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Bikini Posing Practice with Bikini Pro Kara Corey

Video taken from the channel: Kara Corey Fit Life


LOW Carb Dieting for Weight Loss BUFFBUNNY Haul Physique Update

Video taken from the channel: Kara Corey Fit Life


Unforgettable John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt moments: WWE Top 10, March 18, 2020

Video taken from the channel: WWE


Mariah Carey Without You (Live Video Version)

Video taken from the channel: Mariah Carey


Danny Carey | “Pneuma” by Tool (LIVE IN CONCERT)

Video taken from the channel: Vic Firth


The Floor is Lava

Video taken from the channel: RocketJump


MVP Super Oats with Kara Corey | Tiger Fitness

Video taken from the channel: Tiger Fitness

The top-viewed videos from Kara Corey’s YouTube channel. NEW Outright Bar �� Pumpkin Pie is HERE! NEW Outright Bar �� Pumpkin Pie! Menu. Cancel View cart.

Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Top 10 BCAAs Top 10 Creatines Top 10 Fat Burners. My current body fat % and physique update. Also discuss my new training program! Please like and share this video. Subscribe if you don’t already.

For Coaching email me: [email protected] Mix Play all Mix Kara Corey Fit Life YouTube; Detrás de Cámaras, Fitness Photoshoot para Lorena Bucio Duration: 7:52. Alex TOP 5 Bikini Posing Do’s Duration: 3:06. Kara Corey Fit Life 229,229 views. 14:52.

How Sex Helped My Body Image Duration: 50:03. Kara Corey Fit Life 17,634 views. 50:03.

5 Running Tips for Beginners �� 5 Things I Wish I Knew about. 54.6k Followers, 1,070 Following, 2,354 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Kara Corey MA, RD (@karacoreyfitlife). She started the YouTube channel Kara Corey Fit Life.

Her first video was “Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Cake” in November 2011. Trivia. She started a fitness program called 12 Week to Bikini Pro in 2016. Family Life.

She married Jason Corey. Associated With. She and Ginna Pedrós are both bikini pro’s and fitness instructors.

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Her videos, focusing on fashion trends for young women, reach over 1.3 million subscribers and have logged nearly 200 million video views.

“Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies” by Shannon Belew, Joel Elad
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Her Youtube account focuses on funny videos, travels, and personal matters with humor blended in.

“Marketing and Smart Technologies: Proceedings of ICMarkTech 2019” by Álvaro Rocha, José Luís Reis, Marc K. Peter, Zorica Bogdanović
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Kris deliberately chooses a wide range of videos around the same topic, and she chooses ones that are likely to come up in a typical search.

“Handbook of Research on Integrating Digital Technology With Literacy Pedagogies” by Sullivan, Pamela M., Lantz, Jessica L., Sullivan, Brian A.
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Rising stars and prolific YouTube haulers include Zoella, Bethany Mota, and Lindsey Hughes—each with her own channel, and each

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Many of her videos are seasonal, rotating in and out of availability at the appropriate time of year.

“YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business” by Michael Miller
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Her crime videos generally hit hundreds of thousands of views.

“YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars” by Chris Stokel-Walker
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Nearly all her videos

“YouTube For Dummies” by Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello
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Her satirical videos cover a range of topics from everyday life, including arguing with parents, hip hop culture, young adult struggles, and much more.

“Digital Influence: Unleash the Power of Influencer Marketing to Accelerate Your Global Business” by Joel Backaler, Peter Shankman
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Rising stars and prolific YouTube haulers include Zoella, Bethany Mota, and Carli Bybel—each with her own channel, and each garnering millions of views.

“Contemporary Business” by Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Susan Berston
from Contemporary Business
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there were three of her videos in there.

“Crash into Me” by Albert Borris
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Simon Pulse, 2009

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  • not sure if my scale is off i measured out 190grams of riced cauliflower (before i cooked it but didnt think the volume would change much) and I ate a quarter of it and was full haha

  • I was very disappointed by the birthday cake flavoring. Almost a bitter taste. Unfortunate turnout since all the other favors taste amazing.

