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How This Southerner Fought off Fried Food & 250 Pounds. by Danny Bonvissuto. June 29, 2017. 3 Comments. Share it: Two years ago, when he was in the middle of a bad divorce after 20 years of marriage, Greg Ellis walked into a weight-loss clinic.

He weighed 456 pounds. How This Southerner Fought off Fried Food & 250 Pounds. by Danny Bonvissuto. June 29, 2017. Two years ago, when he was in the middle of a bad divorce after 20 years of marriage, Greg Ellis walked into a weight-loss clinic.

He weighed 456 pounds. “I knew there was a possibility that I. This post consists of 6 Ultimate Southern Deep Fried Food Recipes plus 27 Southern Classic Recipes. You cannot think about Southern Deep Fried Food without thinking about the King of Kings Southern Classic and my Favorite Fried Chicken.

In the past year, my fried. People with kidney disease who ate foods consistent with the Southern-style dietary pattern most frequently had a 50 percent increase in risk of death, according to the results. Food · Updated on Jul 28, 2019. Posted on Jul 9, 2017. You’re A True Southerner Only If You’ve Eaten 20/28 Of These Foods.

All with a glass of sweet tea, of course! Fried Green Tomatoes. Southern cuisine goes far beyond fried chicken, black-eyed peas and greens.Indeed, Southerners do everything a little differently, including breakfast. If you wander outside the region, you’re unlikely to find grits (with cheese, shrimp or butter) or super-salty country ham, but those things are always on a Southern. A guide to regional food combinations Boston has its Fluffernutter sandwiches (peanut butter and marshmallow fluff) and Minnesota its lingonberries and meatballs.

While counterintuitive food combinations are not unique to one region, it’s safe to say that this list of unique Southern food pairings is an illustration of our eccentricity and resourcefulness, our curiosity and our ingenuity. And while Southern food is no secret, there are certain foods that are true signatures of the region. And these are those 25 Southern recipes that the rest of the world needs to try. but Southerners know that no marinade holds a candle to a chicken-fried steak. Pound that round steak nice and thin and treat it like the best fried chicken.

Southerners know food. And we know some of our food may seem a little, well, weird, but trust us we know what we’re talking about.These 26 dishes may seem a little (OK, a lot) gross, but trust us: You’re missing out.Frog legsYep, this is exactly how it sounds. Those cute little frogs in your yard. Food bonds our Sunday dinners after church, brings company over to spend evenings on our patios, and unites our team spirit at the tailgate.

Tomato pie made with fresh summer produce, smooth-and-fruity hummingbird cake, and impeccable sweet tea are just a few items on the list.

List of related literature:

Studies of Appalachian diets in Tennesee, Georgia, and Kentucky in 1901 and 1904 indicated that the fall and winter diets of the large majority were based on about one pound of flour and cornmeal per person per day together with three to four ounces of fat, mainly lard and salt pork.

“Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet” by Harvey Levenstein
from Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet
by Harvey Levenstein
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“Our old Ration of Corn Bread and meat… has very nearly worn [me] out,” wrote one of Johnston’s veterans to his wife in August; he added that his weight had fallen during the summer from 162 to 137 pounds.”

“The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy” by Bell Irvin Wiley
from The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy
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Southerners consumed, on average, five hundred pounds of cornmeal a year.

“African American Foodways: Explorations of History and Culture” by Anne L. Bower
from African American Foodways: Explorations of History and Culture
by Anne L. Bower
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potato fried in oil He ordered chicken and chips.

“27000 English-German Words Dictionary With Definitions: 27000 Englisch-Deutsch Wörter Wörterbuch mit Definition” by Nam H Nguyen
from 27000 English-German Words Dictionary With Definitions: 27000 Englisch-Deutsch Wörter Wörterbuch mit Definition
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Southerners like to fry stuff.

“The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South: (And Why It Will Rise Again)” by Clint Johnson
from The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South: (And Why It Will Rise Again)
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There were fried potatoes and fried biscuits as well, but every man’s plate was half covered with meat.

“The Alpha's Mate” by Jacqueline Rhoades
from The Alpha’s Mate
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Indeed, fried chicken was proclaimed as one of the most recognized foods of the South.

“Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power” by Psyche A. Williams-Forson
from Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power
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Gripped by tradition, many southerners clung to this diet long after the frontier was gone.

“The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 22: Science and Medicine” by James G. Thomas Jr., Charles Reagan Wilson
from The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 22: Science and Medicine
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Southern women sifted the meal in the course of making bread, one pound at a time.

“Andersonville: The Last Depot” by William Marvel
from Andersonville: The Last Depot
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It appeared about fifteen pounds weight; and we pleased ourselves with the idea of presenting this to our good cook.

“The Swiss Family Robinson” by Johann David Wyss
from The Swiss Family Robinson
by Johann David Wyss
Xist Publishing, 2016

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  • You talk about calories but confuse kilocalories with calories. What you call a calorie is actually a kilocalorie or food calorie which is the energy needed to raise 1 kilo of water 1 degree celsius and it is the kilocalorie we need 2000-2700 per day.

  • No idea if you’ll ever see this, but if you want to taste church’s at its maximum potential, PLEASE order spicy fried chicken from them. The only reason I get Church’s over Popeyes is because they have a better marinade for their spicy fried chicken. Will it send you to the restroom? Yes. Will you regret it? Maybe, it kinda depends on whether you have IBS

  • Even with the comedic tone of BYR, you know Matt legit hates KFC. Should have had extra crispy, not because he would have liked it more, but because every other place only has crispy breading

  • We drove an hour away to buy bojangles this weekend (the only one near us, we live in PA) and oh my god you’re right we’re hooked. It was perfect.

