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Joe DeFranco Had 10 NFL Players Training In His 500 Ft Garage [Joe Defranco NFL Training]

Video taken from the channel: Daru Strong Archives


Joe DeFranco’s Supplement & Steroid Stack REVEALED | JOE KNOWS #18

Video taken from the channel: joedefranco Joe DeFranco’s Upper body warm-up routine

Video taken from the channel: joedefranco


Joe DeFranco’s “Limber 11” (flexibility routine)

Video taken from the channel: joedefranco


What Joe Defranco Focus’s On With His Young Athletes [HINT: They Hate it.]

Video taken from the channel: Daru Strong Archives


Ask Joe DeFranco: Top 5 Exercises Every Strength Program Should Use?

Video taken from the channel: DieselSC


TOP 5 Medicine Ball Throws for Athletes | JOE KNOWS #20

Video taken from the channel: joedefranco

Joe DeFranco opened the first “DeFranco’s Gym” in 2003 out of a 500-square-foot storage closet. Fast forward to today and “DeFranco’s” has become a global br. Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show Nelson’s Top 10 Testosterone Replacement Commandments Duration: 24:05. ExcelMale 58,373 views.

24:05. The Formula for 6 Pack Abs. Ask Joe DeFranco: Top 5 Exercises Every Strength Program Should Use? Duration: 2:44. DieselSC 81,629 views.

2:44. 5-Minute Post-Workout Recovery Routine | JOE KNOWS #15 Duration: 10:35. The top-viewed videos from Joe DeFranco’s YouTube channel. Menu. Cancel View cart.

Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Top 10 BCAAs Top 10 Creatines Top 10 Fat Burners Top 10 Fish Oils Top 10 Gym Gear Top 10 Multivitamins Top 10 Post Workouts. A phenomenal Warm-up invented by Joe Defranco. It is a great set of mobility drills that can be done daily or before a workout to prepare to body for anything. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

Watch Queue Queue. Triple H’s iNsAnE #MidnightWorkout w/ Trainer Joe DeFranco! [Uncut Footage] Duration: 13:10. joedefranco 236,754 views. Top 3 “Special Strength” Exercises for JUMPING HIGHER. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Sprinting Problems-Prowler Solutions w/Joe DeFranco Duration: 1:52.

We’ve all seen the endless “agility” videos on Instagram and Youtube. They go something like this An athlete performs the “Icky Shuffle” through a “speed ladder”, then quickly transitions into a few figure 8’s around some strategically-placed cones next comes the salsa-dance-looking moves around a few more cones and finally there’s a hop, skip or a jump over a handful. “defranco family heartbeat” “defranco family” “the defranco family heartbeat” “the defranco family” “heartbeat is a love beat” “defranco family heartbeat” “defranco.

List of related literature:

DeFranco first uploaded videos a decade ago in the form of the eponymous Philip DeFranco Show at university in Carolina.

“YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars” by Chris Stokel-Walker
from YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars
by Chris Stokel-Walker
Canbury Press, 2019

To date, he has posted close to 300 videos; he posts at least one video per month, sometimes as often as once a week.

“YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business” by Michael Miller
from YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business
by Michael Miller
Pearson Education, 2008

He has ten videos in total.

“Thesis Writing for Master's and Ph.D. Program” by Subhash Chandra Parija, Vikram Kate
from Thesis Writing for Master’s and Ph.D. Program
by Subhash Chandra Parija, Vikram Kate
Springer Singapore, 2018

^ “Philip DeFranco’s latest YouTube venture is a hit”.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular American Agnostics” by Wikipedia contributors
from Focus On: 100 Most Popular American Agnostics
by Wikipedia contributors

His Youtube account focuses on laptop, smartphone, and smart TV reviews, and in his travels.

“Marketing and Smart Technologies: Proceedings of ICMarkTech 2019” by Álvaro Rocha, José Luís Reis, Marc K. Peter, Zorica Bogdanović
from Marketing and Smart Technologies: Proceedings of ICMarkTech 2019
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His MyFitnessPal icon was right next to the YouTube one.

“No, We Can't Be Friends: A totally perfect romantic comedy” by Sophie Ranald
from No, We Can’t Be Friends: A totally perfect romantic comedy
by Sophie Ranald
Bookouture, 2020


“Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody” by Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay
from Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody
by Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay
Pitchstone Publishing, 2020

The problem is the channel started over three years ago and has over 1,000 videos that I put up from about a year and a half before he transitioned.

