How you can Stay Motivated to workout (Whenever You Do Not See Results Yet)


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Here are my top three tips for staying motivated when you aren’t seeing results yet: 1. Stash the scale for a while. Usually when someone refers to “results,” he or she is looking for weight loss. But the truth is, you are probably experiencing plenty of results that just aren’t showing up on the scale.

That’s why I recommend staying away from the scale for a while, especially when starting a new. Here are my top three tips for staying motivated when you aren’t seeing results yet: Read Full Story Here. fitness health Lifestyle Success. SHARE. Submitted by M. Malik Lifestyle, Health and No Comments on “How to Stay Motivated to Exercise (When You Aren’t Seeing Results Yet)” Leave a Comment. Create a free Account or Log In to Post a.

Few things provide a bigger blow to one’s motivation than plateauing, or putting in hard work and not seeing results. Here are 5 ways to stay motivated, even when you don’t see results. Assess your expectations. First things first – we need to make sure we are setting realistic expectations. Is it realistic to want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks?

Here are the 7 steps to stay motivated even when you see no results: 1. Stop what you’re doing If you insist on getting back to work when you are disappointed and unmotivated, you’re likely to make the same mistakes that prevented your success. How to keep motivated when your fatloss results aren’t showing (in summary) It’s a combination of many factors that will keep you motivated. Keep training hard, and eating right and you’ll reach your goals sooner than later. Now put down that fork, and go for a walk. How do you stay motivated when you aren’t seeing results?

Background info: Female, age 23, haven’t been weighing myself yet but I’ve lost 4” off my waist. How you stay motivated when you aren’t seeing results 3. If you had a long plateau, how long did it last before you were able to see results again. Based on what I read I don’t know if: I should be eating more or less (eating at the low end of my calorie range, averaging less than in previous weeks) or at least I don’t yet see a difference). You can increase dopamine with the right foods and supplements, exercise, meditation, creative hobbies, and coffee. �� Also breaking down a goal into many small goals can help you stay motivated since every time you meet a goal (no matter how small) you get a dopamine boost which motivates you. Results make anyone of us motivated to exercise.

When you see and feel results, you will want to do more of what gives you results. #1 Break Up to Make Up I break up my workout time into chunks stay. Think of how far you can get when you will have the results. Think of you, seeing the results and smiling, smiling because you didn’t give up. Just think of yourself, getting everything done by your own strength. You can do it!

And if you don’t want to do it alone, People from 7 Cups can help you.

List of related literature:

You may say, “I want to look like that person,” and that makes you feel motivated for a while, but then you could just as easily compare yourself to someone in worse shape than you are and then say, “Oh, no, I’m actually doing fine,” and your motivation is gone.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
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When you enjoy it and when you see results, you get really motivated.

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I would suggest you get a workout partner, who will help you stay motivated.

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Look in the mirror and use that dissatisfaction or pride that you feel to motivate you.

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You can also do this with an exercise partner, or ask your trainer or a friend to give feedback on your progress and motivation, once a week, for example.

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For example, there is a big difference between feeling motivated to become fit and feeling motivated to work out now.

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I realize that not everyone feels the same way about exercising as I do, but I truly believe that once you start to do it and get into a routine that’s right for you, you’ll feel so much better (and look better too!).

“Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever” by Lisa Rinna, Maureen O'Neal
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Notice that good feeling and then remind yourself of it next time you need some motivation to exercise.

“All Blacks Don't Cry: A Story of Hope” by John Kirwan, Margie Thomson, John Leigh
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One way to motivate yourself is by remembering the value of exercise.

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On one side, list your “don’t wants” (“I don’t want to undress in front of people at the gym because I’m embarrassed about how I look”); on the other side, transform your statement into a “do want” (“I want to move towards feeling comfortable getting undressed in front of people at the gym”).

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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  • Thank you, Mario for giving me the courage to track my measurements. As a result, I lost weight and beginning to see the lining of my abs using intensive lifting and Intermittent Fasting. You are the best. In addition my dugar levels are back to normal. Keep the videos coming.

