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There are a few ways to deal with this cause of gym anxiety. First, research shows that upwards comparisons don’t have to be negative. If you make an upward comparison and come up short, you could frame it as showing you have room to grow instead of highlighting your flaws. The other approach is to avoid comparisons altogether. People with social anxiety tend to have anxiety about anxiety, says Clyman.

In other words, they tend to try and suppress it or avoid at all costs. If the gym is giving them anxiety, they’ll avoid the gym. But there are better ways to deal with the issue than avoidance. When gym anxiety gets the best of you, invite someone you know and trust to work out with you. When you’re with a friend, you feel more relaxed and are able to have fun.

Even if a spell of gym anxiety arises, don’t be afraid to face your insecurity – share a laugh about it with a friend, and learn from your experience. I suffer panic attacks at the gym. One minute I am happy and energized; the next I’m dizzy, shaking, and terrified.

Here’s what has helped me get past the anxiety. One of the best (and most effective) ways to overcome gym anxiety is to have a workout buddy when you’re first starting out. This person could be a friend, family member, or even a personal trainer that you hire. The idea here is to simply have a companion for your first few workouts so you aren’t doing them all.

Work Out at Off Hours The best way to avoid being distracted at the gym and to keep your anxiety down is to get your workouts in when the gym isn’t as busy. This will give you the chance to get used to your routine, have a chance to change things up without feeling overwhelmed, and you’ll have access to. The best thing you can do for your gym anxiety is put yourself in an environment that is empowering and encouraging. Avoid gyms that push extreme weight loss programs or have a “go til you puke” mentality.

Take your time picking a gym or trainer, and look for a place that’s mission really resonates with you. That’s when the anxiety about losing my fitness latched on hard. It’s funny how fitness has a way of both being a purveyor of confidence and its executioner. How to Deal With the Anxiety. How to Deal with Gym Anxiety 1. REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE DOING THIS FOR YOU..

Give yourself a pep talk on your way to the gym or when you’re walking over 2. MOST PEOPLE AT THE GYM ARE TOO BUSY LOOKING AT THEMSELVES TO NOTICE YOU.. Furthermore, when their eyes DO wander, 3. IN THE RARE CASE THAT. Many of the people featured in our inspiring weight loss success stories express similar forms of gym anxiety.

Going to the gym certainly isn’t the only way to get fit, but in some cases the anxiety is so strong it prevents people from working out entirely and from reaching their health and fitness.

List of related literature:

So if you’ve been avoiding the gym, don’t freak out about what you’ll do or how you’ll feel once you get there—just lace up your sneakers and show up!

“Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose” by Gabrielle Bernstein
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Focus on the felt Sense of that comfort and when you feel that you are ready to move on to the next part of the exercise.

“Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma: the Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences” by Peter A. Levine, Ann Frederick
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If you feel so uncomfortable about an exercise that you’re overwhelmed with anxiety, don’t bother with it.

“Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms” by Stephen D. Brookfield, Stephen Preskill
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Don’t distract yourself so that you’re not experiencing the anxiety, as this defeats the purpose of the exercise.

“The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bipolar Disorder: Using DBT to Regain Control of Your Emotions and Your Life” by Sheri Van Dijk, Zindel V. Segal
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Breathe gently and normally, and do not resist any thoughts or sensations during the exercise.

“Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness” by Mo Abraham
from Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness
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Fair enough, but before you get discouraged and decide to throw in the gym towel, you’re going to pause, take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
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By returning to the exercise periodically, eventually you’ll feel less afraid of your anxiety states.

“The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems” by Ronald D. Siegel
from The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems
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Anytime you start to feel uneasy, simply stop, wait until you fully recover, and then try completing your designated period of exercise for that day.

“The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne
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• Those with anxiety should avoid high intensity workouts, at least at first.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
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Tell yourself during a tough workout or competition, “I can do this.”

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to make these very helpful videos. I suffer from health anxiety and have been for 10 years. It sucks and I feel so helpless. I have gained so much weight and im do scared to go to the gym. Every time I try to run, i get the worst anxiety palpitations which makes my whole experience so negative. Im so fed up.

