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Is Bodybuilding a Sport? | Tiger Fitness

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Marc Lobliner a Broscientist? Bodybuilders and Naturals

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My Bodybuilding Return Marc Lobliner Live Q&A 7-3-18 | Tiger Fitness

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Bodybuilders Please Stop Making Comebacks After you Retire original unedited version

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Marc Lobliner Sparring One Day After Bodybuilding Guest Posing!

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Top 5 Mistakes I Made in my Early Bodybuilding Career

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Find out why Marc “The Machine” Lobliner has retired from professional bodybuilding after his first pro show and is now trying obstacle course racing. Find out why Marc. Menu. Cancel View cart. Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands.

It was started by me, Marc Lobliner and a few close allies. I worked my way up to Personal Training Coordinator for Bally Total Fitness while in college and soon got recruited to work my dream job, the place that started it all Weider Publications!I spent 5 years at Weider Publications in charge of Endemic Business Development and as a Senior Account Manager. By: Marc Lobliner CMO, TigerFitness.com; CEO, MTS Nutrition; Mediocre Retired Pro Bodybuilder This list can be argued for weeks on end, but I won’t waiver.

The rankings should be based on a combination of wins, losses, how much they impacted the sport and of course, my darn opinion! Here is a rundown of 1-30 and a brief reason why! Dexter Jackson The winningest pro in the history of the.

Fitness channel led by TigerFitness.com CMO/MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner covering all topics related to fitness, current events and the best ways to help you reach your goals!SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://bit.ly/subTigerFitness Keep it healthy at home with our Cooking w/Kara Playlist! http://bit.ly/cookwkara SUPPORT MARC LOBLIN. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://bit.ly/subTigerFitness Keep it healthy at home with our Cooking w/Kara Playlist! http://bit.ly/cookwkara Marc Lobliner discu.

Dorian Yates and Marc Lobliner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twuqv-HJX7Q Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates (born 19 April 1962) is an English professional bodyb. Tyson Fury gives Anthony Joshua words of advice in classic 2013 The Gloves are Off! Duration: 48:27. Sky Sports Boxing Recommended for you. New. 133 LBS: #1 Seth Gross (Wisconsin) vs. #4 Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) | 2020 B1G Wrestling Duration: 12:05.

Big Ten Network Recommended for you. New. If You Don’t Use a Credit Card, You’re Leaving Money on the Table Outright Minute #16.

List of related literature:

I could hardly believe how competitive the sport had become by then, or that I would be pushed so hard by a bodybuilder as small as Chris Dickerson.

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His concern of losing weightlifters to other sports such as bodybuilding was expressed in the September, 1948 editorial of Strength and Health where Hoffman for the first time addressed the threat of the IFBB:

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Robert Cheeke is a competitive bodybuilder and the 2005 INBA Northwestern USA Natural Bodybuilding Overall Novice Champion.

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Many mark this appearance of drug use within the sport as the end of the pre–golden era of bodybuilding.

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His incredible physique and winning attitude gave me the hope that I could make my dream of becoming a bodybuilding champion a reality.

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He believed the “IPF should keep only to powerlifting in the same way as IFBB has decided to keep only to bodybuilding.”

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Guimard had been a successful pro, but he became an even more successful directeur sportif After retiring at the relatively young age of twenty-nine, he moved straight into team management and immediately tasted success at the highest level, winning the 1976 Tour de France with the Belgian rider Lucien Van Impe.

“Racing Through the Dark: Crash. Burn. Coming Clean. Coming Back.” by David Millar
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A great milestone in Joe Weider’s career came in 1970, when the international community agreed to certify bodybuilding as an official sport.

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It’s a real pity that what started off as a great sport has been defamed over the years by the use of unnatural supplements, steroids, and fat burners being peddled in the market.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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Once retired, LeMond and Fignon’s former manager Cyrille Guimard also transformed from a pragmatic coach who saw doping as a tool of the trade to an anti-doping campaigner.

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  • Shut the fuck up you hypocrite. Are you actually telling everyone you’re natural? And you expect this bro science channel to get popular? Why don’t you try telling the truth about what you take and everything in general; and notice your popularity expand tremendously.

  • O golden one, I hate correcting a demi God but banter is by definition a positive thing. You can’t have hateful banter. Forgive me…

  • There were alot of whey protein powders that were tested and had alot of toxins like heavy metals etc in these, is your brand protein powder any different?

