How Dianne Won Her First Deadlift Competition at 71 Years Of Age


My First Powerlifting Meet | 16 Years old 1080lb Total @83kg

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Tom’s 1st Powerlifting Meet, 500+ DEADLIFT?

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Diana’s First Powerlifting Meet

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Video taken from the channel: Juji & Tom

How Dianne Won Her First Deadlift Competition at 71 Years Old. Dianne Shay, a 71-year-old grandmother and retired banker, attended her first powerlifting competition in September 2017. She wasn’t there to cheer on a friend or one of her children; she was there to. How Dianne Won Her First Deadlift Competition at 71 Years Old Dianne Shay, a 71-year-old grandmother and retired banker, attended her first powerlifting competition in September 2017.

She wasn’t there to cheer on a friend or one of her children; she was there to. Jan 7, 2018 Dianne Shay, a 71-year-old grandmother and retired banker, attended her first powerlifting competition in September 2017. She wasn’t there to cheer on a. 71-year-old Hungarian powerlifter Janos Fabri set a new world record by deadlifting 260.5 kilograms (574 pounds) at the Men’s and Women’s Masters World Powerlifting Championships in Estonia. How Dianne Won Her First Deadlift Competition at 71 Years Old. by Danny Bonvissuto. November 28, 2017.

Dianne Shay, a 71-year-old grandmother and retired banker, attended her first powerlifting competition in September 2017. She wasn’t there to cheer on a friend or one of her children; she was there Read More. After years of lifters hitting 800-900+lb deadlifts, the 1,000 lb seal was finally broken.

In 2006, Andy Bolton became the first man to pull over the 1k mark, and hit a 1,003 lb deadlift in. He has competed since 1978 and as recent as 2018. His 40 years of competition has taken him around the world including two trips to Russia.

Most noted for a big deadlift, Big Jim has pulled a best 772. More notable numbers include deadlifting 705 at 71 years old and 755 at 60 years old. A big personality with a strong desire to succeed. 11 year old, 66lbs Etta Nichols (Http:// ) deadlift 143lbs more than 2 times her body weight to break the American Re.

Grandma’s got guns! Meet the 77-year-old 105lb woman who can dead lift more than twice her own weight Willie Murphy from Rochester, New York, has won. If your goal is to compete in powerlifting, I still recommend using the Old Man Routine for a year to bring up your lifting numbers.

In the past 11 months, I have raised my bench press from 175 to 300, my squat from 225 to 415, and my deadlift from 345 to 495. Train heavy.

List of related literature:

During her first competition in 1975—which she had to petition to be allowed to take part in, since there were no contests for women—she broke a Guinness World Record for the two-hand deadlift that had stood strongfor fortynine years, picking up 394.5 pounds.

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In her 70s, Murphy decided to compete in powerlifting and now trains three times a week at her local gym.

“Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults” by Danielle R. Bouchard
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In women’s gymnastics a smiling 17-year-old Olga Korbut, measuring 1.55 metres and weighing 38 kilos, won the gold on the beam, but her favorite routine on the bars went wrong and she landed on the floor, at which she broke down and wept in front of the cameras.

“Sports around the World: History, Culture, and Practice [4 volumes]: History, Culture, and Practice” by John Nauright
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At age 17, the blond goofyfooter won the 2001 Quiksilver World Grommet Titles, held in Bali, beating future world pro tour champion Sofia Mulanovich; Georgeson (5′ 6″, 125 pounds) had by then developed into a fast, composed, often dazzling surfer, with an especially strong backhand.

“The Encyclopedia of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw
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She started with a bronze medal in the Women’s 4at the 2005 FISA U23 World Rowing Championships.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
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By age sixteen she was able to demolish much older competitors, and became New Zealand Under-22 Champion.

“A History of New Zealand Women” by Barbara Brookes
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She adopted weightlifting advice from the new world record holder in the men’s 100 meters, Ben Iohnson of Canada.

“African American Lives” by Henry Louis Gates Jr., Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
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On the back extension machine she started with one set of 5 repetitions with 30 lb (14 kg) of resistance in a very limited range.

“Clinical Exercise Physiology” by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, Paul S. Visich, Steven Keteyian
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I can still win with only 70 per cent of my muscles,”20 which, to me, implies that she was competing at lower testosterone levels but also demonstrates that she deals with the same mental issues as other inconsistent athletes.

“Sporting Gender: The History, Science, and Stories of Transgender and Intersex Athletes” by Joanna Harper, David Epstein
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At sixty years old,itwas her first bicycle tour, though the previous night she’d made a point of telling us she’d been training for threemonths, swimming every day, and hadonce done a seventy­five­mile bikeride.

