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How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Beginner Fitness Excuses. We always start out with the best intentions: Hit the gym three — no, wait, make that five — days a week, run or walk 3 miles in the mornings before work, take that killer spin class on your lunch hour. How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Beginner Fitness Excuses. Our new fitness center is complete, and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with Transformation Fitness. In light of that, here are five common exercise excuses and the best ways to beat the.

Excuse #5: I End Up Quitting, What’s the Point? It is true that many people don’t stick with their exercise program. But this doesn’t have to be you. Many fitness seekers start out with a bang, running five miles, lifting heavy weights, and end quickly with a whimper, either injuring themselves or feeling too sore or exhausted to continue. Unfortunately, due to our present access to highly calorific foods, the fitness excuses that once ensured our survival, now send us to an early grave.

Below I’ve provided the 10 most common fitness excuses our reptilian minds trick us into believing and why, ultimately, they’re all nonsense. 1. I don’t have enough time. As a personal trainer, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard all the excuses in the book when it comes to avoiding a workout! I know there are times when you feel low on energy or your schedule is crazy. But sometimes these “occasional” workout excuses can lead to bad habits and cause you to miss out on the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle.

Find out what to do when: I’m too tired I. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images. With the help of New York-based fitness instructor Joana Meneses, Lifehacker has come up with tips on how to overcome the common. Consider practical strategies for overcoming common barriers to fitness. 1. I don’t have enough time to exercise.

Setting aside time to exercise can be a challenge. Use a little creativity to get the most out of your time. Squeeze in short walks throughout the day. Try an exercise class for beginners. Other Common Excuses.

Here are a few more common excuses you might find yourself using: I don’t have any clothes that I can work out in. You’re here for your health, not to walk the runway. Pull out your old pair of shorts and faded T-shirt and get going. I don’t know what workout.

Common exercise excuses and how to overcome them The biggest barrier to achieving your fitness goals is arguably yourself. Image credit Total Shape. It’s difficult to move outside of your comfort zone, and th. ere’s no shame in finding it difficult. However, you’ll need to immerse yourself in the unfamiliar in order to realise your goals. How To Overcome The 5 Most Common Excuses To NOT Exercise.

Picture this: Meditation does the same thing, which you should know if you followed our top beginner tips to get started last month. 2018 Fitness, Habits, personal.

List of related literature:

List three excuses for not exercising.

“Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs” by Darlene Mannix
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The excuse given was that I did not have match fitness.

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The second is easy enough to understand: Your body adapts to workout routines.

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“I ran three days a week for eight years and my fitness was never all that great,” said one client, “but I just kept doing it because it was better than nothing.”

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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Example: If you’ve set a goal to rollerblade with friends twice a week and do a high­intensity fitness class three times a week and you pull a muscle in your leg, you’re going to have to re­evaluate.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
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One of the first things to win me over was the preternatural ability of the CrossFit Elysium coaches to memorize not only names, mine included, but also specific workout achievements linked with those names.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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All sorts of excuses would pass through my brain, but I continued on and am now a fitness instructor.

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Motivation: After you’re inside a health club, you eliminate all your excuses not to exercise.

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Mistake 6: Not Recognizing That Some Sometimes Less Is More In yoga practice, sometimes less is more.

“Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga” by Baron Baptiste
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  • I think earning the next level exercise is really important, unfortunately I do not always know the progression from simple to complex, for example burpees, mountain climber. A resource to break down exercises would be invaluable.

  • I was always told to never lift more then half your body weight in an exercise, that theres no need unless your trying to see how much you can lift as your max but training there is no point

  • Making excuses to justify skipping workouts and slacking on your diet is just about the worst thing you can do. As much as it may suck to have to workout tired and unmotivated, it’s way worse to see no results. If you’re going to skip out on workouts and your diet all the time you might as well just quit lifting. You’re just going to be frustrated when you realize it’s been a whole year and you made no progress at all. I was one of these people.

  • Just your intro is the key. Start small so you can be consistent. This is so difficult to get through especially a guys head. Great advice once again. Small, incremental progress to say injury free thus consistent. Thank you again!

  • Can you address correct ways of strength training and muscle gain for women in one of your future videos? My fitness journey is someone who is underweight to someone who wants to become fit and healthy but I seldom see such videos. Most fitness videos revolve around fat burn and weight loss and it’s slightly confusing as to how to go about working out / planning workouts in my case.

