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Henry Rollins said, “I have learned more from rejection and failure than from acceptance and success.” This is like a slap in the face when you are down in the mu. Popular culture and mainstream media sure make it sound like it’s OK to fail; in fact, failure is a necessity, a prerequisite for success. As one pundit wrote, ‘A credible failure makes an.

Early educational reformer John Dewey said it best: “Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” At Envision Education, we embrace Dewey’s notion of failure, believing it to be essential to learning. One of the mottoes that Diego Rodriguez and I use at the Stanford is “failure sucks, but instructs.” We encourage students to learn from the constant stream of small setbacks and. Lessons to learn from failure: Nothing is guaranteed in life, including your success.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue your desire in life, because when you do, you greatly increase your chances of success. 2. Failure is not a step backward; it’s an excellent stepping stone to success. We never learn to move out of our comfort zone if we don’t overcome our fear of. This activity was a success right from the start.

When I asked the group for a definition of failure I was delighted by the responses. One student said, “I don’t think there is a thing like failure because we always learn something from our mistakes.”. 10. Success can only grow from failure. Benjamin Disraeli, a former British Prime Minister said, “All my successes have been built on my failures.” Indeed, failure is only a tipping point when one is on the road to success.

Without failure, we as humans don’t learn and our movement toward success. Welcome Failure. There can be no success without failure. You should welcome failure as an opportunity to learn and you will learn from failure. The fees for learning from failure may seem too high sometimes, but in the long run you will somehow discover it a worthwhile price to pay.

Winston Churchill once said “Success is your ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” The most successful people are simply the ones who didn’t give up. Finding the motivation to believe in yourself and press on is paramount. 8.

List of related literature:

Learning from failures thus is a subset of learning from errors.

“Frontier and Future Development of Information Technology in Medicine and Education: ITME 2013” by Shaozi Li, Qun Jin, Xiaohong Jiang, James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park
from Frontier and Future Development of Information Technology in Medicine and Education: ITME 2013
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Only when a person or a firm learns from failure does failure become valuable, providing progress towards the accomplishment of a goal.

“Entertainment Science: Data Analytics and Practical Theory for Movies, Games, Books, and Music” by Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Mark B. Houston
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Determining the correct strategy for learning from a failure depends on the failure’s causes and context, which often go hand in hand.

“Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy” by Amy C. Edmondson
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The teacher should keep in mind, however, that although the concept of ‘learning from one’s failures’ may have positive features, some difficulties, including the disintegration of motivation, may result when a student learns from failure merely that he or she has failed.

“Teaching in Further Education: An Outline of Principles and Practice” by L. B. Curzon
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The teacher should keep in mind, however, that although the concept of ‘learning from one’s failures’ may have positive features, some difficulties, including the disintegration of motivation, might result when a student learns from failure merely that he or she has failed.

“Teaching in Further Education: An Outline of Principles and Practice” by L. B. Curzon, Jonathan Tummons
from Teaching in Further Education: An Outline of Principles and Practice
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So, although failing can be desirable, it must be in a setting where failures are learning opportunities.

“Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving” by Arnaud Chevallier
from Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving
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Success and failure are relevant concepts before and at the point of entry, during the learning experience, at its completion, and afterwards.

“Key Concepts in Adult Education and Training” by Malcolm Tight
from Key Concepts in Adult Education and Training
by Malcolm Tight
RoutledgeFalmer, 2002

When asked explicitly about learning through failure, every subject stated that they learned when they failed, but the amount of learning they reported varied.

“Instructional Design: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Instructional Design: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
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In this sense, failure is a prerequisite for learning.

“Introduction to Theories of Learning: Ninth Edition” by Matthew H. Olson
from Introduction to Theories of Learning: Ninth Edition
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The theory suggests that the success factor is far more significant than the failure factor in developing learning motivation.

“Research in Education” by Educational Resources Information Center (U.S.)
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  • I’ve looked through 5 speeches at this point and nothing is similar to my failure, what a waste of time this has all been ive learnt nothing

  • Good message, no new age bull, just plain speaking common sense. You cant always have exactly what you want in life. I’ve experienced that. You can have something else which is just as fulfilling, sometimes better.

  • i always find myself coming back to this video. it always manages to remind me that i have the power to make a difference if only i take all the steps to get to where i want to be

  • Lol the one about the parents is soo true, my dad is making me work for him everyday and I prefer making less money and have freedom than being controlled.

