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You only have two choices when you’re single: 1) meet people, or 2) stay single. And when you start on your health and fitness journey, there are really only two options that matter: 1) doing nothing, or 2) doing anything. Slow the process down and take the above strategies as steps along the way. The goal is a stable, healthy and sustainable relationship to truly meet your needs rather than a quick jump into the pool, holding your nose, hoping the water isn’t polluted. Finding Mr.

Right requires choices. Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW (905) 628-4847 gary. Right is, you might frequent church, temple, batting cages, sporting events, music festivals, art galleries, parks, philanthropic events, bookstores, coffee shops or hardware stores. 3. Get out of your comfort zone.

Vary the places you go to meet men so you can see new faces. Frequent coffee shops and lunch stops in the right places. Figure out the kind of guy you’re looking for (future doctor, successful businessman, outdoorsy adventurer, artsy hipster, etc.) and go to the neighborhoods where such men are concentrated to. So maybe it’s time.

Time to say goodbye to Mr. Right Now and take a chance at finding your happily ever after. You’ll thank us for it, we promise. More love.

Are you ready to find The One? How. These types of stories make you momentarily feel good, but they aren’t reality. And when you use Hollywood movies as your basis of how falling in love should look, well, what you’re doing is setting yourself up for total frustration and failure at finding Mr.

Right in real life. Finding Fitness: 10 Ways to Fit In Exercise. The “E” word can make you cringe, but exercise is really necessary. Besides, it can be fun: Learn how to squeeze fitness into your busy day. A book written to give you tips and advice on getting Mr Right!!

Come along this journey with Tayo from Wedex Bridals and invest in your relationship or. Get Healthy U is a fitness hub founded by Chris Freytag that educates and inspires women to make healthy lifestyle choices. Join our social community! Fitness.

Fitness 9 Tips + Workout to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat. Fitness A 30-Minute Full-Body Workout To Do At Home. Fitness Your At-Home Full-Body Circuit Workout. Recipes. Doing aerobic exercise, also called cardio, is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health.

It’s particularly effective at reducing belly fat, the harmful type of fat that.

List of related literature:

His website, Mark’s Daily Apple (www., is filled with resources, from recipes to fitness routines.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
Wiley, 2019

But the 80-20 rule applied to health and fitness says that 20 percent of your nutrition, training, and lifestyle habits will produce 80 percent of the changes in your body.

“The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight” by Tom Venuto
from The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight
by Tom Venuto
Penguin Publishing Group, 2009

His book contains practical information on diet, exercise, and allaspects of health.

“The Maker's Diet: The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever” by Jordan Rubin
from The Maker’s Diet: The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever
by Jordan Rubin
Destiny Image, Incorporated, 2013

I started writing fitness and lifestyle columns for any publication I could and self-published a booklet on what exercisers were doing wrong.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

I got back on the exercise wagon and found top mentors in the fields of nutrition (Dr. Philip Goglia) and exercise (Gunnar Peterson).

“Claim Your Power: A 40-Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That keep you Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life's Unique Purpose” by Mastin Kipp
from Claim Your Power: A 40-Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That keep you Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life’s Unique Purpose
by Mastin Kipp
Hay House, 2017

I highly recommend this resource to anyone who competes or wants to learn more about dieting to enhance their physique.”

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

For example, you might start researching health clubs in your area and buy exercise clothing.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
Human Kinetics, 2004

In other words, you can eat special organic and gluten-free foods, gulp down multivitamins, get yourself to the gym, and meditate into a stress-free zone, but the best tonic for staying healthy and happy into old age is probably toning up your relationship.

“Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships” by Dr. Sue Johnson
from Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships
by Dr. Sue Johnson
Little, Brown, 2013

To see this twofold strategy in action, you need only look at the marketing blurbs for any book in the “health and wellness” section of your local bookstore, or to google “healthy eating.”

“The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics” by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
from The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics
by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
Oxford University Press, 2018

Gyms and fitness clubs in the 21st century are more than just places to work out, get lean, and maintain health.

“Pop Culture Places: An Encyclopedia of Places in American Popular Culture [3 volumes]” by Gladys L. Knight
from Pop Culture Places: An Encyclopedia of Places in American Popular Culture [3 volumes]
by Gladys L. Knight
ABC-CLIO, 2014

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I feel like you should a video on “the basics” journey you went through. I think that would help a lot of people, including me! Love ya!

