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My Life with OCD: Lauren’s Story Part I (Dramatic Health)

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Living with bad anxiety OCD and tics!!

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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My Life with OCD: Lauren’s Story Part II (Dramatic Health)

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Lauren Kirschblum: From OCD to Fitness Freak — Tiger Fitness After being diagnosed with amenorrhea, Lauren found the motivation to turn her life around. After being diagnosed with amenorrhea, Lauren found the motivation to turn her life. Rachel Druckenmiller is on a mission to humanize the workplace and empower leaders to use their voices to speak up, speak out and spark goodness in the world. She is the Founder & CEO of Unmuted, a training and speaking company focused on building resilience, confidence and influence in today’s leaders.

Recognized as the #1 Health Promotion Professional in the U.S. IMDb’s advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Find exactly what you’re looking for!Sep 2, 2012 Sitting is terrible for you, but what do you do when your job is sedentary? took a treadmill desk for a spin.

Lauren Rothfeld graduated from Salisbury university where she had rewarding career on the women’s basketball team. Lauren graduated with a degree in exercise science and obtained her certification in personal training. After graduation Lauren went on to represent the USA in the World Maccabiah games over in Israel, where she won a gold medal!

Since then Lauren has. Explore Ashley Buckmaster’s board “Health”, followed by 127 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Health, Health fitness, Fitness tips. Explore Dee Dee Brown’s board “Health” on Pinterest.

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Happy Wednesday Friends! I’m so excited to show you my studio office today! I’ve got to tell you this was probably the most difficult space that I’ve had to photograph.

Mostly because the ceiling has weird vaulted angles and the window is directly at the back of the office and the light floods straight ahead. [ ].

List of related literature:

But it wasn’t until she was recovering from postpartum OCD, with her fourth therapist, that she decided to give exercise a concerted try.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
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tients with anorexia who exercise excessively score higher on measures of both the addictive personality and the obsessive-compulsive personality than patients with anorexia who do not exercise (Davis & Claridge, 1998).

“The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice” by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
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Robyn reviews her answers and concludes that it’s pretty obvious that her doubts are coming from her OCD mind.

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Having been trained by Jeffrey Young, she is one of the Dutch researchers/trainers on the successful randomized controlled trial of Schema Therapy for borderline personality disorder.

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She has been researching OCD since 1990 and has received several early career awards for her work.

“Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD” by Christine Purdon, David A. Clark
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She has had some benefit from CBT treatment targeting her binge eating, hair pulling, and preoccupation with body image but has not achieved remission for the compulsive shopping.

“Behavioral Addictions: Criteria, Evidence, and Treatment” by Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD, Laura Curtiss Feder, PsyD
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Helene reports that she needs to take a break from her ‘obsessive ways’ and her super-competitive approach, which have led to emotional outbursts, so she has reduced her training to simply maintain her fitness and nothing more.

“Being a Sport Psychologist” by Richard Keegan
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She had also been a compulsive exerciser prior to her hospitalization and knew instinctively that it would be difficult for her to set limits for herself if she started going to the gym again.

“Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap” by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
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She wrote on Instagram, “Promised myself I would not let exercise be the first thing to go by the wayside when I got busy with Girls Season 5 and here is why: It has helped with my anxiety in ways I never dreamed possible.

“The End of Mental Illness: How Neuroscience is Transforming Psychiatry and Helping Prevent Or Reverse Mood and Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Addictions, PTSD, Psychosis, Personality Disorders, and More” by Daniel G. Amen
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She is one person who seems to have clearly understood the true meaning of fitness.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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  • @mrkizman011 No its horrible, only an idiot would think that OCD is a good thing…The only thing you are trying to do is to find something positive about the disorder.

  • @mrkizman011 No its horrible, only an idiot would think that OCD is a good thing…The only thing you are trying to do is to find something positive about the disorder.

  • I used to have ocd, mainly pure o type. It is possible to get over OCD but it requires a lot of hard work.
    Now I help others who are trying to get over it. If you need help, just add me:)

  • I have full blown OCD-for 20 years. The germ kind, fear of AIDS, other illnesses, fear of food illnesses, raw red hands. IT SUCKS.

  • Hey, I think we had the same obsession. Don’t like girlfriend cause she walked funny -> don’t like girls -> must like boys -> do I want to do X with that boy? -> any indication toward a positive meant…..I WAS GAY. Ultimately the way I got out of the obsession was with medication and my therapist said to me one day “Being homosexual means you WANT and DESIRE to have sex with the same sex”. I realized I had been asking myself the wrong questions…WOULD I, instead of DO I WANT TO?

  • “I wake up everyday and I wanna live life…”
    and here the world go FML at every sentence they say which pisses me off..sometimes healthy people just dont know how to appreciate life

  • Although OCD is painful, there is a lot of help. For instance, the therapy on solutiontherapiesonline. -c-o-m is a a good one. People do not need to suffer like this.

  • i always have to check my stove at least twice to make sure i turned it off after i have turned it off. i’ve never once found it to be on when i thought it was off, even though i’ve double-checked about 10,000 times.

