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Jodi the Trainer: Your best bet is to start with a balanced approach of both Cardiovascular and strength training. 2 days per week, do a total body strength program. This will include 1 exercise for each muscle group, 2 sets of 10-15 reps each. 2 days per week, do cardiovascular work. Jodi The Trainer’s August 7th Facebook Live-Chat!

Lifestyle. 2013-08-15 | By: Snap Fitness Jason – How much time do you need to recover from cardio before you do strength train with weights? It depends on your training goal and the intensity of your cardio. Create an account or log into Facebook.

Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Dr.

Jody Carrington, Olds, Alberta. 46K likes. Dr Jody Carrington is a psychologist, author and speaker, who specializes in building strong communities, one relationship at a time. Her first boo. Jodi The Trainer’s October 16th Facebook Live Chat. Lifestyle.

2013-10-24 Im working with a trainer trying to bulk up my upper body. How many reps do you recommend per exercise and how many body parts per hour of training? I would recommend 8-10 reps of at least 3-5 sets for each muscle group. I would also choose at least 2 exercises.

Jodie Personal Trainer is on Facebook. To connect with Jodie Personal Trainer, join Facebook today. Join. or.

After years of being too embarrassed to join a gym or see I personal trainer I finally got the courage to begin seeing Jodi. My daughter was training October 16, 2017 · 3 Reviews. Comment 1. Related Pages July 20 at 7:58 PM. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Jodi’s Kennel: Contact Us Home About Training Kennel Contact Us Puppy Class.

This class is 2-4 weeks long, depending on the age of your dog (4-6 months old is a 2 week class, 7-9 months old is perfect for the 4 week class). They will be introduced to birds, guns, obedience, and retrieving. South Coast Dog Training Club.

206 likes · 65 talking about this. We aim to educate the public in training and living with a well mannered dog. Initial annual membership fees (these includes joining.

Facebook Live AND YouTube Live! Jim Jodi is on KKNW’s Mantz & Mitchell Saturday August 8th! I’m Online and on TV!

Jodi is the Jodi is on Twin Cities Live July 24th! Jodi is on Twin Cities Live July 24th at 4pm! Twin Cities Live has a Photo Gallery.

Live Events! read more. The Happy Medium book series! read more. Variety section.

List of related literature:

Now the trainer, Elisa, introduces the participants to the Confrontation activity so that they can put the theory they have been discussing into practice.

“Telling Ain't Training, 2nd edition: Updated, Expanded, Enhanced” by Harold D. Stolovitch, Erica J. Keeps, Marc Jeffrey Rosenberg
from Telling Ain’t Training, 2nd edition: Updated, Expanded, Enhanced
by Harold D. Stolovitch, Erica J. Keeps, Marc Jeffrey Rosenberg
ASTD Press, 2011

I looked forward to Jen’s updates about her training sessions with her new partner, Nate.

“Off Balance: A Memoir” by Dominique Moceanu, Teri Williams, Paul Williams
from Off Balance: A Memoir
by Dominique Moceanu, Teri Williams, Paul Williams
Touchstone, 2012

The app allocates me to the same team as Fay and Joe, and the opposite one to Brandon.

“Lying About Last Summer” by Sue Wallman
from Lying About Last Summer
by Sue Wallman
Scholastic, 2016

Thirty days into the practice, Carla was cruising Facebook when a post from me popped up on her screen.

“The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith” by Gabrielle Bernstein
from The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith
by Gabrielle Bernstein
Hay House, 2016

questions, and the trainer listened to each question and answered what she could.

“Human Resource Management” by Greg L. Stewart, Kenneth G. Brown
from Human Resource Management
by Greg L. Stewart, Kenneth G. Brown
Wiley, 2019

In the press conference later, Aaron said that I needed to stop playing mind games by keeping my Trials schedule a secret, but I was just going about my business.

“Beneath the Surface: My Story” by Michael Phelps, Brian Cazeneuve, Bob Costas
from Beneath the Surface: My Story
by Michael Phelps, Brian Cazeneuve, Bob Costas
Sports Publishing, 2016

Is the only visible trainer updating his Facebook page atthe front desk?

