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About every 4 weeks take your weight again. Maybe you won’t hit the perfect number in your first 28 days, but you will be much closer than when you started. Write that number down.

Then write down all the other non-scale victories you noticed over the last month. When the scale doesn’t budge or you’re feeling defeated, I invite you to find a few exercises that will help you evaluate your progress. The exercises you choose should vary depending on your current fitness level, but the idea is to find a base of actions—ideally that demonstrate strength and endurance—that you perform consistently to measure progress.

The stress hormone cortisol helps the body stay in fat storing mode. This i part of the fight or flight response. So if you’ve been ignoring your stress levels, and the scale won’t budge, now you’ve got your needed motivation to relax. Try yoga, meditation, or my 5-minute emotional detox. Clean up your environment.

It might seem like an odd way to kick-start weight loss, but getting your home and kitchen organized can help you feel like you’ve got a handle on your weight. “The more in control you feel in your external environment, the more you feel in control internally,” says Dr. Albers. Let’s do a quick experiment.

Raise your hand in the air. (C’mon. Just do it!) Now raise it one inch higher. See?

We can always push ourselves a little more. If we want results quicker, we have to turn up the effort dial. In 99% of the cases I’ve seen, that’s the case. Very rarely is it about anything else.

You’re Doing Everything Right, But the Scale Won’t Budge (Part I) Alan Freishtat April 10, 2013. It’s frustrating. You’ve refined your eating habits and you have begun walking every day. You have cut out some of the higher calorie foods that you used to eat regularly. You really need to lose about 20 pounds and as your health is at.

All you need to do to overcome this is change it up a bit! For example, if you’ve been including longer duration, low intensity cardio activity in your workouts, try an interval workout. Interval workouts alternate short periods of high intensity (working as hard or as fast as is safely possible) with periods of low intensity recovery. 6 Reasons Why Your Scale Won’t Budge Yes, you’re way too fond of Chunky Monkey but that’s not the only reason your scale won’t budge.

Jim Karas. Unfortunately, the fat loss game is more frustrating than most care to admit. The scale quickly becomes a dreaded enemy—a constant bearer of bad news.

If the number on your scale won’t budge for you then read on for an explanation: Possibility #1: You’re Not Eating ENOUGH Calories. Most of us respond really well to instant gratification, so we step on the scale on day 2 of our diet in the hopes of seeing weight loss and get disappointed it hasn’t happened. The thing is, even if you saw a drop on day 2, the weight loss would probably just be down to water weight.

You won’t see any significant fat loss happen that quickly.

List of related literature:

* Lock the scale in place to prevent it from moving accidentally * If you’re using a scale with a swing-away chair arm, unlock the arm.

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If you know the scale is accurate give or take two pounds, then when the scale goes up or down by more than two pounds you can be more confident that the scale reflects a change in your “true” weight and is not due to random fluctuation in the scale (error).

“Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health” by Lee Baer, Mark A. Blais
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I’m doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge!

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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For example, if you are like many people, you probably will step on your bathroom scale in the morning, check your weight, step off, and step back on the scale to recheck the reading.

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Calibrate the scale each day or routinely.

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If that happens, you will assume that your scale is broken and replace it, rather than try to design a model of weight that can accommodate the different findings of your scale.

“Quantitative Methods in Educational and Social Research Using SPSS” by Andrew Tolmie, Daniel Muijs, Erica McAteer
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Digital scales have a tare button that resets the scale to zero.

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Balance the scale before measuring weight.

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The scale may start late, after the downbeat, or use some kind of extension to fill out the remainder of the measure.

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A relatively inexpensive digital scale should yield consistent and accurate results.

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  • Hi Coach Paul. I felt really down because I have changed my diet and did a lot of cardio however remained my weight level. Thank you so much for the info, I feel more encouraged now than ever to pursue my goal. ����

  • Soooo TRUE! The scale does NOT tell the whole story. Love the part about how certain people should NOT weigh themselves at all! Good stuff ��������

  • Check my body fat percentage after 2 weeks still exactly the same didn’t even drop like 0.1% disaster hadn’t had cheat meals or drinks.

  • Paul, as a new competitor I appreciate your content so much! Your advice and knowledge has helped me reverse postshow successfully so far, and you’ve helped me reevaluate my relationship with my coach and reset my post-show mindset as well. I wish I could shake your hand sir, lol. Thank you so much for, quite honestly, improving my quality of life in the realm of fitness and wellness.

