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With so much information available to us, it can be difficult to decipher between what will work for us and what won’t, especially when it comes to fitness. But social media, particularly Instagram, can be a useful tool in finding ways to switch up your workout routine and find the best fitness options for your schedule and body type – you just have to know where to look!How Instagram Can Help You Live a Healthier Life (Yes, Really) I used to be a social media hater, but then I discovered how it can help me keep fit and strong. Author: Meredith Miller Publish date: Jun 10, 2016.

Instagram has rightfully been accused of spreading the green monster of envy. It will put you in front of some mouth-watering meal you. Just cleaning up your Instagram feed by removing posts that will induce unhealthy cravings and replacing it with some of these lifestyle accounts will make a big difference. Seeing these bright and vibrant images in your daily feed will instantly inspire you to eat cleaner, work harder, and start living your best life. theonlykiaramia.

Verified. Vacations Make You Happier With Your Entire Life��. The more active you are with your leisure time—and the more control you have over your free time—the more likely you are to be satisfied with your life.

Vacations Can Help the Economy. 53 Likes, 3 Comments Tyent USA (@tyentusa) on Instagram: “Drinking the right kind water can help you live a healthier life!….. #waterhealth ”. Instagram Help Center. Help Center; What’s New. Adding a Chat Sticker to Your Story Adding a Quiz Sticker to Your Story.

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Popular Topics. When I talk about a healthy lifestyle the Mediterranean diet comes to my mind. If you are not familiar with Med diet do a bit research and learn more about the Mediterranean dietary pattern.

Basically the Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle approach and not a commercial diet but its principles can help you lose weight and enjoy a healthier life. 1. Do a few minutes of bodyweight exercises as soon as you wake up every morning. Just a few minutes of pushups, planks and air squats every morning can help you wake up for the day while warding off creeping fat gain.

Plus, if you have a busy day ahead of you and want to skip the gym, you can extend this workout to 20-30 minutes. I recommend adding small actions to your daily routine. Whether it’s spending the first 10 minutes of the day meditating, or spending a few minutes in the morning writing down your goals for the day, or making an effort to exercise more — consistent action is the key to success.

Research shows mountains may even help you live longer. Yes, living on or among mountains could actually have an impact on life span. We certainly have anecdotal evidence, such as 132-year-old Hafeezullah and his fellow centenarians who live in a remote part of the Lower Himalayan Range’s Kashmir.

List of related literature:

It has helped me regain my health and my confidence, and I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way through Instagram!

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
from Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle
by Natasha Newton
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

A strange source of influence in how people think about health and wellness is Instagram.

“Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness” by David B. Nash, Alexis Skoufalos, Raymond J. Fabius, Willie H. Oglesby
from Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness
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It Raises Your Anxiety Level and Affects Your Overall Well-being People who are addicted to social media will never sit still whenever they are free.

“Education on Digital Cultural and Social Media” by Dr. S. Saileela and Dr. S. Kalaivani
from Education on Digital Cultural and Social Media
by Dr. S. Saileela and Dr. S. Kalaivani

So we can conclude that Instagram influences people in their daily lives.

“Marketing and Smart Technologies: Proceedings of ICMarkTech 2019” by Álvaro Rocha, José Luís Reis, Marc K. Peter, Zorica Bogdanović
from Marketing and Smart Technologies: Proceedings of ICMarkTech 2019
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Today, platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat all benefit from positive network effects.

“Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate” by Shawn DuBravac, Gary Shapiro
from Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate
by Shawn DuBravac, Gary Shapiro
Regnery Publishing, 2015

Social media helps guide your decision based on your particular lifestyle and price point, helping to personalize the consumption process to suit your individual needs.

“Strategic Social Media: From Marketing to Social Change” by L. Meghan Mahoney, Tang Tang
from Strategic Social Media: From Marketing to Social Change
by L. Meghan Mahoney, Tang Tang
Wiley, 2016

This holds even more for Instagram, a photo sharing platform on which the majority of photos depict beautiful happy people engaging in healthy activities (Deighton-Smith & Bell, 2017).

“Social Psychology in Action: Evidence-Based Interventions from Theory to Practice” by Kai Sassenberg, Michael L.W. Vliek
from Social Psychology in Action: Evidence-Based Interventions from Theory to Practice
by Kai Sassenberg, Michael L.W. Vliek
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Instead, make social media (and exercise) an important part of your life.

“The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly” by David Meerman Scott
from The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly
by David Meerman Scott
Wiley, 2013

As Instagram gets lots of attention from users and companies, this social media platform will be focused on in this study.

“Fashion and Film: Moving Images and Consumer Behavior” by Peter Bug
from Fashion and Film: Moving Images and Consumer Behavior
by Peter Bug
Springer Singapore, 2019

Therefore, social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram (i.e., that are more image based) may be more useful in helping to have a positive effect on well-being.

“The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology” by Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood, Melanie Keep, Daira J. Kuss
from The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology
by Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood, et. al.
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I eliminated my diabetes with this treatment: thebigdiabetes-lie. com (Google it) For 4 weeks and my sugar levels went down; I can say that they are at normal levels.