  • Era bellissima e bravissima, con la sua spontaneità riusciva a farci innamorare tutti…….poi si è trasformata in una Drag queen. Peccato��

  • I need to give this a go! But i need the BDay Cake flavour protein!! I only have cookies & cream and Red velvet so far! My macros are getting real low now (6 weeks out of comp), so volume oats could really help!

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  • Love volume oats! Make something similar to this every morning, but prefer zucchini over cauliflower! Sprinkles make everything better ��

  • For those who didn’t watch our “This Channel Still Exists?” video, I’ll reiterate we will continue to do shorts just don’t expect them consistently, and expect other stuff like our podcast and mini docs as well!

  • I actually thought that the lava was really there and not there imagination (Of course what I mean by “really there” I mean CGI there)

  • I appreciate your videos. I ordered buffbunny on launch date and forgot to use your code. But I loved the mindi crop and just ordered two different colors under your link, your content is appreciated. Love to support awesome people.

  • One of my all time favorite drummers who really has a grasp on what the drums are able to do and pushes them as hard past what others can understand! He and Joey Jordison and of course Led Zeppelin’s drummer whose name slips me at the moment. Buuuut I really do enjoy just sitting down and watching him play! He rarely loves his high hats! And I love that he doesn’t feel like he has to rely upon how fast he can double bass drum but can if he wants!

  • Is there a more watched drum video in the history of Youtube, not just the 6 million+ on here but the countless action videos out there. Man is a master.

  • Although I love so many parts in this, perhaps Danny’s greatest moment is at 10:51. He clearly has a hiccup of sorts and doesn’t fully carry out his initial intention. His true mastery shows through in his almost seamless concession and continuity (it would be a recovery, but there really isn’t anything to recover from). Instead of reacting, he responded, deftly. A good pilot can handle a plane, but a great pilot can handle a crisis. Not to be hyperbolic, but mastery in anything really shows through in how one deals with the unplanned.

  • This video is my drug with the Disturbed sound of silence…I enjoy a lot more though watching this octopus with 4 parts brain…my god he is amazing

  • Ok, Danny Carey is a monster comes to earth from another world!…but the song?! Is a pure gem! Really really beautiful, a mix of sadness, nostalgia and melancholy. Goosebumps! Oooh thank you so much Tool!

  • Honestly speaking. Not being parabolic. This should be on a new version of Voyagers Golden Record. Launched into space to show any intercepting intelligent life what humans are about in a universally understandable language. This is that language. The music put out by this band, its like it taps into some rudimentary system in our brains that evolved an eon ago. Every bit as powerful and fulfilling as any religious experience id say.

  • Dropping this here for Tool fans interested in a similar band that’s just a bit heavier, but otherwise wildly talented and with a damn impressive drummer of their own:


  • Carey is in the Top 10 of best drummers ever!!! Maybe even Top 5? He’s a genius!! The fact that they are still doing their thing after so many years and still getting a huge response, young and old….truly amazing!!! Most bands don’t go through the generations like they are doing. Very rare!!!

  • How tall is Alyssa? How tall are you? Just out of curiosity is there one height class that most of the girls fall into? I mean on average women are around five four but does that reflect in bikini competitions?

  • I am like in awe its almost magnetic, top 10 my opinion not a pro but i do play and have played for 40 years started in middle school snare in concert, got a set and played jazz and marching roto toms.

  • I wish I was part of the audience to witness this master piece. No one can match her voice at her prime. She had it all and stil does today. Love all of her songs since 1990.