  • I soo needed this! I am one of those people that have been addicted to the scale. I felt thinner this morning so got on & was actually up a pound. I checked my blood ketones & was happy to see 1.5. Thank you Ashley Salvatori for all your tips!

  • it’s been a month of exercise and healthy eating for me and during the first 2 weeks the scales wont budge at all! but what i did is i had a tape measure, measured and recorded the size of my arms, thighs belly. also took a picture of before and after. when you start to see the measurements go down you just know youre going towards the right direction. and right now i just weighed myself after one month and was surprised i already lost 2 kilos! Dont give up!

  • i have a hard time not to let negativity control my head but after watching your videos, i’ve started to have a more positive mindset, which leads to loving myself. and i just love how bubbly and adorably funny you are seriously.

  • I bust my ass and diet, get on scale and I gained 3 lbs. I said fuck this, stopped all most exaercise and fasted until the weight I gained was off and I dropped two pounds. This is what I always do. I demand my body drop two pounds per week. If the scale does not drop at end of week then it’s water fast until it does. I refuse to not lose pounds

  • I don’t wanna hear anything like “this is super unhealthy” or “get help” because it was a one off. I ate under 80 calories one day because I felt full the whole day and when I woke up I maintained my weight. I know for a fact it wasn’t water weight or anything to do with going to the toilet because I made sure those factors weren’t gonna be issues. Why, why, why did I not lose weight?

  • after 1 year? Lol Matt has been training for 6 years and he is only 180lbs. LOL. He benches 330lbs, squats 460lbs and deadlifts 450lbs.

    I bench 280lbs, squat 380lbs and deadlift 440lbs. That is after 1 year 8 months of training. In 5 years, i plan to be 5’9 210lbs 9 percent body fat.

    Bench 400lbs, squat 550lbs, and deadlift 600lbs. Come at me. I look better than all u guys.

  • Eeeverybody sees my weightloss but me. I have gone from 265 to 220. And no matter how hard or often I work the scale is stuck there. My Sarah Baartman ass is not leaving. Neither is this tire around my belly. Ut I have gone from a size 22 to now a 13. Im so frustrated and I am getting discouraged because I don’t know what to do except for what I have already been doing. Wich is 30 min. Of cardio, 20 minutes of resistance training, and the a 10 minute stretch and cool down. All in hopes of seeing something change in the stubborn abs and glutes areas.

  • Too funny. The details in this video are me rn. I’m 150 and I’ve been calorie deficit and working out a lot for 4 weeks and zero movement on the scale but clothes are fitting me better and I do feel great. The scale always does discourage me. And you said it, I have been
    135 and I did feel great and I am hung up on that 135 goal. I will keep pushing! Thanks for this!!

  • Man I can’t tell you how good this man me feel. I’ve been dieting for a couple of weeks now and working out at least 3 or 4 times a week when I can, and I haven’t seen any change. Weight stays the same. I’ve been lifting and eating right, tracking my food, and drinking lots of water. My issue is I’m not seeing how much mass in actually putting on while lose fat %. I feel like I’m not doing good. But I feel great and am looking more times. It’s a slow process, I wish I could see results faster, but this video helped me realize it just keep working toward my goals.

  • @juicedmonkey1111 nah u don’t get more money from likes, necessarily… But Youll get more views/subs since people will see their friends ‘liked’ vids in their recent activity, so more views more money, so ur kinda right

  • What a great video, such good advice! That’s exactly the order I’d give it in too first get back to basics if you aren’t already, then shake things up by trying something new. I think maybe important to try ONE new thing per week too, so you know what is working? Such good ideas though, I love this!

  • When I was living in Spain I dropped tons of weight, I can tell by how loose my clothes was fitting me yet anytime I weighed myself I was still the same weight and I did not understand why. I’m not even joking when I say that after 3 months the scale started moving and I was so confused as to why it took the scale this long. It was almost like the scale did not recognize the weight loss but once it did, it started going lower lower and lower. I went from 157lbs to 140 LBS in 5 months.

  • I stop sugar, dont eat meat, dont do dairy, I exercises 4 times a week and I drink only water! I dont know what to do! Super frustrating!

