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After experiencing the bad infection I had in February, and now with the added stress, I started experiencing heart palpitations. I was put on a 24-hour monitor. The results found I was having over 200 palpitations a day. It felt like a pause then a hard thump.

My cardiologist put me on heart medication, beta-blockers, and anti-anxiety. August 2, 2019 Team Tiger Fitness Jennifer Chandler Drops 45 Pounds After Struggling With Heart Palpitations After dealing with the loss of her father and heart palpitations, Jennifer took her life back and attacked the gym and her diet. What It Feels Like.

Your heart pounds, flutters, or seems to skip beats. You might call these feelings palpitations. Although they can feel scary, most aren’t serious and rarely need treatment.

Heart palpitations at night occur when you get the feeling of a strong pulse in your chest, neck, or head after you lay down to sleep. It’s important to note that while these may be unsettling. 4,409 45. Don’t like this video? Why would someone get heart palpitations after eating?

In this video, we’re going to talk about that. Can’t Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You. There’s no question that heart palpitations at menopause are related to changing hormones.

However, my experience has been that in many midlife women, heart palpitations are primarily from increasing heart energy trying to get in and be embodied in a woman’s life. At midlife our hearts and bodies often become increasingly sensitive to those things that don’t serve us, including caffeine. Heart palpitations may feel like your heart is beating too quickly, beating irregularly, fluttering in a strange way, or thumping hard in your chest, according to the Mayo Clinic.

As you can. Heart palpitations can be a sign of a serious condition, but some heart palpitations are totally normal. I describe the feeling of heart palpitations as the heart-pounding sensation you get after running up a flight of stairs.

But for people with heart palpitations, that feeling could just show up while they’re sitting on the couch. Many people with EDS also have POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome which can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, fast heart beat, etc., especially when changing positions or rising from a sitting or horizontal position. Heart palpitations possibly caused by.

ive been having palpitations for over a week pretty much non stop during the day and night while sitting up at the computer or while laying down going to bed and waking heart rate is pretty much normal anywhere from 70-95 maybe occasionally goes to 100 very rare..i dont feel any irregular beat or any skipped or extra beats its just steady palpitations im 21 male..before these started.

List of related literature:

It is possible that the recently added medication to her diabetic treatment, pioglitazone (which is known to produce water retention), could have tempered her weight loss.

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She had been losing weight at the rate of two pounds per day, and was released on medical grounds.

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Although she had gained weight during her hospital stay, from 48 pounds to 59 pounds, in a checkup two weeks later she had already dropped four of those pounds.

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She also reported weight loss of 5 pounds.

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The doctors had told her to bulk up before the surgery because she could expect to lose around fifty pounds over the entire course of the surgery and radiation.

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She gradually lost about 25 pounds, but she exercised about two hours daily to help achieve this loss.

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She had poor appetite and 15-pound weight loss within the last 3 months before admission (Fig. 4-6).

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  • Every night my heart starts shaking and it goes to whole body like an earthquake and after dew seconds it stops but nowdays it comes every night while i try to sleep my herat starts shaking and i can’t sleep every knight it is disturbing my routine should i go to hospital guys??

  • Every night my heart starts shaking and it goes to whole body like an earthquake and after dew seconds it stops but now days it comes every time while i try to sleep my herat starts shaking and i can’t sleep every knight it is disturbing my routine should i go to hospital guys??

  • Ive been feeling a brain fog in my head and I try to sleep but then I overthink about it and I just don’t feel like myself anymore, also when I try to sleep I can’t stop thinking about how this feeling will never go away because I’ve had it for the past month or so and then anxiety sets in and I can feel my heart and chest throbbing when I’m laying on my back, I try to think of anything that will calm me down or the only escape is sleep to not feel it anymore.

  • I had an egg 4 days ago it was fine but my heart rate was very high so the doctor recommended a echo in which they monitor our heart that it there is any problem with the valves or arteries I had echo today it was also fine my mom is a nurse and she explains me that you are just taking stress. Recently I stopped worrying about my heart and started to be happy even though I still had racing heart and due to that today I feel fine. Pls try this and it will be OKAY!

  • I used to have this back on June, I felt what you guys are experiencing right now and get well soon y’all. Here are some tips for you guys (This really helped me) (sorry for my bad english)

    1. When you’re lying down and trying to sleep do deep breaths

    2. If you feel like your heart is beating so fast just let it be don’t mind it focus on your deep breaths

    3. Talk to your parents about it. (You really need their support)

    4. Do not worry about it, it’ll go in a few weeks it’s not permanent (Worrying will only make it worse)

    5. Stop caffeine intake

    6. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone you trust about what your going through rn (You’re gonna need a listener)

    7. Sleep early!

    If you think you’re gonna die on your sleep no you will not your heart will calm down when you’re not stressed anymore

  • Is it normal to think that when you have a heart palpitation your going to have cardiac arrest? Because every time I get them, I panic and think I’m going to do die

  • I have EXACTLY this.

    I always feel like I’m going to drop dead at any moment. I have had ECG’s, echocardiogram and blood pressure medication, doctors have all said the results are normal but I continue to worry and feel like I’m going to have a heart attack.

    I start CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) tomorrow which I am told works wonders for anxiety, fingers crossed it helps.

  • My heart starts pounding really fast when I just walk around my room. And then I have to lay back down to stop it from beating it so fast. and it’s making me have anxiety. I told my mom about it and she told me to take my anxiety meds and they didn’t work. I have no clue what’s wrong it just started 2 days ago and I’m so worried I can’t even leave my bed because I’m afraid my heart is gonna start beating super fast.

  • I had two heart attacks in 2012. About three years ago I learnt about HERBAL HEALTHPOINT and their successful herbal protocol for Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Failure, the herbal protocol is a miracle. Go to their web page w w w. herbalhealthpoint. c om. Its been years since this herbal treatment, my artery is clear and no sign of a heart attack. I do lots of walking and lost some weight too

  • I really need to get this out to see if it makes me feel better…
    Sooo for a whole month now I’ve been having terrible chest pain (stabbing pain or a pressure). Sometimes it was on the right side which didn’t worry me a lot and often on the left side. I haven’t left my house for four weeks often because I’m scared that any mouvement will bring the symptoms back or make them worse, the reason why I mostly lay down on my bed all the time.
    Ive gone to see 9 doctors!!!! I’ve had my blood pressure checked at least 3 times, had a blood test done, my pulse rate was a bit high but then normal again and I’ve also had an x-ray taken at the thorax.
    The doctor even told me twice that I don’t have heart related problems yet I keep thinking ‘oh shit I’m dying’ everytime I feel this stabbing on the left side of my chest. The doctor says it’s only an inflammation and something to do with my stomach. But I’ve been taking medication and nothing is changing…
    What I fear the most is that I can suddenly die of a heart attack (I’ve never had heart problems in my whole life) overnight.
    In April, I lost a friend to cancer which made reality hit me right in the face. “Oh shit, I can die young” I thought.
    A month after, a girl from another class died overnight and the cause is still unknown. (Well they never told me) Since we were busy with exams (that we hadn’t taken during the quarantine) we didn’t talk about it. One day a teacher decided it was funny to tell the story of a boy that had gotten a ball thrown at his chest and suddenly died of a heart failure… although I suspect my fear has to do with this, I can’t seem to make it go away even when I tell myself it’s just all in my mind.

  • Idk what’s wrong but my heart seems to beat harder after a few normal beats. Its quite scary. I’m not sure if it’s my phlegm that is making the beat harder or I have some problem. I also have a bit of social anxiety and a panic attack yesterday due to visual aura. But it started to happen before the visual aura thingy. Should I go n check up or just leave it?

    Edit: Also, I didn’t had any sort of heart or body pains, fever, nauseousness or dizziness.

  • I gotta be real. Im going to go to the doctors. And im not taking you dont have anything for an answer until im sure. For a while it was just heart palpitations which graduated to heart pains. it was heart palpitations and heart pains and i cant sleep on my left
    arm etc jaw pain shoulder pain but now im getting this weird ass sinking feeling in my heart makes me feel like my heart stopped but i felt my heart and it was racing incredibly fast for like 4 seconds then back to normal. prob gonna die rip.

