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So throw out those leftovers and get back on track as soon as possible. A few slices will not ruin your lifetime of health and fitness, but the longer you nurse that case of the “screw its,” the longer you delay success. So enjoy the indulgence! And use this as an opportunity to learn how you can bounce back even faster.

Make a fallback plan. Cut Back a Bit, But Not Too Much. Don’t try to make up for the extra calories by skipping meals the next day.

That just leaves you hungry. I get back on track by reminding myself no one food or meal can make a person healthy or unhealthy. It’s all about an overall healthy lifestyle, which has room for the times we overindulge.”. Try a small piece of dark chocolate or one of these 100-calorie desserts. A day like this one allows you to eat lots of delicious food while still cutting calories to get back on track to losing weight.

Incorporating these swaps throughout the day can add up to a 500-calorie savings, which over the course of a week can help you lose about 1 pound. Eat more. Calorie restriction is a #1 cause for a slow metabolism, especially after coming from an eating disorder and extreme diet behaviors.

You need to get in sufficient calories to reverse all damage calorie restriction has done to your body. Eat until full and satisfied. Set your timer to remind you to start sipping 30 minutes after a meal and aim for 16 ounces before your next meal or snack. Example: Using a water bottle with a time marker can be extremely helpful, you can order one online or make your own with a Sharpie.

Don’t Skip Meals You may think skipping meals and cutting back on calories will make up for all the extra calories you ate the day before, but it can actually backfire and create a cycle of restriction and overeating, Katie explained. “Instead, I suggest focusing on clean and healthy eating for several days after eating too much,” she said. Meal Plans for One Week for a Back-On-Track Weight Loss Diet Weight regain is common after hitting goal weight. It’s frustrating, but not to worry! Here’s a meal pattern that can help you get back on track if the scale starts to creep back up.

This is also a great plan to follow if: You’re not a weight loss surgery pat. These healthy eating pros practice some smart strategies for getting their diets back on track—and fast. Here’s what they do to reset post-vacay: They blend green smoothies. Look up food calories and track them — it’s easy to get started with the health tracker tool. Positive mantra: I overate for a day or two and am getting back to my healthier habits.

Day 1: 3:30 p.m.

List of related literature:

If you believe that your body is hibernating, and you believe you eat less than you “deserve” to eat given your exercise level, the solution is to increase your daytime calorie intake to an appropriate level, stop living in calorie deficit, and curb binge eating.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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For example, if you write down what foods you are eating and find they add up to 3,000 calories a day, and you are maintaining your body weight with this amount, you can try cutting back to 2,500 or 2,000 calories a day in order to create a caloric deficit and lose body fat.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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First of all, you shouldn’t feel like you need to punish yourself at the gym for having the odd treat every once in a while and secondly, exercise really doesn’t burn as many calories as people assume it does, so a single workout – even an intense one – won’t come close to cancelling out a big binge.

“The Food Medic: Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You” by Hazel Wallace
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You hate yourself for failing to stick to the number so you go back to calorie counting – only this time you reduce the amount of calories you’re going to eat in order to make up for your dietary ‘sins’.

“The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset” by Jessica Sepel
from The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset
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Being able to relax from a routine enables your mind to take a break and restore itself, but here’s the best secret: Boosting your calorie intake also boosts your metabolism, so when you drop back into carb cycling on the next day, you will burn even more calories!

“Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days” by Chris Powell, Heidi Powell
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After a cheat day, when leptin starts to decline, eat a few additional Super Carbs—like 10 to 20 grams—each day until your next cheat day.

“Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks—While Burning Fat Overnight” by Joel Marion, Diana Keuilian
from Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks—While Burning Fat Overnight
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You go “off-plan” for one meal, feel guilty, and then decide that because you’ve already “blown it,” you might as well eat whatever you want for the rest of the day and start again tomorrow.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
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It’s easy to forget situations like this, but chances are that unless you really focus on your calorie intake, they will continue to pop up during the week, and you will regularly take in a lot more calories than you think you have.

“Be IronFit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness” by Don Fink, Melanie Fink
from Be IronFit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
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You can do this by keeping a log of everything you eat or drink, where you were when you ate, what else you were doing at the time, and what motivated you to eat at that time.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
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Just a couple of days of using a calorie-counting book, calculating the calories you consume, and writing them down can really help.

“How Not to Die: Surprising Lessons on Living Longer, Safer, and Healthier from America's Favorite Medical Examiner” by Jan Garavaglia, M.D.
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  • I just ate like 900 calories after dieting for 2 weeks and feel like I was entitled to eat more cuz I already messed everything up

  • When I used to binge I’d eat like 1000 extra calories, but it would take me 3 or 4 days to get back to my normal weight (for example if I was 180, I’d go up to 183 and I wouldn’t be 180 until 3 or 4 days later)

  • Eat when your hungry and stop when your full! You don’t need to do anything special to compensate like eating super clean or working out to burn off the extra calories.

  • I m here looking at this because i had lunch then stuffed my face with these spaccatini corti and hummus then i made two tiktok coffees and then a very chocolaty egg and then two strawberry cracottes what do I do please

  • My mom brought home practically a case of brownies and I scoffed then down real quick after holding off a day and a few hours. I told her not to. I’m trying to do better and as I’m starting out, but its hard when you’re on a journey by yourself, so thx.