  • Most of your health tips are true, but there are a couple glaring mistakes in your advice.
    First, drinking cold beverages does NOT kill bacteria in your gut. The vast majority of bacteria survive temperatures below freezing, that’s a biological fact (look it up). Not to mention, by the time the drink reaches your intestines, where the intestinal flora live, the liquid has been heated up to body temperature and thus will have no impact on the temperature of the bacteria there. In fact, drinking cold beverages can be beneficial to weight loss because your body requires energy to maintain its temperature despite the cold drinks. As long as the drink is healthy to begin with the temperature of the drink will not affect your gut health.
    Secondly, air that comes from an air conditioner is not “chemically processed and recirculated.” No chemicals come into contact with air that comes through an air conditioner. Fresh air is taken in from outside, passed through an air filter, cooled over a heat exchanger (metal tubes filled with the cool refrigerant), and then passed into the desired room. The only problems with this process are dirty air filters and air that has been dehumidified from the air conditioner. Change your air filter regularly, and run a humidifier in your house if you feel the need. Going outside is good for your health in that you experience and appreciate nature, you are probably less sedentary, and you are probably more social, than sitting alone inside.

  • holy crap I tried this workout and it is intense but amazing! I really had to push myself through it but I did it! thanks for this video:)

  • Did you get a new camera or is that just awesome lighting in the first clip? Looks so flawless

    LOVELOVELOVE your vids keep up the amazing work

  • Love your channel and your energy! The honesty, the advice and how you help people be comfortable with themselves while striving to be better. Taking these tips into the New Year!!

  • Okay seriously… you are just an awesome person! I’m so glad I came across your channel ���� your mindset and the way you think is so refreshing and inspiring! Without it sounding weird, if you feel the need to expand your friend circle..I’m from brissy too ������ keep up the awesome work girl

  • I agree sleeping on stomach is bad. One cannot sleep all night in one position. To change position, according to the presentation, one must keep changing pillows and pillow positions. It’s just too much.

  • I do bmr + cardio. Should be your maintainance. If you don’t do cardio, it should be around your bmr give or take a 100-200 calories.

  • Wow this was just the motivation I needed! I started my fitness journey a month ago and I’ve been struggling to keep going! Thanks! I post my results every Friday

  • This is how I do it,I use an activity tracker and assign a number to divide my steps by in my case it’s 12.5 so I burn a calorie every 12 ½ steps so I add this to my BMR for most people it’ll be 20 this way you can figure out your calories day by day hope that makes sense

  • Hey would you ever mind maybe putting the workouts in the description? I always have to pause you workout parts a million times to write out what you’re doing and I think that would just be super helpful! Also ps I loveeee your channel and all your videos I just know you’re always asking for ways you could improve it and I think that could be helpful. I’d still watch and like either way though so don’t worry about it just a suggestion! ❤️��

  • I tell people a good starting point is, maintenence = body weight multiplied by 14, to cut, bodyweight multiplied by 10. This is a decent starting point for the average person. After a week or 2, modify as needed.

  • This is Awsome thank you for sharing! ♥
    Cold sores are the worst I get them at least once a year when my stress levels are up. But if you don’t know definatly buy the coldsore patches they heal them in half the time they are amazing!
    And start taking lysine tablets hun I use to get coldsores all the time but after managing them I maybe get one a year!
    They also sell coldsore tablets at the chemist so when you first feel your first tingle take the tablets and I’m telling you not you want get one. Amazing!!!

  • Great video Georgie! I always look forward to your videos! As I watch a bunch of fitness youtubers, it seems like everyone has the same tips (meal plan, find your why, drink water, etc. ) however I really liked your last tip on importance of focusing on the basics and how crucial it is to build up great recruitment patterns. Wish you had focused a little more on that tip instead of a quick overviewit’s a good one and seems to have made an impact on you!

  • Love Rachel Hollis. Can’t wait for the follow up to the one you’re reading. Great motivation to get back on track after our holiday thanks!

  • Can you make a video on a very light easy workout routine for people with chronic fatigue syndrome? I really want to start being more active, but I just cant get myself to do it. Even mopping the living room makes me all sweaty and dizzy. Please help

  • Thank you so much for being so honest and helpful. Simple stuff like actually doing the work out beside the couch makes it so relatable. As does skin and cold sores �� currently also breaking out and can’t work out why. So nice to feel normal and not alone. Xx

  • Your editing skills are getting amazing �� that home workout i will be trying!! I’m about a year into my fitness journey and these tips are still so helpful and a reflect for me! Love Love Love your content ❣️ ps: can’t wait to try that choc fudge ��

  • I am taking whey protein 3X a day in my gastrol peg with the liquid diet that my nutritionist has me pumping into my stomach. I crash less than an hour after eating. They do blood tests and tell me I’m getting a nutritionally balanced diet but I think I’m missing something to be flat tired all the time. I do have anaemia along with muscular dystrophy. Any suggestions?