  • So gymnastics is not a sport because it gets judges in the same manner.. boxing too has a judging aspect to it, if there is no knockout it is up to the judges to decide. You could not be more wrong about this. I am a IFBB judge and I have also judged pageants. With IFBB there is a 80 page manual you need to know and pass a test by min 80 % just to start trial judging.. and you compare it to pageantry?? Sorry bud you off the ball on this one!

  • Steroid mark. You name was on steroid order placed published online. Ha ha. You got caught. You were never natty. Once a liar always a liar. Yeah boom

  • Bodybuilding is an expensive hobby. Business at best, but its cool that every high lvl athlete is turning to bodybuilders for help when it comes to mass, diet and strength.

  • Loved this video Marc! I disagree with your statement about everyone being an athlete though! I did a response video to this if you wouldn’t mind checking it out! Keep all the awesome content coming!

  • Boxing background hear Marc. Here are some tips. When you’re moving, do not let your legs cross, you should be stepping like a fencer steps and when you’re lead leg steps forward you jab while you step and your jab should land on your opponent when your foot hits the ground. Second, your punches are a bit too arm like. Imagine there is a rope tide to your fist and your hip, just like the stepping jab when your punch lands your hip should be turns over at the same time, almost like you’re hitting him with your hip and your fist at the exact same time. For a visual example of the stepping jab, youtube George Foreman stepping jab, he gives a great example. Lastly, it has been an inspiration watching you box and you’re getting better each video. Love the videos Marc and keep up the great work in everything you do.

  • as a boxer you need to really work on your foot work and learn to step less impactful. if i was sparring you i could hear your foot steps before you throw which gives away a lot. relax your shoulders a little and learn to use your hips and feet weight transfer for the punches power.

  • I did all the things you mentioned in the video while not even trying to achieve spectacular results. I basically tortured myself for many years just to look good (while probably being in a great shape already). One huge mistake I made was not drinking alcohol at all. When I was 19 I only had one drink on my birthday because I was afraid of estrogen ruining my gains. (I’m from Hungary btw, you can drink at 18).

  • Kevin Levrone had a good balanced physique, however, he didn’t have the detail and striations that Ronnie and Jay had, so thus, he never won the Olympia. He was still successful though.

  • cant get away with training a muscle 1 time a week.,thats quite retarded,big fan followed u for a long time and but some stupid guys might belive that, u can train everyday,need i say more? u wont gain anything but maybe a muscle tear,so dont train everyday wont do u no good maybe ul be lean but not ripped and strong,this statement made me think ur on gear,much respect but does not sound legit at all…..cuz that kind of recovery isnt rlly possible,,,,

  • Trying to be lean and have a six-pack during the early years of training when I could have been growing more in those prime growing years.

  • what do you suppose most youtubers don’t admit hormone use?do you think it the legalities of it?or is it people trying to sell shit to naive people on a promise something can be achieved natty?figured I’d ask you as your clearly not natty!

  • Guys realize this doctor is working for a wellness center his main job is to issue the most drugs legally because that’s how they make money so be careful what marc says he’s basically taking a cycle and keeps emphasizing “that’s what my doc wants” nice try

  • To me, bodybuilding is a sport, like running or swimming, but Mr Olympia or the Arnold classic are beauty contests, not sport events. Bodybuilding, as a sport, takes place in the gym.

  • non-natty checkin in.. but i trained pretty much the same way (each body part 2x a week) when on..
    however im back to being natty atm lol.. back to 3x a week fullbody training:3

  • I feel like bodybuilding is a sport. When u see them posing it’s kind of like a dancer or a figure skater. How are these sports different?

  • Glorious brother of Sweden, have you heard this thing about our fellow brother in iron, Matt Kroczaleski, is apparently a woman now? Heard that he’s transgender and that he’d always felt like a woman on the inside. What’s your thoughts on this Golden one of prospirety?



  • Greetings, Golden One! I’ve searched and haven’t find anything about your takes on deloads. So here goes the question: what’s your point of view on deloads and, if you use them, what’s your method for deloading?
    Just read that there is good scientific evidence supporting the claim that deloads are good for progressing (on Greg Nuckol’s website, StrengthTheory).

  • It could be quite true that you should not follow all of his training protocols, but Marc is the been-there-done-that kind of guy and could easily give advice for both those enhanced and not enhanced. His channel has to be one of the greatest fitness channels on YouTube, honestly.

