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How This Southerner Fought off Fried Food & 250 Pounds. by Danny Bonvissuto. June 29, 2017. 3 Comments. Share it: Two years ago, when he was in the middle of a bad divorce after 20 years of marriage, Greg Ellis walked into a weight-loss clinic.

He weighed 456 pounds. How This Southerner Fought off Fried Food & 250 Pounds. by Danny Bonvissuto. June 29, 2017. Two years ago, when he was in the middle of a bad divorce after 20 years of marriage, Greg Ellis walked into a weight-loss clinic.

He weighed 456 pounds. “I knew there was a possibility that I. This post consists of 6 Ultimate Southern Deep Fried Food Recipes plus 27 Southern Classic Recipes. You cannot think about Southern Deep Fried Food without thinking about the King of Kings Southern Classic and my Favorite Fried Chicken.

In the past year, my fried. People with kidney disease who ate foods consistent with the Southern-style dietary pattern most frequently had a 50 percent increase in risk of death, according to the results. Food · Updated on Jul 28, 2019. Posted on Jul 9, 2017. You’re A True Southerner Only If You’ve Eaten 20/28 Of These Foods.

All with a glass of sweet tea, of course! Fried Green Tomatoes. Southern cuisine goes far beyond fried chicken, black-eyed peas and greens.Indeed, Southerners do everything a little differently, including breakfast. If you wander outside the region, you’re unlikely to find grits (with cheese, shrimp or butter) or super-salty country ham, but those things are always on a Southern. A guide to regional food combinations Boston has its Fluffernutter sandwiches (peanut butter and marshmallow fluff) and Minnesota its lingonberries and meatballs.

While counterintuitive food combinations are not unique to one region, it’s safe to say that this list of unique Southern food pairings is an illustration of our eccentricity and resourcefulness, our curiosity and our ingenuity. And while Southern food is no secret, there are certain foods that are true signatures of the region. And these are those 25 Southern recipes that the rest of the world needs to try. but Southerners know that no marinade holds a candle to a chicken-fried steak. Pound that round steak nice and thin and treat it like the best fried chicken.

Southerners know food. And we know some of our food may seem a little, well, weird, but trust us we know what we’re talking about.These 26 dishes may seem a little (OK, a lot) gross, but trust us: You’re missing out.Frog legsYep, this is exactly how it sounds. Those cute little frogs in your yard. Food bonds our Sunday dinners after church, brings company over to spend evenings on our patios, and unites our team spirit at the tailgate.

Tomato pie made with fresh summer produce, smooth-and-fruity hummingbird cake, and impeccable sweet tea are just a few items on the list.

List of related literature:

Studies of Appalachian diets in Tennesee, Georgia, and Kentucky in 1901 and 1904 indicated that the fall and winter diets of the large majority were based on about one pound of flour and cornmeal per person per day together with three to four ounces of fat, mainly lard and salt pork.

“Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet” by Harvey Levenstein
from Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet
by Harvey Levenstein
University of California Press, 2003

“Our old Ration of Corn Bread and meat… has very nearly worn [me] out,” wrote one of Johnston’s veterans to his wife in August; he added that his weight had fallen during the summer from 162 to 137 pounds.”

“The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy” by Bell Irvin Wiley
from The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy
by Bell Irvin Wiley
Louisiana State University Press, 1971

Southerners consumed, on average, five hundred pounds of cornmeal a year.

“African American Foodways: Explorations of History and Culture” by Anne L. Bower
from African American Foodways: Explorations of History and Culture
by Anne L. Bower
University of Illinois Press, 2008

potato fried in oil He ordered chicken and chips.

“27000 English-German Words Dictionary With Definitions: 27000 Englisch-Deutsch Wörter Wörterbuch mit Definition” by Nam H Nguyen
from 27000 English-German Words Dictionary With Definitions: 27000 Englisch-Deutsch Wörter Wörterbuch mit Definition
by Nam H Nguyen
Nam H Nguyen, 2018

Southerners like to fry stuff.

“The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South: (And Why It Will Rise Again)” by Clint Johnson
from The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South: (And Why It Will Rise Again)
by Clint Johnson
Regnery Publishing, 2007

There were fried potatoes and fried biscuits as well, but every man’s plate was half covered with meat.

