John Jorgensen Drops 217 Pounds and many Medications


Franco American Swing [2004] John Jorgenson

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John Jorgenson’s guide to country

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Luca Olivieri, John Jorgenson, Tommy Emmanuel Workin’ man blues Soave 2012 HQ

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John Jorgenson Electric Band Live, Jazzfestival Enschede,Holland,May 19, 2013

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John Jorgenson and Brad Davis “Le Jour Des Gitans” at the Takamine Guitars 50th Anniversary Party

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Fret King John Jorgenson ‘JJ’ electric demo

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John Jorgenson | Truetone Lounge | Part 1

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John Jorgensen Drops 217 Pounds and Several Medications! Name: John Jorgensen; Age: 48; Starting Weight: 407; Ending Weight: 190; Transformation Starting Date: 7/3/17; Transformation Ending Date: 7/3/19; Instagram: @john_c_jorgensen; Before John’s Transformation. I was on high blood pressure, cholesterol, and anti-depressant medications. Motivation July 22, 2019 Team Tiger Fitness John Jorgensen Drops 217 Pounds and Several Medications! Embarrassed about not being able to tie his own shoe, John took control of his life and lost over 200 pounds!

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Following a jury trial, the Jorgensens and the corporation were each convicted of conspiracy in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371 (1994), and of several counts charging the fraudulent sale of misbranded meat in violation of 21 U.S.C. §§ 610 and 676. View John Jorgensen’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. John has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover John’s.

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List of related literature:

Amazingly, on doctor’s orders, Hardy had lost 150 pounds, bringing his weight down to 210.

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A rapid loss of around eight pounds confirmed this medical suspicion in his own mind.

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He recognises challenges in maintaining a healthy weight associated with the appetite stimulant effects of antipsychotic medication.

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Recommend he review his hypertension medication types and doses with his physicians because his need for medication may have changed with his significant weight loss.

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Independent medical personnel confirmed he thereafter suffered a near fatal muscular disease that caused his weight to drop from 140 to 75 pounds.

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Jon Gabriel lost 220 pounds by first addressing the underlying emotions that were causing his body to hold on to weight.

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I hope he gets that exercise, but he’s right not to obsess over the last 10 pounds; he looks and feels fine, and his blood work shows the inside of him is now as healthy as the outside.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
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He was hospitalized repeatedly for this condition, and in the hospital he always gained weight.

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He admitted to being just ten pounds shy of his starting weight when he went on the show.

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In a few more weeks, after carefully monitoring his blood pressure three times a day and losing a few more pounds, he was able to cancel his blood pressure prescription completely, as well as to get down to 229 pounds for the first time in twenty years.

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  • Went to one of John’s Gypsy Jazz concerts a few years ago when he came into the area. Not too hip on that genre of music, but man, he can play the guitar in any genre and make a believer of you!

  • Great interview! This former native Southern Californian (San Diego) singer/songwriter/guitarist is digging this here interview in Appleton, WI.

  • i really like the G meets F vibe but i can’t get past that pick guard i know they want to be different but not that maybe some other shape. and this style pick guard is on a lot of there F style guitars which is a pity because other than that i think they make great guitars oh and the painted on F hole NO BAD FET KING NO SOUP FOR YOU!

  • What an easy interview… John is a talker but quite linear at the same time. He also dropped several names I need to google, now. Cannot wait for the next installment!

  • F hole is like the modern cars with fake-ass integrated exhaust tips. Otherwise, looks pretty cool. I guess you could always take it off

  • Great demo man! You made me want to buy that guitar, fake f-holes and all! Great playing that accomplished what you wanted. That is a fine guitar.

  • whats all the distorted voiceover starting at 43:00 or so?!?? the camera director’s radio got mixed into the video recording??

  • This guitar no matter where it’s made sounds awesome. Korea make some of the best guitars in the world. Most better than USA stuff. Chap and are made there too and they are an awesome guitar and value. PRS SE are made there also.