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

Janelle joined me in all the activities and we went through every training session together.

“Through the Eye of the Storm” by Limbie Kelly Kelegai
from Through the Eye of the Storm
by Limbie Kelly Kelegai
BookPal, 2009

While Chief Jones answered Katie’s question about the hand-held computers, she failed to respond to her question about who will conduct the training.

“Management in the Fire Service” by Harry R. Carter, Erwin Rausch
from Management in the Fire Service
by Harry R. Carter, Erwin Rausch
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2015

Corinne is still talking to Kyler, but for some reason I know she’s listening to me and Nico.

“The Play” by Elle Kennedy
from The Play
by Elle Kennedy
Elle Kennedy Inc., 2019

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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    U looked better
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    Now plz don’t dance and don’t wear naked dress B coz your skin in wrinkled and dry and old

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  • China policy is not only takeover in Trad but he has hidden intrest to enchrochess many country land illigal meanwhile India dnt need to learn a copy flopy china china has nothing capabilities to own in any sector if compared to India India has been that why India dnt care to CCP…

  • इंडियन दर्शक इनके चैनल को unsubscribe कर दे क्यों की ये अपने पाकिस्तानी के लिए वीडियो बनती तभी अस्लाकुम बोलती इससे भारत का क्या मतलब भारत से यदि रेहम खान को मतलब है तो नमस्ते बोले

  • پنجاب سمیت آسلام آباد بھی شیرو کا ہے گیدڈو کا نیں شیرنی 11 کو آرہی ہے جیے مریم نواز جیے شیر ابھی زندہ ہےبوریا بستر باندو اور نکلو نااہل انسان ایسے نوکری پکی نہیں ہوگی امریکی شہریت چھوڑو وہ جو بھی ہیں ناچ کر سیاست میں نیہں آۓ 126 دن ناچ کر گونگھرو توڑے گے

  • maam, To understand china & CCP you would need 1 full month, they are very different people than indians, pakistani, iranian or afghani people. i am not thinking positively about them. only time would prove that.

  • aap ki beti ko ye gaana sunaiega, even you also listen it. use headphones & keep the volume up. if she likes this song then Thank me in your next vlog. haha….

  • People should avoid Deshi Ghee & any sweets which are made from Milk. Best oils for heart health are 1) Extra virgin olive oil 2) canola oil 3) filtered peanuts oil( not refined )

  • cpec ko pack kernay kelye imran n pti was sponsored..pakistan mein agriculture ki support Cpec se milti toe bahut beneficial hota.. fruits packing processing in seed n pesticides fruits vegetables rice packing n export economic zones were planned

  • Several thoughts: I’m soooooo excited for all the new stuff! Stickers are my jam! I put them on my potting bench, on my seed sorting containers, notebooks, etc.
    I love love love you guys and your firm strong sense of your purpose! Honestly!
    Your vision for your future is so inspiring. I can’t wait to see it come to light.
    So here to support all the endeavors you two come up with!! Gardening classes, cooking classes, calendars, journals, etc! ��

  • आपके व्यवहार में पाकिस्तान को नई बुलंदियों पर ले जाने की क्षमता है इसके अलावा दुनिया तथा भारत के साथ पाकिस्तान के संबंधों को बेमिसाल बना सकते हो, अब समय आ गया है कि आप अपनी इस बेहतरीन प्रतिभा को देश तथा दुनिया की बेहतरी के लिए उपयोग करें,

  • Salam
    Amanullah here
    Thanx for thoughtful analysis on CPEC
    Rest assured it’s not that easy to close YouTube in Pakistan…
    Reason: There are other important portals of Pakistani Govt and armed forces on it… Such as DG ISPR channel.
    A slight complain from you though… you are not regular on YouTube and no fixed time slot either but we can’t complain aye? One fruitful advice for u Reham jee… Kindly logoun ki gaalioun ka zikar kar k apna waqt barbaad na kiya karein. PTI wale tou yeh bhi kehte hein k aap ne Imran ko poison dene ki koshish ki thi ya dediya tha. Kiya is fazool aur leechard sawal ka jawab dena bhi aap k liye munasib hay?? Aap ka kiya khayal hay???