  • Im from the Philippines, i have anxiety problem I have my panic attacks crying dizziness shaking and the most scary thing the palpitation. Im only 16 yrs old this was started when I was 15 I was so scared all the time crying crying crying Im afraid in death go to school go to mall alone everything what Im going to do it gives me feeling that I’m gonna die. Now that’s quarantine I dont know what to do everytime I feel my panic attacks. Also i take my meds

  • It’s a nightmare when it happens. I get it over 100 beats per minute sometimes as high as 125. This seems to be during panic attacks or moments of stress and or anxiety. My rate can really fluctuate from as low as 67 all way upto 125+.

    There can often be no obvious cause it’s really weird.

  • My heart palpitations came once a couple of day, then once a day, now it comes several times. This was in a week. it’s triggered by food, getting up from bed, drinking water. Walking/standing. Anything?

    It’s so strange. It has worsen, my resting pulse won’t go down laying down, it’s over 100. I feel so tired even if I slept 8 hours. My body is tense and sluggish.

    I’m still young, I haven’t lived enough. I feel I can’t live like this. I can’t do anything lately. I want to be alert again. Probably this will mess me up when I get old, if I reach that age.

    Tension over chest and throat, also tension headache accompanies it.
    Doctors say tests came back normal, but this isn’t normal.

    Luckily, I’ll do a 24h measurement so hopefully they’ll catch the palpitations and adress the problem. I might get medication.

    This sucks, but if I can live a normal life soon I’ll be quite happy.
    Good luck to all of you out there who struggle. We are in this together. We can strengthen our hearts and minds!

  • dude i don’t know what it is that’s why i’m here but i couldn’t breath just now AT ALL & my heart was racing so fast cause i was saying earlier i hope i don’t accidentally overdose on my pain medication so that maybe triggered my anxiety????

  • went to see the doctor and told me it’s because of anxiety. she gave me medication for the palpitation and had to take it for 10 days. hope this helps because all i wanna do is to sleep peacefully

  • Bro it’s happening to me rn and it’s so damn scary.
    When it happens i feel so light headed and don’t remember anything of what i said/did. I try to calm down but i just can’t and it gets really hard to breathe. I went to the hospital twice to check if it’s a heart problem but my heart was clear. I just don’t know what to do it i’m terrified.

  • My chest hurts often….and a couple of times my heart speeds up really fast, and I’m gasping for air while that happens and then it stops soon after. ��idk what’s going on man.

  • i felt shortness of breath and heart rate increasing always before sleeping…why this happen and please let me know how to ovrcome this

  • i get fast heart rate if i wake up from some type of chock.
    it can happen, if i start dreaming within 5 min, after falling asleep or if someone rings my doorbell while im in the last sleep fase.

  • Sometime legs,hand and hips are snaking

    I feel heavy heart beat more over when i lay down and Not able to sleep haven’t slept from 2 days

    I do have serious mental problems in my life no one care but I’m strong I handle with my own by yoga
    Might chance of anxiety

    I am 19 six abs 55-60kg 6feet no fats rarely I take caffeine and sugar once in a month
    And this fking palpitations
    I also faced asthelic,skin and hair problem,always had myukus inside nose, more over personal serious problem which I shouldn’t tell
    And no one care
    Please give me support ��

  • firstly I got pain in stomach area like stomach attck and first doctor said its anxiety then second doctor given 2 tablet one gel gel is working so well and allmost killed my stomach attck problem started from childhood deadly stomach muscle attck plus heart beat attck at same time doctor said “SEAT PROPERLY WITH Straight spinal back STRAIGHT” personally I thing at night I put blanket on my head that the problem but I wont able to sleep without it now I learn to sleep without it and now I have heavy heart beat wont able to sleep i am 19 never taken sugar or caffeine I have 6 abs 6feet 55-60kg no fat on body. I counter butter milk and mango to trigger my heart problem and it is helping me with amul cool plain milk at night before bed 200ml sometimes I haven’t slept properly because of heavy heart beat which I feel even at rest position and laying feel more and wont able to write anything and think properly as you can see I feel more uncomfortable when I lay down for sleep and after woke up

  • Why does no one talk about WPW? Look it up and join with me. Heart problems suck and ive had 41 years of it. Just now they say its anxiety and put me on pills from some random ER doctor. I might be able to help some of you through this. Be safe, and good health for all of you.

  • Hi Dr Gupta, the breathing exercise seams to be working for me,i was getting the Ectopic beats for several hours at times and they were driving me crazy,now i know there is something i can try at least, thank you so much

  • i supposed to go the cardiologist but because of the corona virus i can’t. its been 1 month now. of palpitation and shortness of breath.

  • To hear your heart in side position its normal cause u pressure your ear in the side and neck and u can creat a or hear a pulse but u can change a little your head position and dont think about more you think more you trigger i have from my experience cause i was thinking everyday for my heart every time and conviced myself that i have heart condition and when i go to cardiologist my tension and pulse was extremly high cause just the fear of getting bad result made me get bad ECG,only in echocardiogram doctor saw no problem.

  • I always have a tingling sensation in the chest near my heart, can never tell if it’s anxiety or minor muscular tears. Last time I had an episode where it felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest and I freaked out because I couldn’t control it. I thought I was dying and had an ambulance show up. They put me on an ekg and said I was fine, whent to the Er same thing said I was fine. But every day I have this sensation it freaks me out. Opinions?

  • I lay down to sleep and I’m fine for about 10min then I can start feeling my heart and it gets louder and louder then heart pain and it feels like my blood is being blocked of something and I get shortness of breath and I get a deep feeling in my chest idk how to explain it. I feel like if I keep laying there I’m gonna have a heart attack so I have to sit up. It’s scary and idk what’s wrong. I have had ekg and nothing has came up. With my past I’m afraid it’s catching up. Also I have never had anxiety. It’s not just at night tho but mainly.

  • I’ve had about 10 EKG’s in the past 2 years. The most recent being 2 weeks ago. All were normal. But both my parents have heart disease. So my health anxiety is situated around heart worry. I never used to get palpitations regularly, about once or twice a week. My anxiety this year has been amazing, barely ever anxious but what causes anxiety is bodily symptoms or palpitations especially and a week ago, I started getting about 5-10 palpitations per day and I’m terrified to sleep, exercise or do anything incase something suddenly happens to me, I can’t even be alone or nap alone. If I’ve had that many EKG’s, a 24 hour holter monitor 7 months ago which was normal, a chest x-ray 2 years ago that was normal and normal blood tests bar slightly above average cholesterol (runs in my family anyway) then should I trust my doctor or press for further tests? I feel like an echocardiogram and stress test would finally settle my mind. But they won’t do anymore tests because I’m only 21. I’m not sure what to do…

  • I smoked a blunt yesterday and felt my heart start to flutter and legit started panicking I went to the er thought I was gonna die

  • I was almost asleep and my heart starts beating fast and my body feels weird only when I’m almost asleep and I have really bad anxiety

  • When i asked my doctor if it was Afib or some sort, he wanted to kick my teeth in ��

    It’s just anxiety and depression haja. It’s been a month and i still get paranoid. My blood pressure shoots up when i think too much about my heart.

    Tho i know im healthy since i take long walks without feeling chest pains.
    Still, i cant shake the anxiety off.
    Every little sensation turns to something haha

  • Omg I cant believe this is describing everything that I have experienced and felt this has explain much more than any doctor I’ve seen regarding this situation all they tell me yeah it’s anxiety but then I leave with even more anxiety not knowing what the hell is going on! This brings so much clarity ��

  • I just recently quit vaping high levels of nicotine and smoking weed a week ago cause of some breathing problems, now I’ve been having some tightness and light stabby pain on the left side of my chest I saw a doctor he check my blood pressure and heart rate and said everything was fine but I’m worried I might have a serious heart problem could this be my anxiety or withdrawal that I’m going through

  • I was diagnosed last year with Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP), was hospitalized for about 5 days bcuz of my Pneumonia… but before everything that hppned i’ve had this palpitations from time to time, and when I experience this I dont want to eat. I dont know if its my MVP or anxiety…

  • Let’s uplift each other whether it’s through kind words or prayer believe me it will touch someone in a way you would’nt even know❤❤

  • Hello I dont no what it is but I stop smoking its been 1year and drinking to but have been diagnosed with thyroid problem and b12 was low but I got it under control and my iron but my doctor diagnosed me with gastric condition so I don’t noif itcomes from that gastric

  • So I have had pounding on my chest for almost 3 days but might heart rate is fine, last time the doctors told me everything is fine with my heart, should I be worried?

