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August 1, 2019 Team Tiger Fitness. Kindra Monahan Lost 48 Pounds and Found Her Competitive Spirit. Name: Kindra Monahan. Age: 26. Starting Weight: 178.

Ending Weight: 132.5. Transformation Starting Date: 11/12/18. Transformation Ending Date: 6/9/19. Instagram: @kilo_girl_fit. August 1, 2019 Team Tiger Fitness Kindra Monahan Lost 48 Pounds and Found Her Competitive Spirit Struggling with weight and bouncing between diets, Kindra found herself challenged by the world of natural bodybuilding.

Previous article Steven Conigliaro Drops 163 Pounds! Half of His Body Weight Half of His Body Weight Next article Kindra Monahan Lost 48 Pounds and Found Her Competitive Spirit. Christina Jordan, 34, of Phoenix, Arizona, lost more than 130 pounds and now works as a nutritionist.

Courtesy Christina Jordan 1) Eat all day in order to. She is my most kindred spirit, and I am so blessed to still have her on the Earth, only an hour away from me. Born in 1926, she grew up in a small Maryland valley town with one grocery store and was employed at the single seamstress within miles. I remember thinking, even as a child, how great of a book her simple yet full life could make. LAHORE, Pakistan -A woman in Pakistan burned her 17-year-old daughter alive on Wednesday to punish her for marrying against the family’s wishes, the latest in.

Since her procedure, she has become a certified Zumba instructor, which has fed her love for dance. “I’m up to almost 132 pounds, and that’s total. Of that, I would say 110 of that has been. Watch more than 120 pounds disappear within a matter of seconds.

Each selfie, taken every day for a year, is a reflection of Justine McCabe’s weight loss journey. The. My first major push in my weight loss came when I decided to give a ketogenic diet a chance. The first two months on a ketogenic diet saw a loss of about 35 pounds and it was a great motivator for me to see the weight falling off. I began walking daily, sometimes as much as three times a day.

Not A Kindred Spirit Forever Gone But Never EVER Forgotten! I Will Always Love You Dad! Frederick Donald Smith October 11, 1937 May 16, 2016 In The Words Of Frederick Donald Smith BEWARE SUBHUMAN TREATMENT! Another Day Another Death!

Profits Over Patients! Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital In Arlington, Texas Father. Grand Father.

Great Grand Father. My daughter.

List of related literature:

She has played the goalie position all of her life and wants to maintain her weight and muscle mass.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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She indicated that her preoccupation with weight began when she was initially encouraged to lose 8 pounds in order to optimize her physical performance in athletics approximately 2 years ago.

“Abnormal Psychology” by William J. Ray
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When Roussel and the on-site inspection team were joined by Christina, they could see she was pointedly embarrassed and ill-at-ease, perhaps because of the weight she had regained since her wedding, which put her once again in the two-hundred-pound area.

“All the Pain Money Can Buy: The Life of Christina Onassis” by William Wright, Michael Wright
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Her most recent scholarship has focused on group motivation gains in health games.

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Sky Beauty went to the sidelines before the fall championship events; Eliza won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies (gr.

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Second, she decided to join a health club and a cycling club to get into shape and feel better about herself.

“Family Resource Management” by Tami James Moore, Sylvia M. Asay
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Although she was not dieting, a quick check on her dusty bathroom scale showed that she had lost almost 10 pounds from the last time she had weighed herself.

“Mastering Healthcare Terminology E-Book” by Betsy J. Shiland
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She finally decided to focus on her passion for rugby and worked to improve her already strong passing abilities.

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Since most dieters regain lost weight (Mann et al., 2007), it is likely that she will return to the same weight as in her picture but with even lower self-esteem.

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Over the following months Memo competed in Derby, showjumping and Show Hunter competitions, and each time she gained much-needed experience and increased in fitness.

“For the Love of Horses: The Wilson Sisters' Inspiring Journey to Save New Zealand's Wild Horses” by Kelly Wilson
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  • I’m so sick of the whiplash. Am doing IF and many gurus said that fat was unfairly villainized and that it’s the preferred brain food. Was so happy coz i love butter.

  • Ryan’s inspirational… Seeing people like Ryan do what he did makes it damn near impossible to give myself an excuse or easy way out. proud of you brother keep at it!