  • This sounds all too familiar. I used to go to a 24hr gym and would go at 1 or 2am when there was barely anyone there. For whatever it’s worth, you’re a pretty big guy and look pretty strong… I think I’d be the one intimidated by you if I saw you there. LOL

  • I just got a gym membership yesterday. And I used it for the first time today. I’m supposed to do this orientation to learn how to use the equipment which I am excited for. But today I showed up late to it so I had to reschedule for tomorrow. But I am SO intimidated. I have a lot of anxiety. My trainers this BIG guy and super intimidating he asked me my fitness goals and I’m like “…. just bein more active???” And he kinda just rolled his eyes at me it felt like, (prolly not Tru but that’s what it felt like even tho he was nice). Now I’m thinkin it’s a lot more than just that! Talking to classmates and they’re like “oh you gotta do this and that” which is nice. IM JUST SO SCARED OMG but I’m gonna stick with it and do my best.

  • fuck I know exactly how you feel. I’m struggling to build the courage to head to the gym right now.its not the working out that’s an issue, its just other people ant what you think they’re thinking. frustrating.

  • Thanks for the tips! Im a 16 yo girl who goes to the gym. Im not that really shy person but I have anxiety which disturbs me when I’m about to do some exercises, but I don’t care anymore literally I gotta work and if I keep worrying that others are judging me, then shit I ain’t gaining anything. Just grab some headphones and work it!

  • During this quarantine, I decided to get serious with my exercise, after all, what else is there to do, right? So, I would do crunches before I got out of bed, then some squats and arm exercises. Well, I started to take walks. Now, I am not a ‘walker’ as that’s for people walking their dog or pushing a stroller, or something like that. Well during my walks is when my anxiety started to what I call “brain f*@k” me. It would say, ‘you are getting chest pains, maybe its a heart attack’, ‘you are getting dizzy, maybe you are going to pass out’, ‘your legs are feeling like they are going to give out’. Trey had put out a video that really helped me. That video is rather than trying to talk yourself out of the anxiety, to challenge it and tell it to ‘bring it on’, go ahead, bring on the heart attack, bring on the dizziness, and make me pass out, bring on the leg weakness and make me fall. Well, I have been walking for a month and a half now, and not once did I die, not once did I pass out, not once did my legs give out after challenging them to ‘bring it on’. This theory really works. Yes, I still have anxiety, and it SUCKS! But, at night I do yoga/stretching/meditation, and for the most part I sleep most of the night. All of you that have anxiety know about poor sleep, and waking up tired and sore from your muscles being tense during your ‘sleep’. I’m putting this on here to maybe help someone with fear of exercising. Exercise even at the very basic level is so beneficial to your body/brain/heart. Give it a chance, take your time. We all had to start somewhere, even if its a 10 minute walk, one push up, etc. Meditation, its really easy, dont make it difficult. At night when I am in bed, I just practice belly breathing……….4 seconds in, 4 seconds out. Give it some time, and you will be surprised. I hope this helps at least one person…….

  • Thanks For Another Great Video Matt,I Don’t Know If This Similar To Your Anxiety Matt,But When I’m In An Unfamiliar Place,Particularly Stores,I Feel Awkward,And Nervous,It’s Got To The Point Where I’ve Tried To Go Inside The Place,But Can’t Even Walk Inside,Out Of Sheer Fear Of What Might Happen,Not Will Happen,It Seems To Be A Part Of Our Issues That We Think About What Other People And What They Think,From Your Worries About The Weights To Looking At Other Guys D*cks In The Locker Room,As Unfounded As Some Of Them Seem,They Give Us Genuine Anxiety And Fear,I’m Glad Your Social Anxiety Has Been Getting Better,It Has Shown Matt,In The Beginning Of The Channel You Couldn’t Make Eye Contact At All With The Camera,Now You Act As If The Camera Isn’t There,And Have So Much Confidence In Front Of It,As You Know Our Issues Don’t Go Away,We Just Learn How To Treat And Cope With Them Better,And It’s Truly Amazing How Much Progress You’ve Made In Such A Short Space Of Time,Have A Great Day,And A Brilliant And Merry Christmas,I Hope You Get Some Great Gifts,Although After Seeing Your Snapchat,I Can’t Tell What That Pan Shaped One Is ��,Also Best Wishes And A Merry Christmas To Tomas,Keep Being Your Driven,Intelligent,Selfless,Kind And Generous Self,And Stay Smiling And Keep Positive ��

  • Nice tips but I was looking more how to react when it does happen. I’ve gone to to the gym a few times and every time it seems I get a lot of glares ��‍♀️
    Again, good video just not for me ��

  • I am completely intimidated. I am afraid of the free weight section and that’s where I need to be. I am a little afraid of switching weights out on the barbells. I go at 5 am.

