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An Honest Conversation About Steroids (Ft. John Meadows & Mike Israetel)

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Ep. 3An Honest Conversation About Steroids

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Training Volume: Natural vs Unnatural

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BIG LIES the Lazy Lifter Tells Themselves

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The Cry of the Confused, Angry and Lazy Lifter What an original topic for a bodybuilding write up! I know this subject has been talked about more than Pop. [COMPILATION] How BTS Jimin acts when he’s angry or mad? jellycreamjimin. Loading Unsubscribe from jellycreamjimin? Cancel Unsubscribe.

Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 41.2K. Borderline personality disorder causes someone to have problems regulating thoughts, emotions, and self-image. They can be impulsive and reckless. Don’t accuse, don’t cry, don’t call him lazy, don’t say you aren’t his maid. Just tell him what you need from him.

Tell him that you love him to death, but that a marriage is a partnership and you need him to join the partnership. If that doesn’t work, you. Steroids get a bad name for many reasons. Some are good reasons since there are uneducated people who abuse them, and some are from naivity.

People envision needles, children, tempers, acne, heart attacks, liver problems, cancer, tumors, tanned up and shaven bald-headed knuckleheads with g-strings on in auditoriums with shit-eating griins, shrunken genitals, and Lyle Alzedo. 1. Talking Too Much. When parents go on and on, kids tune them out.

Researchers have shown that the human brain can keep only four “chunks” of information or unique ideas in. 50.Socially awkward fail: So one day I was walking around, just chilling with my friends when I see this guy reading a book.He was new there but the book was a book I read and LOVED. So naturally I approach this boy hoping to make a new friend and bond over the series. Been telling my husband he’s been turning me into him for years and he vehemently denied it. I tried avoiding it, but now find myself in the position of the tired angry wife.

I don’t know that he’s had the full epiphany of his actions just yet. And now I’m finding it harder every day to control my angry outbursts at him. A. The pt has been feeling cognitively hazy, confused, and forgetful.

B. The pt has had suicidal thoughts every day for the past 3 weeks, and yesterday she searched “how to kill yourself” on the Internet. C. The pt was very irritable and rejection sensitive for 4 days last week, followed by rapid resolution. D.

I was so confused on why he became angry. He told me to stop calling him so I began to cry and feel angry. I went to his house at 12am to tell him a piece of my mind and he wasn’t there so I waited and parked my car to see who he was with when he came home he was with his friend and he began to ask me why I parked my car in someone else.

List of related literature:

The change in his physique was so dramatic it has led some to speculate about steroid use.

“Bruce Lee: A Life” by Matthew Polly
from Bruce Lee: A Life
by Matthew Polly
Simon & Schuster, 2019

Seven years later he admitted that he had taken “anabolics” and that they had increased his strength: “In five days I could curl and press more and I gained weight.”

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

He went on to describe how he followed a cycle of anabolic steroids and then afterward noticed a swelling of his chest that he thought was the muscle growing.

“Making the Body Beautiful: A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery” by Sander L. Gilman
from Making the Body Beautiful: A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery
by Sander L. Gilman
Princeton University Press, 2000

He reminds beginning lifters that motivation, patience, and much hard work are the ingredients for strong outcomes.

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
by Steven Ungerleider
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He basically declared the race between natural and drug using bodybuilders to be over by informing readers they cannot compete at the top levels without using drugs.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
by Randy Roach
AuthorHouse, 2008

It’s justso easy to point at steroids whenever anything goes wrong and claim “’roid rage” but I’ll tellyou this— I never got mad because I’d taken steroids.

“The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story” by Bob Holly, Ross Williams
from The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story
by Bob Holly, Ross Williams
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Steroid-using bodybuilders refer to this as the “post cycle crash”.

“Anabolics” by William Llewellyn
from Anabolics
by William Llewellyn
Molecular Nutrition, LLC, 2011

Well, actually, thinking of the utter, stupid perfection of his twoarms, two-legs and a torso routine, he should be taking Tren on a regular basis, eating lean meats and low carbs, and pumping weights at the gym twelve hours a day.

“The Sinner” by J.R. Ward
from The Sinner
by J.R. Ward
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If you overhear your trainer talking about cycles and stacks, know the he is discussing steroids.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
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acknowledging to Fair that he tested steroids on some lifters, Ziegler lamented, “But I wish to God I’d never done it.

“Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World” by David Maraniss
from Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World
by David Maraniss
Simon & Schuster, 2008

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  • You make your gains outside of the gym. BULLSHIT! maybe in a literal sense your body builds the most muscle while you sleep but I hate when people blame not making gains on something other than their shitty work ethic. oh its my genetics because I’m an ectomorph my body can’t build muscle.