  • Hi, I want to go into economics and finance field, but not have the funds to pursue uni education yet. I want to start teaching myself the basic maths and economics from free resources I can find on Youtube, et cetera. Please can anyone recommend any free resources for say Maths, algebra, calculus, quadratics, etc… for independent learning…. Please recommend

  • Just gave an interview today..was prepared to do well…so wen it started i was pretty confident but later when questions were asked i coudnt answer.. Sincr i never heard of those terms and questions…so slowly and slowly my confidence went down…after the interview got over i felt i know nothing…n felt hopeless dumb for somtime…i dont know how to take this in a positive way
    I want the job in my merit not by some favours..since this interview happened coz of my fren..i dont want her to convince anyone from me to get this job…i feel i ve more potentinal..but things aren’t working out

  • That’s not about failer. This video is all about how she made it from poverty to standard living.
    Failer is all about a person who doesn’t know how to use brain and then he finds out he becomes successful, is known as it is.

  • Today I was bullied in my class because of my family’s financial problem, it was so horrible and I was really depressed about it and I don’t have words what I’m feeling right now after this video. Just a big thank you M2S. You helped me to pass this hard time.

  • This video is everything I need now that im doing a math major, math is not only difficult due to the material but also because of the anxiety that comes with it, and learning how to cope with that anxiety is half the battle.

  • This video is really inspiring I try to listen to it on a daily basis to keep going in life having scored 264 on my Jamb but expecting higher. I really want to be the best pediatrician the world has ever seen.

  • I am 2nd year engineering studen. And a failure one. I fail my 2 major subject and I think I fail it again. I almost gave up. I am watching this to motivate myself again to not give up. Someday, I’ll be back here. If I become ENGINEER. I will not give up.

  • Nice Video! In Germany we call this “Scheitern als Chance” literally “founder as a chance”. We teach this our pupils in class. So it’s a great visualization! Thank you!

  • I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, I currently feel that it was all more a way to show myself I was able to commit to something and get it done, cause I don’t think I will work as a chemical engineer but I do think that I will apply every value I have learned: discipline, consistency, resilience, responsibility, team work, confidence…
    Don’t forget it, it’s all about learning and getting stronger ��

  • I failed from my university on 3rd year. Iam so deppressed because what to do in my life I’m also a mathematics student and I failed also on algebra and real analysis. After seeing this I thinking that I can also pass my exam. I’m going to do it.

  • Just wanted to say thank you❤️ It was the best time I could come across this video. I never had support from my parents. But I am going to prove them wrong. I am not the failure they think I am�� Really thank you.

  • Last year I did highschool and failed maths chemistry and biology and I’ve always wanted to do biochemistry….can I still do biochemistry?

    It’s a doubled edged sword when you get a masters, bachelors or phd in a particular medium because think about what you’re actually doing…You’re going thru a curriculum that has been completely established for you by the institutions that have existed prior. You lose objectivity because you are literally indoctrinated into the beliefs that are presented.
    Earning a college degree can in fact have quite the opposite effect on ones intelligence because all the earner really did was pay to sit there and be indoctrinated with someone else’s opinions and beliefs. Only now they’re falsely convinced that they know something, when they really don’t. They’re stuck in the box of indoctrination where an established paradigm will only allow their thought processes to go as far as that box allows them to go. And now they have a plaque on the wall and a shitload of tuition debt to prove their ignorance.

  • When I was in Elementary, I remember my mom making me stay with my teacher during lunch for help on math. It was only me who was failing. I didnt even know this until I was told in Middle school when one of my close friends said she thought I was really dumb at math. In high school, she brought it up again. This time she was saying things like “I thought you were dumb or like retarded in math..” and I just laughed it off. At that time I was in honorary role in Trig/ Precalc + physics while she was I think in Alg 2. Things change when you want them to. I still feel insecure about some of my math skills but I realize it’s normal. If you have trouble with math, ask help, get books, practice, make mistakes, get it right. Some progress is always good progress.

  • 2020/5/20 I gonna change my life today. Even though I am the lowest now I trust in God that he will open a way for and I gonna go all out. Thank you for this video.