  • My heart drops and face gets warm randomly during class or when im studying and im not nervous about anything is that something serious should i be worried because i used to have a tiny hole in my heart when i was a baby

  • i’m not watching the video because it seems to only make things worse lol but uhm i keep on getting extremely anxious because of my palpitations. i used to only notice them when I go to bed but now that I’m told to keep track of them I notice them in the day too? aaaah:( i am getting a holter monitor next week I really hope it’s nothing serious!!

  • It’s anxiety disorder, everyone. Control your breathing and focus your energy into something that doesn’t concern your health. I’ve been to the ER multiple times. Two EKG’s, three chest x-rays, and a CT scan. If you have been checked out by your doc and they say your good, believe them. That trust in your doctor is all you have, because you damn sure can’t trust yourself with how you feel right now.

  • I’m having chest pains on the left side and I went to the doctor they said my EKG came out fine and my x-rays did too.. I went to 2 different hospitals and got the same results.. but my chest is still hurting.. I honestly don’t know what to do and I’m only 15

  • Going to the doctor on monday because I keep having episodes that my mom believes are anxiety attacks, hoping that’s all it is:”)

  • When I get up out of my chair at school sometimes at home too my heart beat increases by a lot and I feel scared and confused and like crying and I’ve been feeling cold and tired lately

  • bro somebody help i get like a dizzy feeling sometimes when i walk for a few seconds then my stomach will start hurting and my chest be hurting i went to the hospital 3 times checked my heart it was fine did a blood test it was fine i think this came when i smoked weed for the first time than started running and felt like i was going to die

  • Here thinking I have cardiomyopathy, heart starts beating fast out of nowhere, but I have notice after a half a can of pepsi. Could caffeine be the culprit?

  • My hearts beats so fast specially at night time in bed. I can even hear my heart beat when I sleep on my side ways through the pillow. Sometimes it’s my heart just beat really fast while I’m asleep and it’s waking me up. I had 24h ecg then 48h then 72h but they couldn’t find anything. Sometimes when this happens, I just do my breath exercise or put some anxiety oil on my wrist watch cute puppies on YouTube to calm me ignore and pray and it works but it will happen again on the following night

  • Hy pls hlp me..i am 24 i got delivery…the baby is 6 month old….i hve chest pain and left arm neck and jaw pain…my heart beat was every day fast above 120 bpm….i hve done my ecg 4 times it was normal and i did 2 echo test tht s also normal for more clarity i took tmt test which was came normal…every test is normal but still i hve pain in chest arm neck and jaw….still my heart beat is to fast…i am vry fear…i think always negative…i think i am going to die….what is my problem…pls rply me anyone….

  • I have anxiety disorder, and sometimes I’ll be sitting peacefully, and then all of a sudden my heart will feel like it’s skipping a beat or jumping in my chest. For a short period, I’ll feel short of breath and anxious. Doctors say it’s just anxiety; I’m still suspicious.

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  • I am only 11 years old. My heart flutters started last year but it was once in a while. A few days ago i got worried and it got worse. Its happening multiple times a day accompanied by dizziness, lightheaded, heart burn, feelings of pins and needles in hands, and shortness of breath. I believe its anxiety, but i cant get my body to relax. When i lay down to sleep, i get flutters even more which makes me restless. Im too young to have an issue, but if u have tips please reply.

  • I have a weird feeling deep inside my chest that almost feels like coming from the heart. The feeling is kinda unexplainable, it’s like my heart is thumping or throbbing just for 1 second then it comes again and do the same thing every 20-30 seconds. I’ve had it for a weeks now I checked my pulse and blood pressure but everything was in a normal reading. I don’t have chest pains,dizziness,swelling, and many things that are related signs to a heart disease. I’m scared that it might turn out be something..

  • I lived with this for 20 years off and on, with long periods of little or no symptoms. There were a few periods of frequent symptoms to where I couldn’t leave the house for a year. I found that by dwelling too much on finding an emotional cause or a physical cause, I was barking up the wrong tree and making the problem worse. The real culprit, in my case anyway, was my own beliefs and suggestions as a result of an initial, scarey incident, not my childhood or problems in my life. My life problems past and present merely predisposed me to this. The real cause was that I had a bad reaction to a medication that made my heart race. I didn’t stop obsessing and my own suggestion created more and more symptoms. Everybody is different, of course, but what was most effective for me was seeing seeing my symptoms matter of factly as just a conditoned response, a learned, programmed physical reaction instead of a medical or psychologically rooted problem. That helped a ton. Yes, your emotional problems predispose you to this. Eating right, keeping healthy, finding peace of mind are essential, but if your case is like mine, anxiety is not the problem, but rather one of the symptoms of your own suggestions and beliefs. Try not to back out of going anywhere or doing things. That just strengthens and validates your negative “what if” thinking. Don’t resist the symptoms, let them flow past you. Struggling with them and wanting them to go away says to your mind that you’re anxious about your symptoms. That’s precisely what causes them. You suggest it to yourself when you try to do something about it. You can’t overcome anxiety with anxiety. Reassuring statements, breathing techniques, distracting yourself are all good and necessary at first, but they’re just bandaids. The ultimate solution is not to seek to do anything about your symptoms or even about your inability to stop focusing on them. Gradually and gently let your attention shift to other things. LET GO Accept your symptoms. You’ll be fine Don’t be so eager to relax. Don’t think of this as anxiety, unless this is a direct result of a serious emotional problem. Think of it as just a programmed response. A fluke. Look up the Panic Away program by Barry McDonaugh. It is the best program I’ve seen so far. Also look up videos by Claire Weekes and books by Reneau Peurifoy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but the best way to overcome this is by learning to gradually ignore it. But don’t run away from it, either. Every once in a while calmly observe and accept your symptoms, even ask them to bring it on. But most the time, try not to focus on your body. That takes time. Yes, symptoms will still come for a while despite your best efforts, seemingly on their own, but it’s usually because you were thinking about it a lot recently. It was rolling around in your unconscious like an event during the day that pops up in your dreams at night. Associating this with other emotional problems too much turns these problems into triggers for more attacks and in turn, the attacks trigger more despair in these other areas of your life. Again, don’t see this as a medical problem. Let your doctor decide if this is a matter of concern. I had heart symptoms thousands of times from age 29 though age 55. I’m still here at age 63. My heart is in perfect shape. You will be fine. Nothing happened the last 300 times you had symptoms, no reason to think this occasion will be any different. Millions of people go through this every day. There hasn’t been a single case of a heart attack or even fainting caused by anxiety alone.

  • I take valiums (prescribed) & I’m always having anxiety attacks and when I run out my left arm tingles some days it hurts and my chest will hurt I’m always scared it’s a heart attack ive gone to the hospital 3 times before bc I was convinced im having a heart attack. THIS SHIT SUCKS

  • My Chest beats with my heart,it moves with the beat, sometimes I even feel it on my stomach going up and down,Please tell me this is normal or caused by anxiety because I’ve been very anxious for weeks, although I don’t feel weak,my heart pulse is normal, I just feel normal,just the chest going up and down.

  • Dude I’ve been to the emergency room 3 time because I swear I was having a heart attack. I would quickly look up what these feelings were and it always said heart attack. After they said I was all good, other things pop up. My head would feel funny, I’d think maybe I’m having a stroke. Currently wearing a heart monitor. This sucks cause it came out of nowhere and now I fear not feeling my heart or feeling it to much. Sleep is they only thing that helps me. It’s not fun, I’m barley 19 and this acts up at the worst times to. I avoid my friends cause I don’t want them to see how i react. Its embarrassing. Well feel a little better just commenting, thank you

  • it feels so good i am not crazy and this is happeningother people too. oh,man, want every comment person to be my friend now. i would feels so much safer

  • Anyone else feeling pulse everywhere on there body? I hsve it everyday tho.. for almost 3 months. Its worse when laying down especially before going to sleep because it feels like something is moving on the back of my head. The pulsing feels like its mixed with some kind of vibration or tremors. Idk if everyone else is experiencing this but i got this after i got super hyperaware on my heart. Please dont tell me im the only one..

