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Identify your ultimate goals and then focus on daily acts of excellence. A “win the day” attitude will help you get past the daily distractions and obstacles. If you set a firm goal for today of getting to the gym or hitting the trails, then your favorite time-wasters cannot prevent you from exercising.

Read biographies of great athletes and coaches to learn how they succeeded. These champions can serve as your “coaches at a distance” and help you move through hard times to reach your top goals. Also, make sure to also relax your body after you max your body.

Home » Think Like a Winner and Reach Your Goals 0 It’s easy to assume that history’s greatest champions possessed some sort of supernatural physical. Whether the plan is to meet a friend at the gym everyday at the same time or it’s to get moving during your lunch break, sticking to your plan will help you reach your workout goals in a timely fashion. 3. Work Out With a Purpose. Working out just to say you did is wonderful, but not much in. An important component of your fitness goals is to eat healthily and eliminate the junk food from your plate.

You are more likely to buy chocolate cake mixtures and Nutella from the grocery store if you shop unplanned. In order to avoid purchasing unhealthy food products, you need to a create a list of things. Rather than piling up evidence why you will never reach your fitness goals, try to think of all the good things that you have going on for you, and how they are going to help you reach it, instead.

9. If a flat belly is your goal, do more than crunches for the fronts and sides of your abs‘target the deep abs with moves that make you use your core to balance yourself. Example: try a plank (think of a straight-leg pushup position but on your forearms) while gently drawing your abs inward without holding your breath.

Hold yourself responsible and accountable for reaching that goal. Putting it down on paper is like creating a covenant you have to stick to. Put that paper on a refrigerator or mirror—anywhere you look on a daily basis. This is a constant reminder of the pact you made with yourself to reach your goal. If you want to reach your goals, always keep yourself happy and positive.

You can accomplish more and do better work when you are happy and positive. People who always blame and think negatively will never be successful. Therefore, when you wake up every morning, create a routine that will make you happy and positive.

Picking out an effective nutrition plan depends on what your fitness/health goals are, but the general idea of getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with plenty of protein and.

List of related literature:

For example, ifyou chose a product goal ofperforming, say, 25 push-ups, it might (depending on your current fitness level) take you so long to meet the goal that you would give up.

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If it looks unrealistic, write down a number of similar goals that you might find satisfactory.

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You don’t, for example, have control over the weather or over the fitness level of your competition.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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For example, “I want to move towards being so fit and healthy that I can run a 10k.”

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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Saying “I want to be fitter” or “My goal is to be stronger” does not provide any way of knowing when success has been achieved.

“Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Vaughan Kippers, Marcus G. Pandy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan
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Advertisers assume that you cannot possibly enjoy exercise; therefore fitness solutions are marketed on claims of minimizing the amount of time the consumer is required to suffer through them to achieve the results he or she wants.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
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Make sure that the goals you set are specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable, taking into account your overall health, your current level of fitness, your doctor’s advice, your age, the resources available to you, your time limitations, and your personal interests.

“The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay
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You can also do this with an exercise partner, or ask your trainer or a friend to give feedback on your progress and motivation, once a week, for example.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
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Based on your understanding of exercise physiology and sports nutrition, and using the SMART goal that you set above as your guide, draft an e-mail to your “future self” outlining a fitness goal you hope to accomplish in the next 3 months.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Each individual has to find out exactly how to manipulate his own diet and training to be able to come into a contest in absolutely top shape.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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  • I agree and disagree with that quote from the doctor. Yes, we have to find something that is sustainable as a life style. But let’s be realistic, not all foods are doable in moderation, especially when we are trying to look be a slimmer version of what we have been. A lot of people out there have a body weight set point that they got themselves to by eating what is considered “normal” eating i.e. family meals. As soon as they lose weight, they get obsessive about food because their body weight set point hasn’t adjusted and because the decreased number of calories and challenging work out makes them hungry and consequently makes them feel deprived. They’ll crave anything high calorie. And they won’t be able to do it in moderation. After 22 years of trying to lose weight, I quite lost weight by accident by taking my calories down by 100 of what I would need as a sedentary person and adding cardio to my work out and pushing myself harder and harder, increasing reps to keep things challenging. The decrease in 100 calories came as a result of replacing regular milk in my tea with Cashew milk. The cardio was 10 minutes of burpies. My weight plummeted by 25 lbs. In my thirties I had tried so many times unsuccessfully to lose weight, and here I was in my 50s, accidentally losing weight as a result of wanting to improve my digestion and my cardiovascular fitness level and be more aware of what I was eating.My diet however, was too low carb though and I wasn’t recovering from my work out. I was also allowing myself to have added sugars like honey and maple syrup in my tea in the morning. And with the weight loss, and the harsh work outs I started to feel hungry. I started expermenting with following my work outs with different foods (fruit made the hunger worse, protein and veggies were good, veggies and toasted seaweed, anything to stave off hunger that wasn’t too high in calories, that wouldn’t wreck my dinner. Eventually, I decided to only do the cardio every second day. That helped with the not feeling so dead after work outs and instead feeling energized. I also quit sugar and all added sugars because although it is considered “normal eating,” in our society, I can’t do sugar in moderation. I think it is addictive and I currently reprogram my thinking by reminding myself that the pleasure I am seeking when feeling deprived or emotional (both of which can be binge triggers), is not going to come from a sugar binge in that only the first few bites taste good anyway and the rest tastes sickening and leaves me still wanting. I weigh about 3 or 4 lbs more than I weighed at my leanest but at least I’m not insanely craving. Today I do 230 burpies along with my easy work out (abs), on odd days and on even days, 2 sets of 55 pushups, 25 with resistance, plus a few extra thrown in, 150 advanced crunches with holds and glutes. I am proud of my ever increasing fitness level and allowing my body to communicate that balance to me of how much I can “cut,” and exercise without finding it so gruelling that I want to throw in the towel. Balance is the key and always was the key which is why I now weigh over 20 lbs less than I weighed in my twenties and burn about 500 calories more. And also, sugar causes cravings. Even “good” sugars. So eating a bit of EVERYTHING in moderation does not work for all people. Some foods can’t be eaten in moderation for some people, that is, especially those people who are trying to stay a slimmer than a previous higher weight that they maintained for a long time.

