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13 Ways to Teach Yourself to Be More Confident Few are born confident, research shows. The self-assured learn to be that way, and you can too. By Minda Zetlin, Co-author, The Geek Gap @MindaZetlin. Struggle to feel as confident as you’d like to feel? This article will help you practice better habits and learn how to fake it until you make it.

Menu. Cancel View cart. Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Top 10 BCAAs Top 10 Creatines. If you want to learn how to be more confident, you must be willing tochange your state. Your state is essentially your mood at any given time of day.

Your mood is influenced by how you feel about yourself at that point in time. 4 Tips to Become a More Confident and Empowered You. Be Self-Aware – If you want to boost your confidence, you have to get to know and accept the real you – strengths, areas of challenge, and innate traits.

When you understand who you are and how you’re mostly likely to respond when interacting with others, you can make conscious choices. Nothing zaps your confidence more than comparing yourself to others. Especially now, with social media and the wonderful opportunity to judge yourself against so many others!

Lack of confidence comes from a gap in where you see yourself and where you think you should be. Imagine you are preparing to give a big presentation or speech. Surround Yourself With Confident Women One of the best tips for becoming a more confident woman is to surround yourself with strong, capable, and wonderful women. When you have a network of confident women in your life, you have an endless resource of encouragement, advice, and solidarity.

To look and feel confident, your body language must show it. First, the easiest way to look like a winner is to claim territory. Own your body and own the space around you by standing or sitting tall.

Keep your arms loose by your side or place one or both hands on your hips. Stand Up Straight. Don’t walk with your shoulder slumped and your eyes looking down – instead, walk with your back straight and don’t avoid eye contact. This will make you look self-assured and confident, and looking the part will help you to feel more confident on the inside. 4.

Here are seven ways FBI agents learn to boost their confidence—mental hacks you can use to be more confident in yourself, too: 1. Push through self-limiting beliefs. As children we think we can. If you want to be more confident, feel more confident.

When you find yourself feeling nervous and unsure, stop for a moment, close your eyes, and think of a time when you felt confident and.

List of related literature:

So here are my top five tips for becoming more confident or feigning confidence:

“How to be sexy: Seduction tips for women” by Infinite Ideas, Helena Frith Powell
from How to be sexy: Seduction tips for women
by Infinite Ideas, Helena Frith Powell
Infinite Ideas, 2011

Below are some tips that can help you feel confident, as well as look Confident:

“BTEC Introduction to Business, Retail & Administration” by Hala Seliet
from BTEC Introduction to Business, Retail & Administration
by Hala Seliet
Pearson Publ Oxford Heinemann, 2005

Practice in ways that build confidence.

“Putting Out of Your Mind” by Bob Rotella
from Putting Out of Your Mind
by Bob Rotella
Free Press, 2001

Make building your confidence a habit—and that means practicing the other five strategies whenever you can.

“Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide” by Gillian Butler, R. A. Hope
from Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide
by Gillian Butler, R. A. Hope
Oxford University Press, 2007

The biggest thing I’ve learned over the years is that confidence—not trying to be perfect—is the key

“Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook” by Stassi Schroeder
from Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook
by Stassi Schroeder
Gallery Books, 2019

Ten Tips to Becoming a Better Listener The following are ten tips to help one become a better listener: 1.

“Organisational Behaviour” by S S Khanka
from Organisational Behaviour
by S S Khanka
S. Chand Limited, 2006

These are simple yet effective techniques you can use to develop a mindset that creates self-confidence.

“New Mindset, New Results” by Kerry Johnson
from New Mindset, New Results
by Kerry Johnson
G&D Media, 2019

These four techniques are enough in themselves to completely transform your self-concept and your personality: Begin by thinking of yourself as you would ideally like to be.

“Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills that Will Unlock Your Hidden” by Brian Tracy
from Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills that Will Unlock Your Hidden
by Brian Tracy
Simon & Schuster, 2011

Confidence can provide the momentum you need to be the person God meant you to be.

“Be a People Person: Effective Leadership Through Effective Relationships” by John C. Maxwell
from Be a People Person: Effective Leadership Through Effective Relationships
by John C. Maxwell
David C Cook, 2013

By making this one simple change in the way you carry yourself, you will send a whole new set of messages to yourself and the world about how naturally confident you really are.