  • Love your videos girl! I think it’s amazing you’re following your passion. I know you did law school and you do it here and there but it makes me realize you don’t need to stick with what you did in uni if it isn’t your passion

  • Absolutely will be trying this home workout, so good for this busier time of year! Also love all the tips you shared, you always have such a real and refreshing take on health and fitness. Seriously my fave YouTuber ❤️

  • Love your tips! I’ve had 4 knee surgeries and I gained a lot of weight. I ended up losing 20 lbs in the last 4 months from changing my diet alone and getting in the kitchen and actually cooking. I’m little self-conscious going back to the gym because it’s been so long (6 months)…but I am just starting with my PT for a few weeks before I start integrating any weights. I loved this video because it was a friendly reminder that it’s okay to start slow and do basic things then you can always build from there! Really needed that reminder!!!

  • It’s so good being able to watch and follow someone like u that’s gives so much motivation, positive and real feedback on health and fitness. Whenever I’m feeling like a slug i only have to watch one of ur videos again and I’m back in the zone ��‍♀️��

  • Many people probably don’t know this but should search “paul revelia layne norton” and watch some great podcasts, tutorials and other stuff!

  • I’ve been numb down my left side from my shoulder down to my lower left leg, staying on the outside of my left leg. all of the fingers on my left hand are pretty numb, the left arm too. Been so long since I’ve had a great nights sleep. I am a Brain Surgery survivor in February 2009. Last year I was working 3 sometimes 4 jobs, and 1 was a full time job and the others were as needed. I worked into a state of exhaustion. Now the numbness. I like your stretching videos

  • I needed this…thanks, great job. OH, and for those who care most all memory foam is sprayed with fire retardants. Wool or organic latex pieces are not if purchased from the right place.

  • i have had a double laminectomy with fusion. Ive been trying to sleep with various pillows between my legs but find it uncomfortable. if i do manage to fall asleep they are not there when i wake. i like to sleep on my side with one leg straight and the other bent, what is the solution? Help

  • Great video, thank you!

    Question: I have knots on one side of my upper trap and neck that are causing headaches. Should I be sleeping on my back or my side to best relieve this while I do the exercises in your other videos to fix the situation?

    Thank you so much in advance.

  • Has anyone tried the side sleep trunk pillow recommended or any other pillow like it? The advertising for these pillows looks like it’s aimed at women, and as our (men’s) physiology is different, I was wondering if it’s good for men too.

  • Thanks no bullshit and practical.YOU DO A GOID JOBDo it all but still suffer with lie back and hip groin when I get up or sit down or walk without CRUTCHES.had a femur head OP 3 years ago looks good but can’t get rid of pains assume sciatica kind problem and no Dr helps.

  • I mean this in the most respectful way but lmao I get an Ernie from Sesame Street vibe from your voice.

    it’s pretty cool honestly and would love to hear you narrate an audiobook

    Oh yeah, great video too!

  • Thanks Susan, this helps a lot. I’m getting rid of my current Peter pan. He doesn’t have any negative comment to my persona but he says he is not the marry type. ��

  • love your videos so much can you please do a video baed solely on the vitamins you take and all things in food like superfoods and powders and how they help you, love your channel 😉

  • I found that after consistently tracking my calories/macros I was able to fine tune what works best for my lifestyle and goals. I think most people just need a basic understanding of what’s effective (and not harmful) then from there they’ll be able to piece together a solid program.

  • I’m a stomach sleeper with a leg up. I have a tilt forward in the pelvis and kink in neck from rotating all my life. So I tried side sleep….now I have shoulder blade crunch together issues with the trap muscles & worst ache shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Been sleeping upright with a crap ton of pillows 2 nights in a row.. But sometimes like tonight it’s hard not to. And let’s talk about mattress….lol it’s bowing with a sink in the middle. Need a new one. Very obvious. The floor may be air better at this point!

    The way you explained all this is so better. Seriously!

  • Well, our prophet Mohammed told us to not sleep on our stomach 1441 years ago. Most of his words, the science has back it up today. Takhfah ibn Qays reported: While I was lying on my belly in the mosque, a man shook me with his foot and he said, “Verily, Allah hates this posture.” I looked up and it was the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him.

  • How do you even stop tossing and turning in bed? I know I need a new mattress but I’ve always been tossing and turning ever since I was young and I’m 42 now

  • Hey doc..m from India was in lot of pain due to piriformosis.. will definitely try on that..but in this vdo as u Indicated not to sleep on stomach.. but before getting periods i sleep on my right side but eventually get up on stomach any idea it’s been yrs it’s happening with me

  • Ooo wanna get my hands on that book too… I just started listening to the author’s podcast. It’s called Rise by Rachel Hollis. It’s sooo good!!!!