  • To be fair, those with obsessive behavior/personalities will take most things, even the healthiest, and make them unhealthy. It’s not the method’s fault, but the person has an issue that needs to be addressed with professional help. Great info and insight on this one, Kara. Since you’ve went through both a food plan based diet and macros based. Love these dietitian talks, I really learn a lot from them, thank you for these:D

  • Thank you for posting this video! It was exactly what I needed to hear right now, I’ve been working on where I could add some more flexibility to be more life like. I’ve been just a little burned out on focusing on cutting. I decided that I will hit my protein and flex my carbs and fats within my calorie goal. It feels really great so far!

  • Another specific number of things needed for success. Here, the top 4. Next vid…”the 10 things”. Next vid…”the 12 things….” It’s all bullocks, really. Think about it. Here are the top 10 facts you need to know why these vids are made-up nonsense. There are SO many people who think they’ve got the goldens rules to some fantastic end.

  • 1:43 How To Tell Your Mind Exactly What You Want
    4:45 How To Link Pleasure To Get What You Want
    7:45 How To Change The Pictures And The Words
    11:25 How To Make What Is Familiar Unfamiliar And Vice Versa

  • Hello Marissa I have only recently stumbled into your videos and so glad that I have. What I like is the concept of telling your mind what to think to make things improve and wishes come true. Hmm simplistic thinking on my part, you are far more profound. The way I am going to use your technique is to rid myself of arthritis in my foot. OK I need anti-inflamatories but I like that you say that it is not “my arthritis” it’s just arthritis and I don’t own it. I am only into three days of this mindset together with an anti-inflamatory patch application on my foot and finding out how far I can go with this treatment together with your self-hipnosis technique. I also like the way you say your method is a simple one and within everyone’s reach.
    Thank you for your wisdom and you deserve your success,
    Best wishes,

  • Thank you for being so positive. You are beautiful in your fitness and you have helped me know that I can be too. My healthy will be different from someone else’s and that’s ok. I can’t wait to keep getting fit this year!

  • This by far is the best of all of the TED x Talks that I have watched! This lady is extraordinary! Love it!!!!!!!!!������������������❤️❤️❤️

  • What she is saying is true to a point… (and I’m not saying I won’t take some of her advice, but walk with mehere) not everyone is a top ten singer or Boxer. example: Carly Simon didn’t have confidence, yet she excelled with humility that u hear in her songs..:: The last thing the world needs is another actor or pop start obsessed with being the best. Unless u are a Muhammad Ali There are psychological consequences for letting that thought dominate you.

  • Watching this kind of talk every day makes you realize how magical life is by believing that everything is possible and there is always good from the bad.

  • Hi Marisa, a great talk! I did some Hypnobirthing preparation and everywhere they avoid talking about the pain of natural child birth. I think you will be very helpful to pregnant women if you create a childbirth program/ hypnosis and teach women to welcome and expect the pain. I wish I knew what you said ‘I want the pain’

  • I would like to try enforced chastity and use those wasted hours to empower women, and to serve as an intern/employee to my owner, Miss Jenna, I need extreme behavior modification so I can become the most humiliated sissywhore of all time, in my goal of making jENNA A MILLIONAIRE for being willing to accept me as a sissywhore, not a man and to work me without mercy to acheive my goals. I want all women to laugh as i serve them and be aroused only from their witnessing extreme humiliation of a former jerkoff who willingly chose this path. All my favorite acts of humiliation that caused me to spill my seed will be on a screen.

  • Que orgulloso me hace escuchar a Maradona como un ejemplo en el futbol soy argentino te adoro cambio mucho tus concejos conmigo tengo mucho para desirte aca termino igual��������������������

  • This explains the law of attraction. Think about what you WANT to happen, not dreading and thinking of exactly what you DONT want, what you think of will come

  • I like your speech and the way of saying it is so sweet and simple, I will most like if you bring something new and exciting because all your videos seems to be alike. I prefer that you bring something new so you can get more and more subscribers I am one of your fans and I love to see how great you are with one million subscribers. God bless you

  • This video REALLY spoke to me, as I’m recovering from orthorexia and it’s extremely hard to eat something I don’t track or something that is “unclean”. Thank you so much❤️ I’m going to try and challenge myself every single Friday to eat something I’m scared of so that I have more of a balance in my life!