“Instant Confidence: The Power to Go for Anything you Want” by Paul McKenna, Ph.D.
from Instant Confidence: The Power to Go for Anything you Want
by Paul McKenna, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2016

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  • I watched this cause of my enemy lo (I have a very weird thing sooo everytime I’m angry and my enemy is looking at me pigeons just come flying around me to make me look cool?)

  • How to be confident: Impersonate a fictional character from a TV series that was invented by a beta nerd and acted by someone who was a voice in SpongeBob SquarePants.

  • I used to help some employees and slowly they started to actually push that work into me and make it sound like it’s my job “she’s always doing it” they say to my boss.
    Now that I’m brave enough to say: I’m busy, I can teach you how to do it, but I can’t keep doing this.
    They actually started bitching and spreading what a bitch and a lazy unhelpful employee. Shame on me ����

  • this video really helped me a lot! I’ve always thought that I am too soft and people just walk all over me. Now I can effectively help myself without sounding too harsh. Thanks a lot! You’ve earned a like and a subscribe!

  • The 30% rule: we unnecessarily force ourselves to respond 30% quicker than we need to or would expect others to respond to us. So take an extra 2 beats

  • Definitely needed this. I’ve struggled with being assertive from high school into adulthood. It’s taking a strain on relationships and my career now ����

  • 2:50 yes!!!!!!! I was also a server for 3 years. At Applebee’s. Bad service gets me especially when I’m not the only one having the experience at the time. If you’re not mature enough to understand that whoever annoyed you already left, or if you don’t have the ability to leave your home life at home, you shouldn’t be in the restaurant/service industry ����‍♀️

    I also used to always tip because i know what it’s like to be under appreciated at work and it could make the persons day even worse if I’m not tipping on top of their bad mood, but fuck that. I don’t tip for horrible service. And i don’t feel bad for it at all. And I’ve gotten really good at letting it go, or just getting something for free if there’s outright disrespect. Then i feel better:)

  • It definitely helps to show your nerd side when you are built like Cavill. But, do show your hobbies with enthusiasm. Just don’t let it be your all.

  • Cheers for this, I’ve been looking for “tips on being confident in yourself” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Monharlotte Ideological Magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )?

    It is an awesome one of a kind product for discovering how to become confident and live the life you want minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  • a super beta voice telling you secrets about masculinity based in a tv show based in a videogame
    sure bro, i’m trusting you A LOT xDDDD

  • Great
    Ur own needs
    Be conf if ur reasonab
    win win
    Be flexi: provide option
    Calm cool
    Repeat with variation again and again or new info

  • Say, Will you do a video on Trump vs Biden? seeing as you did the Trump vs the Wicked Witch of Washington so well, figure it’d be a good fit to you.

  • How to be more confident:

    Step 1: Be 6’3+
    Step 2: Have a jawline sculpted by ancient Greek gods
    Step 3: Have flawless skin and no facial hair
    Step 4: Be ripped to shreds
    Step 5: Be Henry Caville

  • Trying to be like a fantasy character who is played and not real seems silly! Just be yourself and gain confidence by doing stuff that makes you proud instead of listening to this fake BS!

  • ummm…if I look at someone like that (minus the yellow eyes)…they’ll call the cops on me and yes it has happened…in a black neighborhood nonetheless!!! wtf!!

  • Walk into client’s office
    Forcibly remove them from desk chair
    Take their seat
    Smoke client’s cigars
    Comment on how attractive their wife is
    Pull out the check book, pocket it while they watch

  • We got to be honest:
    Guys, running around, applying all of these confidence tips can look very cringy, because mostly its not natural for them to do these things

  • 1. Get in touch with your own needs. Articulate. Minimum requirements. Boundaries.
    2. Be confident if your ask is reasonable.
    3. See the others point of view. Empathy for self interest.
    4. Signal flexibility by giving options.
    5. Keep your delivery calm.
    6. Make yourself the scapegoat. It’s about you anyway and not about arguing them through it. Use ‘I have a policy…’
    7. Use the broken record technique. Repeat it.

  • Ive been trying to be assertive with my parents for most of my life. Unfortunately even using these methods isnt enough as they insist on treating me however they want!