  • Great advice. I feel I’m going through that issue now. Last year I lost 80 pounds. I’ve kept it off for a year. Within that second year I’ve been lifting weights. I’m definately seeing changes, so I know I’m on the right path

  • Please help! So I have been on the keto diet for 3 weeks. And I was losing now I’m gaining weight roughly 1kg over 4 days��‍♀️

    I am definitely working out and lifting weights. I’m just at confused. Shouldn’t I be losing? I understand that I will be building muscle but I didn’t expect the gain so quick

  • I needed this video…. I’m getting really discouraged about my weight loss I’m working so hard eating healthy and exercising and scale is not budging…. I have had bypassed weight loss surgery 17 years ago 2 babies later I gained most of my weight back….no diet seems to work any suggestions?

  • I am encouraged after watching this; I weighed myself today, and found I have put on 3lbs, since June 1st 2020 I have been eating clean, running 3x a week and lifting weights 3x a week, I am looking leaner, more toned, strong & bounds of energy, my clothes are even fitting better, so I was disappointed when I weighed myself this morning to see I had gained. Think I will stay away from the scales for a while, and just keep taking my measurements, eventually I will reach my goal weight. Thanks.

  • The human body is an amazing thing. I am not a show comp kind of person but I keep my eye on my body weight, and always wondered why I would go + of at times. Thank you Paul.

  • You kept it really real. I’m the visual and scale type person. Bawled my eyes out yest when the pictures didnt reflect all my hard work. You put things into perspective. Thanks so much

  • I’m almost at the end of my two year journey I have lost a total of 5 stone I have 6 more pounds to go but I have been stuck at the same annoying weight for weeks no matter how hard I push I was on waaaayyyy too little calories and my body was screaming for more so I had to increase slightly which was scary but I’m now busting with more energy I’ve increased my activity I’m at a loss please help I log everything I eat as well and am definitely in a calorie deficit

  • I been weighing myself almost every day. I put on a pair of shorts this morning and they feel losers than the last time I wore them.

  • It’s been 3 months for me. I even went to to doctor and my blood test came back normal for everything. I’m walking 2 hours 3 times a week and not eating bread pasta milk and I switched to black coffee and cut my sugar and salt. But after 3 months I will weigh the the same. I never changed. Not up not down. My clothes are not fitting better.

  • Wait so does the lean tissue develop form working out? So like technically if one were to just diet with light physical exercise, would that person lose fat without gaining lean tissue?

  • The weight fluctuations are so annoying. It can really brings your mood down. I can’t even understand it sometime. Just now I weigh myself and the scale said 67.9… and then literally like.. an hour or so I stepped on the scale again just because and then it shows 68.8?! Like the heck? I gained 0.9 kg in an hour? Is that even possible or I need to throw out that fucking ass scale?

    It’s so discouraging. I usually weigh myself every morning and for a few weeks I saw the downward trend.. but since a few days ago my weight started fluctuating like crazy.. and for a few days now my weight stuck at 68.1 every single morning… did I plateau?? Sigh..

    I’m trying to get till 50KG here.. long way to go and seeing it stuck like that is so disheartening.

  • I’m the kind that doesn’t care how much i weigh just how i look lol �� you have to remember to trust the process overall working out and eating right just feels great even if you don’t see results as quick as you want it’s still something great helps you mentally and that’s what I’ve focused more on.

  • Thanks so much!! I lost a lost of weight last year easy (I am a broad,curvy girl, wouldn’t have even been considered fat my fat just went to the right places), I gained a lot of visible weight in college and managed to lose a lot of it quite quickly. Gained a few pounds back recently and just can’t shift the weight at all, I’m excersising and eating way less. But I am obsessed with the scales for sure and I’m going to try and ignore it for awhile (this will be hard) and continue the plan I’m doing

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve made lifestyle changes since October 2018. I was able to drop 11 lbs instantly. Fast forward to January ’19 i joined the gym ( 5 days a week, 1 hour.) And I swear the needle on the scale is barely moving �� Everyday somebody tells me how I lost so much weight or asks how much I’ve lost. I just say I don’t weigh myself because it’s mostly for health, not image (which is true; only weighed myself 3 times since October) but also I say that excuse because the needle on the scale isn’t moving much. This video explained a lot and made me feel much better about my fitness journey. Thank you!