  • I lost 10 pounds and I was so happy… but my mind said “then i guess i can eat and have a break for a bit” but I haven’t dieted for a week!!! I need to het back on track! ����

  • I’ve got anorexia and bulimia and BED… it’s so hard tbh. I now plan my binge days. Mines tomorrow but my anxiety for it is SKY HIGH. I’m scared I wont be able to restrict again afterwards the most.

  • I binged the last 3 days ( total: 3.500 calories more than I burned those 3 days ) and I have to go to ballet class tomorrow and I’m soo fcking bloated pls kill me

  • Jordan, you’ve changed my life. Understanding that I can’t mess up my diet has, as you said, completely changed my perspective. Thank you.

  • This was so helpful ���� I just had 3 pieces of cake and it’s late at night �� I was thinking about purging but your video stopped me from doing it, thank u so much ��

  • i went to the movies yesterday and ate junk food and it affected me today and i got addicted once again. i feel ashamed and don’t feel like working out but im going to push myself. im going to an amusement park tomorrow and im going to push myself to order healthier options. im telling myself i need to be skinny before school starts and it’s making me stressed. i need to not set a ‘deadline’:) thanks for this motivation

  • I get so excited when I see your videos on my feed you have no idea♥️✨�� and I love how honest and informative you are, you are such a precious gem! how do you like that protein powder btw in terms of taste wise? I currently use botanika blends and love it but looking for a new one soon! Would love a protein powder review video in the future if possible!!! Love you girl! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • my 3-day break from diet and exercise turned into a 3-week binge I feel like I can’t get back on track. I really needed this video, so thank you to whoever made this!

  • Thank you! I needed to hear this. The leaky faucet really hit home. I struggle with guilt when I’ve eaten unhealthy and usually I feel guilty because I use the “oh well I F** up, I might as well…”

  • lmao i don’t even binge but i ate ”normally” (1800-2000cal) today and it felt like a binge cause i normally eat around 200-700 and my net ends up at -50-200

  • I actually don’t overeat, but when i want to, i go for food with high calories like choco bar and sweets
    The prblm is that i eat them at the wrong timing (either when I’m supposedly done with having snacks and meals or directly before bed, like i did now, I’m actually so sleepy, but i have to wait 1 more hour till i can sleep again, ugh I. Always. Go. For. The. Wrong. Time!)
    Note: i went off track on purpose so that i could organize my eating schedule again but i hate it I’m so freakin’ sleepy dhhdheheusnxn ��

  • I have been off track, going in the wrong direction for almost a whole year now. I lost, at my lowest, 150 pounds but gained 35 pounds back gradually over the past year. Even writing those words that it’s been a fucking year that I’ve been so out of control is so heartbreaking to me. I needed your words and this video. On everything, it’s gonna change starting now. I miss being in control and feeling good about me. I so have that “might as well” mindset. That absentminded eating even though the real voice in my head is like “why are you doing this?” Because always immediately after i feel awful. I miss my self control. My faucet isn’t just leaking, it full on exploded. But I know I know I know I knoooowww i can fix it again. Thank you for your words and this video, I’m a subscriber now ❤️ jeez sorry for the rant too ��

  • I ate
    2 big chocolate muffins
    Chinese food
    5 cookies
    Dr Pepper
    Steak sandwiche
    A lot of ice cream
    Should I just give tup and not try and lose weight I always fail

  • I don’t eat for a couple days but when I do it’s not “over” eating I eat my normal amount or more but it makes me feel guilty and I hate it.

  • Girl where is that workout set from? First of all the colour looks great on you and second the shorts look like they are the perfect length ����

  • I always enjoy watching your videos! can you do a video about unique healthy tips you have? and just more “week in my life” videos!

  • i ate 4,500 kcals today & im going to get right back on track starting now! im trying to forgive myself, its all gonna be ok!:) we can do this guys

  • How my days start:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs with leek
    Lunch: chicken and veggies
    Pasta with walnuts
    10 smarties
    1 kinder chocolate bar
    10 crisps
    Ice cream
    An orange
    Half a pineapple
    Greek yoghurt
    15 Flour balls with chocolate

  • Glad I came here thank you for this
    Today I ate..

    Country fried chicken steak and a half a biscuit at black bear.650 calories
    2 Oreos
    Hot Cheeto astroids 200 calories
    2 cruller donuts 450 calories
    Dominoes thin crust left over pizza 4 slices
    Fritos and Cheetos 315 calories and a pickle


  • I just binged, I had 2 giant cookies and lots of candy:( Anyways, thank you, tomorrow I will start the day off with a healthy smoothie:)

  • i had special K, a bit of beans and eggs but not really, some fruit, chips, and bread….ate more than i’m used to but i’m working on getting back on track

  • Bro I ate 5 cupcakes
    One before school one when I got home and 2 bc I just lost a friend and got rlly sad and also ate a oat car thing so I feel like shit bc I haven’t been eating well and I feel like I’ve gained so much weight I wanna yeet myself off a bridge bc everyone else is rlly pretty and skinny and I’m not I gain weight mostly in my thighs and lower stomach and it makes me feel terrible anyway I just went on a rant so imma leave and not throw anymore problems on random people sorry

  • yesterday i binged so hard �� animal crackers, starbursts, skittles, whole box of mike and ike’s, 4 fish fillets, pizza rolls, my mom made dinner and i made a big ass plate… multiple oranges and bananas and half of a big bag of almonds
    i still feel so bad ��

  • Omg, PLEASE do a spiritual journey/meditation video! Would so love to see that! Happy belated birthday, Cancer queen <3 I hope you enjoy yourself on your trip, safe travels gorgeous!