  • Outside North America. Having chicken and waffles together is pretty darn strange.
    The size of the chickens is absolutely INSANE!!
    That’s a chicken you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley!

  • So far:
    Bojangles won the biscuit challenge (NC)
    Bojangles won the fried chicken challenge (NC)
    Cheerwine won the southern soft drink challenge (NC)

    I can vouch for the superiority of all three of these, and way to go NC!:D

  • Thank you for sharing this, Marcus!
    I appreciate your encouragement and ideas, and look forward to renewing my efforts to engage my readers.

  • if you to want to measure things by bojangles spices, that’s what popeye’s extra spicy is for. popeye’s gives you options. in full disclosure, i’ve never eaten at bojangle’s. if they ever make it to the midwest, i’ll gladle give them a try. until then, popeye’s por vive…plus all the sides are incredible.

  • This is a prime example of southern comfort food, this man was so happy at the end it was coming out of the screen bro������. Nice job

  • I think Matt’s a great guy so I said to myself if he likes Bojangles I’ll give it a try. Well, small wonder I hadn’t noticed one in Alvin, Texas. There are none at all in Texas or Louisiana and only one in the whole state of Mississippi. Almost all of them are in Georgia and the Carolinas. They have one in Pennsylvania…WTF, they have as many stores in Pennsylvania as they have in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi combined. Thanks Matt but I’ll stick with SOUTHERN fried chicken not Pennsylvania fried chicken. It’s Popeyes (there’s no apostrophe in Popeyes, but the way!) for me for life. Now, I’ll admit Popeyes has locations all over America but they covered the south before they branched out. They also have 30 locations overseas. Popeyes is Louisiana Fried Chicken like Cajun folks enjoy Chicken. Not Pennsylvania fried Chicken. Matt, we’re gonna have to have a talk. Meet me behind the barn.

  • Alright bro, I just gave you a sub because you’ve given top honors to my state 3 times. Twice for Bojangles, and you gave Cheerwine props!

  • The key to weight loss is avoiding those foods that spike insulin, usually those that are processed and/or contain processed sugar. For more info, look up Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry on YOUTUBE.

  • I freaking love fried chicken!!! When I was a vegetarian for health reasons for 4+ years it was fried chicken (okay and bacon) that I missed the very most! I’m now gluten free (also for health reasons) and miss regular fried chicken so much! I make a pretty tasty and juicy gluten free fried chicken though—using Bobs Gluten Free Flour. Pretty close but not quite. I fully agree with Matt’s criteria—flavor and crispness are everything!!! Fried chicken just makes me happy, too, people, I understand! Dark meat is also superior. Mmm. Absolutely delicious and spot on!!! Another fantastic video filled with delicious food! Makes me crave fried chicken! I agree the KFC isn’t the best. Church’s is crispy & delicious though but definitely always in the ghetto, even here in Las Vegas. I prefer it better over Popeyes or KFC. Church’s wins for me! It’s so crispy, greasy, juicy & yummy!! Never had Bo Jangles. Fried chicken period, though….YUM!

  • Humm..Excuse me but their are NO Bojangles in Texas…How can you put them in a Southern Competition when the most Southern State does not have them?…I’m calling off southern Bias right now sir.

  • Love the dark hair! Your hair and skin is quite warm in tone, perhaps some warm highlights might look nice with the dark hair! Thank you for the eating tips

  • These are the types of videos I like to watch! I found you originally when I was searching low fat years ago. And i found it helpful when you mentioned how you never realized how many nuts you ate. And how you first lost weight. Glad to see more of this type of eating.

  • I used to love CF and ate a lot of it….until I found out the owner is a hatemonger who put millions into passing laws denying American citizens their Constitutional Rights.

  • My ranking…
    1. Church’s
    2. Church’s
    3. Church’s
    4. Church’s
    I don’t care what anyone says, Church’s must put crack in their marinade cuz i’m addicted! It’s on the level of Krispy Kreme donuts. ��

  • There’s a place called Price’s Chicken Coop in Charlotte NC and OH.MY.GOD. It’s so darn good! I mean it doesn’t meet the 500 locations qualification but if you’re in NC you MUST try it��

  • Never would I have thought that watching someone eat lunch or dinner would be so entertaining.
    Of course, I now have a growing list of foods and places to try… It’s getting to be a long list, Mike.

  • Thank you, I appreciate your video and I can totally relate to your experience. Also guys check out Dr. Michael GREGER presentation on weoght loss and calorie density

  • Anybody noticed at about 7:35, although he was talking about the Tamale, he showed the frame of him stuffing fried chix in his face… or am I just crazy?

  • This is probably the most inefficient way to eat in terms of cost and time spent cooking, I’d rather stick to 3 plates of pasta while smashing fortnite

  • Melissa, thanks for the great video. It was another motivation to cut oil and fats from my diet. I’ve been trying HCLF for very long time and I’m vegan too. I just have so many cravings for chips and deep fried food like french fries. Do you also get cravings? How do you keep your diet clean and oil free? Thank you ��

  • I do believe our local CFA is using powder lemonade mix instead of the real stuff because it is just NOT as good AT ALL….love fried better than grilled and I wish they would bring back the chick fil a q sandwich <3 (crust less chicken in bbq sauce) yummy and they are missed.....

  • Makes sense, I assume a vegan would just have protein powder and a meat eater would have less meat and a protein shake? I worry about if I volume eat veggies I won’t get my protein. Who knows. Constant experimentation makes it fun