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In an attempt to overcome these obstacles many of these gifts will provide options for training at home during times when it’s not possible to make it to the gym or in a busy gym where equipment is sparse. 9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Lifters #1 Fat Gripz One of the most undertrained aspects of strength training is grip strength. These do a great. To hell with gender roles—in gift giving and beyond. Buy these 14 unisex gifts for anyone on your list who likes unwrapping cool stuff (so basically, everybody).

Find affordable stocking stuffers & holiday gifts for men & women under $25 at Find toys, jewelry, & more great gifts under $25. Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys and Gals. Posted on Friday, December 9, 2016 by Lilly Prince. Not only are they beautiful pieces—it’s also meaningful, as every purchase helps create jobs for homeless men and women in Los Angeles.

The bracelets shown above are all the “Never Ending.” It comes in in copper, antique gold, and silver. 25 great holiday gifts under $50. Published Mon, Nov 27 2017 10:15 AM EST Updated Mon, Crew offers men’s and women’s pajama bottoms in. Best Gift Ideas For Women, Men, Gender Neutral Present.

Fashion • Best friend Gift Guide • Best Men’s Gifts • Gift Guides • Holiday. written by Ray Lowe. More from Shopping. Style. The Best Holiday Gifts Under $20.

Advertisement Continue Reading Below 35 Cool Gifts for Every Woman on Your List. 40 of the Best Family Gift Ideas. Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, a thank you gift, housewarming, or Secret Santa, it’s hard to get creative when sticking to a $25 or under price limit. Luckily, we have carefully chosen affordable collections of thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank.

Here are some fun gift ideas based on interests: DIY Gifts. Pet Lovers. With a five-star rating and nearly 800 rave reviews, this sticky-note set is a no-fail gift for the most lovable curmudgeon that you know. They can check off as many offenses as they wish, and slap them on car windshields, computer screens, and office refrigerators to express to others how they really feel.

That’s why I rounded up the Best Gifts Under $30 That They Didn’t Know They Wanted! Choose some of these unique and fun holiday gifts and your friends or family, both men and women, will be happy. Best Gifts Under 30 Dollars That They Didn’t Know They Wanted.

Password Organizer; No one can remember all of their passwords. No one.

List of related literature:

A set of dumbbells.

“The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!” by Cheryl Forberg, Melissa Roberson, Lisa Wheeler, Biggest Loser Experts and Cast
from The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!
by Cheryl Forberg, Melissa Roberson, et. al.
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2009

Men, don’t forget flowers, little gifts, candy if weight is not a problem.

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

Cold soda cans, which can double as massage tools on the lower back, can also be used.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
from Integrative Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

A FixedPoint DVD,

“Gunning for God: Why the New Atheists are Missing the Target” by John C. Lennox
from Gunning for God: Why the New Atheists are Missing the Target
by John C. Lennox
Lion, 2011

handsome leather luggage, custom­fitted riding boots, and engraved book bindings.

“Rascal” by Sterling North
from Rascal
by Sterling North
Penguin Young Readers Group, 1990

‘A pair of wicker panniers and a leather male, or trunk.

“The Ill-Made Knight” by Christian Cameron
from The Ill-Made Knight
by Christian Cameron
Orion Publishing Group, 2013

Nice gifts for men to give other men: Tennis or golf sweater.

“Letitia Baldrige's New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette” by Letitia Baldrige, Denise Cavalieri Fike
from Letitia Baldrige’s New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette
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Bundles of clothes or some eatables tied to their back.

“Bengal Partition Stories: An Unclosed Chapter” by Bashabi Fraser, Sheila Sen Gupta
from Bengal Partition Stories: An Unclosed Chapter
by Bashabi Fraser, Sheila Sen Gupta
Anthem Press, 2008

Gift bags are great, just add a bit of tissue paper, tie a gift tag on the handle, and you’re set!

“The Generous Husband” by Paul Byerly
from The Generous Husband
by Paul Byerly
Karis Publishing, Incorporated, 2004

Saddlebag or handlebar bag for tools or lunch.