  • One of the world’s greatest guitarists but also one of the friendliest and most humble.  I met him in the 90s when he was in the Hellecasters and then again backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in 2017 and he was the same friendly, gracious, guy who I felt like I’d known my whole life.

  • Jamie as I am asking the question,what country is this made in, I find it so frustrating that the manufacturer does not put on there specs where the guitar is made this only seem to happen when the guitar is not made in the USA they seem to be IMHO
    that they are ashamed that it’s made in indonesia,China,South and Korea but they should not some really Good affordable guitars come from the far east but it makes us have to go all over the web to find out and even then you don’t alway find out so please advise the company’s thank you

  • No sound like acoustic, in the hands of the talented! Wow if fingers never got tired, I can imagine the atmosphere I would love to be in daily, always, God Creations! Thanks for sharing!

  • Luca is very good, I’d seen a video of him jamming with Johnny Hiland in a music store in Nashville and was impressed with him then. Just hadn’t heard him sing till now. I’d like to see his show.

  • The painted on F Hole is an absolute design disaster. I would never play that guitar based on that alone. No that’s not entirely true, I love how it sounds so would have the F Hole “fixed” if I had to own this guitar! The neck does look quite fat. Probably would not trade my Duesenberg Doublecat for it.

  • Can somebody tell me the name of the song that starts at 09:45, he actually says the name but i can’t understand it? sounds so familiar:)

  • Related to the comment about “three huge egos working together,” I have never met Luca, but I have met the other two. Not much to say about Tommy Emmanuel, although he is a great player, but I was really impressed watching how John Jorgenson dealt with fans at a guitar fest in Colorado. He was willing to sign and talk, and didn’t look like he wanted to be anywhere else. Sad to say, I went there to see Robben Ford, and his skills with the fans were totally the opposite. Maybe a bad day. I went there as a fan of Robben Ford, but came away totally in awe of Jorgenson.

  • Top Notch. Fun spirit. Exhaustive and awe inspiring collection of scales, modes, tones (coerced, hammered, bent and contorted) into pleasurable shapes and forms which…oops…has now caused me to burn the spaghetti on the stove. How ironic.

  • I’ve seen Mason and Vince gill and the players do this and paisley too. That was tight savage players all of them pity Tommy does not do more work with a tele

  • And here you are many guitarists of considerable prestige who delight with their skills the large audience. Congratulations and greetings from Italy. NASHVILLE BOOGIE (Bert Weedon)

  • So fantastic. All these fantastic guitar players on one place. We were lucky enough to perform with John Jorgenson on that same festival. Just awesome

  • bravissimi! Ottima Jam session, i nostri complimenti a Luca Olivieri da “Torre Alfina Blues Festival “.
    Vedere queste belle cose e sapere che accadono in Italia, ci fa dire che ancora nulla è perduto!

  • These guys, all of them, are so fun to watch on this video. Excellent guitar players all. I especially love watching Tommy enjoy himself.

  • When you’re that good you can have your people shlep the amps. Must be nice! One of those big badass beautiful 85 lb. Fenders would put me in traction first time out. Sigh.

  • Oliveri is one of the most respected top Nashville session players and a master of his craft, as all these guys are. Shsss….Genius at work.
    Great post.

  • So I have John’s signature 6 and 12 string guitars. Now to find that shirt Brad has on in this and his Big Timber video. I’d give my left big toe to have John sign my guitars and to have Brad’s shirt to wear to gigs. Great music guys.

  • This really made my day!! It’s cold in Norway now, but this music and these guys kept me warm!!  Love to see these guys really enjoying themselves on the stage. 10 Points out of 10!!

  • Absolutely meant to cause rock schmucks to burrow into their limited box shapes!!! Even though there’s only 3,chords! Yeaaah those boys can play!

  • What an incredible guitarist. Brad Paisley before there was Brad Paisley. If I have even seen an influence, it is John on Brad. You are the man John!