  • Its just like if you were pregnant it is so comfortable on your side with pillow between legs i still sleep this way After 2 children

  • Thank you. This is very helpful for a “side-sleeper”. I suffer from degenerative disc disease… I’ve had 10 surgeries and to no avail. However I recently began Longevity Stick and the Egosque method. This tip well rounded out very nicely.

  • Does anyone actually stay in ONE POSITION all night long? I flip from my side to back all night long. I have pillows, and wake up to adjust them all night long. But NOW I’m having numbness and tingling in my right hand (the side I normally sleep on) and my arm falls asleep! I can’t find a comfortable position and don’t look forward to going to sleep at all!

  • I love your info on health and fitness. I am 47yrs young and always like hearing what others do to maintain a healthy balance life. I have simular habits and opinions to you on supplements and food. I still feel at my age I can work out with and keep up with people in their 20s an 30s. You have great videos, nice work��

  • I think i found a mistake in the formula. It says for men 12.7 x height in inches. Im 71.7 inches. If i do 71.7 x 12.9 it gives me 924.93 which makes bmr over 2500! Im 180cm 95kg, 44yo

  • Is that why my stomach feels tight all the time when I wake up and my back hurts because I’ve been sleeping on my stomach more than 5 years this have to change now thanks for the tips ��

  • 0:24 0:32… And that is why I am here right now. Literally listed off everything wrong with me. Worst of it is, I have no motivation to do anything about it.

  • Sarah.. just noticed your sun glasses in this video are the ones that you just came out with!!! Xx can’t wait to get mine in the mail!!!! ��

  • Can you do Special Operations Forces videos on the following five units?

    -Regimental Reconnaissance Company

    -Delta Force

    -SEAL Team Six

    -Force Reconnaissance

    -Scout Snipers

  • Ok so what I, like in my case I had a RMR done via O2 consumption. My RMR was determined at 1238 cals (resting energy expenditure). How would I calculate my maintenance based on that? The calculations that they gave me taking into consideration my lifestyle was 1761 cals per day. I am 5’7 and weigh 155. 8.9 body fat percent via dexa scan. Thanks.

  • He says we stay up all night watching stupid things on YouTube but I’m watching this video right now and it’s late at night so he kinda just burned himself

  • Thanks for the video ive been training since i was 14 to enter the delta force and dont plan to stop now im currently almost 17 and appreciate all your great videos, theirs still teens out here that work hard so the generalization kinda hurt but took it with a grain of salt. thanks for the videos and keep up the good work

  • This video is a pure work of art. Thank you so much for this. I will watch this many more times to implement every aspect of this video.

  • funny thing is dont eat anything too heavy but also get all the calories as quick as possible to support you all day, also sleep as fast as possible in any condition you guys are so unhealthy

  • I’m just being picky, but you’ve included an inverse image at 4:40; the cardiac notch, liver, pancreas, descending colon, etc., are opposite.

  • “Indoctrine” system lmao bruh good video though…your final point, “Slow Down” is so spot on. Eliminate the hurry in life. Absolutely.

  • 9:41
    Imma argue it is natural to drink cold beverages, because if you were to drink water in nature, colder water would be better as microorganisms can not reproduce in them as well. We are disgrusted by warm, standing and brown water for a reason, it’s so full of microbes it is a major hazard for our health. Cool running water from mountain rivers is probably some of the best natural water out there.

  • Bro I fall asleep at 6 am, and I haven’t showered in 8 or 9 days. I don’t remember the last time I showered. Are you calling me gay?

  • You guys realize birth control does not take away our periods or period pain, right? Like yeah it is scary messing with chemicals in your body. But it isn’t to “not deal with menstruation like the rest of the world.” You’re gonna have these boys thinking that girls on birth control don’t bleed or get cramps

  • What’s your favorite position to sleep in? I hope these tips help you sleep better and with less pain in your neck and back. Thanks for watching!

  • damn was watching these videos feeling like this guy knew what he was talking about… taking “the pill” is not bad for you (there might be exemptions, consult with your dr) he should really stick to what he knows and not mess with personal medical topics.

  • I follow the MARSOC training app on the play store anyone looking for a good cross training guide id say ots the best and its free

  • i can get the natural food part, but what about something like preservatives? if i eat a chicken dinner, and the only chemicals in them are preservatives, is that still healthy?

