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Set specific and measurable goals with an end date. Don’t set lackluster goals. When you are creating these goals try and be very specific. Whether it’s finishing an event, setting a personal record, or making a consistent change in your life, you have to be specific in your goal. Your goal also needs to be measurable.

Use a Planner to Set Your Goals That’s why I created this 7-page workbook to help you start thinking ahead and planning your personal and business goals for 2020. It’s better to start planning now so you have enough time to think about the year ahead and set realistic and achievable milestones each month. One of my personal goals for 2020 is to get more sleep, which means setting a bedtime for myself and actually sticking to it!

One creative way I’ve heard of accomplishing this is by using a bedtime alarm. I would set mine for about an hour before I actually want to go to sleep. Every year, countless numbers of people reflect on the previous year and begin thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. With common resolutions like “lose weight,” “learn something new,” and “save more money,” not many people will actually follow through.In fact, studies have shown that less than 25% of people stick to their resolutions beyond 30 days.

What are my goals for 2020? I have hit the ground running and have lots of blogging goals set to be achieved this year and I cannot wait!Set it too low and you’ll accomplish it so easily that it won’t inspire you to keep moving forward. Set a Goldilocks Goal and you’ll make it with just the right amount of effort, you’ll feel accomplished and inspired and you’ll keep moving forward. How?

Setting a Goldilocks Goal begins with a realistic look at where you are right now. To encourage you to get inspired and stay motivated in 2020, “Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent.” “If you don’t have big dreams and goals, you’ll. BAD: Setting Unrealistic Goals. GOOD: Setting Goals that Stretch You. Some motivational experts recommend the aim-for-the-stars-hit-the-moon approach, meaning if you set goals that are way beyond your reach, even if you fail, you’ll still go further than if you set a goal requiring less effort.

How to set goals you’ll actually reach for 2020 | goal setting In this video we are talking about how to set goals and create an action plan to achieving them. Goal Setting. The key to the success and to not feel frustrated is to have realistic goals though.

Dreaming big is ok but setting the wrong goals will not make you feel proud. In other words, we need to adapt our dreams and goals to our reality. “I can not work as a judge in 2020 if I.

List of related literature:

Begin by setting twenty-year goals.

“How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins
from How to Master the Art of Selling
by Tom Hopkins
Made for Success Publishing, 2015

Write your goals as though a year has already passed and they are now a reality.

“Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time: Easyread Edition” by Brian Tracy
from Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time: Easyread Edition
by Brian Tracy
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At this point, you should have a list of 50 goals you want to accomplish over the next 10 years, all labeled according to the time frame you want to achieve them in and the aspect of your life that they fall under (see the preceding section).

“Successful Time Management For Dummies” by Dirk Zeller
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When I set my goals for 2014 and created my yearly vision board (you’ll find instructions for creating your own board later in the book), I listed only one goal for the year.

“Beautiful Uncertainty” by Mandy Hale
from Beautiful Uncertainty
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At this point, you should have a list of 50 goals you want to accomplish over the next 10 years, all labeled according to the timeframe you want to achieve them in and the aspect of your life that they fall under (as discussed in the preceding section).

“Success Habits For Dummies” by Dirk Zeller
from Success Habits For Dummies
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How do you know what kind of goals to set?

“Managing For Dummies” by Bob Nelson, Peter Economy, Ken Blanchard
from Managing For Dummies
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Set a specific deadline for mediumand long-term goals, but keep the deadline for your mega goals more general (for example, in ten years).

“Maximum Climbing: Mental Training for Peak Performance and Optimal Experience” by Eric Horst
from Maximum Climbing: Mental Training for Peak Performance and Optimal Experience
by Eric Horst
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Step 2: Now that you’ve got a list of goals for your personal development that you can get excited about, take a minute now to give a time line to each and every one of these.

“Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial” by Tony Robbins
from Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial
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Whatever that goal is, write it on a separate sheet of paper, set a deadline, make a plan, take action on your plan, and then do something every single day that moves you toward that goal.

“Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” by Brian Tracy
from Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
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Every year, new books—and Web sites—appear about setting goals.

“Professional Practice for Interior Designers” by Christine M. Piotrowski
from Professional Practice for Interior Designers
by Christine M. Piotrowski
Wiley, 2013

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  • I just wrote my goals and I am so excited about them! Thank you so much and I know that
    God will help me manifest these things into my life.

  • Hey Kimberly, I watched this video at the start of 2020 and used it to plan. It’s currently 6 months into the year, and I’ve accomplished every goal I wrote down and more. Thank you so much.