“The Alpha's Mate” by Jacqueline Rhoades
from The Alpha’s Mate
by Jacqueline Rhoades
Jacqueline Rhoades/Smashwords Edition, 2012

Indeed, fried chicken was proclaimed as one of the most recognized foods of the South.

“Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power” by Psyche A. Williams-Forson
from Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power
by Psyche A. Williams-Forson
University of North Carolina Press, 2006

Gripped by tradition, many southerners clung to this diet long after the frontier was gone.

“The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 22: Science and Medicine” by James G. Thomas Jr., Charles Reagan Wilson
from The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 22: Science and Medicine
by James G. Thomas Jr., Charles Reagan Wilson
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Southern women sifted the meal in the course of making bread, one pound at a time.

“Andersonville: The Last Depot” by William Marvel
from Andersonville: The Last Depot
by William Marvel
University of North Carolina Press, 2006

It appeared about fifteen pounds weight; and we pleased ourselves with the idea of presenting this to our good cook.

“The Swiss Family Robinson” by Johann David Wyss
from The Swiss Family Robinson
by Johann David Wyss
Xist Publishing, 2016

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  • You talk about calories but confuse kilocalories with calories. What you call a calorie is actually a kilocalorie or food calorie which is the energy needed to raise 1 kilo of water 1 degree celsius and it is the kilocalorie we need 2000-2700 per day.

  • No idea if you’ll ever see this, but if you want to taste church’s at its maximum potential, PLEASE order spicy fried chicken from them. The only reason I get Church’s over Popeyes is because they have a better marinade for their spicy fried chicken. Will it send you to the restroom? Yes. Will you regret it? Maybe, it kinda depends on whether you have IBS

  • Even with the comedic tone of BYR, you know Matt legit hates KFC. Should have had extra crispy, not because he would have liked it more, but because every other place only has crispy breading

  • We drove an hour away to buy bojangles this weekend (the only one near us, we live in PA) and oh my god you’re right we’re hooked. It was perfect.

  • Outside North America. Having chicken and waffles together is pretty darn strange.
    The size of the chickens is absolutely INSANE!!
    That’s a chicken you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley!

  • So far:
    Bojangles won the biscuit challenge (NC)
    Bojangles won the fried chicken challenge (NC)
    Cheerwine won the southern soft drink challenge (NC)

    I can vouch for the superiority of all three of these, and way to go NC!:D

  • Thank you for sharing this, Marcus!
    I appreciate your encouragement and ideas, and look forward to renewing my efforts to engage my readers.

  • if you to want to measure things by bojangles spices, that’s what popeye’s extra spicy is for. popeye’s gives you options. in full disclosure, i’ve never eaten at bojangle’s. if they ever make it to the midwest, i’ll gladle give them a try. until then, popeye’s por vive…plus all the sides are incredible.

  • This is a prime example of southern comfort food, this man was so happy at the end it was coming out of the screen bro������. Nice job

  • I think Matt’s a great guy so I said to myself if he likes Bojangles I’ll give it a try. Well, small wonder I hadn’t noticed one in Alvin, Texas. There are none at all in Texas or Louisiana and only one in the whole state of Mississippi. Almost all of them are in Georgia and the Carolinas. They have one in Pennsylvania…WTF, they have as many stores in Pennsylvania as they have in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi combined. Thanks Matt but I’ll stick with SOUTHERN fried chicken not Pennsylvania fried chicken. It’s Popeyes (there’s no apostrophe in Popeyes, but the way!) for me for life. Now, I’ll admit Popeyes has locations all over America but they covered the south before they branched out. They also have 30 locations overseas. Popeyes is Louisiana Fried Chicken like Cajun folks enjoy Chicken. Not Pennsylvania fried Chicken. Matt, we’re gonna have to have a talk. Meet me behind the barn.

  • Alright bro, I just gave you a sub because you’ve given top honors to my state 3 times. Twice for Bojangles, and you gave Cheerwine props!

  • The key to weight loss is avoiding those foods that spike insulin, usually those that are processed and/or contain processed sugar. For more info, look up Dr. Berg and Dr. Berry on YOUTUBE.