  • I would love it if you showed some smoothies that don’t have the powders, because I can’t afford them. �� Smoothies would be convenient for school, so I would love to try them. ❤️

  • I am currently 13 years old I wish to be a Green Beret but I don’t know how to work out properly without damaging my muscles if you could help me with that I will be forever thankful

  • I eat at 1800 and have stopped losing. I weigh 188 and am sedentary but work out 3 days a week. frustrating as hell im tracking 100% accurate plus or minus some cals as nothing is 100% accurate.

  • Hahaha great video up until “let’s see what’s in the carpet” *cheesy picture of “germs” I agree carpets are gross, it was just funny.

  • Hello from Canada! I was in Australia about 6 years ago backpacking and you and your vids have made me miss it so much! What a beautiful place to live! Anyway, I was wondering if you or anyone knows of any really good Canadian youtubers who are similar to you? Just because it’s so hard to get the same products as you here in Canada. Love your videosso positive and full of good energy!

  • What I do is: calculate my sedentary BMR. I have an office job. But I add my exercise calories daily. Since I do exercise 5-6x a week.

  • Cheers for the video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Fanabraal Toned Tiraspol (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one off guide for sliming down naturally without exercise without the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  • Okay cool video till you inefficiently and inaccurately described why women would be taking birth control and compared it to the drug doping enhancement that is steroids.

  • So to get my maintenance calories in the diet recall is to add up all the calories I’ve tracked during the week and get the average?

  • I just checked that link just now and yes it’s on point. I’m 5 pounds overweight for my height and current weight. This calculator is pretty accurate for me because I was able to cut weight with 1600 calories a day. I’m in the process of traveling so I been maintaining my weight until I get back from vacation and start cutting weight again. Thanks for sharing this with us, we greatly appreciate it.

  • Paul, a question
    I do push ups and pull ups and jump rope all days of the week and some dumbbell workouts maybe like 3 days a week.
    What should be my activity level?

  • I always get mixed up.when they ask about the activity level… I no they are talking about lifestyle.. were would u put a person with a desk job but trains 6 days a week? @Paul Revelia

  • Mine is 2400….that seems way to high for me.

    I am 5 foot 9, weigh 206 lbs, and weight train only twice a week. No cardio.

    I chose sedentary as i want to be comservative.

  • Idk if I did it right.. I’m 5’0, lift 3-4x a week.. I work at a desk but I walk everywhere to and from the gym to the train up the stairs etc got 1900 for maintenance. I usually eat 1750-1800 feel like sometimes I’d be too full to get to 1900..

  • I have a question: How do you do this with practical issues? I am a side sleeper so I need pillows under my midsection and my knee. I tried it but I couldn’t make it work. Problems include:

    • I change my positions during the process of falling asleep and after falling asleep. (One study found that over the course of 1 night, subjects changes positions as many as 20 to 40 times per night.) I have found these pillows on the floor many mornings.

    • In winter time, I cannot contain these pillows inside my comforter.

    • If I sleep with someone, these pillows are in the way.

  • when using the calculator what would you list 15k steps a day for an activity level? i do it 7 days but it doesn’t seem to warrant the top activity choice,. im currently obese and trying to get down to a more manageable weight before starting on a higher impact workout.

  • Sir what if we are a student and we exercise 6 days a week? Like taking 15k steps daily but we are student i mean go to school, come back exercise and done. So should we take activity factor as 1.2 or 1.9?

  • I can’t never understand why people get less active when cutting. I weight training and do cardio, also walk at least 25000 steps per day no matter what. I tend to walk even more when I’m cutting to distract myself from thinking of food.

  • I’m so glad I found your channel. Your videos are so informative. Kinda random, but can I ask about your law job? What kind of law do you practice and what exactly did you have to do in your job of a working day? I was studying law for 3 years but got scared about actually having to practice it and not knowing what I was in for. I love YouTube and content creation and was unsure how I would possibly manage both. Some insight into your professional career might help me clarify my decision

  • Paul,
    You are very good! I enjoy listening to you. Question: Did you ever hear anything about the Soviet weightlifter David Rigert?
    Thank you,

  • My why: I want to improve my mental health naturally through exercise, mindfulness and a proper diet. Thank you so much for this video Georgie xoxo

  • My problem is I’ve been binge eating for awhile, my weight is holding steady but I have no clue where I should start without getting in my own way of figuring out what the heck I’m really eating.

  • Was wondering about calories!!! For example if I need 2000 calories to lose weight and workout and lose 500 calories that’s same day, do I need to eat 2500 calories or do I keep 2000???? Thank u for any help… hope this question makes sense

  • Paul, great channel, don’t have Instagram.

    What if your at a higher bodyfat level, have been on lower calories on average consistently for a few years 2-2500 cals. Weight has slowly increased over the years. Currently 115kg. Weight trained 16 years.