  • I have yearly goals. I also use a calendar for monthly, then weekly goals. If you break up the larger goals over months and weeks, you’re more likely to achieve the larger ones. Goals are pretty much project planning.

  • this video is so so so so helpful! honestly I’m really trying to change myself this year (not saying that I wasn’t a good person before), but I really wanted to take this year to teach myself how to focus on me and not others. Of course I still love and care for the people who I know will support me no matter what (my family) but as a freshman I really wanted to start focussing on me and my future and this video was absolutely perfect! Thank you Kimberly for being such an inspiration!!!

  • So glad that u r doing entrepreneurship videos now, it honestly will be a huge help for me and probably others as well because one of my goals for 2020 is to open a business and make it successful


  • Okay ima try this for 7 days love. I’ll be back in a week. This video was mad helpful, I can totally relate to the 2 hour period of confusion..I thought it was just me lol

  • The best way to achieve your goals is by taking an action. Scale, act and hustle until you get where you want to. Be specific and set a real date. Turn them into plans. Step by step. Actually I have a video about it and if you are interested can have a look at it. Keep going!

  • Thank you for helpful tips, Kimberly. I already adopted your ideas & working on 2020 vision in my apple pages. (Yay!! From Seoul ^^). I have questions. If you are available, could you let me know (or YouTube on it) how you deal with goals that did not work. When do you know that it is time for you to let go and move on? Or, you need to put more effort because it is right before you reach to the goal? Another question is: do you have therapy sessions on line? If you do, could you let me / us know? (If you want, u can dm me. To be honest, I did not know how to PM or DM you in this YouTube.).

  • I LOVED this video. I have never been one to make goals. I understand their importance, but I’ve never felt like I knew enough about what I wanted in life in order to create the goal steps to accomplish some unknown big picture. However, I love how you divided everything into categories and included parts like education, reading, self care, experiences, along with career goals. So all together, the goal is a happy life. Out of all the goal setting ideas/lectures I’ve heard in books and school, this is the most realistic for me. I am highly considering buying a journal to write my own down. Sorry for the long comment, but I sincerely wanted to thank you for sharing this.

  • YES to more content related to goal setting, productivity, how to be a girl boss as a teen, organisation. As someone who was already pretty familiar with the Law of Attraction, it was still a very inspiring idea to focus on how you will feel when you achieve your goals when you set them. Thanks Kim!

  • I really like your resolution setting, but for me what works best is to work on three goals per trimester (4months out of the year) I like to start with the goals that I can implement into a new routine first, such as developing a night routine, adding exercise to my routine, waking up early to meditate in the word…but I leave my goals not so specific in order to not feel so disappointed in myself if I dont reach a certain number or weight as long as I start a healthy lifestyle. Love your videos and I wish you luck in your resolutions! ����

  • I am currently working on resolutions. My goal for the first quarter is to start using more natural products, in my makeup, my skin and hair, my food, my cleaning products, everything. Also Hannah, i would love to follow ans support your fitness journey! ❤you got this girl!

  • Hey Kimberly!!! I loved the 12 days of kimmas and didn’t get time to comment on the video but I would really appreciate it if u do a video on setting goals as a teenage(particularly for a teen that is doing their last yr of high school)and how to get organise/prepared for my finals(an exam that I have to so really good in because it will tell me what to study in collage)that is in June of 2020.I would love if you did a step-by-step guide on how exactly to go about doing this to accomplish that goal along with all the other goals that an average teen should set to accomplish in this upcoming year of 2020.
    PS:I love your videos so much and it’s been so helpful and ilysm.Also I really hope that you read this and that it can be helpful to other people especially other teens…I hope that people who are reading this and agrees or wants you to make this video like it so you can notice it. And finally I hope that everybody had an amazing Christmas and have a happy,blessed and joyful new year and a year full of happiness,peace,love,family bonding and overall a great year…may 2020 be the year that everyone who’s reading this be at your very best and shine bright throughout this upcoming year and also accomplish all your goals and wishes. And lastly I want to wish each and everyone of you guys a very Happy and prosperous New Year ����������❤��

  • Dear Kimberly, I absolutely loved this video! You are such a confident woman and you inspire me to set my own goals and pursue them in the following year. Love from Germany!

