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X. Shirley Liu, Computational modeling of protein degradation in tumors

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Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

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WHY I’M OVERWEIGHT *emotional* // The Importance of Strong Mental Health for Successful Weight Loss

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I’m Fat and Strong, Not Filtered and Fake Hop on any social media platform and search for fitness-related posters. You’ll find meal prep posts, gym selfies, maybe a selfie at the beach. You’ll see all of the hot fitness models, ripped dudes, and people who struggle to lose weight. “I’m FAT and OBESE and there’s NOTHING you can DO about it!” Is it really OK to be fat? Find out why fat people are out of line and causing distress on everybody else!

Become a Patreon! Get my. Marsha Coupé is fat. Her word, not mine. As a “perfect size 28”, she can stretch to being called large.

But there’s one thing she is not: “Obese is a medical word,” she says. FACE EXERCISES for a STRONG JAWLINE and TONED FACE! Why You’re Not Losing Fat Why I’m Insecure about my Chubby Cheeks.

I share my experiences of when I was growing up and was told that I couldn’t do something because I was too fat or that I wasn’t talented enough. Even though it’s been tough (and I’m still. Obvious fake guitar playing is obvious!

Would YOU say the guitar playing in this commercial looks real? SUBSCRIBE for more guitar things! https://www.youtu. The Onision, OnisionSpeaks & UhOhBro YouTube channels are awesome! Onision is comedy sketches & music videos.

OnisionSpeaks has fun interesting topics and UhOhBro is just a hilarious stuff channel. Mark Angel Comedy Emmanuella “Am I Getting Fat?” Aunty Success 10 most Funniest SAVAGE REPLIES In MarkAngel comedy That will make you cry & lol�� 10) Your belly is Skinny, you can see my ribs Flat Muscly Normal (its a bit podgy in some places but its mostly flat) Chubby ( its a bit jiggly and big, but not THAT big) Large( its soft, jiggly, and hangs over my pants and is quits large!) Fat ( its big, round and it hangs over my pants and spills a lot over the sides Very fat ( its massive and hangs over my pants, touching my legs.

So don’t worry about me — I’m not going up against you.’” Men and women alike are under the false impression that women prefer a gal pal who puts herself down to one who says she’s.

List of related literature:

If you gained 20lbs, you’d still be a real woman.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
from The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life
by Melissa Wells
Hay House, 2016

If you wish desperately that you were one of those naturally thin people, but you don’t really believe, deep down, that you are, guess what.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
Atria Books, 2009

weight lifters also appear to be at high risk for developing disordered eating and body image distortion/ disturbance.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

Instead of building muscle mass that makes you look trim and shapely, you could be depleting existing muscle, making you look flabby.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
from No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
Atria Books, 2016

You might not have the body type or genetics for a million-dollar physique, but that isn’t an excuse for not trying to look in shape.

“The Professional Wrestlers' Workout & Instructional Guide” by Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Les Thatcher, Alex Marvez, Jim Ross
from The Professional Wrestlers’ Workout & Instructional Guide
by Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, et. al.
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You will never change your body if you are critical of it and find fault with it, and in fact you will attract more weight to you.

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
from The Secret
by Rhonda Byrne
Simon & Schuster UK, 2008

This isn’t based on an accurate perception of what those who deal with mystery weight gain are really up against.

“Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2018

“I’m overweight because that’s how I’ve always been” is a belief

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
Atria Books, 2011

You don’t have to be fat to be strong.

“Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties” by Linda Montano
from Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties
by Linda Montano
University of California Press, 2000

You might be a skinny twig without training, but once you start lifting weights, you will put on muscle and look jacked.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • HEY EVERYONE!!! If you are interested in doing a group challenge please vote for the one you’d most like to do out of options 1, 2, or 3! The winning challenge will be announced at the end of next week’s video and we will begin on Monday, June 15th!!!
    1 *30 day daily yoga + meditation challenge 
    2 *21 day Dance work out (30 min a day min.) challenge
    3 *30 day Squat Challenge

  • Well wow, i’ve never related so every sigle word someone has said more than i did during this video. Like, every single word? The dad? then the bf?the food? okay well i am you and you are me basically.

  • I’m wondering how much was subconscious over feeding as a child; please remember her country had two world wars, food rationing during both, and the rationing didn’t end until the mid 1950’s. Food meant love, comfort, family for many especially if they were isolated. This was produced about 2008 or 2009. Being a commercially produced show, it’s too bad we can’t see an update linked here.

  • Oh my goodness. Thank you for this!! I had been thinking about recording my journey but I was too scared. I’m going to just do it. I’m posting my first video today. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I don’t know how I came about your channel, but I am really happy I did. You are so sweet and smart and funny and inspiring. It is so refreshing to see such an honest journey, I’m on my own journey to get healthier (finally) and it is so helpful to know that someone is experiencing the same ups and downs. Also, you are so funny! Keep being amazing.

  • You have such a beautiful soul Beatrice, I binge watch all of your videos,the best personality on YouTube,and so incredibly funny, your literally a ray of sunshine ��

  • I’m not even overweight, never been, and I don’t suffer from depression or something. So why am I watching? I just like your personallity.:) I think you’re a really cool person. Keep it up, girl! ����

  • I just really wanted to give you a big hug during this! I love your videos and am a recent subscriber, I’m rooting for you and your weight loss journey!! ��

  • So glad I found your channel! You’re so real, funny, entertaining and honest. I’ve been binge watching like 4 videos now. So excited about your progress and I’m here for the whole journey! ��

  • Girl… this hits so hard.

    I broke up with my first boyfriend/fiance when I was 20. He had become emotionally abusive and told me he had a new girlfriend a week after we broke up. (Later found out that was a lie.)

    It shattered me.

    When I moved out of my parents’ house after college, the (food-wise) restrictive way my parents had raised me well-intentioned, but extremely poorly communicated verbally and emotionally backfired and my low sense of worth drove me to… binge. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’m saying that “out loud”. I only realized it this week when I was crying to my husband, a whole 8 years removed from this, because I’ve packed on 70 pounds since I left my parents’ house. The 2 years of suicidal depression didn’t help either.

    You are so brave for putting this out there, and this video has helped me accept what I was really doing to myself, and that’s helping me move on in a lot of ways. Thank you so, so much for your honesty.

    PS padded bike shorts truly do help for long rides.

  • I appreciate so much how real you are willing to be with us. Your 2 week chloe ting challenge video is actually what motivated me to try it out myself. I have 2 days left. I understand that door dash feel and randomly getting that overwhelming depression for a day. Dont let it hold you back. I watch you every time I want to stop

  • I’m a new subscriber. You are such a strong Woman! Thank you for sharing your story ❤️ you are motivating me to be a healthier person so thank you for that!

  • I also struggle with abandonment issues but I choose to cast my cares on to God because he is the only one who wont abandon you no matter what

  • Look into Dr. John McDougall and his 10 day (live in) program, he also has 3 day programs. Dr. McDougall has his own Website, just check him and his Clinics out (here is a link to a introduction of his live-in program, scroll down to the video clip. https://www.drmcdougall.com/health/programs/10-day-program/). Great video, never give up! He has made the biggest changes in my life and I had tried every diet out on the market. I am twice your age, I am almost 63 years of age and am going forward for the first time in my life. It cannot hurt to look this direction, as well, it will only take a bit more of your time. Dr. John McDougall: Dr. Doug Lisle; Dr. Neal Barnard; Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn; Dr. Michael McGregor…..there are a whole group of Physicians in the US and In the UK that are devoted to helping those of us that need to change our lifestyles, and they really work. Will add a couple of video links here. Love and hugs for your video, keep on posting!!! <3 1st video link is from Dr. Doug Lisle ("How to lose weight without losing your mind") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAdqLB6bTuQ;

  • I was subscribed to your old channel when the break up happened ❤ I just found your new channel and I am so happy you are back. You were one of my favourite youtubers and I just came across this channel. I saw your face and thought “omg. It can’t be!?” So excited for new content and so glad you’re doing well.

  • I’ve watched all of your videos but this one, as I was worried it would trigger me. I shouldn’t have worried. It was like listening to a friend talk. I’ve been through the same thing this week. Horrendous start off the week when all I wanted to do was binge. I stayed strong and got through it. I loved when you said you want to break the circle and level up. I totally agree! I’m seeing a therapist to help me with my ED and depression and I’m fighting as hard as I can. I think you are awesome and keep going! Xx

  • now where are those people who are going to say let them live their life the way they want to, and they are beautiful either way, and they don’t need to change their lifestyle as long as they are happy? Health is health, skinny or not, if you’re not having a healthy diet then its gonna cause serious problems. I like how this show is bringing some awareness to everyone.

