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How to Stay Motivated When Starting a New Habit. 1. Pick a habit that doesn’t require motivation. What? A habit that doesn’t require motivation?! Yep.

These are the little things you can do 2. Outsource what you can. Yes, you can outsource motivation. “It can be difficult to stay motivated, but setting small goals makes the journey a bit easier,” says Robyn. Treat yourself After a long study session, try rewarding yourself with some of the. For example, if you want to start a reading habit, commit to reading a paragraph a day.

Or if you want to clean the clutter in your room, commit to putting away one or two things in its place daily. Who knows, you might get in a cleaning frenzy and the whole room is shiny and bright as new. Check out these tips to keep your activity stats on the rise: Plan your workouts on the Sunday for the week ahead. Creating a workout schedule will not only help you hold yourself accountable, but it will put you in a routine for success. Sit down and build in 30 minutes each day to exercise then stick to it!

Another way to stay motivated when forming a new habit is to post quotes or pictures in various places to remind you of your goal. The quotes should provide encouragement. The photos should provide inspiration. You’ll need to post the quotes or pictures in locations where you are sure to see them throughout the day.

Starting a new habit can be easy. But what should you do to stick with it? Using this technique, it’s easy to get motivated to master any habit.

Instead of just saying you’re going to start a new habit, write it down and keep track of every single time you DO complete your new habit. That way instead of feeling defeated you can see a visual reminder of how many times you HAVE COMPLETED the habit and watch it develop over time. The hardest part is getting started. Day one, get up and do anything to get moving. This is the hardest day if you haven’t in a while because getting up is really the hardest part.

Day two, do a little more. Once you start, you’ll build momentum and get back in the habit. 5. Reset your focus.

The benefits of healthy habits spill over into a better life beyond running, too. Here are 12 healthy habits the most highly motivated runners develop, with. Eliminate the cue and your habit will never start. Reduce the craving and you won’t experience enough motivation to act.

Make the behavior difficult and you won’t be able to do it. And if the reward fails to satisfy your desire, then you’ll have no reason to do it again in the future.

List of related literature:

You don’t need inspiration, you don’t need motivation, and you don’t need discipline; you’ve built a habit through associative learning.15 It’s just like brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, and what have you.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

It’s on the days you feel motivated and then pursue your goals that you take notice and think, “Motivation is the key to action!”

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

Adjust Motivation How to select #3 Make new habit more Pick the new habit that is— motivating.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
by B. J. Fogg
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

Look in the mirror and use that dissatisfaction or pride that you feel to motivate you.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark, Limited, 2010

On one side of the paper, write down all the new changes you want to make; on the other side, write down the things you may need to let go of in order to really live your new lifestyle.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
from The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
John Wiley & Sons, 2010

Place a few positive and motivating quotes around the house where you can see them, such as on your bedroom mirror or on the fridge door.

“The Banting Pocket Guide” by Tim Noakes
from The Banting Pocket Guide
by Tim Noakes
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2017

Try writing your goals when you go away on vacation or at different milestones during the year, such as New Year’s, a birthday, the beginning ofa new season, or any time you feel motivated to focus, create a plan, and make changes.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books,

Take one of those existing habits and make filling out the new checklist something they do at the beginning or end of the existing habit.

“How to Get People to Do Stuff: Master the art and science of persuasion and motivation” by Susan Weinschenk
from How to Get People to Do Stuff: Master the art and science of persuasion and motivation
by Susan Weinschenk
Pearson Education, 2013

Motivation – Remind yourself why you want to do a digital detox.

“Digital Cocaine (eBook): A Journey Toward iBalance” by Brad Huddleston
from Digital Cocaine (eBook): A Journey Toward iBalance
by Brad Huddleston
Christian Art Distributors Pty Limited, 2016

First consider which specific habit or attitude you really want to replace with a more positive habit or attitude.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
from Yoga For Dummies
by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
Wiley, 2010

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  • Hi Kalyn, just wanted to let you know that I love your videos, but also I really like your Spotify Playlists a lot! Just listening to your “Winter Wonders” Playlist for the first time and like always, it´s just right and I already can tell that it will be the soundtrack to many of my winter 2018 days! Thanks for your great work:-)

  • Hey everyone, wants to know more about becoming richer the best results that i’ve ever had is called the Reality crusher secret (look for it on google) without a doubt the most helpful guide that I’ve used.