  • To motivate myself to exercise more, I tell myself that I only have to do one ab workout vid and one arm/leg workout vid everyday, so I get that stuff done, and then I get up, turn my favorite song on, and dance all around the basement like a weirdo ���� I’m not at all a good dancer, I’m 12 and I can’t even do a cartwheel that well (I’m working on my flexibility) but I love just moving around and even creating a choreographed dance for each of my favorite songs (I usually listen to Algerian or french songs, sometimes Arabic songs, cause I’m Algerian and we speak Berber, French, and Arabic) anyway, I workout in my basement cause my fam laughs at me for working out. They think I’ll never lose weight! Well, I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they see my weight start to drop! (I’m not starving myself or anything. In fact, I NEED to do all this exercise cause I’m over weight. I don’t have one of those petite body structures, but not a naturally large one either. I just have a medium sized one, but I’m 130 lb. I thing that’s too much, and I want to be thinner and lose about 20 lb. I don’t want to be underweight or have anorexia or anything tho, so I’m not starving myself. I’m just trying to eat less at night, and eat more salads and healthy stuff like that. I’ve never eaten fast food in my life, my parentsbeing Algeriandon’t like ordering food or eating at a resteraunt. My mom always cooks, and most of the things she makes have a lot of vegetables and stuff. And she cooks from scratch, too. Not one of those pre-cooked things were all u have to do is heat it up, or they make it super easy for u. I personally think that stuff is kinda gross, since u don’t know what’s in it. She doesn’t think so, but I always think she could be a profesional chef!) anyway, I’ve been writing this comment for like an hour, and it’s probably super long, so, bye!
    Ps. Thanks for anyone having enough patience to read this entire thing! I’ve always loved writing my own stories and stuff, and, well, anything really! I also really like reading a lot…

  • Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing in this video? You look great! I am on day 10 of the beginners calendar and I need new workout clothes ��

  • Thx cassey for the 7 changes:)
    1.sleep well��
    2.find a hobby double as exercise����
    3.get a checkup✔️��
    4.get with positive people��
    5.serve your food!������
    6.stop with sugars!������

  • My family just started doing the get your food at the stove instead of the table thing, and it has really helped us with our portions!

  • I think #5 depends on the person. I was raised to always finish everything on your plate, which often lead to overeating if there was more than I needed on my plate. In my house, I serve everything on platters and the children have their mandatory vegetables served to them. That way everyone can eat as much as they want or as little without feeling like they have to finish food they’re too full for. Plus the sharing his really pleasant.

  • I get like 8 or 9 hours of sleep is that good enough? or should I try and sleep more? Btw ILY!! You make me feel so good about myself❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 1) get your sleep on
    2) find a hobby that doubles as an exercise
    3) get an annual check up
    4) be around people who make you feel good
    5) stop serving food family style
    6) stop with the sugar
    7) relax

  • How do you avoid people that don’t make you happy at school? I understand not to walk with them in hallways, or not sit next to them in classes, (if given the choice) but sometimes teachers will assign you to work with them, or sit next to them, etc. I would also like to avoid those negative people while being discrete about it, and not rude. Ideas by anyone are welcome ��

  • Great Video Alex! I’m actually trying to enhance my mental health too in this year 2019.

    Your mind is the most important part of your body.

  • thanks for making this video, cassey! i think it’s really important to put an emphasis on FEELING healthy and to remind people to not just focus on their physical appearance. love your videos:)

  • She is literally my life saver lol I never could stick to working out or dieting but surprisingly since I’ve been working out I started watching her and have sticked to working out this WHOLE WEEK and also eatting a lot better!! First time I’ve ever stuck to working out all week and dieting also!

  • “If you call me for the 53rd time”
    “So it’s a time-limited empathy?”
    Omg I hope he’s not diagnosed as a narcissist because then so am I…

  • I definitely need more sleep but I don’t have time. I don’t even get home most nights until 10:30 and I have to be up before 6am for school.

  • One of the best hobbys you can do is horseback riding! If your not able to own a horse you could see if a friends will let you ride yours or you could enroll in lessons any age! I have my own horse and I do show jumping and it works almost every muscle when you do more then a trot!

  • Dude I didn’t even know people DIDN’T go to the doctor! I actually have checkups twice a year because my body is having trouble growing properly. I have always loved going to the doctor! Everyone should go, it’s so important.

  • hey Cassey!! I’m going to try to relax more and eat slowly. That’s 2 of my problems right now… and go to the doctor like you said. I should really do that… But, could you do a video about “How To Be More Relaxed” and some tricks and tips?? thank you so much for everything!!! Ily Cassey �� Happy New Year

  • For me is being around my family, especially my father and my little brother ^^ I have one good friend but she lives far away now so she didn’t really come along with me any longer:/ I have also some universities’mates and a “virtual friend” and I wish to see her in real life one day, but it’s different. Sometimes it’s quite tough to stick with this… I think that your parents are definitively your best friends and still being it a lifetime, they love you whatever your life is and whatever you are and whatever you’ve done…

  • Also I’m starting the PIIT 28 challenge with the new year wish me luck and also can you recommend any good warm up exercises? Thanks:)

  • +Blogilates I love your videos so much! They truly have helped me with my health goals I have a request for you: could you please make some chest workout videos?