  • I’m pretty sure I have OCD and I think this because even when I was younger, everything needed to be perfect. Just like how she was saying the table and cup had feelings I believe that my body parts have feelings. So if I were to hit my left shoulder I HAVE to hit my right shoulder to make sure my left shoulder doesn’t feel bad.

  • I experimented with the thought that OCD might be a kind of bipolar disorder. (When your mind divides so you get two personalities), and the OCD is the part separate from your normal self. Whenever I felt OCD-symptoms I yelled (out loud if alone) “I’M HAVING A SILLY OCD!” It was almost like the OCD part of me got embarrased and silenced. Great!

  • Wow really!!?? I own a business too & I some times think that OCD has something to do with it. I love! Numbers! & can’t help but do math automatically in my head on things. I am drawn to entrepreneurship naturally. I am just 22 though. Started my Biz this January. Maybe we can chat about that? It’s funnyI was just seeking a good book on Stocks & Day trading, I know nothing about that. I want to learn all about itsee if I can generate income that way too. how does Stock trading company work?

  • The thing u said about checking if the door is locked might be the result of a weak memory… like ur not sure whether u locked the door already or not… NO OFFENCE but i kknow a guy that was like that, and some1 told him thats a result of jacking off 2 much (I AM SERIOUS and im not trying 2 b rude)… So quitting masterbation can help in a weak memory situation (ONCE AGAIN, I AM SERIOUS AND IM JUST TRYYING 2 HELP… THERE IS NO SHAME WHEN IT COMES 2 HEALTH)… best wishes

  • i wish mine could be controlled without meds but i have to take them ill list them Fluvoxamine OCD med 50mg before bed, Clonazepam 2mg total 1 in the morning 1 at 5:30pm, Lamotrigine 25mg mood stabalizer and helps with my head jerks that i get or ticks as some call them, Doc says im a checker as well as intrusive thought pattern OCD he says i repeat myself a lot in my words i own my own business and for some reason my OCD has made me more money i own a Stock Trading Company

  • i have violent thought hurting people inapropiate sexual thoughts towards girls i get images and all of course i dont act on them but its like having a broken record in our head just doesnt stop the Fluvoxamine i take is working pretty good june 20th not sure i just kinda snapped i guess 15 years of build and bam i had a bad episode thought i was going crazy yes its true Some OCD’s have above average IQ’s my doctor gave me a test i scored 128 IQ average is between 95 100

  • by the way, as you can seethis person speaking seems to be inteligent, I mean he talks well like he’s pretty smart. I read on Wikipedia people with OCD have an above average intelligence because of the Required Complicated thinking patterns. (So a little benefit there)

  • i have always had ADD growing up as a child but of course in 1992 doctors didnt have a true understanding of it but my ocd i have noticed in middle school but the shit hi the fan june 20th 2009 and it got to that point were i was getting inner thought voices saying do this or else i went to the doc i see him twice a week and im taking meds that are helping quite a bit i have what my doctor says is i rapid cycle the Lamictal is helping the most i get ticks or switches at times but have decreased

  • so did you just get your OCD recently? like I can remember mine started at Age 8, I remember the Day & everything.. I’m sure i’ve kinda always had it, but that was the day it became Serious! & to the point where it’s like “Kenny, you have to do this Or ELSE!”

  • i have ocd it started out as making sure all the doors in the house were shut. then when i moved i started washing my hands a lot and making sure the stove was off and the door was locked and the dogs were safe. those symptoms are now being replaced with thoughts of hurting myself and others.

  • OCD plays on fears.Handwashing isn’t a problem for every OCD person,only to the ones who fear germs.Fears of yourself hurting loved ones,or forgeting to lock the door will cause a killer to get in and hurt your loved ones,those are the worst for me with my OCD.

  • I’ve got ocd! In the process of trying to get rid of it.. I think it is possible, you just need to act the right way and not do the “checks” or whatever you think you need to do.

  • definitely not straight pictures on the refrigerator….. but i know how you feel… my issue is brushing my teeth or finishing a project

  • yeah i have that too.What makes me wonder though, is whether having the thoughts themselves makes you OCD or its getting worried about the thoughts that makes you OCD

  • OCD need not make you shy, although it can if it makes you do things around people that embarrass you. It’s more like, if you’re shy and that bothers you about yourself, then the OCD will magnify its significance and convince you that it’s an insurmountable, even growing, problem.

  • I have OCD and absolutely interferes with the normal processes in my life.
    I hate this. Absolute hell is my description of it. DAMN!

  • im not sure if i do but everytime the teacher or someone spells something wrong, i have to correct it. my friend that sits beside me in class cant always spell. so he keeps spelling ht ewrong words. and i have to look over and correct him. he said i sometimes bug him

  • i know how you feel some people have milder versions than others i have severe OCD im not a germ freak or anything you see on TV mine is Violent intrisive thought pattern OCD meds and my Docs help im starting to know how to manage it but i have to take 3 diffrnenet types of meds for various syptoms but yes i hate how people say OCD is fake its very real and not discussed enough you should check out the OCD foundation website just google it very helpul

  • The rule of thumb is whether or not these “eccentricities” are impacting your life in a negative fashion and preventing you from doing things you would like to be doing.
    Another way to test is to see what happens if you DO step on a crack or put the volume to an odd number. Does it bother you a little or are you inundated with worrisome and intrusive thoughts?

