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How To Reach Your Fitness Goals||Motivation

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How to Stop MAKING EXCUSES And Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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You’ll reach your fitness goals. If you don’t stay disciplined and tend not to follow through, stay on the sofa, and watch Netflix. I don’t want to be an ass with this, but again, discipline is. Take things day by day, stick to your plan (as best you can), and just go with the flow, go with your life, and how things unfold.

Stick as best you can to your set goals, stay disciplined, be determined, and then you don’t have to rely much on expectations. Fitness goal: Tone your arms Getting shapely shoulders or tightening flabby skin under your arms comes down to regularly lifting weights. Aim for two to four arm workouts a week on nonconsecutive days to give your muscles a chance to rest.

The fastest and most guaranteed way to reach your health and fitness goals is by hiring a coach. If you’re setting out on a journey you’ve never been on before, we suggest working with a health coach or personal trainer to help you conquer any obstacles and guide you with a tried-and-tested course of action. Setting your sights on crushing some fitness goals? Let’s talk about 7 fitness tips for moms the help you reach those goals more easily.

I’ve been there. I’ve had goals that I surpassed and felt like a total badass for accomplishing. Then I’ve had ones that sank like the Titanic. Just call me Rose. “A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.”Try out these quick and easy Healthy Drink DIYs for your prolonged fitness goals.

1. Detox water The name says it all. We are well acquainted with the fact that. Reaching a goal can be made easier by enlisting the help of a professional whose job it is to see you reach your destination. Just like a financial planner can help you reach your financial goal.

Hi all, This video is about how to reach your fitness goals in 2020. I uncover some must know fitness tips to do right now to start your journey! Trust me, i. One way to build confidence is by keeping the promises you make to yourself. When you make a commitment to exercise 20 minutes a day, then don’t do it, you feel bad about yourself.

But, on the other hand, when you fulfill that commitment to yourself, you feel amazing and your confidence buids. How long it takes to start seeing progress depends on your specific goal. Exact rates of progress vary from person to person based on age, gender, weight, genetics and more, but here’s what fitness pros say to expect in terms of rates of progress for the most common fitness goals — based on research and their years of experience.

List of related literature:

Make sure that the goals you set are specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable, taking into account your overall health, your current level of fitness, your doctor’s advice, your age, the resources available to you, your time limitations, and your personal interests.

“The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay
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After completing the first step, make a list of your general fitness goals.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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For example, make the business goal your top priority, and postpone the marathon, amending that goal to building your fitness until you are able to run five miles three times a week.

“Be a Network Marketing Superstar: The One Book You Need to Make Money Than You Ever Thought Possible” by Mary Christensen, Wayne Christensen
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Review the goals you set for yourself in exercise 6.1 and then complete the following (you may choose to write your plan below, on a separate piece of paper, or on your computer or other device).

“Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men” by M S W Robert Weiss, MSW
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Once you have set your goals, you can identify the specific activities that will help you achieve them (like exercise and diet for the weight goal, or outbound calls for the sales goal).

“The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity” by Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill, Leena Rinne
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Use your daily and annual goals as starting points for your longer-term life goals, which will go into the future goals column.

“Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation” by Dan Schawbel
from Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation
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After a week, assess your baseline or starting point, and then set a specific goal.

“MGMT3” by Chuck Williams, Alan McWilliams, Rob Lawrence
from MGMT3
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Establish a goal for each of the fitness areas you wish to develop, as in these examples:

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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Based on your understanding of exercise physiology and sports nutrition, and using the SMART goal that you set above as your guide, draft an e-mail to your “future self” outlining a fitness goal you hope to accomplish in the next 3 months.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
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As you accomplish each shortterm goal, cross it out, and then go on to the next one.

“Success in Practical/Vocational Nursing E-Book: From Student to Leader” by Patricia Knecht
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  • Muje aise hi video ka intizar tha… Thank you ������ham house wife jinke pas bahut kam hota h karne ke liye o kaise apne kam ke pich me apna khayal kaise rake salf care ki video next pls pls…

  • Bro people that assume someone with a figure like you’re is on steroids straight up especially without knowing you is straight insecure

  • Thank you Stevie
    I really wanna put on some muscle, I lost a good amount of fat since 2018 and now I’m really slim and I’m striving for a slim muscular build.