  • Thank you so much for this! This has really helped with my motivation and I’m definitely gonna recommend this to my friends as it so informative xx

  • Motivation is so hard especially when you don’t see the results you want as quick as you want. Her advice is amazing and I’m glad I watched it.

  • I’m so done with losing weight but I have to keep going Omgosh 30 more to lose. I’m never gaining weight again. Christmas and thanksgiving plz stay far away from me!

  • I just watched one of your videos and I love it my weight started at 193 pounds now I am 161 pounds and I been trying to workout more and I been drinking my water and eating health foods it’s been 6 months of not having fast food and I don’t ever plan on eating junk food ever again������and I just Subscribe to your Channel can’t wait to watch more of your videos ❤❤������������

  • How long it took for u to finally reach ur goal and what is the amount of calories that u r currently consuming to maintain weight?

  • You have an awesome channel with great content we to have a fitness/weight loss channel. We will definitely be showing you support hopefully you have chance to give us your support. On the road to 100 subs ��

  • Lots of great info in this video! And very encouraging too. I stopped weighing myself a long time ago, and check my weight by how my clothes fit. Even that can be tricky, as they keep changing the sizes! I stay motivated by reminding myself of how good I will feel after a workout. It always relieves stress, and I’m more relaxed and happier. I’ve also increased my balance and flexibility, which encourages me as I grow older. I’ve seen older people walking in my neighborhood, using a walker, or even out on their scooter. I think it’s great that they are still getting outside and hope I have that motivation when I’m older too!

  • I think one of the more important things you mentioned is that you didn’t start losing weight till approximately 6-7 weeks after. I’m back out to gym after gaining 30lbs. This is week 4 and I’ve barely lost any weight, but I keep telling myself i didn’t gain the weight in 4 weeks so im not gonna lose it in that time. Im just pushing through. I have my down days and slip with my nutrition but I get right back on it the next day.

  • As always you really take all my worries and stress about what I should be doing or am doing wrong!!  You always make me focus on being healthy and happy and not just focus on weight loss.

    Question that has been running through my head the last few days.  Everywhere I read it says that working out in the morning is best but I have always been an evening fitness gal…so the question.  WHICH is best AM or PM workouts or does it even matter???

    PS. Half way through week 2 the Walk On schedule!!  LOVE it!!!  Great DVD and workouts!

  • Just recently found you and I love your channel:) even though I am more into weights than body weight training I just enjoy watching you talk about fitness.

  • One thing I’m doing right now is applying the 12 steps in recovery from celebrate recovery to my weightloss and just being real with myself about how I’m feeling. Regular journaling has never stuck for weightloss bit I know the 12 steps work because it saved my life and I now help others get out of addiction. So this approach seems to be helpful practical and liveable for me. Thank you for this video very helpful

  • Thank you for showing that a fitness journey can be focused around reaching health goals rather than weight loss. I feel really motivated by your videos. I feel like I can start my fitness journey without falling into obsessive and unhealthy habits like I have in the past.

  • Hi lucy. Ive been trying to lose weight for the past 2 months, and last month, i do increase my exercise as i go, but i measured my body, my thighs doesnt lose fat it still is flabby with fats. It stays just as the first day. My arms, tummy and legs stays the same/got bigger. And i am losing motivatio.:( pls help

  • Hi Lucy, I appreciate your videos, I wouldn’t like get wide my back, Do you have any advice to keep my back fit but no wide?, thanks

  • Jessica, that was an awesome Q&A! Thank you so much. I focus on the scale way too much, it’s very easy for me to get into that trap of letting my self worth get caught up in what the scale says. I too have  had times where I am down on myself only to see someone struggling to move or greatly overweight!  Regardless of what the scales says, it’s important to keep moving. And thanks to you, I enjoy doing that!! Appreciate your motivation!

  • What about pushing past a plateau? Thats my struggle right now. Dropped 15 lbs and stuck for a few weeks.

    I still have about 30 to go:/

  • You are so simple and pretty. Please stay that way do not go on the route of other influencers with loads of make up and filters. Love your advice and tips. It was like listening to a friend.❤️

  • she didn’t see any changes for 6 weeks and I’m here working out 5 days a week and in a deficit and I’ve actually gained weight (noticed in the mirror and with my clothes too..):( I’ve taken this seriously for 6 months and the only change is that I can train more and lift more. but no change in how my clothes fit or measurements.