  • Hi Blushers, I wish you all find your beauty and love yourselves. That’s my wish for all of you this Valentines week. Tell me one act of Self love ❤️“First 100 to click on will get UNLIMITED access for 1 week and 25% off your full membership.”

  • I was in a meeting at work thinking we’re were there for something else, to accuse me without knowing what was going to take place… I was bamboozled, flabbergasted, caught off guard and agreed with everything, and only when I left and through the afternoon did I think…eh… Was that even ethical? I knew I needed to work on my assertiveness but I thought people couldn’t see my lack of it that much, or would not take advantage of it. Hahaha.

  • Noone has said me ‘you are beautiful’ ever! even my parents, I mean they are like if you had this and that and blah blah… thank god none of these really have affected me deeply,though I should confess here that I was concerned about some of my body parts in my teenage age but I really have had this high spirit to overcome these kind of nonsense. And today as 25 years old I really appreciate the way I look, I don’t feel ‘less’ ‘insecure’ and ‘not beautiful’ among these so called beauty faces. I would not change even a bit of myself even if I am given chance. I know and acknowledge the fact that I don’t meet any of the famous beauty standards but I am really happy and have no complain regarding my appearance especially!

  • Thanks for the video. You inspire me. Here are the three things I love about myself,
    I love how I can forgive others
    I love my optimism and believe in the hopes I have
    I love the conscience in me which directs me to right path

  • Good Day, Your lack of transparency at the start of your video and at the start of Tip #2 about part of it being “Sponsored” is why you have lost me as a subscriber. I pay youtube a monthly fee to not have any advertising.

  • My appearance,my smile, my glow and my word power make me more confident and so different and beautiful inside and outside from the rest of the crowd. Thanks for the brighter side shown to the rest of the world on valentine value

  • 3 Things i find beautiful about myself are….making my patients happy as they enter my chamber by complimenting them, balancing between my family,Hospital,Friends and relatives…and living my life 10yrs younger than my age.Really love this video Parmita ��

  • I’ve been really nice too long, I have to go back to school assertive, I feel like I came off as weak, every time I spoke up for myself, people would always say I have anger issues or somethings wrong with me, I just want to be respected ��

  • This huy is talking about a fictional character as though he is a real person. Firstly, that weird. Second, its easy for Don. The rest of us, who are living non fictional lives, don’t have a script written for us so that we look cool in each seen.

  • You’ve really helped me over these last few days man, I’m even going to meet a girl next week thanks to you and I couldn’t be happier ��

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH BASED ZEUS!! I was on the fence about texting this cute girl I had only talked to once before, saw your video, texted her, and she asked me to hang out first

  • If u have no time |
    work out a lot
    eat healthy
    have a hobby and good at it
    dress well
    do not care others ideas
    watch and do who confident from tv..
    be successful
    do what u want
    make friends
    have a good relationship with ur family
    do not fight on net, waste of time
    have a goals
    get up early
    get enough sleep
    do not make excuses, JUST DO IT
    get rid of negative ppl
    watch funny things or read funny things
    do not make a big deal abouıt bullshit
    control ur life
    take risks
    work out a lot
    fight who bully with u
    have standarts
    do not be negative
    use common sense and make ur own decisions, learn from ur mistakes
    do not complain
    be positive
    be confident in urself

  • i can’t work out though.. because if I do there’s a chance I can get a CSF leak… i ain’t gonna fckin risk my own life just to have muscles

  • I’m 6’2″ and it’s pretty tall for Asian. I worked out not to get a big body as competitive bodybuilders but to have abs, chest, and biceps especially ass as good as I can and I always dress with Dark Jean or Skinny Jean and, T-shirt with Leather Jacket or Denim Jacket and a pair of boots or sneaker. And Hairstyle, that shit play big role as fuck also with a pair of glass and stylish school bag. Wherever I go I feel like girls are checking me out even if they’re with their boyfriend as if I’m a model or some shit like that. That feel powerful as hell. It’s like you can get any girl you want.

  • Even if 1% of the world likes you, thats still 144 Million people!

    and as someone said even if 0.001% like you that’s still 144k people

  • Number 31: stop beating your fucking meat, not only is it desperate but its gay because your having sex with yourself and if your the same gender as u that suspect as hell

  • I blasted justin bieber while at a stop ligth! I got the shit kicked out of me but at least I felt confident on my ride to the ER.