    Would you try and eat more for a period of time to increase daily caloric intake to eventually cut back down when you reach higher cals.

    For instance, what if your eating 3000cals even by though your metabolism is probably use to 2-2500 but your burning 500-1000cals over everyday.

    Eg/ Eating 3000 cals, burning 3500-4500 cals.

  • Good day, Sir!
    I also want to add few points to your list as a russian army sergant.
    1. Stick to your waking up and sleeping time like two fingers after glueing smth. You can’t predict every type of activity if you’re civilian, but you should control theese two main steps.
    2. Don’t be savage in trainings and let your body’n muscules to have a good rest. Stop thinking that if you will train for 6 times a day you’ll earn better results. No! You’ll earn only backpain at the age of 25.
    3. Do your hobbies. Start drawing, playing the guitar or singing. You also can upgrade yourself in maths doing exercises.
    4. Before every hard training eat fast carbs (of course not too much just a half of snickers bar). Theese fast carbs will be burnt out very fast, but you’ll earn additional energy.
    5. Change your food habbits. Stop buyng sweet chocolate, change it with dark chocolate about 70% of cacao. So you got the idea.
    6. You need goals to achieve, that’s why try yourself at long distance running competitions, go in for sports (my preferencies are martial arts) so you’ll progress having a strait goal, not regular “I want to cut my weight and get abs” it’s not a goal.
    7. Don’t forget to be hydrated (I’m the marine corp sergant, so I should point it, lol)

  • Paul, thank you for changing that horrible music you use to have at the beginning and end of every video. I had to stop watching for a while but I’m back now! You rock!

  • What worked for me was a combo of Fitbit/Biometric scale/cronometer app. I track calories burned with fitbit, calories consumed with cronometer app and cross check those with a biometrics scale (fitindex app) by weighing myself everyday upon waking and drinking 1 liter of water. Its not perfect and you do need to extrapolate at times, but now that ive fine tuned it its close enough that it allows me to hit my weight lose goal consistently every week.

  • Subscribed! I’ve a question: while tracking calories in a day, should you account for the amount you expend on exercise or does the BMR multiplier already counts that in general?

  • what if your job keeps changing, what if one day you decided to play 2 hours football,
    what if one week you had a hard physical work,
    what if you went for a vacation, what if you decided to walk for 3 hours one day

  • Hey Paul! Absolutely love the info you provide. I’m not a IG user nor on FB. I have a? from a 45 y/o (me) advanced exerciser and dieter. Where do we send?s if not on these platforms?

  • Nsuns has a great tool online where you can calculate your tdee via inputting your calories and weight each day. After a couple of weeks it’s very accurate and you can adjust accordingly. I’m on mobile rn but you can find it by looking up tdde spreadsheet by nsuns.

  • So when doing the questionaire, technically I work a sedentary job even when I come home I’m on the laptop but I do weight training for an hour 3-4 times a week with 20 minutes cardio but other than that I am very sedentary. I am a 5’6 female, 147 lbs and I currently eating 1200 calories on rest days and 1300 on non rest days. Is this too low of calories for me?

  • what if I am gaining muscles but is concerned of weight will that have an effect? like a week ago I am 80kg now I’m 84kg but I have a more defined structure I would say lesser fat as I can see forms in my abs, however I also have a goal of losing weight seems counter productive I don’t know, can you enlighten me? thanks in advance

  • Pretty bad video in my opinion, even it has good intentions. Lots of chemicalphobia (“this is full of chemicals”). Guess what? EVERYTHING is full of chemicals, you included. What makes processed food bad for your health is not the preservatives in it (we’ve been using preservatives for a long time, or what do you think salt is for, or pepper, or what do you think Portuguese and Dutch people were looking for) is the tons of sugar and fat (and to a lesser extent, salt) to make those foods so tasty that are adictive. You could make your food “real” and as unhealthy as processed foods. Juice are not really good for you either. You said juices are good “because your body knows them and is designed for it”. First of all, your body is not designed for anything. Your body is a product of million of years of evolutions and adaptation to the enviroment. What caused that evolution is another different subject and I won’t shame anyone for believing what they want, of course, but the thing is your body doesn’t distinguish between “good” and “bad foods.

    But back to the topic, juices. Juice is a lot of sugar packed with no fiber whatsoever. It may seem natural, it may not have any aditional sugar, but it’s still filled with the sugar of several pieces of fruit. When you eat fruit, you eat that sugar combined with fiber, and that fiber makes your body to absorb the sugar more slowly, and that’s very important to avoid high glucose levels in blood and kep you insuline levels in normal levels. You see, when you drink a glass of juice your body is having a very similar response to drinking a glass of coke, a spike in glucose levels and therefore a response in insuline levels, and that may cause resistance to insuline, and finally, diabetes. One of the main big changes I made when I started to lose weight was not drinking juice whatsoever. I used to drink orange juice squeezed by me everyday, and that caused me gastric pains and kept me fat, believe or not.