  • I’m scared of having a heart attack of course, but now I’m more scared of having Sudden Cardiac Arrest. I read somewhere that symptoms can sometimes precede the event for weeks or months beforehand, and now I’m terrified that all I’ve been feeling is a sign that in the future I’ll drop dead. I can’t stand this.

  • I am having minor panic attack right now. My heart feel like skipping a beat for 3 days and my chest pain is on off. I am crying. I have been to the ER for heartcheck for more than 5 times and now I want to go back again. It is such a nightmare

  • ima go get it checked out but i be having heart palpitations and sometimes pain and it hurts. Its just that im 17 and it scares me but idk wtf it can be im so healthy

  • I got this after we learned CPR at school and they said that a heart attack can happen to anyone. I got scared and now I can’t get it out of my head. It’s actually affecting my school life now and I’m having to come out of lessons. Sometimes I can’t even sleep because of it.:(

  • First I thought there is something wrong with my brain, visited thrice to a neurologist but he told me there is nothing to worry about just lower your stress level, everytime i visited to Dr i feel better for sometime. Than I had mri nothing came out of it.
    Next was stomach had ultrasound, again stomach had blood test, kft and lft, then chest had xray, and now heart had ecg.
    Undergoing CBT now.

  • I still suffer from this bit not as bad. I was sure there was something wrong with my heart. I would have very scary panick attacks. Then was getting dizzy episodes. Couldn’t sleep at night. The list goes on and on. I had numerous ECG tests done all shown it was okay just a little fast and that caused me too get more fear. I couldn’t do nothing without checking my heart rate. I then got a echocardiogram and that also was fine but I always felt the doctors might be missing something. I gave up all my bad habits alcohol..smoking.. junk food… in fear of something happening. Everyday I would be in a mental state that not only lost me my job but my whole social life. If I could give anyone advice as a fellow suffer it would be too never google symptoms or things you want answers too as it will make you 10 times worse! Next would be too find something you can heavily be distracted from. I got myself a puppy and it makes me do walking as a form of exercise as I was scared too before. I know exactly what its like and I would not wish it on anyone. Just always think that you have made it this far already. Good luck you got this!

  • I get heart fluttering palpitations and really bad shortness of breath even when I feel like I’m not anxious. Right now I’m laying in bed and when I lay flat, my heart feels like it’s beating all kinds of wonky and it makes it hard to breathe. I’ve always struggled with cold feet and lightheadedness… Anyone else?

  • Came on YouTube looking for meditation for anxiety as I do have a heart problem I’m waiting for an opp, out of no where I had a bpm of 188 one night and was rushed to hospital this went on for months until they sorted out the correct medication and I still think they got it wrong and something will happen again �� but since this started I’ve been obsessed with thinking I’m going to have a heart attack any minute, I can literally imagine the sensation and the pain and I’m convinced it will happen any minute, I constantly use my heart monitor especially at night and if it’s high I’m in a total panic which makes it go up �� I get so worried my jaw clenches my stomach is in knots I go dizzy I’m in total panic, things have been worse since C19 as my hospital aren’t doing any surgeries yet so I’m convinced something will happen before I get my opp and I’m worried because I have to be awake when they do it they are using laser through my groin to my heart which is freaking me out even more! I genuinely thought I was the only person worried about this it consumes you �� I wish everyone well

  • does anyone else get really specific heart attack symptoms? like the arm pain and jaw pain? i didn’t start getting these until i started paying more attention to my heart, and the fear that my heart was beating too fast. then all of a sudden i’m feeling all of this stuff

  • Bro. I don’t have jaw pain and rest of the syptoms i have…..
    I’m very stressed in this lockdown..
    Will i cure it if i do not tense my mind plz tell me I’m in worry bro… Or anxiety i dont know.
    But may god bless you for sharing this kind of knowledge as it makes my anxiety reduced..
    And how to overcome it too
    I as i think of skipped heart beats so this really happens
    And get stressed out.
    How to regain my natural healthy heart back..��

  • I have had 2 panic attacks, the first one happened when I was relaxed s month ago, and the second yesterday while I was exercising. Tomorrow I ‘ll visit a cardiologist

  • For 2 weeks now I just feel palpitations….no chest pain or breathing issues…It worsens the situation when I think about it…If i go outside i feel much relaxed…one thing is that I used to smoke 2-4 cigarettes a day….I hv stopped smokin now….what could possibly cause this….any one??????

  • I can’t explain how happy I am that I found this video! I’ve been dealing with anxiety on and off for about 4 years and for the last 2 years its been very focuses on heart anxiety. I don’t have it all the time but it resurfaces every time I experience a stressful period. I’m writing my college thesis at the moment and its taken a huge toll on me. The heart palpitations are unbearable sometimes they even shake my head, even the bed (or at least it feels like it). I avoid exercise cause I’m afraid that something will happen with my heart, its gotten to the point that everytime I get excited out of happiness my heart rate increases and instantly my head fills with negative thoughts about what might happen, is this normal etc. Its definitely made me more antisocial I used to be an extrovert, now worry drains my energy and I leave events/parties early. I go to doctors to get check ups but I always live in fear that they might have missed something, i check my pulse all the time to make sure its fine and I avoid anything that might increase it. I hope this subsides after graduation and I learn how to manage it. ���� Wishing the best to everyone who is going through this!

  • I’m having some pains in both of my arms and I don’t know what it is. I can’t stop worrying about it. It causes my anxiety to go up and makes me think I’m going to have a heart attack. Please help

  • Am just stress out completely my chest, leaf hand,herts,at nights I can’t sleep my back,herts,omg,am just afride,plz,somebody text MI I need help I went to doctor’s I do a lot of test nothing omg,help am going crazy I can’t sleep at nights

  • My mom died of heart disease. I am 52 and i have what doctor says panic attacks. But i can’t help but feel that it is heart disease. I have high cholesterol and there is a heavy squeezing feeling in my chest…i have been under a lot of stress because I’ve been caring my daughter whose in the hospital. It may just be anxiety but im going to a cardiologist to be sure.

  • I find that exercise cuts them. I walk about 3 miles a day at about 16 minute miles. That and magnesium has cut them dramatically.

  • Yes this works for me! I discovered it on my own, slowing down breathing and taking deeper breaths. THANK YOU for taking time out to help people.

  • I’ve been suffering with this for over a year now, off and on. I go through periods of time where I’m not so hyper-focused on my heart, and then other times it’s all I think about all day, every day. It’s been 2 weeks now that I’ve been having another flare up of anxiety and obsessing over my heart rate and blood pressure. I counted and I took my heart rate 95 times yesterday. ����‍♀️ It’s wearing me out. I’m scared to be alone, scared to use the bathroom, scared to shower, scared to exercise, etc. I’ve been to multiple cardiologists now, and have worn a holter monitor, had many EKGs and everything is always normal. I’ve been sobbing my eyes out all day bc of this, and having multiple panic attacks. It’s so frustrating. If anyone wants to chat, or has any advice, you can message me on Instagram: @CzarinaMedellia.

  • I’ve been living with this for a while now! My heart beats so fast and I have horrible palpitations and it brings on serious shortness of breath like I can’t breathe at all, like I have just climbed 1000 steps! Anyone else experience this?

  • my anxiety started when i got scared by something, then i got shortness of breath every time my pulse was going crazy every time its started when i was 13 or 14 but i faced these fears and continued liviving, i was dancer and i was training hard my fears dissapear but i had them sometimes 1 year ago i recovered full my sleeping routine was very good i wasnt worrying about it anymore and i didnt have thoughts, i could run 6 kilometers with few breaks and my heart wasnt going crazy everything was good but when i started thinking i was very well i started smoking and 1 month ago i got very high heartrate then my fears cameback now im suffering but slowly recovering and i know everything will be good just dont think about that worrying cant help you it gives you more thoughts just dont think about that you will get heart attack i checked my heart and doctor said everything was very well

  • I have General Anxiety it has triggered due my brother sudden heart aneurysm killed him immediately, his passing has been very traumatic to me mentally physically, my father passed very young too, they both had Marfans syndrome It runs in males in my family, I don’t have it, but it has totally created me horrible anxieties, I experience heart palpitations I’m fearful most of the times, I always get check by Cardiologist but still anxious, it’s unbearable it’s horrible living feeling like this.