  • I freaking love fried chicken!!! When I was a vegetarian for health reasons for 4+ years it was fried chicken (okay and bacon) that I missed the very most! I’m now gluten free (also for health reasons) and miss regular fried chicken so much! I make a pretty tasty and juicy gluten free fried chicken though—using Bobs Gluten Free Flour. Pretty close but not quite. I fully agree with Matt’s criteria—flavor and crispness are everything!!! Fried chicken just makes me happy, too, people, I understand! Dark meat is also superior. Mmm. Absolutely delicious and spot on!!! Another fantastic video filled with delicious food! Makes me crave fried chicken! I agree the KFC isn’t the best. Church’s is crispy & delicious though but definitely always in the ghetto, even here in Las Vegas. I prefer it better over Popeyes or KFC. Church’s wins for me! It’s so crispy, greasy, juicy & yummy!! Never had Bo Jangles. Fried chicken period, though….YUM!

  • Humm..Excuse me but their are NO Bojangles in Texas…How can you put them in a Southern Competition when the most Southern State does not have them?…I’m calling off southern Bias right now sir.

  • Love the dark hair! Your hair and skin is quite warm in tone, perhaps some warm highlights might look nice with the dark hair! Thank you for the eating tips

  • These are the types of videos I like to watch! I found you originally when I was searching low fat years ago. And i found it helpful when you mentioned how you never realized how many nuts you ate. And how you first lost weight. Glad to see more of this type of eating.

  • I used to love CF and ate a lot of it….until I found out the owner is a hatemonger who put millions into passing laws denying American citizens their Constitutional Rights.

  • My ranking…
    1. Church’s
    2. Church’s
    3. Church’s
    4. Church’s
    I don’t care what anyone says, Church’s must put crack in their marinade cuz i’m addicted! It’s on the level of Krispy Kreme donuts. ��

  • There’s a place called Price’s Chicken Coop in Charlotte NC and OH.MY.GOD. It’s so darn good! I mean it doesn’t meet the 500 locations qualification but if you’re in NC you MUST try it��

  • Never would I have thought that watching someone eat lunch or dinner would be so entertaining.
    Of course, I now have a growing list of foods and places to try… It’s getting to be a long list, Mike.

  • Thank you, I appreciate your video and I can totally relate to your experience. Also guys check out Dr. Michael GREGER presentation on weoght loss and calorie density

  • Anybody noticed at about 7:35, although he was talking about the Tamale, he showed the frame of him stuffing fried chix in his face… or am I just crazy?

  • This is probably the most inefficient way to eat in terms of cost and time spent cooking, I’d rather stick to 3 plates of pasta while smashing fortnite

  • Melissa, thanks for the great video. It was another motivation to cut oil and fats from my diet. I’ve been trying HCLF for very long time and I’m vegan too. I just have so many cravings for chips and deep fried food like french fries. Do you also get cravings? How do you keep your diet clean and oil free? Thank you ��

  • I do believe our local CFA is using powder lemonade mix instead of the real stuff because it is just NOT as good AT ALL….love fried better than grilled and I wish they would bring back the chick fil a q sandwich <3 (crust less chicken in bbq sauce) yummy and they are missed.....

  • Makes sense, I assume a vegan would just have protein powder and a meat eater would have less meat and a protein shake? I worry about if I volume eat veggies I won’t get my protein. Who knows. Constant experimentation makes it fun

  • hi Melissa! About how long did it take before you started to notice changes in your body in weight loss? Love your videos! so helpful and inspiring:)

  • White meat is a damn sin. Dark meat is best. But maybe it’s just me but I’m a Church’s gal. But I’m always gonna be a fan of the KFC mashed potatoes and gravy.

  • Melissa: I understand that your weight loss was gradual… about how long did it take to drop that amount? Just curious. Great video!

  • I will never eat churches chicken again after seeing them drop the chicken on the ground pick it up Put it in the bucket and serve it out the drive-through window

  • Nut/seed butters are major issues for me. I need to totally avoid them right now. I easily eat a half cup as a “serving”! EEEEK.