    And do you know why I learned. BECAUSE I LISTENED TO MY DOCTOR. The sentence “your doctor may have go to medical school, but he hasn’t designed life” may be the most pretentious and moronic statement I’ve ever heard. People, listen to your doctors, they know better than you (and way better than a retired special forced veteran in Youtube) what is good for you. There are a lot of medical problems you may have and you’ll need hormones to fix that. And comparing the use of steroids for better physical performance to birth control is frankly stupid. There are many many women who benefited from birth control precisely to regulate their hormones because naturally they couldn’t.

    TL;DR: you have a vast experience in the military, stick to it. You have no experience as a physician and are in no position to give health advices, even if your intentions are good and some of them are a no brainer (don’t smoke and sleep better are obviously good tips).

  • Love the honesty with cold sores hun they are the worst but appreciate how real you are! Love this exercise regime at home workouts without weights are much appreciated ��keep it up! Xx

  • I’m starting to prep for a show and had no idea where my calories were at. Online calculators said my mantinece should be around 1650… I tracked my food intake for a week and I averaged 2200 cal a day. So glad I tracked for a week instead of starting prep 500 calories lower then where I am!

  • Thank you for these tips!! I have been struggling with getting started as I always feel overwhelmed.. But I love the tips you gave… It’s given me a lot to think about!! Thanks for keeping it real oh and the idea about not starting your journey off with a negative goal… Well that has been what I did in the past and I never stuck with anything… But now I get it!! ��

  • Paul thank you so much for this topic!!I Do you trust the measurements for BMR with the use of scales usually used by nutrition “experts”? Thank you in advance!! Greetings from Greece:D

  • when i am young i always fulldown at area bathroom and stairs and in age start 38 start pain in my back and age 40 i start cant sleep laydown because very pain and i cant move so i put potition left rught and left like hold my 2 leg if wrong will pain again how the best i can sleep well and not too pain everytime sleep..

  • Hey Paul, can you do a video on the reverse vs recovery diet in terms of metabolism recovery with minimum fat gain for someone (like me) who is very cautious on gaining fat.

  • I’m a short girl, most calculators had me near 1200 or below if I want to lose some pounds, even when I put in my exercise input it would still be like 1300 a day to lose a pound.

  • I get between two to four hours of sleep per night, and that’s if I actually try. My options are get doped up on seroquel and deal with side effects, or accept the fact that long luxurious spans of sleep just aren’t possible for me. I’m aware of the drawbacks, but it’s not something I have control over. So far meditation is the most helpful thing I’ve been able to add to my crappy sleep habits.

  • I love that you put your workouts at the very beginning! I watch your videos religiously and its nice to be able to refer back to a workout with out having to sift through a video I’ve already watched!

  • Quick question: so my BMR is 1.332 and I just starting to go to gym for 4 times a week, but I have been eating for a few years only 1350 calories per day to lose weight (I lost 8kg). So it says that I should normally eat 2000 calories, now my question is really how much calories do I have to eat right now to lose some weight?

  • I love the benedict formula! There is also a study that shows stepcounts and what activity you are in! Very helpfull!

  • Doesn’t your fitness affect this? Like if I am trying to eat maintenance calories, which is more than what I have been eating in the past but I’m lifting weights throughout the week, shouldn’t the scale go up regardless if I have been cutting before?

  • Paul love your content. Can you do a video on how to lose the stubborn belly fat? I lost 53 pounds in the last 6.5 months. My abs are pretty visble and I would love to learn how to get it to the next level. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • i love your videos so much!!:) thanks so much for sharing so many useful information, i think i learned the most from you about fitness here on youtube!!! greetings from Hungary have a good day!!:)

  • Brief and straight to the point without too much science technical wankery.
    This is why I love your content, Paul! Can’t get more simplified than this.

