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How Julie Pabian Beat Cancer and Lost 95 Pounds. by Ashley Pitt. October 20, 2016. 5 Comments. Share it: You don’t often hear someone say she is thankful for being diagnosed with breast cancer.

But when it comes to the story of Julie Pabian, an assistant bank manager from Omaha, Nebraska, it actually makes sense. Six years ago at the age of. How Julie Pabian Beat Cancer and Lost 95 Pounds You don’t often hear someone say she is thankful for being diagnosed with breast cancer.

But when it comes to the story of Julie Pabian, an assistant bank manager from Omaha, Nebraska, it actually makes sense. How Julie Pabian Beat Cancer and Lost 95 Pounds. by Ashley Pitt October 20, 2016. You don’t often hear someone say she is thankful for being diagnosed with breast cancer.

But when it comes to the story of Julie Pabian, an assistant bank manager from Omaha, Nebraska, it actually. “How Julie Pabian Beat Cancer and Lost 95 Pounds” – Hello Healthy “Blog Tip: Writing Better Blog Posts” – Healthy Living Blogs Community “5 Ways to Burn More Calories on a Walk” – Hello Healthy “Blog Tip: Free Photo Apps and Websites” – Healthy Living Blogs Community. Julia’s Fight Against Rare Cancer Fund. 32K views · March 18, 2019. 1:18.

Julia update (3/12, Tuesday) Julia’s Fight Against Rare Cancer Fund. 30K views · March 12, 2019. Related Pages See All. Addi’s Journey.

257,382 Followers · Blogger. Malcolm’s MARVELous SUPER HERO cancer fighters. There was Julie at the top of the list, having lost 9.8 pounds or 4.5 percent weight lost.

Way to go, Julie! (And a pat on the back to everyone in the group because each participant lost some weight throughout the week). Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally, published by Hay House, is a National Bestseller as ranked by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly!Get it on Amazon here, or anywhere books are sold. I’ve interviewed over 60 people who’ve healed all types and stages of cancer. HOW I LOST 70 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS If you’ve seen my photos with that headline, it was because I was robbed. Seriously.

A shady diet company lifted my photos off of my website and stuck them on their own with that unrealistic claim. I DID lose 70 pounds but it was over the course of one year. And I’ve kept it off for 10 years now!“I just look at progress pictures and rethink before I eat anything.

It’s becoming a lot easier—down 128 pounds so far.” —Dustin K. “I tape photos of what I should be eating inside my fridge.” —Anne C. “Look at old photos, read journals and reflect on what life was like right before you made the change to become a. This is completely subjective. I work on a cancer unit in a city hospital and several patients may not necessarily lose weight at all.

Usually those with cancers of the digestive tract or head and neck and blood cancer patients will lose weight because of the location of the tumor and the fact that the chemo or radiation can cause painful mouth and GI tract sores that make it impossible to eat.

List of related literature:

The Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS) did observe a statistically significant modest difference in weight loss and observed a reduction in breast cancer recurrent among those in the intervention groups compared to the usual diet group after a median follow-up of 5 years [61].

“Exercise Oncology: Prescribing Physical Activity Before and After a Cancer Diagnosis” by Kathryn H. Schmitz
from Exercise Oncology: Prescribing Physical Activity Before and After a Cancer Diagnosis
by Kathryn H. Schmitz
Springer International Publishing, 2020

She pursued various alternative therapies and followed a special diet recommended to her by the cancer centre.

“Gods of Change” by Howard Sasportas
from Gods of Change
by Howard Sasportas
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She was also struggling to lose weight due to her cancer treatments; this was a serious goal for her.

“Misty: Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life” by Misty May-Treanor, Jill Lieber Steeg
from Misty: Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life
by Misty May-Treanor, Jill Lieber Steeg
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She has now permanently changed her diet and lifestyle to make sure the cancer never returns—she is choosing health instead of disease.

“Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer” by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
from Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer
by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
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cancer, and that helped her live for years beyond what the doctors said she would.