  • dang i wish i could have a bite off that fried chicken, i’ve never seen fried chicken look that good in my country, not even close

  • Lived in Memphis, TN for 16 years & moved out to Mason, lived there for 3 years. My house was seriously 3 minutes from that Gus’s fried chicken you went to!!! best chicken I’ve ever had.

  • OK, but, with all due respect: What!?? No “Al Baik”? Well, seriously, my deepest sympathy, I FEEL SO SORRY, I PITY YOU WHO HAVE NOT TASTE THE “AL BAIK” FRIED CHICKEN OF SAUDI ARABIA yet! In Saudi and for MILLIONS of pilgrims come from all over the world, KFC, Texas Church, Popeye’s, etc. are LESS popular than that “AL BAIK” Fried Chicken! They usually bring it home with them to their countries too! AND BELIEVE me, by all means, THE “AL BAIK” FRIED CHICKEN (don’t forget: the special Yoghurt sauce) IS MUCH MUCH MORE DELICIOUS than any other flour-based Fried Chicken! ANYONE SHOULD try this! So HIGHLY recommended!

  • Nut butters and vegan ice creams are my weakness too! I lost 7 lbs in 6 months after cutting out these two things and have gradually incorporated these into my diet along with exercise to maintain weight loss.

  • i remember watching this is healthy living in 6th grade a few years back. we were like “WHATTT? there’s no way that’s 200 cals” hahah

  • Highlights a very important problem why eating healthy fresh produce is infinitely more expensive than eating utterly crap food. Knowing how much I spend on veggies per week (and it’s a lot) there’s no way I could afford to eat what he just did on a daily basis and that’s not even including meat. ‘Bulking up’ on carbs is simply a matter of economics for most people, unfortunately.

  • this is such a well explained video on calorie density. I’ve watched many you tubers try to explain it and although I understand it, this video made it really stick and move me to make better choices. Thank you!

  • Crispy chicken is a myth. I’ve tried 12+ recipes Individually and ALL are soggy. Yes some crispy edges but overall soggy. Enlighten me.

    Admit..even your chicken wasnt crispy…we can hear! @ 5:23 Breading does NOT equal crispy and my respect for you has waned.


  • Just wonderful, I have been researching “is veggie pasta good for weight loss?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Dansaac Unflappable Dominance (search on google )? It is a good one off product for discovering how to find the best food to balance your hormones and blast away your fat spots minus the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

  • Because of this video: I ate at all the places featured here and yeah I agree that all of them are good but Gus is beyond good. One of the best foods I have ever eaten.

  • 2000-2700 calories, damn, I don’t even have an ED but I used some calorie need calculator to estimate my daily calorie need (it took things like age, height, weight, body fat percentage, lifestyle) and it came out to like 1350 �� Granted, I’m a fairly petite woman with a COMPLETELY sedentary lifestyle

  • The secret is that the chicken breast is brined in pickle juice. That’s it. That’s the big secret. Now stop giving these homophones your money.

  • Fast forward to 2020 and smartwatches are everywhere and when you start working out using those watches to burn 200calories, you’ll start to appreciate your intake. For me 200calories is a 2 miles fast paced run. All that for half of Big Mac or a cup of Starbucks frappe in one sitting. DAMN!

  • I’m from Tennessee, just about an hour north of Chattanooga, and we have the best chicken in the world. Was very nice to see you in my home state..great video

  • Regular soda and Milk both are loaded with sugar… and milk is not necessary in your diet.. unless you are eating the Standard American Diet and if you are, probably obese.

  • In Australia a biscuit is a totally different thing I think I would like your biscuits better. I wish I could eat them all. We only have KFC here which is so lame. How is the worst fried chicken franchise the most popular.

  • I’ve never had an ED but I’ve always been on the brink of one. Before I started trying to become more healthy I was on the verge of a binge eating disorder. I’d hide my food from my parents, eat even when I’m really full, ignore my bodies signals and I’d literally never eat anything healthy. Then, when I started losing weight at start of january, I became obsessed with exercising and did it for like 4 or 5 hours everyday until I broke my ankle doing it. And now currently I don’t think I’m on the verge but I’m panicking because people say I eat too little but I’m listening to my body and I genuinely can’t eat anymore food because I just aren’t hungry or I’m already full.

