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How One Man Avoided Vacation Weight Gain & Then Lost 20 Pounds! chevron_left PREV: When it Comes to Splurges, a T But since then I’ve lost around 20 pounds, and will probably now try to bulk up a bit. Thanks to this surprising fitness education, I understand my body better and I recognize the difference between good weight and bad weight. Research suggests adults often gain between 0.4 and 0.9 kilograms (or about one to two pounds) during the holiday season.

People who are overweight or obese often gain even more weight. Few people want to hold back at every meal on vacation. Instead, try to set the tone for the rest of the day by practicing a little bit of mindful eating and control during your first dish.

How One Man Lost 121 Pounds and Added 20 Pounds of Muscle; How This Guy Lost Fat and Gained Muscle; How This 20-Year-Old Put on Muscle, Kept off Fat; This Man Lost 122 Pounds With the Help of a Fitbit. Great job losing the 60 pounds! That’s so hard!

I’m on a mission to lose 40 (It was 60 but I lost 20 almost two years ago, but then put 10 back on..then lost 10 so now just the 40 to go). First, to determine how much weight you’ll gain after a few days of unhealthy eating, use the same calculations you’d use if you want to drop weight. An extra 1,000 calories per day would cause you to gain about two pounds per week, while an extra 500 calories per day which would cause a one-pound weight gain. Here are 20 good tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays.

Many people gain weight during this time and don’t lose all the weight afterwards. Many travelers fear that a vacation filled with indulgent food can lead to weight gain. But a registered dietitian told INSDER that vacation weight gain isn’t worth so much worry. Weight fluctuates naturally all the time, and a short stretch of heavy eating won’t make that big a difference.

Drink lots of water to rehydrate your body, which eases water retention, depending on your overall health condition. Drinking two glasses of water before meals can help you shed the five pounds more quickly, according to the American Chemical Society. Until you lose the vacation weight, avoid soft drinks even diet ones and fruit juices. I wasn’t super strict with my food, while on vacation, but I was still watching it.

I weighed myself daily when we got home and believe it or not, I lost all 5 lbs of vacation weight in just 4 days! I think it’s mostly water retention from eatting more carbs than usual (glycogen stores more water in your muscles when you increase your carb intake).

List of related literature:

After three months of this self-imposed regimen he had lost almost 100 pounds.

“Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger
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He decided to stick with his usual approach, which was to consume only a thousand calories a day and budget it however he liked.

“The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life” by Alice Schroeder
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He wanted to know how to maintain the diet during his vacation and we all told him that he shouldn’t, that he should simply move to controlled eating patterns, do the best he can and not worry about dieting until afterwards.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
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Alternatively you could use your vacation time every year to go somewhere exotic and lose tons of weight.

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This protocol is also useful when hitting plateaus in weight loss and after periods of weight regain, such as the holidays and vacations (such as a cruise)—and knowing that you’ll follow this protocol after a period of celebration can let you enjoy it without guilt.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
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I’ve witnessed people lose more than 100 pounds in two months of long­distance hiking.

“Trail Tested: A Thru-Hiker's Guide to Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking” by Justin Lichter
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Because he needed constant medical supervision while working to shed the extra pounds (as any extreme weight loss should be done under the supervision of a doctor), I sent him to a facility where he could focus full-time on reclaiming his health.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
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Had he the chance to eat real foods (fresh meats, fish, and fresh fruits and veggies) during his 118-day journey, I suspect that his weight loss and health gains would have improved even more.

“AARP The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young” by Loren Cordain
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He’d managed to reduce his own weight over the holiday by eating sensibly and exercising frequently.

“Feminism: The Ugly Truth” by Mike Buchanan
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fructose water between meals, he lost weight and maintained the lower weight for more than 1 year.

