How you can Harness the strength of Habit


The Power of Habit: 5 Steps to Start Any Sales Habit

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The Power of Habit

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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

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The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg at TEDxTeachersCollege

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5 Lessons from “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

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How to break habits (from The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg)

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“He had these two simple rules: make a product into a daily habit — find some simple cue, something that’s going to trigger the consumer — and second of all, you have to give them the reward. Floss one tooth. Eat a single carrot stick.

Take one deep inhale and exhale before your next meeting. These might seem like ridiculously minor actions that won’t make much of a difference in setting habits, but the point is to take that very first step, which is often the hardest one when it comes to behavior change. “For a habit to stay changed, people must believe change is possible.

And most often, that belief only emerges with the help of the group.” 4. The Power of Belief. Belief is critical. How to Harness the Power of Habit to be More Successful By Steve Slaunwhite.

If you’ve ever had a habit — good or bad — you know how powerful they can be. That’s good news, because when we tap into the power of habit, we can have more consistent success as a B2B writer or copywriter. The power in habit is the ability to automate and harness willpower, making the difficult seem effortless. Put habits to use in your life and I can guarantee you, in the long run, the results will be monumental.

A cue triggers the automatic behavior or routine. Cues can be literally anything: time, location, emotions, physical sensations. First, there is a cue, a trigger that tells your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use. Then there is the routine, which can be physical or mental or emotional. Remind yourself of the “why” of your change—your bright idea.

People need a sense of purpose to persist in a habit change. Studies by psychologist Mark Muraven illustrate the power of “why.”. In other words, make it a habit!

Discover the missing link and how you can employ cutting edge neuroscience research to harness the power of habit to quickly boost the stick factor of your current safety initiatives. YOU WILL: The Limitations of Willpower: Identify. In other words, make it a habit!

Discover the missing link and how you can employ cutting edge neuroscience research to harness the power of habit to quickly boost the stick factor of your current safety initiatives. YOU WILL: The Limitations of Willpower: Identify. How to Harness the Power of Visual Habit Tracking.

A foolproof system for tracking habits and finding success. Jack Heimbigner. Follow.

When a habit is useless, not important, or not relevant.

List of related literature:

In autosuggestion you simply keep on repeating to the Passive mind the statement that the new habits exists (ignoring the old on), and the Passive mind, although inclined to be a little rebellious at first, will eventually accept what you say as thought.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
from The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more
by William Walker Atkinson
Musaicum Books, 2017

One of my favorite books on self-change, Self-Directed Behavior: SelfModification for Personal Adjustment by David Watson and Roland Tharp, talks about how we commonly think of willpower as almost a separate person: “Oh, you know, Will Power made me do it/not do it.”

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
from The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever
by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
Atria Books, 2010

I answer that, As stated above (Q. 49, A. 4), habits are dispositions of a thing that is in potentiality to something, either to nature, or to operation, which is the end of nature.

“Summa Theologica” by Thomas Aquinas
from Summa Theologica
by Thomas Aquinas
Xist Publishing, 2015

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business suggests that to create a habit, you need a cue (to trigger the brain), routine (to make it automatic), and reward (to establish those routines).

“Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents” by Joseph M. Reagle Jr.
from Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents
by Joseph M. Reagle Jr.
MIT Press, 2019

First, in what ways might the new habit disrupt or facilitate other important goal-directed pursuits, outcomes, or routines that one pursues individually, or that one shares with important others?

“Emerging Theories in Health Promotion Practice and Research” by Ralph J. DiClemente, Richard A. Crosby, Michelle C. Kegler
from Emerging Theories in Health Promotion Practice and Research
by Ralph J. DiClemente, Richard A. Crosby, Michelle C. Kegler
Wiley, 2009

The trick is to recognize the habit you want to change, identify the actions of that habit, and make the changes necessary to create a new habit.

“Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything” by Alden Mills
from Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything
by Alden Mills
Tilbury House Publishers, 2017

By putting together a cue, a routine, and a reward, and then cultivating a craving that drives the loop, a new habit is created.