  • Thank you for this! I love Cigna health care. I’ve been trying to rest more and slow down by doing belly breathing when I start feeling anxious at work.

  • I really do love Cassy’s videos. BUT. Being leaner does not equal happiness. I really find it unfortunate to promote something like that. Also a wording as getting skinny and pretty.
    As much as your advice in this case is right since it affects health it does not affect my happiness. 10 years ago I may have weighted a couple of pounds less but was I happier? No!
    Also would have a few pounds less my life happier this year? Again-no. Because what made me happy and unhappy didn’t have anything to do with my weight.
    So please do not always equal a happy state of mind with a lean body. A lean body could not give me my grandma back who passed away. A difference in my visible appearance would not have made me happier when spending time with people I love. Because this is all about emotions and feelings and not about what anyone looks like.
    I may would be happier when shopping. Yes. Bug losing weight would not change the emotions connected to experiences I made with the people I spend time with or my travels. I still would have been happy in these places with these people.
    So pleasestatements like this from you can be so triggering to everyone because it appears that you can only be happy when you have a certain body.
    The message you were trying to deliver was so right. But the wording unfortunately not.

  • Hey girl, no offense but I’ve followed you for a couple years now and regardless of your recent videos, you seem to keep on gaining weight… I don’t think that’s such good inspiration and an example for you videos and techniques.

  • Hello Cassey��! I’m so happy that my planner came today ��. Looking through the planner… wow �� it’s so inspiring an colorful ��. I can’t wait till 2017!!!�� And the new workouts an a new life plan. Thank you for making this planner to fit all of us (lol me). thanks for the tips I will certainly take note an go to the doctor to find out lol before 2017

  • Around the 6:17 mark you mention a website we can go to, but I’m having a hard time understanding what it was. Could you post it? Thanks!

  • I just wanna say thanks because of you I now have a flatter stomach and better ass and toned up arms and legs X. Thanks to you I now have a much healthier lifestyle. �� So thank you����

  • Thank you for promoting people to get general health check-ups. I was normal weight and exercised everyday but ended up with high cholesterol and elevated sugars and I CHANGED my life at age 24 and now 26 with normal blood sugar and cholesterol. Preventative screening SAVES lives and SAVES you from disease even when you think you’re healthy!!

  • Fruit has got sugar in it too, yeah it’s natures candy, but lets not forget that all sugar came from nature. If you want to swap candy for fruit, some good options are watermelon and star fruit, because they have the lowest calorie pr. 100 grams (least sugar), and eating watermelon is a small but good way to keep up your water intake:)

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  • Dr. Godsent Yare Herbal Healing Home Wishing you a HAPPY Salah and beginning of new glory, good health, better living, new song and new testimony in your life and family… testimony http://bitly.ws/8kNQ

  • Dude you and that fat Baboon friend of Your opra should be ARRESTED and fed to the lions,, you are all a bunch of scheming dirt bags, nothing buit liars

  • It is so obviously correct what Jack Lalanne said about the benefits to one’s life by incorporating exercise into your daily routine.
    It is not difficult. Spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes or more total exercising just about everyday doing push up type exercises and sit up type crunches, walk and/or run most everyday outside or on a treadmill or in place in your home. Can do jumping jacks, etc. Lift light weights in your home. Some type of strength training and aerobic training most everyday. Do that 30 to 60 or more minutes everyday you work out. Watch how much better you feel. You look and feel better, your outlook on life improves and your life gets better. A lot better. Practically, guaranteed.

  • To give yourself the best chance of living longer, healthier, happier 1. EXERCISE REALLY WELL, REGULARLY. 2. Eat natural foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, fowl, fish, seafood, grains, oatmeal, eggs, healthy seasonings, go light on butter and oil, eat vitamins and healthy supplements, cut out sugar as much as possible. drink water and fruit and vegetable juices only,
    BUT most importantly exercise regularly.throughout life. Exercise well as best as you can most everyday.

    Exercise is the key to looking younger and feeling better, being healthier in life. Face and body look younger, better. Lalanne is right. You can do it!

  • He left out one other secret about food,that Jack La Lanne used to tell people!!! ” If man made it, don’t eat it “!!!!

  • Luv this one bro. It’s just amazing one. It’s simple to implement and healthy too. You are the main reason for my change over. I’m developing myself just by following your tips. Thank you brother @alexcosta

  • Oh God I love reading and listing and talking to good genius women at the high level, there are some men out there that love to tried one equal. those are hard to fine. This women I see her like my Teacher and not my real mom but other mom. some genius successful men at 30 years well love her.

  • Do you have a narcissist in your life?
    Learn the narcissistic personality disorder causes, signs, treatments, and more HERE: http://bit.ly/378olLH

  • je bois du thé chaque jour et je mange myrtilles et autres fruits et légumes et haricots plus je fais de exercice chaque jour. je vivrai jusqu’a 100 ans. Éli Manning

  • Sorry Dr Oz genetics has a lot to do everything. Your pushing to skip breakfast, what about students. What about the hard physical workers?