  • This is what I’ve been doing in my Passion Planner! It’s a goal-oriented planner that along with many other benefits has a monthly reflection page that I’ve been using as more of a weekly reflection page. And it’s really convenient to have it in my planner!

  • Matt I procrastinated in watching this video leaving it in my watch later list. Personally as someone with ADD I need hacks and processes to trick my brain into being productive.

    Thankyou for the help your videos give me and thank you for your donation. Tom, Canberra Australia.

  • These insights are super helpful! If you’re interested in more info on how to change habits here’s another great video:

  • My current purpose is to learn english, and I spend plenty of time watching your videos to accomplish my goal. Should I close this video? ))))

  • Thomas, I just found your videos and so far I really enjoy them. Can you please do a video on how to study for practicals? I’m a physical therapy student and studying for the “how-to’s” is so much different than studying the “why’s”. Thanks.

  • Hi Thomas, I have a question. Should I buy a PC because I am transferring this quarter and I probably going to the PC for gaming and little bit of photoshopping. do you have any suggestions?

  • I’ve been pushing up everyday and it doesn’t matter if I make 20 or 100, I just do it everyday and now I am a bully in basketball, nobody can push me easily.. this is a fact not a joke, I’ve been doing it or at least a year everyday without stopping, 10, 20,30 etc. doesn’t matter for as long as you’re doing it.

  • The problem I have is I kinda wish I could drop my friend… but then I wouldn’t have any friends & there’s like nothing to gain from that scenario…

  • ik this may be basic, but thanks you for making this. i just had a really bad grade, cried for 2 hours and had several mental breakdowns and I’ll try to follow these.. <3

  • These Ideas are from the book „atomic habits“ Gotchaaa�� great video man, just read the book and you helped me reflect on the knowledge!

  • I drank alcohol all day, drunk everyday for years. I Quit it.
    I smoked cigarettes everyday, two packs a day, for years. I quit it.
    You can change your bad habits. Use your mind.
    Only you know when enough is enough. Only you can change you.

  • Thank you You guys add value to a platform such as YouTube. Your work is by far the simplest and PRACTICAL of all what I’ve seen. I can just imagine how many quality books and you must have absorbed to create such videos. Have a good one! Xoxo

  • I am a guy but I really enjoy your videos they are just so inspirational and beautiful…i like how aesthetically pleasing they are with the contrasts between the darker and lighter colours in your videos. And you are such a vibrant person, thanks for making videos Kayln.

  • it’s definitely true about changing the environment. You see, as long as i have sweets at home, it would be so difficult to resist the temptation. But if sweets don’t flash before my eyes, i could even forget about them.

  • I prefer the Calm app versus Headspace. I prefer the guiders voice in Calm and it’s a much more relaxing meditation I find personally anyway ��

  • Hey I love all of your videos they are just so inspiring and help get me to push myself in my own life. I wondered where you get your music from though as I can never find as nice music for my own channel. If you or anyone else could help me with this I would be so grateful!! ❤️ anyway love you and your videos so please never stop!! ������

  • #6 frig all those hours wasted on reddit arguing with idiots because…. I dont even know why. I have a really wonderful book here on the late Ottoman Empire and I just waste so much of my energy on reddit instead.

  • How bout for households with many people other than yourself such as large families with children who eats those sugary snacks? Or going to the gym if you’re the primary caretaker of the kids and can’t afford a babysitter?

  • I usually don’t comment on YouTube videos, but this video just hits you so well. Very easy to follow, simple tips and such inspiration to do better yourself! Keep going Matt and hopefully I can adopt 1% of your lifestyle to become more efficient.

  • See I needed this. I struggle with motivation. I get little spots of motivation here and there but it doesn’t stick. I want to do all these things but then the motivation is gone and then I don’t do it.. but I don’t want that mindset. I want to just do it.

  • Whoa this is freaky because I came up with the same idea, of reviewing and reflecting on my week every Sunday almost a year ago and it has helped a lot.

  • I absolutely love how eloquent ad passionately you speak! Everything you said in this video was put together so beautifully and I can tell that these things are REALLY important to you and not just things that you’re saying for content. You’re awesome and you vibes are amazing!:)

  • I love the idea of a daily accomplishment journal! i bet it’s super motivating when you get a few good days in a row and wanna stay on the roll OR like my day today when you don’t have much to show for and wanna improve…

  • When currently my “do things ur kind of scared of “ is going to go meet up a guy I like who I haven’t seen in a long time lollllll

  • Great video. Not sure about that takes a lifetime to form a habit because if you break it one, it’s not a habit. That logic would also mean doing it once is a habit

  • I’m so obsessed with that golden jumper omg. It goes so well with your skin tone and your hair colour, is that weird? That’s probably weird, but I love it.