  • I think the current President has encouraged many Americans to become permanent expats in foreign countries. People are tired of all the BS and drama.
    Hes become repulsive and people feel alot of embarrassment and shame because of our so called leader ��

  • Ryan is a prime example of what can happen when you take that first step and then continue to take that step every single day after. So proud of you dude!

  • I have always been overweight, though I never received that kind of treatment that many of these weightloss stories share… Being bully for your weight ��or maybe I have…? Idk guess I never noticed? Any ways, good for those who made a change to feel and look better.:)

  • You INSPIRE ME! I’m 221 and I started at 246. It’s so hard to lose it and I’m TERRIFIED I will have loose skin but I have three kids and I don’t want to die from this obesity. I’ve failed before and fell down but I’m getting right back up and proving to myself I can live a full happy healthy life and teach my daughter who is 15-20 pounds overweight at 8 years old that food isn’t the answer and that moving your body is positive and fun and the way life should be and that when you conquer your body you conquer your mind shed your weight as well as your fears with those pounds. I have to lose a total of 126 pounds and I’ve lost 26 so here’s to the next 100! I’ll be thinking of you to keep me motivated!

  • Dextrose: Facts vs. Fiction


    My July 2, 2020, Appeal to the NIH National Library of Medicine Re: PubChem CID 79025, Glucose (Blood Sugar) vs. Dextrose (Corn Sugar Derived from Cornstarch)

  • Type 1 and Type 2 are fundamentally different. Type 2 is developed through over indulging in carbohydrates creating insulin resistance. Plus, no diabetic should be eating bread and rice on a regular basis.

  • 33 degree CON Troll Freakmason Satanic Agenda Criminal e LI tes Cult Clubs DeceitFull Sel ected Muppet ActWhores Hoax Story’s Again!!

  • Is skin surgery that necessary after loosing weight?? I’m very confused.. I’m currently working out and lost about 12lbs in a month.. I am aiming to loose 20lbs more.. however I’m not getting any loose skin around my belly but I’m very conscious if I will get loose skin around the belly.. anyone if knows please share your knowledge

  • A whole food plant based diet is the single most successful weight loss intervention without calorie restriction and exercise for men and women! Men who eat a whole food plant based diet have significantly higher testosterone levels than both vegetarians and meat eaters. Are you a male bodybuilder Wanting quicker recovery time, bigger gains, higher testosterone levels and better health? Switch to a whole foods plant based diet and get rid of Meathead pandemics for good! Stop abusing animals! Go Vegan! Buy Vegan!
    Ketogenic diets found to undermine exercise efforts and lead to muscle shrinkage and bone loss.

  • Llega un momento dónde tenemos que decir Stop tengo que hacer algo para cambiar este estilo de vida que tendrá efectos negativos en mi salud.,�� Es difícil empezar y es más dificil no rendirse

  • I have no clue if you would ever read this comment, but I just wished to say that your journey has really moved. I myself have been overweight for as long as I remember. The way you showed how you lost weight all by yourself at home has inspired me to do that myself. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  • Your story and journey really touched me. Thank you. Some of the things you said during the course of your documentary were profound and good to hear.

    One thing I’ll always wonder about the human condition. We battle our ‘demons’ to become better versions of ourselves, but are we still just ‘us’ anyway.
    Worthy with or without?

    Just musings out loud.

    I’m very impressed with both your and your dads journey.

    Thank you for sharing ��

    True beauty is so much more than what we look like.

    Much warmth and respect, Harriet

  • I’m type 2 diabeticsomeone sent me this to watch, but will it be beneficial for me to watch as I’m type 2 and follow a low carb lifestyle?

  • shit the fucking music shit just couldn’t she tell her story without the music in the FRONTground? kUDOS TO HER for loosing all that weight that dude that helped her is the real hero of this story.

  • Why so many dislikes like this is just so inspirational like she said “getting rid of toxic things” like all of the people who disliked for no reason.

  • In 8th grade one of my friends suddenly started melting away while eating more and more food (especially sugar) and was finally diagnosed with sudden onset type 1 diabetes. It seems to be common that it hits around age 12-13…which is interesting. I do find Cyrus and Robby’s stories to be perfect examples of how we are led in certain directions in our lives. There is a reason behind seemingly “random” events.

  • I really need to start a Go fund me too. Everybody and their mother does it. Some for reasons some for no reasons. Then maybe I can lose the extra pounds that I have knowing there will be money to pay for it. Money that I of course don’t have either. Thank you for inspiring me.