  • hola mi nombre es jorge y tengo ocd o toc,si hay alguna persona que quiera hablara sobre ello dejeme un mensaje derrepente podemos ayudardos

  • I think it helps when you understand why you get stuck in a continuous loop of thoughts and actions. Then you can look for alternative ways to release your pent up fear or anger etc and reduce the obsessive compulsive behaviour over time. It’s important to not blame yourself and to feel good about the fact that you’re trying to get on with things. I find that any form of creativty, writing in my case, is a healthy diversion for all that anxiety that can cause OCD.

  • WOW man that was crazy to hear you say this cause I feel the same RIGHT NOW but its cause I refueled the OCD
    goin to my first class tomorrow

  • All the high fives for this my lovely!! So proud that you gave the negative mental health stigma the middle finger and posted this, so brave and so honest!! xxxx

  • Ncandio, i can perfectly relate to what you just said. it just feels so relieving to meet someone like you man because that’s exactly how I used to feel (i still do sometimes). Especially the ‘I would beg God to keep my mom/dad safe’ part. it seems that religion does more harm than good. i was born in a hindu family btw.

  • @landmark425 Picking on people with mental health problems from the safety of your computer. What does that make you? You’re lower than pathetic. You’re shit.

  • I agree with thsi guy. I have (had) OCD for a good 17 years or so. Helping ease it has a lot to do with re-wiring your thought processes. I know, I cannot explain it here, but by looking at all the “certains” versus the “maybes,” you will almost always find evidence refuting your silly thoughts. Latch onto those. I know, easier said than done. Medicine, of course, does help in allowing your mind the freedom to rewire.

  • I have an OCD i dont like the number 6 when i feel paranoid i keep on repeating 7,7,7,7…. I always shake my head at random moments violently because i have this feeling i want too. i roll my eyes everytime thinking my eyes might go crooked, i make a weird noise like eeeeeeeeeee ummmm
    and a swallowing sound. i keep on smelling my food everytime i take a bite. It sucks and im 13. i still think i can stop it anytime which i think i can but still comes back to at any moment.

  • I like this video, but there are some similar videos online. Undoubtedly, many people have this condition. Our brain tends to get produce many unwanted behaviors. However, people with OCD are not hopeless. There are some great therapies available, such as the one on solutiontherapiesonline. -c-o-m.

  • I think I used to have OCD but fortunately it didn’t grow on me. I used to walk around and said to myself if i step on a line i’m going to hell. After a while i really stopped doing it. So i would recommend even though it’s much easier said then done, to start facing your fears slowly. Whatever your afraid you must do it. If your afraid of dirtiness you get as dirty as you can which i know is not easy. It’s all in your mind but please remember thats the way to do it. You have to face you fear.

  • I would have preferred to see the same movie in bright colors. Seems depressing.
    There is much decent help out there. This help can be found in several places, including on solutiontherapiesonline. -c-o-m. I would not just rely on traditional therapy.

  • i completely understand this guy, i ve just been told of got ocd and it completely fucks your world, the best thing to do is try stay posotive, even if its hard not to you shouldnt give up. People say that intrusive thoughts may not be a serious part of ocd but when your living with it you feel like your heads going to explode and your constantly looking for ways out your head but it never ends, so i say fairplay to this lad!

  • Hello I have watched your video I am hoping you a little better of coarse but anyway,you are both lovely peaple I have OCD and all though I am slowly getting better I understand and remember you are ever alone there many walking with you best wishes phill

  • No problem. When you’ve been in therapy as long as I have you pick a few things up along the way:)
    I wanted to add something though. If you truly feel as if you are suffering from a delusions then I really hope you seek help immediately. But I don’t think you are. I think the fact that you are cognicent of your “paranoia” implies it is not true paranoia but maybe obsessive thoughts.

  • That is so true. Religion provokes and fuels OCD. Wait.. maybe religion IS obsessive compulson disorder!

    It does seem, though.. that OCD is when your mind starts racing to avoid confronting something. One time I had problems with it was when I had problems with my girlfriend (now ex).. Instead of facing the problems, OCD took over. Doctors just wanted to medicate me. Instead, I fixed myself through weeks of introspective, positive thought and meditation.

  • you have no idea what you just said do you? people with mental abnormalitis are not freaks and not dangerous. True his brain works differently and he had mentioned the urge to kill people but you have the same thoughts too, it would be crazy for human beings not to have these subconscious thoughts. Instead of being to let them go, he hears them over anits people like you who lack the judgment and awareness that make life so much more difficult for the rest of the world. I have OCD like this and

  • I have OCD. When I close a door I can’t get out of my head that I think I didn’t close it all the way so I’ll push on it for minutes until I think it’s closed all the way. On locks I never think it’s locked all the way so I have to pull down on it over and over until I’m 100% that it’s locked and I can’t stand when things aren’t straight. If a box or something for looks isn’t straight I cannot stand it. I make it straight.

  • Has your doctot offered you one of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors? Some of them are very effective for OCD especially at high doses. I have heard that OCD like depression is highly treatable. Good luck!