  • No bullshit Stevie, I’ve been watching your shit since near the beginning and you juicing ain’t something that’s ever once occurred to me. You a real one, anybody who been watching you knows that off the top. You ain’t the type who’s gonna fuck with some cheap ass bullshit when hard work will do fine. I believe that all day, that’s why I even give a fuck what you got to say in the first place. And I know that’s gotta sum up damn near everybody subscribing

  • Fuck people that judge your physical don’t worry about bro they probably want to look like you wish they had arms your size that’s the truth hate and envy are closely related and why is next man looking at your body and judging it anyway.

  • I’m still on episode 100 or so of DBZ,I’m all set for motivation for a good while:’) Scott for the method,Son Goku for the madness!

  • Honestly who cares if my guy uses steroids, most people won’t look like that even with steroids but some can do it naturally, either way it takes hard work and consistency so major props to anyone who does that.

  • I agree for the most part, but Ryan Humiston is one of the best you tubers at isolating muscles. Doing the right exercises gives you more of an advantage

  • How to reach ur fitness goals
    1find something you enjoy doing
    2-stay consistent, it takes yearSSS
    3-every fitness ad you see is a scam theres no magic pill

  • Stevie big up from the UK..have you took sarms or pro hormones before? Nanadrol for one which is a UK only made pro hormone is beyond amazing. And a sarm called black venom…Google these 2 brands

  • I Agree Steve Hard work is The Antidote For the results for everything. People crack me up there is no Jeannie. Keep pumping that Iron it’s working, Steve.

  • Good stuff bruh nice u responded to that bull, all truth. I’m 5’9 204 and I am nowhere big as you especially arms lol, but everyone’s body is genetically different it’s different for each of us, good vid

  • I believe you Stevie, when we were teens my cousin was like you. He didn’t have to workout at all, six pack, arms, wide back and shoulders and it was all natural. I could kill myself in the gym and he could sit on the couch and play video games with a plate of bullshit food and still out pose have the niggas in the gym.��

  • I’ve been training for the past 4 years and the past week I started new goal. Long story short my intensity has shot up and Im slowly reaching my goal long story short I’ve been sleeping a lot more. Any opportunity I can I sleep even if its for an hour. Im thinking its my cns recovering, is this true.

  • I feel like steroids gotta be the biggest compliment even though they’re trying to put you down or devalue your gains. I’m like “Damn, I must look pretty good then!” but I understand what you mean.

  • Some of your reasons describe me exactly (#3 specifically but it’s not too bad) O.o

    I’ve cut back on eating junk food almost entirely, really cut down on chips and the like, and I abstain from soda almost 100% of the time. I want to improve my pre and post workout meals (5’8″ and 138 lbs and 17 yr old if that matters) to really feed myself properly. What do you suggest I eat and drink?

    (Sorry if you’ve already done a video on this lol)

  • 5:20 Just see it as a compliment when people accuse you of using steroids. Those people are essentially saying that your physique is so impressive that you have to use gear to attain it. So it’s actually one of the biggest compliments you can get as a natural.

  • I really appreciate this man, the last few months i been working out a lot. And watching all those fake videos, and to hear something real has done a lot more for me than the hours of those videos. Thanks

  • Talk about naturally gifted. Wish I was born with those arms!! Haha #justhatefromme #jk Hell yeah man fuck em. Get it. We’re all fucking different. Figure it out yourself.