  • remember: “healthy and balanced” doesn’t mean salads, fruit, and cereal bars only. it can mean a salad for lunch and cake for dessert. it can mean a healthy breakfast and drinks with your friends later. it can mean a milkshake with your soup for lunch or it can mean a bar of chocolate when you’re feeling down. you don’t have to restrict all the foods you love to be healthy. take it from a recovered anorexic. starving yourself will not make you happier

  • I love Popeye’s chicken but their sides and biscuits are not the greatest. KFC went downhill. I tried Church’s a few yrs ago and it was good. Bojangles though! They have the whole nine. The chicken, biscuits, and let’s not forget the dirty rice. I definitely agree with your ranking.

  • Such a great video! This may be exactly what I was looking for. I am Looking to lose about 50 pounds but didn’t want to do a diet just wanted to learn how to eat correctly and Continue eating that way once the weight is lost.

  • Does everyone here have ed? I can barely restrict myself to 2000 and I am trying to reduce fat. On a good day easily 2500 calories.

  • This was super helpful. I’ve been vegan for about 2 and a half years and my weight has consistently gone up since I went vegan. Now I’m realizing that it could likely be because of the amount of oil, vegan butter and vegan cheese I’ve been consuming. Thank you for the tips!

  • calorie is not the amount of energy it takes to heat up a gram of water by 1°C. a calorie is actually approximately 4.2 times that. that specific amount of energy is called Joule.

  • There is an ambiguity about “calorie” definition: the “calories” that we use when dealing with food are actually kilo-calories: i.e. amount of energy necessary for heating 1 liter (or kg) of water by 1 degree Centigrade.

  • Love those fried chicken nuggets and real lemonade. The service and employees are great. It’s the founder’s views outside the restaurant business that gives me indigestion. Sorry,

  • I loooooove poppy seed chicken. Its the easiest, simplest, and tastiest thing you can make with only 4 ingredients. I use ritz crackers, poppy seeds, canned chicken or chicken breasts, and condensed cream of chicken soup.

  • “2000 -2700 calories” A DAY!?!?
    I don’t have an eating disorder but I feel like that’s a lot (-or too much tbh). I normally eat around 1300 calories a day so I was so shocked when he said the average person needs that much ����

  • Just like you a lost a lot of weight by eating this way. But I do want to make a side note: eating a lot of fibre can cause digestive problems. Even though I started eating this way gradually, the amount of fibre is very hard on my digestion. Cramps, bloathing, constipation etc. I drink enough and move too, but it doesn’t get better. Have you ever dealt with digestive problems since you started eating this way? Also, sometimes some fats can make you feel more satiated. After eating lots of low calorie, fibre dense and water rich food, a lot of people quickly can feel hungry again and adding some fats can prevent that you crave snacks later on in the day. For me this is always chocolate that I crave a few hours after my meals. So, I do agree with you but just wanted to share a little bit of my personal struggles while eating this way. Good to hear you are doing so well on this way of eating!

  • This popped up in my recommendation and at the same time im on a 1500calorie/day diet. Now i understand more about this calorie counting

  • Yo people! Tracks used in order are Rein Teepee (intro background music), Rival Consoles Anchor (Hart Remix) over the workout footage, Tchaikovsky over the cooking footage and Rein Amanga for the remaining time-lapses. Everyone like my video pls so I can renegotiate my sponsorships and eventually recoup the £43728 quid I spent on salad ingredients. Thanks u guyzzz xxx

  • There is some good freid chicken up here in the Chicago area. The problem is there’s no big regional chains to compete with KFC or Popeye’s around here. Occasionally you’ll see a Church’s, but mostly it’s Brown’s which is a small suburban chain, Harold’s (which is really good) or local places.

  • How do you work out on 1800 kcal? I tried that and in 3 days I felt so weak and I was loosing muscle (reps were decreasing drastically, under 20% and eating more did not improve the situation, I had to up the kcal and work my way up again) and I’m skinny, about your height.

  • I read a lot of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular lose weight methods?