  • can definitely relate to this, could you do a video on how to build muscle with no weghts maybe some resistance bands? i find that hard to find

  • I’m so happy that you have promoted eating the same as normal after a binge! Can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve binged and then the next day restricted, or tried some stupid cleanse and like you said, the cycle just repeated again

  • i just ate like 2 containers of strawberries, a big container of blueberries, a big bag of grapes, and some raspberries… fruit is literally my addiction my stomach is gonna explode any moment now

  • I’ve just binge and purge and I feel so bad, I’m in recovering of Bulimia and Anorexia, my abs are showing up and my body is a lil toned but now I’m sacred about that, I hadn’t done it for like two months and it was a good thing.
    I’m ruined:(

  • So this is what happened to me (I just want to let it out)

    3 days of doing “BAD”

    1st day: ate lots and LOTS of cookies at 9am continued on till 12/1pm
    2nd Day: Ate quite fine, then 11pm came… Ate 1 bag of chips, a handful of cookies, and a packet of ramen
    3rd Day: planning to recover and ate fruits (pineapples & dragon fruit) but then felt a wave of anxiety, reached for 1 bag of chips, and a handful of cookies, + canned tuna (not so bad but I’m over my calories and at this point mouth is just wanting something to chew, + ate a bowl of rice [JUST FREAKING RICE])

    Now, I feel horrible, lethargic and after 3 days of eating dirty it’s catching up to me both physically and mentally �� GIRL GET A GRIP YOU STILL GOT 27 LBS TO LOSE!!! I want to feel grounded again and so I’ll do some reflecting and type it down on my phone. Just wanted to get that out ��

  • The timing of this video was perfect. My birthday was this month and I was also eating a ton of foods loaded with sugar so I have been trying to get back on track.

  • I had a bad binge today and I feel like shit. Mostly physically. My stomach and chest is on fire. I am super ashamed and had to go home from work. Going to drink water, try not to barf, and sleep.

  • Use it as a learning experience, know how to avoid it in the future, and most importantly forgive yourself we’re only human at the end of the day mistakes happen

  • Yes! Hit the nail on the head for me! If I “mess up” on Friday night I just say well I’ll be better next week so I’ll start again on Monday and honestly thinking about it and saying it out loud it really makes no sense lol. Love these videos, excited for the rest of the 30 days! Your killing it ����

  • Today started off healthy with some oatmeal and ryebread for lunch with some fish. Then for snack i ate some yogurt with cookies, for dinner i ate a whole pizza and now i just ate 2 pieces of lemon pie. I feel like shit and my waist went from 21 inches to 26,5.

  • I had a decently healthy dinner: Fish taco bowl just green mix, tilapia, tomato and quinoa. I was full but I saw a video on how to make chocolate chip cookie in a mug, and guess what I did?

  • I’ve been eating somewhere between 1100 to 1400 calories a day for about two weeks now. And today I started of great with yoghurt with berries and seeds for breakfast, then skipped lunch, but then I had two Reese’s peanut butter cups and a burger with 5 chicken wings. So yeah I’m feeling kinda guilty. ��

    Gonna try this to see if it works.

  • I know this probs won’t help but I was stuck in the binge cycle until I found intuitive eating and started to base my worth on who I am as a person not what I eat or look like. Stay strong everyone, I know it’s horrible but you’ll get through it ❤️

  • All I ate was a normal dinner of 1/3 a grilled chicken breast, a roll, some corn, green beans, and potatoes (all in small portions) yet I feel disgusted with myself�� I rlly need to fix myself.

  • Just ate:
    Udon noodles
    A big oatmeal cookie
    Chocolate chia pudding
    Peanut butter cookie dough
    Yogurt with granola, honey, nuts and an apple
    2 slices of bread with alot of peanut butter
    …all in a few hours time.

  • Weighting yoursel the day after you binged is Horrible i’d rather wait for like 2 or 3 days till all the liquids and sodium are evacuated

  • I woke up with every intention of just eating a few small meals, you know, a healthy amount…I ate a bowl of ramen, a dairy queen meal, several cookies, beef sticks, gummy sweets, a bowl of rice, and a few handfuls of edible cookie dough balls…in short, I’m glad I found this video, thank you for creating it!

  • Thanks for explaining at the start of the video. I hate when people eat a small amount of junk food and call it a binge like…. dude I ate a pizza, a burrito, tub of ice cream, sweets, crisps, cereals. Fr

  • Damn, we’re more than half of 2020 but im still bingeing.
    This video is my comfort zone and will always be.
    Thank you so much. I’ll get back on track.