  • I cannot even say how amazing these tips are. And I just want to say that God has a plan and he will take you farther than you could ever do by yourself in a million years. And than every step you take is with God in your life.

  • I think my goal for this year is just to focus on myself more. Not what people think of me, not trying to make other happy, or constantly worrying about others before myself. Just making my own happiness a priority more than I ever have.❤

  • Such a great video! This topic is so relatable. I have dealt with binge eating and getting focused for my cut was so hard! It’s sometimes hard to find that balance and know how to pull yourself out of negative thinking or bad diet habits. Like you said it’s different for everyone. Again, I love that you discussed this topic!

  • Thank you for this. I tried counting macros several times before but I just get so stressed out and quit it. I came back on tracking macros like 3 months ago because I feel like I always overeat and I read that it will help if I track macros. It did totally helped me and it is much easier for me now. But I guess I got obsessive with the numbers and when I lose track, I just go overboard and binge eat until I get so bloated and there are times that I don’t even taste the food anymore but I just still kept going. This happened to me 3 weekends in a row. I feel so bad on myself even up to now. I came up with a conclusion that I will not restrict myself so hard and have little treats if I want to and to not count macros on Sundays to practice and try my best to intuitive eating.

  • Kara, can you do a video on your journey/relationship with food? I’d love to hear about how your relationship with food has been in your life.

  • Thank you for this video. As someone who used food as a coping mechanism, I continually overate for years. Once I realized just how much weight I had gained, I became determined to lose it. I started following a lot of “fitspo” instagrammers and bikini bodybuilders on instagram, striving to look how they looked. I seemed to forget that their cutting phases are more extreme than the average person and that their stage bodies aren’t very maintainable. I would freak out if I lost less than a pound a week or went over my macros, leading to overeating, feeling worse about myself and overeating some more.
    For my mental health, I ended up deleting instagram and cronometer (like mfp) and hiding my scale. Learning how to listen to my body’s signals and key into my emotions is way harder than I thought it would be.

  • I can’t concentrate!!
    My mind keep telling me she is tall she is tall she is tall she is tall she is tall….
    I closed my eyes to listen but it’s still saying she is tall… She has long limbs..

  • I’m not a competitor but I started lifting and tracking last year. My whole adult life I’ve weighed around 110-118 lbs. I love to cook wholesome “clean” or unprocessed foods. I’ve had four kids and after my fourth I thought I’d try tracking. I actually gained weight and got stuck around 123lbs. I would do so good tracking and then every couple of days I’d eat something at night and it would trigger a horrible binge that I’ve never had before. I also found myself eating things I’d never eat with chemicals I would not eat in the past, just because “it fit my macros”. I cut out most fruit so I didn’t go over on sugar and I found this to start sounding ridiculous. I stopped tracking and went back to clean eating and lifting and I lost 2 lbs. I feel good again and it is so nice to be able to go to Costco and try the “healthy” snacks and not worry about how many macros it had. I’m less hungry and don’t feel the urge to binge. If I do, I’ll have some fruit which was once off limits.

  • Detailed Summary:

    1. Your mind does whatever it thinks is in your best interests. To do things that you don’t like doing, say “I have chosen to this”; “I love doing this”. Use very precise words. If you collaborate your mind then you will get success across all the life spheres.
    2. Your mind is hardwired to move towards Pleasure and avoid pain. Tell your mind, “I want to do it.” Tell your mind exactly what you want. The hack is link pleasure to do Hard things and pain to not doing it.
    3. Your feelings are down to 2 things: Pictures you visualize and Words you say to yourself. She demonstrated the power of Images by doing ‘Visualizing Lemon’ experiment with audience. “See right things in your head. Say right things to yourself.”
    4. Your mind loves what’s familiar (like Procrastination, Lack of Self-belief for many). First make your beliefs then Beliefs make you. She quoted example of ‘Roger Banister’.

    We all have brilliant brain. Apply these 4 Steps to achieve Success in your life.

  • Thank you, I think this topic is so relevant. So many people go through eating issues fitness related or not. I went through a period of orthorexia that then led to binge eating on and off for three painful years. Thankfully I’ve been ok for the last three years following iifym/intuitive eating. So great that your spreading awareness and your story as well!

  • so glad you covered this topic, I am definitely in that group of ppl that obsess over numbers and have been on a meal plan or tracking for so long that I am not in tune with my body. I watched this and automatically bursted into tears… you show understanding and compassion on a topic that some ppl would consider miniscule or non existent. It’s so real, as of right now I am truly dedicating my time to intuitive eating. Making that connection with my body is so hard, but its my first goal to getting over this challenge. Honestly can’t thank you enough for speaking on this ��

  • I love what Katie Anne (I’m sure you know who she is, an amazing and inspiring dual athlete powerlifter and figure competitor) said: everyone’s “balance” is different. It’s so true. What may be abnromal to some people, may be a BETTER and more balanced version of you. Counting macros may be better than the restrictive eating disorder a person had before. Weighing your food may be obsessive for one and freeing for another. You just have to be honest with yourself with what is truly nourishing for your physical and mental self. Great video, sooo glad you touched upon this topic!