  • Thank you for sharing your story ❤️ I subscribed to your channel a week ago and you’re the main reason I’ve been able to stay on a health diet,intermittent fasting and exercise everyday so far! Every time I think of not doing a workout or eating something bad I think of you or watch a video❤️ You’re such an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful for your channel. You’re a strong beautiful woman

  • Thank you for being honest and venerable. I have always struggled to remain “outside” I slip into those kinds of depressions you are talking about and I always have to be extra mindful to take care of myself and to dig myself out from the pit. Writing is a huge part of that for me, also yoga, walking, and drinking water Things that seem easy, but can become very difficult.

  • I think you also have to be honest with yourself about what you are eating… I know as a fat girl I sometimes lie to myself about how much or what I’ve eaten. In order to loss 45lbs this year I had to be really honest with myself about what was actually going in my mouth

  • You are a true inspiration. You have a darling personality. and in spite of whatever you might feel about yourself right now you are beautiful even as you are. You’re on this journey to better your life and better your situation and I commend you for it!

  • Honestly, I’ve been working on losing weight and I encountered a setback after I really damaged my throat and vocal cords so I could only eat soft things and not talk for 2 weeks. Watching your videos helps me feel motivated as I try to lose weight. I have at least 150 to lose and it is disheartening sometimes. You are amazing!

  • Whoa is 2000 calories really the normal recommended amount? That seems so high to me. I’m not skinny at all but I eat around 1000 every day, more than that seems too much. I’m Asian and short though does that matter?

  • My long term boyfriend, who I was starting to plan a wedding with, walked away last month. I have barely been able to get out of bed since. You are inspiring me to get up and move again. Thank you for posting the ups and downs of your journey.

  • I was dating this guy for like 3 yrs, we broke up and then 1 yr later I met my Husband, I wasn’t even looking for anyone and he was literally the perfect person for me:) and I’m so so happy things didn’t work out with that other person because I couldn’t even imagine my life without my Husband, I promise everything happens for a reason ❤️

  • You are doing great!! Thank you for sharing your story… it is hard! But u are strong and is going to succeed! I’m sure of it!! Open your heart because good people are around!!

  • I can not belive that while filming this she was the same age as I am now. She looks like she could be my Mother! Obesity really is a tremendous strain for a human body.

  • Every single word of this! It’s so much more than eat less. The sooner people understand this, the more successful we all will be on a weight loss journey. I’m 50 and just realizing how childhood trauma has effected my eating disorders. Thank you for being so honest. You are amazing!!

  • thank you for sharing your story. I to journal because I feel that it makes what”s in my mind just a little clearer it also helps me let go of things I’ve been holding onto. there are days that I think I have forgiven my dad completely for leaving us as children but I think that the little child in me will never really be over it. Maybe because there isn’t ownership from him acknowledging what he did. apologizing maybe..

  • There was so much in this that I could identify with! I was heaviest at my lowest mental health point, and I don’t think there’s any coincidence there. I’m still pretty overweight, but getting diagnosed with ADHD has been a game changer. I didn’t exercise because it was hard (and things that take effort are difficult with untreated ADHD), and because my brain didn’t do the whole dopamine thing properly, I found comfort and stimulation in food for YEARS. Now that I’m taking medication, I’m still overweight, but exercising and controlling my portions has become a lot easier. Getting the mental health help first has helped a ton with being physically healthier.

  • I’m sorry you went through all that. Its nice to be able to relate to someone and know that I’m not alone. I broke up with my ex 3 and a half years ago. He cheated and a lot of other stuff I found out all at once, he smeared his new gf in my face. It was a living hell. I coped with food and failed several college classes. Totally lost it.
    Thank you for sharing your story. You inspire me ��

  • Are the souces and references credible? Any studies been sponsored or funded by certain entities? You haven’t made any disclaimer about this crucial part of your presentation.

  • I like trying all the different brands of water, they have different water tastes and keep me away from drinking sodas and stuff. It is a huge drain on money and I never believed that alkaline water did anything normal water couldnt do.

  • Your ability to be so vulnerable to all of us just shows how much stronger you are. You are healing and blossoming in such a beautiful way you are very inspiring:) very real and relatable also not to mention HILARIOUS. Keep going pretty girl we are on your side!!

  • I feel like in body positivity communities there is a lot of resentment toward skinny ppl.
    Everybody needs love. E v E r Y b O d Y

  • I’m so happy I found your channel. I relate to you in literally so many ways and I feel like we’ve been through similar trauma and it’s really nice to see somebody also struggle but still getting through the day. I’m just trying to get through the day and hearing you explain how do you feel about yourself and your situation is exactly how I describe my own. So thank you B. You making videos about these personal and painful but important parts of your life also help me cope with mine.

  • I saw an ad on YT that touted an alkaline diet to combat toenail fungus. I am currently looking to see if there is any data to support or refute that claim. So far, I have found that an alkaline diet is pretty much the exact opposite of the keto diet, which I was on for 5 months, and lost 20 lbs with.

    Are there any studies that specifically address alkaline diets as a suitable treatment for toenail fungus?

  • What you said about guys giving you attention, i felt that. I’m overweight right now and guys don’t really give me attention anymore (i also don’t really go out anymore either), this made me realise that at some point inside of me i think i kinda don’t want to take care of my appearance because i don’t want people giving me attention. This is probably a result from sexual abuse/assault when i was a bit younger. I’m married but somehow i feel like this protect me? It’s comforting in a way. At the same time i feel sad that i’m not at my best for my husband and for me (even if he keep saying he likes my big butt lol, inside me i keep thinking he must say that to be nice and because he loves me). A psychologist would have a field trip with me!��

  • Even more in love with you’re real ness!! Something you can’t buy nor teach. It comes with those experiences and insight and loving yourself and embracing all the storms. “Easier said than done” I know. GLAD YOH ARE HERE AND I FOUND YOU!!! ��

  • Wtf!! All studies contradict each other. If I was Elon or someone who’d be contributing to the mankind, then I’d be willing to pee expensive pee. But for now my pee can be regular pee.

  • Hi Beatrice! I found you through comments on another video and I am binge watching your content now. I really like it! Love your attitude and your fearlessness to try new things. Great job so far!

  • Hi! I am from India. Just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I don’t know if you’ll see this but thank you for sharing your journey. You are an inspiration. May God bless you.

  • Nothing happens overnight.. Whether super skinny or super fat… You sometimes have years…. If you just can’t see what you doing to yourself… This is the result.
    It’s all mental

  • I think you are an incredible person who has definitely inspired me to get off my bum and do something to loose weight. I feel that I am my own worst enemy as like you say, most people know what to do to loose weight and what to eat/not eat to be healthy, but I just don’t do it. I am a true procrastinator and seeing you going through the same internal struggle/battle is comforting. I think you are doing amazingly and I am now hooked on your videos you have a great personality and I only wish I had the confidence to put myself on youtube to start my accountability/support for weightloss. I too stood on the scales to see the highest number I’ve ever seen myself be and a week on I still haven’t started to do anything about it it feels like I will always fail. I start something, loose 7-9lbs and then hover around the same number until it starts to creep back up. I am going to take a leaf out of your book and start making a change. Keep going you’re doing fantastically! ������

  • You are an inspiration be I’m on a weight loss journey I’m a acholic in recovery I used booze as a shield not no more though I’m on day 3 dance workout DVD and free weights boom you are so beautiful ������

  • You have a pretty face, it’s a shame you throw it away by being fat, you won’t have that face forever. You’re getting older and soon you’ll lose that too.

  • Girl, I love you. You are so brave and beautiful �� please know this. It’s so hard. What you are doing is so hard. I literally don’t know you and you’re in a completely different part of the planet but you are inspiring me. Everything you said is so relatable. Loads of love.

  • When I see thumbs down on such an inspiring life goal it just pisses me off. B you are my inspiration. I’m 59 years old and I have health issues but I have been so depressed like most of my life also. I need to start doing something because I have done absolutely nothing for months. I have sat here for two weeks and not even left my apartment. I’m going to start and I need to do something for weight loss. maybe I will do the Chloe ting challenge I’m going to have to check it out and see if I can do it. Thank you Bea for you you’re amazing.