“From Discord to Harmony: Making Your Workplace Hum” by LaVena Wilkin, Tony Belak
from From Discord to Harmony: Making Your Workplace Hum
by LaVena Wilkin, Tony Belak
Information Age Publishing, Incorporated, 2020

You can use The Power of Consistency to consciously program your sales and business goals—and the activities necessary to reach those goals—into your mind, and then allow your subconscious to take over.

“The Power of Consistency: Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals” by Weldon Long
from The Power of Consistency: Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals
by Weldon Long
Wiley, 2013

The first step is recognizing how habits develop in the first place.

“Principles” by Ray Dalio
from Principles
by Ray Dalio
Simon & Schuster, 2018

We can train our willpower (or self-control) by means of a simple exercise: every time you feel the urge to do something in a specific way, do the opposite.

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice” by Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Marjon Nadort
from The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice
by Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen, Marjon Nadort
Wiley, 2015

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  • Much research has been done in recent years on how our habits shape us, and this work is beautifully described in the new book The Power of Habit.

    The Power of Habit Book By Charles Duhigg (PDF-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download):

  • As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I guess my reward for smoking marijuana/drinking alcohol is ‘skewing’ my own reality, a rest bite from my mentally depressive head ��

  • The problem is… a piece of chocolat won’t do.It’s too easy. And not satisfying enough. Even a whole cake would not get me to run 20 minutes. Usually the reward we want is the result we are looking for when we try to create a new habit.

    Ex: I go to run every morning so I can be fit. Expected reward: Be fit.

    But you run and run and run for a month or more and you will probably still not get fit enough to consider this the result of a good reward. So… you give up after some time.

    This happens to me everytime I try to set a workout regime. I go for a month. Maybe 2 or 3 months if I have company. Then… When I see the results are not that great… I just start to slack off. Not enough reward.

    So… The best is to kind forget the reward and just try to get into the habit of sucking it up and just fuc*** do it! Seriously! Just focus on the habit itself and use your willpower to do it, even when you don’t feel like it. Setting small goals might help too. But better than that… Don’t think! Just do!

    JUST FUCKING DO IT! FORGET THE REWARD! No one owes you s*** and no one cares if you don’t do it. DO IT!

  • Actually, it’s not at all true that a cue is needed to trigger a habit. It is only neede to establish one.
    If you’re a drug addict, then given the absense of any drugs available, you’re still going to go out, and seek said drugs. You could say that drugs are the reward, and not the cue, however I consider the effect drugs have to be the reward. But fine, even so, maybe money is the cue? However, if you are already addicted but broke, but can get free drugs by climbing a literal, gaint hill, you’re probably going to. Even though the cue would have changed, the habit would of sustained.

  • This book will take readers to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed. If you’re interested in this subject, you’ll never be disappointed. You need to understand habit because as William James, philosopher and psychologist, once said, “99% of human activity is done out of mere habit.”

    To read my review of Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (2012), CLICK HERE:

  • Even as you were describing it, I was like “nope, this ain’t just about the cookie!”, as there’s a lot more going on here than just eating a cookie. For example, you’ve been sitting for a long time and your body wants you to get up and move around, and as a human you also need exercise, and there’s the socializing factor which is obviously very important for humans to experience (because connection to other things with a conscience is one of the most basic parts of being human).

  • Changing habits to benefit yourself is great. However, anyone who works in an office knows the pain of people who interrupt your flow to gossip. So Charles went from eating cookies to habitually pestering colleagues. Next book… The Power of Changing Other People’s Habits.

  • Intellectual stuff. Thoughts lead to action to habit to character. So after a while those thoughts need not be thought about. They start happening automatically.

  • A few times in the video you accidentally spelled “cue” incorrectly, using its homonym “queue” (which means a line of people waiting for something) instead.

  • This is a basic ABC model. Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence. What essentially has happened, is this guy did a functional assessment on himself and implemented his own behavior intervention. Pretty cool.

  • Its a good book but the guy put his liberal brainwash sides into it so I recommend it but definitely prepare for the authors inability to control himself not to put liberal propaganda in the book. He starts to add it midbook. The biased media is sad. This guy is no scientist to be sure but he did compile a nice book I think.