  • Marisa I discovered you with Tom Bilyeu and Lewis Homes and I really enjoy your personality. in this speech I really appreciate the 4 tools you gave to expand our Consciousness and most of all your description of modesty against being the best. That is the opposite narrative which I use so I know I have to change the lyrics in my head. Thank you very much for your contribution here. One love

  • Hey Cambria!I love your vlogs and your awesome videos.My 2017 resolusion is to get SWD for my favourite spoert,NETBALL!!So I train really hard and try my best to get SWD this year!��

  • I used this method to win a lottery for $24,000,000. Didn’t work…What is this mean? Can someone brilliant enlighten me? 1. I told my mind, I want $24,000,000. 2. I imaged myself holding a large check smiling.

  • Great advices,I really love your video.For 2017 i want to be more comitted,organized and discipline with my fitness journey and i want to finish my master…Thanks.

  • This amaizing and ispirational vidio just got you a new subscriber. You look beutiful and so healthy and my goal is to not stress about school couse everything is going to be alright. I already love you do much and keep doing you❤

  • I’m so late watching this, mainly because I was putting getting healthy off until after the holidays which turned into me waiting way too long. Just excuses for myself, really.
    BUT I LOVED IT. I have been working on trying to drink more water and also trying to eat healthy when I can but if I can’t, smaller portions and not overeating or using it as an excuse to eat unhealthy the rest of the day/week. If that makes sense.
    Thanks for the great video, Cambria!

  • Kara,

    I’ve been following you for over a year by finding one of your dietitian talks. This, hands down, has been the most informative and most relatable talks to date. I’ve never competed, I am an avid gym goer, and marathon runner, and novice weight lifter but over the past two years I have noticed I am drawn to those on YouTube who compete and body build. I have noticed my food choices, workouts, and lifestyle choices have transformed to mimic those on social media and much like the girl who emailed you started to control my daily lifestyle and goals. This talk opened my eyes to realizing I haven’t been honoring my natural hunger cues, or listening to my body when it’s tired and needs to rest.

    Thank you for this talk ��

  • You have an amazing channel! <3 You're such an inspiration and a beautiful soul! Could I please ask you where you have purchased your golden pens you have several on your desk? They're so pretty <3

  • Kia ora Kara:)
    Would you consider doing another video covering this topic in future? I just stumbled on this and think your message here is so important. I’m a guy recovering from anorexia its about a month since I got out of hospital needing medical stabilisation. Quite a way to go yet. A lot of what you said resonated a lot. I really appreciate your perspective and sensitivity here. I was a little nervous to be honest beforehand as some of the content i’ve seen from the bodybuilding community around this can be quite triggering and unhelpful. Seeing the bigger picture and not being so rigid with myself is something I really hope I can achieve down the track.
    Hope you are well and a big thank you from NZ

  • I am late to the party, but the videos are still great in 2020 so I am living a few comments all over the place… I think a great way for y’all to give us some fodder for the mental practice would be to provide more slow motion videos. I’ve caught some of your slow motions here and there, but maybe there’s a way to flag them. That would make it easier to do the ’15 minutes of following slow motion’ thing.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I have the problem of constantly sitting at myfitmesspal trying to figure out how to make it all fit. I have been at this for only 2 weeks and still can’t seem to meet all my macros. Kara all I want is to just know how many calories to take in and how to fit it all into the macros. I feel so defeated right now. Can you please help me?

  • I loved this video, I felt like I got caught up in this iifym swirl where I am always on my phone for mfp app, and if there are days where I can’t track regularly I go in a binge swirl and I felt so alone and also ashamed. This video was so helpful and give me hope that soon I will have a better mentality with food and have a positive relationship

  • Hey Kara you are an amazing dietitian. I was wondering if you had your master’s degree. I am aware that by 2024 in order to become a registered dietitian you have to have a Masters Degree I was wondering what is your opinion on this and do you think it makes you better qualify to have a masters than just a bachelors in this field? Thank you.

  • Marisa Peer eres unica e increible amo lo que haces y te agradezco por el cambio positivo que generas en mi mente con cada palabra que dices y cada aprendizaje que dejas en mi!!

    Marisa Peer you are unique and incredible I love what you do and I thank you for the positive change you generate in my mind with each word you say and each learning you leave in me!!

  • I really enjoy watching your dietitian talks. It is clear that you are extremely intelligent, and knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition. Your voice is calming and soothing too:) Thanks for making these videos:)

  • My goal is to cut out all the junk foods and focus on loving and caring for myself for me and no one else because I always feel as if I need to impress others and loose focus on impressing myself first. I want to work on being more organized and feeling better and happier

  • Wow! Inspirational video and so motivating!
    Honesty my goal is to look and feel better… Build unbelievable confidence for myself, family and love life!

  • I just uploaded a video similar to this! My health goal in 2017 is to truly love my body and treat it with respect!!! You inspire me Cambria. <3 keep it up

  • You are such an inspiration! I’ve been following your videos for over a year now. Thank you xoxo
    My goal is to gain more flexibility, drink more water, do things for me, tell the truth, open up as a person, and to be in the best shape I have ever been in both mentally and physically. Happy New Year Cambria. <3

  • my goal is to get my cosmetology license and to eat healthier, plus getting my work outs in i feel that this year i’ve just pushed it to the side.

  • really love this video Cambria. Makes me feel more motivated! my goal for 2017 is to take care of myself more!! thanks for all the videos you make!