“The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer's History, Treatment, and Prevention” by Ty M. Bollinger
from The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer’s History, Treatment, and Prevention
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Her appetite had been poor for several months, during which time she received chemotherapy and radiotherapy and lost 8 kg in bodyweight.

“ADME Processes in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dosage, Design, and Pharmacotherapy Success” by Alan Talevi, Pablo A. M. Quiroga
from ADME Processes in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dosage, Design, and Pharmacotherapy Success
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She also comments that since her cancer diagnosis she is reluctant to attempt to lose weight or overexert herself because of ongoing fatigue.

“Case Studies in Geriatric Primary Care & Multimorbidity Management E-Book” by Karen Dick, Terry Mahan Buttaro
from Case Studies in Geriatric Primary Care & Multimorbidity Management E-Book
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At seventy, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a particularly aggressive disease that often results in weight loss and jaundice.

“The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness” by Kelli Harding
from The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness
by Kelli Harding
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Her cancer had been detected early, and she had recovered well after surgery and radiation treatment, with no further signs of cancer.

“Mind Over Mood, Second Edition: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think” by Dennis Greenberger, Christine A. Padesky, Aaron T. Beck
from Mind Over Mood, Second Edition: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think
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However, she had recovered, her lung cancer had gone into complete remission, and she had begun to gain weight and resume her life.

“How to Break Bad News: A Guide for Health Care Professionals” by Rob Buckman, Yvonne Kason
from How to Break Bad News: A Guide for Health Care Professionals
by Rob Buckman, Yvonne Kason
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992

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  • My god, thank you for this, I’m 48, used to lose it in a crack, absolutely stuck in a ‘too heavy for me, can’t lose it’ phase. Seriously, so needed this. You’re a gem ��

  • Hi I love your lifestyle content. Could you share which Tracy Anderson workout you are doing? I get that it’s the intermediate. Are you subscribing via an app? Is it just a rental on Prime Video? I’m glad you are happy and healthy!

  • Good information… you are just like me….8 years ago. Also EVERYTHING you said I do. The problem is… it gets worse and you find yourself restricting more, and more. I am down to clean eating around 1400/ day. However, I’d still like to lose 10 pounds but then your body adapts to the low calories… I tried the reverse dieting… that was scary! I ran the marathon too, kick boxing, lots of cardio, all the diet changes, the hypothyroidism for 20 years now, hated Keto too… it was so oily! The only thing I haven’t tried are the hormone replacements… perhaps I should do that. Good luck to you! Hope you keep it off! ��

  • Thanks for the video! I love the Goli acv gummies. They give me energy, cut my appetite, and keeps my BP down while helping to rid my body of the. Extra water weight. Crazy I know… but they work. I only do two to four per day. I think motivation is my issue…. i gotta do what’s right for me and stop trying to take care of everyone else… i gotta put myself first sometimes!

  • Wow Erin! You’re so likeable, honest & informative. I have been yoyo dieting forever & exercising. I deal with a lot of health issues as well as being peri menopausal. Thanks for this as well as your many other videos. I feel encouraged to continue trying to lose weight.

  • The only diets that have ever really had me losing weight was eating 800 calories a day, not healthy, very healthy was the eat to live diet. That diet is pretty restrictive.

  • julie makes me angry, she lied for one and when she was watching the video about the 37lb lady it looked like she was laughing. she seems like a toxic woman.

  • Erin, I just found you today and I think you are absolutely stunning and your tips are very helpful! I’ve subscribed to your channel on youtube and started following you on instagram and I think you are going to be a tremendous help for me and my lifestyle! Thank you so much for the work you do and the inspiring messages and content! Much love to you!