“Effective Cycling” by John Forester
from Effective Cycling
by John Forester
MIT Press, 1993

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  • My fav gift I’ve ever gifted was a hand made story cloth of our culture (very tradition piece to our culture.) its usually expensive to buy and a lot of people frame it! We don’t have our own country so these story cloths are very meaningful to our culture! ❤️

    Instagram: mchang3

  • Hi liz,I love and like allof ur christmas gifts beautuful and very use ful.roolar fos face massage cery yseful gift and brushes also. Hot chocolate also very good idea to give a good taste and sweeten.

  • Great ideas, thank you! If you don’t mind, another gift for someone you know well, that is inexpensive but is highly impressive is a beautifully framed photo you have taken. It can be a landmark hometown photo for your lifelong friend, a photo of something or unique place you both vacationed. I am NOT talking about PHOTOS OF PEOPLE. Make it interesting, an old church in shadow, a photo of a gazebo glazed in the first snow inside the park u both grew up by, an old building in the woods you came across on a hike… Truly unlimited. When the friend opens the gift not only does it take them down memory lane, it’s as personal as u can get and very thoughtful.

  • The best gift I have recieved was in my stocking; a card with Alice in wonderland on the front and inside hand written saying all the positave things they noticed about me that past year. That warmed my heart more than any anything under the tree that year!

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received was my great grandmas molcajete (pestle and mortar) it’s made tons of wonderful salsas over the years in our family so I’m blessed for it to finally be mine ❤️
    The best gift I’ve ever given was birth two my two beautiful girls. We’re technically not supposed to be able to have babies so having them has been the biggest gift to us all ❤️ loved your gift ideas! That staub pumpkin pot is on my wishlist!
    Instagram: vivianavalentinamia

  • My best gift ever I received was just last February that bunch of beautiful lily and other flowers with wishing happy birthday �� in my workplace by delivery boy ��But I was clueless about sender after 3 hours�� ohh it could be him and yah i texted him lastly it was him �� yah its old idea �� but it was 1st time for me so I must say old is gold ��

  • In my country, Iran, saffron can be a perfect gift or a souvenir, specially when you are visiting someone’s house for the first time. There are so many handicraft pieces that can be really perfect gifts like pictorial carpets or khatam boxes.

  • Been following you on both for soo long! Love your style and home is goals!!!! I would cry if I won that coffee machine I’ve always wanted one �� the coolest give I’ve ever received is a picture frame engraved with my husband and i’s names && wedding date this past August ❤️ Hope you && your family have a great holiday season ��❤️����

  • The original line nespresso does allow you to use other pods. The line you have is newer and only uses nespresso pods. I just got a nespresso pixie so that I can buy whatever I want & I make pour over coffee for regular coffee:)

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received was some staples of my grandma’s dinnerware. After she passed away my tia decided to give them to me. Every time I host a party (usually Christmas) i pull those out. It’s like they take me back in time like when I used to spend con mi abuelita❤️❤️ another cool gift I received was a full set of all seasons tires from my hubby���� Saved me time researching and reading tons of reviews hahahhaha

  • The best gifts I’ve ever received are from my kids when they’re in elementary and they would make me something for Christmas I always look forward to those the most

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received was opening a large box only to find a smaller box which had my engagement ring!!! Happy holidays Liz + family ❤️❤️

  • It was Christmas 2017. I was very fortunate to give a coolest gift to three family members as well as a friend the Beats Solo 2 Luxe Edition Wired Headphones.

    P.S. thank-you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

    Angelica Quintanilla.:)

  • My Husband is an amazing gift giver. So it’s hard to choose best one �� but I think the canvas photo of different pictures of us and our daughter when she was a newborn. She’s 9 months now ��

  • next to shoes and clothing, the flipbelt was one of the first things i bought (saw it on a picture of a friend who was heavily into running already and wondered what it was, so i looked it up). i couldn’t think of going running without one anymore..

  • I just realized that you are more beautiful than you usually seem. Had to rewind a number of times because I got shocked with your youthful energy and beauty

  • Writing another comment, because I really liked this video, especially what you said in the end and because it’s a holiday season and I want you to have more of them ��
    I agree with options you gave, I gifted and received these and it always worked well.

  • Better keep that stash in cold storage with camphor balls because they will develop moth holes. The bugs find these delicious items!