  • but what if the reward isn’t the socializing but the actual thing of eating it. like what if you figured out the switching to the chocolate was just as good and the food was the actual rewrd? That wouldnt really help the change of habbit then

  • Random House killing it with awesome content I love reinforcing what I have read with these types of videos thank you for sharing!

  • I find myself in a loop of horrible habits which i find very difficult to stop. Im going to buy the book and i hope im able to learn how to break my bad habits and create new good habits.

    Also im using your affiliate link cuz why not

  • Its a beautiful book and sure helps in creating new habits although replacing your old habits could be a challenge. Would appreciate if you could help with that. Reading about it in the book was sure interesting but putting it to action seems a lot more difficult. And yes, Great video❤

  • If you are in snoozing business, I can tell you that getting rid of snoozing can be a single most important thing you can ever do. Snoozing was a real corner stone habit for me, in a bad way. I got rid of it by using Duhigg’s habit loop.

  • I bought the same book. The old edition white one. It has no afterword which is important. Can you pleaseemailme the afterword please.

  • i think that since we are homeschool now, we get bored of doing work. so every 1 or 2 hours, (depending on how long school is for you) we get a ten min break to do whatever you want. and then once the ten minutes are done, we get back to class.

  • How do I stop watching so much youtube that doesn’t have a point? Like I love watching videos like this one, motivational or giving me ideas on how to change certain things, but I find myself watching videos I don’t even find interesting yesterday I was watching a documentary about some medical thing gone wrong i’m not even interested in medicine!
    Anyway, this happens at many times, at different locations. Usually in my house, or in the library at school when I’m meant to be doing homework. Some days I feel bored, others I’m not motivated to do what I’m meant to be doing, sometimes I don’t even know why I’m watching it, I just subconsciously click the youtube page and watch whatevers on the trending page.
    I think I’ve figured out that the reward is that I am doing something I’m a really restless person tho and I hate being bored
    The routine is that I open my laptop, click the youtube bookmark or type yo into the search bar thing, click on a video and then watch it, and then get clickbated into watching other videos.
    My problem is that I can’t find the cue…
    I mean I can try and find other things to do like go for a run or text some friends or anything really, but I tried that and it only works like 30% of the time?

  • Thank you…Sounds like your reading a script…I will listen to a Fat Person about dieting…You could learn? what not to do…Your advise has many good tips but its not written in stone…You can learn a lot from a Dummy.

  • For the first time see the famous writer Charles Duhig, after a long time his book become reference of many people in youtube of motivation channel:D

  • In my opinion listening to these People that “failed” to change their habits might be even more intreging. Just like Tomas Edisons famous quote “i didnt fail, i just found 2000 ways not to make a lightbulb”.
    I agree that that you should probably not follow their advice but these failed attempts are full of useful information. I have learned a lot more of people failing to go to the gym every day than from those who do

  • hey man
    i ve watch your video a while ago i mean all your videos
    i wanna say congr bro you are real hard worker
    hope you be the best

  • There is a saying…. Horses for courses.

    This video was excellent UNTIL the Nasal voice over at the end became “ANTI Chocolate”

    I am sure she is a brilliant mind and a WONDER FULL lady….. But her voice over was grating thus destroying the message….

    Just a suggestion…. Stick to what you are good at instead of seeking anonymous MINI fame at the tail end of helpful videos.

    Tough LOVE

  • I subscribed but then in subscribed because a lot of these videos are incomplete. The information about the study was very interesting but your smoking example and conclusions is terrible and far reaching with the substitution of gum… because a huge reason for smoking habits is the addictive properties of nicotine and it’s effect on the brain.

  • I started watching this video and found myself just staring. My mind went to other things while trying to listen to this guy and his 5 lessons: I could not recount one when it was over. Maybe people should take on new habits such as, putting their efforts into improving themselves before pushing their boring personalities on the rest of us.


  • In the beginning I thought the case studies were very far fetched. But at the end I enjoyed the side stories. Still, thanks for covering the essence.

  • Hey im going to amazon right away, i want to wake up early every day. It´s just breaking my life apart or to save money o to buy assets, etc…

  • Good shit, yeah anytime I displayed an obsession with something positive or creative my family would always judge me. I don’t think this is a topic in the book, it should be.

