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After watching his father pass away from obesity, Jordan swore he wouldn’t do the same. How His Father’s Death Spurred Jordan’s 100-Pound Weight Loss chevron_left PREV: 6 Must-Dos After Every Walking. How His Father’s Death Spurred Jordan’s 100-Pound Weight Loss At just 13 years old, Jordan Henry remembers the shock of his father’s death, and even through his heartbreak, he Mallory Lost 100 Pounds By Avoiding Quick-Fix Diets. LUMBERTON, N.C. (AP) — For more than 25 years, the man identified as the triggerman in the death of Michael Jordan’s father has repeatedly declared his.

Resolving not to continue his family’s history of heart disease, White embarked on a weight loss mission-and ended up losing 82 pounds in six months. And the soon-to-be 35-year-old is still going. LUMBERTON, N.C. — Monday marks a quarter century since the murder of basketball legend Michael Jordan’s father, and still the case won’t rest.James R. Jordan Sr., 57, was fatally shot in the.

Linking Jordan’s gambling habits to his father’s death is the quick-draw conclusion that could be reached after a body labeled “John Doe” was identified as James Jordan and found in another state. Yet so many odd circumstances surrounded Jordan’s death. Jordan’s body was not discovered in his car but turned up in a swamp in McColl, S.C., 11 days after the murder. Jordan was cremated Aug.

7 by a South Carolina coroner — as a John Doe before his. Man Convicted of Killing Jordan’s Father Breaks His Silence Posted August 4, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT FAYETTEVILLE — Five years ago this week, James Jordan, the father of basketball star Michael. Jordan’s fourth title was the first he had won since his father’s death.

MJ had been on an emotional roller-coaster since his father’s untimely death. Then during the off season his father was murdered. Jordan used this as the excuse for retiring.

He stated ” the biggest gratification, the biggest positive thing that I can take out of my father.

List of related literature:

He reports a 20-pound weight loss in the last 6 months following his wife’s death, as well as estrangement from his only child.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
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The drop in weight prompted him to moderate his eating and to stop smoking.

“Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals” by Thomas C. Corley
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Since his mother was obese and suffering from diabetes and hypertension, her decision not to diet was equivalent to committing a slow type of suicide, Ugo said of his mother.

“Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving” by Judith Solomon, Carol George
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In the last year, before his reassessment, he started to display general malaise with a weight loss of 10 kg, muscle weakness resulting in severe falls requiring three emergency room visits for stitching and one hospitalization for brain concussion, upper respiratory infections and fungal skin infections.

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However, K.W. had lost two and a half pounds since his previous visit on January 26, 2010, he weighed 21 pounds, and the child vomited after eating crackers and juice.

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Jordan has been encouraging his wife, Linda, to lose weight.

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In Maine, he jogged three times a week, but back in Brooklyn he got little exercise—he sparred with Torres, his son Michael, and other friends once a week—and his weight blew up to two hundred.

“Norman Mailer: A Double Life” by J. Michael Lennon
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early satiety and shortness of breath, eating about 50% of usual intake in 2 meals, lost 50 lb in the past 6 months, and spends most of his day in a recliner as any physical activity leaves him breathless.

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Over the past year he has lost 15 kg and is malnourished.

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When his brother was born, Songe stopped nursing at his mother’s breast and started eating the adult diet, which is high in starch and fiber.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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  • The sad thing is that I have always been chubby since I was a kid and it is the hardest thing ever bc everyone is skinny and then there is me and once I got confident about myself but then I saw my friend and she just looked so skinny and I felt like I have to hide myself and I cant lose any weight since i have no one to support me and i just give up and then i start eating more more junk food and I’m 13 and im scared to go to secondary school bc I know there are gonna be a lot of skinny girls and I cant wear some clothes bc I look really fat in them and I can only wear baggy clothes to hide myself and if your a bit over weight it’s okay to wear whatever u want u will still look beautiful and it’s okay to be chubby and I’m not confident so I just stay hidden and the worst thing is that I’m fat and I’m tall so it makes my situation even worse..

