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How Valerie Turned Setbacks Into Opportunities. by Macaela Mackenzie. May 3, 2018. Before long, Daniels was walking 6–12 kilometers a day; she was ready to turn her hobby into a goal. Inspired by friends who had done races in the past, she signed up for a 12K walk and started training to set her first personal best.

4 Ways to Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities By Smita Singh | August 17, 2016 | 1. Michael Jordan is a basketball legend, but he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 4 Steps For Turning Challenges Into Opportunities. turn your attention to those challenges with opportunities you can act upon. Lauren Mackler is the author of the international bestseller, Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life. She is a psychotherapist, life and relationship coac.

Here’s how six of them turned those setbacks into success. Even the most successful people have had career curveballs thrown at them. Here’s how six of them turned those setbacks into success. The 6 Steps to Turning Setbacks Into Advantages.

Job seekers at a job and career fair. we can use our setbacks as opportunities to better operate in and positively affect the world around us. Stories abound of people who turned setbacks into opportunities by starting their own businesses, launching new careers or going back to school for retraining. But the creativity doesn’t have to. 35 Quotes on Turning Setbacks Into Successes the ones who learn from their mistakes and turn their failures into opportunities.” the Virgin businesses-so a setback is never a bad. Everyone loves a good comeback story.

But without a setback those comebacks wouldn’t be possible. Because we live in a broken world, you will experience problems, trials, difficulties, losses, or failures. You might be in the middle of a setback right now. In this series, you’ll learn how God has helped people in the past overcome setbacks and set you on a course to achieve your comeback.

The following quotes about facing challenges remind you that overcoming those obstacles can unlock better opportunities for your personal growth and happiness. Quotes About Facing Challenges “Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into. When I failed to get a job or had an article turned down for publication, I told myself it was because I wasn’t talented.

Luckily, over the years, I’ve become kinder to myself. In fact, I’ve learned that with the right mindset, I’m able to not only move on from the setbacks that I face, but also turn them into opportunities for growth.

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Valerie secretly felt undervalued, and so she started the mentoring program in hopes of feeling more valued and vital in the company.

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Valerie’s planning became so strategic that by the beginning of her second year, she was able to write plans that other teachers on her team could also use.

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Bolstered by this consistent reminder of her capabilities, Karen began to see herself learning organizational skills from her boss, the ability to “let go” from her husband, and time management tips from her friends.

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Walker resolved that she would work hard to impress Vaughn and had hopes that the senior would mentor her through the first few years of her career.

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Motivated to a great extent by feelings of sheer panic, Sara shifted into high gear in her search for a new job, and fortunately, she was able to find a position and embark on an entirely new career path in about a month.

“The Total Money Makeover Workbook: Classic Edition: The Essential Companion for Applying the Book’s Principles” by Dave Ramsey
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Valerie gradually felt more and more free to do nothing with her fears, which freed up a whole lot of time and energy.

“The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit” by Amy Johnson, Mark Howard
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Her own class had PE next, led by her enthusiastic teaching assistant, and Claire usually used the time to catch up on paperwork, but she felt, somehow, that she had a responsibility towards the girl.

“Bad Little Girl: A gripping psychological thriller with a BRILLIANT twist” by Frances Vick
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Her new role involved more contact with senior members of the team, and had a larger training component that was increasing her anxiety and reluctance to go into work.

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It had been running just fine under the manager, Janey, before Callie graduated, and it would continue running just fine once she was forced to focus most of her energy on the other Sheridan assets, but she still liked the hands-on approach.

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Sally had done well at school and left at seventeen to work as a secretary in the City, where five years later she’d changed her name to Sophie after meeting Lance, who was struggling in the public relations department of a stuffy bank and trying to get on his party’s list of candidates.

“A Week in December” by Sebastian Faulks
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  • I usually have this attitude and have learned from experience that the outcome of setbacks have showed me they are rewarding. God’s got the plan figured out. You just need to trust Him and make decisions on the road that support the experience so the outcome will be good. Patience and understanding helps you realize…. God can take something that seems to be a setback to you is actually a stepping stone for a brighter future.