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  • You really motivated me….I lost some pounds and reached my goals…I started becoming careless but your words hopefully will bring me to a certain structure again…awesome video��

  • Does anyone hear know a good weekly food plan for diabetic people? I need it! I have chicken salads and smoothie bowls they are very healthy anything else y’all know?

  • Extremely useful tips. Best video on how to maintain our weight after weight loss. Loved them all!! I particularly liked #3 and #7. Thank you so much! ����

  • Thank you. I needed to hear ALL of this. I realised how much I’ve backslided after I had a huge motivation boost because of my husband’s depression and it’s impact on me. I wanted to loose the weight to set my mind on more positive things for myself, our kids and him…after I lost my goal weight I lost focus on why I started in the first place. This morning I woke up feeling terrible for all the weight I put back on and I needed to find out why….just adding key words into the search engine got me to your video. I needed to hear all of your words. Thank you. Start date was May 1, 2019 @ 94kg after already lost 5kg by fasting on and off for a month prior. Stopped at 83kgs by July 27th. Now it’s September 2nd and it’s creeping back and I’m at 87kgs…sore and slow. Today I start again. Sept 3rd.

  • this is the first time i am seeing ur video..i have only two weeks to lose weight..i am 66kg now..1 year back i was 48kg.. i gained weight by taking i have stoppes ot..but i can not bring my body back..can i follow intermittent fasting..pls rpy me..

  • This is another reason why I respect Dr Stephen Phinney. Yes, he obviously promotes low carb, BUT he wouldn’t say we should ALL be on it. Therefore this dude doesn’t have a hidden agenda, this isn’t a business op for him. He comes across as very genuine and passionate in helping people get healthier.

    In a sea of quacks, it is great to come across this dude….Also, he has a soothing voice, very digestible. ;D

  • I used body for years! I was in the gym every day, but never really saw the full results I wanted. I heard about you guys, and I tired your workouts. HOLY COW! I got my results…. and I was not even in the gym!! I was in my kitchen doing these awesome workouts! YOU GUYS ROCK!

  • Bro I love your personality man! Really chill dude and easily explained how you lost the weight. Congrats man! I’ve lost 20 pounds since March bc of keto. I was mad skeptical but It really works!

  • i workout everyday.sometimes twice a day.but i eat like a normal healthy /clean bulls**** and i dont feel guilty:) however i look lean but i have gained this normal?will i keep gaining weight?or will i gain weight at first and then come to this breaking point or what ever and start losing weight.i need a serious answer.thank you fitness blenders.

  • Which intermittent fasting did you do? 16:8 or did you do 24 hours every couple of days?? I am curious which one because I am thinking of starting, thanks!

  • Thanks so much for this, just got back from a mini-break at the coast. One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve made fitness/eating healthy a lifestyle, is I get excited to see the new workout environment. What’s the hotel gym like? Is there a cool outdoor space to do a hiit circuit in? Jogging/walking on the beach becomes an exciting opportunity!

  • Weight gain after weight loss is a common problem among us. Thanks for your tips to prevent them. Learned a lot from your video. I appreciate your hard work.

  • if u dont wanna gain just stay under 2000 calories wich is pretty easy. it doesnt matter if u eat healthy, or eat junk food. just stay under 2000

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  • Hey, I used to be wondering if you’ve got of this weight loss program before? it’s sort of a great program to assist people to reduce. I used to be just trying to find some options before I made my decision. By the way, I really like the content you’ve got been posting lately!

  • Thanks Dr. Phinney… convinced and a fan, I also read O’Donnell’s et al, paper… and now your filling in the How To Mechanisms… helps a lot…
    70 Going On 100…

  • thanks guys…I’m going on my first real vacation in literally 15 years…and it just dawned on me that I’m scared to gain weight. I started my weight loss journey a year and a half ago and I really don’t want to undo my hard work!

  • UPDATE Due to VERY high requests, I WILL be filming a video of my journey through hair loss, acceptance and ultimately the steps i took to not only remedy the problem, but also grow my hair back. Be sure to be subscribed to my channel with notifications on, so you dont miss the video!