  • I wish I had discovered you before jumping into working out in quarantine hurting my knees from lack of stretching and random hard exercises

  • Only good excuse is being sick, injured, or something way more important that working out comes up (very few things meet that criteria)

  • We tend to use elevator instead of stairs after our workout because we unknowingly undermine our exercises. This is called Compensatory Behaviour!

  • I really like what you just explained…to be clear about our Target AND going slow step by step. The most important change Is to build the good habit.

  • Cardio doesn’t build muscle? How missinformed can you get???
    Just look at the legs on a long distance runner. Pound for pound cardio builds stronger muscles than weights. And cardio built muscles have the best indurance. Also

  • I usually think about how lucky I actually am. For example I don’t have any disabilities, so that’s a huge perk. Think about how hard it can be for som people, and the opportunity you’re really facing. Your life is a blank canvas, paint it how you want it to be. Never give up

  • True, true and true. I did the same and always take a week off with no workout after burning myself off. Also, doing the right stretch is very important

  • If I break a leg, I will go to the gym and work out the other leg, if I break an arm, I will go to the gym and work the other arm, if both my legs are broke, I will do upper body, if my arms are broke I will do legs, if I have a virus, I will wear a hazmat suit and go to the gym, there are no excuses I will go to the gym! Everyone focus on their goals and get it! Lmao!

  • you can be a beginner and already have injuriesi never started weight training until a few years ago at 50 years old and life had seriously messed me up! Thats why I love your channel. Its helped me work around my limitations instead of just giving up

  • Even when you’ve been working out for a long time, if you add a new exercise, you have to start slowly. Also, it’s easy to fall into the ego-lifting trap and push yourself beyond your capabilities. Sometimes it’s good to lower the weight and focus on form/quality of execution.

  • I love how educated you are. I believe everything that you’re saying. Thank you for giving us your knowledge. You’re one of the least intimidating fitness YouTubers. I really appreciate you. ❤

  • I am trying to push myself to the limit have a job that keeps me moving all over the country from hotel to hotel doing what exercises i can based on what i have dong usuallg have any access to cables trying to figure uy how to best train sides of abs in hotel room

  • A good yawn and a stretch at the end of a workout, always a good idea. Thanks Kiwi! ��
    Also, thanks for all the other good tips and reminders in this video ��

  • Good luck to everyone hitting the gym for the first time. It’ll be easier than you think and remember we all started from where you are!

  • I’m afraid to stray from machines because I’m not confident in my technique, and I feel like machines are harder to do wrong. I don’t want to hurt myself because I don’t know what I’m doing.

  • I was out today and had to buy food at Wawa (Philly heads know) and needed Jeff and Jesse to give me the power to eat a boring ass wrap and bottle of water. Thanks guys!

  • Thanks a lot for the motivation! Working out at my home gym, I’ve lost inspiration to exercise along the way. But watching this video clip, I’m hitting my gym right now!!

  • My friend and I went to college together. I was a criminal justice major and he was a bio major. I’ve always tried to make him go with me but he always makes up excuses. I forgot my clothes, I don’t have time, my major is harder than yours you don’t have to study as much as me. Someone broke my phone screen and I’m not on the mood to go. If we do legs Monday, my legs will hurt the whole week and I will be limping to class and work. It goes on and on. It’s been over 2 years now. He’s only gone with me twice. Smh!

  • Love your videos sean you are really legit. Love the last video as well with being short. Definitely should make more life help and self improvements videos for sure. You give great and real advice. I think your a really smart and intelligent dude man keep up the great content!

  • I’ve had a back fusion and new deteriorating disks, broken shoulder surgery and problems with my other shoulder from overtraining. I live in chronic pain every day and still make it to the gym 3-5 days a week. People are just lazy and their minds are too good at tricking them.

  • Great video…. You are definitely right Sean…. My excuse was I was too busy… Changed that a month ago… I’m a over the road trucker… My hometime Sun&Mon… Those are my 2 workout days… 45min-1hr..mostly compound workout… at work and My body is sore..and I love it this means I’m making Gains… I Prepared meals ahead so I take with me on the road… Progressing every week…. So glad I’m over my excuses… “Thanks for this video Sean… Keep em coming”

  • Great tips. Could you please tell what leggins you’re wearing those teal/green with panels on the back? I’m looking for good quality 7/8th length and those look great.

  • I wish more (all) trainers would think this way. You wouldn’t belive what some made me do as a compelte beginner (and yes, it ended in me injuring my lower back). Great video!