  • Unfortunately, when I click on this link, the option to contact support does not show up. The Find Answers, or Contact Support is missing from the page and am logged in. Any other way to contact support? Neither option when you click on the link you provided shows up exactly. i can provide screenshots. This video does not really match the facebook site that you are showing.

  • CEPAC se Pakistan KO loss ke alwa kuch nhi Milega kyu Ki vo project India ke territory ke andar Hai or ye BAAT Pak or chin dono jante Bharat jis din strike karega chin to aise hi out ho Jayega Bacha Pak usko Kon bschayega madam.

  • hey i am not able to contact them on a different account and my other personal account got disabled along with the manger but for some reason it is still spending money on ads and we havee no way to turn it off and i dont no what to do

  • I work every sunday at a large chain….that has a Christian based family…and the folks I encounter during that weekly shift makes me wonder what have you been taught?….you shave been in church all morning and tell me I need to attend your church and leave less than a 5% tip on your bill and act way less Christian like as you run me to death…I often feel like I’m dirt or clay beneath thier feet…js..they are so demanding and judgemental its not even a bit funny….when act in character…I then judge your character….js..I have an awesome relationship spiritually..and I feel mine is closer than theirs is and just shrug it bbn off.. most of the time but there are those folks that just get to me…js

  • Okay here is the thing. Your all ready changing the world. Literally Miah and Jess, I wish you could measure the ripple effect you sharing has on people. See I also dream of having an regenerative Ag and Permaculture education centre right here in our own food Desert in Western Australia. You guys sharing your Big Dreams and visions reaffirmed mine today. So without even realising it, you educating and sharing your food growing journey is all ready setting people up for better health and success when they start their own journeys and then share that with their peers…. I have been one of the viewers from the beginning and you have taught me so much, not just about homesteading but how to articulate things better and more importantly given me permission to dream to. ❤️

  • Thanks, ya’ll! This was a great video. Lots of information. Yes, would love some courses if you want or have time to do them! I’m looking forward to all of the videos you have planned! Love you, too!!

  • Your life exudes you belief. My grandmother taught me about the love of Christ though the was she loved and lived. Your joy and love are just a few of the ways you share you love of God.

  • I work in NWA for a large retailer for the last 17 years and would love to offer any guidance I can help offer to support your dream. I am also passionate about sustainability and natural food.. love gardening and love your channel so much!

  • I’m so excited for the stickers to come out! Can’t wait! Love your multiply the blessings outlook. We need more of that mindset in business ��

  • I tried both ways none worked. Any other way to contact them. My account was disabled and I honestly ignore the reasons. I’ve been running the same ads for the past 6 months without a single edit. I recently added a partner to do the ads and that’s when this happened so I wonder if fb linked my ad account to whatever the marketing partner had going on

  • Jess, I love your devotional videos. But I equally love that you strive to follow God’s wisdom and timing instead of your own or anybody else’s. I have blog, called Twiglet Homestead. Before I discovered your devotional videos, God put on my heart to start write devotional posts on my homesteading blog. I was trying to figure out how to fit it in with all the busyness of life and wrestling with feelings of inadequacy when I found your devotionals. Seeing you do something similar to what God had put on my heart, although in written form, helped give me the confidence that I COULD bust a big God move on my blog. We share similar passions for gardening, homesteading and God’s word and teaching those things to others. I get excited about ALL your videos and your hopes and dreams, as I walk out God’s plans for me all the way over here in little old New Zealand. Thanks for doing what you do.:)

  • I have 3 pepper plants that sort of went dormant from last year (they have been in pots) and they are doing fantastic this year. So much I have harvested off them.

  • I’m from Indonesia, I hope you can help me, my fanpage is taken over by people I don’t know, my admin status is taken by someone else. What should I do?

  • India me regularity body Hai cooking oil Ki well India me mustard oil ground nuts oil sunflower oil are extremely usess and too soyabean oil dnt worry…well we preserve own cow that gve enough ghee

  • The more I watch of you and your family, the more I am amazed by your hearts! Thank you for all the happiness and help you are providing to others!