  • I had a piece of toast for breakfast
    A bit of pasta that was probably around 700-800 calories for the amount I ate for lunch

    Then I got hungry and had half a banana and half a peanut butter jelly sandwich

    The day was going fine until I had about two more servings of the pasta for dinner and it’s about 900 calories per serving I believe, my whole day feels fucked up now

  • I honestly needed this right now, I just went to an event at church and over indulged way too much.. im talking soooo much. thank you for putting out the content I need when I need it��❤

  • I had a salami sandwich (2 slices of bread), a bowl of meat rice with peas and sweet corn, 4 small peanuts biscuits and like 3 tablespoons of chocolate crunchy nut cereal, an apple, an ice lolly

  • ate a huuuuge meat grill miz with potato chips, bag of crisps, 1 cinamonroll, 1 big cookie, 1 bag of candy and a chocolate bonbon….

  • I know a lot of people here are struggling with binging because they are trying to loose weight by restricting all day, only to then binge. I’m still struggling with this cycle as well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that when I go through a week of eating without counting calories, eating wholesome foods, and portioning the “not so healthy foods” but not restricting them, I notice I slim down. For me, it’s because I binge more than I restrict at times, so when I just eat balanced all day, I’m less likely to binge. I’m wanting to loose some weight, so instead of restricting, I’m trying to eat really nutritional foods and do weight training. That’s all I have to say. I hope your journey with this all has a happy ending. It may seem like it will never end, but you will find happiness at the other side.

  • I’m freaking out cause I ate a slice of red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and I looked it up and 1 slice is 1250 calories ��

  • I was doing so well for 4 days and at night I had a mini brownie and a prince cookie,and a glass of milk,I feel horrible even if it’s not a lot

  • 5:10 is where the tips start: 1.go about your day like usual 2. Don’t skip breakfast so that you don’t feel extra hungry by lunch

  • Tips:
    1. Hot water with Lemon and applecider vingear after waking up
    2.Moving ypur body moderatly
    3.dont skip breakfast (best would be to eat sth light)
    4.go get out and about, enjoy yourself
    5.Manage your false cravings 15:18

  • Last night I had two jammie dodgers and two cream filled tea cakes after dinner. My dinner was only 70 calories, but I managed to gain a pound and four ounces overnight.:(

  • Overeating and binging has always been a struggle of mine when it comes to food. I love that you talked about your experience and how regardless of the situation its okay and i can in a way do better the next day and just get back to routine without restricting or dieting. Thank you sm! I literally look up to u a lot��

  • Thank you for this! I often find the comment sections to these videos helpful and take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one struggling here. I have been at a 400 calorie deficit and have maintained and had no issues really with binging or my weight loss until recently! I am a college student and since being home and around my family so often, it has contributed hugely to my stress and binging became a new ‘thing’ I experience since the beginning of summer/quarantine! I find is so hard to get back on track after a binge, it usually starts with a planned re-feed which turns into a cheat day, which often turns into a three day binge/cheat. I am also super weird with timing and find it easier to get and stay on track once its the beginning of a new week. Thankfully, tomorrow is Monday and even though I have a busy day with work and school, I’m honestly looking forward starting off the week off fresh (despite the fact that I’m going to wake up still full of pizza and pancakes lol). Good luck everyone!!

  • This put things in perspective for me I’ve been on track for 7 weeks and lost 11 pounds but yesterday I ate a extra 700 calories and now I’m realizing it’s not a big deal. I’ll just continue what I’m doing and maybe eat like 300 less calories

  • i can’t really eat diary so i avoid it because it hurts to eat but then i binge on chocolate and cheese and milk with cereal and it hurts so much after I’m in so much pain I can’t ������ im also so bloated and I have to go to school tomorrow and i can’t go looking like this ����

  • I had a quarter piece of vegan lasagne, three slices of vegan cheese, around 300 kcal worth of white bread, about 160g of tomato-herb sauce, two tablespoons of pesto, six dates, 50g of vegan sugarfree chocolate and A LOT of cashews

  • So happy you’re not restricting like you used to! My best tip for anyone who binges: start intuitive eating. It is the ONLY thing that works. You can eat a balanced diet of power and pleasure foods and still look amazing and not stress at all about food. It is heaven.

  • I’m trying to control my portions but my family insists that I should eat, and I ended up overeating which lead up to a binge.

    I regret it so much jsbsksnksjzks

    7/14 edit: I just went overboard, i feel like im going to pass out

  • Every month I BINGE my life out the week before I start my period then proceed to gain 2-3 kg. Immediately after i got my period, i lost my appetite. The cycle never stop.

  • I literally over ate so much yesterday and woke up feeling like crap that I’m craving healthy food today and not the leftover pizza in my fridge ��

  • holy moly i have been feeling like crap this whole day long because I overate this afternoon. this is literally what i needed!! thanks❤️

  • ive been eating healthy and intermittent fasting for the past 6weeks and lost 6kgs and decided to have a cheat day today. i had 2slices of cake, 2pieces of white chocolate reeses cups, pasta with tomato sauce and prawns and a 10” pizza.