  • Thank you sweetie for sharing! I’d recommend trying baked tofu (esp extra firm if you want to go for a ‘meatier’ texture) and bbq sauce or buffalo sauce. You can kind of make homemade buffalo sauce also, organic grass fed butter, some organic or non gmo hot sauce, paprika… tastes like meat and so delicious!! Tofu is very versatile, you can come up with a lot of different flavors for it. Also recommend organic tofu, supposedly gmo soy is very bad. My two cents hope this helps! ❤️

  • Suzanne, I love you and you have truly inspired me to go the Keto route. But please become aware of how much you say “like”. It distracts from your valuable message!

  • Wish i was as over weight as Anna ive seen more fat on a chip, it really annoys me when thin people say ” oh i’ve put 2lb on i’m fat”. Give me a break

  • Chef AJ, I’ve been binge-watching you on youtube from the beginning. Would it be better to watch your newer videos first because things change over the years…?

  • I have been on HRT for 12 weeks now and finally seeing my body change
    Food is VERY important during this season
    I’ve cut out meat and starchy carbs
    Weight training and walking
    I’m a former NPC competitor and weight training keeps the body tight and toned. The biggest hurdle with menapause is exercise and food. Body becomes very sensitive to sugar and carbs!

  • Did keto for 2 years….gained all the weight back after all that work. Definitely needs to be new lifestyle otherwise forget it!! Peri menopause just before I turned 40. Heaviest I’ve ever been.hard to walk around knowing you look worse than you used to..catching a glimpse in the mirror and thinking holy crap!! I’m bigger than I thought! Definitely have that old tire around lower abdomen and hips��. I’m just over 5’4” so it’s noticeable. Definitely a body-mind connection. I lost the spring in my step. Hoping to find it again some day. Thanks for the video!

  • I also make bean patties, but I add sautéed onions, peppers and the oats, but I am going to try your rice version!! What a delightful young man, about the age of my oldest son. Gabriel, You are an inspiration, God bless you and your wonderful family, in all your ways!!
    Thank you Chef AJ, wonderful interview!

  • Can you send a list of food that you eat and where do you get your carbs from just grains?? Can I put fat in the coffee as well like on keto. I’m doing keto but i seem to be putting on weight

  • Omg I just found this channel and I love your sincerity. You’re so real and relatable. I love your sensitivity. I’m 42 and I had always been so skinny. Just to give you an idea, I’m 5’5 and with my first pregnancy I was 118 pounds the day I gave birth. After 4 kids I was 125-128 but after turning 41 my weight started going up to the point that I was 153 during quarantine. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, hiking and yoga and I’ve lost about 8 pounds. But my goal is to be 125 again. You’re such an inspiration and when you cried, I cried with you because it does take such a toll on your self-esteem and it does suck, especially when you love clothes and they no longer fit. Thank you for being so real and for sharing your story.

  • Thank you! I’m at a point where I’m not comfortable in my skin & with myself. Such positivity & authenticity is inspiring. & You’re such a lady while doing it��

  • I feel like if you were to tell someone that they need to be healthier and lose/ gain weight, and genuinely just have their best interests at heart, they will still hurt from it because of all the hate they’ve received. So I don’t know if u should say something, or keep ur mouth shut.

  • I am 13 and weigh about 122 pounds, and I started dieting. Previously I wanted to have atleast one sweet a day but after the diet I don’t crave sweets anymore but anyway I have a non diet week after dieting for three months so that I can enjoy my life while being healthy

  • My sister you look amazing. From where you was and now, blam, slam thank you mam. You are the bomb and your twin look beautiful also. I think you have done a good job. Our weight have been about the same as far as the highest weight but I don’t think I have ever got in the one hundred and fifties rim. JESUS is the reason for every SEASON, in everything we are doing or wanting to do. Everyone body is so different so we have to do what’s best for that individual. I am so proud of you and your journey. I got to work on the waist area and that’s it. May GOD continue to bless and keep you. Love you sis and all your videos.

  • I don’t get why the American people who were involved in this show are saying to stop eating. Why don’t you practise your own advice?

  • I hate scrolling and subconsciously comparing myself to those who had some help from surgery. No hate on surgery but it’s great to see natural bodies too! You look great! Keep up the good work!