  • Even talking about taking 25-30 units a day is SO much to me. Ive never taken that much short acting. Whenever my sugar has been high or ive hit insulin resistance, the most ive ever taken is like 15 for one day to bring it back down. But all in all on a typical day its 12 units of long acting and thats it for the day unless I have something healthy with carbs, other wise its around 14 total

  • Wow. These testimonials are totally opposite of my personal experience (T2). If I eat anything carb my glucose goes sky high! I have to eat meats and fats to keep my numbers down and use less insulin. What’s the deal? Different people reacting differently? Listening to these men I think I will look more closely into the blood type diet. I don’t know but Robby’s arms look devoid of any muscle mass, very thin, is it due to his diet? To keep my insulin low I have to eat high protein high fat low carb, anything different my insulin levels go up out of control. Confusion.

  • I’m a type 1 and I eat low carb high fat, pescatarian and only have to take 0-3 units of short acting a day and that’s when I eat oatmeal for my dinner. I also eat tons of vegetables which my pancreas can handle on it’s own. How would hclf be better?

  • it´s exatly the oposite of keto and both can help and both will have effects in long term,, from a evolutionary point of view it´s not even possible to find that amount of food all year arround, it doses´t matter were you live,, it´s a cycle that happends for millions of years the dieta robby and cyrus are giving are going to help for diabetes, but like every other diet,, with no balance, it´s going to blow up,, i have an aunt that has early dementia and its because of all the sugar and carbs she is eating,, my gran father died form heart attack because of the high fat,, i hope these things work for diabetes and many guys i am pro solutions, if these works for you and i hope it does,, go for it

  • Wiemar Institure in CA-doctor monitored plant based diet to reverse diabetes and heart disease. Check Euchee Pines which I think is in Kentucky may have a program.

  • I’ve been vegan for years now I have diabetes but my whole life I’ve never been able to eat most fruits without getting the most wicked heartburn. I’ve tried every food combination and mono eating on empty stomach etc. Does anyone know how to eat fruit still and not get heartburn? My doctor says just don’t eat fruit but fruit is so good for you!

  • My A1C is 11.9 and fasting blood sugar is 390. I’m vegan I have a weird sensitivity to most fruit That gives me vicious heartburn. It’s been that way with most fruit my whole life. What the hell do I do?

  • I want to get the weight loss surgery and it would cost me 6,000 dollars to go to Vegas to get it done…. I saved around 4,000 but than I lost my job because of covid virus and I needed to pay bills and feed my children. I pray for a miracle.

  • Too many medical professionals are missing this critical contraindication warning.


  • Dextrose is corn sugar manufactured from cornstarch; therefore, glucose (blood sugar) is not dextrose (corn sugar) and dextrose (corn sugar) is not glucose (blood sugar). They may be biochemically identical (Molecular Formula: C6H12O6)]; however, not with regard to their allergenicity; e.g., glucose (blood sugar) cannot provoke an allergic response, whereas dextrose (corn sugar) can prove fatal to anyone with an IgE-mediated allergy to corn. It is for this reason that IV fluids to which corn sugar (dextrose) has been added are contraindicated for administration to corn-allergic patients.

  • One thing I noticed after living in Korea for a few years is that (I don’t know about America) But here in holland all the food is SO greasy, and the sad thing is that you can’t even notice it if you do not know any better… before I went to Korea I also didn’t know, but after my body got used to less fat it got really sensitive to even just a little bit.. but the strange thing is that in Korea they also have many foods that are greasy but they always eat it together with certain foods that (I don’t know how) kind of stabilize or flush out the greasyness…

  • I remember a patient I had a the hospital she was like 600 blood sugar t2. And we kept giving her those mega doses of insulin and nothing happened. Just sad. She died like 1 month later, her daughters was there forcing her to eat cake and stuff because she was not hungry.

  • That moment when Robby talks about his numbers and Rich goes “but bacon”… I eat bacon all the time (LCHF) and my cgm numbers are better than Robbys. and my range is 70-126. I would never think 179 is a normal number! Why? Because a person with a healthy metabolism would not get that reading. When it comes to T1 I just like to see some real numbers and cgm curves. Then you can judge for yourself.