  • Heyy hii iam your big fan,your voice is so sweet,you motivated me a lot, please tell me how can I contact you to gain some knowledge from you,and obviously I wanna ask you something privately about me please please please help me,iam from India,

  • you should focus on form and how your body is moving if you can’t get certain muscles to grow. for example stevies arms probably move most of the weight when he does shoulders instead of his delts so that’s why his arms are big and delts don’t grow. your body can move in many ways so if a muscle isn’t growing its cuz your body is relying more on other muscles to perform that movement. so you just have to re-train your body to move in a way the engages that lagging muscle. its largely about posture. again for stevie, if he had better scapular posture (bcuz traps r probably tight or serratus might be weak) then his delts would kick in more when he does shoulder exercises making them grow more. you gotta fix your posture and hold that new posture while doing any exercise and any lagging muscle should start to work.

  • I’ve promised myself that I’ll complete Duolingo’s German course by 29/4/17 (my 18th birthday). My biggest excuse was that I didn’t have enough time to do so because of all my responsibilities mainly school (since I’m currently doing my A-Levels: chemistry, physics, maths and economics) but also because I work every weekend for like 12 hours per day. Moreover my other excuse was that German is hard, it has 4 cases, verbs conjugation, 3 genders and more. but, one day I was thinking about it, and then realised that I’ve already learned a language (English) from scratch, why couldn’t I learn German?
    if you read this comment after 29/4/17 feel free to ask about my progress and I’ll update you! thanks for listening

  • I was making excuses not to train this morning and have put it off until now, going to get shoulders and back workout in before work. Just watching this vid and having my preworkout!
    Great vids as always Scott!

  • Never thought dickheads would go to a reaction channel and give the host shit for working out. Maybe the trolls should try listening to Stevie an learn something.

  • Thank you for giving us not so obvious pointers we rarely think of or follow at the GYM!!! Moving energy, Present with breathing and your overall dialogue!!!! I was feeling the heaviness of the gym and now something shifted in me, thank you very much!!!!

  • You hardly work out arms? Man be proud of those genetics that’s crazy. I got the opposite, my torso and back hulks out like crazy, but arms just lag behind, sucks cause when your torso is huge it makes your arms look even smaller, ah well lol. I think maybe it’s cause my arms are long as shit as well, so they have muscles but it’s stretched out longer right. I dunno, wanna trade? Lmao

  • Instead of being one of the new years resolution types, be a rest of your life resolution type, dont do it just as because it’s the “fun thing to do” for the new year, get dedicated, stay with it, work your ass off. I’m working on that myself, been at it for a few months now, slowly seeing gains, but not unlike a lot of people i’m sure, I love food and im not the most active guy outside of lifting/working out lol. Diet is my biggest obstacle, but that too I am trying to get under control. my numbers are weak right now (bench: 150, dead lift: 215, squat: 275), but I am working on it and I am dedicated, you could almost say it’s starting to become an obsession haha. Scott your videos definitely help and motivate me. Gotta be like Goku, love to train, live to train, go SSJ! Between you, Furious Pete, Matty Fusaro, and Maxx Chewning, I have plenty of motivational YouTube channels to watch and learn from. I have a long way to go, I am severely out of shape, and i’m completely new to weight lifting, but I already love how I feel, and once I learn how to control my eating and keep everything more consistent, I will better myself even further. Right now I prefer home gym, i’ve been working on building a small corner in my apartment, which I know isnt much, but it will allow me to work on at least the 3 mains, and some leg and shoulders in there too, it also helps that a local friend of mine has his own small garage gym set up, so he’s been helping me get stronger as well. I am in this for the long haul and will do this until the day I am physically no longer able to.

  • I’m glad you threw out a salary number. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ll have to make in the long run, and most seem to suggest $75,000 for general well being. I know you mentioned aiming for six figures yourself, but if $40,000 seems reasonable, I feel like I can reach/surpass that.

  • Hi..Trying Lott to reduce Belly fat but Abhi utna Asar nahi ho raha jitna Hard work kar rahi hu. Give some Tips U r Really Awesome ����

  • +ScottHermanFitness I go back home to eat and have enough energy to push it to the limit you know and not spending money outside 4-5x a week

  • Holy fu*k! I was just surfing youtube when I stumbled across this channel and video
    completely opened my eyes and im not even finished watching it yet lol
    Thanks so much!!!