  • KFC is gross; too salty and too much black pepper. Throw away the skin even if you’re at risk of starving to death. Drop a bone-in chick into a Chik-fi-la fryer and you could have the winner. Popeyes is good. Church’s is GREAT. Their biscuits are honey drop biscuits that you should eat with jam for dessert or breakfast the next morning. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the often mentioned Bojangles. It’s high on my bucket list.

  • i feel sorry for this guy… just training his muscles and eating meals in front of your laptop in an empty apartment. not much of a difference to a jail in scandinavia lol

  • Is it the vegan thing that makes him sound like a moron? He meanders into eloquence every now and then. I am pretty certain his default setting is eloquent so why does he have to sound as if he’s had a lobotomy?

  • It’s still astonish me just how many people don’t know about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) even though a lot of people lost a ton of weight with it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I have lost a ton of fat.

  • Thamk u so much. I’ve been triying to figure out all my life how to have a healthy lifestyle without measuring and always feeling hungry! I’m the kind of person than needs a huge dish of food!!! Your recipes are AWESOME! and believe me… l have made extense research

  • This has been one of my approaches too. I think it’s one of the best for ease. I use the weight watchers jelly sachets. They have 0-1 cal too.

  • Ayeeee the first place you visited was in my hometown Durham! I actually have never been but Ive heard so many great things about it

  • You’ve got such a fun chill personality.Watching this video made me feel like I was in highschool messing around with my friends again. I mean that in the best way.

  • Joe’s macro numbers for his protein sources seem different than what I can find in the store. His chicken was 170g for 52g protein/3g fat (17.3 protein:fat ratio) and his turkey was 200g for 64g protein/2g fat (32:1 protein:fat ratio). I can’t find anything close to this, it’s usually closer to something like 2g fat per 18g of protein (9:1 ratio). I ask because this can be the hardest part of the day – getting protein in without your calories blowing up due to fats! @JoeDelaney any suggestions on where I could be going wrong?

  • I used to eat like that when I was younger, seemed to work, until I developed arthritis which was in the end so painful I had difficulty walking at age 48. In the end I dropped all the vegetables and fruit and moved to a meat and eggs diet. After a few months all the pain had gone and I have nearly all my mobility back. If I start to eat vegetables and fruit again the pain starts to inch its was back in just a few days, plus I become constantly hungry. You can essentially eat anything when you are younger, but don’t fall into the trap that that is the reason for your fitness or trim shape, its just because you are young.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on talking about this popular fat burn method.

  • Oh man, I love watching you eat all these foods, Mikey! It actually makes me hungry…and that’s not easy! I’m a very picky eater. I love fried chicken. This kinda reminds me of Popeye’s, which is my favorite place.

  • Shouldn’t it be KILO calories? I mean 200 calories is just a joke lmao. “Calorie” has been so popular in the diet world by now, that they forget that they are essentially talking of Kcal and not cal.

    With 2000cal (or 2 Kcal) a day, you would starve to death. An average person needs 1800kcal that is 1,800,000 calories per day.

  • <<< Trong đời sau, người thiện nam cùng thiện nữ nào thấy hình tượng của Ngài Địa-Tạng Bồ Tát và nghe kinh này, cho đến đọc tụng, dùng hương hoa, đồ ăn món uống, y phục, vật báu mà bố thí cúng dường ngợi khen chiêm lễ thời kẻ ấy được 28 điều lợi sau đây =......(6) Những bịnh tật không đến nơi thân.... (5) Đồ mặc món ăn dồi dào đầy đủ....(4) Mãi không còn thối thất đạo Bồ Đề... (3) Chứa nhóm nhơn vô thượng của Thánh... (2) Quả lành càng ngày càng thêm lớn... (1) Các hàng Trời, Rồng thường hộ niệm..... >>>…….(Kinh DIA TANG, Pham 13, Trang 174)… ������✝️✝️✝️ KINH CHUC Qui THAY, Qui SU, Qui NI, Qui CO, Gia Dinh AC + tat ca Qui Vi + tat ca CHUNG SANH muoi Phuong PHAT PHAP:������ Ngày an lành, đêm an lành..
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    In every minute and every second,
    may the day and night be well.
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    ������Nam Mô Đại Bi Quán Thế Âm Bồ Tát: Cứu khổ cứu nạn ������Nam Mô Bổn Sư Thích Ca Mâu Ni Phật: Vượt qua nghịch cảnh, an nhẫn các chướng duyên ������Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật. ������Nam Mô Đại Bi, Đại Nguyện, Đại Thánh, Đại Từ, Bổn Tôn Địa-Tạng Bồ Tát Ma-ha-tát..������✝️✝️✝️