“Accidentally Gay: The True Love Story When a Wife Becomes a Husband” by Lucky and Wolsey Bradley
from Accidentally Gay: The True Love Story When a Wife Becomes a Husband
by Lucky and Wolsey Bradley
Riverdale Avenue Books, 2019

He’s at a point where he’ll post a video, and within a matter of days, that video will have at least three million views, I guarantee… sometimes as high as eight to ten million!

“The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success” by Lon Safko
from The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success
by Lon Safko
Wiley, 2010

Currently, Frank’s video has been favorited by 10,589 users sothatalone probably gets us a good percentage of ouraverage daily 8,000 hits.

“YouTube For Dummies” by Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello
from YouTube For Dummies
by Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello
Wiley, 2011

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  • joe you really know your stuff well.. i am recovering from a spinal fusion and from your youtube videos, i am able to train again. i appreciate your wisdom. keep it coming.

  • Jesus now I have to return to college for my chemistry degree. Fuck that, eat healthy, work out, take a quality brand multi vitamin and probiotic

  • Yo Joe! Love Mickeys med ball toss man…. We add a right hand or double right hand directly after the toss for some serious reaction speed and power development. Keep doing what you do! #Respect!

  • THIS IS AMAZING! Tried it tonight and after 3 weeks of stiffness and pain in lower back, it’s 90% gone! Can finally start deadlifting and squatting again soon. Thank you Joe!!!!

  • Google Doc with photos to follow in gym:

  • thanks joey.some of those i have done and some not and will try them.i now use your warm up from the dvd you made with the iron crosss and fire hidrant rolls stuff.thanks bro.

  • Would this be a good general program for someone looking to improve squat depth and flexibility? I’m trying to get flexible enough to go below parallel without strain and injuries.

  • Great vid! This probably isn’t the avenue to talk about it but I’ll ask just in case. Did you find pregnenolone to help with testosterone levels? I’m on TRT and take medically prescribed testosterone cypionate to raise my levels

  • definitely gonna have to look into pregnenolone, i’ve took some bad concussions as well, gonna have a look at what dr mark gordon says about it

  • damn man I like your material, always informative, strait to the point no bullshit..thanks to this drill my mobility increased beyond my imagination..
    only thing i have some problem with is a little buttwink on the bottom of my squat and some cracking(weak vmo?) in my knee..
    what do you guys think..

  • Thank you for making this video. I always learn so much from you and your podcasts. Together with Sean Nalewanjy, the REALEST channels on YouTube!

  • Thanks for the video. Can you recommend a specific panel of blood work that needs to be taken. Or better yet can you recommend a Doctor in NJ to go to and get it done.

  • i have problems with my legs, swollen and bruised, i think i need better blood circulation, will this help with that, or do you know something that will? thanks

  • Joe, I have one of your training dvds. In it you only do dynamic style stretching for your upper back. I was under the impression that static stretching was better left for post training stretching. I only ask because you do some holds with the band.

  • Pink Himalayan salt is no healthier than sea salt…. although it does contain additional trace minerals the concentrations are so small they are negligible.

  • Joe’s back dropping knowledge! Do you have any tips for dealing with tight hip flexors? I’m a student athlete, and sitting for most of my day in lectures and studying has led to chronic tightness and injury in my hip flexors. Keep the vids coming, you’re the man.

  • Quick Q about Mountain Climbers. I get a snapping sensation in my right ball and socket when I do them. Is this normal?

    edit: it’s also mildly painful like 1/10 but enough to want me to stop

  • Pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol. This is why the current recommend “safe” cholesterol level guidelines are insane. The drug industry deliberately tells the public to have cholesterol lvls that are far to low to the point that the body cant produce things it needs like pregnenolone! They sell you the cholesterol lowering pills, and then when you cholesterol lvls are crazy low they sell you shit to try and fix the damage it caused!

  • defranco is the man! the only thing I feel is lacking in both the agile 8 and the limber 11 is ankle mobility. the kosic (sp?) squat gives a little, but no matter how much you mobilize the hips, your movement is a product of your ankle mobility first and foremost.