  • Up to this point, Gru JUST spent the beginning of this film being disgruntled about Bratt escaping his grasp yet again when in the second film, he was obsessively suspecting that El Macho faked his death and posed as a restarunt owner. Is my head being clouded?

    Second off, Valerie is such a bitch in this film. She is just a cliché of a character who suddenly shows off her bad attitude whenever she thinks somebody effed up,like Gru failing to catch Balthazar Bratt for example. Even of course would she be the new head of the AVL so she thinks she is a successful woman who never seems to leave a flaw. Her attitude is SO terrible, Gru and Lucy are too afraid to even mention it, but even in the animated film, someone has to stand for it.

  • Fantastic advice really simple but powerful. I particularly like the focus on taking out the subjective descriptors to get a really clear objective description of your experience.


  • ‘We all experience setbacks’ says the young person who has no real idea what setbacks are yet. Show me a way turn turn early onset dementia, the loss of my home and the inability to work any more into an opportunity… It is easy to talk when you haven’t experienced a real setback.

  • I love puzzles, too. My problem is learning how to think outside the box… knowing that there are other ways of tackling propertunities that I haven’t yet conceived.

  • I’ve learned so much from this amazing channel, I started my own and never regreted it! It’s growing insanely fast in a few days I gained 150 subs

  • It’s not so much his age, but more the actual lack of usable content in his talk. All he did in my opinion is a very vague, generalized overview of every self help book ever written. I could wrap it up in one sentence “if life gives you setbacks, be positive and grow”.

  • Blah blah blah feel good talk. This is not how the real world works. A large portion of setbacks happen because of things outside your control. No amount of self-enquiry or positive thinking is going to change that.

    Yeah he kept looking for someone to do business with and eventually found someone. But that’s a one-off. It took that one company to take an interest in young people and his work specifically for him to achieve is business ambitions. Many people don’t have such luck.

    The reality is that in the real world many things are stacked against people and it’s not as easy as just changing your thinking to get ahead in life.

  • This young man is so well educated, he surely has amazing parents. Congratulations to his parents on raising such an inspirational person!

  • Absolutely spot on and just an incredible amount of depth, speaking skills and fantastic attitude. This young man will go far in this world. GREAT PRESENTATION!

  • Great message and good delivery.

    But…. it’s laughable that a room full of adults are listening to a 15 year old tell them about life setbacks!

    This is behavioural cognitive therapy…delivered by a kid…hmmmm??

    I’m sorry…sometimes the credibility of the speaker outweighs the message. He needs to get a few more miles on the odometer before he would earn that with me.

  • Do you guys know Lucy join the AVL not because it an awsome job. She join because villains killed her parents and by joining the AVL she thought maybe one day she will find her parent’s killers.

    Hope they make that a plot one day.

  • What a wise and refreshing young man. I already know I can use his way of thinking in my own life. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him in the future.

  • He goes to my school and hes doing another talk this year at TedXyouth perth 2020 i cant believe this tho he’s so young i’m baffled.

  • he’s talking about a well known scheme of goal setting applying yourself, perseverance and meerkat-like surveillance of the terrain at a given stage of disappointment. Many TED speakers are interpreting the creative process missing out stages of it, he’s talking of the end game, when you are trying to implement and how to deal with rejection. It’s saying you go back to the ideation stage so it resembles agile scrum in its formation. this isn’t as innovative to the field in which it is addressing, perhaps to laypeople it is. But you need to show you recognise the four stages of the creative process (1. clarifying goal clarification, 2. idea generating 3. development, 4 implementation and return/release )rather than merely pontificate about one stage, as if its original thought.

  • I just watched your lesson on reframing your work experiences and it really resonated with me to the point that I got really emotional just thinking about the horrible career experience that I encountered just over 3 years ago. I did manage to start over in a new position far away from the place it all happened and have been doing quite well for the last 18 months. Listening to everything you said has now made me want to reframe how I think about that situation for any future career moves I may make. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks JT. This is very helpful, all your videos that I only started watching recently are… Thanks so much for doing this. I definitely need some “re-programming”.