  • Just had
    2 mini cinnamon rolls
    2 mini muffins
    1/4 of a chocolate bar
    Half a protein bar
    1/8 container of coconut milk ice cream
    Half a packet of pop tart (so one single tart)
    A handful of Swedish fish

    🙁 it’s definitely a smaller binge than usual (it’s under 1500 calories) but I still feel like shit

  • Thank you so much for this video �� i struggled with a couple of bad days in the past weeks which unfortuantely led to overeating and I feel so much better now and less guilty after seeing your video ��

  • This is so needed for me right now. I’ve regained about 10 lbs after losing 30lbs. And I’m super stressed and stress eating all kinds of junk…

  • Something you said really helped me! When you described how not eating breakfast sets you up for a binge later in the day! In a health book I read it said don’t eat breakfast after 8am and I’m never hungry before then so I was eating a really light breakfast. Your approach seems much healthier! Bigger breakfast with more protein is my new approach after watching:) I will admit that I disagree with the last part of yout video. I certainly binge on healthy food. I’ll eat way too much homemade soup, smoothie, sprouted nuts and seeds, peanut butter, and it’s always vegan based ad organic!

  • I binged today, normally I ate 800-900 calories and today I consumed like 1400, I felt so bad after eating 4 cookies and huge piece of cake:c

  • Got half a bag of Reece’s, half a bag of various candies, cupcake, bread with chocolate peanut butter, bag of corn nuts to counteract the sweets. This has been after three meals for the past three days. Not my proudest moment.

  • a crunwrap, 4 cinnabon delights, a impossible whopper, and one taco,, i just had a cup of coffee and i gained 3 pounds from eating that in one day, idk if its just water but i hope it will go away

  • i ate nearly a whole dark chocolate bar ������ i’m still convinsing myself like: noooo dark chocolate is considered healthy”. ������������������

  • I just ate a Max brenner chocolate Belgium waffle with extra melted chocolate, banana,strawberry and some vanilla ice cream… I feel FAT I havent eaten like that for so long… and the worst thing about it… it’s my birthday and I feel super guilty but I shouldnt, right?

  • Okay, I’ll like to tell whoever is reading this-
    Food does not define you. It’s your fuel, not your enemy! Best way to overcome a cheat day is to move on.

  • I binged because of my trigger of calories… I’ve had like 5000+ calories today (estimated),, had like 1/4 of a cake too and I’ve never felt so annoyed with myself lol, so thank you for this <33

  • urrrghhh, this is me after eating a loooooot a lot. like you know the drill, the calorie intake you’re supposed to follow in order to lose weight. i feel the ugliest at the same time fulfilled because after all that workout for months I’m eating like the way i used to eat before HAHAHA.

  • Every time I eat something that’s not vegetables and fruits or cereal, I feel like I’m binging. I can’t stop eating chocolate and every time after I eat something I feel disgust toward myself so I try not to eat much but it doesn’t work.

  • Thank you for this video! All the other videos that talk about “what to do after binging” seem so condensening and self righteous. You seem to actually understand and care! Also, your points are great

  • 1. Drink a lot of water
    3500 calories makes you gain 1 kg
    2. Tell yourself that its one night(that you’ve cheated) in 365 days
    3.Reflect on what you’ve done
    4. Take action: 6:40, eat alternatives for cheat days
    5. Plan: your day, your food(next 3 days), eat less carbs in those days
    6. Take a fiber supplement
    8.She drinks green tea
    9. Brush your teeth as soon as you finish dessert

  • I at a ton of glazed donuts like 12 and I feel terrible and I’m trying my hardest to loose weight cause I’m a bit on the chub chub side�� but I know I will become healthier ��

  • I just ate 4 pieces of pizza, smothered in marinara sauce, and and entire box of the cinnamon bread sticks from Pizza hut, with regular, and cream cheese frosting. Wtf am I doing with my life. Wish I was dead tbh

  • so it’s mom’s day in the philippines today and i was tasked to cook for the fam. of course, it ended up with binge-eating, and i haven’t eaten this much for a few months now. i feel so guilty, but thank u for thisss. learned a lot xx!!

  • I ate a total of 1500 calories and it is my cheat day but I still feel bad. My BMR is 1400 calories, so I think I am good, but I still am afraid that I will gain weight.:(

  • This is the first time I’ve ever binged,and I wanted to say thank you for making this really helped me and I’m in a better mental state because of you.

  • this couldn’t have come at a better time. thankyou so much & thankyou for the constant amazing content. we really appreciate it ������

  • I just had some Ice cream 10 Oreos and a Poptart, damn that’s my first cheat/binge ever wonder how I’ll look tomorrow and how it will effect my body

  • Weight loss journey. I’ll update yall.
    Starting weight:155 lbs
    Current weight:96 lbs
    Next goal weight:95 lbs
    End Goal weight:90 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight:85 lbs

  • I don’t know why but whenever I eat like one thing like salad maybe after I eat it my mind just goes food mode and I eat everything

  • The brownies are interesting. I want to use left over almond pulp to make mine. Have you tried cooking with almond pulp yet?

    Why didn’t you show us your activity in the gym? Are cameras not allowed?