  • I wanted to go to the gym for the first time in my life yesterday (I’m 17) and I freaked out so much and cried for hours but today I’m gonna try again. Actually I have to go in like 20min and I’m freaking out a lil bit idk why I’m just really anxious

  • I just joined a gym and the guy I talked to sucked. Didn’t walk me around. Didn’t show me any of the machines. Nothing scrawny little guy who you can tell doesn’t workout

  • Hey, thanks a lot for this. Watching this was what I needed to inspire me to go to the gym and ask for help from the staff. Wish me luck!

  • Man I can’t take my anxiety. I have a frequent urination anxiety. It sucks especially when it comes during lectures. I can’t focus well, I really don’t understand my lessons properly. I need help. Please help ( btw you got a new sub )

  • Does any get scared that they can’t slow there heart rate down and the fight or flight kicks in and makes it worse and then in a all out panic driving to be by a hospital

  • I’m going to the gym with my bestie today. And I’m not confident at ALL! Like I wanna be, but this video kinda helped me soooo yeah

  • Once again, you have hit the nail on the head. Since being in second fear i no longer exercise. I had a few instances after exercise where i suddenly had a panic attack. Which confused me when i thought i was not focusing on my anxiety. It scared me. I thought it neant i must be ill and this was a heart reaction to the exertion. Its still something i cannot face right now.

  • Ugh yes. �� I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t care about if other people are looking at me because I’m just holding myself back

  • Hey Trey! Your videos are amazing. They helped me many times when I was dealing with health anxiety problems.
    I used to have an everyday workout routine and then when anxiety hit me, I stopped working out cause I thought I was having heart problems.I got a reassurance from a doctor, but now I don’t have a motivation to start again because I’m feeling too weak to work out. Have you ever had this problem during your anxiety period? Thanks, man!

  • I really think the only way to “cure” anxiety is to forget about it…stop doing things to help it get better what if it’s doing the opposite and growing it??2018 around March I had my.first attack thinking it was asthma So I had a inhaler constantly using it speeding my heart rate having bad panic attacks it it got to the point where I actually thought if I go outside I’ll die and I told myself I had cancer even after the doctors told me I was fine…I stop smoking weed and I start positive thinking and start enjoying my life and I stop having the attacks for about 2-3 months one day I started back the weed I guess it was bad weed or something I had burning hot chest beating heart light head felt like I was gonna die my family help me get threw it…i had issues with death thoughts until I read about God and started praying and learning I’m kinda glad I have this it’s forcing me to train my brain I’m learning things my old self wouldn’t even thought about learning but guys don’t let anxiety control you…whatever you thinks trigger to ur attacks do stop fapping stop avoiding it cause the only way to get rid of it is facing it….positive thinking also I haven’t even exercise or healthy foods and I have social anxiety a bit everyone has different anxiety stop watching these videos and googling about anxiety just face it please no one can help you get rid of anxiety but you!!!!I promise I feel good!!!without medication or any of those stupid “drills for anxiety cure” I’m preparing to leave anxiety in 2018 I still have attacks it’s annoying but don’t let it stop your life I promise man you have one life live it to the fullest I was just praying earlier man questioning god yes I believe in him but I was just asking why why why and I need answers and I swear on my life is got a notification from the Bible I downloaded like literally after I got done praying I will not tell you what the script said but just know God is with you and everyone goes threw and struggle and pain your mind is just weak fill it with knowledge and find stuff that make you happy turn your anxiety into a power and everything will be better I came from having seizures to thinking I had cancer to the emergency room everyday to thinking if I breathe outside air I would die now I’m gonna enjoy my life while I have it

  • I started working out in the gym once but driving home was just too dangerous because I would feel so anxious while driving. I am glad I ran into this video, I will try again but this time I will just work out in my house where is safe. My problem is not during the exercise but after it. I feel unbalance and sometimes I feel that I am going to pass out.