  • Oh hey, I’m doing this already. Just found your vid by accident. I currently have 2 big goals: Write a short story collection (12 stories) & lose 10 lbs. I’ve broken down each goal into steps, and each day I put a few steps into 2 daily to do listsone for each goal. I use my planner to list the daily to dos and color in the little boxes as completed. These 2 lists take priority in my day. The problem w most to do lists is that they are unrelated activities (buy groceries, call X, write a blog, pick up kids etc) But this system insures the activities you’re focusing on daily are the ones that will help you achieve your big goals. Good luck!

  • I love your idea of setting quarterly goals! Breaking new year’s goals into shorter time frames helps people see their achievement even faster!

    Also, quitting processed sugar is something I need to do as well as. I also want to start going to the gym! And I should probably get a fitness trainer to help me learn to do the exercises properly.

  • This is amazing, has totally changed my outlook on my goals. Also you should give us updates on how their going each quarter. One last thing what or how are you losing your weight? ILY��

  • Thank you for the video shared.
    50% of my2019 resolution achieved
    My this year 2020 resolution or goals will be SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBER.

  • You are such an amazing woman! Really inspired me to keep going and to become a better person, PLEASE keep doing content like this! Totally loved it!

  • This video has been so helpful, I loved it. I seriously flipped when I saw you only got 4k views and 500 likes. This video deserves more.:) Nice job!

  • I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I searched for a video about realistic goal setting for while we’re in isolation and I am so glad that I found this one! I wrote out one of my goals in your strategy while you were talking through it, and I am going to write out my other two now. You have also inspired me to create a video about it to factor into the accountability part, like you have. I have subscribed and can’t wait to watch more of your recent content! Xxx

  • Hannah this video is so awesome and the tips are amazing! I truly love the idea of breaking your goals up into quarters and writing everything down. These tips have really helped me and I actually talk about the same type of topics on my channel. Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas!

  • Ah kimmas has been the only vlogmas videos I have been keeping up with these videos have really made this season what it is for me ily ���� super excited for the giveaway

  • Thanku so much for sharing this with us..I was getting too much worried about my future and goals but now I’M READY FOR MY SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR! Love to u from India���� K❤️

  • I really like your suggestion to motivate your list of goals with personal, and action oriented word choices. The last two years, I just started doing something similar, and it did wonders, just to validate that. �� I picked one word as a theme to fuel the rest of my goals, and for 2019, my word was #forward. (I even bought a customized matte black Giving Keys necklace with my word on it, as a daily reminder when I’d wear it. ��) Long stories short, it’s exactly how I felt my year went as well. ������

  • Thank you so much!! I am very serious about the goals I have set for myself and it feels so good to hear this advice!! I have had some of my goals and dreams for a few years now but they’ve never come true. Now I have hope that they will all because of this video!!! You’re awesome, Kimberly!! Thank you so much!!!

  • I loved this video! I wrote down my own goals because of it! I hope you continue with this type of content! It’s very empowering:)

  • I. Have. A. Problem.
    So my best friend has figured out I like her twin brother. I’ve told her that I don’t but should I come clean? I don’t think it’ll ruin our relationship but if she tells him it’ll make it awkward:/

  • Sorry if I missed this part, but did you say whether you write out every quarters goals or do you reevaluate at the end of each quarter before making the following quarters?

  • This video was really really helpful. I’ve been trying to incoporate law of attraction and goals into my life but I have felt like I’ve been half-a**ing it. I’m trying to manifest my best life but i also know that I have to work for it. The universe us an amazing helper but I want to be able to fully appreciate its work and because of you I can. Throughout Kimmas you’ve posted multiple videos that came at just the right time for me. And that is just one example of how helpful the universe is. But i also want to thank you because it is YOUR content that has helped me and is fuelling my motivation to improve my life.

  • Am I able to delete my 10 videos and change my channel name and turn it into dads channel? Or would my audience affect copa laws? Even though I delete the videos, change name and take our minors in the videos? Would it be wise to start a new channel? I don’t want to lose my 2.7K subs that might want to still watch

    1. Putting everything into a 12 month time line. ( Some goals need more or less time)
    2. Too many goals. ( Focus on 1-3 major goals, you can always add)
    3. Not breaking down your goal. ( what needs to be done in order for you to achieve the goal)
    4. Setting others peoples goal ( set goals for yourself, not for others)
    5. No purpose or why behind the goal. ( getting into the why you want to achieve this goal, it will push you when your feeling down)
    6. Not looking at your goal. ( what you look at is what you are going to care about, look at your goals regularly)

  • My social media/ youtube goals for this year and the next is to being consistent at least once a week and focus on instagram more rather than trying to boost every platform at the same time. I feel like I stress and overwhelm myself out when I focus on many things

  • I quit being an employee last summer and started working with Skip the dishes and UberEats and it helped me get the courage and energy to finally start my youtube channel and twitch channel and do i love most playing video games. I really hope that it’ll work out for me and if doesn’t I’m prepared to the worst and besides I could also work more hours on the delivery apps.