  • I’m not sure if you read this comment but if u do, could you please consider doing a video about critical thinking and how to archive this skill? I will appreciate that so very much.

  • If your habit is in excess (by the contemporary standards of society) then it is a problem ‘for’ the society. If you think about it, then it is a problem ‘of’ the society itself.
    I am using the term society in an attempt to cast out the difference of opinion that can arise because of the living style of an individual as compared to a family.
    Don’t trust the Creator unless & until she brings down Jesus as promised. �� we would all love to see the ‘partner-in-crime’.
    Imagine history as pouring water from one glass to another. The usual practice of the divines is to keep one of the glasses empty. My suggestion is to keep em both half filled.
    Evil should not be allowed to flow from one society (one episode of history) to another.

  • That really bugs me what your old boss said. Clearly because she doesn’t have anywhere near the motivation that you did, she tries to pull you down. I personally love exercise and think it’s vital to a healthy existence. Regardless of what good habit she was criticising you’ll continue to progress and develop and she’ll regress and degenerate.

    What you say is so true: we need to think for ourselves and strive for productive change.

    Great channel:D

  • isn’t about “Habits”, it’s about What do you want to do with your life? Quit smoking, quit drinking, stop watching a game, stop eating meat… -it’s so Simple, STOP what do you think is bad for you unless you don’t have a gut to do it and have someone else tell you what to do -then go ahead buy that book

  • I must’ve been the kid who ate the bag of marshmallows then. I have self discipline and “willpower” now but didn’t have friends and good grades in high school



    Are you human beings or are you actually just a variant breed of the rats you made reference to?

  • This is how u end up onlineshopping so much,

    u brows the internet, find something nice, stops
    then think about all the situations or moments ur going to benefit having this item,
    when you’ve justified enough things for the item for you to own it, u buy it

    Then u wiat for it to arrive, until u get the reward in the post,

    and most likely don’t use the item as often as you thought u would. Becaus ethe reward of the shopping was reciving and opening the package, not the item itself

    Then u go back to the internet, and look for a new instant reward you can give yourself in the mail

  • Brilliant advice. In the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki also said that he didn’t listen to the advice of the Chicken Little about investment. While they make very little of their “safe” investments, Robert makes more with his “risky” investments. Can’t await for part 2.

  • This was great! I read this book a few years ago but needed a refresher on the main points. This was just what I needed and in an interesting format. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

  • My mornings start with videos of people like you who are so generously sharing the knowledge they have acquired over time to make the world a better place ‘in true sense’! Thank you ��

  • I love this book! I actually started reading it as a way to start my first habit of reading when I wake up lol. I potentially have ADHD, and I’ve always used that as an excuse to not accomplish tasks, like homework or my business, but this book has saved me from those excuses and helped me figure out plans to reestablish my reward, thing about my cues/triggers, and restart that belief that I can actually do the things I need and want to do! <3

  • I am not really good at processing anything that i have read. How do you make effective notes on books so i can remember and take lessons on what i have read.

  • Setting aside a small monetary award, like a $, may be a good reward for me. This might feel like “special money” to buy something extra for a grandchild or adult child. I’m not sure if it will work, but it’s worth a try.

  • Our generation, we’re so lucky to have things like the internet, google, youtube and everything that comes with it to guide and inform us. this technique really helped me at a dark time of my life.  i got out of addiction and things are looking up again.

  • Some habits have the power to start a chain reaction and change other habits. In other words, some matter more than others in remaking businesses and lives. These are keystone habits, and they can influence how people work, eat, play, live, spend, and communicate. Keystone habits start a process that transforms EVERYTHING.

    For example, my keystone habit was waking up early every morning. This caused me to be more productive, allowing me to create a morning routine full of other good habits.

    For more on this, I summarized the book into 7 key lessons.

  • I have his book and I assumed he would be an old grey haired guy, but he’s a cutie!
    And the book is really good. You should all buy it.