  • This is how I think about my weight loss journey: This is a marathon, not a sprint. This actually helps me when I get feeling like things are not happening fast enough. My typical mindset to weight loss has been this: Okay.. I have been on this super healthy low carb eating plan for like.. what.. 20 minutes.. Why haven’t I lost 90 pounds yet! ; > Clearly patience is NOT my strong suit.. But I am really working on it.. ( ps: Day 35 Lost 22 pounds (Note: it was not a steady every day loss on the scales. I went 8 days with NO movement of the scale at all! ).. clothes are significantly LOOSE! I can SEE actual changes.. My HUGE swollen feet and ankles are now completely normal looking! I feel better.. can move around with greater ease.. walking is easier. The pain I felt when I lied down to sleep is gone.. so sleep is improving.. I am greatly encouraged by results both on the scales and all the other things I have noticed as a result of only 22 pounds down. I still have about 70 to go.. so I am thinking with all the rest of that gone I might actually feel pretty darned good.. Which for me, feeling better is equally as important as looking better. Yikes.. this is long…. sorry.. Thanks for this video.. a great reminder to not let the scales rule your happiness or your motivation to keep going.

  • Yeah but I’m EXERCISING!! So why am I not losing weight. I’m doing made cardio running 5k at least 3 times a week and also at home circuit training 3 4 times a week. So please explain that?? Am I actually loosing weight what happens to the body if I’m EXERCISING but scales not budging.

  • I’ve been working out everyday and I do before and after pictures I see a huge change in those pictures but the scale doesn’t move ��‍♀️

  • Hes not gaining a lot of mass, but he is losing fat..simple as that, imo if that’s what he wants thats totally fine.

    However i noticed its hard to stay ripped and gain as much mass possible at the same time, i gave up on that dream of staying ripped and gaining as much as possible, im just bulking and gaining now and ill just cut later, otherwise it will take me way too long to reach my goal of being huge and ripped.

  • Thanks alot Sir, you really made my day by giving each n every answer of my questions which were there in my mind in my weight loss journey.

  • Un related question, I was wondering if you think this workout is ok to build muscle and look toned, looking for a slim tone look not too muscle muscles. 1 upper body day 1.5 2 hours / 1 full body day 1.5 hour ( both weights ) then 1 body combat class 1 hour high intensity cardio body weight exercise and 1 active rest of badminton,

  • This video was great. I’m definitely in the do not weigh yourself category. Struggle with body dismorphia. I have been wanting to lean out just slightly more than where i am now and it has been a real struggle. I’m by no means overweight, I’m hitting the gym hard 5 days a week and cardio 5 to 6 days a week. Strength has gone up recently as well.

  • and as a friend told me… the scale can be a serious mindfuck when you are trying to diet down. stay consistent, throw in a bit more cardio and your body will respond. the body does crazy ass things when it doesnt want to let go of fat/weight.

  • You are awesome.. Keep up the good work.. I for one appreciate u for doing this.. Spreading the knowledge is good.. Thanks and good luck ❤

  • I used to not eat enough when I was trying to lose weight, as well as weigh myself constantly at least 3 times a day. It plays a mental game with you and It sucks. I wanted to lose so much weight so fast, but everything good takes time, especially losing weight. To everyone else struggling, just keep going, one day we’re all going to look back at us fighting in this stage and be damn proud of ourselves.

  • OMG!! I was sitting depressed in my bed not wanting to go to uni and I hear my name and I literally jumped out and said “LET’S GOOOO.” Hehehehe thanks for making my day Laila! You’re the best!

  • Help me out.. i hv been on keto for 15 mnts.. very close to my goal weight now.. just bought a ketone metre.. my ketones are always at 0.4.. early morning and evening it is the same for the last four days. Glucose is between 81 and 83 throughout the day.. i had a cheat meal and again ketones reached.4 in 16 hrs and stuck there.. why does it not go higher?

  • Yeah I went up on the scale but my pants are falling. My stomach got really tight and the scale still goes up. Don’t worry too much about the scale, follow your body.

  • Best explanation, simple and informative. I started training hard for the past 4 weeks, and even though my body looks different and leaner I gained 2 kilos on the scale…now I know why �� many thanks ������

  • I’ve only been going to the gym for 3 weeks. I see the differences and yes my clothes are becoming loose. But I was freaking out because I haven’t seen a loss in weight. I even wondered if it was just me. I have been taking pictures and see the differences too

  • I do the same thing���� hole week I’m in deit on weekends I’ll have my fvrt food. Nw I’m understanding y I’m not loosing my weight��

  • Lol well Matt Flex for all ogus thinks hes hot shit, cause he deadlifts 460lbs. WEll he has been training for 6 years. Like i said when i have been training for that long i will be deadlifting 600lbs.