“The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa” by Neil Peart
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  • Have you seen the vid with eddie the beast were he was doing that science study on musile mass he did a sciencetifly callbrated deadlift and he end up repeatedly lifting 700kgs

  • Hey Lauren! I know it’s probably a ‘no shit, Sherlock…’ question, but did you do a water cut into the meet? That would definitely exacerbate cramping

  • FYeah!!!
    You have me feeling so inspired!
    Seeing a female do something so powerful and yet still be so feminine ������
    Rock on lady!

  • Brilliant Lifting Lauren Especially for a ‘Newbie’! #allroundathlete
    We all Hope to see you Rock The Platform again!

    Big Love Team Rutherford 😉

  • First off I can’t stop binge watching this channel. Another thing you guys are hilarious. Like possibly funnier than most channels that lift and get after it.

  • QUESTION. Does the bar weight/thickness differ for females and males in Powerlifting Competitions? If so, how much does the bar weigh for females in official powerlifting competitions? Thank you!

  • Been watching your vids for almost a year. Never subscribed until now. Watching tom try his best with his good humor is really motivating. I’ve started weight lifting because of you two and even though you probably won’t see this I really appreciate your content. Thank you guys and hope you’re both doing well in these tough times.

  • Tom you have fkin beefed up man! I swore off youtube for a while and just came back and holy crap! I was stoked when the channel turned into Juji & Tom and man this is friggen epic! Good for you bro! You’re turning into a monster!

  • Hey juji…. I have experience exact type of tendonitis in the forearm that you’re talking about. And I to just like you used to wait and just let it rest until it felt better. Now I use a 3 inch steel pipe. And I roll out my forearm. There are multiple techniques on the internet that show you how to do it on your own. It changed the healing rate from weeks to just a few days. Not a foam roller not a plastic roller it needs to be a metal pipe. And it is going to hurt really really really really bad when you roll it out. But it makes it go away so fast. and take I also take six times the recommended dosage of L-glutamine when it happens. Huge difference

  • Enjoyed getting to see you compete. I can’t imagine the pressure that is added when EVERYONE is staring at you and cheering you on. Must get quite intense! Hope to see more competitions of you in the future and I would love to hear the difference between bikini/powerlifting competitions. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!

  • A big well done Lauren ������ I just wanted to say that you have been such an inspiration to me to start powerlifting and now I’ve been training for over 4 months �� I’ve got my first powerlifting comp coming up in 2 weeks time and I’m like a bit nervous because I’m only 16 and like there will be mainly all adults there but after watching this video has made me just feel even more excited for it and I just can’t wait to smash some pbs ����

  • RESPECTFUL QUESTION… Why do powerlifters (for this type of lift) use such an over-exaggerated wide stance when they lift? It looks like they are lifting mostly from the groin, rather than from the bigger leg muscles. How are nuts and ovaries not popped???!!!
    Thank you.

  • I love it! You’re like the better version of me exactly the same height and I almost hit the same number on lifts, but I’m a few kg heavier. You motivate me so so so much to improve �� Ps. Have you tried oly weightlifting? I would love to see a video where you try it with a coach!

  • Bro those squats and deads were way too easy for u�� great job, i bet you had an extra 20 lbs in both of those lifts bro. It may be just me but that bench seemed like a long ass time for that last pause lol! Keep up the good work

  • Can I just point out that he did this DOUBLE OVERHAND WITHOUT STRAPS!? Good grip strength my guy, that is what impressed me the most.

  • You Tom my man hook me up with that watch its fire,where did you get it?what brand is it?(im not beeing sarcastic i really like it)

  • Not only he strong but flexible, can do perfect backflips. Man wao im very impress with this guy. Not alot of people can be big and be this flexible.
    Freaking jump like he is a lightweight.

  • That 80kg probably felt heavy because of the “carbs” that you ate before hand since that is most likely not just carbs but tons of fat as well and fat can cause a build up of fat in the blood which makes the body slow and sluggish. This is why i only eat high carb low in fat meals before working out in general.

  • 6:55 if the guy behind Cyprian Thomson was not there to hold his tits, I dont know what would happen, but the world would have looked different… thanks good for his presence

  • Just wanted to agree with some of the people here about the audio editing problem at 8 mins. I also watched your NY vlogs and there were a couple of titles and boxes which popped up where they clearly shouldn’t have and I feel like I can tell recently that the videos don’t seem to have been watched through before posting. I just think these things make such a huge difference.
    BUT having said that Lauren I love your channel because I feel like you are one of the few who keep it real and I also bloody love that you use so much evidence based theory behind your training. Keep doing you and absolutely smashing down those gender stereotypes, honestly you’re so inspiring ❤️

  • I participated in only one meet (Olympic weightlifting). Came in 2nd out of 2 people but I didn’t even care. I was nervous as hell but everyone there was so damn supportive. Watching this makes me want to get back into it

  • Well done Tom that was awesome! Takes real balls to get up there in front of a crowd under pressure and perform like that! It will get easier every time!