  • Cyrus mentioned his experience with high blood sugar, and I think I have that as well… I just ate some watermelon planning on mono-eating today, and I got the head fog (not so much the metallic taste, though I’ve had that, I can’t remember the circumstances). Is it something to go through and it will adjust/go away after a while, or? I can’t think well. I think the fog tells me to NOT have watermelon. But maybe it’s because I had an avocado yesterday, and the fats are still in my blood?

  • This war really touching. I’m on my 3rd week of trying to lose weight amd it’s already driving me crazy. I wish i could accomplish what you have. ❤ whenever i feel like giving up, i always watch videos like this. thanks for the inspo. Love from the philippines.

  • Why isn’t this being used? Medical school is all about use pharmaceuticals, presented by pharmaceutical companies, who make donations to the schools. Then they (doctors) are constantly approached by pharmaceutical reps who explain all the benefits of the latest greatest poison, err medicine at their convenience in their office. And they will happily supply free samples for their neediest patients and take the order now if you like. Then there is FREE on site (at hospital) seminars for continuing education state licensing credit provided by pharmaceutical companies. Free lunch included. Nurses and other personnel invited because we should ALL be on board with the plan and be able to coach the patient on proper use of the poison err medicine.

  • It’s funny at the end of the podcast when they start talking about peer pressure and or outside influence and ways to combat it.
    I went wfpb over five years ago and I would just say to all involved, “doctors orders”. Little did anyone know, except a few insiders, was I am the doctor…… ; )

  • I am 65 years old and don’t have diabetes. I switched to a ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting. Fat intake is 40% or less with lots of vegetables, no processed grains, low sugar intake. I lost 30 lbs (180 to 150) and my energy level has increased dramatically. I guess that a low carb diet works as long as your pancreas is healthy.My arthritis has decreased dramatically.

  • youve inspired me sweetie im 56 menopausal on my journey too been a big girl all my life naaa not anymore im losing weight for me nobody else stay focused disciplined never give up is my motto God bless u an family greetings from australia xox

  • Absolutely awesome Ryan. Each phase becomes something even greater brother. Keep on killing it. Proud of you for not giving up. ��������

  • Read fully if you desire Wholesome and optimal health and happiness by working on root cause not symptoms!

    People are good at masking because it takes some real work and honesty to get to the bottom of things and acknowledge our imperfections.

    People who say they love pets or animals more than humans, actually have experienced tremendous hurt and suffering in their human relations. It is out of that hurt they live with their conclusions and judgements to no longer want to deal with the dynamics of human relationships. They would rather deal with less dynamic model like a pet cat, dog, snake monkey or even a plants than a complex human model.

    Mind you, they have not resolved their underlying issues, i.e their intolerance for people or resistence to be open and non judgmental in human relation.
    They have used pets instead as a distraction because it gives them a sense of instant phsyical and emotional connect, which they were not able to experience in human relations.
    So they haven’t really solved the deep rooted issue because they haven’t taken responsibility to become more vulnerable and sensitivite to their own wounds and of people.

    People who love only animals and their pets more than humans will miserably fail when once a while they get in a relationship with people because of their intolerance fear and judgements they hold. Their measure of inner love kindness sensitivity acceptance tolerance etc can be very high with pets and animals but very low with humans.

    However humans have evolved to experience deep meaningful and satisfying human relationships which can also make them have equally sensitive relations with animals and other life forms.
    Having love for another human by being non judgmental accepting and open makes ones heart and mind more sensitive and compassionate, which further expands to include all life forms and also the Divine.

    But if one avoids human relations and use pets as an alternative the heart never expands to functions to the fullest of its loving kindness potential.

    Now comes a twist from mind to body.

    Just as using pets as an alternative for connection over human connection keeps ones true loving potential limited, when one uses fat as source of fuel over carbohydrates, ones cellular functions and insulin sensitivity over a period of time dramatically reduces. Insulin sensitivity is measured by ratio of how much insulin is released to how much carbs one eats which is used by body as fuel.
    So if you are insulin sensitivity is good then you will require less insulin to utilise carbs and if you are insulin resistant or have poor sensitivity then you will require more insulin to use the same amount of carbs as fuel.

    In low carb or keto diet people bypass carbs and go on a high fat diet just like how people who can’t deal with human relations prefer pets. Their sensitivity of insulin keeps reducing because they are not exposing their body to healthy carbs and only lowering their carbs as a defensive mechanism.