    You lifted like me? Guaranteed your physique before or now looks nothing like mine. Who cares about numbers, its all about your physique. Plus i use proper form, u probaly use sh it form

  • I love your workout and meal plans. I’m 130 lbs and muscular built. I have been tracking calories at about 1,100 and I do about 30-45 mins interval workouts or cardio 5 days a week. Sometimes I run about 3 miles doing intervals of one minute really fast and one min jogging. Anyways, I build muscle quick and I tone up good but the scale doesn’t drop. How can I get the scale to drop? I’ve got my macros set for 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat. I wouldn’t think I would need to increase my calories…it’s hard to get the 1,100 in. However, I know you had your calories around 1,700 from your weekly bikini checks. What would you suggest? If we need to do a private consultation, we can do that too. Thank you for all you do:-) Blessings, Heather

  • Thank you so much for this video. I am undergoing a weight loss transformation and have lost 20 lbs total but have been at the same weight for maybe 4 months. I am dropping inches and my clothing is getting bigger, I can see the results of my hard work. But, not on the scale. I just figured it was my body building muscle mass and losing fat. I know this is a huge component however, this carbohydrate talk really helped me put things into perspective. This was so helpful, thank you!

  • Ashley, thanks for this videoI am obese there is no other word for itam 50 and look fat. I am now on keto diet and intermittent fasting. I watched two of your videosthe one on the keto strips not showing accurate ketones once fat adapted and this one. My keto strips started showing dark colours from day 3 but now on day 6, its gone back to light colour. But I have absolutely no weight loss. I looked to get a keto mojo meter but it is too expensive what do people like me do?

  • That exactly happened to me.. three weeks stuck in the same weight!, ughhhh
    I start eating more fruit and cut carbs by dinner.. it worked!,

  • How long do I need to wait from the initial measurements until I do a second check? A month?? 2? Can someone tell me please! Thanks!

  • How about working out consistently for 4 months and eating clean
    Not only have I gained weight
    I have never felt so defeated
    Four months and no relays
    Im only trying to lose 20 pounds!!!!��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I have been stuck my first month and my hand told me I was exchanging fat for muscle but I had a hard time believing that it was exchanging that much for so long! I have dieted before and not had a problem dropping the weight but I wasn’t working out at that time and this time I am! Thank you for this video it really helped me in my funk!

  • I am trying to buy the mojo meter…I clicked in your link but I dont see the promo code for the 15% off…can you please tell me what it is?

  • The Scale is my enemy. I’ve tried to disconnect myself from it and just focus on facts but that number gets me down so I stopped using it a year ago and now just go off my clothes feel and measurements I’m happy with these techniques. Love keto must get a meter but I would like to tract as you suggest Ashley.

  • In my situation I look skinnier but I gained 6 pounds. I just started working out 6 weeks ago. For the first 27 days I was eating around 800 calories. For the past 4 days I’ve been eating 2,000 but I’ve been getting skinnier. And I’ve gained weight.. Am I losing fat and gaining muscle? I’m confused. Someone please help. Lol.

  • Hard honestly I check everyday but it keeps me motivated to keep going the scale is going down makes me so happy but hey when I have that little cheat and I still chose to scale every morning & I end up hating myself.. for the 1 or 2 pounds I’ve gained back wanting to take your advice and stay off the scale for awhile and just keep at my goal thank you!!!

  • Hello I am considering purchasing and have a question. I am wondering if by blending a packet in my blender if it effects the strength of the drink. It becomes very foamy and am wondering if you know if it will it breakdown the ketones before I drink it and will not get the full benefit from the drink?

  • matt check out the article on T-nation about Natural Champ Kiyoshi Moody claims to gain weight into a contest! though he is clearly a genetic freak. I would say he has a legit mutation in his genome. lmao Some myostatin issues.

  • Ahh it’s so frustrating. I lost 40 my first round of Keto. I was losing 2 lbs consistently right off the bat. I took about a 4 month break and was able to maintain. I restarted 5 weeks ago and have yet to see the scale move. I thought it would go the same at the first time around, so I’m pretty frustrated and often feel like “I should just have a cheat day because it’s not working anyways.” I have stayed strong, but it’s really annoying because I was successful before so I think I know what I’m doing??