  • What type of blood tests did u get done? I asked my GP and he thinks all those blood tests are unnecessary. I also suffer from severe anxiety attacks. So this vid really hit home. Is there a better way to contact you, so I can get specifics? Any help would be much appreciated. Feel like I’m loosing my mind and GP just wants to throw antidepressants and benzos (which are highly addictive). So glad you are doing much better

  • Sorry friend, you’re lying to your subscribers by not speaking the truth on the anabolics you’re taking. Not bashing, as a matter of fact the information you provided was on point, but let’s be real no one will be as big, strong and lean all at the same time natural.

  • This has saved me from so much pain and discomfort.

    I made a guide for you guys.

    Here’s a PDF download link as well:!rgxQGQyA

    Let me know if anything needs improved!

    Foam roll IT band — 15 per side
    -foam roll long and slow
    -hold on trigger points and extend/retract limb

    Foam roll adductors (groin) — 10 upper 10 lower each side
    -foam roll long and slow
    -hold on trigger points and extend/retract limb

    Sit on lacrosse ball — 60 seconds each side
    -Foot over knee
    -extra work on trigger points

    Iron cross — 25
    -knees together
    -head to opposite side of knees when bending
    -start slow and speed up if warmed up (optional)

    Backwards roll into a sitting V — 25
    -try to be more dynamic once you’re warmed up

    Frog post 10-15
    -Squeeze knees in toward center Important
    -2 second in stretch hold then release
    -deeper each time

    Fire hydrant — 5 each side, both ways
    -keep heel to ass
    -“circle around a circle around a circle”

    Mountain Climbers — 15 each side
    -narrow push-up position
    -knees outside elbow
    -hold rep and sink in, then become more dynamic (latter optional)

    Cossack Squats 10 seconds x 5, each side
    -leaned side heel down
    -opposite side foot to ceiling
    -keep chest up

    Seated Piriformis stretch
    -press down on knee
    -move around to find different or ideal fibers
    -neutral spine
    -end stretch with pulling knee to chest
    optional cross massage adductors with elbow (chest tall and neutral spine)

    Rear Foot Elevated Hip Flexor stretch — 5 x 10 seconds, each side
    -don’t over extend back by leaning backward
    -lean forward touching ground with hand
    -then contract glute
    -then lean back
    +to enhance stretch, hands in the air, lean away from stretching side

  • guys if you take magnesuim and somehow it messes with your sleep dont take it at night just take it in the morning do not quit it.. so far my sleep been fixed and i still take it in the morning… try it at morning if you get the problem i did.

  • The idea of supplements has changed. We know have the meal replacement powder.  Why is the protein from chicken better for the body than protein from a whey powder?  Is there any scientific evidence? Other than bro science?

  • very helpful video, like all videos you posted.

    i perform dislocation scapulae before and after each WO, it’s helped me so much with shoulder pain (subacromial conflict).

    the only thing I’d avoid is the static chest stretch before wo…I’d prefere after. If I perform it before, I find a decrease in strength on subsequent chest exercises.

  • Joe,
    I was under the impression that you should do more dynamic stretching pretraining and static stretching post-training. While you do mostly dynamic stretching in the video above you also do a static hold with the rubber band. Any reason for this? Wouldn’t the hold be better post workout? THanks and keep up the great work.

  • Joe you are the man. Seriously great information once again. I love the content you always put out and it has really helped me with developing my own coaching skills as well as helping me develop alot of my athletic clients. I would like to really thank you and to please keep it up with the channel.

  • Joe knows is the king and has the �� for great tips and information. Very in-depth on everything. Since finding this channel I’ve made great strides in strength and body transformation. Thank you for the real deal truth. One of the few guys you can trust on YouTube.

  • 2:03 Foam Roll IT Band
    2:53 Foam Roll Adductors
    3:54 SMR Glutes (lax ball)
    6:40 Bent-knee Iron Cross
    8:03 Rollovers into V-sits
    9:10 Rocking Frog stretch
    11:29 Fire Hydrant circles
    12:56 Mountain Climbers
    14:05 Cossack Squats
    16:00 Seated Piriformis stretch
    17:59 Rear Foot Elevated Hip Flexor stretch

  • Hey Joe,
    Really trying to catch up on all your videos and podcasts ever since I was introduced to you via a coworker. You might have noticed quite a few subscribers from Australia as I have been advertising you ever since to all my fitness students.

    I do have a question,
    in relation to foam rolling your ITB,
    I’m under the impression that you should release tension in the connecting muscles to become more mobile in this area, such as the gluteus and TFL?
    Can you please clarify
    Cheers legend!