  • I’m roughly 6ft and 200lbs.
    Last time I benched, I could take 85KG max.
    Jason is about 5’8 and at the time of this benching footage, somewhere in the 220s or whatever the fuck.
    He’s benching 90KG. And I thought I was embarassing to only take 85…

  • Why do people pretend to be ex-military? What is the end game? Like best case scenario people will be like ” Oh cool, thank you for your service”. Worst case scenario people will find out you are not telling the truth and will think you are a scumbag fraud.

  • Depends how you train. Fluff and pump work can have lots of volume. Barbell training with loads 75% and over, you can’t get heaps of volume in one day without eating into recovery too much.

  • Problem with Lazy lifters too is you see them on pages like this giving crook advice in the comments, thinking they know it all after 2 gym sessions. Then a guy like you or I comes along tells them the facts and they argue. See that a lot these days! The youth ain’t willing to listen to experience!

  • Check coronary calcium scores, maybe CIMT, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, hematocrit, total testosterone. No oral steroids. Mike’s comments about dosage range is very instructive. No GH or insulin. If you’re doing that, you’re mentally ill. It makes no sense to your long-term interest. Yeah, Rich Piana had a death wish and was a bad influence on anyone else. I’m not reluctant to condemn self-destructive behavior. Someone has to be the adult in the room.

  • FYI: the conversation about why anyone who doesn’t want to be an IFBB pro would take PEDS? Because we want to look more aesthetically pleasing in a reasonable amount of time. Be real, John Meadows natural results aren’t typical, he’s genetically gifted. The rest of us won’t be winning contests (or even LOOKING like we train) if we train naturally. Most guys I see look like crap even after years of training their balls off…thats not a path everyone wants to go down…that’s all.
    I’d like to have a good physique in a reasonable amount of time.
    Hopefully that shed’s light on that question.

  • In Sweden you’re evil if you take gear… It’s the land of extreme feminists, someone needs to put sweden on trt! Thanks for a great pod, sheers from Sweden

  • 1. That cardio will kill their gains
    2. That hamstrings and glutes only need 3 sets of leg curls once per week
    3. Leg press is equal or better than squats
    4. That you need 3-5 minutes to recover between sets

  • Ok guys. You don’t need an hour to figure this out..
    The bad thing about steroids (ped’s) today is they illegal and are all black market.
    You can never be sure if your getting clean stuff or not.
    And since it’s illegal, legitimate doctors can’t monitor you.
    Best not to trust criminals, your buddy, or You Tube for advice. Or with your health.
    If a chick doesn’t want me because my muscles aren’t big enough, she can go fuck herself.
    As for guys that will do anything to win, including fuck themselves up for some crazy bitch? You deserve each other.

  • This was actually really good. I was kind of expecting John to just spout off nonsense about taking only 25mcg of t3 and 150mg of tren per week or whatever, but he tacitly admitted to most ifbb pros being in the 2-3.5g weekly dosage range. Dr. Mike was even handed and didn’t prattle on about how this will kill you or anything.

  • How do you prevent the heart and kidneys from being damaged, and having to get 2 open heart surgeries like Arnold did at 50 years old?

  • There’s always some jackass at gyms that’s saying “yeah I’m gonna jump on test and get huge and strong” i then proceed to ask them what kinda lifting numbers they have and what they eat in a day. I then roll my eyes and walk away. It also seems to be more common in commercial gyms that guys like that exist.

  • These four guys are the real deal. Thanks for the conversationthe antidote to those naive kids who might, otherwise, follow the Rich Pianas of the world.

  • Some people are just completely ignorant and don’t even know how to do basic lifts. I see fat old men in my gym swing on the lat machine and dick around for over an hour in the gym. Making zero progression.

  • I start squatting next Monday, I would love to but I dont do deadlifts because I will hurt my back, I have strong legs because I was into basketball, I cannot get big because I am not able to eat a lot etc

  • My favorite is when a tall person says it’s easier for me than for them because I’m short (5’6”). I then like to reply “then why are the worlds strongest men tall?”

  • Can someone please tell me why he Clips a flashlight to his shirt? And also why does he point it to the side while it’s turned on?

  • Anyone that doesnt have a log when they train is lazy imo.

    How can you progressively overload if you are not keeping track of progress?