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received was a tiny glass bird from my grandparents that had ruby eyes! It’s still to this day one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever gotten ❤️

  • Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone. I’m a new subscriber from Huntsville, Alabama,USA. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Great ideas. My grandmother always kept nice gifts in bulk. Especially baby gifts and wedding gifts but even if she found something she loved and thought others would too, she’d always get at least 2 to gift.

    I look forward to catching up on your channel.

  • Such great suggestions!! The coolest gift for me was when I gave my sister her first designer bag back in the day when I worked my first job at Macy’s ��!! She was so grateful and happy ❤️❤️❤️ it was the best!!

  • The coolest Christmas gift I’ve received are my Hallmark Gone With Wind music boxes. They are beautifully made figurines of Rhett and Scarlett and each is a music box that play the theme song from the movie… gifted to me by my sister. I enjoy your Instagram and your a go to when it comes to the stories on IG! Good ideas for the gift give always.

  • For men I will suggest giving a common item but the best quality on that item, for example shoes if you look for goodyear welted shoes (Meermin is around $200), you can buy a cashmere sweater, AirPods of course, a watch is more expensive but if you buy one pick a mechanical watch (Oris and Longines are great entry level luxury Swiss watches)

  • Best gift I ever gave was giving my to my 4year old nephew, he had been asking for a buzz light year and I finally found a old school one that lit up. So last year I gave him a box of a blender and he was so confused telling me he doesn’t know how to use it and didn’t need it lol. So as I told him to open it he seen lights and heard a familiar voice so he went to unwrap it. He was laughing and crying because he’s been asking for one. ��
    Instagram: @_olivia_b

  • Beats puts weights in their headphones to make them heavier and seem like they are higher quality. A YouTube channel took them apart and stated other manufacturers were better quality.

  • Speaking about art-loving people coffee table books are a great choice for them too! Especially, photography & fashion centered. A lot of beautiful images to appreciate by a creative person. Artists also appreciate “bougie” versions of everyday things e.g. the Hermès card deck, for example. They’re like modern art pieces in and of themselves.

  • As an adult my best Christmas present was a footed onesie from my mom with zebra stripes and kisses. When I opened it up I immediately started beaming because not only did it remind me of my childhood but I had unsuccessfully searched for one for years. On the flip side, my best presents are homemade. I usually make ornaments and last year I spent most of November and December decorating wooden and ceramic ornaments for my friends and coworkers.

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received was for my hard work I was given a Apple Watch From my supervisor it was such a great surprise I have never been given something so wonderful like thatAnd the coolest gift I have ever given was Back and neck massager thank you so much Miss Liz you are so truly awesome and I love Watching your videos and taking advice they are so wonderful and I also follow you on Instagram as well

  • Thank you so much for the giveaway and the best gift I’ve ever received for Christmas was a Cricut I’m such a big crafter and honestly this machine was a game-changer and still to the date i love it

  • Hey Liz!! Omg I recently purchased the Nespresso and I’m in love! And you’re so right, I will never go to Starbucks again. So with that said, can you do a video of your favorite drinks to make on the Nespresso, or, different drink ideas, like copy cat Starbucks. Love you!!

  • You can also gift an experience, like tickets to the ballet of a concert. The worst gift I ever had from a wealthy couple was a calendar with cats on it… and this was supposed to be a christmas present cos I was hosting them in my house on christmas eve. It’s not about the amount of money you spend on items, but the thought behind it. Instead of a calendar I would have been thrilled with some loose leaf tea or a nice scent candle.

  • Hip flask so you can clean wounds with Lagavulin, Lagavulin, nervous significant other at home with all your key info, a drone isn’t a half bad idea anymore, walkie talkies, bug out bag that doesn’t have to be used for any other purpose.

  • My Dentist could be your twin sister if I could get you for my family doctor I Would Live to be 100…..;) Love Your Enthusiasm and Knowledge for the Human body…

  • Thank you Anna! My wealthy bf LOVES his coffee table book. He keeps picking it up and reading it touching the cover and placing it on his prized coffee table!