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  • Again great video and topic. I’m 6’0 225lbs and that’s ok but my body performs better at 215lbs. when tracking I can get there. When meal prepping I decrease bad choices. My issue starts with night driving and not being able to break that eating driving habit. The responsibilities of owning my own truck can and is stressful..causing stressful eating. I am a older guy 3 yrs back into controlling my health after a 21 yr hiatus. Thank you for giving me something to think about and do to address my issues and bettering the lifestyle.

  • My goal for 2017 is to find a balance in life from focusing on school as it’s my last year at high school as well as live a healthier life and lose weight

  • i can definitely relate to this. i use to be so strict n then get annoyed and eat EVERYTHING in sight. going back and forth like that for almost 2 years n hating my body n myself every time. im glad i watched this video. im at the stage where im just trying to eat mindfully and in moderation with everything n not track n just aim on being healthy and satisfied. this video was wonderful.

  • Is it true that a lot of the top athletes are on steroids?

    How can guys like bledsoe, obj, lebron etc be so big?
    They do alot of cardio and i never see them lift heavy, only light work, conor mcgregor the same..

    Im confused or should i eat 4000+ calories a day, because im pretty lean, but not as big as those guys

  • I think it is a similar phenomenon to teenagers who have very strict parents in high school, and then go from that to a rule-free parent-free binge-drink free-for-all in college they go wild, much wilder than they would have if they had been able to practice moderation beforehand. Then they need to relearn how to drink/party/have sex just to rebel and because you can, but to make smart choices and make your own ‘rules’.

  • Thank you guys! Super useful! I’m following up Madison’s question from the video, I still can’t fill up easily my mental process goals… In your experience, did you come up with some nice ideas of mental goals?

  • It’s so strange that the more you learn the more you can actually rebel against that knowledge that you’ve gained. At least in my case. I always tried to eat “healthy” foods and exercise and I was always relatively lean. But the more I learned about macronutrients and started studying nutrition it almost became harder for me to know what I should be fueling my body with and I actually gained a little bit of weight once I started focusing too much on numbers and would “binge” more often. I really do think that being too focused on numbers can be a mind f. Love these types of videos (and all of them honestly).

  • I suffered from anorexia for 2 years in total. Fortunately I have been in recovery for 1 year now. What worked for me personally was first doing a lot of research about nutrition and fitness, but in a healthy way. The blog I found to be the most useful in my recovery is called GirlsGoneStrong. This blog’s content really helped me get to the root of my internal struggles and provided me with strategies to overcome them. Soon after I found this blog, I started researching how to truly eat and exercise for health. Once I gathered information about how to do this, I then started “clean eating”. However, this ended up not working for me at all because I always underestimated what was “enough” food to eat in order to complement my strength training. The issue was that I wasn’t eating enough food in general although I was trying to convince myself that I was eating enough. The other problem I had with clean eating was that it was way too restrictive for me, because I was only “allowed” to have certain foods and not others. Additionally, my hunger cues/hormones were way out of whack because, again, my calorie intake was not high enough and I was not eating enough food in order to facilitate hormonal health. The whole “listen to your body” mentality didn’t work for me, because my body didn’t have enough fuel to feed it and give it enough energy to be able to tell me anything.

    I am not saying “clean eating” doesn’t work. It can work for people. It just didn’t work for me.

    For me, once I was armed with knowing what foods/exercise habits are healthy, I chose to begin tracking food via IIFYM. I don’t eat junk food to get the majority of my calories, though. I eat 80% whole foods and 20% processed/”unhealthy” foods. IIFYM has worked great for me, personally, because it has allowed me to become aware of and acquainted with what “enough food” is for me and what it looks like as well as what the numbers are. I no longer have to worry about consuming enough proteins/carbs/fats, because I know that if I track it and eat the correct amount, then I will eat enough food. When I first began my recovery process, I would have so much anxiety and worry over whether or not I consumed enough food. With IIFYM, this anxiety and worry just melted away.

    But for me it has been so much more than the numbers. Sure, the numbers have helped me determine how much of each nutrient I need. But IIFYM has taught me to be aware of what I’m eating, how it makes me feel, how my body responds emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and physically. and how my performance is affected. If I go over on carbs or prison or fat by a couple grams, I don’t worry about it. I don’t get worried or anxious. I don’t get angry or stressed out. I just relax and know that it’s okay. I’ve learned to be relaxed with my nutrition in the sense that I care about what I’m eating and how it affects me, but I don’t obsess to the point where I care too much and let it consumer my life and happiness
    Like you mentioned in this video I shoot for a range for my macronutrients to fall into and not a certain numerical amount.

    This,is what has worked for me. However, every body is different. What works for me may not work for another person. And that is completely okay. My hope is that everybody is able to find what works for them.:)

  • Well said KC, My thoughts on this problem. People need to learn the difference between DIET for goal and Intuitive lifestyle eating. Best way to differentiate them is food it self. Diet food should be different to life style food as it will help to get that goal n lifestyle food should be seen a maintenance food without the need of macro calculations. in other words change that 250g of chicken with a cup brown rice n vegs for pasta dish. this might help especially if your diet food looks the same as your lifestyle meals which can trip ur balls out just changing between the two.
    Your body see cals as cals and you wont put on 1kg fat if you ate 10-500 cals extra in one day.

    My fitness pay app should get rid of the 5wk calculations for who much one can lose or gain. bcz if u go out by 10-50 cals it will say you gain xxkgs.