    Changing Habits starts with improving Will Power.
    Pre-empt the temptation by deciding what you will do

    HABIT TO DISCOURAGE BEHAVIOUR: Decide on the cue and the reward to help you avoid a temptation X.
    HABIT TO ENCOURAGE BEHAVIOUR:  Decide on the cue and the reward to help you complete a new task Y.

    I’ve also read EIGHT HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen Covey.

    He asserts

    PRINCIPLES & VALUES  ->Create CHARACTER ->character builds HABITS ->highly effective habits build SUCCESS (GREATNESS)

    I’m thinking the cross over is substitute WILLPOWER with CHARACTER or keep BOTH


  • So the woman is a b*tch according to him because she reacted like this? Would the employee choose randomly someone to do that? His anger makes he do something that he used to think about a particular type of customer.I see through you.

  • Hey, I really wanted to know if the chocolate thing works ‘cuz I’m worried it will increase my temptation for it and I’ll end up eating more and more of it.

  • Gossip is a karmically worse habit than eating a cookie. When you feed your ego at someone else’s cost you become karmically entangled with them.

  • all these people aren’t doing anything with their lives but they’re always talking down

    in the end i’m gonna be in my nice car while they stil walk around

  • Thank you for this amazing video! I personally like that you provided examples as if they are from your life (whether true or not, they are very helpful).

    I need to replace my bad habits (watching movies quite a lot) with new habits like working more, learning new skills, doing more exercise, reading a book or reflecting on my day and life.

    Have a great life!:)

  • Great stuff Thomas would love to have you as a guest on the anxiety guy podcast to share some of your wisdom with the listeners. Keep up the great work.

  • This is not in any way a description of “The power of Habit.” This is a guy who works out a lot and loooves himself for that while calling obese people “whales”.

  • i dunno why iv been on youtube for over ten years but recently youtube recommendations have been becoming worse and worse full of meaningless recommendations……maybe i need to start watching ted talks to increase brain activity.

  • This video does not summarize the book one bit. It’s a rant from the narrator about their personal life. It’s nice for what it is, but don’t watch this as a replacement for reading Charles’ excellent book!

  • somedays i go for miles run with my sister, and we found little stall sell some ice and sweet soymilk… after that we always have to drink some from that stall after we run miles!!! it is helping me and my sister to get up early, put our shoes on, and start to exercise….. yeaaay

  • Reading this book atm.
    The first 1/4 section focuses a fair bit on the cue/routine/reward cycle that the author has identified. There are a number of case studies mentioned here.
    Personally speaking, I’ve done a fair bit of journalling in spreadsheets. Plus psychotherapy. Plus other things. So, even though this book has been sitting in my bookshelf for 5 or so years, it’s only now that I am going through it.

    I guess reading this book 4 years ago may have been more useful. As, I could have been aware of the loop and would have then been in a position to devise interventions on my own and as it relates to changing certain habits.

    Overall, this book appears to be really well-researched. You will definitely learn a ton of things. Again, I am 1/4 into the book and I have already learned so much.

  • The problem with being an adult is that you can reward yourself whenever you want. You can have that chocolate anyways. I’d say that giving all the “chocolate” to a loved one, so that you can’t reward yourself unless you finish your work, would be one answer.

  • my reply to the starbucks part of this video:
    Sometimes you get bad customer service, because you are a bad customer.
    we teach our children to not bully others, yet we bully others in customer service positions when we dont get our way from the “false sense of entitlement” best summed up as The Customer is Always Right.

  • Bro I love your videos. I have a question. Is it possible that brand deals pay me a $100,000 on a video which gets 1 million views on YouTube

  • Thank you so much Thomas, you made my day, as I am unable to buy books in English where I live. You explain it so easily that I am speechless. By the way I could not find the 5 chapters. Thank you again for sharing!

  • I was making lifestyle changes and continued to hang out with my friends even though they weren’t. They would say you’re “looking buff” and they knew what I was doing. I just said “I feel really good” but didn’t tell them to change. At least one friend followed my example and started making changes too. Be the example, that’s true strength.

  • Summary: You can develop will power and break bad habits by choosing a reaction ahead of time. And by premeditating Ques and Rewards.

  • Charles Duhigg is right! I think we should all try some of his tips in order to improve our productivity, I just listened to an AoC Podcast with Charles Duhigg and it’s amazing.