  • Best xmas gift was a husky <3 his name was Hershey! Miss him so much:(
    Love your videos Liz. I already follow you on instagram! xoxo

  • Hi Liz,
    The best present I have gotten was a warm cozy blanket from my mom.Evertime I travel I have to take it.I feel like she is with me wherever I go.��

  • 1. FOR A MAN: Montblanc cufflings; Burberry tie; Hermes tie; Saint Laurent wallet or card holder; airpods; electronic gadgets; wine decanter (things that they will use)

    2. FOR A WOMAN: scarves; fitbit or fitness ring; Gucci cardholder; red leather gloves; scented candle.

    NOT: perfume or lingerie

    3. FOR THE ELDERLY: high quality sweater; cashmere socks; quality leather gloves; a really nice olive oil; Alba truffles & truffle shaver

    4. CHEAP GIFTS: coffee table book (‘Ultimate Toys for Men’ for men or ‘The Hermes Scarf’ for women); small pieces of art; photography art; board games; chess board; Hermes playing cards.

    TIP: buy good gifts in bulk.

  • I love your videos and have been a subscriber for a long time!!!! I love Christmas and I’m a kid at heart. One of the best Christmas gifts I got was being surprised by my parents and going to visit my relatives and grandparents in Mexico. I cherish those memories because of how much easier it was for me to see all of my family now that I’m “adulting” with work is isn’t as easy but when it’s Christmas it always reminds of those times ����������������������������

  • My favorite gift EVER was an antique diamond watch my husband bought for me �� It’s small and delicate and he spent a lot of time looking since it was also an anniversary gift. I will cherish it always.

  • Great tips Anna, like you always give to us. Thanks, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I saw you were in your country����Send you a hug ��

  • The coolest gift that we gave my 3 year old was Santa visiting him on Christmas Eve, it was actually my husband dressed up but we told him that Santa was sick and he couldn’t talk so he wouldn’t recognize his voice, lol turns out even my 9 year old niece believed that it was Santa! Haha it was amazing watching their reactions, my son heard the bells and he immediately said Santa!! And ran to the living room. This year we are doing it again but I think Santa is going to have a cold again ��

  • I’ve been wanting one so bad!! ���� Anything you recommend I always buy! It’s always good! We wanted a espresso machine so bad! Hoping this is the year! Mama needs coffee ❤️❤️����

  • The coolest gift I ever received was my very own custom built vanity my hubby made me. He put so much time and thought and completely surprised me with it

  • all through the video i was like why she’s not talking about the table books! its the best gift ever! then u did:D. it always makes everyone happy and its so chic. you can get them online and thechicest are from ASSOULINE

  • Thinking of simple, great and unexpensive luxury gifts we could add: chocolates, pen, lipstick, sunglasses… High quality and easy to find.

  • Coolest gift I have ever received was my kitchen aid!!! Omg let me tell you how drastically it changed my life lol I got it like 4 or 5 yrs ago and still now I love it

  • I absolutely love your videos and I hope you have a wonderful christmas and new year! The best gift I have received over the years is seeing my kids faces light up Christmas morning. They are 5 and 10 and I know there will be a time when I wont get those magical little reactions anymore so I will enjoy every single minute of it for as long as I can.

  • My favorite gift I have given by far has been this year I adopted a group home of foster care kids and I bought them the gifts on their wish list. This has been the most filling experience. My heart is full ��.

  • I disagree with the gloves, as much as I would love them as a gift I have trouble finding gloves that fit comfortably because my fingers are so long.

  • Could you do a video on the most elegant way to give a gift? What is the best way to present the gift? Privately or in front of everyone?

  • Hola!!!!! So I just got married 3 weeks ago and my husband loves coyotes and he had always wanted a coyote alebrije! I’m from Mexico Idk if you know what an alebrije is, but they are wooden handcrafted pieces originally from Oaxaca, Mexico… and that’s where we got married 3 weeks ago. So we went to Oaxaca once when planning the wedding months ago and we never found one he liked, so I had send one made for him and I gave it to him on our wedding day and he looooved it. It was with his favorite colors, and on our wedding day which made it extra special! �� thank you so much!!! I hope I get to win it haha ��

  • I love cooking! So my favorite gift to receive is definatly cooking books or kitchen gadgets. I love gifting my friends and family homemade goods, like Chevre or bitter orange marmelade, all of my friends appreciate those.