  • Being in the military:
    Has to wake up early and jump into the day everyday
    Has to make bed every morning
    Cries in has no individualism or days to sleep in lol
    No but on a real note the military has helped me feel more purpose and fulfillment in my life

  • 1.      You need to control your environment. Do not bring junk food to your house to begin with if you want to eat healthy.
    2.      Hold yourself accountable. Make promise and stick through it.
    3.      Use the 2 day rule. Don’t let yourself take 2 days off in a row, it can easily develop into 3, 4, 5 days off.

  • 0:37 hard stuff first
    seth godin, war of art, art of possibility, 4 hr worjweek, the game by neil strauss, total money makeover dave ramsey

    2:26 untill action is taken, all uselss
    2:54 control ur environment, not urself
    3:33 stick notes beside environment, sometimes all u need is a reminder
    6:53 natalie now goes to gym without matt, her Social anxiety regarding gym is gone thanks to Matt
    8:37 never take two days in a row
    9:51 it will becone hard to not do habit soon
    10:06 there will always be a struggle, always, get used to it

  • I actually think that, when you really want something for yourself (lose fat, get fit, start a business) you should do it quietly, because, at the end of the day, you are the only one who cares about it. Talking from experience, i used to brag about how i was getting results from some new habit i was trying, but in reality, by doing this i was trying to justify my laziness looking for external validation from people that do not give a shit about it. I learned that the best way to do it, is to do it quietly and letting results speak for yourself, and also, not comparing with others.

  • I struggle with depression quite bad and especially with this Coronavirus lockdown shit I’m loosing myself and needed to watch this to help motivate me again so thank you so much, keep doing what your doing x

  • Something i can recommend based on my own experience is to slow down. 1 step at a time. Build one habit and dont complicate it by trying to do too much at a time. For example i wanted to build habits for cold showers, i also wanted to work out more but because a healthy diet is important for working out aswell i tried to plan it, lay out that perfect plan of a diet and being super motivated for working out and it went nicely for like 3 weeks and then i quit because i got overwhelmed by all these new things i need to pay attention to every day. But if you take it step by step, its way easier to make it stick. Just start working out. SUre a diet is important but working out on a non optimal diet is better than not working out at all. Once the work out routine becomes a habit you might notice that after working out you really need to cool down and a cold shower is actually pretty nice after that so the second habit builds up itself by building up the first habit. And once that one is in place, then you can start to expand on it and work on your diet. But even for the diet i would say step by step. make it a habit to have a healthy breakfast and work on the other meals later. Slowing down and taking every habit as a single project to work on is so important, at least for me. Working on multiple things at the same time does not work for me

  • this is seriously the most motivational and touching video i’ve seen, everything made me think like, I can do this and should do this. Thankyou so much for making me feel more worthy and be ready to shine <3<3

  • U’re so beautiful. ✨ I find u right now, while trying to organize my messy life, because I was so lazy lately and have no motivation to do anything. Everything was hard. Till now. Thank u just for existing! ��✨��

  • hiii, i wanted to say (i mean nobody cares but who cares ahahaha).. i had like fuckin deep depressions and i did a few things off this list (not trough this video, muttis still very good) and it really helps. trust me, or her lol.
    its better to have way less friends but it will 1 help u a l o t and 2 u will have more time for ur real ones:)))

    also a tip if u can’t sleep: watch asmr (u can watch it to if u can sleep lol), its really cool

    i don’t know but i just wanted to say that lol

    stay good, love y’all guys:)

  • That´s right! Motivation is the starting point for big things. But to make a difference you must do something. If you don´t know where to start, begin by reading a book. Some of my favorites are on my small website: Very interesting style of animation by the way!