  • I think I have it, I hate when the teachers erase everything on the board but a little mark. When I scratch or touch something of the left I have to do it to the right and if I dont do the same amount it bothers me

  • It must be hard living with OCD. I’d imagine it’s like paranoia combined with general pickiness or perfectionism, but much worse. I have ADD, but it’s probably nothing compared to OCD

  • I guess I have OCD. But if you think a litle further, a human beeing doing rituals like praying all the time for not getting hurt or dieing could be seen as a form of OCD? OCD is basicaly a faith or thought you establish in your head in the form of a ritual you perform so that equilibrium around you is maintained. A funny thought would be that all major religions where the result of people having OCD. lol…

  • The program Notepad is my partner in my OCD relief. I have to count almost everything that I do. Since I cannot count them all, I use Notepad. I HAVE NO CONTROL ON IT!

  • i had something similar to this a couple of years back, and i remeber thinking to myself: “if i need drugs and shrinks to keep me happy then fuck it, i don’t want to live.” i had to force myself to snap out of it, to get involved and feel alive.

    now i rarely even think about those days. facing and defeating your inner demons by yourself makes you a thousand times stronger, more resilient, and happier.

  • @Gowalum well personally, i do not have that “kind” i have another. i feel 4 u tho i have had it probably 4 14 years, and i am now 14, i have found (i think) that video games help/ might help me! good luck man! i know it iz hard

  • i soooo relate YES talk to yer doc i finally did and OMG life is good now w/ the right meds great vid to spread the message god bless

  • Sooooo false my friend. Ive been diagnosed with OCD and in my case is also a thought repeating over and over and my “ritual” is mental…

  • I’m not diagnosed but candles, doors, the cooker, taps! Takes me ages to leave the house or go to bed. I did suffer with anxiety though. Thank you for sharing your story, very brave of you both xx

  • Relationship & bank statements told the same story ’til I got rid of it.

    1: Write down when/where you are having the worst symptoms.
    2: If OCDs are related to people around you, confront them.
    3: Tell your friends.
    4: As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone/yourself, DO the opposite of what the OCD “wants” you to.
    5: TELL the OCD you don’t need it in your life. Kick its ass. Since it’s part of your psyche, it will listen.
    6: MediTate. Calm your mind. Be positive.

  • @champofworld22
    i hate this stupid OCD!!! it’s ruining my life!!! i can’t control it!!!!!:(:(
    some people here like you say that it’s not so bad.. maybe because some people suffer from the ocd less than other people….!!
    but i can tell you for sure that for some people the ocd is just a NIGHTMARE!!!
    (sorry if my english is not so good lol)

  • I am so so glad you have finally done this and properly opened up about your experiences with OCD, couldn’t be more proud!! ❤️❤️ You have come so far and I’m glad we can look back at all of those times now and laugh! Love you forever xxxxxxxxx

  • i think i have OCD too…im always checkin stuff and on youtube at the top when im lookin at a video i just HAVE to click the links that say “more” in the description and tags, it’s kinda weird but it’s an urge and when im readin the comments i have to click page 3 first

  • I sometimes do things in sequences of four. I have tourettes as well but I try to avoid them as much as possible. It usually works. I used to have it pretty bad when I was a kid, but as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten much better.

  • I have ocd too I am 22, I had it worse when I was age 8-12, At 12 i had a great psychiatrist & was on medication by 13, I stopped seeing the psych. & stopped meds. Eventually I realized it was all just a “Superstition disorder” All I was being scared for nothing. So I hardly have any problems anymore, now: I make these “To do lists” & it’s Stressful! And I stress out on things out of no where! I lack common Sense on basic things.. I mean, I will stop my self & think a lot when I don’t need to

  • Thankyou so much for sharing this! I am actually starting CBT tomorrow for anxiety, which started when I was 9 and my parents got divorced. I’ve been feeling so anxious about it and this has really helped me.:) xx

  • i have OCD. i have had my current obsession for 6 months, it started off with a fear of blaspheming, which led to OCD creating blasphemous thoughts in my head that i disagreed with. i didn’t want those thoughts, but they felt so REAL. i have to stay stuff constantly in my head to counteract the thoughts. sometimes i have even been crying about it, but to most people it seems irrational. it’s like my mind is a stuck record and the thought won’t budge!:(

  • dude, same with me, personally for some reason that i didnt even realize at the time it feels when i was on medication i lost the fear of certain things such as death and suicide, basically it took away my fear, and i feel unmotivated, i didnt realize much till now i quit and look back on it, i still couldnt explain maybe there are some psychological rather than purely chemical reasons but i have no clue.

  • It is true. Thanks for coming forward and sharing thoughts. I can relate almost all of things, you have mentioned. Classic case of OCD. My OCD started with severe headache and disturbing thoughts. The headache went on for few months, before getting medical aid. I completely understand the pain, you are undergoing. But, you must stop doing compulsions. Also, for OCD, reassurance seeking works against the problem.

  • I have Tourette’s, ocd and anxiety. Just curious has your son showed any signs of Tourette’s? I have a 17 month old boy and I’m so worried he will have it too.