  • Hi Lauren Congratulations you were amazing!!!! Taking part in my first meet in a few months and this was so helpful. Could you let me know why you don’t wear knee sleeves is it because they aren’t allowed and did you train without for a bit beforehand? Thank you!!! Hope you get your health issues sorted out soon btw.

  • This videos always put me in a better head space. Seeing y’all go out there and do things you’re not exactly comfortable with makes my drive so much stronger. These last couples months have been rough but y’all always bring me up I can’t thank you enough.

  • hey all, sorry this took so long. Youtube demonetized tom’s meet video (won’t recommend to anyone, even subscribers) and i uploaded this video a bunch of times before it wasn’t demonetized. Demonetization hurt us financially, yes, but for me it was sad to see my video get 60k views in an hour then youtube stop the views after we worked hard as fk for 4 months working towards this. Hopefully Juji’s video will stay monetized and people get to see it!

    with love,

  • Tom: I’m an ordinary guy, use me as a benchmark to show how badass all these other guys are.
    Also Tom: does 100 backflips and a 500+lb deadlift

    >_>… Tom is an ordinary guy the same way Superman was an ordinary guy on planet Krypton.

  • His knees hurt because he didn’t have him were they were comfortable your suppose to be comfortable and lift with your hips not your knees or your back

  • Congrats on completing your first competition!! I’d love to see a comparison between this and bikini — I think it’d be such a different world!! And I’d love a new ebook ALWAYS.

  • woooooo smashed it girl!!!! did you enjoy this more than bikini competing? I think a bikini vs. powerlifting vid would be v interesting, I feel like training for a powerlifting comp is away more positive and more about bettering yourself and building yourself up whereas bikini is more about testing your discipline etc. BUT I have literally no experiencer with either so probs talking a load of poop

  • Hey brother, I’m really glad to hear you had a lot of fun. I don’t want you to be beating yourself up over things, ok man? This is your first meet, you’re going to learn from this and do much better next time. I’m very proud of you, you’re Da Man and I”m always going to be there cheering you on! I got to get you up on the bodybuilding and physique stage too!!

  • Hey man, im sorry youtube is being lame, and is hiding this video for whatever reason, but man you really have gotten so much stronger recently. i, and a lot of others really look up to you!

  • Damn Tom, I remember when you have started working-out I was thinking “Buff it is not going to happen”.
    Congrats and keep up the good work!

  • 10:43 11:13 favorite moment of all your videos. Does the PR of 666 lbs, does the celebration and then caps it with a flip with the belt still on. Unbelievable.

  • I had the same issue with my first meet… forgot to wait for my squat call, forgot to wait for my down signal on deadlift. Now I always practice my calls.

  • Welll done!!! Amazing stuff at the competition, shame about those stupid cramps �� but you’re so strong girl!!

    Ps, couldn’t hear you at 7.55 onwards ��

  • Just come across your video.. you did great! I would love your powerlifting e-book.. and also to see the bikini vs powerlift video. I would love to compete in PL.. but at 40.. came into it a little late and struggle with too many injuries. My DL PB is 130Kg and BW is 60Kg so I know with work i could probably get there.. I just wish i’d started 20 years ago. Powelifting is the best buzz out there!

  • Idk if you’ve heard but Eddie Hall holds the world record in deadlift at 500kg, or 1100lbs for you Americans. I just didn’t know if heard that he holds the record. Eddie Hall holds that record. Lol Eddie Hall jokes are fun.

  • I feel if stephi wasn’t concerned about still being lady like she would have made that deadlift. But it’s hard to look pretty violently shaking lol

  • Great job Lauren!!! I am probably going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but I am saying this because I love Lauren and her content. I feel like the quality of your videos are decreasing. I think the actual video quality is good but the content is getting worse. There are very noticeable errors in you editing which could easily be fixed if you just watch your video before you post it. One example is at the 8-minute mark. If you fixed this earlier your subscribers (including myself) could actually understand your videos.Also, I know you are all about selling your training guides, but it gets a little annoying hearing you talk about them and try to sell them in every video. I hope you take this all as ways to help you improve, if not I understand! Love you lots Lauren, as I have been a follower since the very beginning of your journey!