  • Always thought m.kelly was good until she destroyed this classic.
    Air supply version is closest ive come across but like most originals nothing quite compares

  • This was super helpful! What about posing cues? Like trainers give cues for workouts, so maybe some internal cues for muscle mind connection when it comes to posing

  • Have not tried all flavors but just received this one and it does taste like cake!!! Love this flavor!! I do so many recipes from it. My hubby is loving it as well!! ������

  • This is the beauty feeling in looooove musik thanks Mariah for your like voice beautify video Thanksgiving with your weight loss in your yers to get your just in loved musically so much nice video’s ❤❤��

  • Don’t see a lot of changes?! For real?! You look amazing. Your arms and abs look like they are from a different person and your legs/butt smoothed out and the shape is like 100% different. You should be SO PROUD of your progress. Its really inspirational to know that we can see such great results with such small changes in routine. Also, I can see how you wouldn’t notice changes but we can see it clearly. I know I do that a lot when I’m on a cut, it drives everyone nuts lol

  • When you and your mates are pushing skeateboards around the ramps on your knees and then Dave Skateboard turnes up an olies your dad.

  • I wish people would care more about their own health.
    People think I’m weird for excluding myself from eating certain things, but to me a moment of glutenous pleasure is worth nothing compared to a lifestyle where I can still eat the things I love, in moderation of course, but keep my health optimal so I can also accomplish this things I want to in life.

  • Mgd incredibili voce sono molto romantica canzone meraviglioso video in love beauty musik fan di più bellissima canzones bellissi voce bellissi messaggio exatemente stupendo video grazie CAREY

  • Saturday nights stacking shelfs 11.30pm though to Sunday am 7/8 am…£10 per hour…good money 20 plus years ago….radio always sending you to sleep…

  • Que profundidade…… que sentimento….. esse quilate só se vê em cantoras como Lara Fabian, Whitney Houston… talentosa, canta muito!

  • How does natural whole food carbohydrates contribute to weight gain? I think it needs to be clear that processed carbs/ foods is what contributes to weight gain. Natural Whole Foods in the plant kingdom is healthy and your body needs it to function properly especially for energy efficiency.

  • Una de mis canciones favoritas de mariah carey sin lugar a dudas vamos cada vez que escucho me quedo con el culo torcido y es por estas canciones tan sublimes de mariah carey por las que la hacen tan única e insuperable y Ariana grande siento decirlo no es rival para mariah carey porque sus canciones no hay persona humana que las canté por eso siempre será la reina

  • Great video Kara!!
    I would love to see a do’s and don’t’s video!
    I would also love to see you doing a T walk and explaining step by step what your doing and why your doing it ���� ����

  • if he messed up one note, one time signature change, one attempt to look or send focus away, it would be heard. He does not do that. He would have never performed that well in a Kevin Garnett jersey. wait…yes he would

  • Please PLEASE PUH-LEAZE make a “bikini posing DON’Ts” video Kara! Pretty please. Especially with some points on the back pose. ❤

  • Danny Carey what a special kind of drummer. Just so much appreciation for his skills not to mention this song is addicting I watch this video so much when I go on YouTube that’s always my first video at the top of my list. TOOL ��������������������������������

  • Danny ain’t your ordinary rock n roll drummer! Love the vids of just him playing along to the Tool masterpieces. Such a joy to watch and I’m not a drummer.

  • я не шарю в этом, но смотрел много видосов ударников. но мне кажется что здесь неебически очень техничная игра. особенно понравилось как он держал ритм на маленьком барабане на 5:12 это пипец!!!
    кто разбирается, подскажите что тут по сложности, просто интересно из 10 баллов?

  • I grew up in this song, and i can sing it before like her but in my age now is a crime, she is one of my fevorate ever, salute to Mariah

  • Do u all come here to see john cena
    No we all are notcome here to see john cena.. But some only come here to see cena… Like me.. Haha..
    Hit like if u all are true fans of cena��️��️��️��️������������

  • Holy ISHHHH girl. I can see major changes you have always looked amazing but your core tightened up for sure! And them glooootes ������ lookin so good!

  • ESAS SON VOCES CARACHO!!!.ELLA SÍ ES UNA VERDADERA CANTANTE!.No como muchas coladas que creen que con el simple hecho de hacer show o tener buenos padrinos con harto billete,tienen la osadía de estar frente a un escenario.