  • Be interesting to see how long HE lives. Also, those people who refuse pork, jog 10 miles a day, and gym rats. Btw, I get 9-10 hours sleep per day. Hope it keeps me alive longer and healthy too.

  • You cannot live LONGER but you can stay healthier within your life span allotted to you by the Creator of the universe. When your time (lifespan on earth) is up, nothing can prevent your death back to where you came from!

  • I am here to testify for what DR. ASIKA did for me. I have been suffering from (GENITAL HERPES VIRUS) disease for the past 3 years and had constant pain and inching, especially in my private part. During the first year, I had faith in God that i would be cured someday.This disease started circulating all over my body and I have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago I came across a testimony of Rose Smith on the internet testifying about a Man called DR. ASIKA on how he cured her from 7 years HSV 2. And she also gave the email address of this man, advise anybody to contact him for help on any kind of diseases that he would be of help, so I emailed him telling him about my (HSV 2) he told me not to worry that I was going to be cured!! Well, I never doubted him I have faith he can cure me too,, DR. ASIKA prepared and sent me Healing Oil, Soap, roots and herbs which I took. In the first one week, I started experiencing changes all over me, after four weeks of using his Roots/ Herbs, Oil and Soap, I was totally cured. no more inching, pain on me anymore as DR. ASIKA assured me. After some time I went to my doctor to do another test behold the result came out negative. So friends my advise is if you have such disease or know anyone who suffers from it or any other disease like *HPV, *HBV, *HIV, *ALS, *HBP, *EBV, *CANCER, *DIABETES,DERMATITIS etc. you can contact DR. ASIKA for help via email} [email protected] gmail.com or WhatsApp him through his mobile +2347065795494

  • What would make us live longer is to let go of all the toxins that are in our food and everything else we get in us, and all the stress that has increased in our society.

  • BS! Yeating plants makes you sick and vulnerable. I have my family diet, mostly saturated fats, butter, eggs ( 6-7-10 per deay ).
    In my family everybody lived aroun 100. I’m 70 and i never got sick, I never visited a stinkin’ doctor.
    Dr Oz is a parasite!

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  • Life & Death is fixed by God
    Dreams R unlimited
    But Life is Limited
    Worship One Creator
    not his Creations
    Without Devine Guidance Humanity is Lost in Darkness of Desires, man made Law’s Capitalism Liberalism Secularism Deception of Evil Traps will destroy your peace health Wealth & Faith
    Without Devine Guidance Humanity is Lost in the world Trap’s
    Understand Purpose of Life
    Qur’an is Enlightenment Guidance Criterion for the Success of both the World’s
    Tc of priceless Life & Faith, Monotheism
    Well-wisher @Peace

  • Yeah I like OZ too… I LIKE HIM LESS AND LESS EVERY TIME HE TALKS, I hate all Pharm and MD’s they all make money on not Healing

  • Caffeine in tea and coffee deplete vitamin A. That is not worth the benefits in my opinion. It reminds me when Dr, recommended smoking cigarettes back in the 60’s as healthy. Other foods have the benefits of antioxidants with out depleting the body or making a person edgy. Also there was a study done in California that found that people who do not consume Coffee, caffeinated tea or alcohol lived 6 to 7 years longer compared to those who do consume those beverages.

  • 16 hours no food best fruits are papaya, blueberries and tangerine. best vegetables are broccoli, beetroot and sprouts. drinking: crashed ginger, lemon, garlic, tumeric, apple vinegar honey all in water and drinking doing the dayavoid to much mango, apples and pears. no deep fried meat, no BBQ. before bed time sauerkraut or nature yoghurt with one of the healthiest 3 fruits. never sugar, fast and junk food.

  • Man that was really nice how you mentioned the religious reasons it’s shows you really care about everyone. Not many people know a lot about other religions.

  • I am so proud of you! Bro! You know that some of us can’t not eat pork because our religiouns not allowed it.Oh my God! Bro I salute you bro!

  • I always make time for the gym like hour and half working on different muscle groups, and focusing on mental health is huge. Thanks for the videos man. Love to be a better version of myself

  • How can be pork healthy? It eats its own shit i believe you need to research little bit more about pork, i am disagree only on this particular point the rest in your videos are highly motivated and do able.

  • Earlier i asked you to make videos on dark skinned people
    What to wear and not
    Type of hair and other necessities
    Waiting for that……

  • like i get this is a business but ffs..the min i heard protein and pork i knew this was a fucking ad for NPB. Alpha M just did one as well. it makes you lose credibility when your putting out the same shit someone else is. Atleast be more creative.

  • Nice one dude! Keep doing your hard work.

    Now you got the tips and you have the mental capacity to believe and the body what else do you fu want.

  • I love doing your workouts..I always do your cardio beat dance it’s so much fun. I would like to see a cardio obliques workout. And does anyone know if there is a face workout I wanna get rid of my double chin and see my jawline again. Thanks

  • I left some from past 3 dayz I m avoiding so much not to, this video was so useful for me, some tips in my brain for having my dream body ♥️

  • can someone please answer why some peoples hair on the sides and back grows down, and why some grows out? because mine grows out and i want it to go down without growing the sides long.