  • Well done:) The fact that you went there and did it deserves recognition alone! A lot of people don’t realise how much time and effort goes into competing. Your lifts looked good! I haven’t heard of the BDFPA before (I compete in the IPF), so looking them up (drugs free is always good).:)

  • Hey there Lauren, I know the month is almost over, but I’ll say anyway….late Happy New Year!! �� Cool channel you have here, and congrats on all your success so far, including now being a POWERHOUSE ��…. and wishing you all the best for even more in 2018. So was just curious, what muscle do you train the most each week?? And do you follow any particular recipes, or create all of your own original meals and desserts… do you have all time favorite dessert?? Well, keep going strong… keep on flexing… and keep on inspiring. Definitely have a new member of the Lauren Tickner fan club rooting for ya! �� Take care!!

  • Whenever Juji collabs with other guys, its always like “ive nevwr done thia before” or ” ita been months since I’ve done this” then proceeds to be really good at that.

  • Hi Lauren,

    You were the first YouTuber I ever watched and of course part of me still likes to watch you. However, I do agree that your content hasn’t been as good recently. When I log into YouTube and go to my subscriptions I’ve noticed that I will instantly click on GraceFitUk or Whitney Simmons (and so on) but I don’t get that excitement anymore about yours. Of course I still watch because I want to support you but I just feel others are more interesting now.
    But like I said, I do support you and think you’re great, you’ve got amazing confidence and I wish I was more like you! ☺️

  • Absolute respect for the lifters…what an amazing deadlift by an amazing lifter…Jamal just killed it. To put things in perspective, I was following the deadlift drama by Hafthor where he did a 501kg…now this almost 180+ kgs Hafthor does it with a lifting suit…wraps…in a home gym without any pressure of a competition…no anxiety about when to make the lift and here these champs are just killing it with the smoothest of lifts executed…not to mention the fatigue that must have affected them from the prior massive squats and bench press event. This is what the sport of lifting needs…true sportsmanship and perfect representation of how to conduct oneself while competing. Honestly speaking…the strongmen need to check these insane powerlifters out…at a much much lesser bodyweight they are making these massive lifts look easy.
    Respect ��

  • i blame the weight being too light for him and the ammonia putting him into a deadly warrior focus where he had to smash the weight down like the hulk.

  • What I get from this about about the powerlifting community there’s competition, but everyone (of very different strengths/abilities) seem to be totally happy to help/encourage each other to constantly push their limits. And they’re genuinely happy at each other’s accomplishments. Looks like a great sport.

  • Way to lift. I love competing. I just started lifting 4 years ago but am addicted to it now. I am a bencher mainly due to back issues but will get back to full power eventually. Keep killing it!

  • Okay I know this is weird but at 7:30the dude in blue jeans to the left of oak does it not look like a female ass and legs �� until he turns around

  • Is the maths on weight right? On the 302kg lift there are 5 25kg plates and 1 10kg plate on each side. 10×25 + 2×10 +20 for bar = 290kg right? Did I butcher this somehow?

  • Hi. What brand is your belt? It looks great. I’m new to lifting (previously athletics) and currently wearing my boyfriend’s old leather one but want one of my own. I’m thinking of a rookie meet maybe the end of the year. I’m same bodyweight as you, and I’m waaay off your weights though!

  • Did anyone else think this was cringy af, like juji was acting like a teenage girl the whole time. Tom was being sarcastic with that tone. Yall need to find the joy again or atleast learn to hide it better and be more professional. I believe in you guys, make it happen ✌️��

  • Much respect to you for even doing a powerlifting meet. Regardless if the weights you lifted, although you are super strong for your bodyweight. I say this because I have always wanted to do a powerlifting comp myself but I would be too scared because I can’t drag any mates along ya know. Mates don’t lift haha

  • Please do the bikini vs powerlifting video! You kicked butt in your first ever competition, and remember because it was your first comp, you got three PBs �� killing it!

  • I didn’t realize Tom was actually strong. Man I’m around your weight and have been on the fence about powerlifting training for a while.. I really am inspired to go do it. That’s my next big goal, participate to a powerlifting meet. Appreciate the inspiration, man, seriously

  • It’s because you tried to squat 666 lbs. Either you squat 665 lbs or 667. That one pound would not have made a difference. 666 is the devils number.

  • Im very impressed Tom! From when you starte to now, you’ve done extremly well bro. John and you Tom are a Great team! Keep it coming Boys!

  • Tom, I’m a new subscriber and noticed you had my same Ray Ban glasses �� in your old videos. The blue and white ones. Now I can look at your glasses choices for future inspiration we have the same taste ����

  • Good shit man, You did really good for your first meet. Not that many people do as good as you did on their first meet. Keep it up, you are getting strong af.