  • I have been wanting a Nespresso machine for the longest time and have been subscribed to you for years! The greatest gift I’ve received is to spend this Christmas season with my Mom. ��

  • I would love to get a wood trunk like box. Half the size of a trunk. I would like for the top to open away to the right And left. Then a break away shelf under that. I would like the wood to be so dark that it’s almost black. I would like the box to be carved. Lined in velvet. Hidden compartments. Matching small container inside that is removable. I woulda like to be able to lock it with a secondary unique hidden lock. Wish wish wish.

  • Such an easy give away since I’m already subscribes and follow on Instagram ofcourse! �� Love you and sebastian Liz! �� The coolest gift I’ve recieved is honestly the canon G7x camera it’s super good quality

  • The best gift I have ever received is seeing family that I haven’t seen in years for Christmas ❤️�� ❤️ Love watching all your videos. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ❄️ ⛄️ ❄️

  • I don’t really have any fave gifts that I’ve given. But it’s always cool to be able to give back to others. I enjoy being an active part of my kids’ picks on gifts for their teachers, and of course, to family. ❤️❤️❤️��

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever given was announcing my pregnancy to my family! It was amazing to see their reaction. Coolest gift I ever received was from my 7 year old, he bought me a tennis bracelet with green stones, cause it was my nephews favorite colour (he past away 4 years ago) and he said when I wore it, it would remind me of him. He is sooo sweet and thoughtful and caring ��
    Looooove your Channel and your son is the cutest.

  • Anna, I really need your help and I want your thoughts on this. Should you give a gift to someone that you don’t like such as your husband evil mother.

  • I’m actually always on the lookout, year round, for gifts I might use and I also have a stack of a variety of them, specifically for the reason that butler from that household has mentioned it. Always works!

  • Thank you for watching! What was the most memorable gift that you’ve ever received or gifted? And don’t forget to watch my other video on this topic What to gift a Rich Man?

  • Always love your videos! The gift of salvation is the best gift I’ve ever received. As far as gifts from other people, my husband surprised me with a puppy when we were dating (knew it was gonna stick when that happened ❤️). Insta is megan_artz_!

  • Best gift I have given is a bike to a child that would not have had a Christmas. You hear about donating, giving to those in need. However, actually giving it directly to a child in need and seeing their reaction is the best feeling. So, he received the best gift, the bike, and I received the gift of seeing his face light up! Best feeling ever! ��

  • The best gift experience that I’ve received was a weekend away into the country with my family. It was intimate, private and really helped us bonded.

  • Hi Misslizheart I just love your videos they are so well done!!! The best gift I ever received was when I was small and I wrote to Santa claus and I everyone in my home a gift!!!

  • Yay entering cuz that coffee looks so delish! The coolest gift I’ve given and even received are ones that give to a charity. For example, my sister gave me a pair of boots that all proceeds were given to support Autism orgs and their efforts. Gifts like that mean so much during this season of giving ��

  • The best gift I have ever received is a kitchen aid mixer. Your videos are so inspiring, keeps me tapping into my creative side! Please keep them coming! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • By far best present I ever got was Birthday Sex. And by birthday sex I mean masturbating alone on my birthday until I cried to sleep.

  • My kurieg is giving up so this would be amazing��
    The most wonderful gift i have gotten was my moms scarf that she used to wear alot. That year she passed away a month before christmas so it ment so much to me to have that with me��

  • Loved all gift ideas!!!! I gifted my husband high quality earphones with noise cancelling technology and he absolutely loved it. PS: I was not sure about doing a color analysis but after seeing this huge difference on Anna i’m absolutely amazed and want to do it right away!!!

  • We have an annual Thanksgiving and our one friend always brings a new game to play with my children. He also brought a camp-Turkey set that have become an annual piece. He was so sweet when he brought it the first time my kids were young. My tastes are usually not camp/Kitche but he said he thought it would make a fun tradition for my kids and that he thought of my kids -that just melted me. The turkey tureen has been on our table every year since.

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received was a kitchenaid mixer from my husband. They are really expensive and the large bowl size is hard to find here in Nassau, so he got a friend who was traveling to bring one back for me. I think the coolest gift I ever got him was a speaker for his keyboard. He and our little girl both live it.

  • 11 years ago I gave birth to my twin girls on Dec 13th. They were a tad early and spent 12 days in the NICU. We were able to bring them home on Christmas Day. They were my favorite Christmas gift ever!