  • Food deserts have been so prevalent for so long. Connect with city gardens like Windy City Harvest in Chicago. They provide jobs to kids who need a healthier opportunity than fast food. Teaching a shift in the way of life is what it is all about. Can anyone submit a sticker design? Maybe choose one from each state or country that watch Roots & Refuge?

  • I actually love that when you talk about God and do your devotional video bits it feels very natural and personal to you. I have had a lot of very bad experiences with “religious” people that have left me with a slight panic about possible confrontations that will come my way when I’m not expecting them. It took a long time for me to comfortable enough to have my own personal relationship God and not feel like I’m wrong for not doing things or believing things in so confrontational way as a lot of people I was exposed to over the years. As Mr. Rogers used to say, “I like you just as you are,” so there is no need to change things for other people that don’t.

  • Miah whispering into Jess’ ear is just the most precious thing. lol. Loveeee these lives. They are full of GOLD!

    You’ve honestly helped me become a happier person and think of things differently. I appreciate this channel so much and can totally see you guys becoming the Joanna and Chip of the gardening and food revolution world.

    I love seeing deserving people reach their goals and then set new goals to help others with their own achievements. It’s rare to see. And I hope my life leads to being someone helping you in that movement! ��

  • I’ve made my Facebook account over 10 years again and I don’t have access to my email and have forgot my password. But I’m still logged in. How do I change my password?

  • I accidentally hit the wrong info when trying change my Bday info. Soo now I submitted my info & idk if I will even be able to get back into my account & I changed my password to see if I could I get in that way! Plz help I’m not even sure if I will hear anything back after submitting my info

  • On the printing sister has been a screen printer for decades and she deals in 20 and thirty shirts per run where I am a printer operator who deals with tens of thousands of cans in an order..and in a previous life selling printed paper products…js…I understand your problem with teespring…they stunk..js..wanst happy paying for a single color printed shirt for 30 bucks with shipping and had coffee stains on them…and a plain white Haynes tshirt with simply a single black ink…that’s why I prefer bonfire..better quality tees with no issues for a small increase in cost…I totally get it..whatbi print ultimately goes in the trash as its just a container but I still hold my quality to my pickiest customer…js..teespring bites and thier customer service stinks….we are taking shirts to last at min 5years vs cans that go in the trash as soon as they are empty…def difference…ja

  • I would def love a totally farm to table restaurant…I have the recipes and the cooking talent to do this but I can’t do the growing and the restaurant at the same time…my dream life…not a job but a lifestyle

  • On the greenhouse build…if you run across windows at 5 bucks apiece…grab them and work with what you have…if you cant grab what you can to fit your needs..habitat for humanity stores are a great resource and your local online yard sale sites…js.

  • And yes jess I do miss your devotionals..apparently he hasn’t put it on your heart to post those things..they come when he puts it on your heart to share…js.your lifestyle and exuberance for life is a testament to your faith as does Daniel..js

  • We do have fairy penguins here in Australia, so a little penguin would be lovely.  There is a children’s book about two little penguins called “Little Penguins” story by Rebecca Johnson with photos by Steve Parish.  My grandchildren love it. So they will love this design.

  • Use your networks..they def pay off..I wish I had these things in place when my kids were home..but I m doing whatbi can to make things work even better now for a single person household..js..I have way more time as an empty nester..js…

  • I was so excited with the hollers reveal and super thankful miah could help…js…they so needed you to beat this baby. And now they are def in a better place for when the baby comes…kuddos to sweet miah

  • So sorry for blowing you up but I watch when I can working two jobs…I do what I can do when I can…js.on a three weeks with no days off…my time is way limited.

  • You inspired me to brew my bucha that was over due.
    Brilliant and beautiful with all your gifts and love that you share!
    Blessed to have you!!!