    They are not fixing the root issue which is cells inability to take glucose and are blaming carbs and insulin for insulin resistance. It’s just like blaming people for not being sensitive or fulfilling our expectations and making us unhappy, and comparing them to pets who are even more sensitive and loving!!

    Just as if we want to have wholesome human relations we must increase sensitivity of our heart by working on our junk memories and poor beliefs, to have optimal cellular functions one must increase sensitivity of insulin by having natural whole carbs and limit or Eliminate excess fats, stress, chemicals and presevatives and have right amount of sleep and phsyical activity.

    Finally, Insulin sensitivity is measured only by our body’s ability to use glucose effectively and also fat and protein as an when, not in low carb environment. It’s like fooling us.
    Similarly our heart sensitivity is measured only by our mind’s ability to experience Happy human relations and relations also with other lifeforms as and when, and not only when we are around pets, which is again nothing but fooling ourself!

    #Iam #LegacyofEcstasy #thegoldenkeymethod

  • I have type 1.
    For 17 years eating a standard Australian healthy diet I could never get my A1C below 9.
    3 months following this information it dropped to 6.4!

  • Hi folks, it’s amusing how biases abound.
    I’m a 73 year old vet, former pro ski racer, working on juggling to maintaining fast twitch muscle fibers and longevity. I grew up in the jungles of Sumatra, so plant based foods have been with me from the start, yes in your twenties you need IGF-1 to build tissue to survive and to replicate, so clean meats and fish I think are important when you are young, these M-TOR pathways however as we age and cellular senescence declines decreasing apothagy, now chances of faulty DNA information acquiring accelerates, so meat becomes more of a risk factor.
    I’m all for plant based foods at this stage in my life, but on those heavy lifting days I do eat some meat to spike the growth pathways, stopped whey protein and substituted for pea and hemp, cut chicken consumption, but do eat wild salmon and sardines.
    Also take some creatin on lifting days.
    Does this make any sense?
    Oh yea I also work a lot on brain and nervous system training( Neuro-Mechanic’s).
    Thanks, Karel.

  • Very good podcast! Finally someone is talking about the fad of lowcarb

    About nuts and seeds, it is fascinating people don’t realize it is one of the cause

    Why they don’t talk about endotoxins? This study shows that blocking LPS have a huge impact on diabetes
    TLR4/TLR2 are activated by Endotoxin (LPS), the link between PUFA and endotoxin it is known, in fact we have a lot of study about PUFA and diabetes link.
    A whole plant diet is not needed, just remove nuts and seed and PUFA

  • The shocking truth is diabetes is as it is caused by fat and or refined sugar (fructose part)… to cure T2D you must exercise and lose weight, but it is possible your pancreas is damaged beyond repair and you need insulin for the rest of your life. See here for more details:

  • A very interesting listen….especially once they get about halfway in. I would still love to hear a round table sort of thing with these guys and Jason Fung, particularly the points about the lack of dietary carbs lowering glucose tolerance, and the supposed fat build up. I still kind of feel like the majority of what they’ve said seems more geared toward T1 vs T2.

  • If this approach is so magical why are people doing keto achieving the same if not better results? Fat is not the problem. The problem is excess ENERGY consumption often in the form of processed oils and carbohydrates. These guys don’t understand the difference between insulin resistance and a metabolism geared towards fat. No wonder Paul Saladino wiped the floor with them.

  • Absolutely LOVE this episode. Eternally grateful!!! Life changing!! I’ve been telling everyone about it. However, the one thing you don’t mention in the causes of the diabetes epidemic is glyphosate. You know that from talking to Dr. Zach. Glyphosate is causing an explosion in auto immune disease.

  • Truly inspirational! Congratulations on your results brother! You deserve it! I wish you many successes to your next training goals!

  • hey brother Ryan your story is amazing and I can see God has made you stronger in this. Keep on pushing forward brother never hesitate to reach out. Jesus loves you God bless you he is with you. #phamily

  • Great information. The question you have to ask is why does one person with diabetes get better on a high fat animal and non-starchy vegetable ketogenic diet and another person gets better on a high-fat plant-based ketogenic diet like dr. Gabriel Cousins uses and then you have this group that gets better on a high starch very low fat diet and then let’s not forget about your Mediterranean or your Zone type of diet which is moderate carb moderate fat moderate protein and they get better. When one person tries one diet and they get worse and they tried a different diet and they get better what does that tell you? Does that tell you that there’s one answer or diet for everyone or does it tell you that we are all metabolically different. Hippocrates said one man’s meat is another man’s poison, he also said disease starts in the gut. The unifying principal is a clean real food high nutrient based diet for everyone then you have to figure out through diet typing and or microbiome testing which is the best macro ratio for you as an individual.