  • Hello brother… I am your best follower in youtube…. Please you added subtitle in your video…As a result people understand your talk eisaly….

  • Hey Alex!! Sanket here from India!!

    U are amazing man, u r my inspiration.
    Can u please make a video showcasing all your sunglasses.I am a big lover of sunglasses and i like the sunglasses u wear in your videos.
    Please make a video on it.

  • I have tried several things that Dr. Oz has endorsed and promoted on his show. And I am here to tell you people that absolutely not a single one of the things that he endorses and promotes on his show actually works!!! Not a single one!!! Dr. Oz is just another so-called Doctor that is getting rich by lying for these companies!!!

  • Nothing here is true other than eating healthy and staying healthy because everyone is set to a day that they leave this earth when that day comes nothing can’t stop you from dying as we all see richest, famous, doctors and poor dying as kids, young/teenage, middle age or older

  • God I’m obsessed with Dr.Ramini. She’s fantastic. She has helped my own relationship so much. My fiancé is a narcissist, not as severe as this guy but enough that his tendencies where causing me suicidal thoughts, and so much internal turmoil. I’ve been showing him her videos and he’s slowly come to the realization that he’s a narcissist. He’s in the process of looking for professional help. He knows what he’s doing, he’s aware now more than ever. Thank you so much Dr.Ramini.

  • It doesn’t help much bcoz he is not a narcissist. N it appears more of a general interview trying to arrive at something than a real therapy session.

  • He seems to have a hyper focus on his relationships. Past and future. He clearly is obsessed with what has made his past relationships fail. And how to become a person that can have a successful relationship in the future. But when he said towards the end of the session. His issues with emotional availability ‘has hurt HIM in the past’ I can’t help but notice his lack of acknowledgement for how these traits have hurt others….

  • I’m currently suffering from BED and it’s really getting in the way of living my life. Miss Oceane, you’re a great inspiration and I hope to recover from this soon so I can be as confident and fit as you are.�� Thank you for creating this channel!

  • Kyle Kittleson, you may just have avoidant attachment style. I’ts very common =) Theres a very interesting attachment focused psychologist named Brianna McWilliam. Her thing is relationships and she’s amazing at explaining these different styles and the dynamic between them, especially the very common coupling of avoidant and anxious attachment. Maybe she would be interesting to interview =) 

    Very simple video promoting her new course. But you can get really in depth stuff on her youtube Chanel (free content). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSaz1ZTdU5Q

  • It’s pretty scripted.. Doc Ram always comes a crossed as very professional, smooth and articulate. Kyle needs to be smoother on camera..

  • Dr Ramani why are there so many narcissists? Is this a new age thing or has it been there unnoticed until our time? So why can’t it be cured maybe with E shock tx? It is as rampant as autism.

  • People are saying “he’s trying to portray his best self here”, which might be the case, but for most of these people, it might be a time take a long look at the mirror and acknowledge the fact that “they can be better”. Seriously

  • I hate how all the adverts are popping up every time the Dr pauses after asking her question. So many adverts. Especially noticeable in this one, which is a shame.

  • Your fitness component of this video really motivated me. I’m moving towards more resistance and body weight based exercises and you gave me some new inspo for my new workout routine!

  • He is an introvert with a dismissive avoidant attachment style. I have dated three women just like him. They lack empathy and can’t handle other people’s emotions because they were neglected in childhood and left to deal with their own emotions and so they insist everyone else deal themselves with their own emotions. They are really not built for long term romantic relationships

  • I don’t understand? He’s pretty low on empathy, would only date someone who made 20k if they’re really trying to make more (so not about them as a person), and seems to think he’s 99% of the time doing things really well. He interrupts her and has a flat, condescending tone about other people (taking on a mimicking voice) sometimes. My dad is diagnosed and he’s very cerebral, and he’s just like this. As for wanting to sit down and do this…..he was pretty intent on rebutting the “You are a narcissist” comments.

    Narcissism is a spectrum. If all her videos are correct, he seems pretty high up there? Not malignant, but definitely not NOT a narcissist? He doesn’t seem to “get” relationships. Also…stop interrupting her! ��. Not sure. I trust her, but I’m just not sold ��.

  • What exactly is the point of this video??

    If this guy want this to be taken seriously he will do at the very least, a session with a therapist he isn’t already acquainted with. untainted and objective…

    I call B.S on this, this guy has had a lot of interviews about narcissism / psycopathy and sociopathy with this therapist, who’s to say that he’s not well prepared or “well trained” for this session.

    ….nope, stop insulting people’s intelligence…

  • Ok the Bible doesn’t really talk about Eve a lot, older Genius women that sound like Moms, some of them do win to tried every body equal, to me eddie to that younger men hearing from that women. to me she sounds like her mom. which is weird and creepy, women she not your young son and he’s not your Big 40 year old Men. And they still get equal good respect. we all men know Eve raise every men sons for 700 years. you do need a farm of your new big men on the wall at your house. dame it! This is way some young men get made at most good genius women that are moms or sound like moms because they were just done checking up on there mom to see there good.