  • The only never I never ever do is plant potatoes and tomatoes in the same bed…never ever doing that….my mom did and it was a totally dismal failure…

  • Miah on the saw happens…and you learn to go with the on it as you get what you need…its a winter project..and you have time…make it the best you can with what space you have and if you figure out the logistics the rest is

  • The best devotional ever made was a few weeks ago when you juggled several big projects (large family living in a remodel, BOOK DEADLINE, all the animals, and harvest time ramping up, the family wedding coming right up-to name a few) in order to send two of you to help a friend in need…for a whole week! That was a sermon we all were blessed to see!

  • Fencing is part of permaculture…the higher the quality you start out with the less issues you have…dont cheap out on the permanent things..they are a foundation for your whole farm..js

  • this compaany doesnt eexist anymore, anyone have alternative how I can makee multichat on my multistream?
    Without castr/restream,etc?

  • So cool about the coffee shop contacting you! Looking forward to that video and all of your amazing ideas that have yet to come to fruition.

  • Hi.Debbie…it’s been awhile since I saw your videos…. just been busy these past months…. I am not a member of your club as I am not a Facebook person..any other way to access your videos… thanks… shukila from india

  • Thank you Jess and Miah for sharing your desires. I’ve saved every video you’ve made related to dreaming big and this morning I’m connecting with and feeling my big dream. This is so sweet. Bless you!!!

  • I watched this video three times I still don’t understand this probably someone else can use this more than I can,I do like your music though

  • YEEEESSSSS! To ALLL the things you guys are doing! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a sturdy (but adorable) gardening apron…a Justin Rhodes meets Jessica Sowards style. �� With floppy pockets for produce/eggs/etc. Plus…I am forever getting chicken/duck bedding and poop on my shirts. So excited to see you grow your dreams. ��

  • I’m a big believer in living my faith rather than preaching it and you do that exquisitely, dear Jess. Ignore the naysayers.. You do You!! Xoxo ��

  • Just message them through their Facebook profile. A million less steps. I’m not being smart, I only know because I’ve been trying literally everything to get in contact with them and stumbled across it. You’re Welcome. I do have a question though, how long is it before a human picks up the case?

  • For chicken fencing we picked up multiple six foot high dog kennels that people were getting rid off.:) They have a great run and if you clip their wings they are not going over.

  • I’ve been thinking about your devotional critics since I watched your chat last night. No one needs to tell you your relationship with God is your own and your own business. But some people need to think about why they think they are qualified to judge. If you look at the religious books of the world from a non religious aspect, they all say the same things. Treat others with compassion and respect, eat a good diet, move/exercise, bathe often and be clean, set aside time from work each week to rest and meditate. I feel you are an excellent example of all of the above. There is no better devotional than that. You go girl!

  • I would pay (enough to make it worth her time) to participate in a live class with Jess. A lot of artists do this, have a retreat once a year or so where they charge like $1800 or so for a week retreat with the artist. I think this could work with Jessica as well and it could have a gardening, cooking, and prayer focus. Just a thought!

  • Your excitement over current and future ideas and endeavors is palpable. I’m sure all you’ll get involved in will be blessed. ������

  • I always miss these lives!!! But I’m so glad y’all talked more about your dreams
    Food rebels!!! Let’s put McDonald’s out of business!!
    I so badly want to help y’all do this! We are building a community garden in the worst part of town where we live, then we had the idea to build raised bed food gardens for families here in town for a fee (which we are also doing) and supporting them on a fee based situation to teach them and help maintain the gardens we build. So like in theory we would have about 1,000 gardens.
    Y’all are gonna achieve these goals! We believe in you and want to join the food revolution!!

  • As a new believer and a future homesteader (dreamin!) I love ALL of your videos. I believe you said once “make your waiting room into your class room” and that’s now my motto for this season of life ❤️

  • Jess, my publishers make book plates to sign for books. They are stickers which you can sign and people can stick on their books.Thats how I deal with book signings. Im sure your publisher can help you with those. Mailing a sticker is so much easier than mailing a book. I don’t mail books either!