  • I love the set up and overal feel of this video! My only thing is, I’ve struggled with being burn-out and staying at home for the last 6 months, but because of that I gained a lot of weight. I want to try to be fit and healthy again, but how do I start to work out and focus on goals but not push myself to hard in the process?

  • Thank you for these videos! I think it is important to bring awareness to these topics. I am currently in school to become a nutritionist and your videos are helping me throughout my schooling. Also, hearing about eating orders is helping me because I recently lost a lot of weight over the past 4 yrs and I struggle with my relationship with food and working out a little bit. Your videos are def helping me to find more of a balance with life and food. THANK YOU!

  • Is werid remember the pleasure i would feel for being safe doing drugs. It felt safe and thats why it felt good. I felt that life and being aware of everything was too much pain.
    We are very complex beings. Now my pleasure is in moving forward to new things on my life. I already wasted too much time. I find pleasure in being a better mom for my kids but not only that. I want to do more and to also be myself and not just a mom.
    I know i can do it. I am doing it and itll get better at it and I will be each day more proud of myself. No matter what others say or not.

  • This woman is so dreary and monotone and has an inflated opinion of herself. Do yourself a favour don’t bother the voice is so annoying reminds me of a nagging old wife.

  • Kara,
    I LOVE this video. Rebellion is EXACTLY what I struggle with. Before myfitnesspal and all that, I use to just cut back on my portions and make sure I exercised at least 30-45mins a day, and was in the best shape of my life. Now that I’m trying to lose my baby weight again I’m waaaay more educated and 10x more rebellious towards my fitness/health goals. So frustrating. Keep the great videos coming!

  • Hey, Cambria; I know you probably won’t read this but I wanted to tell you that your love for the Lord and people has been so encouraging and I really needed it. Much love and many prayers for you and Bo! ❤️❤️

  • You are my inspiration. I’ve been binging your videos for over 24 hours now. I really like listening to you when I go to the gym. You’ve helped my confidence go up tremendously. I hope you see this, you are amazing!!!

  • Do you think these are realistic goals for approximately 6 months? I have been lifting serious for about 2 years and dieting serious for 1 year, but was training not very serious for 5 years.
    Bench: 315×5->365×3
    Deadlift: 365×5 & 240×8 (pretty easily)->455×3 & 405×8
    OHP Strict: 225×2->275×3 & 225×8
    Squat 365×2 & 245×15->455×3 & 315×15

  • Kara you know we all love when you ramble on:). But seriously tho, i myself have struggled with my diet..whether to track or to eat intuitively or to write a plan for myself and stick with it…i even had a period of about 2-3 weeks of just uncontrollable binging…i felt like i was stuck…it took me some time to break the vicious cycle. This i believe was attributed to being on this cookie cutter meal plan from a supposed fitness professional…it was so strict and i hated that there was no real flexibility…so when i did f%$$k up on my diet i said screw this i’m going to just eat what i want….

    Good topic Kara, Id love to hear more

  • My opinion is that it comes down to the development of habits which best orient you toward health and your lifetime aesthetic goals. I encourage my client to build a palate for whole foods, to master the art of temperance 98% of the time and to show moderation even with moderation the other 2%. If these don’t become engrained habits that is, automated actions we don’t choose the internal battle will continue to wage.

    If you genuinely love what’s ultimately good for you (healthy food, temperate eating), and come to genuinely view the alternative as a lesser good, then freedom is experienced. It’s when you limp on two different opinions and affections that you become divided and experience disordered eating. Like all human behavior, it comes down to our philosophy. And fitness requires a rigorous philosophy about the role of food in our lives..

  • I eat intuitively. I eat a whole foods, non processed diet. If I am hungry, I eat. I feel like I can tell when I need more carbs. I think that if you are eating plants from the earth, you can’t go wrong or over eat. Also….if I want chocolate covered almonds, I eat a few. I am also very active and lift weights. This works so well for me. I wish everyone could get to this place. it is so hard to put it words and I know this is emotional for so many.

  • One of my goals for 2017 is to actually try to move in some way everyday. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a walk around the block or going to a Zumba class! Feel so confident about that, especially since I just got a job that is very physically demanding ��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • I would like to run colour me rad, spend more time for myself and like pamper time, I would like to drink more water and feel healthier and stop worrying about what others think

  • i’ve seen your How To I Stopped Binge Eating in 2014 when i was sooooo tired and didn’t even know that i had an eating disorder, it saved my life, that book you suggested was all i needed to understand what was happening to me, i’m so happy i found your channel again in 2016, you deserve a lot more recognition, and i wish you the best in 2017, i love you angle

  • This is an AMAZING video! It’s great to hear from an actual dietitian on this topic because I definitely feel like it’s a “hot button” discussion in fitness right now. And you also are very good at speaking. Love this!

  • OMG, I swear you’re talking about my story when you talk about going from one extreme to the next. I too dieted for basically a year and then won my pro card and ate peanut butter for a year. Thank you for always putting out such great content.

  • Great video and truly hit home. My goal is to learn to intuitively eat. My fitness pal has become a ball and chain and it is terrifying to break. The support out there including these videos is great. For me I have unfollowed all other “fitness” channels because it can become an obsession. I don’t even compete, am not on prep and truly have no reason to be obsessed with tracking. I enjoy your channel for the “real life” element of it and have watched you from the beginning. Thank you for the awareness.