  • nothing to do with the video i already commented my praises when i first watched this video
    but dang that was a big travel haha 3:27

  • Bro I am so encouraged by this! I have been dealing with a massive weight gain and wondered what could be my problem. Similarly I started eating without a care and gained 30 lbs, but now that I have been incorporating intermittent fasting and changing my diet, I hope to lose all that soon!

  • After preparing the dishes from the metabolic cooking diet plan; I began to seriously feel a tremendous boost of energy levels… It is hard to demonstrate yet I was feeling excellent; I had this fresh feeling of self-esteem and so much energy and also as an extra advantage I have been in the position to get more completed in the course of the day. come check out this detailed journey see this link

  • 40:45
    The reason that it is hard to go back into ketosis is evolutionary: suppose there are temporarily cheap carbs available, like fruits or roots. Then the herd should eat them untill those carb sources are depleted, in order to store enough fat for the winter.

  • I think I lost like 40ish in 3 months and another 20 in about the same time but I wasn’t working out crazy when I lost 20 it was just summer but I lost 40 in basketball.

  • Thank you, Kelli and Dan, for being so loving, funny and informed! I love all your videos. I’m going on vacation soon, and this video assuaged my worries beautifully. PS: Someday, I hope to HIIT like a hamster.:D

  • I think I need to do low carb, cause I workout and ball but still got a little fat on me, I’m 20% body fat, trying to get down to 11 or 12% like you

  • He honestly still eats like shit and he’s getting results. This just shows that you don’t have to give up a lot foods and go on a super strict diet. Good video!

  • i’ve always been a very athletic kid, never been ripped but usually always was in shape. after i graduated high school i gained weight. i was 225 pounds and i lost a lot of weight by carb cycling. i’m still going and tight now i weight 190 and i didn’t have to give up eating! obviously everyone is different but for those who really don’t want to give up food look into carb cycling

  • Very impressed brother! Ngl I haven’t watched you for about a year maybe more just kinda had my thing with street wear but that’s incredible great transformation you look brilliant. Happy you came back up on my feed randomly.

  • Great tips on not gaining weight on vacation. Shows you can enjoy yourself but also not go crazy. Fresh real food, not processed, is the way to go! Thanks!

  • I lost 20 pounds in 3 months as well and it was hard as fuck. It was over the summer and I skipped out on so many ice cream trips. I was in the gym every single day

  • Well explained, I’ve utilized some of these tips myself. For me it was all about staying active and avoiding fast food and soda pop. Best of luck to anyone out there trying to drop some weight. It can be challenging but doable with some time and patience.

  • AWESOME DUDE!!! Congrats… I am in high school and I am currently trying to lose 15-20 more pounds you see I have lost 26 so far and I haven’t reached my goal yetI had the beer belly physique and now it’s between chubby and thin ish lol

  • As someone who NEVER comments on youtube videos, I had to for this one! The content was just so good and practical. Just subscribed!:)

  • I was an ectomorph and skinny on my highschool and college days even when I was eating alot but I was a soccer varsity player, When I graduated and stopped playing I suddenly had this crazy cravings that I wanna eat anything glutinous, I’ve gained weight and even outgrown my natural size and the stretch marks are proof, I wouldnt say im necessarily really fat but maybe around 20-25% Bf. Now after this Corona virus lockdown ends I’m motivated to get into my best shape ever

  • Thank you so much for this very informative and helpful tips. on preventing weight gain. I really need this. Appreciate your videos. Keep it up!

  • Fresh foods or processed foods has nothing to do with “weight” gain. Normal people that don’t understand nutrition say the most ignorant stuff I’ve ever heard. SMH

  • Great vid Paul! I appreciate your sincerity and transparency with this video. I’ve seen so many people post weight loss journeys that include a catch. Shout out to you for including suggestions for food options.