  • First to say I NEVER find a video for the need to send a comment. You hit me hard, I have almost the exact same story as you! I have been researching every health diet, weight loss etc etc you are the first to have a similar story and thank you for sharing �� I’m petite, never had a weight issue my whole life, always was active but I hit my 40’s and NOTHING works. I’m 49 now and look exactly like your pic not over weight but unsatisfied! Refuse to buy a size up, even thou it’s starting to show, hahaha. I even had many DR appts but no hormone treatments seems everything (thyroid) is normal. LOL normal as a menopause could be. I refuse to give up, I will definitely subscribe to get new fresh ideas. Thank you again for share your story!!!

  • I am 5 feet 100 pounds & love Pilates, but it took a year to see results for me. The strength I developed was unreal! I could stretch my body more too but like I said it took a year! You look great! Good luck with your journey! BTW I am 49


  • My heart breaks hearing this subtle fat shaming coming from some of my keto role models! There’s a noticeable criticism in Megan’s opinion about fat shaming and inclusive sizes. As a community, we need to be uplifting each other no matter what stage you’re in. I was obese and depressed before keto, it wasn’t until I learned and fully believed in body positivity and that I was enough that I felt worthy of healing my body. Keto has been amazing for me for so much more than weight loss and hope that people starting their journey know that all bodies are worthy bodies of selflove and certainly clothing!

  • I’m 49 and have lost 70 pounds so far on keto, it’s been about a 2 year journey, the 1st year I watched info channels. (I have 40 more to go) This channel is 1 of the 1st ones I started watching, it really set me on my path. Keto is sustainable for me, I’ve struggled for 30 years. I don’t feel starved all the time, I have TONS of energy and my entire life has basically changed. Learn what your food does to/for you and go! 50 is the new 30 and I’m gonna prove it!! Thank you Keto Connect for everything! ��

  • why are y’all hating on Julia she was bullied and that’s why she act wierd I was was bit bulied at school and it really ruined my confidence and that was like 4 years ago

  • I love Jade for calling Julie out, you know maybe it was a little harsh, but Julie really had to understand that she had to face the fact that she eats way too unhealthy, in order to start becoming healthier

  • I feel sorry for Julie. My mom also lives with addiction to food and it’s vedy hard for her, my dad, me and rest of the family. She’s in complete denial and we cannot help her. We love her and it’s so hard to see her eat herself to the point of being unhealthy…

  • First of all…you look amazing������I love intermittent fasting, it works for me!

    Second, get the “likes” up people����������2.3K views and less than 500 Likes……��������

  • the comment section needs to stop hating on Julie so much…its true that she needs to try harder but it still hurts to be called fat, even if you brought it upon yourself…it still hurts. I once gained 6 pounds in a year and everyone kept on saying “omg how did you get so fat”, thanks to that comment I tried to starve myself for months…not the greatest choice, so yeah….just saying words can hurt us very easily.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so glad I found your video! I just turned 47 and have been in menopause for years and I’ve been struggling a lot this year with my weight and feeling bad and feeling unhealthy! So thank you for the information!

  • Im glad this show doesn’t only focus on overeating. Undereating is a huge downward spiral the stomach shrinks and delicious foods become a hassle, plus your hair sheds faster… And everyone has free reign to make comments about your weight. I relate to Jade so much, I want to look curvy and healthy and not like a skeleton

  • Anna who worried about her jelly belly looks wonderful. Sad she couldn’t see that. She is the type of woman who other woman get upset with. She needs to realize she is perfect just the way she is. I worried that Jade was going to obsess in the opposite way and eat too much. Julie actually looked healthier after the three months.