  • Good point George I always believe that myself years and years of sports and training… If you ride a bike for 20 minutes 1 week and the next week you do 30 minutes and the following week you do 40 minutes same thing with the weights… The body adjust to training good stuff

  • steve u always drop the knowlege and get straight ot the point i was wondering what do u think about doing a 4 day routine split into 3 days fo example 1 main lift per day with the big lifts squat/bench/deadlift/ohp,rotating in abc/dab/cda/bcd/ would that still be effecient basicly hitting the big lifts every 9th day but accesories are hit in a push /pull/legs+core every workout. i bring this up because i run 5/3/1 but limited to 3 days wendler seems to advocate people need to stop looking at routines base solely on a 7 day a week instead look at it as a month to months. what are your thoughts on this?

  • I love this video. I take anabolics and i take very small dosages. You dont have to take these crazy dosages. I truly agree people do this for istagram and not for the love of the sport anymore. Great fuc%ing video. Believe we need more people like john meadows as role models in the fitness comunity. I know personaly i will be reaching out john meadows when i begin to compete later on.

  • You just reminded me I should start taking creatine again. With the transition to college, I slacked off a bit and wasn’t consistent with working out. This entire summer, I have been back in the gym consistently regaining progress I made when I was in high school.

  • He is a reptilian over lord the female aliens approached him because of his alpha characteristic thus he became an alien breeder (yep he said that ����‍♂️)

  • DOM, your video frequency is perfect! Because you better be working on a real stand up routine in your free time. You could kill the stand up game, go for it!

  • “Eric and I still have a lot of questions, so we’d love to have you both back on.”
    So we gonna do that or? You guys need to set up a CLICK BAIT DEBATE, no holds barred, Meadows vs Israetel rage in the cage match about programming, volume, and in particular the utility of going to failure. For all their similarities, they break on some important issues and a debate on the subject would make for great content.

  • Thanks you had some interesting points.I noticed on back training that my back can when in line like you say,can handle quite a bit of volume.From time to time I did between 14-18 sets and felt pretty good.

  • Lies: that was not heavy, I’m good., mean while he could not lock out had it not been for the spotter who lifter the weights to rack.. lol #2 that was a parallel Squat for 8.. mean while hips drops a quarter down while upper torso finishes the descent looking like a good morning in slow motion…lol #3 I strong -after looking and feeling pumped with 3x20x 80lbs lol last#4 walking around the gym with flared arms and elbows trying to look wider because he is just massively muscular… lol then ask gym manager is they can make the door entrance wider.. lol

  • I’m not sure I agree that there aren’t many people that speak frankly about steroids. Dave Palumbo does on RX. Lee Priest does. There’s heaps of videos of Tom Platz talking about it, etc. Maybe it’s just in Natural circles that it isn’t talked about? Dunno.

  • Russians are actually educated on steroids. Steroids are very cheap here comparing to USA. Also, it’s so easy to control and administer blood work tests, it’s ready next day.

  • George, do you really think its possible for a natural to dead-lift 800?
    Unless the person is a complete genetic freak it just seems most naturals tap out around 650-ish.
    Is it better to be realistic and not compare yourself to unnatural levels, or think anything is possible and be disillusioned if you never get there?

  • People thinking they’re overtraining when they’re not doing anywhere near enough. I’m a flatbed truck driver working 10 plus hours a day parent of twin 5 year olds and have a wife and train my ass off. Don’t want to hear I don’t have time.

  • I’ve always wanted to fight this guy. But I know he would never do it. He would shoot me first. As soon as the bell rang he would pull a gun out from somewhere and shoot me

  • Big fan of the content Steve even since back when you were the bearded beast of duloc in that dungeon but…this video, and others recently, have pushed split training either directly, or indirectly and at the same time criticised full body. Even this video is hinting at frequency training being a lazy option for a lazy lifter. I do 3xper week full body for my strength training and also twice per week powerclean or other power training, say kettlebells. I might add a 45 minute circuit style workout in instead of the cleans. Low volume compound based programmes are not lazy unless the lifter is lazy. Messing around with 100 isolation exercises can be high volume and look great on paper but if the lifter is lazy then he will train lazily. It’s not the programme

  • I wouldn’t call something that shuts down your own test production “innocuous”, it implies bad advice.

    Much less chance of a freak accident with creatine.

  • All the fat guys that walk around the gym like they own it. “Im not fat I have a lot of strength.” It’s not impressive for some one who weighs 300+ benching 250. What’s the point to being fat and strong if you’re not strong enough to be a pro power lifter??? Anyone??

  • I completely support George’s point on naturals! I train 6 days a week. bench 3x squat 3x and all sorts of bodybuilding style accessories monSaturday, And its really hard for me to get doms. Ben Rice, who is for sure natural trains so much its absurd.