  • 5:15 I hope you don’t do that xD

    jk aside, I understand If you have to do it, unfortunately what youtube “is” is different than what it “should be”. I’d rather see this channel clickbaiting people to knowledge than to see it fade with time.

    Good luck and keep it up!

  • For me, I find people who think the steps you take in kicking an unhealthy addiction as inconvenient silly. I get change is difficult sometimes when it is uncomfortable, but to put comfort above the ability to enjoy life.

  • incentive I used to exercise in the morning a nice quiet shower after the workout Very motivating when you have little children!

  • Love your video & personal testimony!
    Loved the book, that and his 2nd book Smarter, Faster, Better! Hoping to improve myself, by God’s grace and the awesomeness brought together in these books myself!

  • Totally aware of the power of habit, but watching this just to reinforce all of it in my head so, it becomes a habit. You know, rewarding myself with a TEDxTalk. It’s not willpower. It’s calculated delayed gratification. You just program your mind’s attentiveness upon whatever it is you need to do that directs towards short and long term goals.

    How about encouraging positive habits among a community? Yeah? Social engineering is what I’m thinking here. A lot of bad habits are encouraged among the population. Human habits are manipulated and trained all the time. It’s all very interesting. If you’re aware of this, you can be more autonomous with your decision making.

  • Great info, thanks for making this! However the tempo of speech feels frantic. I realize ralid delivery is important when you want to offer a quick info-download. But also it would groove more if you brought it down 10 or 15 bpm.

  • You mentioned about waking up early so you can get a morning routine. And that waking up was your reward and dopamine rush. What about the opposite, needing to wake up early? How does one get the question and reward feeling when struggling to wake up early and get out of bed?

  • Loved that last part. People don’t realise that they’re helping create more porn when they watch porn, encourage stupid and senseless videos by Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian when they click on them. I often ask myself if humanity is steered to disaster by the trends I see these days.

  • Thank you for the vid, but there is a problem with it, the animation distracts me from the speech, try to make your vds more coherent between the sound and the image:)

  • I loved this book and generally anything on how to improve and learn more about our minds. I wondered if any of you know of any online communities that focus on development? The book talked about the importance of social bonds to help one succeed with habit changes, and now I am looking for people to exchange experiences with:)

  • Sad but true,we are creatures of habits and most of them ar stored in our subconcious mind and difficult to replace them but indeed creating or replacing them with new ones creates new behaviours, new experiences, and eventually change.

  • Thanks for sharing the video! Your review video lesson is way better than the book.

    I personally don’t recommend this book because the author’s style of writing is rather messy. I understand that he was trying to connect the stories by interleaving them, but it’s often confusing and just simply annoying. Some of the examples provided in the book are just too forced to be explained with the cue-routine-reward model. I would recommend Tony Robbin’s “Awaken the Giant Within” to really boost the area of self-development instead of this one.

  • Hey everybody, what a week!

    Continuing on the subject of habits, which is essential since it defines how we do what we do on a regular basis, which leads us to either excellence or greatness.

    One of the best habits to establish for oneself is without a doubt reading. Reading is so much more than just learning, it’s meditative, it’s calming. We’re not always in the mood for a technical book, I feel the same way. As long as you’re reading quality it doesn’t really matter, if it’s fiction or categorized as self-improvement. Forget about what page you’re on or how many minutes on the dot you’ve read today. Just read, how much, where, when? It’s up to you.

    Either way I want you to consider that there can lie a lot of time between a) now b) buying a book c) reading it & d) applying what makes sense to you. In all that time you could’ve already been using the insights, say, making a life-changing decision or taking that opportunity based on the knowledge you’ve gained from reading the very books you’re procrastinating to read.

    Of course don’t beat yourself up over it. Life gets in the way, I realize that, but it’s just something to consider, because when I look back at my life I see a lot of things that went wrong, where I sure as hell would’ve acted differently had I only known what I know now. Sure, a part of it is experience, but the kind of books I read, the books we discuss on this channel (e.g. Greene) are worth their weight in gold tenfold.