  • I am not 40 yet but due to a dna �� condition I am already menopaused and hypothyroidism and I have gained lots of weight. But seeing your video give me the hopes that I can loose it and feel good in my body. Thank you very much

  • You are so sweet and beautiful and so honest.This video gave me hope.Being on menopause and having hypothyroidism I feel like I am fighting a monster knowing that the battle is lost from the begging.It is so disappointing especially for someone who used to be a physical education teacher and a personal trainer.����Thank you so much for this video and for sharing your personal journey.Wish to every woman to have the great results that you had,feel empowered and beautiful!!♥️��❤️

  • Erin I’m so glad I found you! This video made me a subscriber. I’m 45 also, and Covid’s silver lining is that I’m getting back in touch w really taking care of myself. Have to ask an obvious questionno alcohol? ��

  • Thank you SO much for your honest and encouraging video! I’m going through this exact ordeal and it’s not for wimps….lol….challenging but I intend to be successful! Cheers!

  • Thank you so much for this recipe! I put together the 3-2-1 ingredients yesterday, already had everything on hand. They were really simple to make. (I dont even like cooking!) I added some mixed frozen vegs (corn, peas, carrot mix) and some extra spices (cumin, smoked paprika, parsley flakes). Then I baked them tonight, adding some bbq sauce on top after I flipped them halfway thru baking. Served on whole grain bun with guacamole, red onion and romaine lettuce. Served sweet potatoes on the side I made in the crock pot. Fresh pineapple for dessert. I insisted my family sit down to eat together. They protested at first, but finally conceded. I have been plant based for 3 years, but unfortunately rest of family usually eats fast food burgers, fried chicken and frozen pizza. The 3-2-1 burgers were a hit! My daughter cleaned her plate! My son-in-law asked for seconds! He asked me, “You’re sure these are vegan?!” He said, “Can we do this every Friday?!”

  • I had breast cancer 5 years that put me into early menopause. I’m 4’11 and always weight around 100lbs. Today I weigh 124lbs! I know that isn’t a lot to some, but when your petite it feels like a ton! I have to watch everything I eat now. I even hired a personal trainer, but it’s so frustrating. I find myself just crying because nothing works. Thanks Erin for addressing this issue. It helps know I’m not alone��

  • Hi there! As I’m watching your video and listening to your story, I find myself thinking about how much I can relate to what you are saying about diet and exercise. My journey began last year when I stopped having my periods for about 6 months and then they resumed, but irregular and sporadic. During those six months I gained 10 pounds and when I tried to lose the weight with my usual methods, it would not budge! I haven’t tried adding all of the supplements you have mentioned, but I do take collagen and omega 3. My diet is similar to yours and my exercise consists of combination of cardio and mat work. Just like you, I miss pizza and sweets the most. I make treats with stevia and 100% pure chocolate and coconut oil and nut butter. I agree 100% that just doing a strict diet or keto alone doesn’t work, and adding exercise and supplements definitely helps �� �� Thank you for sharing your success story. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this struggle and battle of the bulge, and now I’m encouraged more than ever to continue with my lifestyle, which helps me lose and maintain my weight ��

  • You are clearly an attractive woman hoping to help others going through menopause which is admirable, but to be on 3 drugs and 7 supplements to help you achieve the proper balance in menopause…OMG this is a terrible example to set. Although I too had a very difficult perimenopause and menopause, and had to use hormones for a few years to manage some very tough symptoms, the goal over time should be to eliminate as many artificial hormones and supplements as possible. Allow your body to adjust to its new normal. Eat a healthy diet with as few animal products as possible, exercise daily and learn to be in your beautiful post menopause body.

  • Happy for you Mary! Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey. I lost & gained back during this quarantine BUT I will be back ����

  • Hi Erin, love your videos and your style and find them super helpful when thinking through wardrobe changes.

    I too have struggled with menopause and that middle 15 pounds that never existed. I appreciate your strategy, but if you don’t mind, I would like to just post some information about hormone replacement in post menopausal women.

    I am a breast cancer surgeon in the southeast. It is important that women understand that hormone replacement in the form of combined treatment (estrogen with a progesterone) is great at managing menopause symptoms, but it also significantly increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. Those cancers, when present also tend to be bigger and have already spread beyond the breast in women who take combined hormone replacement. In addition, hormone replacement causes the breast tissue to have more density and as a result decreases the ability of mammograms to detect smaller cancers. If a woman needs to do HRT, it is only recommended for a short time due to those particular risks.