  • I have recently gotten tics with jerking my neck back and I have OCD too. I completely convinced myself that I was faking it and it just made me angrier when I wouldn’t stop it until I realized it was a problem and I kept waking up with a sore neck. I can’t really open up to people either because my OCD makes me think that no one will like me if I tell them and that they would think I was a freak so it drove me mad thinking that I was so much an attention seeker that I would do this to myself. This video help SOOOO much because it was one of the only videos I could even find on this. It helped me realize what it really was so thank you it means the world and brings me back to reality. My tics are tied into my obsessive thoughts and every time I start over thinking I have really bad episodes although it happens regardless pretty routinely as well.

  • My tick is within my mouth, I count and say my words so they are even over and over again. I have a hard time falling asleep, I move my feet while counting as well. None of it sounds silly to me dear. I wish we didn’t suffer from this, thank you for sharing! It’s so important! The cleaning part comes with the anxiety for me, when I have high anxiety I clean and usually it’s a super deep clean more than a few times a week.
    I can look back at my childhood and it began with showers and baths, I would add the concentrated Lysol to my baths.

  • Yeah you know what I mean? On locks at school I have to pull down on it like 5 times or more to make myself know that it’s on there good and like on door locks I have to spin it until it can go no more and I have to keep trying to spin it even though it can’t go any farther.

  • i have the ocd sympton, for about 5 6 years im having it every day. it’s so irritating and sometimes im just freaking out on my self telling my self that STOP doing it!! but i can’t it’s so hard. But then if i really tries to stop doing the rituals i can’t go on… Im thinking of it the whole damn day and have to go back and do it once more… I have think alot of go to a doctor or a psycholog or something, i just have to get it away before it taking over me totally =(

  • good to hear you are doing well i was diagnosed 4 months ago at the age of 26 i take meds and see a doc my OCD is alittle more Severe than others and harder to treat but i manage it the best i can i have my bad days and some good days i cherish the good days

  • This really resonated with me. I empathise with you both. Me and my son went through something similar not OCD but years of hell when he was growing up due to homophobic abuse. As a mother it was the worst feeling watching him struggle. But with help and counselling we got through. He’s actually amazing and it is so nice to see your relationship and how close you are. Tell your mum she’s done brilliantly ��

  • This was a very brave video to film! I’m a very anxious person and a lot of the stuff you do now and in recent years is things I can massively relate to, like checking the straighteners and having to be on the phone to someone when walking to uni and I’m like constantly looking for danger around me like in the people who walk past me! This was a very interesting video! Well done for pursuing treatment and working on recovering!

  • I am a journalist and -same of you-, OCD had been a challenge of my life, really. I feel very better now, and I say “YES, WE CAN”, (any relationship with politics is just coincidence, haha) Greetings from Chile.

  • Thank you for posting this type of video because even tho I don’t have tics or Tourette’s like you do I do suffer from Anxiety and OCD which like you it makes me feel abnormal and weird cause I have to count when I’m washing hands, cleaning surfaces and even have to count when I washing up the dishes, cups and the cutlery which so annoying aswell I can get very frustrated at times like you if I get interrupted I have to start all over again and just the simple of things can take me a long time to complete a task. I don’t tell anyone my ways because I have got judge quite a lot before but I feel like I can relate to you in some way. I also tend to hold onto things which to be able to get rid of I have to do that when I feel ready to either sale, give away or take to the dump. People won’t and don’t understand what some people have to live with or go through in a day to day bases unless they go through the same thing or something similar. Until they do unfortunately people will judge you and think that what you do or have to do cause your mind tells you within reason.

  • Hi Lauren. I hope your well! I think its great your open and talking about this. I went through a similar situation when my parents separated, i got OCD. And still do especially when im stressed out about something. Ive never heard anyone speak about this. Its really brave of you to open up. Xxxxx

  • Lauren..I watched this video from start to finish. Your mam is so sweet. I have to admit I did cry at the beginning…maybe because my mam and dad are separated aswell but I went down a different path. Well done for speaking out about it though. I’m sure you will get a lot of positive support and comment from everyone! Loves xxxx

  • I don’t think this is real, he looks like he’s acting. And then why he keeps advertising how meds makes him good, in the 1st episode he says the same thing, like a it was a commercial…

  • My brother and I both have OCD, but it’s different kinds. We’re both 13 (we’re triplets). My brother is more nervous, and he always says goodbye to our parents loads of time when they’re going out, and frets that they haven’t hot their phone turned on in case something happens to them. He also has to make sure everything is exactly how it was. I’m a lot more numbers, patterns and perfection oriented tapping, having to do things on both side of my body, re-reading sentenced again and again. It

  • I have had OCD for a year and a but now, it tells me to do stuff or i’d get a bald patch in my early teen or ealry twenties or just twenties. Since if just done my GCSE’s it tells my im gonna get straight U’s

  • It’s really cool to see how much effort, commitment and honesty into these videos. I always click on them to add to your view count:)

  • This video was so open & raw thank you for opening up ❤️ I’ll never understand how it feels to suffer from OCD and how difficult it is but this video has made me realise how hard it is and you are just so inspiring to recover so well ✨ Thank you for opening up about your mental health because it’s going to help so many & help so many understand ☺️ Lots of love xx

  • Thank you for sharing your story, the main message with OCD is that you CAN recover. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Continue to refuse giving in to compulsions whether mental or physical! The more you refuse, the faster it will go away.