  • I just started working out two months ago, and I’m currently doing only body weight since I’m trying to build my foundation, and I feel a bit too self conscious to go to the gym. Watching this made me aware of some key mistakes, like just coasting by my current routine, so thank you so, so much. I appreciate it

  • “We get results by what we do consistently”, I’ll have to remind myself of that everyday. Thanks, I’m so glad I found you a few months ago.

  • Biggest rookie mistake: tank tops

    We are all dying to see those 12 inch cannons you’re packing but start with some sleeves. Respect the Church bros. Or don’t, Idgaf I just had to mention it.

  • I’ve definitely got better at going into the gym with a plan. I used to just wander around aimlessly and do whatever caught my eye. Although you have to have some alternatives in mind if the gym is very busy, sometimes you can’t get at what you wanna use.

  • Great video man, keep doing videos like these last few. I think it’s part of the solution for that kind of attitude, channels like your’s help people because,from my experience it’s the lack of knowledge that keeps people out of the gym the most. There are of course people who don’t have the right mind set, mentality to achieve their optimum, some are just lazy, but even though today’s society is focused all on the outside, the looks,there’s no understanding for the part that is the most important –
    health. As dumb as it might sound, people should learn that doing something is better than nothing for their health and they gonna look better as well.So keep doing what you doing.All people are lazy in some way, wanna feel comfortable but today’s lifestyle is not what our bodies were made for, to function properly we should do some kind of physical activity,even if it’s only to go for a walk at the beginning, whatever keeps your heart rate a little bit up. I’m lucky so to say, from my childhood on I wanted to be big and strong,and I actually enjoy working out and the pain,I guess or know that is the case for most of us who train consistently from an early age

  • I just discovered your channel, I love it, I’m always searching how to improve my workouts, I am so fussy on the technique and so on, I would like to go far and I think we share the exact same expression “slow and steady wins the race” kiss from France

  • I like how you added the mistake number to the time in the actual video. Lol I don’t know how to describe it. But that’s really helpful! Didn’t realize that was a thing.

  • This was excellent information. I am totally guilty of over training then I am so sore that I can’t do anything for a few days �� Thanks for this great video!

  • I love being sore the next day. And I mean like 10,000 knives in the muscles worked. That tells me progress is on the way, and I did what I set out to do. If you have to worry about being sore, there’s a lazy boy rocker recliner with your name on it.

  • I’m gonna force myself to run tomorrow morning and every time I pass a mile I’m gonna do 10 push ups.. and if I don’t then I can’t go on my pc that day and I WILL stand by that and if I DONT then I WILL become FAT and I WILL hate myself.. so I NEED to do it

  • We don’t necessarily come here to learn so much as to just tmake sure that you’re actually doing what the other more preferrable fitness coaches set out for us to do, such as Thomas Delaurer..�� anybody who literally just, comes to YOU first is almost non-existent.��

  • I haven’t been the best about working out since my university closed and I’ve been stuck at home and this video is the reminder to build back up slowly as I try to get back to working out �� thanks!

  • Alright how many likes I get that’s how many pushups I’ll do I’ll come back and check one month from now to get proof I’ll record this and post it on YouTube

  • I recently discovered your channel, and I’m impressed. With respect to beginning an exercise program, I’d like to add the following:
    Before attempting any serious physical development program, the first weeks should be spent in getting your body in condition for exercise via a “ramping up” period during which no weights or calisthenics are employed at all. Instead execute a program of comprehensive stretching to identify and remedy existing weaknesses and/or insufficiencies as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. Add in core training gradually to create the stability that must be present to serve as the foundation for all further exercise and to prevent injuries. Special emphasis should be placed on the lower back during this phase. Joint stability and support should be the secondary target, right behind the core and lower back.
    Even young people should go through this preparatory phase they may get some surprises along the way! The older you are, the longer this ramp should be and the gentler its slope, i.e. take longer and work more slowly in proportion to your age. Be conservative take longer than you think you need and it will pay off big time! Even if you are 30 years old, if your last real, sustained exercise was your high school PE classes, you will be shocked at how limited your flexibility has become since then. Bad posture habits and the consequences of a sedentary life style add up quickly.

  • Great vid.
    Always nice to see good content that also confirms my personal belief that one should never underestimate the fundamentals/basics.

  • Try to start the gym after your 18 because if you start sooner it may be difficult for your body to grow up because of muscle you build

  • Thank you for posting this video the information in this video will come in handy as I’m starting my weight loss journey. I’m 250 Lbs and I hope to lose 140 Lbs by March 2021 and I hope that is a realistic goal,I’m so happy that you told me to basically go at my own pace I thought I should go at the pace of the workout instructor on the DVDs I bought.