    I made the jump last November and started both my channels and so far today I’ve been affiliated on twitch and although its not paying all my bills its still a good start now i need to focus growing even more and also work on my youtube channel and reach those minimum 1000 subs and 4000 hours.

    My number one take on quitting my job is to be prepared and have at least 3 months worth of emergency fund and have at least one income stream that allows to pursuit your goals

    Much Love and Wish you All courage and luck on your journeys.

  • This year I will be turning 18 which means I will start my life as an adult. I think it really helped me to organize my thoughts and my goals for 2020. I have been searching for the best way to set goals and I think yours was the best. Thank you so much, Kimberly. Love you lots.

  • Hey Lovebugs!! I’ve had SOOO much fun creating the 12 days of KimMas for you!! Remember that today is the LAST DAY to enter the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY so make sure you enter before 11:59pm EST tonight for your chance to WIN!!

    PS: Leave your crush’s initials HERE for GOOD LUCK!!! �� I’m announcing the WINNER tomorrow. ��

  • I believe you are missing your actual calling. I not ever watched a video where someone actually takes the time to share and explain their vision/goals the way you have. I really enjoyed this. Yes you are a consultant but more so a business minded educator. The way you did this, seems like a sample of a class you already offer.

  • I really enjoy your presentation! An awesome and beautiful devotional book that is very funny and inspirational is “What To Do When The Wheels Come Off” It contains modern clever proverbs that are very thought provoking and it may even be helpful to your content. Please let me know what you think. I believe it is still available on Amazon.

  • One of my major goals for 2020 is to reach 1000 subscribers.

    Another major goal is to establish my second channel in 2020 which will niche down one of my favorite topics Automotive Detailing

    My 10 year goal is to be able to make enough money off of social media to quit my job; I would have to make over 120k a year to justify doing that.

    I’m putting my goals out to the universe so it motivates me to achieve them. I think the first 2 are very realistic and the 3rd goal may be a little too ambitious.

  • My parents have been trying to push me towards something else I don’t want vs what I want even if it’s difficult. Do you have any advice?
    (Update 2 months later) talked to my parents, mom said she supports me no matter what. Dad is taking a little longer to come around.

  • U have inspired me to create awesome videos….. Check out (I am close to 100 subscribers ; help me to complete by the end of the day)

  • I don’t do new years resolution but I do pre plan my year on my birthday. Also create new monthly goals.
    I love this idea of quarterly goals!

  • Great video! I gained a lot of valuable information from what you shared. What really resonated with me the most was the last step you shared which is Not Taking Action. You’re right when you say that we should immediately take action. I waited so long before starting my YouTube channel and I deeply regret it.

  • the 12 month timeline is definately the problem…
    last year i planned my goals to work for only 12 months but for real it took a little tweek in my goals and i got to understand that most of my goals might take 3-4 years to get to that point. but the biggest problem is patience.

  • I’m following my passion of reconnecting with my authentic self and my natural voice that I have been disconnected from. My goal is to grow my channel and to develop my speaking skills so I can create quality videos.

  • I really loved this type of video (one of you giving really good advice about everyday life). I also like your other videos, but I am extremely excited for more videos like this and more girl boss style videos

  • Hiiiii!!! I loved your video and I immediately went to the section below the video for the workbook and it’s not there. Is it called something else? Where do I find it??

  • I love the law of attraction so much and I love how you’re being so open and vulnerable!
    Also you’re beyond a great mother! I know we don’t see lots of your family but from what I can tell is that you have so much love for them. There’s no such thing as a “perfect mom” but you are one hell of an amazing one!
    I look forward to seeing your content in 2020 xxx ❤️

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “5 years to live goals” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Farnicaas Switcher Capitalisation (just google it )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • Amazing tips! I love it!! It kind of works like subliminal messages to your subconscious, so it makes you start working to achieve your goals. It really works:)

  • QOTD ⚡ What is one of your social media or YouTube goals this year? Let us know! * ��Get a copy of YouTube Secrets and $100 of exclusive free bonus resources here ➡️

  • I absolutely LOVED this video and wrote down my own goals along with you. Thank you so much for this video!!! I’d love to see more of this girl boss content!!!��������

  • Girl! Go do the no-processed sugar challenge, but meanwhile have some blended dates with cocoa beans and nuts, and you’ll have it a happy challenge:)

  • You could try a theobromine capsule one or twice a day in place of chocolateor three, whatever works for you. I just looked up a vegan one on amazon for myself

  • Love your goals, can’t wait to see how you do over the year! ❤️ i made a 2020 goals video too, I’m going to take some of your tips and apply them!