  • Hi Thanks Alux. Introduce us, your family to your narrator. We’ve been such good and loyal Aluxer family. We would truly and most honorable love to meet and see her (create for her an account):-)

    Advanced Merry Christmas. God bless, 1 Corinthians 13

  • The coolest gift I have given is actually one that I am giving this Christmas to my grandparents! Every single morning, my grandparents can be found in front of the TV with a cup of coffee in one hand and the remote in the other watching The Price is Right! It is actually the most hilarious and cutest thing you can think of. So this Christmas, I bought them 2 tickets to The Price is Right show! To my surprise, the show is coming to our city and I jumped at the chance to get them tickets! I can just imagine their faces if one of them gets picked. Omg. Literally cannot wait.
    Anywho, always sending love to you from South Texas! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!
    Instagram: @kaylacarin

  • The best gift I’ve ever received was the okay to go home to see my parents for Christmas while working retail, after I moved across the country! Best boss ever!

  • If you are close, tickets to an event. I buy my mother a ticket to the ballet every year. It’s about the one and only thing we both love

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received would be my early Christmas gift from my husband, it was the Ryan Serhant Sell it like Serhant book. It is so inspiring and helpful since I will be getting my real estate license 2019!!!

  • My most memorable and coolest gift was when I was a kid and my parents got me a toy piano! It was the first Christmas when they could afford to get us gifts! Best Christmas ever!!

  • I love my FlipBelt so much I have two! It even helps keep my running tights up, so I don’t have to buy tights with an adjustable waist string.
    The hard part is choosing the size. It is stretchy so go smaller rather than larger.

  • I wonder of a nice stationery set would be good for an older lady? My grandmother and I write letters, so every year my mother always gets her stamps. So I was thinking along this line.

  • Dear Ms Bey, unfortunately although these gift ideas are lovely I have a budget varying between £5 to £20 per person. Do you have any recommendations for this budget? Wine or Chocolates perhaps? or any other ideas you would have would be appreciated. Kind Regards Sarah

  • Looking forward to the upcoming videos! I wonder if Osh Nah is still around or the fires sent her somewhere else. Well anyway “that’s a deep subject”

  • The coolest gift I received this year is my daughter who is just 10 months old and I’m so in love with her… the best present I can ever get❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The best gift I have given to my family (parents, in laws, and grandparents) was a personalized Chatbook. I made a hardcover book with pictures of my two toddlers. Our grandparents live out of the country and we don’t get to see them often. This put my family in tears of joy.

  • I got the olive oil for this Christmas for some family members. so exited how they will like it! thank you so much, for that great tip

  • Aahh I love you and your channel ����❣️ the coolest gift i given has been telling my parents that i was pregnant ���� and the best gift I’ve received has been getting in engaged �� i also follow you on Instagram @esteffaniaa_ruizz

  • One of the best gift I was able to give was bringing my grandma over from Honduras to see my dad again after so many years they were able to see each other again! Yes we cried and celebrated it was the best feeling and thing to see them soooo happy! ❤️
    I’m obsessed with your channel! So I’m already subscribed post notifications on and all in everything �� don’t gotta tell me. Wishing you holidays be the happiest and loving as ever! Best wishes from me to y’all ��
    Insta: @layyydii

  • Coolest gift ever was a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine! I’m a crafter and it’s an amazing machine to have for all type of neat projects! �� Merry Christmas!!

  • The cashmere scarf-yesss!! Gloves,oh,I would love to get those. I don’t drink for religious reasons and people in my circle don’t so that olive oil point was so genius!Definitely have to try using that one day.:D Those Hermes cards look so cool!<3

  • I love that you embrace your fair complexion and your colors of cosmetics are so flattering. All too often, I think Bronzers are over used and quite unnecessary, creating a very aged look. You’re a great example that tanned or darker isn’t always better looking and when you master your natural tone with color appropriate shades, it’s “Cherub” looking

  • Loved this video! The best gift I have been able to give was to my mother. I gave her a spa getaway, so that she could relax and de stress. Amo a mi madre, she is my best friend and although I did not have much money I saved up and she appreciated it so much. I would live to win this because I have been wanting a great coffee machine forever but did not have the money to get one as I am a full time college student!❤️❤️❤️������

  • if money is no issue = bose. �������� hahahahahah. do some fucking research before you say some dumb shit. the audiophile lifestyle is reserved for the rich but still, youve never herd of it

  • I totally believe in the concept of the signature gift. People come to expect it and anxiously anticipate your gifts. For example, I always give the Royal Dalton Bunnykins china for new babies. Everyone loves the Beatrix Potter design. For hostess gifts, I always give monogrammed tea towels or hand towels in their colors. I have notes on what colors they have in their home or powder room. Everyone really appreciates that you took the time to get their monogram added.