  • This was great, I have been researching “natural foods to build immune system” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Jonaiden Immunity Impersonalism (do a search on google )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  • every human reads books and we all have chapters books in our life’s. We all treat are self at the continuing equal chapters books untiled we buy a new chapters of texts books and continuing grow up with family and neighbors and friends at school and work on earth with humans the good knowledge and learn every disciplines God creative and human creative on earth. treat us equal as the Bible too.

  • Didn’t Adam and Eve took 900 years and Eve 700 years to raise every generation to need to be successful so every men made some bad choices and most made good choices and every women made some bad choices and and most good choices Adam mad 900 of good honest years of good choices and Eve mad 700 years of good and honest choices Those are some wise Legend parents in this earth with god and Adam and Eve and us humans right now in the years 2020 we all creative good needs. scene that generation that last time spoke and saw and heard from Jesus Crist last words. we humans continue good knowledge needs so it’s 2020 of cures every stranger in a new location is going to say wo you made good choices to run a successful restaurants business of cures I was raise hear I out smart it bad deeds and bad sin and help out every body in that location and treat every body equal just like education and the Bible too but except the homeless crazy ones that don’t take there medication on less they help them self better and ask for health care program and then I treat them wiser.

  • also most people when they want to talk,yes just want someone to listen not that they’re asking for you to fix it.you can literally just say that sucks I’m so sorry.or something like that.at least in my experience.

  • The first mistake is to interview a narc in front of a camera. You know they are master performers. They will give you the answers that they know are good for you. They want the best result even if that means faking answers by reading your body language while conversing.:-)

  • How in the world do people think this guy is a narcissist?? I’ve watched almost all of his videos and I don’t pick up on anything remotely close to narcissism…

  • Covert narcs would answer so humbly and pleasantly that you would think they are just lovely. Or they would avoid every question and get annoyed at you.

  • good job, I felt he was transparent in his answer and “real” I would love to hear an interview from the comments that say he is evasive, with a possibility of 1/2 million people watching him, and judging him. YOU put yourself out there and be completely open and vulnerable. I appreciate his willingness to put himself out there. I am currently talking to someone who is not available emotionally, and has no plans to change. It sometimes hurts my feelings, then I remember gratefully He told me from the get go….. I have no plans on changing, my last 2 relationships have ended, because both girls say I am too hard. So accept or move on….. your/my choice

  • Witty guy around 6:08, ” Thanks for the compliment “, which this also is and I expect he’ll ignore based upon his view on random compliments from online strangers.

  • I wonder if obsessing whether you are or are not a narcissist makes you a narcissist? Like, go doing something for someone today instead of obsessing over yourself.

  • I called narcissist!! It seems like he was trying to hide it a little too. If i worked at a grocery store making $20 an hr and hated my job, he’d probably make me feel bad about still being at this job and/or not wanna be my friend

  • Dr is not being her normal self. No disrespect to this guy but his nonverbal’s tell everything. Dr lady would have been all over this person if he wasn’t professionally related.

    Doc, your very nice lady and very helpful. Let’s call this game honestly like you do with everyone else.

    Guy, start with real self honesty. Quit looking up trying to find a correct answer and speak from your soul.

  • You may not agree with this particular conversation, but look at it this way, she sure asked the right questions and if you think someone you know is a narcissist and they are hurting you, you might want to think about all of the questions that she asked and then ask yourself “How does my friend show me their answers to these questions, and what does it mean”. This is definitely a good example of what to start thinking about.

  • What kind of in ear headphones are you wearing when training?:) I know you used to have the Apple Airdpods! Why did you change? Could you maybe comment or even do a review of different ones? I’m looking for a pair for training especially:)

  • Kyle..to be honest..you are very great person..many people are struggling to cop essues this way what you done in your life… Honestly saying… U are almost in balanse dude….
    I had been coping it by uncoding my ” subconscious programing ego” in meditation mode and visualisation…

  • https://scholar.google.com/scholar?cluster=6066737176621351368&hl=en&as_sdt=2005&sciodt=0,5#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DyAEstlFhMVQJ

    For example

  • this gentleman is quite teh narcissist…

    screaming at a call center person when frustrated is a huge sign of ensuring the person you dont know feels the bitterness you are feeling on the phone in that moment because your ego isnt being massaged, and now suddenly he doesnt. well he may be conscious about being narcissist and makes the conscious effort to not be narcissistic.

    teh woman is also diluting her diagnosis of his talk, because they have an equation.. this is a give and take relationship… you come to my show i give you knowledge… we both get subs and interest.

    you should never be friends or acquaintainces with your tehrapist, only in the therapy space.. that way the biases dont seep in.

    this guy is a narcissist.. oh i am not going to consider myself famous.. oh but not that i am ryan seacrest, but yeah…

    you my friend are a narcissist. i dont buy clothes, and i dont buy fancy cars… but i dont like a single moment when people dilute my worth.. if someone says you are not attractive, depending on how constructive that criticism is, i will take this hurt and roll on it for days…. at some point i will have to give it back to that person….

    you my friend are a fucking narc.