  • If you’re new to the ketogenic diet you need to watch all of Ashley’s videos. Her advice about the keto lifestyle, is more comprehensive and insightful than any of the other Keto channels. If fact, she inspired me to start my own channel—Keto Curtis— and was gracious enough to give it her approval with a ❤️. I would greatly appreciate it if you all would check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks guys!��

  • My biggest fear is to receive, like, 2 questions for my Q&A so.. DON’T DO THAT TO ME. Go follow me on IG and leave a question on the picture I posted. IG: MOURAD.LAILA
    K love you byeeee

  • I’m not loosing weight on scale! But my body is shrinking clothes size going down! Scale make me off to my motivation but thanks for motivation

  • Hi. I lost some lbs since I started OMAD just over a month ago and I’m not sure if I used the calipers wrong but I seem to have gained body fat (even though I also started eating healthier (eating much less fast food, etc.)) Also, I lost 2 inches around the waist. I row between 10 to 30 minutes most of the week and I try to do weights every other week. Thanks.

  • I’ve lost 52 pounds on keto and I’m feeling great. I’ve got an other 45 for my goal weight. The scale is defiantly not my friend. My experience is when I see the numbers drop I think I can eat more.. then I stall! I weigh once a week and take the batteries out and put them in a drawer so it’s not tempting me. It’s crazy how easy the scale influences our food choices.

  • My Ketone levels are always very very low in the morning when I first wake up. 0.4 to 0.6 at most. But once two or three comes in the afternoon my ketones are up at 2.1 to 2.2.. then I feel like I don’t want to eat cuz I don’t want my ketones to go down LOL

  • I had been swimming and dieting all month and I weigh the exact same as I did a month ago. I have added in working out now and a keto vegan diet. It has been 9 days and I still see no difference. L.O.L.

  • Awesome video, I’ve been on my program for 4 weeks now. Diet and strength + HIIT 5x a week. I started seeing muscles become defined and more toneage but I actually went up 2 kilos. 4 weeks in I’d thought I’d lose way more and see more drastic changes. Though, you’re right, sometimes the way-too-high expectations cause a fake plateau. Thanks ��

  • It’s refreshing to hear someone clarify who SHOULD and who SHOULD NOT weigh themselves. I definitely have/had an emotional attachment to the scale. My thought used to be that THAT specific number on the scale, at THAT specific time in my life, I felt and looked my best BUT my regimen was NOT sustainable. I’ve done drastic diets (lots of cardio, major restrictions, weekly weigh ins obsession) and after gaining weight AGAIN, I’m weight lifting more, losing inches but the scale hasn’t budged. I feel I look better and fit better in my clothes but most importantly I’m not starving and binge eating as a result. I’ll have to rewatch this video time and time again as a reminder that I feel better knowing my body is responding by fat loss and the scale is just a number that shouldn’t matter anymore. Thank you!

  • I hold off on eating in the morning too �� and my question is: Do you live on your own in Saudi Arabia? & would you ever want to move to the U.S.?����

  • this is not really related to bodybuilding but, when did you figure out what you wanted to do in life? like this whole bodybuilding and buisness thing.

  • why don’t you. I’ve been bodybuilding for 1 year 10 months and i am 5’9 185lbs 9 percent bodyfat.

    275lb bench press
    350lb squat
    450lb deadlift.

    To find my physique.

    Google “Whitekoalas bodyspace”

    Click on top link. Theres me

  • Great video. I want to do a video on something like this as well. People get so wrapped up in the numbers, myself included. I was just telling my SO that I am so tired of doing EVERYTHING right and tracking like a beast and am in good optimal ketosis levels and working out daily and losing inches, yet the scale barely budges. I even decided to stop working out a couple of months ago because I believed that my workout was causing me to gain weight from water in my muscles for repair. I mean it gets crazy! Thanks for sharing!

  • im in the same boat as the person in question
    I have lost a bit of weight, but now been stuck for a while now, “I feel” I look better but scale does not fucking BUDGE!!!, 176pounds 5.5 140p/40f/rest carbs 20% bf 1700 calories daily
    upperlower 4 times a week 45minutes of intense work
    recently started introducing reefed once a week, but its not working scale still stuck

    somebody that can help?