  • Great vid!
    Keep the great content up
    Even though i can’t imagine how hard it is to get Ideas and make Videos EVERY DAMN DAY like you do!

  • I have been working out for 3 years and around 4-6 times a week as sport is a huge part of my life.. But today is the 14th day of not working out at all with everything going with COVID19 which is sad.. i couldn’t keep it going, it’s been a cruel mental war the past few days as my abs started to disappear and i couldn’t help but stress over it and do nothing. Now it’s 13:02 of your video and i have already played my best workout music and set the perfect room temperature to start working out!!! i feel great already lol. I have a feeling it’s finally kicking again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the reason it means a lot.

  • Thank you! I really needed this…
    I am currently 14 years old, and i weigh 54.85 kg(aproximetly 121 pounds) and my height is 5,9. I really have self-esteem issues and the main reason is my body, and o really want to get back to loving my self, i hope i can lose weight, and if i will, i will wright my improvement here, again thank you so much for this!❤

  • Thanks so much for this. Really like watching motivational tips for weight loss and pretty much everything of what you said makes sense about the “doing something you enjoy” and “not wanting to see results quickly because bad mindset”. Honestly, could not recommend the vid, channel and you more! This was great to listen to and wish I could listen to thirty five more minutes to it! Thanks Lucy!

  • I’ve started training in the gym a little over a week ago… and I feel great. I’ve lost 1kg, and people have been telling me that I am glowing. I’ve been fat all my life… not as much as now, but I was big… than my dad died in 2014 and I started eating like crazy… I couldn’t stop. Even when I was feeling sick, I would continue eating. And than my boyfriend died 2 years later, and that ruined me… I started eating more and more, wasn’t active at all… now I’ve decided to change… I started going to the gym to look better… now I do it because it feels amazing. After a workout, I feel refreshed, full of energy and I am happier, stronger. My diet is way healthier now, and I love to cook for myself. ^^

  • My close friend was the one who told me about the diet program when she said how she lost her weight. Then I decided to join in because she dropped 18 pounds as a result. Look into 2WeightLossFast. Com

  • My problem is that I can’t imagine what I could look like because I’ve never been happy about my body. It feels useless to lose weight because I can’t imagine what I’d look like

  • Gosh, this is so dang helpful. I feel like you’re acquainted with every single excuse I could possibly make for myself, and kindly address each one. Thank you so much.

  • I always watch weight loss videos and the day after start doing what they said but it only ever lasts about 3 days but this video genuinely really helped me and makes me want to really do it this time you helped me realise that Im capable of really doing this thank so much

  • You are so genuine and caring! And the passion you have for calisthenics is really inspiring. I used to be so active and gymnastic as a kid and am going to look more into calisthenics. Thank you!!

  • Thanks, Jessica! As always, you make so much sense and everything you say really resonates with me. In addition, I can personally attest that everything you say is true. I never enjoyed exercising in the past and only started back about 15 months ago because I wanted to get healthier and lose some weight. I stumbled across your first walking DVD and, from there, your YouTube channel. Exercising with you is fun and I have come to look forward to doing it pretty much every day. I really listen to what you say and apply it to my exercise routine and life in general. Consistent exercise, and healthy eating, has helped me lose and keep off almost 60 pounds. I never dreamed I could be this fit and healthy again. I encourage anyone who might have their doubts to give it a shot. If I can do it, so can you!

  • I was Just loosing motivation and was wondering if this was all worth it this morning, this Really helped me thank you so much, having someone who truly understands and has been through it really helps, I love your videos!!!

  • Jessica, another amazing answer.  Your perspective is so valuable.  I agree with everything you said.  I love these video chat sessions and think they are wonderful.  You are so positive and that is what people who may be struggling or want to give up need.  I have 3 additional comments, I loved your suggestion for having your go to fun workout for days you have low energy or motivation, but additionally, try just working out for 10 minutes…that is huge for me.  You have such a wide variety of 10 minute workouts, that there really is no excuse to not just try one.  The 2nd comment for motivational boost, may not be seen on the scale, but in a medical test such a bone density, blood workup or even a BP reading.  When I see positive changes in these results, it gives me a boost.  3rd is if there is a consistency maintained in working out, the rest will follow.  Over time, the benefits of exercise will show itself, it is not an immediate thing.  If one works out consistently the results will come! Thank you for your wonderful DVDs, your online workouts and your wisdom!