  • Summit is useless if you use a good watch. Garmin offer just as many and even more metrics and data at no cost at all. Via their app and website. Also, in terms of emergency contacts, Garmin watches offer than feature directly from the watch.

  • The best gift I’ve ever received was from my grandma she quilted a little blanket for me it was the best thing ever I remember her apologizing to me cause she couldn’t get me anything expensive. I was so grateful, happy and I loved it. That was the best gift I’ll ever received, it’s not about the gift i received but who gave it to me. Really means the world. A short time after my husband tossed it away and till this day it still hurt me. ��

  • I don’t recommend fresh truffles as a gift. They perish quickly and the receiver will be under pressure to make a couple truffle dishes on short notice or preserve them quickly before the flavor fades.

  • Lmaoooooo, I’m 58 and not sure how I feel about being considered “elderly”. Eh, it’s definitely not what I consider myself to be so����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I’m sure I follow you on Instagram n the coolest gift I received is somewhat hard as I’ve received two cool gifts one was to Daytona 500 and another year my dad n I went to a Seattle Seahawks football game against the panthers also a girly girl n absolutely love makeup products

  • Whilst a stock standard present drawer is fine for hostess/acquaintance gifts please do not use it for a birthday gift for close family/friends. Aunt Annie will know if the sweater you gave her is the same as you gifted your good friend Emma; people talk and no-one wants to be given a gift that could have been used for anybody. Many times, buying gifts for wealthy friends or family comes down to the thought that’s gone into it rather than the monetary value. My friend loves the socks he was bought with his beloved pooch printed on them, his son just got gifted a mug with his colleague’s face printed on it as a Kris Kringle gift at work… funny and quirky work well with people who can buy items whenever they choose as it shows you know what brings them pleasure.

  • I feel Airpods are becoming basicI’m seeing them everywhere now days. I love and envy my brother’s Bose headphones, they are the most comfortable and block out everything the only down side is that they can be large and bulky.

  • The Best give that has been given to me was my daughter ❤️ But The Next big thing has Been my Sony Camara that was given to me by my fiancé, Now i can start My youtube Channel ��❤️��

  • What a tissot watch that has a supphire watch face. Like that Jerry rig everything making experaments on
    It costs about 300 dollars

  • The coolest gift I ever given is to one of my students family. We bought the whole family gift and made their Christmas. I pick one family a year from the school I work at and just buy tons of gifts and gift cards just to bless their holiday. Their expression are just amazing.

  • I think I’m actually going to get the foam roller! My husband is in the military and so works out a lot and it very tight and never stretches so this is an amazing idea! Thank you!

  • Loved the video was so helpful!! The best present i have ever received was an apple watch a few years ago, It was a surprise because Ive been wanting one so much but because of expensive they are I haven’t bought one, but my boyfriend (now husband) surprised me!! He is a coffee lover so I would love to share this machine with him in case of I win

  • I’ve worked for Lowe’s Home Improvement for 5 plus years now. I was wondering if you could make a video on Lowe’s, it would be cool. They have a 3D printer on the International Space Station, that’s a start for you?

  • My ideas, IphoneX, Samsung note8, white horse, Caribbean trip, Car, LV bag, Paris collection scarves, Harvard scholarship, 2 weeks Dubai vacation

  • We are playing secret Santa at work so I am needing to find a good gift and this video has def helped!! Such great gift ideas!! The coolest gift I ever received was a gift from a friend that brought me back two elephant trinkets from Panama ���� when she went to visit family. They’re beautiful and I have them in my living room.

  • A Swiss knife is the most practical one on this list. I own one. The rest? (Okay I am old enough to have owned a few board games) but blah.