  • This video is so motivating and inspiring and tell everyone in this whole world I don’t give a fuck about the haters and negative people telling me I’m going to fail fuck that I’m will be successful in my life that’s what I believe and I declare success in my life in Jesus Christ name I declare success in my life amen

  • I’m at 12th grade.. last year I was at the bottom of the class. And now.. I’m one of the top students at school. I still don’t believe in myself enough.. but I’m working on it.. I wanna be a dentist just like my mom, she’s my role model, she believes in me when I don’t.. and reminds me that I’m capable of doing everything. I love her. She’s my hero.
    Thanks for sharing this video ��

  • Ive lost my job, relationships, and close friendships all in a week. Im not afraid of failure, I’m just trying to get myself back up. I’ve laid in bed for the past three days, unable to get myself out. Life has just thrown me down.

  • I worked on putting French Canadian subtitles because the French subtitles were awful (was it translated by Google translate?), but I’m waiting for a review of my work… waiting… waiting… waiting…

  • There are more than a few articles floating around on the importance of Failure in learning, optimal rates of failure from 15% to 40% for humans and AI I believe and it makes logical sense:
    Any new venture is a risk and being 100% successful in a risk-taking is statistically improbable if your perceived success rate is to high you’re probably either making a very small number of attempts or setting success bars too low.

    It’s a very interesting topic, you should probably do a bigger thoroughly researched video on it.

  • Sounds a lot like me, just add tons of tattoos haha! I was always bad at math and physics and anything STEM related back when I was in school as a teenager. Took me 12+ years to figure out that this was not actually the case and it was more circumstantial. I started taking pre-engineering night classes at age 32ish in 2014, got accepted into University of Washington’s ME department in Fall of 2015, got a NASA internship Summer of 2017, graduated in June 2018 at age 36 and got hired at Virgin Orbit right after and then got recruited by Blue Origin a mere 1.5 years after that. It’s been quite a ride!

  • Failing a semester stings man, but knowing how and why you failed is how you come back, college is meant to be a real world experience that divides good from great to awesome experience

  • Watching this after I failed my discrete mathematics subject. Hoping for courage to tell my results to my parents. This is the first time I got failed. But after watching this, I realize something brighter. Thank you.

  • I’m a recovering addict alcoholic. I’ve been sober for 3 years. My process is slow and very frustrating to the point of depression, and wanting to give up. I’m greatful, for where I am, but I feel stuck. I’m a student and work. I see everyone passing me by,not realizing I’m doing good. Please pray for me. I’m loosing faith?? I guess I cud say. I need prayer warriors out please!!!!! Thank u all, God bless

  • I had a boyfriend who made fun of me for failing algebra in college, and a teacher in high school who wouldn’t allow me to take calculus. What both of them didn’t know was my potential as a girl in STEM. My now ex told me that algebra was “So Easy” and he took calculus in high school (I wanted to do that, but was denied the opportunity). What they both didn’t know was my potential!! I have taken Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations. Now they can’t look down on me.

  • I will come in this video again to show you i am not gonna give up and i am gonna work hard for my dream. People please keep me updated

  • Bless this woman!! This made me cry because I can relate to some of what she said -feeling like you don’t know your worth. What a strong and inspiring woman!

  • In my case what’s stopping me is my Average IQ. It’s like if you have a 4 core cpu with maximum oc at 4.5ghz, you can’t just manifest another 4 cores or try to go through the threshold of 4.5ghz.

  • I think I can do this. I’m sitting at this computer at 2:00 in the morning unable to motivate myself but I want to be a doctor. Whatever it takes I want to see the journey till the end. I want to put the fear of failure behind me and push forward.

  • Amazing,am so encouraged.i can see a reflection of me in her.determined to change my life no matter what…thank you for persevering you can imagine how many lives you have changed

  • I think seeing “our thinking ” for what it is the hard bit.understanding our mindsets is hard bit.its like a jigsaw…a functional jigsaw.truly when we understand it,how it controls our emotions, our choices, our actions,our words,our further thought processes…we will be free.the truth sets free

  • Im dealing with this issue right now. Its my first semester of calc and the minute i started the first assignment fear built up inside me…i keep thinking I cant do this its too hard and im not smart enough to learn something as tough as calculus and chemistry…but i dont want to fail because i do want to learn this…i just need to release this fear..because right now thats all that is taking over my mind

  • On contrary I was so so smart at school and college, yet I’m 37 now and in a total failure,without job in my major or a decent life!
    I have to start all over again despite my reality!

  • “Much about success is just the result of simply the ability to follow up, follow through, and finish what we started.”

    -Zig Zigla

  • i’m an art student. and it’s sad that i’m not stupid. I got A in all my class. but still people label me as an failure. It’s true I don’t have a job right away when I graduate. but I’m still trying.