  • Enjoyed the video. May you please make a video on how to display confidence without seeming pretentious, arrogant or cocky? Where is the line?

  • Let me give you a hint, if you’re watching this you’re on the wrong path. Go out and interact with people more, dare to speak up and just generally get out of your comfort zones, and you will achieve confidence. Lifting in the gym also helped me with this

  • I am that type of person would point out but somehow I feel like I’m not giving enough information. Especially, when it’s comes to confrontation

  • This guy is phony. It’s not about your 1930s haircut or your 5 o’clock shadow. The truth is if you stand up for yourself these days be prepared to be unappreciated, shamed and even be labeled something that you aren’t. Real men don’t use the word “ick”. The next time I talk to a real man that mentions anything about his friend taking a ski trip will be the first time. Never use “I feel”, or “ For me” it just gives away that you are extraordinarily feminine. If someone uses the broken record technique against you, all you have to do is repeat a customer service script back to them. Remember you’re dealing with a generation that knows they’re on camera and is extremely soft. Send them out the door back to their Uber. Weak.

  • I definitely found this video very helpful.
    I sometimes feel too scared to speak up because I’m always worried about how the other person might react lol!

  • If there isn’t any at all, writing accomplishments of the day, big or small, every night can help. Also having vision boards and imagining yourself reaching your goals will add to your subconscious behaviour. Let’s get it, it’s time! <3!

  • Assertiveness Poem: So What Do You Think?

    A: “Yes! It’s so awesome! Finally! Ahh, I’m so happy! Chuffed to bits! So, what do you think?”

    B: “Ermm, nah.”

    A: “Oh, really?”

    B: “Yeah, like, like 110% No.”

    A: “Oh, how so? 110%? I mean, why not higher? You can be honest, you know.”

    B: “Well, you know, I was trying to be polite, but in all honesty, its more like a No to Infinity Percent. No, like “To Infinity and Beyond” No. No, with the, the “o” at the end reoccuring endlessly like the last digit of a decimalised fraction.”…

    Continue this Poem Dialogue via:

  • Great info. I can’t help but point out, however, that IMAGERY is important. In your first point, you associated the one image of a black man in your video at 2:05 with your comments of “people claim they know what their needs are, they claim that people are treating them badly, meanwhile the other people have no idea why their panties are in a bunch…” Your choice to place the image of a black man was a micro-aggression, and the rhetoric you are suggesting in the use of that image is that black men are the way that you explained… while I know this comment may receive a bit of gaslighting, which is not unfamiliar to me or ppl that look like me, I am ironically being “assertive” to explain exactly why I immediately caught your use of the picture as a racial micro-aggression. Your rhetoric suggests that black men claim that others “are treating them badly, meanwhile the other people have no idea why their panties are in a bunch…” Their “panties are in a bunch” because of actions like this. My suggestion is to replace the photo of someone who looks like you with a worried look or a feeling of concern, Not a confident black man. Your use of the image of the ONE black man in this video and your choice of words was an attempt to gaslight and diminish real issues facing black men in not only America, but the world. Unfortunately, your comment was evidence that you ironically may be incapable of understanding why this is an issue. Again, great info on assertiveness. It would be appreciated if you weren’t racist in the process. Thank you. B

  • I can be genuinely assertive with being nice telling people no but people don’t take me seriously. It’s only when I aggressively tell someone no or get angry while being assertive do they stop bothering me.

  • Yoooo it’s been a while since I didn’t hear in a video SUBSCRIBE to this channel, hit the notification bell or this video is sponsored by……..

  • I have certain rules.
    1. No one touches my hair. Ever.
    2. No one vents to me for longer than 30 minutes. And that’s a very long time
    3. I don’t lend money. Or anything for that matter. If MELANIE wants to, I give it away
    4. I’m the only one that drives my car.
    5. I’m the only one that eats in my car/room/couch

  • Interesting video.Will try some of these. Especially love the policy line.Find it triggering around very dominating people.My days of being pushed around need to come to an end but don’t want to be aggressive get in arguments & put downs.Want to learn to be assertive & polite but firm.Am starting to set small boundaries with men recently while being friendly adding a smile & they have no comeback & I don’t budge.Saying no without justifying or explaining is powerful too.Must practice this also as tired of some people’s expectations especially after being rude to me.I struggle to speak up in the moment

  • Simply put, assertiveness Is a communication style/skill that can be learned and developed.
    The basic idea is for one to know how, & when to say YES and when to say NO and applying certain degree of courtesy while doing so.��

  • Parmita,

    Your video’s are so On Point!! Great content and information that you share with us day to day, not to mention your wonderful personality����������

  • Well he doesn’t really care that’s how he knows he is alright whatever happens he just detaches himself from the outcome and moves on.