    PS, I love Tracy Anderson too!

  • You look beautiful as usual.
    Is your hair clip in, if so can you tell me the brand. How long have you had the necklace. Is there any change in the color. Stay Blessed

  • Thank you so much for this! I’m 41 and been peri menopausal for 2 years now in full menopause. The belly fat is real!!! Certainly going to try salads for lunch. I’m a bread and gluten freak so I feel you. I’m vegetarian and lactose intolerant so dairy is a no anyway ��������

  • Congratulations Mary! I am also on a 3-month journey and almost there, great video! Thanks for sharing from one twin to another:)

  • Loved this! Lori is great, so refreshing and gives us “regular” folks hope we can be successful at this as well! Please have her back! Thank you Chef AJ and Lori for showing us by example how to stay the course! ����

  • Keep walking in your purpose and in your excellence! Such a great break down. Is this hair HGH u part, headband, or lace? It is absolutely stunning. Thanks again for all you do!

  • Everyone needs clothes �� like yeah ideally we wouldn’t need to keep going up in available sizes but what’s the alternative? Sorry buddy, guess you gotta be naked until you lose some weight:/

  • Info on seed cycling: I know why you like her AJ, you guys are a lot alike!

  • ty a.j and gabriel…………ive been searching for veggie options,,,,,,,,my sister is a vegitarian… my other sister cooks for her and needed advise as to how to help her. I have 120 lbs to lose so ty. u inspired me. oh we loved bridget, mom and nanny bubbles.

  • I lost 167. Low Carb. L. A. Fitness 6-7 days a week. 3 1/2 yrs. I couldn’t care if I drop dead on the machines I was tired of looking that way and tired of carrying it around and tired of blaming everyone else except for myself. Food labels lie that’s what I found out they lie you walk into a supermarket and everything you see is bad for you, fat, salt, ingredients that don’t belong in food.. and lies.

  • I started the plant-based/vegetarian-ish diet in April and have lots 15 lbs. It is incredible. I have been heavy for years and have run marathons, worked out, starved myself, did KETO you name it. But adding more vegetables and less dairy and meat have been the key. I also was in menopause in my early 40’s and that was over 15 years ago. Things have changed so much, nutrition-wise, in our world. Thank you for your videos.

  • I just randomly found this video today. I am 35 5’8 150 lb currently but I have been struggling with weight loss since quarantine started. I have been working out eating right and nothing. I am definitely thinking it has something to do with my metabolism and hormones and finally got a blood test done so I can figure out what is going on, because just 6 month ago I could just cut back on Carbs and sugar and loose some weight but right now nothing is working. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you!

  • Hi Erin, I just discovered your channel today. It has given me hope.Thank you so much. I have put on massive amounts of weight over this COVID period. I truly hate myself and dare not look in the mirror. I am 48 years old and a single mum to a 9 year old boy. My life came crashing down once we went into lockdown, losing all my supports and feeling so demotivated which had been creeping into my life and feeling tired, weight coming on and feeling blah. I have recently been promoted at work and only started a new job at the start of the year. I must be doing something right, I guess? Well, you have truly inspired me to get out of the sweat pants and dress to start feeling good, wear some make up and be love myself again. I have been testing a few new things over the past month. I have gone back to taking Happy Hormones, it has changed my life; getting up earlier and exercising. I love the quiet and I have some space for me. I’m loving Moms Into Fitness. This seems to work for me and I am just taking tiny steps and tweaking things here and there. You are truly authentic and so inspiring without being contrived. I do not need to feel guilty or bad or that something is wrong with me and that it is OK to try something different and see if it works for me. As you say, this won’t work for everyone and this is a journey of self discovery and what worked then may or will not work now and all this is fine. I honestly can’t thank you enough and I cried right along with you. I can’t wait to feel that feeling of being me again. I can’t wait to watch more of your inspiring videos and and feel supported and guided on my journey. Thank you and hugs. PS. Sorry for the super long post.