  • I think people don’t change because they always think it’ll take forever because “studies” show. Well those studies didn’t include me. Or the vast majority of people. Studies are dramatically flawed even when people try their best to get a completely unbiased and a true sample, I can’t think of the term where it best represents everyone. Even still those studies are usually shit. At best they tell you a generalized idea but it is by no means fact. You can change over night. I went from putting on a few lbs and wanting to work at it for 2 years and not doing shit but sitting in my ass and then I woke up one day and that was it. Been working out ever since. I have wanted to quit smoking for a while now, was smoking 2.5 packs a day for a while, dropped down to between 20-30 cigarettes a day then juts overnight that was it. Any time I hear “studies show” I immediately quit listening. If someone said studies show that Americans favorite hobby is surfing, that would mean they probably only asked people along the cost where people surf. I’m sure surfing isn’t the favorite past time of people in Montana or Oklahoma. Now if they said the favorite hobby was riding horses, where did you ask? No one ever polls everyone so no study is actually accurate. Now I’m not knocking studies, they have their place, but don’t just accept it. You can change literally in the course of one day.

  • One of my daily resolutions is to go to bed at 9 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. so I can workout before school �� and it has been a success so far! HUGE TIP: get an accountability partner who will check on you and say hey 1 hr before bed and bed time now! Goodnight-> it has helped me so so much!

  • Hey! Just want to say that I love your videos, and am trying to start something similar of my own. This has been very inspiring:)


  • The internet is full of people like this guy that doesn’t really understand what he is talking about he is just regurgitating other people stuff but doesn’t really understand, he said he doesn’t have an opinion about something before he reads about it ��, that means he has no common sense or intuition what if what he read in incorrect?

  • I’m a little confused. by a 30 day habit. Does that mean you quit dong these things after 30 days? I thought it takes longer than 30 days to develop a habit,

  • I inadvertently made out a habit to go to daily aa meetings for an entire year. I stayed sober but doubted the effectiveness of the meetings. Then corona happened. I was truly distraught without them. I’m still sober, and truly shocked at what a difference these meetings have made in my life

  • I researched habits/forming habits last year & discovered Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies quiz, I completed the quiz & went on to buy her book (same title).
    As a rebel tendency, habit forming doesn’t work for me, however challenging myself to do/be better, learning & change really are. The 2-day rule really resonated with me as a way to build on doing something I belive in, ensuring momentum at all times, without it feeling like an obligation. Thank you, I’m glad I’ve found this channel.

  • Oh I loved this video! ❤️ so many wonderful helpful tips. I really resonate with your personality too! I wanted to ask, what lipstick are you wearing in this video? It’s so lovely!

  • My brother is a energy vampire. I can’t get away from him. He makes me cry every day and my parents say that he is to young to have done anything to me (He is 5, I’m 11)

  • I don’t know if I’m the only one having this issue, but I only search for these types of videos in exam season or when a deadline is very close, I then tell myself I’ll start doing these things after I’m done with exams so I can become a more productive, better person. But after I’m done with everything I never come back to these videos and the cycle starts all over again. I’m kind of done with it and I’m just mad of myself.

  • Well if you ever have a hard time not procrastinating with your cardio just try to remember, if you’re trying to gain muscle mass: Cardio has plenty of benefits to increase your muscle mass gain rate. Do cardio and you’ll get better gains.

  • HI!!! check out the meditation app CALM. For me, I like it waaaaay more than Headspace. It has more meditation ” topics” and activities… try it one day. I am enjoying your vids.

  • It’s really inspiring! Thank you so much for creating this vid!
    Let me share my personal experience with you guys: I used to be that kind of person who always failed to make a good habit. So I tried to invite my friends to build habits together. Every day we motivate each other and keep our routines through a habit tracker App (FYI if it’s useful, it’s called PingPal, free DL but iOS only). That’s how I make a new habit stick. Peer pressure has become part of my willpower and it really works lol

  • I have a quiz next Friday and I’m trying to get flash cards together to study. I usually go with Quizlet, but after you’re picture memory suggestion I moved to a new app that has pictures without the upgrade. Anyways any tips for studying cellular structure and nutrition in a weeks time?

  • I’ve been spending time with the help of my son studying becoming richer and discovered an awesome website at Reality Crusher Secret (google it if you are interested)

  • He mention in step one “if you don’t know why you are doing it. Then you won’t see point ” and then he mention the golden circle it is about “ask why and then how and what ” then he say “if you don’t have a purpose right now, pick up a skill that helps you once you do.”
    I don’t understand. If don’t have a purpose why should learn a skill. Is it to get closer to the goal? So we keep going? I don’t understand…

  • you have the prettiest eyes i have ever seen and also, nice advice i really needed it lately because i’ve been finding it so hard to stay motivated to do academic work:-)

  • You’re honestly the only lifestyle advice channel I can watch and not get bored �� thank you for keeping these videos succinct, entertaining, and to the point. The visuals are really aestheticly pleasing, and informative.