  • I’m going to use confidence to my advantage this Friday since I’m going snowboarding for the first time. I’m pretty positive that I’m going to wipe out, but I’ll still have the will power to keep trying because I want to be good at board sports. This channel has subconsciously and consciously changed my way of living and for that, I shall sub��

  • the turning your back on people is actually a good tactic…especially when it comes to women. It shows indifference and that they are not worth your time! I’ve done it before and it works like a charm especially when they are still talking and don’t know you’ve walked away until they turn to face you and see you are gone!

  • I’m very intuitive and I feel people’s energy. I finally learned how to be assertive after being treated like a door mat for years. I’ve changed. The broken girl is non existent today. I’m an emphath however I will stand up for myself. I confronted my mother in law after finding out a very dark family secret. She is avoiding me like a plague. Bad karma comes back with a bite. And yes, I do feel good…i finally stood my ground.

  • I think that part of being assertive is also being clear and direct, yet some of these techniques seem manipulative. Anybody else feel that way?

  • Very interesting! I am a woman but this will be helpful for me at work. I am not a very assertive person and easily backdown so I am trying to find ways to communicate effectively

  • Here is one example and how to be assertive. When ordering food through the drive-thru. Don’t say can I get a number one with a Sprite. Instead I would like a number one with a Sprite. When you use the word can I get. You asking for permission but when you say I would like, you are being Direct with what you want and how you want it.

  • If you don’t speak up you’re screwed because you lose value and feel bad in the long run, if you do speak up you’re screwed because you’re difficult and people (both their allies and others) support and defend the person who stepped over your boundaries.

  • So You will make Me more charismatic?

    People sell stuff to make men’s penises longer…..
    Silly….. I’ll bet You move slowly, like a charismatic predator….

  • Nr. 8. Think what you just dropped (a thought; a question; a need; a goal) from your mind: stop giving attention to the other: some people are experts to confuse one: when you remember what you droped; sure you can pick it up again

  • “Why does the peacock have its feathers?” That is actually still a mystery in modern evolutionary biology. Mathematical models still can’t make sense of it.

  • What if I already do all of these but people (my parents to be precise) still ignore me/get angry at me/want to surpass me when I’m talking about my needs and ideas?

  • Just punk them out. Ask them to go outside with you if their so damn tough. If not, they need to shut their damn mouth if they cant back their shit up. I cant stand people, Id rather knock their teeth down their throat.

  • We definitely undervalue acting, for lack of a better word, in our culture. It’s very easy to write off as manipulative or insincere, but it’s also alarmingly easy to forget that if we actually care about other people, we control how we affect them as best as we possibly can.

  • Love your video’s. However my dear, I’m 60 years young (just slightly past 29) and I have never felt more interesting and beautiful! Don’t forget about all of us past 29 who have wonderful active fulfilling lives! ♡

  • What to do if your blood pressure does not boil at the time, because of the years of habit I don’t even realize at the time that I am going to feel this bad or resentful later or may be rest of my life.

  • As Law Enforcement Officer, I am typically a “nice guy”. I am now a Supervisor and had to start being more Assertive. I do this by being more Direct, speak with a certain tone, and show other officers that I am “Not Scared”! I am willing to do anything with little help and most of the time, it comes across good.

  • Hey can any of you help me or give me some advice? Im im 8th and theres this kid that keeps disrespecting in little ways, like punching my arm really hard or calling me namea like a SIMP or a pussy. Im a big guy so the punching doesnt hurt. But i dont want to look like a fool in front of everyone. Thank you if anyone can help me!