  • I think trust in a relationship is overrated. When my husband started getting frequent night calls, i would ask and he would just wave off those calls as unimportant. At a time i could take no more of his lies, i decided i deserve to know what was going on. A friend of mine referred me to this great ethical hacking team( [email protected] ) who helped clone his cellphone without having to touch the device. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad i found out all his secrets and infidelity and how he planned on using this pandemic to get back to me. I got access to his Facebook, iMessage, GPS location, WhatsApp, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed App on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence for my divorce. If you need help or that little bit of closure, i advice you get in touch with them Via Gmail ( [email protected] )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467…thank me later.

  • Dr. Ramani is amazing and I really love her shows. I was force married to a Narc in 2006, he ruined my confidence, and I honestly wanted to die, everyday that we were together. He’s a textbook narcissist and very abusive. Listening to Dr. Ramani is so therapeutic and healing.

  • Sorry, but I don’t think she Diagnosed him well. The psychologist is really good at her job and to be honest I want her to be my psychologist, but the guy is still lying even if he said “Let’s just be honest here.” There’s a denial attitude in him and he’s also stalling when he answers her questions to him instead of just answering the questions right away. I was about to give up watching this because of his arrogant attitude and dishonesty. But I can’t believe I lasted watching the whole vid, so i don’t really know how I really feel about this. It’s disappointing.

  • I think trust in a relationship is overrated. When my husband started getting frequent night calls, i would ask and he would just wave off those calls as unimportant. At a time i could take no more of his lies, i decided i deserve to know what was going on. A friend of mine referred me to this great ethical hacking team( [email protected] ) who helped clone his cellphone without having to touch the device. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad i found out all his secrets and infidelity and how he planned on using this pandemic to get back to me. I got access to his Facebook, iMessage, GPS location, WhatsApp, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed App on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence for my divorce. If you need help or that little bit of closure, i advice you get in touch with them Via Gmail ( [email protected] )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467…thank me later.

  • Even if it is possible for a narcissist to pursue counseling it usually takes a couple of sessions for a counselor or psychologist to give a diagnosis of narcisstic personality disorder. Depending on the degree and intensity of narcissism it can take one or two sessions.

  • I was told by my granddaughter who studies psychotherapy and she feels like I am possibly a covert narcissist. I’m feeling very concerned if she is right because I have 3 daughters and we have all had strong problems with each other and they have all had problems with each other. I was a single parent and it was very hard and I am wondering if the times I made mistakes in choices I have made means I am a covert narcissist. How can I know? I am feeling really, really, really sad about this possibility. I love them all so much!

  • I really loved this video Natacha:) As someone coming from a background of anorexia through several years of recovery, with ups and downs ofc, I have been stable for some time and I am now in the place of just trying to really figure myself out again. Who I am, what I like, what makes me happy on a certain day. And I don’t know maybe that’s why but I just really connected with this video as this is the idea of health/healthy that I hold dear, the flexibility and holding to yourself, whatever that may be. It’s reclaiming life to me really I think a real life, not rules, fears and judgement.

  • its strange but i didnt get a very friendly or honest feeling from him. his eyes and body language and some of the ways he made sarcastic comments….im no expert though and will happily defer to Dr. Ramani of course! i dont want to judge someone negatively just from a video (he could be lovely!) but yeh, something i was picking up on from him…anyway, is he the host of this mental health channel? ive only seen a few videos so far

    edit: oh i just wanted to add it could be a cultural thing as I found his accent very strong too! (im from sydney):)

  • I’ve often wondered how anyone could actually be diagnosed with NPD because of the tendency for narcissists to lie, to attempt to “give the right answer” and their obsessive focus on making sure they appear perfect. How could you trust any of their answers to these questions in this video? It’s interesting, but narcissists are not known for their honesty or forthrightness.

  • I actually think the hoist is really lovely and everyone’s just judging him because it’s a mental health channel. He doesn’t seem like narcissist or harsh.

  • This is interesting; I wish it was this simple to diagnose. My ex went unnoticed along with her mother for 32 years of my marriage, We went to many therapist and counselors, not one was trained or skilled to recognize the person behind the mask.

    I did not know she was one either, until the end of my relationship after I was exhausted and nearly lost my mind. I was the one who was focused on during the therapy sessions while she charmed the counselors or therapists every time.

    The best way to handle a narcissist is not to be with one in the first place. Go to therapy just for your self and rebuild your self esteem, self worth, emotional state of mind, well being and so on. Focus in “Self Love.”

  • I missed everyone �� Sorry it was a few days since my last post and I hope everyone is feeling happy and strong �� p.s. how cute was Mario, it took me an hour to edit that part… ����

  • Just came across your channel in the last week or so and I just wanna say I love your content so much. You’re such a joy to watch and share a lot of valuable information. Thanks ��

  • does anyone else think when Natacha has the photoshoot makeup she looks just like Laura Dreyfuss? Especially as McAfee Westbrook in the Politician

  • Your videos have literally changed the way I think about food and I have you to thank for the massive improvement of my fitness and mental health.. I can’t thank you enough ❤️

  • Thank you for this! I’ve always felt that counting calories or refraining from eating after 7pm made me miserable and obsess over food. My metabolism has slowed down after 25, and my health isn’t stable atm, so I can’t work out regularly. Any suggestions? Thank you for everything!