  • I really wish I can rip the universes balls off why tf do we have to do this shit in order to look better fuck I hate it in this world

  • I actually look for soreness after a workout. If I get sore, I will do it again. If I don’t get sore, I feel sad and I don’t want to do it anymore.:D am I a masochist?

  • Me doing face-pulls with heavy resistance band.
    Jeff: Squeeze the weight and see increase in energy.
    Me: Let’s do it.
    And Boom, 10 extra reps. Woohoo

  • What was said in the video for anyone who’d like to Ctrl c+ ctrl paste:) I edited it a little so it makes more sense
    (Please like so people can see!)

    If you have a goal in mind and you want to achieve that goal you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. And if your not, your never going to reach that goal. The more you put into anything, the more your going to get out of it. The longer you train, the more you eat, the more you sleep, the better results your going to get. Small daily improvements overtime will lead you to stunning results. Tiny wins are the way to greatness. You need to do everything in your power so you can meet your goal

    When you find yourself getting lazy, when you find yourself getting unfocused it because you forgot what your doing it for. You forgot what you motivation is, you forgot what your reasoning is! So if you ever find yourself distracted remember why your there in the first place. Seriously, remember why your there!! Remember what’s pushing you, cuz I guarantee you that the reason why your therethere was something that got you there in the first place. You have to grind for your future. You have to persist and push for your future.

    So you want to be successful? Then you’ve got to prove yourself, you’ve got to push through the dirt.

    Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by change. It happens by having a purpose, and a clear plan that you can execute by taking daily action and not wasting time.

    You have to truly except that it’s going to be hard.
    You don’t want it to be easy, you want this to be real, powerful, you want this to amount to something. You have to want to work for it. You don’t want to say “I don’t deserve this” because there proof. You can look back at the sweat, the blood, the tears the sacrifices. That’s all you! That something that you can do, and you want to be proud of that!

    A decision without action is only a good intention.

    So when I procrastinate, even though I think I’m giving myself a break.. I’m going to have to work twice as hard as I would have, had I just go up and done it.

    Discipline is nothing more than demonstrating your decisions on a daily basis. You have to looking at the other side of discipline. When you have the discipline to do the things that you really don’t wanna do, then you earn the right to have the things that you really want to have.

    Take a look at everything you’ve accomplished so far and decide to compete with yourself so you can do more than you’ve done in your past. Challenge yourself.

    Growth is painful. But when it occurs it’s always glorious and beautiful.

    There are 2 a decisions in life.
    Pain and regret.
    When your time comes, choose wisely.

    Your one decision away from living the best life. One decision from living your dreams. That decision is you saying yes to your destiny. Yes to your purpose.

    Challenges aren’t meant to stop us or hold us back from our dreams. It’s the opposite. There meant to help us discover who we are and what were made of.

    See dificult differently.

  • There’s two kinds of pain in this world, the pain of discipline, and the pain of the needle piercing your skin as you pump anabolic steroids into yourself

  • That’s reassuring because I have the opposite problem: I have trouble pushing myself! I’m more the “stop when you’re tired, not when you’re done” kind of beginner… I’m gonna repeat myself that I’m building foundations 😉

  • I’m not self cautious about how much I weight and how much I can do, I usually get compliments because people like when they see a 14 year old doing his thing at a young age

  • I just realized that this channel joined in 2017… it already has 35m subscribers…
    Some channels joined in 2005 and still only have 30k subs. Those channels are usually the great ones.
    Check them out and maybe subscribe to them if you like them!
    Some of them are even better than the best YouTubers you watch!

  • For those looking for a great set of adjustable dumbbells, these Merax dumbbells are amazing quality for the price and go up to 71.5 lbs each. I’ve had them for a month now and they are terrific for working out at home on days I can’t make it to the gym.

  • instead of a bench and adjustable dumbells, I would recommend a barbell set (about $200 @ Dick’s sporting goods for a 300 lb set) and an adjustable squat rack (maybe $150). Being able to squat and deadlift is much more important for overall strength than the bench press and you can’t do a decent squat or deadlift with dumbbells. You can also do the bench press from the floor, or as I do, completely skip it. I have a shoulder problem and all I do when I bench is aggravate it, so I stopped benching, but I have been doing overhead pressing and it seems to still be hitting my chest muscles and does not aggravate my shoulder. When you think about it, the bench press is really one of the most useless exercises you can do. How often are you in a situation where you need to push something straight out in front of you like that?