    In Part II we’ll cover exactly how a habit plays out & how to change it in our favor. We don’t want to end up on a downward spiral and multiply our bad behaviour. Just like the first dominoe we want to start with changing one aspect of our life for the better, make sure it stays with us and then keep improving with each consecutive dominoe.

    Let’s attack our weaknesses together & all have a killer day,
    Nenad (illacertus)

  • Much research has been done in recent years on how our habits shape us, and this work is beautifully described in the new book The Power of Habit.
    The Power of Habit Book By Charles Duhigg (PDF-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download):

  • 1. Habit Loop: Cues, Routine, Rewards. (Rat+Chocolate Experiment)
    2. Improve Will power: Choosing a reaction ahead of time. Be aware of my Hot-Blooded and Cold-Blooded emotional states. (Marshmallow Test).

  • I was up until 3 am watching your videos last night just floored by the revelation presented on your channel.

    Please keep it up.

    If anything, what can I do to get you more likes??

  • Hi, thank you, this is one of the best video clip about habit, i translated it to persain, can i share it on my own page? And by the way about reward, i study about habits and i think reward has to be with routine not separable from it, i mean that if you eat chokolate after working out, our brain will find another way to reach chokolate without working out, so the reward and routine should be inseparable.

  • The problem as alot of people has mentioned why this does not work is because the reward you give yourself is not associated with the habbit.
    You can reward yourself with candy anytime a day, however what is associated with running for example is something called runners high, that would work, or just the idea of reward as you will become more fit.
    I mean, if i gave myself heroin everytime i did something, you think that’d work?
    Creating good habbits is not easy, but honestly, stop looking for shortcuts all the time. All you need is selfdiscipline, and if you dont have it, understand what it is and begin practice it.

  • I had just planned this for myself. if I go to work with a positive attitude I can buy myself chocolate with the money I earned. then I thought hmm is this another bad habit.. should I buy fruit? no because then I’d have to work on two bad habits at once-_-

  • Great Review Bro! This book was very powerful to me. It helped me in so many great ways! Especially in forming healthier habits and helped me better understand why other as humans we easily form the habits we do. It’s such a helpful book as well for parents!

  • All of these videos are genuinely ‘awesome’. I am an educated person, and perhaps, even an intellectual (?!).. and most of these videos are ‘old news’ for me.. BUT I keep watching them over and over again! Can you please please consolidate a ‘recommended reading list’? Please? 

  • Read his book. It totally changed my perspective about the world around me. But the greatest thing about the book was it allowed me to have awareness and control of my behaviors, it basically stopped me from going to autopilot mode ALL the time.

    Buy his book and be changed.

  • Wow, I am shocked that this speaker/author would say that maybe Starbucks employee Eduardo was right in writing the B word on a woman’s Starbucks cup.

  • I think it’s ironical that you’ve talked about clickbait because this video was kind of clickbait most of the time you were telling your story about your boss rather than summarizing the book and giving the tips.

  • * Every habit has three components: CUE, ROUTINE, and REWARD
    * CUE *
    Cue is a trigger that makes the behavior (habit) unfold automatically.
    Cue can be anything like a location, time of day, certain emotional state, other people or pattern of behaviors.
    To pin point the Cue, we must track the habit a while to see what exactly acts as its trigger. In Charles Duhigg’s case, it was a certain time of day, between 3:00 to 3:30 PM.

    * Routine *
    for Duhigg, it was getting out of his chair, going to the elevator, going to the 14th floor, buy the cookie and eat it while talking to his colleagues.
    After finding the cue, it would not be that difficult to figure out what the routine is. All you have to do is to track what happens between cue and reward.

    * Reward *
    It is the most important part, because that is why the habits exist.
    To pin point this one, you should do some trial and error. In Duhigg’s case, he isolated different situations (possible rewards) to see which one he was actually his reward. He tested these things after his cue happened at around 3:
    going for a simple walk for a few minutes.
    going to the 14th floor and buying a candy instead of a cookie.
    going to the 14th floor and buying nothing and just chatting with his colleagues.
    What he figured out was that his habit had nothing to do with the cookie but it was all about socializing.
    So now, what he does is getting out of his chair at 3:30 PM, finding a friend and chatting with them for about 10 minutes. No more cookie cravings!
    Once you figure out what these three parts of your habit are, you can start substituting it with a desirable habit.