  • I have health anxiety and panic attacks. My biggest fear is my heart because I lost my father with a heart attack when he was 60,I was 18 at the time.
    I’m monitoring my heart and blood pressure all the time. I usually have a perfect blood pressure but my heart rate is sometimes between 85 and 110 and this is probably due to anxiety. I know its all in my head but I can’t help myself.

  • This all started happening to me after one day I smoked weed after not smoking it in a week, then I got a panic attack and from that point on I been scared ever sincr

  • my advice is to face it…i had this same problem and i am fine now..just face it stand firm..never give will be absolutely fine…all the best to all brave hearts…

  • I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks for over 12 years now. Lately I have heart anxiety where I am always scared that I will have a heart attack and die, to a point where I went and got ecg and treadmill stress test done, all cam eback normal. I did not trust the doctor so I went to another doctor again. They all say I don’t have. A problem with my heart. I always carry a blood pressure machine with me wherever I go. I check my BP many many times a day. It’s taking over my life

  • Every time I try to go to bed I always end up thinking I’m having a heart attack and it doesn’t stop it all started when I felt sudden heart pain and then now I can’t stop checking my heartbeat and looking on google for my symptoms my left side always hurts and then my right but I’m always convinced it’s something bad I’ve visited a doctor and they said everything was fine but I can believe them the symptoms are getting worse and I don’t know what to do

  • Is it normal to have a fast heart beat every single time. It’s been 5 days my heart beat so fast. I went to the hospital,but they just diagnose me as Dehydration. They add water in my blood and i drink a lot of water since then. I believe it at first but after a few days,nothing change. My heart still beating fast. Is this a symptom of heart attack? Im so worried and my anxiety makes it worst that i cant sleep. Im more scared when im alone. Im still 16.

    I dont know how to calm down and i cant sleep. I ve watched a lot of videos on youtube on how to calm myself but it dont works. I’ve told my parents about it but they just take it lightly and act like it wss dehydration only while im here suffering this and think it might be worst than dehydration. Yes,i do not drink a lot of water everyday but since i was diagnose as dehydration,i drank a lot of water and still,nothing change. Please hear my concern and calm me. Im scared im too young for this.

  • I have anxiety and I’ve also checked my heart condition to the cardiologist. The cardiologist said that my heart is fine, but whenever panic attack hits me, I always think that diagnosis is already invalid. I think that I just developed some heart problems and I need to check my heart condition again.

  • i have constant burping, left arm discomfort and sometimes pain, chest tightness, pain on the left side of my chest, my neck hurts sometimes, heartburn and sometimes i feel like i’m short of breath. my parents won’t take me to a doctor because i got a blood pressure monitor a few years ago and my bp is fine, i’m constantly scared of a heart attack:((( it sucks

  • After two days of feeling fine, I started to get this burning skin sensation again and for some reason my heart started racing and it felt difficult to breathe. My psycologist confirmed that I have intense anxiety but mY fear of a heart attack is taking over. It’s so hard to feel positive.

  • People are saying this is helpful it is until the very last bit when it’s says how it can acc cause a heart attack which is what I worry about everyday

  • I just realized I have this phobia… I just thought this was a normal part of having generalized anxiety disorder, but clearly not (to this degree).

    My anxiety skyrocketed when a family member died of an enlarged heart very suddenly. He wasn’t even 30, but on high-risk medications and the doctors didn’t monitor him enough. I had daily panic attacks w/ chest pains for 3 consecutive years. No treatments worked, I just eventually managed to ignore it and it “went away” for a few years. Fuck anxiety

  • Can cardiophobia create false feelings like (palpitations,chest pain,pounding heart etc) even if I got tested and I have a healthy heart?

  • Does anyone get burning pain where it feels like it’s coming from the heart? �� I’m struggling because I keep thinking I’m going to die when I went to doctor and she said everything fine and that I have a healthy body:/

  • Cardiophobia is slowly but surely destroying my quality of life. I’m 28, eat healthy. I don’t drink and I have quit smoking. I use to be SOOO active,I mean seriously….I WALKED EVERYWHERE. Any weather didn’t care I walked. I use to love exercise. Nowadays can’t even walk outside to the damn mailbox I’m so afraid. I’ve been to the ER so many times. I can feel my heart beating everyday all day. I don’t wanna live like this anymore. Suffering from anxiety for 10 years now! And it’s making me very depressed. Use to love walking everyone says it’s soooo good for anxiety..I say HA yeah right not anymore now I gotta find something else to cope with anxiety because I can’t exercise anymore.

  • I have already done 2decho, ecg, 24hr holter. And it all came back normal. Although i have my palpitation and i feel my heart fluttering or skip a beat. My cardio tells me that it is normal. But its hard for me to accept it because every single day i always feel this symptoms and it drives me crazy… this heart fluttering is so annoying.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who suffers from this. I’m always checking my pulse and it’s worse at night because when I try to sleep I randomly get heart palpitations which drive me into a state of panic. I’m in good health and doctors have said my heart and blood pressure are fine. My worst fear is dying from a heart attack! ����

  • Ok so this is where I’m at 5 months ago my upstairs neighbor had a massive heart attack he was only 34 yes he survived but I saw the whole thing go down and it has really messed with my head I wake up feeling fine and I start thinking what if that could happen to me I’ll go to the doctor they tell me everything is fine things are good for a few days then I’m right back in the same boat no chest pains but I get a funny feeling in my arm that stays the more I think about it the longer it last. It will go away then comes back the next day and it freaks me the hell out. And I obsess about dropping dead it effects me at work home I’m very quiet when it happens and distance my self from everyone including my wife and kids I hate living like this its controlling my life what should I do?……

  • i’ve developed some sort of anxiety after suffering a panic attack from smoking too much marijuana in a short time span. i tried searching for the exact kind of anxiety i’m experiencing for 3 months now and I’ve finally found it. Cardiophobia. i’ve went to the doctors only once and they’ve said i’m the healthiest I could be but a part of me wants complete reassurance through a second opinion. i still feel the fear even though I consciously know i’m fine, i just can’t help but overthink due to how unpredictable life can be. thank you for shedding light on this fear, and it helps to know i’m not alone in this obstacle.

  • It is a terrible phobia. I used to walk a lot, one time I was always active and happy, but 1 year ago something changed, and I even don’t know why. I’ve seen many cardiologists, they said my heart is totally fine, but everytime I feel a little chest pain or tachycardia, I fall in a state of fear and darkness. I don’t trust that my heart perfectly works. When I do yoga, or I try to do gym my heart starts to beat faster and I don’t recognize it as a normal phenomenon. It’s something really bad.

  • When I was younger. I didn’t care much and i just eat w.e. After suffering panic attack I started worry about my heart. I started eating healthy and i lost 15 pounds in less than 3 months.

  • I had heart surgery at 7 months old, I’ve never had any problems, complete recovery, I live a normal life. I constantly feel like my heart will come back to haunt me and I’m living on borrowed time.

  • I am always in constant fear of a heart attack I have heart palpitations, I check my pulse all the time, can’t get my mind on somthing else,ache in my tricep, some chest pain Ineed reassurance

  • I also have something like that..i went for a movie and my heart rate increased all of a sudden without doing anything and from then i am fearing it..i have hands on my neck all time etc…its quite less now as i have acknowledged its only anxiety and nothing else…i hope i can connect to some of you here via email whatsapp or fb so that we can motivate each other…or we can make a group or something

  • Guys pls mail me anyone who is going through this. I really need to talk to someone who has went through this as nobody is understanding my situation. its [email protected] we can talk and help each other get out of this.