  • My problem is not saying my opinion and whenever we talk and it’s my chance to say what’s up, my brain freezes and I go on auto pilot acting confused. I don’t know what else to do in the moment. And so nobody respects me. Honestly this video didn’t help. Nothing seems to:/

  • Just remember, the best assertive approach is always through body language, pasture and how you carry yourself. When you look confident, act smart and behave intelligently you will never need to speak up. Most people will just leave the way or follow your order by your appearance. Its called strong personality.

  • It’s hard to be assertive at this time because I feel that people might think of me badly when I refuse them suddenly after having been accepting of other things in the past. It’s super frustrating and saddening.

  • This is so important to me. It’s not that I’m nice, it’s that I’m too scared. I have some subconscious fears surrounding standing up for myself.

  • Yesterday I shit on the floor of a Macy’s and someone looked at me and said “well that’s bold of you” does that mean I’m confident?

  • I think a big in this is keeping it simple. Sometimes we try to reason with people and show them where they are wrong/ how they are mistreating you and this often makes people defensive and want to argue. We simply need to set a boundary with a simple “No” or “Stop” with no explanation. “Stop talking to me like that. I won’t speak to you when you’re speaking to me this way.” And walk away (if possible) if they don’t respect that boundary.

  • Great
    Small wins
    Don’t tk it persona
    Fake it till u win it
    Speak up
    Lif sho
    Don’t need to care opi of oth
    Emb fear confl

  • Confidence is earned, no short cuts. Put time in at the Gym, put effort into your Career and Education. You will have real Confidence, not just Attitude pretending to be Confident.

  • Fake It ’till You Make It. Great piece of advice. I don’t do bravado but understand the power of it. Gives me plenty of food for thought

  • A lot of things that I listen in your videos confirm my life experience…day by day improuvement, a lot of confilcts, a lot of battles, a lot of scars. But that’s the way to become a man. I would like to knows this things when I was in my twenties… but is never too late. Good job, thanks for the videos!

  • As a black girl, I’ve been conditioned to feel shame about my natural hair as well as my skin due to media and movies. I’m slowly overcoming this

  • You are born with confidence or not born with confidence. This is not something that can be acquired. It is genetic. Those with confidence will always stomp down those without. Even those who call themselves good people will destroy others. Confidence or lack of it is part of the sick sense of humor possessed by that psycho we call God.

  • Self-Confidence in any skill is developed through repetition, persistence, and belief in oneself. Without these three you will never develop true Self-Confidence.

  • You have to BELIEVE to ACHIEVE! My Mother told me not to believe everything I read, but I disobeyed her logic the most is because you have to understand things that goes backwards, can help you move forward in the future. That what makes me special!

  • Iv been a very confident guy always have been,since the whole way thru school….

    Till now,,but it dips at times,,and you hit it man you REALLY DID!

    first vid iv ever seen of urs,but back to the point,
    Don’t EVER,EVER let anyone tell what u can or can not do,only YOU know!!!

    know one really knows you,,only you..!
    If u knew how short life us how it can be snapped away in a split second,put all ur energy into what YOU want to be,cuz ur the only one that can do it…

    Back to been a confident man like I am now,it does dip at times sometimes for a long time……but iv learned cuz I write a lot,just looked at my life from a logic point of view,and seen..

    The dips were a bad break up,a death,a new job I did not want, loss of a friend and so on,,I did not know at the time,

    But what worked for me and got me out of that dark place,I used the gym set a goal,I’ll do 20 weeks of 150 push ups a day ( lol obviously not in one go ). Lol��

    But these little goals set me up for been more confident, I could talk a lot about this,I’m not a physiologist…I’m just a spark ( electrician )

    But I’m still young 30 but by my life lessons, you are 100% right man,great vid.
    Helping people you dont know,you have my respect, subbed too lol��

  • This video is a beautiful message. And ironically, it is not said in a tone to be melodramatic and it doesnt sound like it its begging for attention; in other words, it sounds CONFIDENT. Literally, millions of people have taken their own life because thei failed to “be accepted” and they given up. Again, this is beautiful. Thank you.

  • Confidence is loud cause what you say means something be quiet and learn till what you got to say means something to YOU not pleasing others STOP ONLY LIVING THROUGH YIUR 5 SENCES go inward and everyone will BEG FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. It’s called being a LEADER.