  • I have so much potential, I keep getting told I’m different, I know I am I have so much in me I don’t want to just throw away, I had suffered from depression and anxiety and social anxiety, etc, I had many tragic events happen, and I’m struggling to find HOW am I going to get where I want to be, and I keep thinking well I am where I need to be if I think This way, progress is important and I’m making it, I have such a passion for science, I never get tired of it, I look for help I ask teachers for help but they seem to give up ;(( but I know I can do it so instead I come home and I find what I need to know, and when I get back to class I’m like wait I know what’s going on here, I don’t care if I don’t get help, I can do it. I’ll become something way beyond than what I know and I’ll look back one day. I know it. I’d rather try than fail by not trying.

  • That sonic branding tag at the top of all Gary’s content is driving me crazy. I had to unfollow on IG and reduce my YouTube consumption. But maybe that’s what he’s trying to do? “Stop consuming content and go do”

  • Passed my O levels twice but didn’t get enough credits to get into grade 12. Now the law doesn’t allow me to do the ssme class thrice. So i dropout but won’t give up. I’ll take my O levels again this oct/nov. I wills tay at home and homeschool myself and take some tuitions.

  • I failed my driver’s test for the second time today. I was so close to passing. It’s hard to want to try again but I want my license so bad

    Edit: I took it again this morning and passed!

  • I’m 16, i want to become a doctor, I want to help people and make a difference. but.. my family cant afford it, and while all my friend’s parents are doctors and surgeons, I’m struggling to even think about university tuition. Everton.s I think about how I’m never going to become a doctor I loose motivation to study, instead just waste my time, now I’m getting Cs on every subject and have no motivation to work. Please give me advice, I’m ready to change.

  • I agree wholeheartedly
    “Thinking defines your life “
    I’d also add, that your circumstances define your thinking which is something not considered.

  • I’ve always struggled with maths. Im going into my 11th grade and im anxious and worried these marks will effect my university entrance and i need all the bursaries in order to continue studying after high school as im not sure my parents can afford it. But, i won’t give up

  • Today I failed nursing school. It was any second time failing in the program. I’m 21 years old and thought it was my dream. Today I’m still broken from the outcome as I put everything I had into studying. Now I’m excited for the future. For the new opportunity, to take my experience from this profession and apply it to my next project. I watch my friends around me go through their success, and I won’t lie it breaks me a little because even though I’m happy for them, I’ll be in school longer and I’m still finding my path. This video really helped me today as I know I can still make a difference. I can be that persons hero, I can be that persons reason to improve and keep going. I will make a difference, and so can all of you <3

  • Change the way we think via every failure we got along the way. And there will be one day we finally conquer the fear and become who we wanna be.

  • 5:32 woman in the vid: When we are aware that…

    Ad popping up on the screen: this is lifebook

    I have truly found out the secret to achieve success.

  • I feel like this video is for me because I wanna do astronomy but I’m failing mathematics so from now onwards I’m gonna change my mind set and overcome my fear of failing

  • I’m a Mechanical Engineering Student and it was during third year in my former university when I started to suffer difficulties, lack of focus and lack of motivation to continue. I just started to feel weary and started to question my decisions in life and the things that I am currently doing at that time. I started to skip classes, fail tests and fail subjects. I forgot the discipline and focus that I learned trough all the years of my life and just started doing random things. I lost faith to myself, faith to God and self respect. I want to regain something that I lost but I don’t have the energy to do it. Its even so hard for me to take care of myself. I lost confidence, I can’t think well and all of my toughts are negative. I think of bad things over and over again like eternal torture. My bad descisions in life are haunting me like it just happened yesterday. I am anxious at every turn. I used to be a bright person who see things differently from what I am today. A shadow of my former self and an empty husk, I lost track of everything like time flew so fast that I felt like I already missed a lot of things and is already left behind. I used to be extremely motivated that even the hardest challenges are overcame by sheer willpower. I used to have a lot of confidence and self respect that I am able to project good influence to others. It’s been two years now and as I watch my former classmates succeeding and graduating this year, I watch myself being stuck somewhere dark and cold. I feel like I am paralyzed and can’t proceed. But as I watch them, and watch this video, I felt something. Like an urgency or an excitement. I can’t really explain that emotion. But its like a dormant driving force without proper direction. It may be envy or inspiration I can’t really tell but I want to see myself succeeding too. I love my course. I wan’t to be a Mechanical Engineer since young. I love machines and all the stuff related to it. Someday ill be able to achieve my goals no matter how hard or how long. I just need some time to fix myself.