  • It is so interesting to see how people have different biology? Or genetic? metabolism i should say? I have been eating peanut butter and almond butter pretty much eveey single morning for breakfast and I feel like my body want more energy despite of all this heavy calory dense food. Im pretty slim and my weight has been stable for at least 6yrs (i actually go on a scale probably once or twice a year..) wonder if people digest different food group differently. If anyone knows the answer pls let me know!
    Anyways, thanks for sharing your view. Dr McDougall inspired me to start my plant based lifestyle ��

  • Love it, but you keep saying chocolate…so what i have done so i can get my chocolate fix is use cocoa powder. Ill freeze a banana in slices and blend with cocoa powder and a little oat milk, refreeze, then frosty time. So filling, zero fat with oil free oat milk, chocolate craving fixed. Or. Just add cocoa powder to whatever you want. Yum.

  • Watching Mikey is the only thing keeping going during this lockdown! Love the passion he has for food and how he gets really personal with it �� Stay healthy and safe everybody ����

  • Watching these videos while not allowing to eat anything because of upcoming blood test and planning what BBQ I’m gonna get as soon as I can eat again T_T

  • Amazing vid. I’m 6 years plant based and definitely eat this way. I have one rule in general that seems to keep weight balanced, keep whole plant foods/carbs without fats.
    Don’t get me wrong I understand fats are still important to us, but if your trying to slim down stay mindful each meal with your fat content. Often we mix carbs with fat like avocado on toast, oil with potato, peanut butter added to meals. Digestion is quick when ingredients are clean carbs.
    Also problems with weight loss or digestion is often due to a sluggish liver, Anthony William has a amazing podcast and books on cleaning out the liver which has been super helpful to others I know:) especially as you get older, keeping your liver in good healths with chronic illness too.

  • Hi Melissa! I’m a long time follower of your channel. I always come to your channel when I want peace and encouragement. You have a beautiful soul and shines through. You inspire me so much. Keep on being you. Take care and stay safe xx

  • 2000-2700 calories? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I’ve read 1200calories is around the normal intake and I’ve been counting my calories and have never been over 2k, not even close UNLESS I ate a loooooooot of sweets.

  • Mikey, If you can ever make it to Charleston,SC on a Friday or Saturday, I would love to take you to a lil gem of a BBQ place by the name of Sweatman’s BBQ. Only open on Friday and Saturdays because it takes them all week to prepare their BBQ and its always fresh. It’s all you can eat and in an awesome ole farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Let me know my friend.

  • 100 pounds on food for one day. And to think that you were probably crapping it out for days. I can’t even imagine the smell that went with it. Especially the cabbage. ��

  • Mikey, next time you’re in Memphis, try out Uncle Lou’s. His place is not far from the airport, and they have great fried chicken and sauces / seasonings that have made them a Memphis “in-the-know” staple. The “Sweet Spicy Love” Hot Wings are some of the best wings south of Buffalo!

  • KFC brown gravey WTF!
    Only had truck stop Popeyes, but it will clean you out! Church’s…my dog won’t eat it. Agree with Bojangles but they’re harder to find than hens teeth.

  • This video was absolutely inspiring and it makes so much sense!! I’ve always known that eating this way is healthier and would keep me at a healthy weight but the problem sometimes comes when you slip and I think most of us have trouble with that. Have trouble making this a lifestyle because that’s what it is, especially when there are so many distractions and temptations around us. Would love to see a video on how you deal with those ������

  • Oil is a carrier and make the food taste better, I would rather eat smaller amounts with some oils/seeds/nuts than a huge portion of something. Your body needs good fats for a healthy body. Everything in moderation. But dont avoid fats.
    The need of eating big portions is not normal. Cut it in half, add some protein and good fats to it and you will be satisfied and full.