  • i checked out your profile, and you’re not anything impressive my man… you have a good physique, but you’re not some phenom… no need to create negativity here, if you don’t like his vids, noone is forcing you to watch them…

  • Ya man guaranfuckintee, that i look better than 99 percent of Matt Flex for All subscribers.

    Google: Whitekoala’s bodyspace. Click on first link. Theres me 5’9 180lbs 9 percent body fat. Been training for a lousy 1 year 8 months. Not like this guy who has been doing it for 6 years. Come at me bro

  • lol 5’9 180lbs 9 percent body fat. lol i am actually really happy with my life and extremely happy with my physique.

    Its natural bodybuilding bro, wait for another 2 years when Matt has reached his genetic potential and can no longer gain muscle.

    People think you can keep gaining muscle each and every year. lol

  • word, dude, i appreciate your videos and i hit the like button before i even watch it, because to me, that is the least i can do, for all the help and motivation you give me, fuck that little bitch brother

  • I am now 6th week on keto… I haven’t checked my weight on scale cos of fear of disappointment �� although i feel I’m losing but Im scared to the level that i didn’t weigh on scale before even starting it cos it would give me anxiety so i lose weight then check to tell myself i didn’t gain weight in the first place �� my plan is to check after 40 days or after 6 weeks. Let’s see, i may change it to two months:p

  • Measurements are basic for me. If you can’t measure, you can’t control. And the mirror do not measure anything. A plastic adipometer, just to keep track of yourself, a metric tape and a scale, basic stuff, not too expensive, that helps a lot, even more when you’re in those low numbers of bodyfat, where everything looks harder than it is. But to take these measurements on a daily basis is the same as saying that if you eat carbs at night you get fat. Nothing happens on this short time period.

  • needed this,. wow amazing timing> may be because this is always a concern, will share this video with the wife who is always fighting with the scale.

  • Nah man but for every “like” and view you get, you make money from your partnership with youtube.

    You aren’t making these videos out of the goodness of your heart.

    I’m coming for you bro. Currently i am 5’9 180lbs 9 percent body fat:)

    Hoping to compete soon:)

  • If he’s obese or overweight, he’s probably gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously; that is, he’s probably on a caloric deficit and using fat stores for energy to build muscle.

  • Hey thank you so much for this video! I really needed this advice. I’m one of those people who would look at the scale everyday except the weekends. I’m gonna try to not look at it for 2 weeks �� thanks for the motivation ����

  • Hey matt, i’m lifting mainly for hypertrophy rather than strength, but I know one can’t be achieved without the other. With that said, should I start a strength program such as Starting Strength or a hypertrophy program from the start if my main goal is size? Also, I’ve been told that frequency > volume for beginners. I’ve been lifting for about 5 months now, have I been wasting my time with a 5 day split? Thanks

  • matt, im 16 and weigh 160 with about 11/12% body fat. Ive been working out for about a year but wrestled in the winter and got pretty soft after starving and not lifting at all. Now ive been religiously counting my macros and going to the gym on a solid workout routine for four moths. Should i be expecting muscle growth and leaning out after four months while at maintenance caloric intake?

  • Thanks for this video. I stepped on the scale 2 days ago after not weighting myself for a month and saw that it went up a few pounds and wanted to cry. I thought all my efforts was a whole waste off time, even though I knew my measurements have gone way down.

  • I am a good example for this.I have been 150 lbs(lost 70 lbs to get there) and since a year have been same on the scale.But I have gone done from size 10 to size 4 jeans.It amazing

  • I’ve been 194 for a while, but, I have lost 4 inches in my waist in 4 months of jotting my results, I measure myself once a month, I do hiit,cardio, and weight training, I have a great diet which is more of a lifestyle now, my bust is 40 in,
    my underbust is 36 in,
    my thorax /waist is 34 1/2 in,
    my stomach is 37 in,
    my hips are 47 in.
    My goal is to drop 40 lbs, I do feel a lot more stronger, and my clothes do fit more comfortable, my fat percentage with the pinch test has gradually gone down, this is just the first time I’ve recorded things down but I’ve been working out for 9 months now since I’ve had my son. My highest weight was 210.

  • Indeed I agree!!!! That’s assuming he knows exactly what he is doing and can replicate it! Hopefully. so many factors like you said. my mind was full of f*ck.

  • Matt, this vid was too long on a boring topic, u shud hav just answered a few different questions. I lost interest quite quick in the vid