  • Hi there you guys,i am not a christian more lean towards buddhist beliefs,but just wanted to say your life is your testament, the kind of judgement these people issue forth is what drew me away from church as a youngster,now i live my life as a vegan,with a tiny garden of tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs all in containers as well as a rescue dog who is my constant companion and a heart of wonder and gratitude as to how my life is a mix of blessings as well as trials, you are real and inspirational and i love how you guys emanate sunshine and hope to all,take care

  • Please warn us at the start of the video if you’ll be talking about butchering, even if it’s just about the equipment. That’s a subject that I really don’t want to watch. I love all your other videos, though.

  • If you go up to bentonville you should visit 21c if they are open! It’s a hotel Museum. Contemporary art, very fun. I used to work at the one in KY!

  • Debbie, there seems to be something changed with your camera in the last few months. In your club and here on Youtube your videos are much harder to see. They seem to be very washed out, or too bright making it very hard to see things that your showing us. I don’t know how to explain it???? It’s just very strange, and the video has changed drastically. It’s almost like your trying to watch something in front of you but the sun is so bright that it makes it hard to see anything. I know it’s not my screen or laptop because it’s not happening on other channels or older videos of yours. I’m not sure what’s changed but its been going on for months now. It’s just very hard to see any detail.

  • thank you so much you are now my lord and saviour, my gratefulness is inexplicable, I spent like 3 hours trying to find out how to contact a rep.


  • Hi from Washington State, USA. I’m busy watering my lawn hot here, too, but nothing like what you’re experiencing. 80 Farenheit is hot for us.

  • Hello my name is Susann and I live in Ft. Worth, Texas in America. This is the first time I’ve seen you on YouTube. I love listening to you.

  • Just purchased my first computerised sewing machine on your advise, new to making things other than curtains, watched you over the years on TV, so glad to find you on YouTube, and looking forward to seeing your live chats and advice every month

  • I love hearing about your dreams! I’m in the suburbs of Chicago and my big dreams include taking down food deserts in the city and I’d love to have a “internship” type program for kids in the city to come out and spend some time in the garden. It’s been such a particularly heartbreaking summer with so many kids killed in gun violence…I just want to take them all out of the city and into the growing!

  • What email do they contact with cuz i lost my ig and contacted them and got an email in my spam from “info+++xxx @” is it legit??

  • China is capaturing Pakistan land and Pakistan considering it as a friend. there is no freedom to muslims in China than India but Pakistan has this great love affair with China..

  • Thank you so much for the tutorial on tension. I just purchased a new machine and was having some problems thinking it might be the tension. I am glad I saw your video before I changed the tension! I had a 36 yr. old Bernina and never touched the tension. I enjoy your videos and your dog! Donna Smith, Palmer, ALASKA

  • Hola soy de Chille quiero que me enseñe hacer el pinguino por fa me gusto muchoGracias soy una seguidora de sus trabajos

  • Just as you said tractor, the combine harvester literally went right by my house, it only gets cut every two years ready for our 18th century street fair, so the timing was brilliant. Enjoying watching and hi from Dorset. ��

  • Hello again Debbie, I’m a bit challenged when it comes to international time zones and always miss your live telecasts. I’m on Australian EST. do you think you can tell me how that tallies with your time in relation to your live stream please. Thanks in advance.

  • hi Debbie i’m from algeria and i like what you do.please can you put some crossbody,backbagand pouches for men tutorials..thank you

  • Hey, Debbie & team from Prattville, Alabama!! I didn’t catch the live stream either but I just watched the replay. I have a question about the half yard club, group or whatever it’s called. I thought there might have been a link in the description section but I didn’t see one. So, how would I go about joining & does it cost more for people in the US? I hope y’all have a really great day!! ��

  • Hi Debbie in New Zealand also, on the East coast South Island in Geraldine. Made several of your bags including the satchel and tote bags.

  • Hello I need your help because someone hacked my Facebook if you block my Facebook I pay you Instagram Kurti.ios for tell you

  • Chilly here in Tassie, although today was absolutely glorious with gorgeous sunshine ☀️.
    Watching the replay as I couldn’t get up at 0300-0400 to watch lol. I’m about to make a fox for a friend’s ��.