  • It looks like you got like the worst KFC ever. I don’t recall ever getting such dark, soggy looking chicken like that before. I’m from the west coast and we don’t have much where I live in terms of fried chicken options. Just KFC and occasional Popeye’s. I love the KFC Nashville Hot chicken. But it is super duper greasy. Wish I could try Bojangles and Church’s but we don’t have any locations around here.

  • 200 calories is a lot for a snack but less for a meal i think?? but yeahhhh ahhhh the number seems pretty high. as much as i would love to calorie count my lunch and dinner, id probably just stick to lessening my portions and eating more veggies and protein. i have a high risk of getting an ed then go back to bingeing. trying to do this healthily hahaha

  • let me guess, pre show:

    I know a guy who knew the actual Colonel in the process of selling to Yum Brands and my friend witnessed The Colonel burst into raging, weeping blasphemy when he learned that they were making his gravy with water instead of milk to save money… and that there wasn’t a thing he could do now that he had signed away his rights.

    Colonel Sanders’ real original fried chicken is nowhere to be found these days. Yum’s travesty is indeed a greasy, hideous joke.

  • Youtube is full of so many scams. Typically people on the juice (steroid) and selling nonsense powders and meal plans cashing in a gullible noobs.

  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost a ton of weight? We’ve learn many good things about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • Thank you for the video! Just to recap and make sure I got it right, basically eating a natural based diet without limiting just making sure you’re eating plant based foods without added oil?:)

  • Mike, try Roscoe’s in Hollywood, CA! Best crispy waffles and delish fried chicken. Or get the chicken with grits, eggs, and biscuits!

  • I have been eating vegan for 5 years. I’d say I eat whole foods about 80% of the time and I always wonder why I’m not naturally smaller than I am and I SO needed to hear all this. I put vegan butter or olive oil on EVERYTHING!!!!! Bye-bye to oils! I’m a peanut butter fan (protein shakes, with apples, oatmeal, etc). This makes so much sense now!

  • Great video Melissa from one plant-based eater to another! ��
    …You might be interested to know that the principle of calorie density has been troubling me lately for the following reasons (sorry it’s a little wordy):

    1) I have lowered my fat intake to <5% of total caloric intake, which equates to <15g of fat per day. My total caloric intake has been between 3500 and 5000 per day over the last 10 weeks. I workout from home each day for about 45-60 minutes doing bodyweight resistance and cardio training. According to TDEE calculators I am far exceeding my "maintenance calories". Yet, my tummy is not fattening up. Instead, it appears to be leaning out. What have I been eating? Mostly medjool or deglet noor dates, dried figs, fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables, and microwaved potatoes. No salt, no oil, no sugar, no condiments. Dried fruit is about 1200 calories per pound yet is apparently leaning me out with the potatoes. Most days I have at least 32 dates and 10 dried figs. I even ate about 90 dates in a day on two occasions! Several years ago, I was eating about the same amount of calories but from fresh fruit, non-starchy and starchy vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, nut butters, seeds, seed butters, tofu, tempeh, and avocado (no oil or other ultra-processed food). I was also doing about the same amount of exercise back then but got to my heaviest weight with tummy flab.

    2) Carbohydrate overfeeding experiments indicate that carbohydrate-derived calories (no matter the caloric density of the source of those calories) could not readily turn into fat when eaten under normal self-feeding conditions

    3) Energy flux theory regarding human weight management (see posits that a state of high energy flux, which is characterised by a high level of physical activity combined with a high caloric intake, appears to be the most effective strategy for weight loss and weight-loss maintenance

    To summarise, the principle of calorie density might be especially relevant for weight management if fat intake is moderate or high and if exercise is not being performed regularly. Otherwise, dried fruit (and maybe even granulated sugar?) may not actually promote weight gain under normal self-feeding conditions. Nonetheless, the nutrient density of any diet is always important over the long-term, regardless of caloric density. Just my thoughts. Thanks for your time. ��

  • Hi Melissa! Calorie density seems like the way to go to lose weight for me. I do have a personal question, Do you work out while doing calorie density eating and if so what forms of exercise. Did you notice any saggy skin as a result of the weight lost?