  • Aww, girl I just want to give you a hug. Your doing great, it’s hard to confront how your feeling sometimes but keep at it!

    In my life I recognized that I shouldn’t be so critical of myself, and like you mentioned focus on all the things you did wrong. Because of my repeated negative mindset day after day I suffered with depression for a few months. It wasn’t until I started thinking more positively and had family support that I came out of it.

  • I can totally relate to your story. I went through a breakup from a 6 year relationship, got into an accident and totalled my car, lost my job, my apartment, all within 4 months and also went into a depression and got up to 206lbs….and I’m 5′ 3″. I moved to another city with no car or job and started completely over. Once I started to find my way and myself again I started exercising, eating healthy, forgave myself for what I did to my body and ended up losing 75lbs. It was a struggle at times and sometimes still is, but I have been able to maintain my weight, sometimes gaining/losing within 5-10ish lbs, and have been able to recognize unhealthy patterns and when they’re triggered. I know you can achieve you goal and you’re so on the right track! Know that so many of us can relate to you and we are all cheering for you!! ������ #Bminus100 #BeAqueen #BEAutiful #BeaStrong #BeaFit #BeaHealthy #BeaFocused

  • My highest weight was 154kgs. I was sexually assaulted twice during my childhood, one was worse than the other experience. Plus I had a lot of things happen at one time…I gained 27kg in a month and a half from binge eating. I ate and ate and ate so people would never want to touch me again.

    Currently however, I’m with my fiance. My fiance was the only person I would let truly near my heart, they see everything I have to offer and I’m not scared to be who I am around them. I’m now 148kgs bc I dont feel the need to binge bc I found someone who won’t hurt me.

  • So happy to have found your channel. I started with one video but now I’m addicted and will be catching up! My goal is 100lbs too. I’ve already lost 100 back due to injuries and suegeries I’ve been on a 3 year plateau. Time to get going again and conquer this last 100!

  • Lots of love..just started my journey…and I am thankful to you for verbalising exactly what I felt while starting this. Adipose as this armour..

  • I’m an emotional pooper and I hate it! When I get stressed or depressed I can’t eat and I poop my brains out! I hate it because I’m already pretty skinny! I take Lexapro and I swear it’s amazing for my depression and anxiety! We all have our vices and mine has always been my struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and at 35 I finally feel in control of it��

  • Thank you for being so real, brutal honesty and inspiring. From one 230 lb girl to another thank you! Watching you, listening to you and your struggles are exactly what I feel I struggles with. Yet you laugh through it and take it in stride. You have really inspired me again. Ty ty ty! Ty for being beautiful inside and out.

  • Behavioral patterns are one of the hardest things to change as humans. Most of them are developed by time we are 4 years old or when something traumatic has happened like the situations you had explained. It’s going to take time and self will. Your going to slip some times and that’s okay. As long as you keep trying and pushing. You can achieve wonders if you put your mind to it. You have all the strength and power within yourself. Keep fighting and believing in yourself. You are beautiful Beatrice.

  • I distill my water and add minerals so there’s no nonsense in it and I still get what’s necessary. People just want to be in control of what goes in their body

  • I don’t believe you because you work for the government. I bet you get flu shots every year and can’t wait until coronavirus vaccine.

  • Keto diet. Is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

    Why must society blame themselves? Almost everything that is not in it’s natural state has been created in a lab. The sugar is the addictive quality, it’s in ALL YOUR FOOD, and that’s what holds you back and messes with your normal bodily function.

    Our body knows when to stop eating actually, but not when refined sugar or carbohydrates (fruits, root or starchy vegetables) are in the mix.

    FACT: Excess sugar turns into fat in your body.

    Just assume as a baseline, you’re in denial. If nothing more, at least exercise, and not for weight loss, but for general health of the heart, liver, kidney et cetera. We want your body to work like a beautiful Bugatti Veyron, not a peddle car. Nutrients (leafy vegetables) are the fuel injection system of your body so it can send the right signals and make things run efficiently.

    Stop being afraid of not eating, hunger doesn’t have to be “cured” it just means your body is going to start using all your “potential energy” (all your stored fat) why else would your body be able to put it on in the first place?

    Then when you’re dead set hungry, you’ll eat your veggies (trust me). After about 2 weeks of nutritional ketosis, you will start to run like that beautiful car again.

  • Touting antacid meds over alkaline water for the gut is where I shut this video off. Antacids are not safe. Some contain aluminum.

  • She attended the mindfulness type session, felt good and then lost the feeling as soon as she got home. Then started chasing the next solution. Way too unwilling to just stick with anything. I hope she doesn’t cheat the bariatric surgery not she’s had it.

  • Hi there Bea, i’m enjoying your workout videos, you have been an inspiration, but i have heard that losing fat turns into muscle, not water. Oh just to let you know i found your channel here, after i was watching Holly Honcho, she’s been very helpful for me as well.

  • You can read the comments on a YouTube video, or you could try it yourself and feel the benefits. Go to http://pixelfy.me/u9G7uH for the chance to win a free alkaline water filter for your fridge!

  • Jeez, at some point you just gotta stop eating… overeating is not worth it. And don’t tell me it’s an addiction, I mean maybe it is, but I was addicted to cigarettes and then one day I decided I’d had enough and I quit. It’s hard but it’s not mission impossible

  • imo, sorry to blow the whistle, this video is an example of someone speaking with confidence and professionalism that can say anything, whether true or not, and people think they know what they’re talking about. Alkalinity is basically minerals. We need minerals to be healthy.
    And her challenging the argument that alkaline water would affect the alkaline level of the blood is so bogus. She said herself that the blood regulates itself to keep it at a certain level. That part is true. But why would you make the deduction that therefore alkaline water isn’t improving your health? Blood alkalinity and system alkalinity is not related.

  • I have gout and when i eat high acidity foods my gout will act up. Ever since I drink kangen water I have not had any episodes. So I don’t know if your claim is true either scientifically

  • I live this and with as alkaline body live free of arthritis, all inflammation of any sort, and have none of the aches and pains of aging at 70. Most diseases called auto immune are nothing more than the body dissolving itself from the inside out from excess acidity. Besides here is the competence level of the people you are asked to trust. Why should people listen to any one with a medical degree. Examples of drug based medical incompetence includes SARS, West Nile. Hanta Virus, Ebola, Cancer, Flu, The Common Cold, Aids, Hepatitis, Huntington’s, Arthritis, Muscular Dis-trophy and more.

    There is more to curing cancer than alkalinity. Immune system builders must also be used, but that said alkalinity strengthens the immune system, while acidity weakens it.
    I also have told the medical profession for decades how to stop arthritis, but they refuse even to write it down so they can look and lie stating there is no proof. There is lots of proof. The fact they refuse ti does not make it none existent.
    Look at it this way if people with medical degrees were worth anything we would not be dying from corona.

  • I’m glad I found this. I’m tired of these Instagram or‘s with a lot of followers making a lot of money off selling these alkaline filters (Kagnet). I knew the Sci Show would have a topic about alkaline water and debunk this. So sad that people buy into it and hound instagramers are making 3,000-5,000 + on these and they get to travel. Kind of jealous lol but I rather have my Integrity

  • I just like it. It tastes good. And, it helps when I have mild heartburn as opposed to eating a bunch of calcium (tums) or bismuth (pepto) ��‍♀️

  • so i need to eat atleast 4 grams of paracetamol to destroy my kidneys and then alkaline water works.
    cool thanks for the explination

  • Just found this channel and this immediately became my motivation too. You are a beautiful lady. Keep it up sis �� let’s get it ����

  • Science requires faith:
    Newton vs Einstein
    time going forward vs time is relative
    Big Rip vs Big Crunch
    Vegan is healthy vs non-vegan is healthy
    fats are healthy vs fats unhealthy
    coconut oil healthy Superfood vs coconut unhealthy fats
    ketogenic diet vs less fat diet
    fasting is unhealthy vs fasting is healthy
    eat 8 meals a day vs eat 1 meal a day
    milk is healthy vs milk is unhealthy
    calcium from milk vs can’t absorb calcium from milk
    egg is healthy vs egg is unhealthy
    vitamins are healthy vs vitamins no benefit

    TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine (alternative medicine) is not scientific vs TCM is scientifically proven (food supplement boom)

    asexual reproduction detrimental to a species vs asexual species thriving after many generations.
    evolution as random mutation vs mimicry evolution.
    matter is real using 5 senses vs 5 senses not real, matter not real.
    steady state universe vs Big Bang as beginning
    Water is dead vs Water is alive.
    virus is dead vs virus is alive
    atom as solid vs atom as energy, vibration, frequency
    carbon dating as accurate vs not accurate
    dinosaur had reptilian skin vs dinosaur had Avian feathers
    Neanderthal as separate species vs Neanderthal and humans interspecies, interbreeding.