  • It helps me a lot, i am 18 and experiencing gym anxiety. Your video help me to go to the gym and start my real fitness journey:)! Thank you so much <3

  • I know this video is old but I just wanted to say thank you because it motivated and inspired me to get my ass to the gym this afternoon, after putting it off and making excuses for a month. Thank you x

  • Thanks for these tips Samantha!! I definitely wish I had gotten a tour of my new gym when I first started. I speak more about how I got over my gym fears on my channel. Keep it up girl ��

  • Any type of anxiety can be hard to deal with. I have general anxiety disorder myself which is like social anxiety but just about anything can trigger it,just the act of imagining having anxiety come upon you in a certain situation is enough to trigger an attack. Sometimes there are specific triggers,it helps if you can find out what triggers you.

  • I can really relate to this topic. Last week I decided to go to gym and im so frustrated like. What if what if blah blah. Coz I’m a skinny girl.. This video motivates me. Thank you for sharing:)

  • Thank you this helped so much!!! I love the gym but Im really self-conscious in using the gym at my university because since its co-ed its soon uncomftorable…

  • When i go to the gym i just tell myself I’m not here for no one else but me so lets get it!

    I agree cute gym clothes make you feel so much better and give you a confidence boost

  • I have felt like somebody else’s workout was more important. just today, I wanted to use the cross cable machine and a guy was exercising with barbells just in front of it. so he wasn’t even using it and wasn’t letting anyone use it. ughhh so annoying. and just walked away feeling frustrated when I should have told him to move over a little bit so that I can use the machine

  • This is crazy I am literally going through this now, I work out feel my heart pumping faster and then I stop because I’m just sure I’m about to have a heart attack

  • Thanks!!! I’m gonna go for the first time to the gym tomorrow and your tips is really useful to me so thanks. ��from France (sorry for my English ��)

  • If you’re not doing excercise on the bench then move your fat ass away from it. Speceally when some one asks. You can rest somewhere else.

  • Having gone back to the gym after letting it go for well over a year I identify with the feeling of all the judgement coming at me from other people there which can discouraging me from going which is the opposite of what I want. Honestly, everyone has an amount of fear and anxiety around other people and yes, people will judge because that’s what we do, but it is up to us whether that affects our self-image. Love and accept yourself as much as you can, as often as you can and the rest falls into place. Happy Yule, Matt!

  • Thanks so much for this videos! Great tips! I recently started going to the gym with my boyfriend and I got so used to working out with him that on days he wasn’t able to go, I wouldn’t go either, which held me back down. But just a few weeks ago, I gained the confidence to go on my own, and prepared ahead of time so I don’t look like a fool haha!

  • Thanks for this! Its crazy that 2 years ago I was competing in crossfit competitions and powerlifting and then I went through some things where I developed severe panic attacks with exactly the phobia you’re talking about. Its funny, because I know if I was in the kind of shape I was not too long ago the likelyhood that I’ll die from going on a jog is super low yet the fear is real. Just gotta get after it to get over it. Thanks for all the reassuring videos.

  • I was good before and loved to workout but when I saw my heart rate go up to 170-180 i started to panic and it happened again 2x after that and it made me no workout anymore for about a week and half. Today I finally decided to do a 30 min workout and got my heart jacked up but still finished it so I know it’s all in my head and worrying will just make things a lot worse.

  • Great video! Your tips and advice are helpful! I like going to the gym, but most of the time I feel like I am not prepared. I should download an app with different excerise videos on my phone! I can see that will help me so much.
    For your next fitness-related video, can you do a at home whole body workout for 20-30 minutes? Can you show some of the warm-ups before you start working out? Thanks Samantha! <33 =D

  • Really informative video. I’m shy at the gym and I judgement myself thinking other people are judging me that way. I should surrender self judgment

  • I experience horrible social anxiety, the gym being one of those places that scare the crap or of me. But Ima dive in and do it anyway. I can do all things through Christ.♥️

  • People really do judge me at my gym when I pose in between sets or ever take my shirt off… honestly, stopped caring, I’m there for self benefit

  • You are Overthinking shy WAYYY too much. It’s not that serious. Most guys at the gym are straight(Trust me) and aren’t focusing on another dude. They are either In the zone or staring at the girl In Yoga pants.