  • I dont like the fact he is always talking like if you are confident you gotta be a dick… Dont try getting a confident dick they are the most boring, childish and irelevant people out there… get a good confident person who still stands on the ground…

  • Love the policy tip, gotta be careful not to fall into ‘values’ tho which aren’t factual and can become communication barriers, overall just gotta consider the situation as usual.

  • I know this is an old video but your channel has taken me from recovering from a suicide attempt to being able to get a dream job of mine and have an amazing girlfriend…thank you so much FarFromAverage you’ve absolutely changed my life

  • one thing this video didn’t mention is that sometimes the game is rigged and you can’t win like women you can’t win in that game of getting women so ya gata know when to stop playing

  • I don’t know that what you are talking about is faking it till you make it maybe fake confidence but telling people to lie till it becomes true is pretty shitty then you just end up with Liars that think it’s ok I have never had any respect that thinks faking it till you make it is a good strategy I mean being informed about something and making educated guesses is not bad

  • Your about to… You… To be…its… When…

    Your trying too hard to exaggerate your words… Your approach to get your points across is a tad annoying.. Good tips however

  • So lets some up: When people are high or on sedative drugs they look tough…
    If you feel like a argument isn’t going your way, just leave, cause that means you have more power, but ofc remember to move in slow motion…
    Tell people around you, with the power to bring you forward in the world, that you’re are horrible at everything you do, cause that’s confidence…
    This kid is really something els, basically going against everything in the psychology world and replacing it with his bro-science based on movies ��‍♂️

  • #3 is what I ended up following to get this girls number one time. She was one of the most beautiful girls in my school, I kept telling myself that I never had a chance but, I wanted to try anyway I wanted to walk up to her and put it all on the line. And so I did. And I got her number. I was honest, I told her how I felt and that we should exchange numbers to get to know eachother more. However she wasn’t interested in me because of drama from a few useless people making her think she deserves better than me. Which she probably did. But still, that strat actually works.

  • Boom!!!
    *10 value gained…
    First rule:Dont take failure personal(be it cold approach…learning a skill…or being flaked by your date) this things happen in life and they will never stop…tha human body is meant to overcome challenges…and thats where true happiness comes from…
    Tip 2:when you do something confident like Walking slowly…Responding slowly,Talking slowly…Forget about the phusical validation from people…know that subconsciously that girl feels the confidence and admires you for it…
    Nobody is going to give you validation right away…

  • Or just screw all this and relax. First of all this is a film, and secondly the more you think about implementing this, the less you focus on the conversation.

  • Absolute BS for $600 for 6 videos?? b/c they say it’s a 90% discount from what they perceived their content is worth $6000 LOL Charisma University what are you actually trying to do here?.what a scam!

  • Its difficult to radiate confidence when you feel you are in a person’s shadow before you ever personally meet them. And with gaining confidence comes the task of not allowing said confidence to fester into arrogance regardless if person believes they are or are not justified in such ways of behavior.

  • Pain, weakness, fear, see them as the ultimate reason to give it everything or more you can always create more willpower you just need more pain to overcome

  • I’m a millennial myself and I wish more millennials took heed to this advice to avoid being quick to anger and quick to trigger. Not only that, but I believe now is the time to look inwardly for answers more often instead of allowing external elements to make you into a person who’ll never find real purpose in life.

  • spreading yourself n always sitting asymmetric would help only if it is done by a guy with good physic. Others would look lethargic. Also I wonder if that will look good on women. ��

  • I’m not really confident in any situation
    Once in school my teacher just asked me a question and ppl stared at me so what did i do…I TURNED RED
    I cant stop myself ��
    I’m always nervous and shy ��
    1 like = 1 more step for confidence for me ����

  • Okay boys, we need to agree that only watching those type of videos, doesnt bring confidence to us.

    Try to use this in real life, I know it’s hard at first but just try it.

    Stay strong, Kings��

  • I just found your channel and have been streaming it non stop all evening. So many of your videos dissect men’s behavior I would love to have you go into women commanding a room full of men without sexual presence (i.e. Marilyn Monroe) or women commanding a room full of other women. Maybe more complex but something to consider! Love, a new and devoted fan.

  • Came here looking for an answer and I got it! I was worried at first thinking, wow none of those options suits me until Gary came through! Hits the nail on the head EVERYTIME! Now I have to go make some friends haha! <= This girl is in need of virtual friends!