  • So is alkaline water bad for you? How can letting your kidneys do less work bad? I would like to see a bigger study with better methodically.

  • She didn’t mention ERW ( = Electrolyzed Reduced Water), which is Alkalyzed Water (it’s the best).
    The chemically made Alkaline Water is not comparable with the ERW
    Watch the next YouTube video for the technical explanation:
    You can also watch the demo video on my link: jvijssel.kangendemo.com

  • Can you please please do a mental health series? It would help so many people. Myself included. I can’t push myself to go to theapry

  • There is utility for alkaline drinking water, for instance neutralizing phosphoric acid in soda so your bones dont hurt right after drinking mountain dew or whatever.

  • I deadass didn’t Believe in alkaline water. Until I went hooping and drinked this water. I felt great and didn’t even catch cramp. I seriously recommend it.

  • Pls can you research the effect of alkaline water on menstrual cycles cos the women in my home swear on it easing their flows tremendously

  • Fixed my heart burn. Got off pills and chewables. Why wouldn’t you drink it? The 9.5ph was my daily medicine plus tastes better imo.

  • she clearly has a bias because the companies selling bottles of it are in a grey area and overcharging.. wonder how she would feel about it if it was just the same price or came from ur tap, maybe stumble across some other minor yet relieving qualities about it?

  • Funny you’re literally telling someone to take a “cheap pill” instead of drinking better water. How much is big pharma paying you?

  • Nice video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched Proutklarton Protecting Aqua Plan (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for getting prepared for a mega drought without the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate at very last got great results with it.

  • I do not know what alkaline water you are talking but i have been having Ionized Alkaline water from a Japanese machine for the past 1.5 years and believe me, presently i am living a drug free life and major improvement in my diabetes. I would like to state here that normal alkaline water may be harmful or do not have any results but Ionised alkaline water from a Ionizer machine is completely different. Even we have tested that it does not neutralize stomach acid which other normal alkaline water does.
    Hence i do not know what is the agenda of you to publish such negative videos.

  • Know All About Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Your Health And Alkaline Water Purifier Available In India.

    Click below to read more-

  • Eat BBQ and sweets everyday and chug it down with softdrinks everyday for a year. Watch your health decline. Have a reading taken of your bodys PH level and observe our acidic it is. Raw organic veggies create a good PH in your body. Add alkaline water to this. It certainly wouldnt hurt. Its better than drinking water with a low PH making that water more acidic.

  • https://youtu.be/p2bmXgd0Mb4 shadow gate the David knight show https://youtu.be/pPJIA5DGwYI https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC02uVb8fhmoFaIaOjMTxj3w bill Cooper YouTube channel bill Cooper YouTube channel and general Shepherd YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJtYqM15NO4RAyjzGs_2jQ https://youtu.be/JPAk-5Dqn9A behold a pale horse book https://youtu.be/EsOATogGPGY Endgame https://youtu.be/tNMUhnSrBy8 sustainable 2040 prison city https://youtu.be/kpW9JcWxKq0 what is the fourth industrial revolution world economic forum https://youtu.be/-SsibNizNW4 revelation 1-20 Lowman https://youtu.be/-SsibNizNW4 https://youtu.be/dVJrVecqvEU the book of Enoch

  • I believe we should study, physiology, public health, psychology, and anatomy right along with science in school to know about our bodies, because there are alot of theories out there, and I think it would give people reasons why health is important.

  • What’s funny is, i’m more intersted in the purety of the water over whatever benefits there could be of drinking “alkaline water”.

  • The osteoporosis theory behind alkaline water wasnt based souly on the alkalinity in the water but the calcium in the water and im a soul believer in the alkaline water for many reasons personally but the big reason i believe is a 65 year old man ive done tree work with forever who taught me good water will change your life for the better and at 65 this man still climbs trees and has the strength of a silver back gorilla not only that i witnessed this man fall 30 feet from a tree onto big rocks an pieces of large limbs that were cut down flat on his back an walk away with minor fractures an a concussion from a fall that would had killed or crippled most people and at 65 this guy still visits the gym an can bench press 425 lbs and to do this at his age is phenomenal and he claims his secret to preserve life,longevity, and prosperous health benefits starts with good water, alkaline water to be exact an at first i drank it cause it seemed refreshing without expecting any health benefits but now i will drink nothing but it because over time i realized my energy and overall health seemed better than usual without realizing i had been drinking the water for a while and me explaining how good i felt to him one day an he asked have i been drinking good water an i then realized not thinking about the change to alkaline water for a good period of time then that it was the source to the benefits i was experiencing, not realizing it all the while and to this day i still drink it regularly along with my milos famous sweet tea now an then to switch it up on occasion an havent drank from a tap since an if u visit EWG.com enter your zip code or water utility providers name it will provide a list of harmful contaminants the epa allow and do not disclose to u when they send annual water test info to u an the hazardous health risks they impose on you and your family! Once u see this info u will never drink from a tap anywhere from a local provider ever again, no matter how thirsty u are once u see this info u would rather drink piss from a homeless mans shoes before u fill a glass from a tap again! the info is quite disturbing, what your not told the levels an the ailments these contaminants cause will make u cringe and bring many questions like why the epa would allow any amount of potentially harmful chemicals especially when u pay for the service just to be poisoned by what they allow u to know is there and the really bad stuff they dont utter a peep of to the general public who purchase the utility and need it on a daily basis! But check it out EWG environmental working group water info and enter your zip an choose your provider youll be shocked buy what u find, u may even find answers to your health issues or possible sources to them.

  • Lost me a minute in. Wtf is this dude talking about? CICO. That’s all that matters. Fat people don’t eat disproportionately more? Fuck outta here.

  • This totally sounds like Johnson & Johnson paid for this just to stop holistic medicine. Lmao ��‍♂️ you actually made me want to try this even more.

  • Many people in the comments say it has helped for IBS and acid reflux. There is a lot of science that shows a correlation between an acidic body and various diseases; The real question here is this: Does drinking alkaline water reduce acidity in the body? If it does, it very well may have some health benefits and be considered a miracle drink.

  • Such abysmal ignorance. We know we cant change blood pH. We know your body does everything it can to maintain that pH. So what do you think happens when you drink an extemely low pH beverage like Sprite? The 4.0pH drink hits your stomach, its digested but your body cannot allow it in your blood because its 1000 times more acidic than your blood, So it must buffer the Sprite with alkaline minerals derived from bones, tissue etc to get it up to 7.4ph. Your body can do this for years, maybe,… then starts to break down. The real pH you test is your saliva, not your blood, not your urine like Miss Brainy says. more vegetables equals more minerals which equals higher saliva and intercellular pH.

  • I think you have this all mixed up. electrically reduced water has molecular hydrogen antioxidant which is which has healing properties. it’s not about the ph of the water.. please watch this webinar i did here. also alkaline water from adding metallic minerals is different to electrically reduced water. Why does so few professionals understand this? Agree alkaline water does not change the body’s pH as pH is regulated by your kidneys and your lungs.


  • The body is 70% water. And if you eat trash your body will be trash. This tries to use science logic to disprove something science has already proven. Trash food and drink will give you a trash body. Good food and drink will give you a good body.

  • The stomach is acidic. As soon as water or food enters the stomach the digestive juices change the contents into an acid base. So why bother?

  • amazing-to know top 10 best alkaline water pitcher of 2020,click here-> https://www.suchkya.com/2020/03/alkaline-water-pitcher-top-10-alkaline-water-filter-pitchers-reviews-2020-in-hindi.html

  • But i bet if someone has an alkaline deficiency a scientist has a pill for that ������ please stop pharmaceutical companies just stop.

  • You can read the comments and see the hypocrisy. Half of yall women fat asf talking body positivity
    but you have here a big dude that not only has more guts and courage than you but literally have been
    in more marathons while you on the frickin couch eating, and watching tv. i guess body positivity goes one way.

  • I have all but admiration for this guy but this documentary is so wrong. He should lose weight for sure. He will die if stays this far.

