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How to Be Confident in Your First Yoga Class. 1. Line your mat up with a neighbor’s. If you literally have no idea where to place your yoga mat in the studio, you’re definitely not stupid 2. Avoid pre-class perfume. Even if you love it, skip your favorite scented spritz that day. “Since yoga.

Your self-confidence should walk the line between pride and bluster. You want to exude professional humility. Let your class know that you are there to serve. Asheville Yoga Center’s instructor training will help prepare you to teach your first class, but you must walk into the classroom by yourself. Although yoga is meant to be a non-judgemental practice (toward ourselves or others), going to that very first yoga class can still feel intimidating.

It’s normal to judge ourselves and worry about how we’ll compare to other students. However, it’s totally unnecessary. To boost self-confidence and overcome fear of newness, we answer the most common new student questions, so that you feel.

You’ll have a great deal on your mind as your first yoga class date approaches, but don’t overlook essential details. Make sure that the venue is booked and you have insurance. Leave plenty of space clear before teaching so that you can get to class in good time.

Expect setbacks such as traffic jams and just be delighted if they don’t occur. Add your own zen. Find something to add to your class that is all your own. Add a quote, essential oil, or mantra —something that is personal to you and allows you to stand apart from other instructors.

I personally use a mint essential oil that I rub on my students temples and back of the neck at the beginning of Savasana. Let your sacrum relax toward your heels, and stretch your arms forward with your palms facing up. After a few breaths, interlace your fingers and wrap your triceps under and down to create space in your shoulders and neck. With your elbows rooted to the mat, reach your knuckles back toward the nape of your neck.

Stay here for 1–2 minutes. Yoga etiquette Get there early: Arrive at least ten minutes before your first yoga class to get a spot where you feel most comfortable. If you are going to a class that is popular (because of the teacher or the time of day), try to get there 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time.

Just lay your mat down facing the same direction as everybody else. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the instructor and let him or her know this is your first class. You can also ask if you might need any additional props.

Sit on your mat and either take a few stretches or just come to stillness. Try to turn off your mind and just lis­ten. Lis­ten to the teacher and try to fol­low their cues and tips. Don’t think, just try. One Step at a Time.

Many pos­es offer mul­ti­ple vari­a­tions but don’t feel like you need to do the max­i­mum your first time. Yoga is about doing pos­es prop­er­ly to ben­e­fit your body. Another important thing to address about your first yoga class is feeling self-conscious.

Yoga can be an odd practice to get into at first because you are in a room with strangers moving your body into positions you might not be comfortable with. Many people hold back during their classes out of fear of failing or “looking silly.”.

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Consequently, the only person paying attention to you is the instructor, so you don’t need to feel self-conscious as you learn to master the poses.

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Beginning yoga students often push themselves to match the postures of the instructor or fellow classmates.

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Yoga is not about judgment or competition and should never make you feel uncomfortable.

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If you are new to yoga, I highly recommend taking a few classes with an experienced teacher to ensure that you have the proper alignment.

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Everyone’s first yoga experience is a personal one, and the feelings and effects vary as one’s practice unfolds.

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  • I feel way better now! I was super nervous about my frist class thats it’s almost impossible for me to do it again. Now that i see it as an offering I feel like there was more help than anything.

  • Wow this is so relevant to life, aspirations, goals etc in general. I love practicing yoga with you but I’m not wanting to teach. The idea of networking and offering your knowledge for a bit of experience, showing your face, having fluidity when you’re thrown curve balls, ‘selling’ YOURSELF.
    Thank you

  • This is a really great beginner class thanks Michelle. I shared this with my friend who has never done yoga before she said she’ll check it out.

  • started teaching Yoga for the FIRST TIME of the start of my journey of becoming a certified Yoga Instructor! And once I putted on my Yoga music & started teaching… That’s when my body & mind felt relaxed!
    And I was able to teach my yoga without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out!��
    But doing yoga today did get rid of my bad habits as well!��❤️��‍♀️

    My Swimming Coach who I had in High School, plans on helping me & train me in becoming a certified Yoga Instructor!
    I am so excited & after doing it today with the yoga music… I cannot want to teach another yoga class session again!��❤️

    Any tips you have for me, feel free to comment me back!☺��

  • Your so inspiring
    I would love to know more about when you started if you were flexible and if over your journey you learnt this. Or if its possible to achieve this.
    Also what other things do you do to keep fit?? Your a goddess!!

  • You are a very pretty woman, your body is beautiful, you are sublime as in this video youtube below June 2, 2016 or the leggings is a nice highlight of your most sensual and adorable forms, it is pure happiness. Thank you:

  • I am thinking about the training, and honestly, I am a little worried about whether there is “room” for a male teacher? I know there are not many, but wondering whether there is a reason for this.? Anyone know?

  • amazing video and info, this gave me the confidence i needed, ill be co hosting/ teaching a class in a few weeks, i deeply resonate at the part where you said as long as your teaching from the heart and goodness and passion you will get the right people.