    Can you do a #zerowaste challenge video?

  • Girl, it is so crazy. I don’t know you in person but i feel like we’re twins, having the same problems, the same mindset and the same goals❤�� love that you doing you tube now full time! I wish I could do that right now but I am barely at 150 subs lol keep doing what you do��

  • After I ate breakfast then I ate some cheese and then a croissant, I’m feeling bad because I have been saying “ I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow “ for so long now but I keep eating junk food.

  • Im so glad that ive found your channel. You are my favorite youtuber now. Your recipes helped me a lot �� So much love from the Philippines!!! ����

  • Hi! I think i was in your situation few months ago. The main reason of bingeing is not you or your determination, it’s restricting. You are maybe not eating enough for your hard workout/active lifestyle, so your body’s asking for more. It takes me long time to realize this and start fueling my body the way it demands. At first it was scary because it’s the opposite of what diet culture tells you to do. But now i don’t binge anymore, and there’s no dramatic change in my weight, so i guess it worked.
    I hope you feel better!

  • My favorite part of overeating is that it makes me feel disgusted of the food i over ate. So this prevents me from eating it the with huge amounts the other day
    I eat healthy breakfasts and lunches, but the snacks ruins my healthy life style
    I don’t like to snack between breakfast and lunch meals, but idk how to control myself, I’m trying my best, but the problem is i over eat when snacking

  • Omg,where in spain are you going to?
    I live in spain(mallorca ) its soo pretty here❤ +there os a massive heat wave here but maybe next week its better

  • I’ve just had my birthday too! I’m surrounded by all the aftermath food and it’s so difficult not to have it. My energy is so down, I feel so groggy and down in myself after eating all this unhealthy food. Needed this video ❤️

  • I just have this really bad habit of eating a lot when there’s a lot to eat. I can go a whole day without eating easily but if someone tells me that someone has made or brought a bunch if food to me I will binge and it just leads me feeling terrible about my body and my mental mindset just sort of plummets. Any suggestions?:(

  • i eat just because i can. i’m sitting down and my mind goes “we should eat rn” and i’m not even hungry. i can’t control it whatsoever and i’m losing my mind over it. it makes me feel so hopeless and powerless

  • Girl you are such an inspiration for both my fitness/health mindset and my youtuber creativity mindset �� thank you for being who you are ��

  • OMG whats this you drinking tea �� i love my tea only first thing tho. Hope you have a lovely break are you not worried about the virus in Spain??? If i send my address you can send those sweets just all my fave �� and can we have dome healthy foodie videos after the holiday ones please xx

  • I went on a wild binge today from stress like 1800 calories one day and 2500 calories the next:( I’m just going to hop back on my diet like this weekend didn’t even happen.

  • You guy, you know what for you me and thousand of people who thing they are Discasting and get eating disorder, i personally had an eating disorder called bulimia navosa for over a year than i had my anorexia navosa,, i waist my one and half year just to makeup my binges and lose one third of my hair and 26%weight

  • Thank you, I really needed this. I keep baking family-sized batches of food and eating them all in one go and then restricting but its back to “normal” next meal!

  • is anyone else just completely excited when she uploads?? she’s so real and honest and her advice and routines are achievable. I’ve been making Olivia’s recipes quite a bit and everyone is so jealous �� tysm we love you Olivia

  • I’ve been dieting and working out for two months straight and I’ve been doing a good job and I just ate 3 chocolate chip cookies and I feel so disappointed in myself:/ Gonna remember this the next time I even think of wanting to binge.

  • OMG I love the leaky faucet analogy! ������ I once heard if you’re on a 100 mile road trip and you take a wrong turn at mile 92, you’re not going to say, ‘oh shoot, I messed that up. I guess I’ll drive all the way back home and start again.’ Great analogy that’s helped me a lot. But now yours is even better!

  • PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I have Anorexia and last night I binged because I have a weigh in today. I was scared that if I didn’t weigh more I was gonna be forced to eat more. Now I don’t know if I should restrict calories, carbs, fats, etc.?!?!?! I’m literally driving myself crazy.

  • I ate about 200g chocolate, 2 chocolate mini cookies, Ice cream (cookies and cream), my hand made sorbet, 1 pack of chips, 2 nuts and my dad is buying an yufka dönner. I feel so bad about myself ;-;

    (I hope i wrote everything correctly)

  • I had to go on a diet due to pre diabetes and was successful losing 61 pounds but for the past couple of weeks I started to binge a lot and it sucks because I was doing so good and now Im so mad at my self for letting myself fall back into the bad eating habits ;-;

  • Good tip:
    If you want to cheat
    Take that food place it in a bowl and sit really really far away from the place where the food came from. Lock the door and eat the snack (anything from a few chip or ice cream) then drink lemon water or tea right after(not sweetened). After just chill at that spot for 20 minutes look at your phone, watch a movie read a book and get distracted. ��Boom you have successfully ate a bit of something you wanted without inhaling the whole thing.

  • You are such a lovely person, your whole manner and content is so refreshing and warming.