  • DON’T TALK TO ME I’M HERE TO TRAIN!! Great video bro and I have already planned a trip to my local gym this coming week I’m nervous but excited at the same time

  • I can deff relate to alot of people here. I had a really bad pnic attack two
    Months ago. I was on a lyptic machine andI stopped suddenly, cause I felt. i wasnt breathing right and I immediantly
    Stopped and my heart rate went up and then I had a panic attack took
    Me an
    Hour to get my heart rate down. Went to
    Get an EkG and Doctor said am
    Fine. But now I get fast heart beats just by cleaning I think its anxiety. Cause ive been stressing over not
    Working out.
    I feel like am supee depressed now and super scared. I miss working out. Should
    I get a stress test done?

  • Who gets done with exercise and it’s worse after and the real panic comes after you’ve been sitting with the sensations for 5 min or so after exercise

  • Terrific show Jason���� I’m not in the least shy, and it even helped me. Some great points put in a way that will help many… you’re the man��

  • Can anybody really suggest the solution as Tita xo said because same here. When i work out, i got pressure in my head, nose, the upper side of the tooth and the entire part block. So, apart from medicine i am looking for some yoga or exercise tips. Would be simply grateful.

  • When my body starts moving to fast, it awakens nerves which triggers my adrenaline I miss working out and the thing about it is my neck beats to fast and feels tight and they say adrenaline opens air ways but when I have it I can’t breathe properly (hyper ventilate ) and after it’s gone I get hypertension and instead of using my lungs to breathe I use my veins as well which strains them when I exhale, PS this video was not helpful

  • Wow Trey! You leave no stone unturned! I cannot begins to tell you how much ALL of your video therapy talks have helped me. You have completely changed my life around to the point where I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. After spending close to almost $3k on therapists (mostly insurance covered) with zero results, I came across your website/name by chance. How lucky I was! I cannot express my gratitude enough.

  • Thank you for this! I panic about feeling like I am suffocating, so I will start out with jumping jacks to get my heart rate up and help my horrible endurance:)

  • It explains a lot about our body and mind when we think “Wait, what *would* we be doing if we *were* living in the wild with no modern technology or society?”

    We’re removed so far from that reality, our bodies are not actually meant to live in this current modern society. It has changed so drastically, our minds apparently needed time to catch up and now it’s only through trial and error are we learning how to adapt to this modern society and technology, which our bodies were not meant for.

  • Run = exercise.

    Fight (wild animal if needed) = exercise!

    So I did figure that anxiety is not “bad” when used correctly (fight or flight) but we, who live in modern societies, are not living in the wild and don’t have to FIGHT or RUN (exercise) from such things; so we’ve all this energy inside and it’s putting stress on our bodies by not putting it to good, natural use (exercise! body movement!).

    It’s great to always look at what we’d originally be doing without modern technology.

  • I want to work out at gyms but I’m terrified of working out around other people. Like I don’t want to look dumb, etc. Also I’m afraid if I start working out that it’ll change me as a person (weird amirite)?

  • Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment! For more Resources on Defeating Anxiety, Click the Description Above! Thank you all for watching! Subscribe, hit that notification bell next to it for updates, like this video, hit up my social networks above in the description & Join the facebook group for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attack Support! Here is Online Therapy! Affordable, Choose from endless professionals & do it on your phone or PC!

  • I know, a little repetitive with some points up here, but I wanted to hit home the point of how we’re not meant to live in such modern society, so now we must learn anew; or exploring a new land and learning through trial and error (as many have and will happen on multiple topics in society today).

  • Been dealing with this for 10 years. Exercise on and off a couple times a year. Every time I attempt to again, it goes well for a few weeks, or even a month or two, until I have a major attack. My heart skips or flutters, then pounds, and races. Then I can’t breathe. I’m alone. I’m gonna pass out. I can’t get myself thru it. I go to the ER. They check me out and of course physically I’m fine. But I get no relief. I still feel like I’m going to die. It’s like a short circuit in my brain. I understand I’m fine, but I don’t know it.