  • You are so relatable and inspiring! Thank you for encouraging me on my fitness and health journey, by being real! Your videos are exactly what I needed to get me out of my funk and excited about exercise again!

  • You really are the most refreshing youtuber there is! It’s so awesome that you care for your health but in a normal, non-obsessive way and you eat like a normal person! You never say you have cheat meals or are being naughty because you eat desert or chocolate or out or whatever, it just makes you so much more relatable than any other fitness youtuber. I love it!! Also thank you so much for backing up your explanatory videos with science, it means we can actually learn something from it, which I love! So great that you don’t promote things that we should buy to feel more amazing about ourselves like so many other youtubers.. You want to educate and being a teacher, I am all about that haha. So great!
    Just wanted to say that you are doing a great job and I really appreciate and value what you do:) Lots of love xx

  • Lol I’m so used to watching my regular vegan channels that I didn’t even consider the fact that this super cool new channel I just found (you!) could be from a non-vegan. I was so confused when you started you day with avocado toast and eggs, like where is the tofu scramble?!

  • Maybe you can make on of these your next breakfast thing: waffles, french toast, smoothiebowl + granola, banana chocolate nicecream (with protein powder) + toppings, yoghurt with fruit & nuts (:

  • Awe you and Mario are so cute together! Love your positive attitude and your look on being healthy. Keep killin it gurl! ���� XOXO from Austin Tx

  • Ok first of all Narcs attract more narcs its the law of attaction also if they are co dependent then they copy the narc so become a narc anyway bottom line is narcs are just ppl that put on a front and arent so weak as ever one else imo narcs are way better ppl than most!! all ppl like compliments lol thats not away to find a narc! only way to truly find a narc is they are never wrong and cant admit to their own flaws! Some narcs are just evil cunts but some co dependants are the same they buy gifts(bribes) they do nice things for you but soon as things dont go their way they throw it bk in your face narcs dont do shit like that lol i was horrified to learn im on the narc spectrum but aftert 3 years of research iv worked out that yea im a bit of an ass but im upfront about it and truth is most ppl are morons im an alpha male i do what i like, date who i want never get to emotionally involved because that just weak, never lose yourself in a relationship! attatchment is NOT love!! To many ppl think Diseney lands fkn real its not grow up! Other than wanting to have kids what other reason would you want to b with someone? exactly there isnt any reason other than company and thats just weak get a dog ffs! 90% narcs are just spioled mums boys! Covert narc women now thats a topic!!! they cunts are fkn devestating!!!

  • I think being aware that not everyone is as secure as you would benefit you in a relationship. It seems like you are like oh god come on I’ve put myself out there and all your wanting to do all the soppy emotional stuff.. we are being serious.. we don’t need to do this silly stuff… it seems like you have no time for that person and that they are wasting yours I can imagine.

  • Wow, this felt very helpful both to me in looking at myself, and in looking at my partner. I have a history of dating a narcissist, even when I knew the diagnostic criteria, & have engaged in long term personal therapy. Each time I dated a different person, they would present as very different from the previous loved one (exuberant vs serious, extroverted vs introverted) but over time the core would reveal to express many persistent narcissistic traits that crippled intimacy. It has been hard, but every relationship I use it to look at my own internal wounds and grow as a person more. I’d be lying if I didn’t also mention I do experience severe trust issues and panic attacks presently in trying to have a healthy relationship… thanks again for this ����.

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  • As a teen figure skater (athlete), its hard to have a good relationship with food, but I found your channel and you motivated me to start hitting harder my off ice workouts and meals. What do yiu think of protein powder? I am struggling to get my protein in cause of ny IBS, but I am nit sure should I invest in getting one.

  • When I went to the UK for a holiday in the Summer, and although it did have a few heat waves the cold days were the ones I could not handle. It being cold in the morning, hot midday and then cold again in the afternoon. I’m from Australia, and contemplating moving to the UK all came down to comparing the weather and the beaches, I don’t know if I could survive! I really enjoyed this video, you’re an inspiration and always reminding us we are human, and we should be living by having fun and doing the things that make us happy.:)

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  • You’re such a gem Natacha!! �� I also go through phases of being obsessed with a few types of meals and then I switch out of them every few months or so! However, I always try my best to be reasonably healthy, no restriction or overthinking anything. You’re absolutely right when you articulate that health revolves around both physical and mental well-being! Not to mention—you and Mario are twin flames. You both have the best sense of humor! ����
    Out of curiosity, did you dye your hair? It looks wonderful even if you didn’t dye it ❤️

  • You’re videos make me so happy. I found your channel in December and I’ve never been more in love with my fitness and health routine. You’re such a positive inspiration, every time you upload I smile:)