  • Btw…Gina at lumna acres is on a tomato horn worm hunt with a vengeance…she is so focused and intent it is super sweet…they went blacklight hunting past bed time the other day…she is def on a mission…lol

  • It’s been so much fun, rewarding and spiritually educational watching RRF and your family grow. You’re a wonderful example of how being a blessing returns blessings to you exponentially. Thank you for blessing me, I bless you back.

  • I keep getting the same “Too Quiet!” warning that popped up during your show and it stops for no reason. Have you found a work around to keep the mic pickup from failing?

  • I work with a non-profit and was receiving payments from FB up until December of
    last year. FB is not being responsive to the support inbox emails. Thoughts?

  • Nobody. I mean nobody should be desperate to fall in the hands of those scammers called they’re big fraud. They scammed me of $100 worth of bitcoin yesterday. I fell for the fake reviews I saw by some fake YouTube profiles here. You should click on any profile that recommends you to you’ll find that they all have the same thing in common. No content that will tell you how fake they’re. I fall victim. I can share proof to anyone. I just want to save the next victim just cuz you want your Facebook recovered. Please don’t fall victim.

  • Hello, same thing happened to me but Thecyberlord. com helped me got all my account issues successfully rectified
    They are professionals!

  • Sincerely speaking, I didn’t believe that this guy was good at hacking not after my sis told me how she manage and got her ex account hacked by him, I must say ���������������������� ���� ���� he is really good.

  • Hello, same thing happened to me but helped me got all my account issues successfully rectified
    They are professionals!

  • Hi sir. Please help me. my long time Facebook account disabled and Facebook says I can’t recovered it. So I made different Facebook accounts, but all of them get banned and disabled.
    i don’t know else what to do. Please I’m begging you help me.
    Thank you.

  • You HAVE TO do a sticker with Ben’s “Turdilizer”. We laughingly call our rabbit our Turdilizer. Love little Ben and all you guys. Pray God makes all your dreams come true.

  • My Facebook had been hacked and I can’t log in to own account even my messenger. I need help! and also my hacker been messaging all weird and nude photos to all my friends and family.

  • .. Same thing happened to me but got all my account issues successfully rectified with the help of
    They are legit and professionals..

  • I listened to my colleague, who recommended �� as a reliable facebook accounts store for developers. I am satisfied with the service I have received as all accounts were valid and worked properly.��

  • I live in France and the button “GET STARTED” is not available. Facebook business is located in US or Ireland, should I to referer in which GMT please?

  • I love Hanna’s one liner and i agree i am always saying funny sarcastic stuff too.
    2:40 lol but sometimes if im bored ill say a sentence and put the emphasizem  on every word in order lol

  • I recently posted a comment about a scammer video which I commented saying that Indian people from Bangladesh should be punished by our government for scamming old people. Suddenly I was block for 30 days I did not break any Facebook policies for saying that. I feel like they’re violating my freedom of speech. I need help

  • this pisses me off when all these sites do some stupid shit. Facebook supposedly deactivated my account for no reason at all, so tell me how the fuck imma contact them on my profile and let them no they made a mistake if I can’t even log in. That was my business account at that! now I can’t do shit at all and talk to no one on helping me get my account back! WORST DAY EVER!!!!

  • Sister…. Jst wanna know….. Is China…. Right or wrong…. In strategy point of view…. Remember its view of expansion nature

  • What can I do all my Facebook acc keep disable all acc I create on Facebook keep disable please I really need your help to stop this

  • Reported a account using my name and Facebook said it was not against standards. How is that possible? And no way to contact support.

  • I posted a photo to my personal page and clicked “only me” to view it. It was a photo of the twin towers burning on 9 / 11. They banned me for 30 days saying it was against their standards. Then I reported similar photos from other pages and they said it was not against their standards. Makes no sense to me,,, #NeverForget

  • hi does anyone know if there is a possibility by contacting facebook service if they can delete old facebook profiles that you do not have access to for a long time? and forgot password and if they can delete those profiles? please help if anyone knows and thanks ��

  • i cant find the button for chat only email, i think its because covid 19. maybe their buildings are closed and all working from home

  • I love you Jess; you are spiritual in all that you do. You inspire me in my life. I thought the video of the lightning bugs showed your heart and your Christianity. So glad you are who you are.