  • Why is fine to start. However, then ask “What,” or set an objective, end or goal. The “How” is the concept, the way, the method. This can change depending on the circumstances but your objective should not change.

  • Thank you for showing such candor and being both vulnerable and sweet. Something which has truly helped me become a better version of my self was to be more open about my feelings with others and myself. By observing the emotions I experience, with the occasional flawed attempt of preventing a judgemental analysis, in order to really understand me: my needs, longings and frustrations. Later, it has also always been helpful to share it with other people, communicating why I sometimes didn’t feel as happy or light as usual

  • 1. have a routine that flows/works for you.
    2. get dressed right away after getting out of bed
    3. make your bed every day
    4. open the curtains, letting light in can improve your mood a lot
    5. make a morning playlist
    6. start saying no if you feel uncomfortable with doing something
    7. cut out bad friends
    8. be mindful of who you give your energy to give and receive, not all just giving. surround yourself with uplifting people, not energy vampires
    9. have an uplifting, exciting specific goal that gets you out of bed in the morning doesn’t have to be academic.
    10. figure out your natural strengths and weaknesses.
    11. be respectful to everybody just be a nice person, that simple
    12. say yes to things that you’re excited and (positively) scared about
    13. flip mindset from ‘why me?’ to ‘why not me?’
    14. be passionate about what you’re doing

  • Really nice! Good luck with your new habits but don’t put so much pressure on you. The idea is to actually need them and feel good doing them. So, have fun!

  • Hello Thomas,
    I just want to comment that I really think your videos are amazing. Packed with information, ideas, and examples, not to mention the quotes and often the great little skits to liven them up. I hope one day my flogging is as excellent as yours.
    Can i recommend that you take a look at the “way of life’ app, I have a iphone. It’s basically an auditing tool for habits. I love it as it allows me to tag habbits easily which I can link to my values, it helps you realise why you choose to do the habit in the first place. The othere advantage is that it has pretty good note taking system both daily and on setup for each habit. This allows me to track progress and also write a mission statement for each goal. I found this video it’s poor but you get to see it.
    Take good care. Tarlok

  • the biggest thing that’s preventing me from doing habits rn is i just can’t stop looking at social media. youtube, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc. i feel like i’m missing out on so many things by not looking at it for a few minutes. does anyone have helpful tips???

  • Hi Matt, I love your channel and your content! I found you recently, and your challenges of 2019 inspired me to do something similar for 2020. Some are inspired by yours, some maybe you’ll want to explore as well!

    This year I am doing:
    -dry January (currently)
    -flossing every day for a month (should already be a habit, right? But come on, everyone slips on this one!)
    -meditating every day for a month
    -practicing/studying a different language every day for a month
    -no social media for a month
    -write every day (journal or blog post) for a month
    -get 8 hours of sleep every night for a month
    -practice my instrument every day for a month
    -draw/sketch something every day for a month
    -read 10 pages every day for a month
    -listen to a new song/piece of music every day for a month
    -work out every day for a month

  • 1.Ask why.
    2.The Dunning Kruger Effect.
    3.Look For Feedback.
    4.Articulate Your Values.
    5.Get A Mentor.
    6.Don’t Make Excuses.
    7.Prime Yourself.
    8.Make Bets.
    9.Track Your Record.
    10.Start Small.
    11.Get Context.
    12.Help Others.
    13.Establish Discipline.

  • I just came out of a relationship. He broke my heart. I lost myself in the relationship. I am going to find back my strength, my power. I am now focussing on myself and the things I want to do and improve. I am all into my self love journey:) I have a lot to give and I am not going to give my energy to people who are not interested in what I have to offer.

  • I wish i took this video more serously, when it released in August. After i watch it half year later again and adopt this habit, i feel it improved my life a lot.

  • The 2-day rule is really a great way to relieve that pressure of feeling like we have to be perfect. Your videos are always so AMAZING. ��

  • Hey Matt, been watching many of your videos and podcasts, great stuff. What is your everyday tech bag that you use when your out and about for the day?

  • Do not donate to the Red Cross do other places, the Red Cross never uses the money properly some goes missing or someone gets payed more then they should.