  • Yesterday I got really spooked because I was in class and suddenly my heart rate went super high,and I wasn’t even moving nor was I stressed. Since yesterday I feel frightened about my heart,I’m scared because my mom says I don’t have any problems in the heart,and that they just don’t pop up like that. I’ve recently been medicated for anxiety and plus,I’m hypochondriac. I’m scared because my heart rate is really weird and I feel my chest tight and my parents don’t quite get it

  • I am suffring from the same disease some time my chest pain and arm pain been to many doctors and did a number of ecg all the doctor say this coz of anxiety taking escitalopram but its not helping

  • My problem is heart rate i check the heart doctor but heart doctor says anxiety heart doctor test echography off my heart echo is ok but my left side pain and heart rate increace i chk the brian doctor he says anxirty plz my main problem is i can not bear any pressure why? Plz advised hoe to remove this anxiety thks my age sy 20

  • Is it only me who feels that I have a heart disease? Suffering from General Anxiety Disorder. I have met my cardiologist 2 months back and did an echo test. And all she said was my heart is healthy. I was fine for 2 months. Now again I have started to worry. I have done 2 echos and 5 ECG in just 6 months now and all reports are fine. But I feel so anxious about this. Sometimes I feel a slight pain or strain in my left side of the left chest. Please help me

  • Heart anxiety is real friends i have it bad and had to be put on beta blockers skipped beats premature beats chest pain you name i have it but yet my heart is fine and strong but if we let the anxiety take over we are in trouble im here for y’all if y’all need any comfort and info and yes i check my blood pressure constantly and BPM thats how bad the anxiety is

  • You study people who eat up to 44% carbs and then imply their results “correlate” with “keto”? Fake news. “Up to 44% carbs” IS NOT KETO. Additionally, if the people are eating animal proteins and fats that are full of glyphosate because they are not buying organically fed animals, that would represent a poison problem, not a keto problem. Same if they are eating animal products full of antibiotics that are wiping out their gut biome… not a keto problem, but a contaminate food supply chain problem. No wonder this video only has 2,600 views.

  • I have had this problem for a while now, it started with a sudden panic attack last year during a pretty stressful time of my life. I also think I had some sort of anxiety before that, I was constantly nervous before any activity whatsover, but I learned to cope. So the first panic attack realy was a big shock.
    Now I am terrified of relaxing my body, I an somehow convinced that if I do, my heart will just stop. Like it is my own effort and tension that keeps me going. But this tension again only makes me experience more symptoms, so its an evil circle realy. I cant sleep anymore, I mistake the feeling of tiredness with passing out, and the days after a hard workout I feel a fatigue which I also mistake for a heart disease.
    I am currently going to a psychologist, and I realy need to learn to relax. I have been checked 3 times, two where I scheduled an appointment, and one where I my panic attack even freaked out my parents, and we went straight to the emergency room. That time i was hyperventilating, which I misunderstood as symptoms of a heart attack, and I was even ready to say goodbye to my mom in the ride to the emergency room.
    Of course there wasnt anything physically wrong with me, and I was tested thouroughly, but I cant shake of the thought that there could be something they didnt see. I have heard about people with no prior symptoms who apparently just get a sudden cardiac arrest, and the doctors still cant explain why it happened. So there is a part of me thinking that that could be me. And I know I am going to die sometime, and that sometime could be anytime, and I just realized that last year. I wish I could go back to being a child again, totaly free of these thoughts, thinking that I am immortal.

  • Here because I’m having pains up my right arm, recently was given antibiotics that cause dysphagia. Can’t tell if my arms painful and going numb because I’m thinking about it or if it’s a real issue. Doctors are really not helping check on any issue.

  • I just want to say when my heart skips a beat I get really scared is it dangerous I have all the symptoms is skipping heart beats dangerous

  • i cant sleep i can feel my heart beating in my chest every time i try i can feel the palpitations n sometimes it starts to hurt….. ik its only anxiety but oh my god i dont know what to do. i jus wanna sleep i jus wanna sleep i jus wanna sleep ������

  • This video really resonated me as I’m someone who believes there’s something wrong with their heart..I lost my grandma a year ago (I was her caregiver ) and shortly after she passed I developed anxiety..nothing too crazy just anxious feelings and heart palps..I did get an EKG test done for peace of mind with my primary care and it came back normal.Ive never made hospital trips or been to a cardiologist but I’ve thought of it when my anxiety got to a point where I would get shock pains in my chest or discomfort..mind you no heart disease or problems run in my family..diabetes does which I don’t have..but there was times it would be so crippling I completely closed myself off which was the worst thing I could do and I even saw my primary again to do an EKG she had to do it twice cause the first one she can clearly see my anxiety on the monitor and my heart rate resting was just too high..she knew I wouldn’t like that answer and repeated and asked if I wanted to see a cardiologist for peace of mind not that anything was wrong..the second one came out perfect..I thought that trip would put my mind at ease but when I fee the sensations of anxiety I go back to fearing of having a heart attack or researching the web and just scaring myself about if should’ve gotten more’s a battle and even me thinking about being active is like wow I can’t do it although I’m a dog walker and walk my own dog and walk everywhere…so thank you for this video and having a group of people I can connect to because after having these tests and being told I’m I’m great health and sometimes I still don’t believe it made me feel like there was really something wrong with me..

  • Ask your physician for a halter monitor if it’s freaking you out. Yes its annoying to have something strapped to your chest for 3 days but at least then you’ll have info

  • I dont have chest pain and im 15 years old but im palpitating especially when i move a little movement or actions, is this arrhythmia? I also wake up having a racing heartbeat im scared���� can someone help mee,����������i still have a lot of dreams. I dont want to die

  • Who has a fast heartbeat without a known medical cause, Can you drink two tablespoons of (olive oil) Before breakfast, Before lunch, Before dinner, For 3 days,, Then it will become clear what the problem is

  • Goodafternoon. I’ve been experiencing this for 2 days now. This is the first time I encountered this. I feel exhausted and whenever I’m about to sleep this shortness of breath and Fast heartbeat bothers me. Help me please

  • I’m going thru this right now
    My heart is causing problems
    My left arm is tingling and losing feeling
    Can’t sleep good and sweating feeling like throwing up or passing out
    Can’t jog anymore or even enjoy my day
    I’m tired of this and I just wish Things went back to normal
    I feel God gave up on me

    Everyday I feel like I’m going to have A heart attack and die
    My aniexty is bad

  • This happens to me and my little siblings almost every day. Almost my whole family has asd which means there is a tiny hole in your heart it causes lots of stuff but it’s not that bad for us

  • I got laced and my heart beat was racing over 160 when i was relaxed. Went to the hospital and they took care of it. Its now around 70 to 95. I wear my apple watch to check the pulse and its a little jumpy. Im only 16 and been very healthy. I feel tired when doing activities. Is this normal? Its been a day and a half since.

  • I was 114 kilos and now 94, in barely a month of somewhat keto diet AND IF. I can’t wait for the day that I would be 70 or 80 plus kilos. Cause that would be shedding off two decades of my face. I’d go back to what I previously look like 20 years ago. I ain’t going back to eating three cups of rice, one pan of lasagna and five burgers for the life of me. It’s all behind me now. Being obese is no laughing matter. Lives and livelihood are at risk. The quality of life is affected. When meat would make me constipated I’d turn to veggies and fish. Throw away the sodas, donuts, cakes and ice cream. What I get in return is less medication and better quality of life.

  • 44% is not a KETO diet. The governmental guidelines are the dangerous part. Pushing breakfast cereals, oatmeal, margarine, egg white only omelets, low fat milk (milk sugar lacrosse mostly), low fat yogurt (lots of added sugar), low salt. If you take in too much salt your body will eliminate. If you take in too little salt you can experience heart palpitations.

  • I’m having palpitations after only 2 weeks of keto. I joining WW. I know keto caused it. LISTEN to your body every, and do what works for you!

  • Actually this is true for me. During my fasting stages I get ectopic heartbeats and disappear once I eat. So fasting DOES affect heart rhythm.

  • Love the results from ketosis BUT after 2 weeks of moderate protein, less than 50 grams of carbs and the remainder with good fats I always get PVC’s.

    Cannot figure out why and my Cardiologist cannot help me. When I go off and out from ketosis it resolves itself usually within another week or two.

    It sucks cause I really like all the other effects. Any ideas?

  • I don’t have anxiety though. I’m happy and healthy. Why is my heart doing this? It just happened and it randomly started beating rapidly so I took 2 deep breaths and it just went away. I don’t have a heart condition.

  • this happened to me and I was horrified!!! Thought I was dying. I lost 20 lbs but I couldn’t sleep because of my heart palpitations.

  • The last time I went down to 0-20 carbs my heart did that & it scared me. I thought it could of been a mineral or electrolyte deficiency so I started taking minerals and electrolytes. I still felt shitty and got off of it.