  • Thank you for such a great video! Influence of social media is huge on young people. I have a problem with IIFYM for a different reason. It doesn’t say anything about a source and quality of food. It basically gives a ” green light ” to eat processed food. Eating processed food allows very dangerous additives sneak into one’s meal. It can cost serious health disorders ( physical and mental). Unfortunately, we eat less of whole foods and more of ” food like products “. Calories don’t create equal. Calories ( or micronutrients) from processed sources are being digested differently. We have to bring real food bank to the table. I have done IIFYM and it didn’t work out well. Tracking calorie intake is a good tool but tracking t

  • If you are not confident, you will have eating disorders.
    I experienced that on myself.
    When I feel confident I don’t need to overeat.
    We just have to focus and work on ourselves.

  • This is the first video that I watched off your channel and I already love it your very inspiring great job u just earned yourself a subscriber!!! ����

  • Thank you so much for speaking on this topic. This is exactly what I needed to hear, I’m so grateful for all the information you shared and for being so bold. The email you read is exactly how so many people,including myself,feel. Thank you!!

  • Omg Kara thank you for this video it was awesome!! Love love love! Thank you again. Love these educational videos I learn a lot! Love ya! Keep up the good work girly!

  • Great video guys, and great information I’m trying to eat snacks from every country on the planet on my channel, in order to help beat an eating disorder, I appreciate any support I get

  • Hey Kara! I worked with a journalist on a piece for about fitspo and eating disorders. I’d love for you to check it out:

  • Cambria Joy, you are my inspiration and this video has inspired me to be a healthier me and not go to fast food places everyday and to eat better! I’m in 9th grade and I have been wanting to be a better me! Thanks so much I love u!❤️

  • To have a fantastic collaboration with yourself:
    1. Tell your mind what you want.
    2. Link massive pleasure to going there and pain to not going there.
    3. Change the pictures and the words. Using very detailed words.
    4. Make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar.
    5. Make Self Belief so normal to you that everyone believes in you too.

    Your potential expands beyond what you can imagine.

  • when you are writing you first book you said you have chosen to write even if you dont want to( 3:40)… so all that situation you are kindo enforcing your brain, which is not a good thing to say about it… people should not force themselves by creating enthusiasm about what they do… people should do just beacuse of loving what they do….
    So Maria, briefly… you disprove your thesis in 3:40 by enforcing your brain to do something that you DONT want to!!!

  • You are so right Kara. Social media plays a huge part of how we think these days. In the end, we do what works for us and only ourselves. There is no right or wrong way, it’s trial and error, whatever works, stick with that.

  • Fantastic! Your videos help me so much. I am a volleyball coach in Brazil and learn more about the game and teach my athletes better! Thanks

  • Wow the person who wrote that email sounds exactly like me. As soon as I go out to eat or have a meal that I don’t know the macros or havent weighed, I go off the deep end. I drive to 711 and get all the junk food and eat until I’m sick cause I have the mentality “well if I am gonna have an untracked day then I might as well go crazy”. And the crazy thing is I am not even a competitor! I just have been tracking so strict for so long it has consumed by brain. I have lost my sense of satiety and fullness. Every time I tell myself I need a break from tracking I go one day without MyFitnessPal and then the next day I am right back to weighing food and tracking. It is an addiction. I think alot of it has to do with people’s personalities as well. I am naturally an obsessive person. Over the years I have had different things I have obsessed/had anxiety over so it is in my personality to be controlling and obsessive about it. But still.

  • I’ve really been enjoying your channel, Kara. I loved this topic. I had a terrible relationship with food growing up. I would restrict constantly and then over time that became a routine of binging and purging. When I started weightlifting I found IIFYM and it helped me a lot. It gave me the control I was looking for and I could still be pretty flexible. But I have friends that also do IIFYM and I really think it makes them worse! I was actually shocked to see how much body dysmorphia exists in the bodybuilding community. It’s everywhere. I’ve tried intuitive eating but I can’t figure it out. And that’s when I end up overeating…and even though I’m 26 and haven’t purged since October 2014, I still have those moments where I have to talk myself through it. So I have to count…if I don’t count, it doesn’t end up well. I guess everyone really is different. What saved my body image is harming the person who wrote that email.

  • This was a great topic/video. I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and honestly while I love watching YouTubers who are in prep all I see is the same habits, behaviors, and thought distortions I experienced for years when I was active in my eating disorder. This is why even though I live lifting and bodybuilding I will never compete.

  • I think its not really about you telling your brain I want this…its about how well can you motivate yourself. Success is all about motivation, dopamine stimulation creates motivation to chase a reward. Even if you fail, motivate yourself to try again. The more your try, the more your odds increase at succeeding. Its that simple. If you have positive attitude it creates the motivation and if it doesn’t you’ll remain a failure.

  • My goal is to be a healthier and happier me i have always have had anxiety and self doubt I really want this year Rinne different…….

  • I went through the extreme low calorie and did a 180 and just ate what I wanted. Through multible talks with my awesome mom I came to the mind set of getting back to tracking, even though I was scared of going back after my experience. Legit fear. I found a range of calories aproximately 1800-2000 a day, and with the flexibility it has made me accept going over. Finally I’m at peace with eating, and the calories are giving me a sustainable “diet” and a healthy lifestyle that I am able to stick to.