  • I love your powerwalking videos when I am trying to recover from soreness or I just don’t have the energy to do higher intensity or kickboxing workouts that day. Those are perfect paired with some other lower impact options!

  • If Im not wrong you lost 30 kg weight and how is it possible u dont have loose skin?would like to know if there is something to avoid it because I want to.loose 30 kg as well btw amazing work keep going ��

  • I used to be fairly ripped then i put on about 10 lbs. Now im back down 10 lbs to my weight before but instead of being ripped I look like shit. My arms are less defined, abs look worse. Only thing I really have is a bit of a bigger chest now. For the first time ever I don’t know what to do

  • Yes! Finally found someone who has lost a significant amount of weight like me to keep me motivated. I have also lost 30kg and am at the end of my weight loss but struggle with seeing all these fit girls with abs who have just been in shape their whole lives. Definitely going to binge your videos now, I think it will set me on the right track

  • Thanks for sharing this video. I was suffering from viral arthritis so I have to stop my work out bcz of inflammation of joints. I gained weight. I started working out again but I lost my previous fitness and flexibility so I was frustrated. thanks for sharing this information.can I do different work out daily.previously I love to bodyweight exercises and hiit but I can’t push pressure so I started your walking video to start moving

  • Thank you! I’ll need to watch this frequently. I’m trying to gain muscle tone, and it just doesn’t seem to be happening. I have to remind myself that 24 weeks (I’m at week 5 of your 10 lbs Down, and have done the 6 Weeks Walk Strong series twice) is a very short period of time, and that I should save the personal review for a year, or at least 6 months. I have to remind myself that this is something I’ll be doing for a lifetime, not just 30 days or 6 weeks. It is a whole different mindset that I’m trying to adjust to. I appreciate your personal insights and the points about being grateful for what my body can do right now.

  • but how do you show that to your doctor, regarding weight loss or weight gain in
    fluctuations of water

    suppose that you are doing everything right and when you go to your doctor for a way in
    there maybe 5 or 10 pounds more on the doctors scale

    how do you prove to the doctor it’s actually water weight

    as opposed to actual fat gain

  • Hi Lucy, thank for the video. It is really motivational. I would like to start training and establishing healthy life balance. But i am having hard time to figure out the food and calorie counts. Could you share some tips how to start counting the calories and establishing healthy eating habit:)? <3

  • I am 16y/o 5.8 feet and 64 kg i have been working out for 8 months rn…I am trying to bulk but I don’t know anything about nutrition and how many calories should I take protein etc.Even tho I have been trying to learn some people are telling me the opposite of other and I am confused.I have lost all motivation and I don’t know what to do

  • I can’t thank you enough Jessica….. I need lose a little over a hundred pounds to be in my ideal weight.. & was so focusing on that, that didnt even notice the other things that were going on on my body, like I feel more energized, I feel more happy, I can do lots of things I couldn’t do before I started working out… & I can’t affort going to the gym, so I
    workout with your videos… and walk! My daughter has noticed a lot of this changes, she’s almost 10. Thankyou so much again Jessica. God bless you!

  • Jessica, you are a huge inspiration on my new fitness journey to a better me. When you spoke about witnessing that man trying to take a step it literally brought tears to my eyes. I started my new journey (and hopefully my last time starting over) on January 5th of this year. People keep asking me how much weight I’ve lost, and while I have lost a very nice 15 lbs, I tell them that losing weight is not my main goal. I want to make myself healthy so I can live a long and beautiful life. Your videos inspire me to get up and get moving even on days when I just feel like being fat and unhealthy would be so much easier than putting all this effort into living a healthy lifestyle. You may not read this, but I want you to know that you are helping to transform my life and I very much appreciate you. Thanks for these wonderful words of wisdom. Peace and love to you!