  • I feel so alone with my bad habits, I pray for strength…. Im stuck focusing on health now instead of living which sucks. But then again making a living for me is really surviving, I also have no support because all my friends and family are in the poverty trap. Not that they focus on it, but I do… life just feels like survival… and now my health is shit I feel really really alone. Yessss life is a rainbow of pain.

  • Hello. Sir How to block the signal we wish to. The signal which leads to action. Say I wish to use u tube but I wish to not go for erotic stuff which is a click away… why we go for erotic stuff. Advice remedy plz through ur good idea..

  • what,s wrong with rewarding our dumbass brains?…lets face it life is pretty tedious shit for most people so drink beer smoke your head off eat a giant steak and with any luck the life shortening effect will save you a long lingering dribbling and pissing the bed time in some damn old folks home.

  • I started reading his book (The Power of Habit) today. I’m excited to learn (or re-learn) something new… here’s to acquiring new valueadding habits ����������������

  • I love thid series Tom. Please carry on with ur wrk. I m following u since 3 yrs. Ur videos have a lot of positive impact in my life.

  • Hi Guys great vid, the reward for exercise is getting to the top of the hill and seeing the sun rise, every morning it is different so what will it be like today?? exciting. Living longer while felling better is pretty good motivator, choc still works though!

  • In your boss situation, you may also played for his fantasies and self-interest; making him feeling superior.
    Looking forward the second part 😉

  • why would you excersize to get the chocolate when you can just eat the chocolate without excersizing? as for breaking a habit, you can switch the routines but then why would you get the same reward? the gum isnt going to give you the same reward a cigarette would. Your just gona smoke anyway to get the desired reward. This seems impossible, but some people do break habits somehow, but how?

  • love this video really breaks down the ‘what’ we need to do to beat a habit. The ‘how’ is a little more tricky but the chocolate idea is genius as long it is in moderation!

  • great i was actually very interested in the topic. i think for every good thing you do to to try break a habit get some food put your feet up always take breaks and renew your energy resources.

  • What I do is write a message in the palm of my hand every time I get the cravings I look at the message in my hand!  “never eat that cake again!!” man those honey Bons were hard to say no to!! I reawarded it with almonds!!! may next is going to be not playing super street fighters 4 and possibly not plying video games ever!! I feel this is impossible cause my play station is no just for play is movie time neflix..a lot more….

  • Your videos are amazing, I’ve been lurking:P Just wanted to tell you, that I’m very grateful that you are taking the time to put these videos online and go through the process of producing them freely. Awesome habit ;).

  • Your channel is extremely valuable for anyone in the process of improving their productivity.

    The video on cultivating attention and now that one are full of scientific breakdown.

    I highly appreciate them and thank you for it.

    Happy new year too,


  • Feel intrigued to read this book yourself?
    Buy “The Power of Habit” in the USA
    Buy “The Power of Habit” in CA
    Buy “The Power of Habit” in the UK

  • Thank you for your hard work, I totally appreciate it.
    you are a great person stepping forward for people in the way of learning.
    just that I had this on my mind as a person that read the book, didn’t find enough relation between the book and your summery.
    not that it’s bad, just that it won’t make a person curious about learning this book and apply it.

  • Wish I had something for you. Maybe this will help:

    I had a book when I was finishing up my smoking habit. Allen Carr’s book on “How to stop smoking.”  I read it everyday when I was out on the deck smoking. It took me more than a month to finish it. Then I went on a road trip thinking I would be finished with the book before leaving home. It was a trip from Portland Oregon to San Jose California… and I smoked on the way down as I hadn’t finished the book and those were the instructions. So I arrived at my friends and finished it while having my last cigarette ever, on her front porch. Getting away from my environment and finishing a book seemed to do the trick. Also I noticed whenever I had a “Pang” as Allen Carr calls it. The first time I had the “pang”… I thought to myself “that’s the feeling I had when I did that thing that I did.” You described that “pang” perfectly in your video. “:( ”