  • It’s sad that this lazy ass journalism is what educates humanity, it’s really sad..
    Not only was the most inaccurate way to perform a study here in a questionnaire format but they completely misrepresented what a low carb diet is.. The study refers to. low carb as someone who takes in 48% of their daily caloric intake in carbs, well reality for anyone on a true low carb diet is 5%..
    This is desperation from the anti keto. community that stand to lose money from it’s success.. That would be the sugar and corn. industry and big pharma, who knows this show may be getting paid as well..

  • Thank you dear sir. Even in 2020 this is so helpful! I appreciate it and will try this breathing method now! God speed! You are a true blessing!

  • Sir why in day to day my heart vibrate i dont know what are having in heart sir this symptoms i am not understanding sir please help me
    in the july my heart was very fast i go to hyderabad special heart beat doctor we are scanning and saying it’s normal then i came to home 15 days in my heart was fasting and then this time my heart was vibrate and heart bottom to up coming vibrate what can i do sir plzzz
    Help me help me help me sir please please plzzz please

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  • . This deep breathing exercise is nothing but yoga. It’s part of a set of exercises called Pranayam. It should work. Thank you doctor. You are a marvel. God bless you.

  • So glad I found this community. I was told for so many years that what I was experiencing was “all in my head”. When I finally saw the evidence of my ectopics on the ECG trace I was so happy. However, I was told that there’s nothing I could do to control them so I’m very grateful for these videos!

  • Just wanna let you all know, NO one is alone i started having palpitations and sometimes i felt like my heartbeat was really fast waking me up at night. i have gotten a stress test, ekg, Echocardiogram all of it came back good we all just have to stay positive and remeber were all not alone, we just have to find a way to live cheerish the life we have ❤️stay safe peeps

  • Herr Doktor, is it common and/or normal for skipped beats and diastolic BP drops to occur simultaneously? E.g., I bend over as in gardening, right myself to standing position, and the ectopics-beat skips-diastolic drops all happen for awhile. Checking my neck pulse the skips are regular, and no afib detected. Diastolic drops sometimes are into the 50’s.

  • Dr pls solve my problem m 29 years old kfi tym sy high bp n heart beat fast prob grmi lgti h or heart rate fast hojata h weight b heigth sy zydh h married hu no child 7 years hogye bch mei cholestrol issue b agea ta

  • Hi Santay I have been watching your videos for a while.
    I find your videos have been so helpful and informative in getting me through some health problems, which have caused me worry. About 10mnths ago I had bp that’s was 140/80 I questioned why I needed meds so I had a twenty four hour monitor which proved that my bp in 24hrs w as okay.
    Then start with a steady heart beat which I could hear in my chest.
    My Blood pressure at times was 240/118 I panicked I was put on medication immediately. My thyroid med was lowered to no avail.
    So once again contacted GP has it had been going on for 3mnths.once again my bloods showed I was borderline
    So medication adjustment once more & ECG on offer.
    Waching your videos on palpitations and blood pressure have helped me understand enormous help
    And very grateful for your time making the videos Thankyou so much


  • You are a treasure doctor. I cannot believe you exist. You are kind, compassionate and understanding… the exact opposite of all the doctors I have had the misfortune of treating me all my life. Please stay as lovely as you are and carry on sharing your knowledge with us.

  • Nice Information. Should we practice stomach breathing or chest breathing? Which one is comparatively best? (I have ectopic and I am used to chest breathing)

  • I’ve had 4 resting ecg,blood work,chest X-ray and even an event monitor,and the doctor says I’m completely fine but my left arm hurts and chest pain and I’ll get the strongest palpitations that make me hunch over,and it makes no sense there’s no family history of cardiac issues or sudden cardiac death and I’ve been in boxing and eating good,there is no reason for me to be scared but I am,this video gave me a little sense of ease,I’m scared of sudden cardiac arrest because of all the YouTube videos I’ve seen about athletes and kids getting it:(

  • Legit im a chill dude and tbh i never really get anxiety or attacks, but just before i go to bed my heart starts to beat really loud and fast and if anything it pisses me off.

  • When I have heart palpitations-I immediately take in a long deep breath-hold it- bend forwardslowly releasing. I keep it up for about 3Xs. It regulates and normalized the heart rythum. Also, you have to either cut out caffeinated drinks and chocolate ice cream OR greatly moderate them. I went to vanilla ice cream for that occasional treat and I put Lemon in water, with stevia, dash of cinnamon, and cayenne In My Coffee Mug. ( the mug in hand. Sykes the brain into thinking it’s coffee) it helped me to make the switch…..No more panicky attacks, heart racing etc. Oh, also I should say. I quit smoking and switched over to stevia or pure maple syrup. That white sugar is a killer and acts just like cocaine in the brain. Back in the 70s they called me a health food nut-Now science proves me right. -the happy health food nut. ☺☺☺☺


  • Hi only just came across your channel any advice on eptopic beats that keep waking me up in the morning being happening for almost a week now hardly getting any sleep I got a ILR fitted thanks

  • Dr. Good morning. Every night as I am about to fall asleep I get a thud like feeling in my chest and then I find it difficult to get back to sleep immediately. It takes some real time before I sleep again. Any idea what’s the problem is and what should I do about it. Please advice.

  • Thanks �� Doctor �� Gupta. For your sharing knowledge and make people Educated about it. Many Doctors just give pills and don’t explain patients at all or just keep Raising Doses. Don’t care patients getI side effects. Anyway I have done around over 15 years medical research on Yoga, Pranayama ( all kind of breathing exercises) sit straight with erect spine, so open up bottom of the Lungs. 5 seconds breath in with both nostrils �� ( watch clock second hands ) while exhale has to be slowly, gently, and Smoothly ( no jerky movement,s like fast n hopping ) If it takes longer than 5 seconds it’s okay �� because Ratio is 1:2 so 5 seconds inhale and 10 seconds Exhale. Need practice a lot. Once you do good Exhalation then Increase inhale 6 to 12 Exhale. Bottom of the Lungs get plenty O2, helps increase the stamina of lungs. Not only Ectopic beats but many respiratory diseases. Good Luck ��. ��.

  • I am so grateful for your videos. It has been a tremendous help. You are kind and caringqualities that are hard to find. Thank you so much.

  • There a section on my iwatch that has a breathing app. I have used it very seldom. But, having done the five seconds breathing in and five seconds breathing out. It has seven breaths on it. Pretty close.
    Maybe Apple could reconfigure it for six breaths.???

  • Very interesting. Could it be working because it essentially becomes a curious mindfulness exercise? I wonder if it was done over a longer period of time I also wonder if it would have a more lasting effect. Thank you for telling us about the paper.

  • Just want to say a big thank you for your extremely informative videos. I was plagued with ectopic beats which came on suddenly over a week ago. The breathing exercise has stopped them completely.

  • Good tip since 2 months I feel like my heart is sinking and I will die my head feel so heavy its daily routine only at night just when I begin to sleep or during sound sleep I am taking 20mcg beta blocker I have sub clinical hypothyroid taking 12.5 mcg thyroxin sodium since 2 yrs plz help I am 63 plus 9 months old F in india!!

  • What has most helped reduce my PVCs is regular walking(two miles/day) and weight training. I used to have the most emphatic PVCs you can imagine it was like an explosion in my chest BANG! It would happen while lying in the bed, as well as upon inhaling or exhaling. At the time, I was completely deconditioned, and also had way too fast heart rate. I had a million dollar work up and they found nothing physically wrong with my heart. The cardiologist and my pcp said the best thing to ameliorate the problem would be aerobic exercise. Upon finally accepting this advice and starting my walking and exercise program, I now have markedly reduced incidence of PVCs, although I do occasionally still get some mild ones. Now, I’m also taking magnesium, which does seem to relax my vessels and lower blood pressure.

  • If certain breathing patters/exercises reduce ectopic beats, then doesn’t it stand to reason that other breathing patterns could cause them to start or increase? Many of us are trying to figure out how these things got started in the first place, what we have maybe done wrong.