  • Hey Sean, I train when I’ve recovered from the previous workout! Which on average is every 3-4 days.
    One thing about Tiredness… Tiredness can come from feeling lethargic, which I often get because of a sedentary computer based job.

  • Love what you said about not counting your reps! When my girlfriends and I workout they always want a number so I tell them go until you can’t anymore and then do two more lol! Learn you body and feel what we are doing! It’s amazing

  • I have a question.
    For having a cheat meal we should fast all day long and save those calories or just add some extra calories to my regular diet? I appreciate your response.:)

  • I was just thinking about this very thing with my workouts this week. This is great knowledge! Every one of your videos motivates me to keep working out. I do something everyday, even if it’s for 15 minutes. I love the selfie dramatization, by the way! It had me laughing so hard. It was a wonderful ab workout for me.

  • I really love your videos!!!! Could you make a vid on how to work on mobility and muscle imbalances? Thanks for the quality content

  • this is what I needed. I am a beginner and I have been trying to work out so hard but what I need to do is take it slow and build consistency

  • If you got this deep into the comments then you should have enough time to workout! Quit just sitting/laying down, and get up so you can actually do something with your life!!

  • This video was amazing Jess! Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with how you kept yourself on track to get what you wanted. So empowering!

  • For everyone that’s going to try this in their room without their parents knowing or embarrassed if their parents find out

    Feel you

  • wow never heard this speech before. o wait, its every god damn speech ever given in the exact same way In every workout video. thumbs down!

  • Those over dramatizations make me laugh every time. But sadly I’ve seen some of them done. There’s even this person I know of that did a weighted hip thrust with 300 lbs on the bar she had across her lap. She admitted that she can’t do them that heavy with good form. And that she can only do one. While I have admired her progress for years. My thinking is “If you can’t do them with good form and can only do one then what did you really accomplish?” But I realized that even though her goal is trying to do a hip thrust with the heaviest weight possible. That’s not my goal. My goal is to do them well and accurately. Even with the glute bridge on the floor my journey was different. When I started out I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even get my hips up to a good height. I barely had space between my butt and the floor. So I just kept trying to do them with good form. Then when I did one and my butt was significantly off the ground I felt like I won the lottery! I was so excited! So the fact that you’ve included modifications really means a lot to me. And I just want to thank you for including modifications and having such a good variety of exercises. You really have made a difference in my life. Because it would have been way too easy for me to just give up and stop trying. But it’s the fact that I am subscribed to this channel (and some others) along with knowing I was past tired of being overweight and tired that’s helped me. Again thank you so much! I really appreciate the content on your channel. ��

  • Why isn’t her channel getting one million subscribers by now? I appreciate her taking the time explaining the science behind every exercise so we pay more attention when we perform the move which means less chance of injury and better results. Please don’t fast forward her videos, you will be missing a lot of important information which will help how you perform the exercise. I only wish I live close to her gym

  • Watching this video, after getting so much out of previous videos… thinking, “Yeah, I need a little outside help.” I sent my application, feeling optimistic! KM

  • Im doing snake diet and getting the fat off and when shredded will start bulking so educating myself in preparation to bulk. Thanks for all the info jeff.

  • Hey Jeff cavalier wanted to speak with you really been watching videos of you just don’t know where to start please help I need more information from you email me or call me at my number

  • It’s 3am and I am supposed to be asleep, instead addicted to your knowledge and keep saying Yes, OK OK as a lifter for over 24 years time to switch it up and focus on learning an lifting differently.

    Thank you for not taking SLOW and actually moving it along QUICKLY! You are the only guy I don’t have to speed up talking!

    If you could do a video on helping with weak ligaments and working on the smaller muscles since now my BIG ones always overcompensate since I never taught myself to work on those, that would be great.

    Taught myself to lift, as a woman long time ago, lift heavy all my life, love being strong but still weak and now left hip, glutes need work. Overcompensating = Bad

    Want to start training for a StrongWoman competition this year, but feel a few tweaks, A LOT of tweaks would give me what I need for a great first SW Competition.

    [email protected]
    Thanks again, you are almost at 10mm subscribers, I wanted to be first to congratulate you before you hit it….

    I would love a weekend with you training, I’d be crying but learning so much it would make my soul cry from happiness, of course my body as well.