  • I’ll succeed the 10th time. I know, because I was once a door-to-door Avon lady, and every time I was about to give up-it was the 10th effort-someone took interest and bought something.

  • I failed an exam today. Shorthand. First did it four years ago. Failed. Went away. Did it again today. Failed. Not because I couldn’t do it, it was down to nerves. But I knew I was in a better place to do as I have the belief and I KNOW I can do it. Have hope, faith and belief…and you will succeed.

  • I am so afraid that I might not be able to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor and feel I am terrible at math after watching these video I realise that I am smart

  • i didnt do well in my dissertation and i just feel like its the end of the world. But i know that this feeling is gonna fade away but i don’t know when, please wish me well because i want to succeed in life and be happy as well.

  • I m a failure person…..But I want to become a successful person in my life…….could you give me only one positive reply for me

  • Nice video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched Biyiam Biyameron Solution (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one off product for learning how to easily get the success of your life of your dreams minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin at last got excellent results with it.

  • 2020. The year I realized my failure. 3-4 years ago I had an interview for leadership. I didn’t make it. Now it’s 2020. And I just lost it. I did the interview again and I’ve been hurt. I’ve been disappointed In myself. And I just want to cry. But. Watching this gave me confident. At first I wanted to do this to show that I can be better than the people who left me. But after failing again, I lost everything I had. Especially my confident. I want to give up so bad, but if the 3rd time is really the charm, and I make it, I’ll be so proud of myself. And not only that I’ll show what real bravery, courage, and failure is. I want to show that even if I constantly fail and embarrass myself, I can still do it. And that’s the only way I can be successful. Going through the errors to correct them. Next year is the last chance I have. Around March, is the interview. Please pray that I can do it. I will come back here again and I’ll update everything after a year. Thank you for the strength and inspiration.

  • this is stupid, most opportunities come only once in a life. so, say keep failing and there you go, you failed life. having the opportunity to repeat and repeat to succeed is a luxary that very few have.

  • Success is depending only on your ability and power to resist against all negative voices even if from the closet people to you so failure will continue
    Failure to catch the time
    Failure to find real happiness for you and people you love
    Failure to overcome fool that surround you in every minute you live
    And so on

  • I repeated my 12th grade 3 times I felt discouraged, depressed and anxiety all along. I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up. But this dream down in the inside of me kept me up some nights and its light kept shining. Today I passed and have been accepted in a university to study Bcom in financial accountancy my journey is beginning at the age of 20. So see your dreams through it pays of, all those years I kept missing some things until I got it at end ��������❤����

  • I’m listening to this after failing yet again at putting a music video out that could muster any attention on my channel. I was taken aback when the narrator revealed the older gentleman’s name as “Robert”, and it felt like he was talking to me. Despite 5 years on YouTube, and all of my “failures”, I have to believe that one day I will put out that song that breaks through, that I will have failed enough to succeed. I don’t fear failure as much as I love success. I hope this comment ages well.

  • I was not able to be part of the final graduating list this year and it really hits me so hard right now because i gave my outmost effort to comply the requirements. And because of this, i already lost my motivation and what are the next step.

  • I love you Dana Liane, I will succeed in your name with God by my side. Forgive me for turning away. I couldn’t watch you have with someone else what I always wanted with you.

  • Don’t lose hope work hard advertise.
    If you think your life is miserable think of the people in streets,war orphan and most importantly think of the pain you would cause to the people if u decide to end it all

  • I feel motivated…. And thnkss
    I’m not going to give up
    This made me cry thou
    And I failed on my senior high due to bully and anxiety…
    But I won’t give up,I’ll try and try
    This video is motivational thank you……����

  • Great video but also there is no shame in asking others for help, it’s actually what can turn a previous failure into a wonderful success! <3

  • I haven’t achieved anything in 2019
    I completely lost in everything this year.
    But I hope so 2020 gets me something better.
    Still I ain’t gonna stop trying.

  • i love his voice.

    but yeah everything he said was very inspirational and true and I agree with everything he said. Don’t give up guys!

  • I did a competition and i fall on easiest thing i can fall on my mom said that she spans a lot of money and i cant even do an easy thing but i know i can do it so now i watched this video and now i wont give up even if i fall i will be falling its a sport bit i like that sport so NOTHING WILL STOP ME OF SEXCITING IN MY LIFE

  • Its systematic oppression.

    As long as you think to be smart and live in white society ita ok to be great.