  • Why does anyone give those people a platform? Have fun with your knees in not so many years. No doctor would tell obese people that running a marathon with 300 pounds is healthy.
    There is no reason for celebrating “fat running”, but hundred reasons to show why this is a bad approach for obese people to do sports.
    Sadly, this video doesn’t do that.

  • You could be a runner and keep running but remember what you said: You are fat first and runner second. If you really cared about running, you would better your body to really enjoy running without constraints.
    Nice that you are active but miss me with that “body positivity” nonsense.

  • He could finish the marathons with everybody else if he’d lose the weight and eat healthy.
    “Sometimes we’re not gonna cross the finish line”
    You would if you’d drop the weight and get healthy! How does he not see this?

  • Amazing im fat and active but people think cuz i aint skinny im lazy their lazy not me i do more then they do in a day then they do in a week

  • I’m not going to tell him what to do. I’m a fairly chunky guy myself but if he just cut his sugar intake in half he could do easily drop the weight.

  • Just cause ur fat doesn’t mean ur unhealthy, sumo wrestlers don’t get sick cause they exercise which makes the fat go to the right place instead of the heart

  • I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time. I always hate the idea that big people can’t run. I believe that big guys can beat scrawny fast people any day. I believe that you don’t have to lose weight unless you want to.

  • A 7 hour marthon is <4 mph. That is literally walking, forget about jogging. If he weighed 180-200 lbs, he could probably cut that time by 30%.

  • WOW amazing attitude! I would have given up a long time. You are definitely a runner and if you keep going you will get fitter and finish a marathon. There are plenty of skinny people out there but the most important thing is that you have to be FIT and healthy.

  • One common trait that I’ve witnessed with obese people is that they won’t eat, but they’ll still consume some caffeinated drink like diet coke, some calorie free energy drink, or something of the like, and they don’t realize that that’s altering their metabolism. If you’re struggling to lose weight, start by eliminating caffeine from your diet altogether. No coffee, no tea, no soda, no energy drinks, not even chocolate. The second thing I’d recommend is to start EATING. Not eating puts your body into survival mode and causes it to store more fat because it doesn’t know when it’ll get its next meal. But eat real food, food with fats and protein, not just empty calories like bread. So don’t just wake up and eat a Danish, wake up and have bacon, eggs, oatmeal, maybe some potato hash from real potatoes (not frozen or refrigerated ones), just eat real food. Here are my full tips:

    1. No caffeine
    2. No deep fried foods (French fries, donuts, fried chicken/boneless chicken bites, etc.)
    3. If you eat bread or flour based things, do so in moderation and eat some protein sources with it (like bacon, eggs and toast). Don’t just eat bread alone, and don’t eat flour with flour meals like pasta with bread.
    4. Eat real meat, not processed meat like lunch meat and jerky. Chicken, steak, pork chops, shrimp, salmon, tuna sandwiches (sometimes, it has a lot of mercury). Just marinade/season your food with real seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic, onion, stir fry with vegetables…
    5. No hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated butters, and no margarine. Either use real butter (in moderation, just to coat the bottom of the pan), or vegetable oil (again in moderation). And certain things don’t need butter/oil to cook, like bacon, steak, and ground beef.
    6. Exercise if you can: weight lift, walk, ride a bicycle, swim, or maybe just clean up your house regularly.
    7. Get good sleep. No late night phone/electronic use, because that’ll disrupt your ability to sleep. And don’t just wake up and get on your electronics either.
    8. No juice. I don’t care if it’s “100% real juice”, don’t drink it. No juice, no diet drinks, no flavored drinks. If you want something sweet, eat a real fruit. A couple fruits a day is okay.
    9. Eat vegetables. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but try and incorporate vegetables into your meals and with your food. Real vegetables, not canned, bottled, boxed or packaged.
    10. Drink water. Only water. If you’re thirsty, drink water. Regular water. Not flavored, colored, not carbonated, just basic water with nothing added or taken away.

  • I think you are the deepest, most incredibly brave girl I have met in a long time. Most every one commenting here feels your pain and has been there too. Thank you for your vulnerability and openness….it is a big deal how you are helping others. That’s why you have so many subscribers, Bea, you are a queen!

  • Fun fact: the more you weigh, the stronger your legs. Are… what? You didn’t think so? Maybe it’s because you didn’t think at all.

  • My parents bought an $3 000 alkaline water machine and they made me drink of it for literally nothing but more expensive pee?�� fml

  • I grew up fat playing soccer as a midfielder and when I stopped jr year of hs I was 245 5’6 and was able to run a mile it took a while but I surprised myself bc as an obese person I thought it was impossible

  • Hannah was born into the land of plenty of food and had access to all she wanted. As a child she isn’t going to discipline herself to eat for energy and nutrition. She learned to eat for pleasure and a sort of hobby. Her approach to food is all wrong. She was quite an adorable child and lovely and still is lovely and smart.

  • I literally cried at the end of the video. Runners are in all sizes and shapes!!! Keep doing what you are doing dude. I hope to meet you in person someday! ����

  • Not trying to “fat shame” or whatever but if he’s finishing marathons when they are being torn down he’s not running the whole thing to walk a marathon is 6-8 hours and he “runs” a 6:45

  • I have losr almost half my body weight before naturally. I just ate salad and veggies for a month and was doing construction. Then i really stopped being hungry. Id eat a salad because i new i should. Then the weight fell off me pretty quickly. I know that eating alot of meat was making me fat and all the additive preservatives chemicals and sugar was the culprit to my bad motabilism. I kept the weight off for about 5 years with mostly good diet and slowly i started eating more and more and now im fat again and back to where i was. Ive been to europe and other parts of the world and most people are pretty skinny. Most of the fat people i see around the world are ones eating fast food and stuff. I think eating natural foods from good farms is what we should eat and all the junk food with chemicals in it is making us fat. Most of the worlds countries have outlawed many chemicals in food and on crops and in the usa its still ok to have these chemicals in food. The way i lost weight was eating simple foods. Like salad carrots tomato maybe a few small chunks of chicken. Not a dish that has 20 ingredients. I was thinking if i was a caveman what kinds of food would i be eating. Berries nuts fruits clean water. I called it the caveman diet. Food that was picked and ate without any thing else that needs to be done to it. Also i ate organic but i think even organic now is questionable

  • I only believe in NextLevelDiet. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack:D

  • I lost 90 pounds in 2017….I no longer eat sugar or anything with flour. I measure my food with a food scale. And I’ve kept the weight off. Every day is a challenge because there is so much food available.

  • Too many people believe that eating fat creates fat. Why doesn’t everyone learn early on that fat is created by flour and sugar intake?

  • Water. Water. Water. Everyone I know that’s fat HATE water. Drink a cup before and after you eat something no matter what you eat. Eat cause you’re hungry not to get FULL!

  • I put on weight last few years and have half heartedly tried dieting, exercise. I also secretly ate (something I wouldn’t admit until now), started eating lil better and mostly drinking water no longer fizzy regular exercise and some weights. Guess what???? Losing fat. When I lied about my efforts I either stayed the same or got fatter now I’m genuinely making the effort my fat is reducing. Simple.

  • I know it sounds harsh.. But maybe some of the super skinnies are just lazy to prepare food or don’t want to spend on food… I have seen these shows and after few days the super skinnies have no probs eating their prepared meals!!!

  • Damn this dude Peter is so damn smart……I’m mesmerized. I’ve had to lose weight about every 4 or 5 years…as I get older it becomes more of a challenge.

  • i have been active for more than 20 years of my life, workout 5 days a week for an hour each day religiously. My weight had be creeping up on my regardless, the only thing that changed all that and made me have the best shape of my life was the interview with Dr baker.

  • This vid is 2 years old at this point. I’ve never seen a fat marathon runner. Obese people constantly over eat. Stop lying to yourself and others.

  • According to 23AndMe.com, I have a propensity to be overweight and have Type2 diabetes. I assume others may suffer from the same genetic problem. However, through good nutrition and daily exercise, I am within a normal and healthy body weight. I think it is bad advice to simply blame obesity on poor metabolism. With a little bit of effort, obese people can overcome that drawback.

  • I’ve had SO many days where I felt like total shit……so I go lift weights or go Jog…….and I feel SOOO much better!!! and instantly Forgot that “my week was shit”……and soon realize I wasn’t having a bad day, my mentality CREATED that “bad day”…….it was ALL in my head…..all the problems that bothered me before, suddenly Don’t matter, and I feel Grounded again!