  • I have had ocd for 8 years now and I can control it most of the time, What he was talking about was validity testing, In order to fight OCD i use somthing that i am more scared of than the actual bad thing that is supposed to happen. For example i am a catholic so the eternal life stuff applies to me and god is almighty. Every time my OCD kicks in i swear to god that if i do what the urge tell me to something even worse will happen. Its just a way of using OCD against your OCD:D

  • Why would your “god” want to CURE people with OCD? Ritualized actions with a strong sense of guilt and fear sounds like Christianity to me. Going to Church and reading the Bible and praying a given amount every week because you’re afraid of hell is really no different than washing your hands 30 times a day because you’re afraid of germs. Your “god” would love for all of us to develop OCD.

  • I think what this does show is that between the ages of 8 and 11 everyone is arguably at their most vulnerable as they begin to learn an appreciation of the world around them and can understand the effect of “major life events”. It seems as though this has happened here.

    I’m so happy you’ve spoken so candidly about your experiences and it’s an eye-opener for people that make light jokes about “being OCD” when they are not OCD.

    I am so happier it has subsided during the last few years and I really wish you the best for the future. You seem like a really lovely girl in a really lovely family:) xx

  • OCD is for real but does not have to be a nightmare I no longer suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks and Worry about nothing. Thank you so much Charles

  • @ClamCrunchy i have OCD and anorexia! it helps to believe in God! he is in control and even though i try so hard to be in control and im not! God knows whats good for me and i am so thankful that i have him helping me along as i recover from these diseases! no one can do it without him!

  • Well if you ever need to talk about the OCD with someone who you know will not judge you, feel free to contact me. Sometimes the best advice comes from those who have shared experiences:)
    Trust me, I know the horror of the “What if?” disease.

  • I have a problem of making vows that “I vow I will only go to heaven if I see Aunt Pam today” “I vow I will only go to heaven if I skip Mr. Shifflet’s funeral because I don’t know him well enough, etc….” Is this a common OCD as I think it is to block the feeling of uncertainty if deciding something like whether to go to Mr. Shifflett’s funeral or whether to drive to Aunt Pam’s house.

  • Check out!!! The site offers weekly posts on OCD definitions, history, causes, treatments, expert opinions, common obsessions/compulsions, tips for family and friends, resources, events, self-tests, news, activities to distract the mind, some information on related disorders, other healthy tips, etc. Help it grow by subscribing to the feed, sharing the website, commenting, liking, etc. Learn and enjoy!

  • Well i am getting a bit better. but, it really is hard with everyone putting you down for it. But i told me girlfriend i had it and she really felt bad. I think that when i know people feel bad and comfort me about it helps me fight it.
    And i truly hope that you and who ever is reading this gets better. It is hard.. i know.
    But YOU CAN DO IT!

  • i have OCD myself. It’s like god’s cruel joke. It leads to depression, a couple of times i was ready to end myself because of it. But I’m good now, brain is just a mechanism, you have to preoccupy yourself with other things and it goes away. at least mental checking. it works. nothing that you cannot cope with. people with OCD experienced the worst shit ever, but that’s what makes us learn, that stuff like this happen. no medication, just getting in touch with real life, not living in your head.

  • Yes, medicine in initially, but I just needed to meet that right someone who I could talk to and who could try and ‘logic’ me out of my worries. It did a world of good. Nothing is completely erased, but comparing myself 2 years back to me now, I am vastly better. Medicine helps, but I think more than anything support helps, a human touch.

  • I have OCD and anxiety med’s help but they are addictive. I do several wierd things, for example whenin a car I must click my teeth and count every pole. There’s other stuff but this one is the strangest one for me.

  • I hum alot now, like all the time. And it’s not to a song, or a song, it’s just humming, and I noticed that I started doing that all the time after my Mom had passed away, and I try to stop but I don’t realize that I am doing it. And it is out loud but not extremely loud. But enough that if someone is near me they can hear it. And I have the counting thing that I had for as long as I can remember. It bothers me alot. And I think it is something to do with being nervous. But I just want it to stop.

  • I think religion is one of the biggest causes of mental stresses for many people. It makes you feel guilty for being a human in virtually every way. If you are a devout Christian and gay, for example, I can only imagine how terrible that must be. Religion in many ways is the antithesis to good mental health practices, if it is considered the only answer. Exorcism just doesn’t do it for me!

  • I think my OCD is not very serious because with mine I think often and it gives me stress and anxiety.But most of the time I have a clear mind and I don’t think very much.Playing video games helps me to ease my mind.I hope that I don’t become depressed like some OCD people.Maybe if i become arrogant and conceited than my OCD can’t bother me anymore.

  • I love these “whose more screwed up competitions.” My family and I play them all the time:)
    Either way you have suffered and I am glad that you have found an effective medical and CBT treatment combo that works.
    I feel like I know exactly where you’re coming from just by the way you’ve worded your sentences. You speak in the past tense when referring to the “happy times” which I do as well. In fact I often reference things as “before OCD” and “After OCD.” Is that strange?:)

  • At the beginning, I didnt even realise I was mentally ill I didnt know what mental illness was. I felt I was under tremendous pressure, and “unreal” in my own bubble. I had no insight to begin with, but it came on slowly and I realised I had changed

    I managed to overcome it mainly with sheer determination and willpower. I had good and bad days, but eventually the good outweighed bad ones. If I`d been pessimistic, I`d never have made it and would have gotten nowhere in the last 10yrs.