  • i LOVE meditating lying down. whenever i sit i can’t really relax for some reason. it works when i’m on the train, but not when i’m at home.

  • I think changing your environment is good for training but ultimately in order to stay on course, you need to change You. The ultimate goal if you don’t want to eat those cookies, is to retrain your brain to NOT WANT those cookies. If you want to be a peaceful person for example, you might train in a peaceful environment at first, but the ultimate test is being able to remain peaceful in any situation. And of course remember to “Be the change you want to see in the world”

  • Another great video. Matt, you are my favorite youtuber, your videos have been contributing a lot in my life. I’m really happy about my routine and I keep watching you because I know there is always room for improvement. I’m even helping out a friend that wants to be more productive showing him your videos and he’s really enjoying them. Also, he is into recording and told me that admire the quality of your videos.
    Again, thanks a million for everything, wish you guys the best. Stay safe.

  • Rohini thank you so much it all helped me xx and your so pretty!! (I’m new haha x) and may I say, all them are helpful in each way to me, I am starting to say no to my friend who is soo mean and is putting me down, and I am putting her out of my life. Grade 7/year8 really isn’t a good time for me… so thanks xx

  • Correction: Belief without evidence is not delusional. It’s faith, which is a much stronger, powerful motivator and catalyst for change. ��

  • Need Courage? Want to change your life? Need a plan of action to go after your goals and dreams? Then check out this online course!

  • I’m so happy I found your videos, can you believe these days I had been feeling pretty down, however when I found your videos I got extremely motivaded to get all my things done, little by little with both patience and organization! Please, never give up on them, as your videos did good to me they certainly are VERY helpful to many others! Cheers!!!!

  • Thanks Thomas frank for this recommendation about weekly reviews, but my little problem is I couldn’t review more than 10 pages per week what can you advice me to improve my reviewing more Thank you.

  • Hi, random scroller

    Does this lockdown have you in a funk?

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    Here’s something to remember…

    It’s important, especially in times like these, to not let bad circumstances demotivate you from learning and growing as a person. You can either utilize this free time by taking aim at your goals that will improve you as a person and make your life more joyful or use this free time to:

    ❌ Kick back and take it easy

    ❌ Eat junk food and get fat…

    ❌ Waste your time binge-watching Netflix…

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    It includes:

    1.) Live Intentionally (PDF / Digital download)

    2) A workbook to track your progress (PDF / Digital download)


    Thank You. Have a nice day.”

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    Thanks Thomas!

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  • Don’t forget: BE AWESOME!

    Our goal at Habitgrams is to help you take hard behaviors in life like eating right, working out, or just being kind to your spouse and transform them into true habits that you can repeat with consistency and keep up indefinitely. You have changes you want to make in your life, and we build tools to help you.


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  • TIP FOR HOUSE CLEANING 1 DO NOT THROW THINGS ON THE FLOOR and tell yourself i deal with it later have a trash can in every room the main LARGER trash can in the kitchen when the trash can fills up its time to empty the trash DIRTY LAUNDRY do not allow stuff you throw away to become mixed with other items such as clothes etc lazy people think that housekeeping is women’s work BAD ATTITUDE!!!! don’t make excuses to put off till later what needs to be done now if your watching tv when the house is a pigsty you should turn the tv off until you organise your life throw out things you don’t want so that your living space is not cluttered if you want to make something to eat but you can’t find your dishes do not leave dirty dishes in another room and then wonder why there are no plates in cupboard you have to sort the things so that your dirty dishes and dirty laundry and trash and misc other items don’t end up in one great BIG pile the cliche an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very true its easier to be organised then to be a slob!! now and clean lator and then try to undo 2 or 3 years of build up i have seen people living in rental property that are so filthy that it becomes an issue where the health dept must come in intervein to clean up the mess the tenant moved out leaving the landlord with a nightmare why do people live like that?? i believe it is 90% mental attitude and 10% effort whatever challenge your facing attack it with positive attitude it makes it easier to achieve your goal if you have good attitude……… if you have a bad attitude its like working towards a desired goal with a 200 lb bag of rocks on your back dump that load and you will find yourself doing things your didn’t know you could do i know what im talking about been there done that if your living in filth and your friends don’t want to come over you might want to look at how your living WATCH AN EPISODE OF HOARDERS BURIED ALIVE i think you will get the idea REMEMBER THAT PROCRASTINATION IS YOUR ENEMY DO NOT FALL IN TO A PATTERN OF ILE DO IT LATER IT DOES NOT HELP YOU OUT it does not return the favor (do it later) is the devil whispering in your ear its ok the maid will get it YEA RIGHT!!!!