    Happy Training 2020 Everyone! #BlessUp

  • I have been Bird Dogging and Glute Bridging for three weeks now. Last night my abs engaged so hard I couldn’t believe it. That had never happened before. I lifted one foot off the ground while glute bridging and really struggled, but I got the job done. My plans of including the Downward Dog in my routine has been curtailed to toe touches without the help of a yard stick (my calves and hamstrings are incredibly tight.). Even those are improving every night. Soon I will be able to keep my feet and hands flat and legs and back straight during the Downward Dog. All of this is in an effort to being able to achieve the Plank.

  • This can’t be a coincidence, I was thinking about starting to exercise yesterday, and the very next day Bright Side post this video..

  • It is weird how we are all so different, yet are excuses are all the same. I used to have those same excuses and they are the same ones I hear people say now. It is text book. We are our worst fitness enemy. Just got to do it and make it a routine. Routine is the key. Thanks for the vid.

  • Yeah I do like an hourhour and 30 min 3-4 days a week to work around busy schedule. People always think I’m in there like 7 days a week and I’m like no lol.

  • Almost everybody at the gym is on your side.
    Just stop and think about the obese person in the gym.
    Had the guts to start going to the gym.
    They already carry extra weight. Pick up a sixty pound weight of iron and think about trying to lose this weight in fat
    Encourage each other, same tribe, different starting points.

  • Great video. 45 min, 8-10 sets per workout, 3 days a week sounds like a great deal! Does this time include warm up sets, and all exercises performed/body parts trained in the session?

  • Those are great points for people with some experience, but I think the most important thing for an absolute beginner is to get a personal trainer with proper certifications and experience, thats my 2 cents. If you are sick, you go to the doctor, not look in the internet for what medicine what to take.
    Also, dont waste money on supplements, better go see a nutritionist.

  • I’ll be sure to share your videos from now on these are some tips I try to share with a long time friend along with doing it continually to see improvement

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  • I have school every day and sports after until 7:00 and I still workout every morning at 5 and that is my favorite part of the day. The hardest part is getting started. Once you get results it makes it way more enjoyable and motivating. People just need to get through the first month or two before giving up. Nothing happens overnight

  • I was definitely guilty of using weight I couldn’t handle on bench. I joined wrestling my junior year, my coach didnt make me join lifting yet, but the next year he signed me up for it. I was a lightweight, wrestling 106lb jr year and 113lb senior year. I wound up with lifting partners that were 175lb and 210lb. We compromised by taking off some of the weight for my rep, and as a result I was trying to bench what I could only do 3-5 times every time we had a bench day. This was a mistake. Funnily enough I was capable of keeping up with squats and deadlifts, and actually did better than the 175lber at squats. I got the record for bodyweight % squats in the whole school, I did 250lb and weighed 115ish. And if someone working at althlean x sees this, I’m curious as to whether what I saw in this video when I saw two of them squatibg, it seemed that they werent going all the way down with their legs, but bent over and used their back and glutes more, I never bent down much in my squats, but i do believe when i didn’t doing my max for thet record, i did it 3 times first two i stayed fairly upright, and the last time i knew he said i didnt go deep enough and i went lower, but my back went over to, i still pushed back up, but I could tell it was using more glute and back, I’m just asking if in your opinion, that is the correct form for a squat.

  • This video is sad. I have to comment for Real people who want to be motivated. This is 2019. We need a new breed of energy. A sense of no stopping

  • Start small… Have a plan… Mind and body connection, activation… Respect to our body ������ Thank you for your video Cory������

  • According to Jeff ( whom I’ve learned a great deal from) don’t do unsupported dumbbell flies because it’s really bad for your shoulders. If he’s talking about for ROM why would he use that as an example?

  • I don’t make excuses but I had serious injury in my knee so I make pause from training, next week will be two years of my pause. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • I just have to remind myself that im a Star Trek nerd, and the only way for people to not see me as only that, is to be bigger than them.

  • For awhile I thought I was on the right track. I went sub 8% on body fat, and had dropped from around 215lbs to 185lbs in about 3 months. I was absolutely shredded, but I was getting so tired, so sore, and so worn out that it started getting harder and harder to motivate myself to get into the gym (gallons of pre-workout were consumed). Eventually I started to fall into using excuses to rationalize my failure to workout till the point I just stopped going. Unfortunately things got much worse, and over the next few months I dropped down to 135lbs and couldn’t really take care of my basic needs on my own anymore. Turns out I hadn’t stumbled upon some awesome workout that gets you shredded super fast, I had actually developed Addison’s disease. Apparently my excuses were completely valid at the time, but I was a little too stubborn to look at my situation objectively and seek medical help. Now that I’ve been diagnosed and put hormone replacement therapy I’m back up to 215lbs (actually 212lbs as of today, I’m leaning down for summer), and I lift 5 days a week and do cardio 6 days per week religiously. No excuses.