  • This is me!! I keep telling ppl I want to go but I am scared I don’t want ppl looking at me or laughing at me if I do things wrong

  • Thank you ����
    I started doing daily yoga for three months. No anxiety about the yoga. Then I had a panic attack after a workout. (I get panic attacks a lot, but never before around exercise) I was having heart palpitations and felt really poorly
    Turns out I had bronchitis and was sick for over a month. It made me feel so horrible. I couldn’t exercise for a month, and I just got back into it. I did a 20 minute HIIT workout and then tried to do yoga after…started to feel like I was going to suffocate. So, starting small is probably a good idea. Thank you for this video and your knowledge ��

  • I used to do light cardio. Ran the treadmill for about half hr to an hr with no problem, but with this anxiety surrounding this pandemic, I started to relapse into my panic attacks which I hadn’t really bothered by for years. One day while moving some heavy stuff up on my 3rd floor apartment, upon making the last final step, I began to notice I was really out of breath. I was really obsessing on my breathing pattern, started breathing irregularly, and then I started to hyperventilate. My body was shaking as I gasped for air and felt I was getting ready to puke. I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack. It was probably one of the most scary panic attacks I’ve had. Since then I’ve had a few reoccurring episodes but have been careful about exerting myself. I have had cardio tests done in the past as I had previous issues with anxiety and they said my heart is perfectly fine. I know it’s mind over matter. I’m going to go with your suggestion of slowly facing it head on.

  • I know for me since I was a kid and up until this day I’ve been an introverted person. I was always the quiet kid in school and people would mess with me all the time because of it and that ended up with me getting into a lot of fights in school. I just think I’m kind of an observer and like to feel people out first before I open up myself. Then once that happens you would not think I was the same person.

  • Hello great video!!! I can relate to your story. When I was a kid every time I am in school my teacher would ask a question I would just freeze up not knowing what to say even if you know what the answer is. My social anxiety got even worst when I first moved to United States, because of my accent. I used to think that every time I say something people are too make fun of me so I wouldn’t talk. Over the last 3 years I learned to accept it, this is who I am, it is a part of me so with that trick I finally know how to control it. Don’t resist to it. I made a video about it on my channel please check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think of it.

  • I am so glad I found your video…. you literally explained me to a T! Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ve had all kinds of test done and my organs are great. Anxiety is something else

  • I know this is old but I was chasing a dream of being a body builder and was on my way. Growing bigger and bigger. Then…..AFib hit me. Ever sense I am scared or working out. Lost over half my muscle mass. And now have depression in to of panick attacks. This is horrible. But I’m going to make a come back.

  • My body freaks out after I run / raise my heart rate for a while. If I start to sweat it triggers too! I then become irrational and legit think I’m dying. I got diagnosed with asthma took my medication and it still happened:/ I worked out for 15 years and this just began 10 months ago any one else have this happen?

  • You are so honest here so many gay men we relate to you Matt! Sometimes when I got to the gym I see the hot men turns me on. I do stare.

  • I used to workout everyday from the age 15-17, I’m 19 now and my panic attacks have gotten really crappy. I miss working out..I hate that I cant workout how I used too but I will be checking out your channel and I’m glad I came across this video.

  • Real and revealing. Love it. I don’t think you’re alone in this. I would suspect more people feel this way than we would think. It’s videos like this that pull back the curtain on how people are feeling about social anxiety. It’s like this negative feedback loop that is created by our perception of masculinity. Guys are suppose to be masculine, if you’re masculine you should have no feelings or anxiety, I have anxiety, so that must mean I’m not as much of a man as other men, and I’m not going to talk about this, because masculine men don’t talk about this kind of stuff. This video helps break that negative loop. Real!

  • I was also looking up home remedies for treating anxiety (I recently had bad sleep deprevation + was drinking too much coffee = bad!) and all of a sudden I got a bit of anxiety on whether I could fall asleep again. I struggled with this for over a week pretty bad. So I looked up remedies and one was exercise. I realised I haven’t gotten enough of that lately and started doing it again and it definitely helps!:-)

    I tend to think on what would we do in the wild? Anxious? Run or fight!:-)