  • People are making this so complicated. I’ve lost 40lbs since March. Just do cardio and don’t stuff your face. Literally went from breathing hard walking a mile to running 4 miles. Don’t be lazy, do better than you did yesterday. Stay hard

  • My aunt is a mother of five kids like the lady she is super skinny even skinny then the lady.being a single mother and working is really stressful

  • I was having a pizza with my friend when he said he was on a diet and pizza is his regular cheat meal and part of diet plan he got from *Next Level Diet*. I thought he was crazy, but after a month I noticed his body has changed a lot. He looked better than ever. I should really visit that website

  • Dismissing it as simply being predisposed ignores the fact that the rest of the world is not as fat as Americans. Go visit another country and tell me they just have different genetics. Most of us are descended from Europeans, so why are there virtually no fat people in Holland? China? Scandinavian countries? We’re fat because of fast food, frappuccinos, sugar, HF corn syrup, fritos, etc…

  • I came off keto for a month (this month) for 3 reasons. 1. It’s my birthday so I wanted to have no limits on what I eat or drink. 2. I started plateauing and finally number 3. I’m a cyclist and want to use the carbs to get me through a long ride at the end of the month. But im actually struggling to be back on carbs. I get bored on the conventional chicken and rice diets. I’m eating terrible again and I feel terrible. If it wasn’t for the ride at the end of the month id 100% be back on keto. It’s not a diet anymore it’s now a lifestyle. I feel like a vegan that’s trying to eat meat for a month ��. Roll-on September im going to fast for 18 hours and get back into Ketosis.

  • not usually one for comments like this but i watched this in March when i was 330lbs. Lots of what Joe said stuck with me. Weighed in today at 241. Got more work to do!!

  • Funk Roberts was saying there are four main factors. Insulin, Oestrogen, Cortisol and inflammation. Never exercise for more than half an hour at a time and the resting period between sets should not be overlooked.
    Also, muscle tissue provides a third reservoir for fat so strength training is important if you want to lose fat.

  • This is all just waffle. It’s calories in calories out. Look at people in concentration camps. They are all skinny. There is not one of those people who ‘just doesn’t lose weight’. You want to lose weight? Eat hardly anything and see what happens.

  • Funny, im a 34 year old man, pretty good shape, worked out since i was 13, was never really a cardio fan, only weights…. start doing cardio 10 ago and i went from 158 pounds to 153 pounds. I also skip breakfast (intermittent fasting if you will. I eat only a big lunch with carbs protein and fats roughly about 1400 calories and then snack at around 6 pm with a fruit bowl with some peanut butter containing about 350 calories.

  • Carbssome people do not process carbs wellinsulin resistance and NAFLD. the older you are the more the next. Is broken. Trad calorie counting diets keep them on carbs which fuel hungerwrong. Keto is the only way.

  • I’m 15 years old and I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m fat but i have chub that I wanna lose I’ve been trying but I keep failing idk what to do anymore I’m feeling depressed about it and can’t find motivation to keep going

  • Self appointed nutritionists annoy the fk out of me as the body is so complex. This is going to my go to clip when someone that counts calories and lost 30lbs one time claims to be an expert on weight loss and health. Unless you can have a debate with this guy then you are not an expert…

  • I’m 25 down in 2 months. I’m 6’4 and started at 270. I didn’t look fat but from ages 0-21 I was about, 180. Which is about skinny af at my height. So being this big, I seen my belly was showing in my clothes. I couldn’t fit my own clothes, I was tired all the time, women turned me down more(and I’m pretty attractive), my face was fatter. It was too much for me. Now just these 25 I’m already feeling better, sleep much better, apparently I don’t snore anymore, my face is more slim, omg my clothes fit better. Everything is better and I’m just getting started. I tried everything to lose weight but you know what works??

    Calorie deficit. It is recommended I eat 2200 Cal’s a day to lose 2 pounds a week. I eat 1500-1700 a day. I also do 1000 jump ropes a day. (300 in one go than sets of 100 at a high tempo) I eat whatever I want BUT it has to keep me under my calorie goal but I’ve never red meat so that was never an option and I only drink water and Powerade. That’s what helped me and the jump roping literally has me losing straight inches. It’s amazing. You all can lose weight. Keep pushing! Find what works for you.

  • StuartK
    I thought that for anyone overweight and wanting to do something about it, this video was entirely useless, he was talking in a language that the vast majority of people would not understand, or maybe it was just me that was just missing the point of what message he was trying to project.

  • Love it when people that havent been fat a day in their life explain why fat people cant lose weight. My father has been working out and eating clean for over 20 years but he just couldnt lose weight, he was always chubby swole until he took started to take test and some other steroids. Some people just have a tough time losing weight and some people are just born lean.

  • Thank you so much for this!!…she said blinded by light bulbs.. the most helpful few minutes I’ve spent in decades! Y’all easy on the eyes also…

  • I’m 5’9″ and was 316 lbs. I’ve been cutting down on my food intake and walking 4 miles everyday after work, as well as doing a very physical job. I’ve gotten my weight down to 277 lbs. Unfortunately I have yo-yoed back to 290 lbs, but I’m not giving up.

  • I wouldn’t listen to this guy about weight loss if my life depended on it. Science has proven its simply calories in, calories out. Get out there and exercise, and eat less. It’s really that simple. Don’t listen to this guy.

  • I need not to exercise, I’m on amphetamines, attomoxetine, risoerafone, and melatonin and it is impossible for me to put on weight I could eat my body weight in food every day and it would do nothing

  • For obese people trying to lose weight. Don’t give up! Everybody’s body is slightly different and there’s lots of different diet plans out there. Do reasearch on diets and and keep trying out new things until you find something that works for you.

  • Did this dude really say that bacon, eggs and pancakes are 1/3 fat, protein and carbs? That’s more like half fat, 3/8 carbs and a bit of protein.

  • Joe: You can’t bs a bser
    This dude: challenge accepted.

    Fat people are fat because they consume more calories than they burn off. If thats not the starting point of this conversation you are being deceptive. Saying they eat like everyone else, that is deceptive.

  • Cuz they’re lazy pigs who can’t stop stuffing their pie holes? I am 68 and lost 112 pounds in 5 years on keto. This guy is 100% full of crap.

  • My mma instructor is a heavy guy, always has been. Eats one meal a day for a few years now, hasnt lost any weight, and can still out pace most of the students lol sometimes it doesnt matter wat ur size is

  • Eat lots of low calorie dense foods and add in muscle building and/or cardio exercise. This will hopefully lead to a calorie deficit causing you to lose weight. You have to take in less calories than your metabolism plus exercise burns.

  • I mean if you think about it this way: if there was no fast food, sodas, chips, fried foods, etc. let’s pretend everyone was eating healthy and similar amounts (appropriate portions for age/size) everyone’s body would still be different! Some people would be bigger, some would be smaller, some would be the same height but weigh differently. All bodies process and metabolize differently. Now throw in the lack of teaching nutritional information AT ALL and giving the public mass access to all different types of junk food that’s much cheaper than healthier options, what else can we expect? Not to mention ON TOP OF ALL THAT the junk food is fucking addictive. So we set up the majority of our population for major and rapid weight gain and turn around and make fun off people for being overweight.

  • In September 2019 I looked like a lumpy sack of potatoes and weighed 160 (I’m 5’4 so I didn’t exactly look good) now August 2020 I’m a healthy 135 I do some sort of workout everyday I’m a lot stronger I look better and just generally feel better and have more energy. All it took was me not being a lazy sack of shit anymore ������������

  • Listen to Sadhguru he will help u manage your thoughts and put them in prospective. You are way too good to feel bad. I did that for 20 years and i regret allowing that

  • 28:51 damn look at those portions ���� I thought they said Americans are the ones who eat a lot. That’s a lot. That’s two meals and a snack for me.

  • She keeps saying “normal behavior.” Is eating potatoes and eating croissants, well yeah…in moderation and NOT everyday. Normal people indulge occasionally, for her everyday is an indulgence. That’s how you get fat, eating indulgent foods daily or regularly in large amounts + inactivity.

  • I really relate to you so much. My dad died suddenly when I was 15 years old. That was the catalyst that made me gain 65 pounds through the course of high school and college. I started dating a guy that I was really good friends with, we dated for about 6 years, he moved in, we got engaged, and then we broke up. I’ve felt completely lost but I did a 3 day water fast and it made me realize that all this time I’ve spent loving other people and being afraid of being alone, I forgot to care about myself. I totally relate to you. You got this.