  • In my opinion, the best approach to take is consistent with good character, not a contrived response. Be respectful, direct, never arrogant, and do not boast about yourself. Keep good eye contact, learn to listen, and be interested in the other person’s point of view. Never act smug, arrogant, full of yourself, demeaning to others, dismissive of other views without examining them first. Speak intelligently, use proper English, not coarse language. Avoid being vulgar in your speech. Strive for self control, and make every effort to avoid anger and resentment. Show some class and practice being kind. These are virtues. Let Jesus be your role model, and show some humility.

  • Dude before you get your whole little manner rehearsal theory out of fictions and reduce complex human behavior into a few axioms let me just remind you:

    -Dialogue is written, edited and re-edited and structured in a dramatic fashion.
    -Characters are developed to engage an audience into a compelling plot and story.
    -The acting is blocked (choreographed) and rehearsed to be smooth, fluid and have a dramatic effect on the viewer (and consequentially charm the audience).
    -There is a REHEARSED rhythm and timing in the delivery of the dialogues to for dramatic purposes and thus engage the audience.

    In real life, interactions are likely plotless, mundane and awkward. To be ‘charismatic on command’ will just make you appear like a robotic MS office assistant with a flowchart of responses..

  • I think that that is the fantasy, seducing clients and hot women being rude, cocky and dismissive. But its just that… its a fantasy… in the real world not showing interest from the beginning will most likely push away people instead of inviting them to “get your attention”…. unless of course you look like Draper and you work for Cooper and Sterling.

  • Nice channel, right? Well, from personal experience, Charlie with Charisma on Command SPAMS with you’re own purchased personal info.

  • Could someone please type out the transcript of the last bit of the video about living your truth and not being afraid of being judged because you’ll be ok anyway…

  • That’s a pretty hard plug for your channel after trying to inspire me and make me feel like it was more about sales then compassion

  • Ironic that the character who is supposedly the embodiment of supreme confidence is actually a habitual liar who stole another man’s identity and a raging alcoholic and adulterer who lies to his wife and co-workers continually. Other than that, I’m so ready to learn all this man has to teach.

  • You’re a pussy calling us to STFU over the internet! Nothing better to do instead of wasting your time arguing with us? ����������������������������1?1!11?2!2!;€;7;&::

  • Don was a war veteran faker who cheated on his wife multiple times. Im happy just the way I am thank you. Guys just be yourself dont listen to this shite. ☘��

  • This is the only self-improvement channel which I genuinely feel like I’m being provided real value…not just some fake advice to start buying into a cult following like so many other self-help channels. Been following this channel since way before 1 mil subs and I’m really happy to see how much this channel has grown.

  • what bs analysis, particularly since this is a fictional character in a TV show, behaving in stereotypical ways and the reaction or interaction between him and others is scripted and not actual real life interactions. You can’t teach practical real self development and confidence building by using fictional characters and TV shows to demonstrate your points.

  • Out of these two types of confident people, the tall, handsome and well-to-do one like Don, and the short, ugly, broke one, I have a lot more respect for the latter for having and projecting confidence. They have that intrinsic confidence that is not relying on looks, means or family name. That’s true confidence in self.

  • I put on a luxurious suit and went to the Porsche Company and I asked (like James Bond) who is the boss here!! they were asking me who are you sir and I repeated who is the boss here?? and then finally someone came and said what do you want sir and I stare at him for like 20 seconds and I said I want a special Porsche just for me just one unique Porsche and I will pay the price no matter how much it’ll gonna cost, and he believed me then I said did you just believe me? he said yes is that what you want sir and I said no

  • These are some interesting observations. It makes sense to feel like you’ll always be ok and not put yourself below other people. However, I think that if you have to think hard about how you are looking/sounding when in social situations you probably aren’t very confident in the first place

  • I stopped watching such videos (+ dating advice etc) when realizing my own experiences tell the same story but are wayyy more deeper connected and better realized than listening to someone telling what to do and what not. But the sentence at the end: „to look forward to encounter situations that previously stressed you out“ ist sooooo true

  • Base your self-image on a fictional character. What could go wrong?

    Don has characters opposite him who are scripted to respond in ways favourable to him.

    If you live in a scripted world with its author on your side, this might just be the thing for you.

    (But we might be living in a scripted world after all.)