  • I am not being a smart ass when I ask this…but no TRT? I only ask because we are roughly the same age and when I had my blood panel done two weeks ago, I was astonished at what I saw for test levels. I knew it would be low, but not THAT low. As for the advice in the video, I can attest to a lot of this as I was given some of the same advice by my doc in post panel consult.

  • Like to know about joes thoughts on Vit C. I just take fish oil and 2-3000 mg vit c a day. Vit c seems to make a significant difference

  • Joe, as always, great content sir. You are the true Strength and Conditioning GURU. Also, you hit home on the panic attack subject. That happened to me back in 2016. Panic attacks and constant anxiety out of nowhere. Never happened before in my life. Felt like a prisoner in my own body. It took me a year to shake it.

  • Lol! There is a dude with the name Joe Defranco! I Searched for ”Joe” + ”Defranco” to find the Joe Rogan podcast episode with Philip Defranco.

  • I’m doing this with a tennis ball instead of a lacrosse ball, is this okay?
    Is doing this routine twice a day to much?
    I can’t hold a deep squat (asian squat), I fall over, will this help me achieve this?

  • Joe,
    In your Training DVD, you mention only the dynamic stretches. Are you now recommending static stretches for your pecs before your Upper Body workout? I was under the impression Static stretches were better after a workout.

  • what sucks is that doctors test the bare minimum in blood tests. Even if you try to ask for everything, they say that it’s too time consuming and etc.

  • I confirmed that I have no glutes as I felt no pain when rolling with a lacrosse ball. Also I am unable to do a cossack squat with heels down even if I have a support in front of me. Anyone have any tips for the cossack squat? Also thank you for this video, the stretches are great.

  • you have low vitamin d because you are from the mediteranian your italian genes people like us need to live in places where its very warm to get vitamin d.. but in usa you have parts that are very warm and have sun.. the more darker skin you have more are you likely to have low vit d because where you “came ” from the sun was srtonger and your skin didnt block all of hte exposure

  • panic attacks are signgs of PTSD i have it too but not panics but i have a lot of symptoms but ia m getting better because you need psychological help that is very possible yhou have had a traumatic childhood without knowing it… i myself had a traumatic childhood

  • Long as ur preworkout has 1 3 dimethyl ��������…. shits horrible for you but gets you so geeked and gased out..

    1 3 is the best������…as long as ur ok with living till ur 55..which i am

  • Hey! This looks like a really good routine, I definitely want to try it. Only one thing: I have read and heard many times you should never foam roll the IT band is this true? Or should I just do it?

  • Rear-foot-elevated Hip Flexor Stretch does not work for me. I mostly feel it in my quads. Am I doing it wrong or is my quads just too stiff?

  • I’ve been a physical therapist for 25 years.  Joe’s specificity of advice and positional technique are at least equal to what we provide in the medical setting.  This is excellent advice for lower body muscle tightness issues.  Thanks, Joe!

  • Can’t get enough of this series bro! The channel and the insider are my go to resources for pretty much everything when it comes to myself and my clients best content out there hands down

  • This seems a lot different than traditional stretches. Does one also need to do traditional static stretches along with these (e.g. the “touch your toes with your legs straight” hamstring stretch)?

  • Hi joe really like your video on blood flow restriction training. I have got the band and I did you the joe D code, do you have any more exercises I can do with them? Thank you for everything you do.

  • Hey Joe, what markers do you test for every 3 months with the blood tests? Do you have a specific panel you ask for? The list of shit a person can ask to be checked is huge, just wondering what your important list is?

  • I’m going to do this for a week and tweak it to my individual needs. I learnt a lot especially about how much the glutes play in the lower back pain

  • By far your most beneficial video for myself. I always wonder about the crap I’m taking because for the most part, the local protein shops just try to sell you shit without really giving you the benefits. Also, always helpful to hear about the mental health struggles of others when you’re dealing with them yourself. If you have any videos of protein intake that would help. Today I read of a girl who was a body builder who was found brain dead in her apartment. It was later determined she literally overdosed on protein and her body was not breaking it down anymore. You’re the best man!

  • good video, but you’re a little behind when it comes to research on BCAAs which have fairly conclusively been shown to have zero beneficial effects (possible placebo effect aside). Studies looking both at Leucine alone, and in addition to isoleucine and valine have proven unequivocally that sufficient protein intake from whole foods makes BCAAs completely useless. Save your money… then again it tastes nice.