  • She has not only a terrible attitude but no actual intention to change her ways. What a whiner that’s coming from me and I’m about her size!

  • In 8th grade I ran a mile in 6:05.32 now idk but my 100m dash time went from 12.87s in 8th grade to 11.53s in 9th grade now so that’s great

  • Great lady I understand what she is going through it is very tuff changing a lifestyle
    But never give up ��
    I have been a healthy weight for 14year’s now, I lost 59 kg and successfully kept it off now. Stay strong and focused you can do it ��

  • Beautiful woman, sad that she is focusing so much on her weight. I think if she just got on with being happy it would make a difference. I wish her all the very best ������������������

  • Theyre not hungry on shakes because of the FIBRE in the shakes. You can eat fibre from food, such as fruits, veggies, roots, shoots, grains and salad…. these foods are excellent for sustained weight loss.

  • This makes me so sad. I can see her closing right down when she talks with the therapist abut her image issues. She seems very childish abut food. She doesn’t cook her own food, so there is no ownership. At her Mom’s the bratty “When’s dinner, I’m starving!” declaration is something I wouldn’t here from my kid. I hope she figures it out.

  • Do you know that for individuals who deliberately steer clear of your favorite carbohydrate continually in the event you are convinced they’re harmful or that you believe that they’re the reason for your own ugly belly fat, it could be detrimental for your hormone quantities and also wreak mayhem on ones own metabolic process? learn more helpful pointers right here https://truehealthreport.com/eat-stop-eat-review-journey/

  • I am 5ft8 and I am 10 stone I exercise 4 to 5 times a week and I love exercise I train in Muaythai boxing �� I do weight training and my bmi is 20

  • After desperately searching for a magic fix, Ms. Jones figures out that losing weight takes dedication, effort, and hard work. Color me surprised rolls eyes

  • I think the therapist touched on the issue of being alone and lonely as a kid. It seems like maybe she was also not really supervised as a kid because her parents were busy and she was allowed to eat whatever she wanted (hence she never tasted fish!, etc.).

    I think her haircut and the heavy makeup and clothes make her look older. She looks much younger when she isn’t wearing makeup.

  • The thing about fat people is they never eat delicious and nutritious high quality food. They eat shit that I wouldn’t dump in a trough for farm animals.

    When’s the last time you saw a morbidly obese person with a plate that looked like this:

    It’s usually big macs and coke. Fucking peasants.

  • At 4:15, is that a typo? “Didn’t significantly INCREASE the risk of developing bladder cancer”
    Either this is a misquote or the study was studying something slightly different.

  • When I hear the sentence “I have tried every single diet out there”, I know that it is all wrong. To be fit, healthy and happy is not about dieting. It is about healthy life style (with occasional cheat days:D ) and the right choices. And it all starts in your head. It is the way of thinking. So if you are not willing to change your mind set, it is pointless.

  • There seems to be such a powerfully harmful, but somehow subtle, self-hatred that settles into people that have been overweight for a long time. I’ve experienced it myself. I believe it’s part of what keeps us from losing, because we lose all faith in ourselves.

  • I am enjoying your site so much! I especially related to this video about abandonment because the same thing happened to me when I was 8. My dad left our family for another family and there were two young daughters around my age. He spent most of his time with them. Very hurtful. Your video helped me realize that I have abandonment issues. Thank you for helping me. Feel free to reach out!

  • She equates pleasure with food. I equate food with my stomach is growling. I dont think I get much pleasure from eating. If I want pleasure I go outside for an hour and watch my chickens act like fools. Honestly, chickens are the silliest animals, if you dont laugh at their antics then you should seek help. If you live in Arizona like I do you can always go outside at night and look for ufos. I havent seen one yet but I see tons of shooting stars and satillites and even the space shuttle. I live in the desert…no bars by me, I have to make my own entertainment.

  • I heard she had gastric bypass. For those like Hannah, do this first:

    You’re addicted to sugar. Cut out ALL sugar, fruit, all grains, rice, veggies that grow underground (like potatoes) that break down into simple sugars. When you do, your body’s insulin will get back to normal, and your body will stop producing ghrelin, the hunger hormone that drives you eat to sugar. You can have bacon and eggs, and other great food.
    Just eat meats (modest amounts), healthy fats like avocado,coconut oil, EEVO, butter, ghee, nuts, and vegetables. Plus make sure you keep your electrolytes up like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Read Dr. Jason Fung’s “The Obesity Code” and Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Eat Fat to Get Thin.”

  • The weight loss class where they sit around doing breathing exercises and talk about being fat without being willing to actually do anything about it it’s like a parody from Little Britain or something.

  • If looking in the mirror doesn’t make her put in the hard work and lose weight then nothing will. If she’s looking at herself and still not finding the will power then there’s no hope.
    She is looking for a magic wand. She needs to do the hard work of restricting the greed she has and moving the slovenly body.
    Looking at her family they are all over eaters but it’s not an excuse she’s an adult now responsible for her own diet and exercise.

    Seriously if she can look like she does and that is not enough of s push to change then there’s nothing anyone else can do to help her.

    Get on with it

  • “You gonna stop me from having crisps? You might as well kill me”. Drama queen. Excuses Excuses Excuses. She didn’t want to lose weight in the first place. She should have never had this opportunity. Give it to someone that really wants it. She’s absolutely horrible.

  • I’ve dieted on and off most of my life. Fad diets may work, but are temporary. The weight comes back because they cannot be sustained. Only one way to do it properly and to be healthy plant-based or Mediterranean diet. I am 50 pounds down (after 5 months) and really enjoy the new way of eating, healthy with food that tastes great, and I can eat normal portions so don’t feel hungry afterwards. I eat whole grain bread, potato salad, cabbage rolls and most everything else except for refined sugar and highly processed foods as they are what causes the problem in the first place. Refined sugar is an addiction which always leaves you feeling hungry and promotes insulin resistance, as well as turning off the hormone, Leptin, which is the hormone that tells you that you’re full.

  • Sounds like she is insulin-resistant. So carbs are gonna suck for her. And i don’t see that she is consistent. She cheated on the shake diet on day one. Didn’t even last one day. All diets work. Just gotta find the one that doesn’t make you want to shoot yourself in the face and stick with it 90-100 percent. Its about being consistent.

  • You’re so beautiful, both inside and out. You may just find fame in the journey of finding your happiness. Keep going. You’re doing very well.

  • Since when has UK size 16/18 slim and slender? Besides that, the only conclusion to be drawn from any of these programmes is that one has to WANT to lose weight and not look for any excuses when it comes to self discipline.

  • You’re doing it the right way. Constructive criticism is fine. Ignorant attack is another thing altogether. He obviously didn’t watch your other videos. I think the real problem is that you stumbled on what works through trial and error, which makes it much harder for those who prefer to profit off of weight loss scams, than they are to help people. What you’ve done with this honest trial by error, is that you’ve discovered what works for you without spending big money. In other words, you’re pissing off the extortionists who count on people continually trying and failing. Now that might not be the case with this individual, however it’s gonna happen eventually. You’re too honest to avoid it.

  • Yes you Go Hannah, I hear so many of the things I used to say when I smoked, I am overweight to but less than I used to be. I really think you’ve started your journey. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and I really wanted to have bariatric surgery but no, my BMI isn’t enough! I started on diabetic meds even though technically I don’t have diabetes. It’s helping very very slowly like 2kgs in six months. I think I will die fat! ��

  • When all you do is focus on food and your issues about it, the more you crave it. You’re actually training your brain to always look for and crave food. Addiction of any kind is a symptom of self focus. To break it, try finding a cause that redirects your focus.

  • Why do so called working class brirs siund so much smarter emotionally than so many of us Yanks? Save the republic of dumbnations��

  • i started keto about 5 weeks ago and lost 20 pounds in a mouth i use to crave unhealthy shite all the time i was always hungry and keto has fixed this i read that your gut biome controlls what you eat if you fast food your gut biome will get over run by unhealthy bacteria that send signals to your brian telling it it wants fast food to me this was such a mind fuck and a wake up call i had to do somthing to fix it

  • Like her palate, Hannah seems to be emotionally immature and a little bratty. Very ignorant about what she’s putting into her body “I don’t eat sugar. I had a croissant and latte for breakfast” She’s angry and resentful that eating what she wants, when she wants and how much she wants is making her fat. Hope she keeps going for the behavioral therapy because even with weight loss surgery, unless she addresses the underlying issues and learns healthier ways of adulting, the weight will pile right back on

    Also, no eating half a lasagna is not normal

  • She says she doesn’t eat anywhere near 2500 calories a day, nor does she eat sugar. I heard several milkshakes in her food diary. You don’t get to 21 stone eating salad.