  • It seems they are changing the help section completely. This isn’t showing up any time of day right now. I suppose it’s due to covid. I’m a full time streamer on Facebook and my problem is I’m not showing any monetization issues, but my payouts have been blocked due to unusual activity on my acct. I open a ticket and they tell me to appeal, which I cannot do because there aren’t any monetization issues. When I tell them that they say they cant help me any farther on this issue… Its been a month now and I cant get my payments and I am really upset by this. It has put a huge financial burden on me and my family. I’m lost at what to do.

  • Thank you for the comment on performance of faith. What your teaching is finding balance in home, family, love and faith in videos.

    Hey, my name’s Shivanii and my Instagram has been wrongly disabled as I have not violated any policy, can take out a few seconds of your day to help me get my business account back, it’s integral to the success of my business. I’ve been trying to regain access, and FB/IG have not replied to my messages and appeals. I’d really appreciate if you can help me out, thank you.

  • Facebook has the most useless and most confusing support system ever. They need to fix this level of incompetence and properly answering requests through emails and forms. They have a ‘Community Help Forum’ but literally 99% of the support requests are being ignored. The only way to fix Facebook is to stop using it.

  • I’m trying to help my disabled sister recover her account, not get help on a business matter. Is there anyway to talk to this freaking monstrosity?

  • Ugh when Jess started talking about budgeting for a farm I was crying on the inside because I’m in Canada (outside of Toronto… one of the most expensive places to live in the country) and to buy their place (foreclosed and everything) would easily be $700,000-$1M ������

  • says… This page isn’t available

    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.


  • So true.. Your walk with God is more important than making a video. If God is not directing you then you should not do it. His Timing is always perfect. I do enjoy your devotional videos but maybe God is just making the rest of us learn patience.. like waiting for our gardens to ripen!! Thank your for sharing so much inspiration.

  • I have sent page name change request to facebook
    its been like 3 months and i keep sending it
    they dont even approve or reject it
    i checked the page support inbox and its not even there
    does facebook even read my page name change request?

  • There are plenty of meat chicken harvest guys I look for gardening tips..and have learned tons..js…cant wait til I get my 1st mtg paid off so I can buy merch…love your message and mech….js..on a budget…..I’ll buy your book when I can breathe again and getting very very very close…like by Oct….js

  • I truly wish I had have the time to home school..but as a single mom with no help I did well to get them to school and keep home work up..and I had three addhd and bipolar kids and I did well as a bs level behavioral science degree to keeps them up…and thatwas doing all parent teacher conferences and working to jobs to just keep them fed and in school with no help…at all..js…it was hard but now they are all over thirty and maintaining…and I now can breathe..I help when I can..and dont feel guilty when I cant help…its def leveled out..

  • you need to update your contacting Facebook. they changed it once again and getting started is only a video now. they try so hard for you to not be able to find how to contact someone from Facebook help center.. fuckers! i have no idea how to find a way to send an email or chat now…

  • Strange… I’m located in Miami… And I have my Facebook account is running, but I still do not see those options… Do you have any other way of getting in contact with them?

  • Lucy said she would play Alison and I don’t blame her who doesn’t wanna be Alison I mean she’s kinda beautiful and funny.Loves to play jokes and do pranks on other people so I understand why Lucy wanted play her..I mean Alison is a jokestar

  • Glad to see this post. Working on aprons for a charity holiday bazaar. Looking for inspiration. In San Francisco, California 18C (65F).

  • Well I can relate to hannah/ashely because I’m like her the most. The show is really well produced and exciting, plus they’re so cute. 

  • It’s really hard to believe Troian will be 30 years old in 2 years, (she just turned 28 yesterday though) She looks so young! They all do. Lucy turned 24 in June and Shay turned 26 in April. Ashley’s the youngest turning 24 in Dec. I’ve noticed that most times girls who play girls in high school on TV are always college aged. Love these girls, they’re all so down to earth.