  • I have like OCD to but i don’t care, i can live with it i don’t want any treatment or anything. may sound weird but i don’t have a problem with it. Altough my parents often think i’m pretty crazy and my friends are like dude what’s ure prob? i like just make something up xD. I mainly have to do things 4 times and if i do that i feel good and i can go on with whatever i was doing.
    so well this was my story….


  • well, my ocd started when I was about twelve or thirteen, I’m 16 now. I feel like I can’t end sentences with certain words… or else… and I have to think certain thoughts when I do certain things, and I always think something bad is going to happen to me at every moment possible. I have halted the ocd from growing anymore, now I am trying to fight it without medication. You must take care of this early because the longer you live with it the tougher it becomes to get rid of.

  • I agree i have OCD and get really bad intrusive thoughts so i can totally relate to this video, OCD is not just about repetitive behaviour.

  • I know how you feel, i have it really bad. If i dont do something the right way. i will die, i have to lock my doors a million times. i have to unplug everything.
    It really is hard. and people don’t understand it. i haven’t got over it, and i dont think i will n e time soon.
    but the worst part is, people make fun of people like us.
    i really wish they could feel what it was like.

  • Me too! I like how you to refer to it as “major” OCD since that is how I feel too. I have what is known as “hypochondriacal OCD” which means every ritual is somehow related to my fears about health. Its been difficult to treat, even with CBT and medication. Its hard because I don’t always know why I can’t get better. I am 27 now and have been in treatment for over 21 years. Sometimes I just feel that I cannot stop my brain from inundating me with intrusive thoughts. Know what I mean?

  • i myself have OCD it is not easy to live with there many forms of it what you see on TV is one but what hey dont show you is the kind i have which is basically intrusive violent unwanted thoughts and the true struggle i endure everyday i take meds and see a doc twice a week OCD is a very real Illness some people can cope or have diffrent forms of it some have milder versions than others i feel for the ones who have a hard time dealing with it i had a good day today but had 4 days of hell

  • yh mate i get that same sort of stuff like example if i look at my mum only twice not three times shell get cancer of some thing stupid like that its driving me crazy

  • I’m not taking the piss here but is having to have the volume on an even number, not stepping on cracks in the pavement or walking in a straight line for as long as possible considered OCD or just odd?

  • my sister has terrible OCD. She cant touch anyone in the that comes to the house, she spends hours in the shower scrubbing herself, she hardly leaves her room. She is usually pretty normal when shes out of the house. if someone touches her, she goes completely hysterical.

  • I kinds of hate it when people who are just neurotic say “OMG I am sooo OCD” but I know they mean nothing by it. It sucks that people think OCD is synonymous for “excessive handwashing”. I am 27 years old now and I struggled horribly since I was a 6 year old little girl. It makes every moment hard, trying to keep the intrusive ‘OCD thoughts’ out of my mind. I wish there was a greater public understanding of the disease. Not just “Oh, so you’re like Monk”:)

  • My OCD is not bad but I don’t think of mine as a or else I think of mine as a reward if I do it like if I check the lights 4 times something good will happen to me but sometimes the or else part comes to my mind

  • It’s no one’s fault that you have OCD, and God didn’t do this to you or anyone else with OCD. You didn’t chose to have this, no one does.

  • OCD has nothing to do with god. Im fifteen and have had OCD since I was about eight. Its not gods fault, he put us on this earth and its our fault we chose to be like this. And dont you are say I dont know what its like because it practically controlled 2/3rds of my childhood.

  • I got ocd, it is too embarrassing to share but it calms me down reading comments on here with other people having ocd. Although of course I feel for you all.

  • OCD is a horrible thing to have… Medication helps but you still have episodes… You only know what it is like if you have felt the empty feeling and fear. If you have ocd you will know life seems to stop and it never really seems to start up again until you get help and keep fighting it.

  • no one knows mine either. You can’t tell cause it isn’t something regular. I can’t stand seeing stuff way too neat and organized. It reminds me of sterile/lifelessness, so i HAVE to move some stuff around to give the feeling of a presense in the house. That someone was there. (not dirty, i can’t stand filth)

  • i am a god speller..but that was only one example. i have WAYYY more examples. and i found out i actually do have ocd. im a perfectionist.

  • It often amazes me how many young people have OCD. Our brain tends to get produce many unwanted behaviors. However, people with OCD are not helpless. There are some great therapies available, such as the one on solutiontherapiesonline. -c-o-m.

  • I have OCD, and this illness made me insecure and this is the worst of all. In a period of my life the most common flows in my mind were “if” and “then”, in an unconcious level, of course, but at the same time they are very conscious: It was a fucking shit!!!! Now I take Altruline 200mg and Promytril 15mg, besides when I was 15 (I am 29), I decided to make a “mental-bypass” to my disturbing thoughts and the poweer of my obssesions decreased enormously…

  • Actual paranoia could be indicative of a multitude of psychiatric illnesses but I do not believe paranoia is a symptom of OCD.
    However, if you mean you are always thinking bad stuff is going to happen to you then that could be a form of OCD.