  • I totally feel what she’s saying when she walk on the plane to her seat and the person next to her says OH HELL NO…. complains and don’t wanna sit with her… I’ve gotten pretty lucky to sit with some skinny thin sticks on my flights… but man do I feel her pain….sometimes I feel people are judging inside but don’t wanna be mean and say it aloud… and that seat belt… that I had to suck in to put on… really sucks.. Although on United Airlines, it’s has like 3 inch more on the belt. One time I was close to asking for belt extension.:( I’m lucky nobody told me to buy 2 seats yet. I might cry if they say that to my face. Also, aisle seats, I keep getting hit by the cart rolling down or people walking by. Inner seat would be a more spacious sometimes, but would be a pain to get pass the other people for bathroom stops. Also bigger person need to walk around more on the plane to prevent blood clots joint swellings!! It’s terrible. On my weight loss journey for almost 4 mos now…. I wanna get back to regular clothe sizes.. need to lose 85lb more to goal weight

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  • Wow, what an amazing story, I’m so proud of her. I can’t believe another person would invite her out for prom and cancel at the last minute and tell her she’s too fat. That just broke my heart how could someone be so cruel.

  • Hey I need advice @garyvee or anyone else! I have 11K followers on TikTok, 2K on IG, and 250 here on YouTube. I’m a high school athlete so I don’t have all the time in the world to make content. Would it be better to make 3-4 Tiktoks a day and not go as hard on YouTube, like 1 video or less a week, or keep it balanced, 2 tiktoks a day, and two YouTube uploads a week? Should I hammer down on what’s gaining me the most followers or keep growing gradually on all 3 platforms? Thanks so much!

  • I asked a last minute girl to prom. At the prom door, her boyfriend showed up at the door and…well she stood me up there. I was skinny, but I relate to that. It sticks with you a long time. She was not a winner in any way shape or form, and it reflected more on her than on me. She’s stunning. Now…I just have to resist the urge to contact the girl who stood me up. But she’s prolly old and senile and doesn’t remember. LOL

  • It will be a pain in the was if your friend made the stink face and said omg your 161 pounds omg your taller then me your 5’3 Can I expose her name if I post a video of this comment on tik tok she gonna be like ofc lol she’s uhh she literally was talking to other people like my other ‘friends’ and like leaving me out of conversations that’s why I’m like afaird to go to middle school maybe she will get punish or should I say them they hurt my feelings I was crying because I didn’t wanna go to school and if my parents sign me up for a school and someone being mean to me I will cut their hair ������������ the names are Tia Jamiah jilenny Jaelys and ellaroeoh what ever tf her name is is also fake when we was at club getaway you look at me up and down ��

  • She was always beautiful though. Weight has nothing to do with overall attractiveness. A pretty face, is a pretty face regardless.

  • So, kudos to her for this amazing accomplishment! But… they never said how she did it. Or where we can find more of her story or help. That’s why I gave the clip a thumbs down. So disappointing.

  • I think garyvee is a super mind and he his my mentor I have followed his advice and create a YouTube. Of my own thanks garyvee you are the best

  • Yeah to you! And hahahahaha to the mean creep! You look beautiful and sound sweet…a perfect combination. Congratulations on your accomplishments weight wise and schooling!

  • Her inner need to share and help motivate others
    motivates her to get and stay fit.
    “The outward manifestation
    ALWAYS comes First from an inward transformation!”
    if not it won’t be lasting or permanent.

  • what she does not look all that big to have to purchase an extra seat. i mean she had a few extra pounds. buy she was still pretty.

  • I gained 100 pounds during my pregnancy and lost it less than a year and more. As a nurse I walked alot. When I got off I walked 1hr, stress lol so stress really didn’t eat much. I lost so much they had to put me on weight gain medicine

  • Wait this has to be a JOKE no offence yes she was at an unhealthy weight but ive seen way bigger women everywhere and they never have this much bad experiences. She wasnt even that big lets be honest i thought she was gonna be maSSive

  • Mad props to her not only for the weight loss, but for the fact that she’s now working on a Ph.D! I hope to be as strong of a woman as her!