  • I started 2 months back with normal walk, and added lunges and arm workout with 1 kg dumbell…it was going well but later i did all the mistakes u told….n now my back hurts, my neck muscles are sore…should i start again from walk or jus take some days rest….plzz help

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • here’s my excuse: “I overtrained.” lol. I watch your training techniques so it doesn’t stop me from working out. Much love. Maybe some people don’t know how to workout…i see discouragement from people at the gym.


  • i have a dumb friend who kind of likes to lift sometimes, so he gave me this excuse,
    I ran out of cooking gas so i couldn’t prepare my pre-workout meal and hence sadly i couldn’t come to the gym
    This guy is literally so dumb in day to day life i just want to slap the shit out of him everytime he opens his mouth

  • I totally love that you added the ‘timestamps’ in your time/progression bar (sorry, don’t know what it is called) of the video! Or did youtube do that automatically because the timestamps are in your description? XD

  • How do you know when to move up? How long before you increase weights? I don’t want to look bulky but I do want to define my body. HELP

  • What advice would you (or anyone else reading) give for someone that legitimately can’t make it through a moderate-intense workout and simply fatigues quickly? I can’t help it, the painkillers I take for my bad knee and the sedatives I take for my stress and anxiety can make me very lethargic and I’m pretty out of shape. I’ve only been working out for about three weeks after about an 7 year hiatus mostly due to injury but also college, travelling and pursuing other interests like BMX riding.

    The desire is there and that fire inside me to go all-out and improve myself and get stronger is definitely there and I look forward to training. But once I do, I give in after 30-40 minutes because I physically can’t go on.

    I’ve been splitting my work-outs in half. Early in the morning I’ll spend 30 minutes just doing something like abs, calves, biceps and forearms or maybe traps (no big muscle groups) then later on at night, I’ll do chest or legs or lats/back.

    I find it does kinda help but do you think this is a viable way to work out?

  • Great video:-) What about excuse of bad knee and joints? My husband says he can’t do pushup or bench press because his wrist is bad and he can’t do squat or lower body workout because his knees are bad. It is just very impossible to get him work out sometimes:'(

  • I just hard a dream that my family and I were sliding inside a stomach like it was a water slide and Mr. Cavelier (idk if that’s how to spell it I’m Srry) was inside the stomach working out. He then advertised me some delicious protein shake. And I stayed so long that my family has to come get me. Idk what the name of the protein shake was but I want it ;-;

  • I am glad I found your channel. Hey I am planning to get pregnant come fall I would love to hear what exercises are safe during pregnancy. (And why)

  • Love your first point! My friends and I just started an entire channel dedicated to showing people that fitness and working out can fit into even the busiest of lives and how to go about doing it. And then when I was searching for our own videos, I happen to come across this channel. Awesome video and tips! All beginners should watch this!

  • I think this was incredibly helpful. I think your pacing was great and I could listen to your voice and stay focused on your message consistently throughout the video. If there’s anything I need to nitpick (and truly, this is nitpicking) please notice how you read the three sentences from 4:47 to 4:58. They have the same tone. It was kinda glaring at me when I heard it, that it pulled me out of the experience of listening to your advice a little and started to over-focus on the way you spoke. So I thought I may as well give you feedback if in case it wasn’t just me. It helps to keep the tone dynamic to make it sound natural and conversational even when you’re reading through a script, because it’s just more engaging that way. Anyway, I hope it’s helpful. And if you think it isn’t and it’s like, totally worthless feedback, no worries. Please ignore it.:)

  • I love this, I’ve been working out consistently for 3 years and I even have to go back to basics. I’ve made so many exercise mistakes, have had the aches and pains over the years and have learned that sometimes, it’s okay to take a step back and work on my form and mobility because I know it’ll help me in the long run.

  • To YOU reading this, may you get everything you want before 2021 starts. ��

  • It can be so tempting to rush into workouts we’re not ready for. Thanks for talking about this Cori. I also like the idea of “earning” movements.

  • TRUE! now that my semester stared I’m just waking up only 20 minutes early than usual, a few minutes of jumping rope and then combined afterburn effects exercises timed with my gymboss app (20 sec work, 10 sec rest). takes just about 20 minutes to burst your Metabolism and keep burning fat while sitting in my classroom ��.
    great video!