  • I have the same thing, if i dont do something. Something bad will happen. and if i dont run up the stairs fast enough, i will be shot or something. Its horrible.
    I have to lock my doors a million times. i have to shut lights on and off a million times. I have to do so many things so many times.
    and it sickens me to see people that make fun of people like us with OCD.
    It really is stressful to do things a million times when u r getting mad at yourself for it.

  • Wow I am going to sound like such a dork saying this but I had tears in my eyes watching this…this is exactely what I deal with every minute of the day…

  • if onli there was a cure for it….it really sucks knowing how stupid the actions you do look/sound….but you still want/have to do it…..

  • Yeah! That’s what the doctors call them. Like when you have a bad thought such as “I could just run this car into this tree.” Everybody has quick, bad thoughts like that but people with OCD obsess about these thoughts and they start to worry ” am I going to drive in this tree?Why do I have these thoughts?” Every person has these intrusive thoughts but OCD sufferers can’t let the thoughts go.

  • everytime i get out the shower, i have to get the steam off the mirror so i can let a bunch of small guys out and i talk to them for ages.

    i dnno why but everytime i feel i have to do that otherwise i’ll get bad luck

  • yeah man ocd sucks like when ever I’m in the car i look out the window and with my eyes weave in and out of trees,poles,stop signs ect. also if i touch some thing with one hand i have to touch it with the other and i always have to erase and re-write stuff if it doesn’t look right and that puts me behind in my school work

  • yeah but even though it may seem mild now, you still should try and get help because ocd always starts as something very small and it just grows and grows. most people with severe ocd started off with it being very mild, and not thinking it could really get that worse

  • @MrJakeBFTW…hey jus chill down…like i no how u feel cz ocd has literally messed my life…firstly tell ur self all this crap stuff u do…u think is cz u have a problem….cz of that problem do that…theres no reality in it….secondly have u tried medication or sumthing…go to a pyscatrist and pyscologist…it will really help

  • @CanadaUpcastXSLT I went to an ocd treatment center, basically we mostly did CBTExposure Response Prevention. You do the thing you are terrified of WITHOUT ritualizing in any way. Its hardest at the beginning, always. You have to live with the crippling doubt, and the more you do that, the more youre saving your life, and time. Help yourself, you really deserve to. Best of luck:)

  • Wow really? I wish I knew what my IQ was. so are you 15? I’m 22. Mine started at age 8, got under control around age 13 (I still have it, but not as bad) And yeah, Me tooI get SUPER! Random Thoughts! about inappropriate things! at the wrong time too. I read that OCD patients will often think the exact opposite Randomly. i.e. if some one says “Ok have a good time!” I say to my self “haha what if we have a bad time?” & sometimes talking to some girl, some times randomly nasty thoughts? haha?

  • I am 27 and mine emerged when I was 7 years old. So even though I’ve had to deal with this for 20 years, I think you have it harder. I’ve never known anything other than having OCD but you have. To go from the “normal” life to that of an OCD sufferer must be difficult. Good news is there are much better meds available now then there were 20 years ago. I was a guinea pig:) Also you are still young and there is no reason you can’t accomplish everything you want to.
    Good luck:)

  • This was great. It’s important to get these kind of success stories out to OCD sufferers. They are soldiers for having to deal with something they can’t control, probably much stronger than the typical person I would presume.

  • Imagine me. I have OCD and accomplished my list of real estate investments to ESCAPE the JOB Rat race. As soon as I got it, I invested in a big bad mess and lost it all and had to start over. But it took 14 years. I now OBSESS on 2015 and imagine making a different choice. I even mock tge phone conversations i would have had to invest elsewhere. Cannot stop the depression nor regret. Like hell.

  • @Rvtigerrock I had it like 3 years ago more, now I sort od control it. Is it OCD to have random thoughts or images that I don’t ask for?

  • Thanks so much for opening up and sharing your story. I can relate in some way. I always feel like I tend to worry a lot about unnecessary things. Love you

  • Do you have a psychiatrist? I think he could give you the better treatment for YOUR own level of anxiety or OCD. If you have one and you dont trust in him, you must change. Tell me about it. Saludos.

  • I have ocd and I am really sad that I have it cause it’s hard and I want to find a cure for it I can’t stand it I jerk my neck back and hurt my neck bad:( god bless everyone with it I’m only 11 and was diagnosed with it years ago! It’s gotten so much worse:(

  • I have horrible OCD and other anxiety disorders for a few years now. NO fucking scientologist is going to tell me that it can be fixed with vitamins and exercise.

  • I’m not OCD but if I hit my hip on a counter corner, for example, I feel like I have to get back at it and punch the counter to make it hurt as bad as it hurt me:/

  • Yes the problem would still exsist because it is not caused from the environment it is caused from faulty wiring in the brain, which causes the neurons to misfire….ppl. w/ OCD have a chemicel imbalance of serotonin usually medication and or psychotherapy help but believe me OCD is no fun!