    And I agree with what you’re saying in this video. It fits to the everyday person.

    Btw: I’m 16 to reference

  • I have a feeling this will help me a lot. Thank you so much! It motivated me a lot. I am going to have some tough exams at the end of the year and I have to also post on my YouTube channel. But right now, I know I’m going to get trough it.


  • you are the only one that actually motivated me i am crying right now thank you and congrtulations on your engagement i love you and my goal is organizing my life

  • What a talk,i am completely mesmerized by her presentation skills.her aura and conviction.she transferd the whole concept in quite smooth way,and most crucial part of this whole presentation is her classy look and confidence. God bless you

  • My goal for to 2017 is balance.. I want to comite myself to keep working out and to try my hardest to stay focused no matter.. Thanks for the motivation

  • Thank you for making this!! I hate how social media bashes different kinds of diets or makes IIFYM seem superior. Personally, clean eating works best for me and it’s so great to hear you say that what ever works for the individual is best. So thanks again!:)

  • eating disorders can really be a tough and almost too personal subject to try and talk to anyone about because they really are unique to that one person. Over the past 18 years of battling with my own EDNOS, I’ve come to a few conclusions. An eating disorder does not go away, you can find ways of living with it but it will always still be there, and that’s where a lot of people get misinformation I think. I’ve been told by several doctors over the years that if I just change my diet my problems will go away, but that was never the case. The only thing that I’ve found that works, is to honestly start loving yourself and the body that you have, flaws and all. Eating disorders are mental disorders, so once that seed has planted, there’s no escaping and before you know it your head is your prison. And that’s where people fuck up, that voice in their head that tells them to restrict, to binge, to work out until those last 300 calories are burned off, we’re not teaching people how to change that voice. We’re not teaching people how to rewire their thinking patterns, not saying it’ll work for everyone, but it did wonders for me. Telling myself every day that I won’t let the disorder win, that even though I can’t look at myself most days, doesn’t mean I’m not still beautiful, it gets exhausting but being continuous with it has been worth it.
    For myself and a lot of people I’m going through recovery with, our eating disorders have nothing to do with comparing ourselves to others. I personally don’t practice the habit because my body is my body, it’ll never look exactly like someone else’s no matter what I do with it. I’ll always have a rib that sticks out way too far in comparison to others, I’ll always have scars on my knees from being so accident prone, I’ll always have a short waist that on most days I hate. And that’s okay, I think again that’s where we mess up, we don’t allow people to think these thoughts and be okay with it. We tell them they’re immediately wrong, and they shouldn’t think that way, but we never ask them “WHY do you think that way” and I think that’s where a lot of answers for anyone’s journey into recovery lies.
    Really getting to know yourself and your ED and figuring out what makes it tick, what triggers it, what makes you find comfort in it, these are all things you have to figure out if you want to learn how to coexist with it.
    At this point I’m just rambling but bottom line, yes ED’s are on the rise, but we’re almost promoting them. like the 5:2 diet, where you eat whatever you want for 5 days so long as it stays in a certain caloric range, and then for 2 days you eat up to 500 calories I think?
    That’s restricting, that’s promoting an eating disorder, especially if you’ve ever given the ABC diet a try you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I truly believe the only way people can coexist with their eating disorders and not be over taken by them is a lot of self education. Learning about yourself, your eating disorder, and having a support system of people that do understand as well because most of us are SUPER sensitive. A good example is sometimes I freak out when someone hugs me, all I can think is, “they touched me…. they felt how fat I am.” and I’ll spend the next 3 days fasting even though I’m not fat, and even if I was that shouldn’t matter.
    But a person with an ED doesn’t think rationally. Again, I’m rambling lol
    great video, I love hearing people’s opinions on the subject, I’ve said it several times and I’ll say it again, self love, acceptance, and patience is the way to recovery for eating disorders.

  • Who else is watching this phenomenal woman in 2020?? Thank you Marisa, I’ve watched this TED× talk countless times and it works wonders every time…

  • Fantastic chat Kara! I’ve been saying for a long time this a huge problem, especially in competitors. As a personal trainer I have so many clients, and also friends, who are struggling with bingeing. Too often they are told there is some deep emotional issue that they need to solve before they can be free. That’s not always the case at all. One book I have found to be really helpful for people is called “Brain Over Binge”. It’s a different approach, and it seems to be really effective. Livingston with restriction, bingeing, starving…the whole cycle, can be such a lonely place often filled with shame. Food is not our enemy, but the pressures we place on ourselves based on what we see on Instagram etc certainly can be. You rock Kara! Thank you for being real and addressing this. <3

  • I am so grateful that there are people honest enough to say that yes, challenging work outs and weight loss cause over eating and or a return to emotional eating when the “goal,” is gone. Last year I kept googling and googling about whether weight loss causes food obsession or binging and I couldn’t find any info. Finally I found my answers on YouTube that yes, pursuing fitness goals can cause craziness around food. And being our leanest self may not be sustainable and it feels wonderful to have someone say, “We’re all struggling to find that balance of living our lives and being our best selves.

  • I was going to ask you for your book suggestion list but here it is! Thank you. Also… I love tea. I think that will be helpful at night when I just want to binge on yummy bad stuff!