  • 1:08 though….. ������… I’m a former fitness professional and this is VERY helpful, even for the seasoned exerciser. It’s so easy to get caught up and distracted, especially in this season where most of us are relying home workouts and creativity. Gotta watch creativity though, as you stated at 5:18…Some of us fitness vets feel like I gotta, gotta, gotta have a new set of workouts EVERY week, when it’s much better to progressively build on what you’ve done in the previous weeks. Keep us ALL in check!

  • You’re either motivated to workout or you’re not, it’s that simple. I’m 5’6 and was 200 lbs, now I’m 140 lbs after deciding one day enough was enough.

  • Sound advice. Bottom line, don’t find the time, make the time. I workout at 5am 6 days a week. I’m not infringing on family time and the gym equipment is always available. Especially for super-sets. That’s what works for me. Not for everyone but find what works for you. Determination.

  • Ok so I work my ass off at the gym and I barely get any sleep bcs of my two boys.. So my question is how the heck do I not go binge eat on food bcs I’m so sleepy that I just want to eat to stay up?

  • stopped watching at 43 seconds because i realized I was being lazy and watching this video instead of working out like I should be

  • I have been working out every other day for two weeks now, i can see results but I am losing motivation. I am trying to keep going…. Will update in 1 month.

  • Ecclesiastes 1-12 English Standard Version
    All Is Vanity

    1 The words of the Preacher,[a] the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

    Vanity[b] of vanities, says the Preacher,
    vanity of vanities! All is vanity.
    What does man gain by all the toil
    at which he toils under the sun?
    A generation goes, and a generation comes,
    but the earth remains forever.
    The sun rises, and the sun goes down,
    and hastens[c] to the place where it rises.
    The wind blows to the south
    and goes around to the north;
    around and around goes the wind,
    and on its circuits the wind returns.
    All streams run to the sea,
    but the sea is not full;
    to the place where the streams flow,
    there they flow again.
    All things are full of weariness;
    a man cannot utter it;
    the eye is not satisfied with seeing,
    nor the ear filled with hearing.
    What has been is what will be,
    and what has been done is what will be done,
    and there is nothing new under the sun.
    Is there a thing of which it is said,
    “See, this is new”?
    It has been already
    in the ages before us.
    There is no remembrance of former things,[d]
    nor will there be any remembrance
    of later things[e] yet to be

    among those who come after.

    …Have a nice workout:-)

  • You are ignoring your nutrition. Your “diet” is the most critical component when getting in shape. This was the biggest factor when I lost 80 lbs. Intermittent fasting was a big component. Next was development of mind to muscle connection. Focusing on the muscles actually required for improvement. Last but not least was full range of motion.��

  • Your an inspiration. What do I need to do when you hit your plateau? I train everyday but seems like I need a different kind of workout. What can you suggest thank you.

  • I am 5ft 10″ and currently weight 280lbs as the posting of this. I am a disabled veteran and live a really sedentary life. I have a torn rotator cuff (about 75% from the last xray about a year ago) as well as permanent nerve damage on the left side of my body (which goes numb from time to time). From watching your video’s i’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and in the last couple of days have changed my eating and drinking habits. I used to drink 12 sodas a day and eat what ever i wanted (ie. i got a deep fryer for xmas so i’ve been putting it through its paces lol). I have been focusing on nutrition since i’ve been watching your videos and it seems to be a recurring theme that i need to nail down before starting to get more physical.

    Here’s my question: Now that i’ve got the feeling that i can become more active this video says w/in the first 2 minutes that i shouldn’t have any injuries and i’m so confused because i do. I know i am prob taking it the wrong way and that’s why i’m asking what was actually meant by it and should i start practicing full range of motion or should i do something different?

    I’m sorry for the long winded intro and question, i’m just trying to learn as much as i can. Disabled VA status doesn’t pay me enough to pay anyone for advice so i’m left to wing it on my own but if i can avoid an injury i’d really love a tip on what i can do to “test” the waters a bit.

    Thank you for the awesome videos and information i look forward to more =D
    -subscribed! \o/

  • Your videos are great. I am sad to tell YouTube I don’t want to see them anymore. But you post too many, and too much nonsense. So I am out.

  • Amazing video. I started my workout schedule this past Friday from this post (6 days ago) and this is my third workout since. This shit motivated me to hit my reps more consistently and made me go above and beyond my previous push-up and sit-up PRs.