  • Before i go away for work i have to not socialize, everything revolves around food and portion distortion is insane, people have no clue, love this doc ❤��

  • Update: This doc was in 2009. As of June, 2018, she had had gastric bypass surgery and started a podcast called The Heavy (it’s on iTunes). You can see current pictures of her at the podcast page on the website. (Thanks, Reveal, for uploading this).
    If you don’t want to Google just now: “She now works at a Group level as Head of Commercial Editorial for all our titles. A published author, her Western Mail columns were turned into the book, Diary of a Diet: A Little Book of Big. She also fronted a BBC One documentary on size issues called Fix My Fat Head. And if you like podcasts she presents one called Heavy which you find on iTunes.” (Source: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/authors/hannah-jones/)
    So, onward and upward for Hannah.
    Even with the surgery it takes time and your way of eating changes for good. You can’t eat solid food and liquid food at the same meal, have to wait several hours between. While you lose weight, you have to relearn how to use food, not as a comfort or a weapon but just as nutrition. Find other ways to work out sadness or anger or fear. So basically, your whole way of being yourself changes, I guess.

  • I LUV this doc ������!! Hannahs witty, fun personality shines through ��. I think she’s on her way to discovering the reasons for her eating disorder and earnestly seeking a food plan that’ll work for her. Some of the harsh comments posted here are disheartening ��. Give her a break.. she’s just started her self discovery journey. I wish the best for Hannah ������.

  • I loved this doc. I wonder how Hannah is doing now? Is there a way to get an update? I think she is on the right track. Only eat when you are truly hungry. It takes a while to recognize what true hunger feels like. I practice that. It is an amazing feeling when you know you are making healthy choices. To eat well for your health is an act of love toward oneself, really. I had to really think about that concept and the decisions I was making. Poor eating is self destructive behavior. It was an eye opener for me.

    It IS an ongoing battle though to stay away from processed foods. It’s everywhere. However, I am changing my thinking towards eating; and am feeling more liberated as a result.

    Processed carbs and sugar (like pasta and ice cream) are so bad for our health for two reasons: 1. The body processes them both as sugar in the body. Sugar = fat. 2. For many, they are comfort foods. For those who can relate, we have to zero in on what we consider comfort foods and change our thinking about it. Emotional eating, whatever the occasion doesn’t address things. It only masks or suppresses them. This is what I have discovered in my own life. Keep on keeping on. God bless. ♥

  • A lot of being fat and unable to get it together enough to lose weight is all about where your head is at. You have to get it in the right place to be successful. I hated, no loathed myself 18 months ago. I ate more than my share and I took up too much space. In my mind I deserved nothing good no excuses! My mind was just a mess and I’ll never discuss my reasons or motivation for losing weight with anyone, anywhere. Now, I’m just entering my ‘normal weight’ BMI and I feel….bloody fantastic. Only trouble is, I’ve got so much energy and I don’t know what to do with it! I hope there’s going to be a follow up to this if Hannah shifts the weight.

  • I’m just curious though. If water can thin your blood(direct effect) or basically anything you drink travels in your blood(medicine, caffeine, fatty acids, etc) How can it not be if your drink alkaline water that your blood becomes more alkaline? What keeps it from being to high or low other than kidneys?

    Say I drink a tested 8.5ph bottle, get blood drawn. Would the alkaline not change until you peed it out?

    Honestly curious!

  • i’ve been watching all your videos and admire you very much. wish we could be friends irl. also, can’t bike for too long either (same reason haha). thank you for sharing your journey ☺️

  • I’m wondering if intermittent fasting would work for her. The good thing about it is that you still can eat the things you like to fulfilment during your eating period. While fasting I’ve found that you aren’t as tempted to eat as you normally would. You know that eating is not an option until it’s time. Also, you can have coffee and tea to curb your appetite.

  • my favourite part is that there happy with no matter how much the loss or gained there just happy that there trying now and that’s just beautiful in my eyes

  • I’m dying hahahaha. They make the brutal comments people need to hear. “Weighing in at a mammoth ” I almost spit my drink out lol.

  • I’m saving this to tentatively watch later.

    As someone who lazily lost 20lbs in 5years (when I gained about 40 in one year), and very recently became clinically not fat it would be refreshing and interesting to see a Fat person, in a straightforward manner, share their honest inner speculations on their habits (sans any denial)

  • that dude would be mind blown if i was there even just last year. i would be considered super sized coz im fat. but back then i was eating really bad. at the lowest i was getting 0 calories in in a day (literally only drank water didnt eat at all) and at best was maybe getting in 600 calories. i even used a food tracker to put in everything i was having as i was having to see if i was over eating without relizing. but nope i really was mega under eating as i always knew. the day i learned eating not enuf can cause just as much if not more problems then eating to much….is the day i really started pushing myself to start eating more. and now my body is about half way out of survival mode and weight is coming off coz im gettng my motabalizum back:D losing weight isnt always about eating less

  • 30 years ago we didn’t have obese people & it wasn’t a problem like today! Now saying that their bodies are not functioning properly or the fat fucks have a pre-disposed health problem is utter crap. You guys never talk about all the fast food crap restaurants we have today basically on ever freakin’ corner or all the crappy food there is for $1.00 dollar at the supermarket. Those freakin’ microwave dish crap people buy. There is nothing different from now or 30 years ago, it’s the food we eat & the crappy choices we have for example at Walmart’s. Just look at all the crappy less than $4.00 a meal bullshit they are selling us…That’s just 1 out of 10 000

  • I think it’s a lot about exercise. It’s also that people that never exercise think a little workout is good. My sister considers sitting on a stationary bike and peddling on level 0 while reading a book. My take, If you can comfortably read then you are not working hard enough.

  • The fact that they decided they can call each other if they ever need help thats so sweet, i like their friendship because a lot of the time the swappers will fight

  • whats weird is that the girl is 21 same age as cavetown and cavetown looks like hes 10 heres a link to his music and channel #Cavetown

  • doctors recommend a 1-yr-old to eat about 1000 calories???
    That’s about 14 eggs or 18 apples or 15 loads of bread or 2 liters of milk

  • Hey your eyes wow (im straight) but your a beaut bea. Love your videos, I have a fat jacket to the armour to try and prevent pain… people. Mad hurting myself because people somtimes do stuff that impact on others deeply. Anyway keep going your brave, beautiful and awesome!

  • This is one of my favorite episodes of Supersize Vs. Superskinny. They are kind and well listeners to their eating habits, their results were amazing and I’m proud to finally say I’ve watched the whole thing

  • Imagine looking for job at this production house and the interviewer was like “Ok, we need people that pour different type of foods through a tube above our shooting studio, can you do it on cue and not screw up the timing from Dr. Christian? “

  • They should let their doctor go shopping with them =_=
    If they don’t buy unhealthy food they won’t eat unhealthy if the unhealthy food is outta reach they can’t eat unhealthy.

    Using a smaller plate also tricks your mind into thinking your full when your done with the food on your plate it helps.

  • Overweight tend to eat like the skinny once? its just the same when u start dieting or like stop eating… its just like this STOP EATING IF U WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT OR FAT THATS IT..

  • Basically, science doesn’t know. But users feel the benefits from drinking it. I think I’ll go with what my body tells me and stick with alkaline

  • I just found you and I really relate to you! Our stories are very different but I’m on a journey to self love too. My relationship with food is total garbage I have functioning depression and anxiety and have been anxious and body conscious since I was 12… my response to my experiences was to restrict and now even at 27 I go through these waves where I don’t eat for weeks as a way to cope with emotions. It’s so interesting how mental health can impact your appetite and something so essential as nourishing yourself. Definitely on the journey to level up too! You got a subscriber from me!

  • Britain makes fun of america because they use a different measuring method yet they use STONES TO DETERMINE WEIGHT.

    how is that fair to america?

  • You blame your eating habits on being a single mom of 7
    My mom was a single mother of 10 and she worked 12 hour days at a tree farm and still had plenty of time to eat