    Would love a Spiritual/meditation Video. Always been curious

    Hope you have a lovely holiday ☀️

  • I feel bad for YouTubers when they have so much potential, but they sabotage the success of their videos with shitty editing, and the inability to structure their content. The intro was total word vomit. “I’mdrinkingwater,butnotjustanywater-LEMON.WATER.ittastessolemonletmeshowyouLIKESOyomgimgoingtotellyoueverythingimdoingbeforeidoitandthendoitwhilenevershittingthefuckupilovealmondmilk.”

  • Personally, I’m in a very healthy state of mind with a healthy relationship with food, however, commenting to let you know that I love your content and one can tell you’ve been working very hard on youtube hence the slow (yet organic) growth. Can’t wait to see you take off and hope you continue putting out awesome content. Much love ��

  • I need this video so bad!!!! I literally always over eat. It is definitely a mental process with food. You inspire me. You are a amazing woman.

  • Y’all keep saying u need this I need food that’s what I need mean we was all eating and completely overate slot I you mean alot like really

  • My mom brought home mac and cheese penuts chocolot milk and baked chick peas i was angry cause I knew what would happen penuts always do this

  • Thank you for this video I really needed it. I have dropped 85lb so far and this past weekend I have been eating bad. I was so disappointed in myself for doing it but now after this I am ready to get back on track

  • I ate an extra 1500 calories did some shadow boxing before for about 30 min and drank tons of water ima check my weight after two days to see if I gained or not.

  • Im very upset as I may have cancer and I need to lose weight to give myself a good chance. I ate tones of unhealthy sweets but inside my macros. My appointment to asses if I had cancer was cancelled due to an outbreak at the hospital.I have born issue which means I have the ribcages and torso of a little girl therefore at high risk for obesity related conditions. I tend to under or overeat. The last 10 days have been torture. I ran 17-18km a day on a treadmill and stationary bike. Due to sugar and salty foods I ate though tracked to about 1800 calories I have still gained weight and am afraid that if I gain weight from fat not muscle I might increase my chances of cancer since the weight couldn’t be healthy. I don’t believe I need many calories. I have even fainted due to this problem. My bones are stunted and my ideal weight is 96 pounds. I cant go to hospital due to the covid 19 outbreak in the country and am living in fear and shame. How long does it take such bloat to go. Mum is terrified I will get covid 19 as I have such severe issues. The last 3 days I have drank half the water I am supposed to. A registered nurse mum feels I am seriously dehydrated. Im going to go away from the toxic environment and try and get better but its so hard. The posts on rations circulating put me off eating and drinking and then I over ate. My thoughts with anyone suffering now.

  • I know when I overeat, I just think the rest of my day and the next day is ruined. It’s really hard to get out of the black and white mentality and I tell myself, it’s okay that I overeat. You can start over anytime and your day doesn’t have to be ruined!

  • It’s Eid on Friday and that means LOTS of food for the next few days and then a holiday to Istanbul a few days later. Little bit anxious as I’m currently cutting and I know this is going to be on pause for a little while this video was needed! Thank you x

  • Parsley tea is fantastic to help the water weight gain. Women should do it to get thru their cycle. I sometimes put a half cup of parsley into my salads.

  • My family: Why would you buy that when you can but this, this is so much cheaper! You’re so demanding, what’s gonna happen in the future when you run out of money because you spend it all on expensive crap like this??
    Me: Better than dying from health related problems that could’ve been easily avoided ��

  • When I binge i usually binge on healthy food and overeat too much. This is frustrating:( I’m now after a binge, I’m completely bloated and feel horrible. I ate A LOT of white rice, a lot of veggies (like 5 plates) and a Lot of dark chocolate and salad and more…

  • Thank you for making this video. It’s actually really encouraging and perfect timing as I’m trying to get back on track as well. Also, have fun on your trip Olivia! ����

  • heres what i ate yesterday on my cheat day:
    -4 mozzarella sticks
    -cheese fries
    -2 bags of korean noodles
    -chips again
    i did that to treat myself after losing 4 more pounds this week:p
    (i started with tip 1 lemon/hot water thank you!)

  • This vid really hit me. Thank you. It’s true. I would do the same exact thing. Mess up then just go and binge on everything. I really like the analogy of the leaky faucet. I’m gona have to keep watching this vid to get myself out of this slump I’m in.

  • I just ate small portions of potatoes, green beans, corn, and 1/3 of a chicken breast after only eating 4 small dumplings for breakfast yet I feel like I’ve eaten way too much��

  • Just ate like 30 cookies and a bunch of fried fish and rice cakes and eggs and i want to explode. Worst thing is that it’s first day back to school tomorrow:(

  • Hi I‘m kinda late but I just messed up my diet and had 3 major binges in the last week. Feeling weak and mad at myself… but I‘m super ready to go back on track ���� thank you! This video hit the spot

  • Thank you❤️ I had a really bad binge today for the first time in a month and got really upset and this helped me rationalize that’s it’s not the end of the world ��

  • I think no matter where you are in your life or who you are everyone over eats here and there and its about waking up moving on and just going with the day how you feel cause within the next 36hours your back to normal <3 everything passes <3

  • This helped me so much. I literally have been eating so clean and restricting calories for the last 2 weeks and just binged on chips and a bagel and cookies and felt so bad

    Ive been looking everywhere for solid advice that’s easy to go by for me and my struggle with recovering from my eating disorder. This is going to help me a ton from making mistakes after my accidental binges!!! ��✨��

  • I binge and then dont eat and overexercize and then I binge again and repeat. And like I dont gain any weight but its really frustrating and even when I try ro eat after a binge I just feel too guilty to eat anything.