  • I just weighed myself today I am 262 I been like this since I was a child started today cause I had 4 kids all c section and I never lost it and so many relationship gone down cause I have alot of weight but starting today I will lose weight I had 2 surgery on my stumach and heart problem now I’m only 27 years old

  • Weight Loss Green Store Tea product works amazingly!!! After a few months of drinking this and working out at the same time I was able to lose at least 30 pounds in just a 3-6 months.I could really feel it help my body, improving greatly. The tea taste’s great, just simply excellent. I like how it keeps me full so I don’t have to eat more than I have to. Awesome!! This really helped me in losing weight. Not only is it healthy but it’s also great with other foods. It went well with my lunch. So recap: it taste’s great, it’s help’s you lose weight, it’s healthy for your body, and lastly it goes great other things. This is great for basically anyone who is trying to lose weight.

  • OMG…Beautiful. I will try to lose weight. For every like, I will go a day without eating any junk food!! I’ll come back and keep y’all updated!!:)

  • I really think Rachel face looked more heathier at a larger weight. Im proud of her accomplishment but i think she lost too much!!!

  • 27:36 My tweet to Gary in 2009 didn’t get a reply. It was a throwaway joke that didn’t need a reply. But I want to call out the 100% comment each time I hear it. The intent is real and his ethic is strong, so I don’t want to dilute the actual point. Truth is, I’d rather be proven wrong, see that I did get a reply and find it’s me who missed a comment all those years ago.

  • I noticed a few comments asking for my handle, I was the poker questions at min 14:24, if anyone is interested, my IG, Twitter, and Facebook is @RYSPoker and my YT is right here, @RaisinYourStakesPoker… Thanks again Gary and Team GaryVee for your insight and this opportunity to speak with you guys!

  • It took my friend dying of Diebetes complications at 27 years old to change my life. I am now working out 5 to 6 days a week and changed to a low carb diet. I am down 15 lbs. from 282. I plan to keep going until I reach a healthy goal. Thank you to my Beachbody support group for cheering me on. I still have a long way to go but……it can be done!!!

  • Everytime I watch Gary I can only see opportunities in front of me throughout the day. No excuses! So excited I invested in a new camera and finally uploaded my vid to help people during quarantine:) THANK YOU GARY!

  • My highest weight was 217, I couldnt take it, so I lost weight and now I’m 180 something, and still going, best thing I’ve done before

  • 0:00 0:28 Introduction
    0:28 12:58 The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
    12:58 27:19 The SL-1 Accident
    27:19 35:59 The Unluckiest Generation
    35:59 40:31 Project Blue Peacock
    40:32 56:14 Operation Opera
    56:14 1:02:27 Combat of the 30
    1:02:27 1:14:44 The NRX Accident
    1:14:44 1:27:30 Imperial Airways 1924 Crash
    1:27:30 1:34:36 Sabena Flight 571
    1:34:36 1:45:02 The Demon Core
    1:45:02 1:53:02 SS Richard Montgomery
    1:53:02 2:05:48 K-19, AKA ‘Hiroshima’
    2:05:48 2:22:43 Brazil’s Chernobyl?
    2:22:43 2:33:42 The Broad Street Outbreak
    2:33:42 2:38:09 What is the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale?

    R.I.P Tubby

  • Overeaters Anonymous…… no surgery.. no pills…. no diets….. look it up. I’m maintaining 121 lb weight loss for 3 1/2 yrs…

  • Just started my weight loss journey! Anyone wanting to join me come on! I’ll be unloading frequently about my progress as well as motivation. Let’s get fit in 2019!!
    Thank you for this video, it was a motivational one!

  • GREAT Video, well explained and informative. Going through the steps of eating certain foods as you did is the best way for us to understand. Appreciate yr efforts, yr enthusiasm and yr efforts to help all overweight people especially the emotional eaters who r on a rise due to stressful situations in their lives. God bless you dear. You look so pretty.
    All the best for The New Year ��

  • I did diet after my husband was control. Me i divorce him. And left him. So I though to myself start new life and found my self new man when I lost weight

  • When I was 10, I was weighing 104 pounds. And I started gaining all that weight when I was 12 years old I went from weighing 145 all the way up to weighing 200. Then by the time I turned 14, I was already 210 pounds, then I went gaining weight and I weighed 298 by the age of 17. I was eating a lot of fried foods and I had heartburn and got sick. Then I lost weight for the first time and weighed 175 pounds. I was a skinny boy. But then when I turned 19, I started gaining weight all over again and I was getting bigger and bigger and I ate too much processed and fried foods again. Now I’m losing a little weight.