  • Amazing video Kim, you are so inspirational! My top goal for 2020 is to overcome my depression and learn to be happy where I’m at. ��

  • Just found ur channel and subscribed! I love what ur doing! My goals r to keep all my averages at 95 and above going back into school, do more pampering, stay healthy and continue to workout while really starting to work on my modeling to name a few! ������

  • I did a video recently called How to Set Goals that Will Change Your Life. There is nothing better than to set goals and 2020 could be your best year yet if you do it right. It’s a science. Hannah…….you’re on the right track.

  • I love your Channel so much! You’re great at empowering. Even though it’s mostly about relationships and how to get your crush to like you etc. It’s stille about making yourself feel good so you Can be the Best you and your crush Will like you.

    Hope that makes sense haha anyways love you merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

  • I just wanted to say thank you for being so honest and vulnerable about your struggles with body image. It really helped me a lot to not feel so alone in that and get stuck in the cycle. While I am grateful for body positivity, it is nice to know that it doesn’t erase the struggle and you aren’t alone in the struggle and I know it’s incredibly hard to open up about that online, so thank you so so much for doing so.

  • one of my goals is to actively participate and comment on people’s content that i like. i know how hard it is to put something together and how proud you can be for nobody to acknowledge it… that is a goal and fixing my posture!

  • Wow! I never thought to achieve my 2020 goals by breaking them down by quarterly. This video is awesome! I am inspired! I am going to do this right away. Thank yo so very much! ��❤���� ��������������������

  • Ive been watching your vids for a little bit over a year now and i just want to say that you have been extremely helpfulnd i wish you the best! ❤

  • This video is amazing. Kimberly sitting down and sharing her goals and advice with us is incredibly brave of her and it is appreciated so much. Kimberly has such a beautiful personality and her videos, especially this one, has such a calming, reassuring and inspirational vibe that makes her channel so much more enjoyable. I just want to say that this community of lovebugs is amazing, Kimberly is an incredible business and family woman and that videos like these are amazing and I would love to see more in the future.

  • I’m going to take care of my majorly controlling emotions as well as my really bad depression and anxiety and show my emotions that they don’t control me and show them who’s boss and stop my daily mental brake downs(you know ordinary Pisces stuff ♓️) I’m also going to build myself a confident character for my self! IM CONFIDENT THAT THIS YEAR IS MY YEAR!!!!!! ��������

  • I’m off to a good start. I actually started AND finished something! ��
    Good luck to you all in achieving your 2020 goals. You got this! ����

  • My #1 goal this quarter is to maintain a clean bedroom. I have mold and too much clutter for my space. So I have daily tasks working towards this goal. You have definitely helped my motivation.

  • one of my goals this year is to put more focus on quality… might sound stupid but my retention sucks and so I wanna focus on that and so rather than “I want this amount of subscribers” I wanna say “how can I make my videos more interesting”

  • I really enjoyed this video, Hannah! I’m planning on writing out my goals and action plan tomorrow since I’m off work. I would LOVE to see fitness/healthy eating videos I struggle with that myself. I love all your videos����❤️

  • This has been an eye-opening video! I have never really thought about doing resolutions this way so thank you! My top goals for Quarter is 1. Get a job 2. Pass English II & 3. Finish my current book I Love You More by Sharie King!

  • If you feel comfortable sharing it would be cool if everyone put one goal in the comments. Ok so here is mine. I want to build a stronger relationship with God and really put all me effort into it. I want to talk to those around me when I feel discouraged. I also want to talk to my pastor about getting baptized in 2021 when I am 17.

  • Who actually had the audacity to dislike this video. Kimberly is a boss and inspires us young girls. Thank you for everything Kim. YOU GO GIRL ��

  • Just found your video and I will use your tips! And you are really pretty, no need to loose those pounds! But anyway good luck and take care:)

  • TG. Heyyy I need a new mug to take me through the next year. I’ll be starting college, living in a whole new country…. home. I’m coming back home after living my whole life abroad. It’s new changes and I’m excited. I’ll be travelling to Europe and I just want 2020 to be the year of growth and success in the dust. Merry Christmas everyone. Good luck.