  • Looked down at myself and realized I am wearing the same shirt as you golden one… both of us looking rather focken juicy in it I may add:P

  • “Glorious brother of Sweden, have you heard this thing about our fellow brother in iron, Matt Kroczaleski, is apparently a woman now? Heard that he’s transgender and that he’d always felt like a woman on the inside. What’s your thoughts on this Golden one of prospirety?


    /watch?v=OWWkiPLZqP0″ +MrElias97

    Kroc rows, not even once.

  • i LOVE bb but still can’t see the point of competitions.
    and still don’t understand why the judges are looking for THAT typical bodytype. well….it is what it is, what you gotta do is what you gatta do, whatever takes to win. right?? lol
    if you are not genetic freak, just keep it as hobby. just saying.:(

  • Marc. I’m a fan man. I don’t mean to criticize you. I understand you’re a bodybuilder and not a fighter. But whoever thought you how to punch must be sued. Again not your fault! U boxed for a good cause, so respect bro!

  • I never take any advice from geared lifters tbh. A few years back I did take those advice with no gains, started taking advice from natural guys (such as you) and boom, gains:D

  • Look at Dennis now that he is off of the drugs. You say he was gifted with size he doesn’t even look like he ever worked out! A lot of these guys are borderline wimpy looking when you see them naturally Dennis, Nasser, Kevin…

  • Samir banout NEVER weighed 230 in his life. And Arnold’s “comeback” in 1980 was a fix. Mentzer/platz/zane and padilla ALL looked way better than him… the highest he would have placed if the contest was fair was 5th/6th

  • Bodybuilding is the crossroads of art, science & strength. The competition might pan out to be a pageant, but the process of physical training and the repitition of physical exertion from the exercises so as to develop your muscles to it’s most apex state could and should classify the activity as a sport.

  • Internet warriors (aka online skanks) cheering on these comebacks is a major reason the comebacks happen…. “oh, Kevin Levrone in the Olympia would destroy Phil Heath” yeah..whatever flake…The smartest BB is to retire from bodybuilding entirely, no connections whatsoever, nothing…that’s the best legacy… “you mean I cannot go to the Arnold expo and have people take pictures with me for 40 dollars?” that is correct..get a real job

  • What do I think? I think it’s time to pull mentzer out of the grave, give him an i.v. of rGH and wheelchair him onto the stage. I bet he STILL couldn’t beat “The Austrian Oak”…………

  • Preach �� but going back to an athlete, nearly every living organism has the ability to move. So would you call a dog an athlete? Because you have the same definition of an athlete as Nike. Nike says if you have a body, you’re an athlete… I hope my comment makes sense.

  • Bodybuilding isn’t a sport. Any football, basketball, rugby player etc. plus pretty much put in the same time in the weight room as a bodybuilder. Added on to their normal practices and on court/field training. Just a Beauty pageant

  • To say that you only need squats to develop your legs to the max is incorrect imo. Whether it is for naturals or not. There are other good exercises that compliment the squat.

  • I know this is quite obvious, but Marc you are extremely well-spoken. Even when you curse, you present your opinion and the material in a coherent way that is just hard to find nowadays. Props for that

  • My biggest mistake when I lost 110lbs was going low to no carb. I was very lucky to have great muscle building genetics. I often got mistaken for being on gear lol. I could’ve had even better workouts and looked even bigger with carbs. My back is a little messed up now so I can’t go heavy and my workouts are much shorter than they used to be. I have kept off about 80lbs though, and my diet is much more rounded.

  • Marc, you may look ditzy and uncoordinated when you’re push-punching and using hilarious footwork, but I bet you’d knock out 90% of the people talking shit, including myself. You really have spirit, man. You suck at boxing, but you still give it your all. That takes a lot of dedication.

  • he said Kim Kardashian is a slut lmao….I hope your channel blows up for that….and Marc your elite in my book buddy! keep it up

  • I would venture to say that the “show” is not a sport. The acts leading up to the event is a sport. Athletic Pageant is the best term to use! Well said Marc! #mtsstreetwarrior

  • How’s it going?! Great content. Have you ever thought of using SMZeus. c o m to help get your videos higher in the search results?

  • mark isnt a bad guy he just sells protein shakes with massive amounts of sugar…. i took his protein for 3 years, nope i didnt build much muscle, nothing works unless you do is a joke, its genetics people,,, and after that its steroids… mark does and will always take steroids… he is not naturally big…