    But once you do it to better your people ( Black people ) you are killed, shot down, degraded, jailed.
    Huey P Newton
    Fred Hampton
    Marcus Gravey
    Booker T Washington
    Martin Luther King Jr
    Malcolm X

  • I failed algebra three times in highschool until a tutor in uni sat down with me and worked it out with me. I never thought I could do it either and when he sat me down and believed in me and worked with me I was able to do it! Once I got, I was so proud! I learned…I just have to work…I can do anything! I can learn anything. And that’s how I started my work becoming a econometrician, using maths for a living. This last semester I was asked to consider getting my Honours since I got it so well.

  • Failure isn’t permanent but falling is. Don’t scare of failure. Love your works. Love yourself. Living means is doing what you love to do. Love for success will lead you to succeding.

    Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of taking action.

  • Struggling with school, still am. My mind is at a blank and empty slate due to depression, but I’m willing to change that. Not only am I willing to change that, I’m also willing to put it into action. Every day I feel unmotivated, but I still keep pushing through. I have to study hard, and play the game of life. Thought about ending it all at one point, but I’m still living. Not afraid to fall, not afraid to rebuild myself.

  • I failed my math quiz and got a 0% and feel like a total failure, I needed this motivation, thank you for the video. I felt so stupid.. now I’m getting a tutor ☹️..

  • My dream is to become a A team quarterback in football but i was put in as linebacker in B team i was ok at first because its my freshman year but next year i really want to be quarterback when i told people my dreams they started laughing i feel so discouraged but part of me says still keep fighting until i make it i willing to train everyday But my only fear is that coaches will accept me

  • I needed to hear this. Everyone thinks I am crazy for being a 25 year old with two kids, trying to go to college to become a physician. I am currently working on my biochemistry and struggling, trying to raise my kids and spend late nights studying because I want to do this as much as I want to breathe. I keep hearing “your too old to go down that road”, “you have to be a genius to be a doctor”. “you’re not going to be able to handle medical school as a mom”. FUCK THAT, I am going to do it and show my children that you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard.

  • wow what an awesome video so happy for you. i am still deciding what i want to do although the universe is what fascinates me the most. a teacher in school totally destroyed my love for maths and i never tried again after that. i would love to explore the amazing universe. but i know i cant do it without maths

  • I have watched so many motivational videos but only this one resonates with me as if it understands my station in life. Thank you so much. I really needed to self reinforce my dreams and the confidence to achieve them.

  • I finally made the leap to start my own channel, and my first stand-up video speaks to this a bit. I had a teacher who told me I shouldn’t have graduated early and that I should have just done my senior year and had fun with my friends. I thought was so counter intuitive for what educators are supposed to do. You have to do it for yourself and know that succeeding in school, putting in effort to advance will ultimately help you succeed post-grad. Best decision I made was to keep going despite her words. Now at 23 I moved from NY, live in Paris, I’m working on a PhD and I’ve gotten the opportunity to work in television, luxury, and tech before this point. Keep pushing. You got this xo

  • i spent 6-7 months working my ass off to get highest marks, i got b i feel like shit, i fucked up all, the work lost ;(
    while my friends didnt work as hard as i did they got A’s
    I am FAILURE

  • Watched this just now about how to tell my failures to my parents. My heart was aching watching this burning… I feel depressed defeated feeling no one would understand this feelings just hurts so much..

  • Once I made 4-5 million dollars, got greedy, put all my eggs in one basket and lost 98% of it. I always had the mindset that failures mean something bigger and better is about to happen, this time my faith was compromised because I thought I’d never get an opportunity again to make such big money. Suicidal at times honestly, bought a bottle of insulin, almost wanted to kill myself. I started believing that if I did it once, I cam do it again, so I tried and tried and look for opportunities. I made 30 million dollars after that in 3-4 years. Listen ppl, DON’T GIVE UP! Have faith you’ll make it bigger than before, and universe will make it happen

  • I’m the type of person who makes hasty decisions. I start doing things that are beyond my capacity and then fail miserably. When making these decisions I’m like: “LET’S JUST DO IT.” I do. I just do it and yeah… I fail. Sometimes it scares me that people might think I’m being too cocky for my own good. Well, I never said I would do well. I just said I would do it. Watching this video reminds me of the reason why I do those things. I want to succeed.

  • I failed a very important exam yesterday. I thought I had it. But I missed the passing score by just 10 points.

    Our greatest glory is in never failing, but in rising back up every time we fail.

    Thank you for this video.