for 60 seconds. After it i’m doing my normal workout routine. many thanks.and  train hard

  • Lee I need help man, my ass (Glutes) and quads get really big. I also think I have a bit of anterior pelvic tilt, which makes my ass look even bigger and kind of unproportioned. Should I stop doing legs for a while to actually get some Atrophy? Also what can u do for pelvic tilt? Thanks man

  • Tried it this a.m. and liked it.  Those Russian Twists and Toe Touchers are good and tough.  I didn’t rest between exercises, but see how it would be necessary as the work intervals get longer.  

  • Hi Lee I generally warm up with ten minutes on the cross trainer. I will incorporate this into my workout but should I do this before or after my cross trainer warm up?

  • I’m glad you plan on making more of these videos. Variety is important in healthy eating or it quickly becomes miserable and unenjoyable like you said

  • Awesome, I have been trying to find a complete ab workout.

    Hey Lee, if I do this everyday religiously, how long would it take to turn my beer keg into a six pack?

    I have 15 pounds or less of fat in my midsection.

  • I love the push/pull method of training chest and back together. I’ve been doing that for the last 5/6 years and can’t find a better way for me to workout..I also like to do Triceps/Biceps super sets for arms

  • Great video! There is always time for a good full day of eating video. I love seeing how you have made your nutrition sustainable in your life. Over the past few years I have found it’s definitely all about small changes to your nutrition that add up over time and improve your body composition AND leave you feeling satisfied. Thanks for the perspective from another Dad trying to build muscle and stay fit! I can’t wait to check out future videos! I have seen some of your videos over the past few months but I’m finally connected so I don’t miss a video. Thanks!

  • You should speed this video up 1/2 step and put some disco music with it….
    Seriously, thanks for all of the videos..
    You do a great job and they are very helpful..

  • Nice video, to the point. I have a question about shrugs. I see people doing them with rotator cuff in front. Others do it with cuff at back by retracting the scapula. Few do it almost neutral. Which is correct? Or better? Thanks!

  • Hey Lee, coming back to this video after a long time and I noticed I can’t see your feet when you do knee bends. should I keep my feet flat on the floor or should I be on the balls of my feet when i do knee bends? Also can jumping jacks be used as a full body warm up? Thanks.

  • Thank you so much for this lee! I’ve been following your advise since the start and man it all works especially the mini set biseps

  • I find the eating time for a big salad kills it for me. I try to have a salad for a break at work and 20min later I’m still munching away.

  • Thanks for the wonderful video, Lee! I know you’ve included one set for lower back, however I would like to know or see if there are any set of workout (spine workout) that helps you recover lower backpain (which I do have) I use the belt throughout my workout session due to the lower backpain. Please advise!


  • Many years ago I worked at a gym…the owner there told me to eat cottage cheese at night before bed. Later I put it all together. Casein

  • You have discussed many useful topics. I Trust you because you are an experienced coach for more than 20 years in fitness and bodybuilding, unlike some of the young coaches in their twenties whom gives tips and instructions to followers without solid foundations of experience. Thank you so much.����

  • If you’d like to chat about your workouts, need some help with your nutrition program, or have any questions about building muscle, losing fat, and getting control over your health and fitness. Then tune in for our live chat and post your questions in the video chat window.