  • I have Type 2 and tried this strategy, and for me, I gained weight. Nothing but fruit (high carbs) and vegetables with no oil didn’t work for me. It may work for some, but I didn’t find the results they talked about, and I did this for 8 months with no success.

  • oh my god I’m in your shoes right now.. I’m 13 and I am 100 pounds over on what I should be. I’ve tried so hard but I always cave in and just give up. How do you even do it? I always give up and tell myself I probably can’t finish it. I need some advice, because I have a super bad sweet tooth.

  • What if wheatabix taken by a type 2 diabetes. I try to eat low carbs high fat i eat eggs fish susage chicken. When i eat fruits sugar goes high. Please help me to regulate my diet

  • I’m now on the starch diet for a little over a month and I feel really good… I’m just listening to my body to see what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. I will say I have had brain fog for soooo long and it’s a terrible feeling, especially going through college and wanting to really understand math. Since I have been eating better I am slowly picking up on my math more and more. It’s a good feeling. ♥️

  • If high carbs are so good, why the huge increase in diabetes over the last 40 years, where most people ‘s diet has been mainly carbs? in other words the low fat high carb strategy has failed miserably.

  • I am female, type 2, 72 years old, diagnosed in 1997, and have been on a highfat, Carnivore/keto diet for 9 months. I have lost 75 lbs (40 to go) and my blood sugars have dropped from 13.9 to 6.4. If fat is bad for you, why is it good for me?

  • I’d be interested to know what these guys would end up eating if they lived in a cold climate. I can do this kind of diet in the summer quite easily but if i ate that much fruit in the winter, I would be cold all the time. My diet changes a lot with the seasons. A lot of people try to do these California type diets in a cold climate and it’s not in balance with the environment. So adding cooked food and a little more fat in the winter seems to help me. I re-grew a thyroid that had mostly been removed at age 11, by eating a macrobiotic diet-whole grains, beans, veg, and seaweed in my twenties. By the age of 30, my thyroid was fully there and functioning normally (confirmed by blood work and an ultrasound).

  • so have u guys ever heard of a Dr Joel Fuhrman? I have 2 of his books and they had been collecting dust on my bookshelf for 6 yrs. I did do the Keto Diet.. for me that was the Worst diet I could do for my health, my blood sugar was 130 and higher. Im type 2. I did that program for 3 months to the letter, did the intermittent fasting down to 1 meal a day, by the time i went off i, had gained about 15 lbs. my A1C was 9.1.. I didnt make the connection for a few yrs that maybe meat was the problem for me.. and all that oil or fats.. seems the only people saying oil is good for you is those selling it.. So My metformin just recently had a recall, kinda freaked me out because now they say it could cause cancer, so I googled how to lower my A1C and eating a plant based diet comes up. I then dust off my Joel Fuhrman books. and found u guys. So im trying to loose weight too and I like structure.. and u guys said something about 80-10-10 is that the same as Green, Yellow and Red light?

  • I am a type two diabetic and I don’t believe that eating this type of diet could possibly work for me I’m not a doctor but I have probably read more books and watch more videos regarding type two diabetes than most doctors if I were to eat the type of diet that you’re talking about my blood sugars would be 800 I eat a carnivore diet don’t take any insulin. I’m 75 years old. And I really don’t think eating modern fruit could possibly be the answer to type one or type two diabetes. The type of fruit today is nothing like our ancestors eight science has just become very good at growing candy. Our ancestors going back to hundreds of thousands of years ago never ate a diet anything close to what modern fruit is today I can’t believe that eating a lot of today’s bananas that didn’t exist Until modern times, could not possibly be good for you. In fact, without the help of humans, the banana of today would not exist there is no such thing as a banana seed rather unusual in the plant world. I’ll admit I don’t know a lot about type one diabetes but for type two this would be a horrible diet. Anyway, I do believe that the proofs in the putting, and if this is working for you keep doing it I know it would not work for me.