  • Magnesium and EFT/Tapping (see Nick Ortner on YouTube to learn tapping). You tap on the different meridians in your body. This helps lessen anxiety, pain and a few other issues. I love grounding in nurture to relax. Take off shoes and walk outside relaxes the body/reflexology through feet. Essential oils to relax. Listening to positive affirmations/meditations/law of attraction type on YouTube. Definitely incorporate this breathing exercise as well. Like you said it will not hurt to try it. Same with the other modalities above. Will only help. Try it, if it works incorporate, otherwise go on to the next. I was fortunate enough to find you over a year ago. You really have helped several friends as well as myself. Thank you so much for being so kind, generous and for sharing your wisdom with us.

  • That must be what I feel and it’s very scary I think I’m going to have a Stroke especially right now during this bad of a day mate I am terrified that I will end up having to go to the hospital so it must be what I have can you please explain appointment is a video that tells me with this condition is because sometimes it as I’m getting older it feels like my heart is like skipping a beat or most I can explain it and then it almost feels like gas in my chest at the same time

  • It works for me doc. thank you. My heart was beating irrigularly for 5 days. And on the fifth day I was beginning to feel pain in my chest. I am 66 years old, and was hospitalized twice for heart attack. After seeing this video, I try this exercise. On the first day my chest pain gone. And after three days my heart begin to beat regularly, but not all the time. It is now the fifth day I practise this exercise. This exercise not only cure my irregular hart beat, but also give me some other benefits. And I intend to practise it all my life. thank you again. I feel I have to tell you this doc so that you know that this video is very very useful. keep up the good work.:-) thank you.

  • My heart rate is extremely fast, my chest is always tight. But apparently there is nothing wrong with me…Thankyou for this, I will try, Thankyou

  • Doc, I really appreciate you, you have helped me in the past. Today I take 250mg of magnesium in the morning. I am 6’5 265 pounds. How much magnesium can I take… Can I take 500mg supplement daily?

  • I have this random thumping in my heart from time to time and it feels like I’m gonna pass out and I went for and ECG and nothing showed up so idk what to do is it anxiety?

  • i think it may be related to hyperventilation causing decreased CO2 or hypocapnia. I have had to hold my fist over my nose to help reduce to help me get through while driving. being anxious about passing out while driving drives up my anxiety even more. will try the breathing technique as well to see how it works.

  • Something I have noticed is that if you are having a bad one (getting clammy and air starved) is to splash cold water on your face.

  • Hi Dr Gupta, or anyone here, are ectopics and palpitations the same thing? I’m an RN and should know this: 0. And does the magnesium help immediately or after a few days? Thanks in advance for any insight and a huge THANKS to Dr Gupta

  • As always you help so many of us out here. Helps us not to worry and get stressed out about all these different arythmias. You wonder what in the world is going on with our hearts to cause so much of this! Before I had my catheter ablation I had SVTs for 5 years..where I was on meds and had to do the breathing exercises to stop them for a while. What I did was take a deep breath….hold my breath…then push the air out while I was pushing down hard in the lower part of my body as if I was making a bowel movement. Sounds weird but that’s what my cardiologists told me to do. What you are talking about seems to help me now that I have skipping beats while resting…maybe once a day for a few seconds.

  • What do you do when nothing works? Magnesium, potassium, taurine, larginie, hawthorne, breathing, meditation, exercise, yoga…… What do you do when doctors wont listen that they are ruining your life? What then?

  • can one still take Magnesium supplements while also taking Diltiazem extended release daily for SVT? And I heard Ca+ channel blockers can make one constipated? Mg helps me sleep and also for regular gut movement.

  • Can I just say something about this “deep” breathing? I was just listening to Michael Norman of Panic Free TV and he was explaining how hyperventilation causes a drop in carbon dioxide in turn altering the pH of the blood and causing the body’s organs to behave differently. He also mentioned that “deep” breathing, as we’ve all been told to do when we need to relax may actually lead to hyperventilation for some of us. Now the problem with that is if hyperventilation turns out to be a cause of ectopic heartbeats, and people who have panic attacks have inadvertently become conditioned to fear their palpitations, they will spiral into a full-blown panic attack and just ended up with more and more palpitations. The breathing technique which I think is the one that helps is, rather than “deep” it is a slowing of the breath, almost not breathing at all. I was reading about the Buteyko breathing technique when I was looking for ways to help my asthma and then I was looking for ways to help with panic attacks when I had one after my asthma medication (Symbicort) seemed to trigger a panic attack, then I stumbled across Michael Norman of Panic Free TV. I’m only up to episode 2 of his free online course and haven’t heard the breathing technique that he recommends but I bet it’s going to be something similar to this slowing down of the breath, like Buteyko. Breathing through your nose but not deeply into your chest, just so lightly that you almost aren’t breathing at all. And then once you’ve master it, you have to remember to do it as soon as you feel your panic rising or preferable as soon as you recognise a negative thought you are having that will cause you to gasp, or as soon as you get an ectopic heart beat if that’s the first thing you notice, and then see if that helps. It seems that the words “anxiety” and “deep breathing” are thrown around so much that we don’t realise what our normal habits of breathing and thinking are actually doing to our bodies. I bet most of us here hyperventilate, you know, take in a big gulp or air, when we get stressed, and start the whole ball rolling with this vicious cycle of ramping up our fight or flight response and the palpitations are probably a part of that for some people. Magnesium and potassium levels, possibly sodium if one is eating a low carb diet, can certainly cause palpitations too, but I bet this slowing down of the breath will really help if we can remember to do it at the key moments when it matters. There are a few demonstration videos on youtube for the Buteyko breathing technique. I’d try that rather than breathing in slowly for 5 seconds because I think I would over-breath and end up hyperventilating slightly if I spent 5 seconds breathing in if I was already starting to panic. Thanks for your videos by the way. It’s really great that you are giving your time to help us all here on youtube!

  • In So Gong this is called the ” box ” breathing. In hale up for 6 sec. Hold across 6 sec. Inhale down 6 sec hold bottom across 6 sec then up etc 5 times.

  • Chinese ‘MEDICINE’ is about 5000 ( ) years old while Western medicine is less than 200 years old. Can you guess which ‘medicine’ i’d rather put my trust in??? BTW, Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Again, which choice should i put my trust in?? WESTERN MEDICINE or Ayurvedic??? Do the math, folk$.

  • I have pvc i think they are hormonal related with my cycle and i take 12.5 mg of metoprolol and it seems to help me not feel them so much. Currently i have a cold and a lot of congestion and i am noticing my pcv a lot and of course making me anxious. My bp is a bit higher than normal running 138/75 right now while i have my congeation. Can congestion create more pvc

  • Thank you so much. This exercise works for me everytime I remember to practice it. Most of the times ectopics disappear. I would like to understand better the reasoning why its so effective. I strongly recommend to give it a try.

  • For the last three days I have had what I describe as ‘flutters’. It will randomly occur when I’m doing nothing. It doesn’t hurt.. I can just feel it. Sometimes if I stand up and walk around a little there will be more ‘flutters’. I don’t know if it’s anxiety or not.. I fear going to bed every night thinking of all the possibilities. Just thinking about it and typing this up right now is making my stomach churn.. Anyone else experiencing these? If not, does anyone know if they are brought on by stress, anxiety, or something along those lines?

  • I suffer terribly from bigeminy PVC’s and feel every single one. It crippled me with paralyzingly anxiety and fear. The chest pain was debilitating and my life was at a standstill. I’ve been through 8 different beta blockers until finally a combination of Bystolic 10 mg twice a day and norvasc 5 mg once a day with magnesium taurate 125mg twice a day finally gave me some relief by cutting the PVC’s in half, not gone but much better. Also increased exercise, no caffeine. I’m going to try the breathing exercises you recommend also. Your wonderful doctor and thank you for caring so much. God bless.

  • This is a very helpful advice. I have practised it for several years with good result. I found the technique when I started practicing yoga! A common calming yoga breathhing. Very good! I use it whenever I feel worried about something like going to the dentist. It also helps against pain or any stress reaction when it is common ypur breathing get short anh shallow.

  • I had palpitations after I eat or laying down and I found out I was eating to fast and taking in to much air with I swallowed food. I got rid of palpitations by taking digestive enzymes with each meal. I use pure encapsulations which is an vegan formula with hci in it. I suffered for about a year and now completely heart palpitation free. I did stop all sodas and cut back sugar.