  • A $20 Casio quartz wrist watch. Leather strap + stainless steel. You can never go wrong when it comes to Casio, it’s a pretty watch for so little money. I suggest the Casio MTP-V007, because it has a very classy and elegant look that won’t break the bank.

  • Merry Christmas Liz!! A ver si tuviera suerte para ganar algo.. yo compartiré mi Navidad con mi esposo y mi hijo.. estoy muy lejos de mi familia.

  • Buying in bulk, my grandmother used to do that. The only problem is that when she got older, she started to forget where she stored those items.

  • The coolest gift I ever got was meeting my husband around Christmas time. We celebrate it as one of our anniversaries because it was so special

  • Hey Alux, you inspired a spirit of giving in me. I just ordered a cashmere Burberry camel check scarf for my mom. She does a lot for me, thanks for finding me a perfect gift!

  • The coolest gift I’ve been given is a pair of prescription glasses of my choice! I know that sounds weird but I have to wear them all the time and never had a nice pair so my Mom let me pick out some really nice frames and they are so gorgeous! I’m so much more confident wearing glasses now!! I loved your ideas and am going to buy some of the things you suggested! ��

  • Love coffee every morning! Coolest gifts I have given was American girl dolls to my daughter and nieces. They absolutely loved and adored them until today.

  • I agree with truffles and olive oil and the rest actually as well, haha, they all work. I once received a Christmas gift from Max Mara their olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan I absolutely loved it!

  • I thought of you tonight, and there you are:) I love your videos, this video is simply great! Helpful. These are gifts that can save lives. Please, keep your next video coming very soon, Nikia. Wish Stinky and the two gorgeous ladies goats are doing well:) Love them

  • Hey Aluxers, we’ve added links to everything discussed in the description!
    Here’s the Books video:
    Did you know we have a SHOP:

  • Wishing you, Nikia, your family, and your beautiful farm animals friends a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. May you be blessed abundantly now and always:)

  • Coolest gift I’ve ever received is gonna be this expresso machine ������������ cause I’ve never really gotten anything that cool! And coolest gift I’ve given was probably me being born for my mama lol

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever received hands down is my HP Sprocket!! Its just like the Kodak you mentioned in your video. I love it so much it connets via bluetooth and I print lots and lots of pictures of my baby and I love the most is that paper refills are stickers too! ����

  • 1) You always look nice, but this is a great look for you.

    2) I never thought of olive oil. That is a lovely idea.

    3) I would love a high end candle as a gift, but I would be so sad when it was all gone because I wouldn’t spend $100 on a candle for myself.

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever gotten has to be my home! My husband bought us our first home two years ago for Xmas and it was the greatest thing ever!

  • The coolest gift I’ve ever given and received is my son. My husband and I (and in-laws) are so blessed to have our son. I say he’s the coolest gift I’ve ever received because God created him just for us and why wouldn’t that be the coolest gift to ever to receive (a gift from God, is beyond the coolest). Honestly, I always wanted to be a mom but my son wasn’t planned at ALL and he’s AMAZING! Takes my breath away on a regular basis!

    I say he’s the coolest gift I’ve ever given because he is the dopest kid ever. His personality is huge, his hugs are the best and he gives and loves without limit. He is also the most polite human ever!

  • Aight I’m a man and I’d never dream of a woman spending more than £100 on me for a gift. I would buy her something expensive yea but myself I would be happy with something less than £10. Not all men need expensive things if that’s all they care about you deserve better cuz them having you would be the most expensive gift they probably can’t afford with their behaviour.

  • Oh no! I just miss this! But will still try in case winner doesn’t reply. I’m already subscribed and I already have notifications AND follow you on Instagram:) my favorite gift ever received was a puppy when I was a kid…dad gifted it to me. The best gift I’ve ever gifted I think was the news to my husband that I was pregnant:)

  • The best Christmas gift I have given would have to be when I bought my mom a purse from Aldo and a perfume set from Victoria secret. Now every year since then she’s ask for the perfume gift set. The best Christmas gift that I’ve received would be when my mom bought me a Cowboys jersey and a mixing machine. Also how my boyfriend bought me a laptop. Every gift holds a special meaning. Happy holidays!