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  • Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.

    -James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

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  • This is exactly what I do to track my short and long term goals and track tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It really helps. I usually have these sections: ups, downs, cost delta(estimated budget actual expenditure), goals for next day/week/month. Apart from helping me achieve my goals, it also keeps a check on my expenditure as I have a monthly budget broken down to a daily level.

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  • The 14 Motivational Tips in Summary
    1. Ask Why… (why, How and what?)
    2. Know the Dunning-Kruger Effect…(Keep going anyways)
    3. Look For Feedbacks
    4. Articulate your Values… (Repeat them in 2-4 month)
    5. Get a Mentor…
    6. Don’t Make Excuses…(ask yourself what will it do for me?)
    7. Prime Yourself…Find Success objects
    8. Make Bets
    9. Track Your Records
    10. Start Small
    11. Surround yourself with Positive people
    12. Get Context… (The need to study math and Passion for Sport equal 2:1)
    13. Help Others…(Future, Engage, Deliver)
    14. Establish Discipline…(Set a Fixed Time).

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  • One day rule: realizes that yesterday he/she didn’t go to the gym
    Welp I broke my chain. Time to not do this ever again.

    Two day rule: same thing occurs
    I can go tomorrow therefore I will go tomorrow. Today is a treat.

  • it was inspirational, motivated speech, there are some people who don’t know the ways about how to change own life from useful sides, i am one of them who even doesn’t try to be positive, openmind, but i am able to complete these simple ways in order to change myself for the better

  • Don’t you think it’s a little impractical to schedule yourself by a weekly (7 day) timeframe? I think it’s a good habit to perceive a 24 hour day as a maximum measurement of time, rather than 1/7 of a week.

  • Few more ways to keep motivated:

    1. Ask why repeatedly until you arrive at a reason which is motivating enough.
    2. Visualize success and how different life would be once you have achieved your desired goal.
    3. Announce your plans to your friends so they can keep you accountable. Tell them they should keep checking up with you.
    4. Set a specific measurable time-bound goal. Nothing is more motivating than an impending deadline.
    5. Lend a lot of your money to a friend. Tell them they should return it to you in case you complete your goal, otherwise, they have to donate it to a charity/cause that you hate.
    6. Listen to the accounts of others who have already completed the insurmountable challenge that right now is before you. Learn what their strategy was. Find commonalities and know that if they can, you can too.
    7. Get into a positive routine, stick to it for 21 days and eventually you wouldn’t need as much motivation to get up in the morning and work towards your goal. Motivation is overrated. Habits are underrated.
    8. Procrastination comes from too high expectations, so lower your expectations. If you don’t feel the motivation set a really small goal and achieve it. For example, Author Tim Ferris suggests that on a lazy day, a writer should get at least 3 shitty pages of his book written down. This has dual advantages. Firstly, a seemingly small average can add up to deliver big results; 3 pages a day can turn into a 300 page novel in just over 3 months. Secondly, once you get the ball rolling and still have time left, the feeling of accomplishment is a strong motivation to help you keep on working.
    9. Reward yourself at regular intervals. You are not a robot and every now and then it is natural that your motivation will wear off. Take time out from your main goal to hang out aimlessly with your friends, pursue your hobby and so on.
    10. Make friends with people who have the same goal. You are the average of the five people you hang out the most with. Seeing them charged up and pursuing the goal is going to help motivate you as well. However, don’t get into unhealthy competition and remember though that your aim is to defeat them but to win yourself.

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    “I couldn’t wait for success so I went on ahead without it”

    “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature
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  • I already wrote this on another comment but I really want to read a suggestion. How do you cut friends off? I have a group of 6 friends and in that group there is 2 people who are kinda toxic to me. I really don’t know how to cut them off cause that would mean to go against the group, and I care about the other people, I tried to get along with them but I can’t, idk what to do:(

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  • try the Buddify app (also a meditation app) to help you fall asleep and hit that 11pm bedtime goal:) it’s​ a great app that lets you tailor what meditation you want to what youre doing (i.e. “going to sleep” or “can’t sleep” are two of my favorites!)

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