  • Congratulations on your weight loss journey. I learn to pray about everything especially getting healthy. I tried the Chole Ting Ab challenge believe me those 10 min seemed like an hour but I did not see any results at all. I just work out now

  • I don’t agree with limiting salt intake on keto. Your body releases excessive amounts of sodium on keto. The keto experts even recommend consuming high quality salt throughout the day. It is not going to make you consume more calories contrary to Matt’s assertion.

    One reason keto is effective is because it is a diet consisting of satisfying and delicious food, and nearly a copy recipe for every non diet food. It feels like your not depriving yourself.

  • I totally understand where you are coming from regarding bulking up. I followed a fitness program religiously for years and although it was great, I was looking thicker. That’s not what I want. I’d like to eventually get to a place where I do Tracy’s streaming service. I adore her. I’ve been doing her intro videos lately… do you recommend doing metamorphosis before doing her streaming?

  • Thank you Erin ☀️ you are always so kind, helpful & candid.
    I’m almost 54 & also have Type1 diabetes (since 12y.o) &Celiacs (the last 2yrs) & there is so much to navigate with diet. Your tips re: supplements & exercise are great. I take Femmenessence & Serenol (Bonafide); both herbal �� and extremely helpful. No weight gain yet but cutting out gluten & having to avoid sugars helps. Thx again for discussing this challenging topic.

  • You look great! Congratulations on your weight loss. I’m on a weight loss journey as well I lost 30 last year but regained 10. During that time, I was helping my mom who was in hospice. My mom passed away in October last year. I think my mom’s passing and the quarantine were the cause. I’m tracking what I eat, I try to eat 1200 calories a day. I’ve been walking my dogs and they have helped me get out of the house and I’m in better spirits. I use fenugreek powder for my hair I’ll try to use in my yogurt. Good luck in the rest of your journey.

  • It makes me so sad people around me want to loose weight, want to feel better, are always sick and going to the doctor but wont do what it takes. They want me to cook for them thinking they will get my results but no they need to learn all the basics and understand the science because when they’re on their own eating friend chicken, rice and regular sugar bars they just wont get the same results. I feel so bad for them because people/adults have to educate themselves and take care of themselves.:/

  • Jade is like “when i look at myself i feel disappointed on how i look” probably thinking that she needs to lose more weight or something but the truth is shes flat as a pancake

  • Thanks for showing and sharing a real struggle that many of us women have. Real bodies are still in!!! Thanks for this reminder ☺️����

  • I am making these tomorrow. They look fabulous. I have the ingredients by some stroke of luck. Chef AJ, your brawnee recipe is heaven on earth.

  • Girl. I have tears in my eyes from this video. I moved three years ago and I have gained so much weight and my cholesterol was high also. I didn’t weigh this much carrying my twins. I am ashamed to say that I am at 200 lbs and I look and feel awful. I turned 44 on August 16, we have 4 young adult men and only one girl who is a 10th grader this year. I am determined to be around. So thank you for sharing your journey. I am so grateful.

  • Oh! And maybe you’ll be open to this, a healthier ‘pizza’, use corn tortillas (instead of flour) make it like a pizza you want, load veggies, personally I love adding grilled onion and avocado also, and bake it. ❤️❤️. Or I’ve heard cauliflower pizza dough, won’t have the same feel as the other real bread but I might help satisfy the craving. ❤️��

  • U look good at 155. Last year I was 286 now I’m at 188. My goal is 170, my height is 5’8. Yes closing the gym during cov19 set me back just a little. I’m still motivated through my savior Jesus Christ. Be Blessed ��⛹️‍♀️��‍♀️������

  • I love this show it makes me scared to eat afterwards so if I watch one in the morning I don’t eat till the night and it’s my trick to lose weight haha