  • I am so confused that I really don`t know what to eat anymore. Been following a gluten free, dairy free paleoish diet with great results both in weight and energy/performance. Then I come across these guys and I seriously start questioning everything. Again. It`s exausting when every confident expert tells you something different. These guys are telling me that what I eat now will kill me. While the other camp of paleo guys/low carbers are telling me that I will become lathargic and most likely be defficent in various vitamins/minereals if I follow a vegan diet. I am just done.

  • Dr Fung and Dr Westman and Dr Phinney have been using the science for 20years. They are neither mainstream nor newbies. I suggest starting there.

  • I am a doctor (MBBS,India����) and I can totally agree that doctors aren’t taught anything relevant about nutrition and unfortunately they dont know any better!! This podcast like all other Rich’s podcast were science based thought provoking and full of information that should reach more people..Healthy and diabetic!

  • Went to her Instagram for further inspiration. She gained all her weight back and this is so terrifying to me. I am down 84 as of today and I don’t want to go back. I lost 60 pounds 6 years ago and gained 86 back (ya, I know the math doesn’t work) I need to fix my brain

  • “Walking a lot in the university”… I definately endorse that sis… You have no idea… I started of with 100kg and in just 2 months I went down to 85kg only and only because of walking in the Uni ������.

  • I read a long time ago about type 1 diabetes and dairy and how it could be the cause of type 1 diabetes. Im not sure if it is because of an allergic reaction or not

  • “And decision that you make to move forward people realize that you’re not as focused on them anymore”… the reason why people lose their minds when other people try to improve themselves… because then they realize they have less power over you.

  • I had that book…and Weston Price also influenced me, even had my amalgams removed. I think I have done everything in the book to be healthy and keep my weight normal. The best thing that happened to me at age 67 was Intermittent fasting and a keto diet. I had terrible back pain that went away even though my discs and joints are damaged. I believe autophagy is the key to healing. I also think people need to clarify the difference between healthy fats versus ones that are vegetable/seed oils high in omega 6’s which cause metabolic problems.

  • Can you eat high carb, no processed diet but still eat a serving of meat everyday? My body craves red meat. Why do we have to choose a camp?

  • Practicing intermittent fasting from few days with 6 hr window period and now want to try what this podcast says. One of the best information

  • Wow. You guys are going to make lots of people sick. Really. Recommendations for highly processed food sugar, white rice, liquid carbohydrates. This is a sin. You guys must be making money somewhere on this. This is the worst advice for diabetes.

  • Im pairing HCLF with IF and lots of exercise. If you do mini workouts throughout the day it definitely improves insulin sensitivity and weight lifting is like free insulin to the body.

  • These are inspirational however I asked for help and not even family helped so you are so lucky! I’m glad you got your goals babe! Don’t stop and keep going x

  • Superb podcast, amazing doctors, great info. I was diagnosed pre diabetic with hypertension and a slightly fatty liver after a year on the ketogenic diet. Prior to this my tests were ok (although i do suspect that i may have been insulin resistant and not known it). I have never smoked or drank alcohol so this info shocked me and I am now looking into changing my diet and using food to heal, having just bought Dr Cyrus’s book. I have faith that diet is key and do hope this works. Thank you for all the podcasts with so much enlightening info.

  • I literally don’t understand how you guys are injecting 40 to 50 units of insulin on a low carb diet when I inject 0. The only time I do inject short acting insulin is if I do eat oatmeal. Also I’ve found when I do eat carbs and pair them with healthy fats and protein it slows the absorbtion.

  • You are such an inspiration! How awesome! I know that had to be such a struggle, but you overcame that! Imagine what all you can do now! Wow… so speechless. So proud of you! ❤️

  • I swear you will not regret ����
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  • Thanks for the inspiration! I’m also on a weight loss journey I lost 20lbs since i started and have 150lbs left to lose. I’m subscribing to your channel, i can’t wait to see your next video, could you please show some support back to my channel. I would appreciate any feedback and advice you will like to share! Thank you!

  • Isn’t it glucose + fat that really causes insulin resistance, since fat interferes with glucose transport into the muscles? It makes sense that taking away either the glucose or fat would effectively lower blood glucose levels.

  • Your girl Struggling I just need to burn like 30 Ib at the most, I’ve losted motivation for Home Workouts since Quarantine got Extented and I’m used to the gym, also I’ll be a HS senior next year and I’m trying to look good Period, so thank you for this video now my motivation.