  • OMG im watching ur old videos for some tips to keep me motivated and I just smiled sm “getting ready for MILF life” and u r a mom now! congrats girlie:)

  • -Bring healthy snacks on the go & keep snacks at home (fruits, nuts & seeds, protein bars)
    -Take the time to prepare a good quality breakfast ( 5:22 smoothie)
    -Take a good quality probiotic in the morning

    -Exercise & train in a way that makes you happy & excited
    -Choose the active & functional option: stairs, walking, moving

    -Find a healthy work life balance (take time for your priorities couple time, friend time, family time)
    -Live in the moment & be present (+digital detox, +do smth active outside that makes you happy & hang out with people that make you happy)
    -“Touch everything once” (rule), tidy or put it back straight away

  • Sorry buddy but a lot of this sounds like pseudoscience. There’s some generally good advice here, and some “okay” advice that’s part of a decent all-around conservative approach that is likely beneficial, but some of it is a bit weird. Don’t use your authority in one field to speak authoritatively in another. You can, and plenty of people will accept it, but that doesn’t make it wise or good.

  • Currently, I’m re-watching some of Sezzys videos. How crazy is it Sezzy preparing for #MILFLIFE in March 2018, fast forward a year and there will be little sezzy/kurt ����


  • Sarah, the recipe for the spirulina smoothie is great! I bought it but didn’t know how to integrate it into my foods cause it doesn’t really taste good�� but thanks to the recipe I been making that smoothie almost every day

  • I LOVE how informative all of your videos are even this one and a random fact of don’t eat a banana when its a bit green because it’s going to mess your stomach up! I was in so much discomfort the other day after eating a somewhat green banana and had no idea why haha! you two are my absolute fav YouTubers, your content is amazing, you can see how much work yous put into them! ❤️

  • Hey girl! LOVE your content! I too am getting baby-ready & would love if you did a video on what you’re doing to get ready. For me I’m balancing my hormones with supplementation, strength & core training & acupuncture ☺️ x

  • Hey Sarah! You should listen to episode #050 called, “Why I stopped Taking A Probiotic” of the Simple Roots Radio podcast. She is extremely holistic and digs real deep into the science behind everything in all of her podcasts. I thought this episode was really interesting, so I think you should give it a listen cause you’d love it!

  • I really struggle since I quit smoking and put on a lot of weight. I go to gym three times a week and transforming my eating habits. But I feels like being punished for doing right thing and putting so much weight. I’m really not feeling good about myself right now.
    I wanted to ask about carrot I never see them in your vlogs, is it because they not good?
    And in my situation where to start with powders you talk about xxxx all the best

  • I have gone back and forth over the years trying to begin and stick with my fitness journey; diet, exercise, the works…What I continually find myself struggling with is feeling comfortable going to the gym, alone or with other people. I constantly feel a pressure and anxiety doing anything in public; the whole people are watching you, I’m not near their level thought process…but I know that I won’t motivate enough to do workouts in the privacy of my own home…Any advise as to how to build up confidence enough to work out in the gym?

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  • I know breakfast is important but when I have to get up at 5 am every day I dont fell hungry nor have energy to make breakfast. Summer please come already

  • These tips are helpful, thanks Sarah, I’m trying to get my sh*t together…. And sometimes it’s so haaard especially the exercises but I try to start small by doing 20 min workouts and then extend them

  • Sarah, I am absolutely obsessed with you. Lets be real you and Kurt both. On another note, your advice to not stress out about working out really hit home with me, Thank you!

  • The ” cold drinks are bad for you” is bullshit source: overall good vid tho

  • I guess it’s just the editing but it looked so weird how you went down to the beach and went back up right after ahahah btw great video Sarah

  • My vigor is unreal as well as I have considerably more energy. I look at my sister Sharon and she’s an utter success story also; she stays in just as smashing shape and she also still uses yoga burn. There’s just so much value here, I felt I simply had to communicate my story and with any luck you will enjoy as much if not greater success, best wishes on your amazing journey! Take a look at the link

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  • I was recently diagnosed with Sciatica, I wake up with lower back pain and pain in my hips and thigh. What’s the best sleeping position for me to avoid the pain? Thank you kindly

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  • So I understand where you are coming from, but the issue is, we do not stay in one place all night!! I put a pillow between my knees, then it wakes me when I roll to my back and again when I go to the other side!!

  • I needed that affirmation so badly, that it’s okay to just go for a walk some days! You dont have to exercise or work out hardcore every single day:) thank you for that! You truly give the best fitness and health advice sarah

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  • Flies get into your house with your fruit bowl or flowers. Guaranteed if you got rid of both you wouldn’t have a single fly but then you’d have to get rid of your fruit bowl and your flowers so that’s no good

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  • I can attest to everything you said in the video as being true from personal experience. I was involved with a man who was always critical of me. Nothing I ever did was good enough for him and no matter what I did or didn’t do, how I dressed, or behaved, there was just no pleasing him. It’s emotionally exhausting being with a man like that and the day that I cut ties with him was the best day of my life! NEVER settle for less, accept ONLY the BEST for your life! You deserve it!