  • Man fuck my life i just ate a family pack size of doritos and then like 5 pieces of these nutella candy shits that are like 100 calories per peice and whyy docicdo this shit

  • It really sucks because I used to be bulimic and still kinda am so whenever I slip and binge i always feel like I have to either throw up or over exercise to make up for it. I almost did it today after my binge but I caught myself. It is so hard and the worst when you get bullied for your weight.

  • actually i wanted tl have a healthy breakfast but my weird jome made recipe was really caloric and 840 kcal for a breakfast is too much.. anyways i think it’s not a big deal i’m gonna drink water and exercise in an hour or two and not eat too much today

  • This may be the single most important piece of weight loss information anywhere. The enemy is NOT the “mess up”. It’s the BS we tell ourselves when we do. Game changer.

  • Thank you for this video! I know this is an older one but I NEEDED to hear this tonight. My husband is out of town and I ate like a HUGE ASSHOLE today. I was being so hard on myself and feeling so upset! I am still disappointed but you’ve made me change my mindset. ���� I appreciate you ❤️

  • I had 2,943 Total calories today from eating way to much I’ve been eating around 1200 calories to lose weight (I’m a 5’2 female that’s why it’s so low) I feel like I have to exercise intensely now:(

  • I don’t believe the pana brand sells there products in the area I live in, Mid-western area in America. Can you suggest any similar brands that are healthy?

  • Something that I always do after a binge is a heavy workout. I mean if you already ate all those calories, why not use them for a great workout?

  • I just came back from a birthday party and ate 2 chicken stripes, a couple friends, a slice of bread, 3 1/2 cupcakes and a hand full of airheads…..I feel terrible

  • I have Anorexia and I have a weigh in today. Last night I kind of binged because I was scared if I didn’t weigh more they were gonna make me eat more. I’m not used to bingeing and now idc what to do? Should I have fats, carbs, protein, should I restrict to balance it out?

  • U need over 7000 extra kalories for gaining 1 kg of fat. So u need to eat over 10000 kalories bc u burn a lot of kalories bc u eat so much

  • I was dieting really well for a few weeks and then I went off the rails and you don’t realise how much of an impact being healthy has on you I feel so sluggish now compared to how I was but looking to get back into it! Cheers for the video bud

  • I can’t tell you how much I needed this today after eating over my calories yesterday that’s really helped me I almost said oh well F it I’m just going to order a pizza today and some chicken wings but this video came up and really put me on track thank you so much

  • Yes completely agree. After a binge I always would try my best to act like it never happened and go on with healthier eating habits. Of course it didn’t always work but it certainly paid off after awhile.

  • It’s so nice to be reminded that even fitness influencers like you can fall off sometimes and that it is completely normal so thank you xx

  • I just ate:
    A deep pan Pizza
    12 Cookie
    2 P and J Sandwich
    1 Nutella with cream sandwich
    1 pack of noodles
    3 Chocloate bar
    1 cup of Sticky Rice and 50 gram of Meat
    4 pices of Bread
    10 Tablepons of nutella
    More Meat and the lets CHIPS!!! (And much more can’t rember Lol i ate alot)
    HELP ME I GAIN 1 kg after eating all of This ShiT!!

  • Is it just me?? I dunno but i’ve been bingeing for weeks straight. Every night i felt so motivated to get back on track but as soon as i woke up I’ll eat like a pig and felt guilty everyday. I felt so unhappy

  • Just bindged (alchohol)… this makes me feel so much better! I felt like I ruined everything. 2 months of clean eating and not drinking, down the toilet. After watching this, I feel like it’s a set back; Not an end. I am not a big drinker to begin with but there are soooo many empty calories in alchohol and it made me feel awful. Thank you for keeping me going ♡

  • Kind of has a binge weekend because we went to a snowy little town. After not having sugar this whole month, I had a ton of sweet coffee and hot cocoa, Oreos, brownies, a scone, huge burger and fries, and then a gigantic Sonic Oreo blast. Idk it was worth it. Getting back to healthy eating and working out today

  • Okay so at the morning I ate an oatmeal then for lunch I had a salad and a fried egg and then for snack I ate an apple and something happened and I ended up eating two squares of dark chocolate and some candies and then 4 almonds, a tea spoon of hummus and 20 grams of light bread I feel like shit I want to die and I am still hungry I ate already like 900 calories today or even more��

  • I need help. I’m recovering from a ED and eating 1000 calories I gained 2 pounds. I have tried going slowly. Starting at 500 calories and then going to 1000. I get mad at myself and then think of going back to 0-50 Calories a day.

  • I ate 2 full bowls of cereal, 150 gram cake, fast food meal, 2 tacos, protein shake, chicken breast with rice and beans, and a whataburger jr plain and dry, that equals out to around 3000 calories. Lol. I usually eat around 1700-1800