  • You look amazing:) tbh If I were you I would focus on hamstring work and abs. But hey! Thats just me being critical (maybe more like perfectionist) not judging at all because like I said you look amazing, you got nothing to be insecure/self conscious about

  • Майкл сказал Марян твои глаза ведут за собой людей.людей с душой с добротой ты их н знаешь спев песню тызовешь спасти мир.наших детей и.исскуство петь.точка.

  • Awesome recipe as always!!! Can’t wait to try it!!! Geez you’re killin’ the pan with that fork. Never mind the Teflon flakes in your oats, helps the gains. Camera guy needs to back up or turn the auto focus off. I have a headache now from my eyes constantly trying to focus. All with love guys!

  • Shark week. I gain about 3 to 4 lbs. I weigh myself twice a week. I hear ya girl. Either everyone is ok with scale or not. We are own foundations.

  • great to now see you helping people with posing after you yourself were so self conscious about it.Confidence and Progress levels over 9000 lol

  • Girlfriend, I am FEELING the hell out of this hair color on you!!! And that last outfit with your glasses included, looking cute as heck! ��‍♀️
    But anyways, there’s a noticeable difference between week 1 and now… get it girl!!

  • I don’t know if you should do make up videos, meal prep videos or talk about nutrition. Because your make up is on point ALL the time, very pretty!

  • Why is everyone so obsessed with Maynard? Danny is so obviously the most talented member of the band and still stays humble to this day. Great musician and person.

  • This was such a great video. Lots of good stuff. Btw… I can really tell that your muscles are more defined from your pictures, especially your abs. You look great! Have a fun time in Canada.

  • OMG YOUR DOG �������� I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!!!! I’m also a fan of the large breeds I have a German Rottweiler and a European Doberman. Your dog is stunning. ❤️

  • More than 6 million viewers in less than 6 months!
    Ok somebody saw it a thousand times… but still it is an incredible success for a video of a drummer.
    The fact is the drummer is a master of pure arts & magic.

  • has anybody else noticed the discrepancy at 4:05 to 4:08? where there is a random ghost fill and no actual movement from carry, just click on the blue highlighted “ 4:05” haha there it is twice now.. Danny carry is a godly percussionist, but damn are people so star struck and head up ass fanboys/fangirls/ whatever fucking gender to not call this shit out!! don’t make me get Taylor Swift involved to catch steam..

  • With what he’s doing with the tempos, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put out a interview saying like “Yeah I’m able to do what I do because just before I play I give up my senses of sight,hearing,and smell. Really gives you more musical ability.”

  • Ti amoooo gigi dedico questa msg en effet VIDÉO sei per mon coeur je t’aime chéri gigi mon amour bientôt je t’aime mon beau bébé AUGURI di te je te kiffe SIMPLEMENT magnifique chanson et voix incroyable douceur.Merci CAREY i LOOOOOVE you baby mio amore i LOOOOOVE

  • Good stuff Kara….and thanks for putting out information to help the first-time competitor perfect their onstage presentation. You said it best, “you can have an awesome physique but if you don’t present well onstage…it is useless.”

  • Love the physique updates babe and thank you for explaining your mentality behind it all, I see changes for sure! You look tighter! And I got myself some cherry tomatoes the other day with the idea of making meals like you do!

  • Your posing videos were incredibly helpful for my first prep. I studied them for days. I’m so happy to see you still making them and teaching others. Watching this gets me so pumped to step on stage again

  • Thank you for your video for my steady state cardio! I love your content ALWAYS!! I was wearing my Buffbunny Catalina marble bra and new Alphalete revivals, felt like a queen for leg day and then cardio! Thanks for letting me know about your link for Buffbunny. I thought I had helped you out with my order, next time I’ll enter your name in the discount code box to help you out!!! I’m sorry I had no idea I did it wrong!

  • I love how present and instructive you are; makes the client feel secure! I can see myself working with you one day, hopefully if I ever move to the states, haha.