  • To all the people who are losing weight or have lost weight no matter how much or how little, congratulation to you. I know how hard it can be to eat healthier and stick with it. But at least your trying. Keep going and one day you will look back and be proud of what you achieved!!!!����

  • I’m nearly 6m preg n only gained 6lbs I’m hoping to eat Only for baby n lil for myself. I won’t overdo it like those obese women. I was big to start with n during my weight loss fell preg����‍♀️ after I have the baby I’m gna do it the healthy way without pills as I’m gna be breast feeding. Need to lose 8bs

  • Ive lost 30+ and gained it all back and plus someIm on my journey again and Im down 7 lbsthis is now a lifestyle change and I hope I can maintain for life

  • So nice of u.
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  • my channel improved so much because of his advice, i follow his idea,it worked his idea worked, i listen to his idea and it work wow never seen my you tube channel proved

  • Im hella fat and my friends calls me names but i dont give a shit i just beat the shit outta them and then we go to the park but after watching this im trying to lose 100 pounds wish me luck my niggas

  • you are very cool mate Gary vee i am an actor filmmaker from mumbai listed in IMDB and listed film producer in mumbai film industry.. lets get in touch mate.. kind regards

  • Brother, great show. Today I found a Spanish financial video talking about your
    “crushing it” book and how you are influencing people.
    Awesome Show. you are a beast

  • Yoo Garyvee thank you so much for pushing me, i really iam happy what im doin right now. ❤️. I just dropped my first Q&A, don’t hesitate to watch it ��

  • GaryVee Hi Gary! I really need some advice. I’ve been working in a job that I really don’t like, it was good at start but I’ve really grown tired of it and everyone I knew to begin with has gone. I’ve been saving up money for months and I would like to leave but I’m worried that if I give in my notice with the pandemic that’s going on I’ll end up regretting it. I installed tiktok in November following your advice and I’ve been growing a following (7.5k followers) I want to leave the job and focus more on tiktok, this job takes up 40 hours of my week giving me little time to work on projects (I make cartoons) should I leave the job and work on growing my tiktok channel or would I be making a bad mistake with what’s going on at the moment? I’m worried that if anything fails it’ll be harder for me to get another job and I’ll end up back in the hole I was in when I was unemployed 1 year ago. (Ps. I didn’t even know what tiktok was until you said to use it, which I thank you greatly for; it’s given me hope to do something I enjoy doing). My name is @jmbpro on tiktok.

  • Hey Gary! I just wanted to say you’ve been a huge inspiration to me! I’ve finally decided to start doing YouTube again after giving up for a while. I’ve finally started posting gaming videos that I really enjoy! Thanks again for being you dude!

  • Most people want what comes from success but they don’t enjoy the process and that’s why they don’t end up being successful….

    Thank you Gary!

  • I love to fast! Especially OMAD (One Meal a Day)
    Real food foods don’t require an ingredient list. Meats, real cheeses, fruits, vegetables, water, coffee and tea unsweetened, exercising and fasting!
    No matter what I’m doing, where I travel, the occasion or holiday my eating doesn’t change! I eat only the foods mentioned or I fast! No calorie counting! I eat until don’t feel like eating anymore! If the foods I eat aren’t available I continue to fast! I’ve fasted for as long as three days!
    I eat when I’m ready to eat! My breakfast is (Break Fast)! I don’t eat in the morning! Only black coffee and water!
    No bread, pastas, pastries, rices, or potatoes!
    I’ve not eaten any of these for over a year!
    I don’t miss any of the foods I’ve eliminated!
    I don’t cheat with foods I’ve eliminated.
    I don’t miss my 3xl shirts or 38 waist pants! I don’t even get on the scale anymore!
    With real foods and real results! No ingredient list to read. When you eat real food you get real results!
    I’ve lost as much as 100lbs! Now I wear 32 waist and L shirts! I have tremendous energy because of the satiating foods I eats, along with fasting!

  • I love the new tea with gary v format, the talking to people is much improve imo, but I miss the higher quality. I love these episode, just want to be able to hear the great content more clearly ��