  • Guys this is fucked I wouldn’t ever mess with this man back in 1965 in the pre days of Vietnam, he had just killed hitler and went on a killing spree in Vietnam and I swear to god I’ve never seen anyone more dangerous in my life.

  • when somebody is 25-30 percent body fat and claims that it will only take 3 weeks to get a 6 pack so they will start working out later.

  • I appreciated Dr. Mike’s comments about lower dosages and their relatively innocuous long term effects on health. I hate it when guys who’ve been on gear for years spend their time warning folks to stay away because they are so deadly as if even LOOKING at a winstrol tab you will die of liver failure.

  • Thanks for answering my vague question this morning. Hard to give context to the injury on the live stream chat. I had a musculo-skeletal injury to my right wrist from a shattered wrist playing football. Long story short, I had to get my Ulna forearm bone fused to my hand. I have mobility but like I said this morning I cant supinate it fully, thus ending in my right arm being slightly smaller and weaker then my left. Regardless of my limitations I still get it done every damn day.

  • I love the fact they always have rifles in the background to somehow legitimized their credentials. Lol an AR does not validate your badass credentials. What a douche.

  • I’m 37, 5,5, 162lbs with a max bench of 340 and have never taken anything more potent than creatine and pre-workout my entire life. I started training when I was 14.

  • I AM BACK!

    With my return, I bring a huge announcement; my new informative fitness podcast, Iron Culture, is LIVE. This is the 3rd episode, An Honest Conversation About Steroids. Time stamps in the description. If you enjoy this video, consider sharing it and liking it! The goal is to cover a wide array of lifting topics really in-depth (more than YouTube is used to). We will be posting weekly, every Monday.

    You can subscribe on iTunes/Spotify/YouTube, just search Iron Culture Podcast!

    And don’t forget to subscribe to our NEW Iron Culture YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEGGAs257niPVJ5BvXymVLQ

  • Great interview. I do disagree with John’s comments about taking every chance to “come off”. I’d say there’s much more health risk in the ups/downs of being on and off, than going to TRT (True TRT, not super-cruise) after a blast. If you’re going to commit to using gear, be ready to be on TRT. It’s a mature decision, as they said. A few early cycles and you’re done? Sure, come off. But if you’re making it a lifestyle, you’re going to be in for a huge roller coaster of health problems and emotional rollercoasters coming on/off all the time.

    Great podcast man. We need more of this.

  • There was a you tube channel at one point of a guy who was a legit mercinary. He lived in south America last time I remember and had a sick truck does anyone remember what the channel name was?

  • I cant believe I wasted an hour listening to this bull shit.I only watched because I am a fan of john meadows. the rest of these clowns should find a new hobby. especially the scrawny guy in the grey shirt.

  • If I use Mike’s logic the US is filled with school shootings and underage drug abuse, he is very culturally unaware…Gear is illegal in all ME countries,people go to prison here for smoking weed let alone steroids. You have people on steroids here just like you do in the US and other countries but don’t make random claims and spread bullshit.

  • Everyone in the fitness community knows Jason but he exists with Brad Castleberry, Mike O Hearn, and V Shreds in that no one with a brain takes him seriously

  • “Less is more” No, you need lots of volume, especially if you’re a natural lifter, you want to build as much muscle as possible to get as strong as possible and for that you need lots of volume.

  • “scrambled titties on the Spice channel” ������������ OMFG

    I remember back in the day in NYC if you kept going from channel 63 (Spice) to 64, you can see scrambled porn for like 2 milliseconds ������
    And for a young boy, you got your nut off ��

  • Think Mike’s perception of steroid use in Europe isn’t representative for the majority of Europeans. He probably came to that conclusion because the Europeans he interacts with are more likely to be steroid users, due to the nature of his profession. If the EDM festival culture isn’t a thing in the US, then where’s Jeff Seid fingerblasting all these girls at? ��

    I’ll skip the details perception of steroid use in Europe is pretty much the same as in the US.

  • Wow what a f***ing joke, thanks a lot Omar. My excitement for your podcast and all your following podcasts on this subject was completely deflated at right around 12 minutes. After that short little tear jerking b*llsh*t story you provided telling everyone how Oprah opened your eyes and made you feel the need to come clean on your “creatine” use. Give me a break, I mean come on. Who ever felt the need to come clean on creatine? This absolutely ruined any interest I had in this podcast not to mention the fact that I was going to subscribe bc of my interest in the upcoming podcasts. The only reason why you felt the need to bring up your “creatine” use, is to give an explanation for your 90 day body transformation. Which btw is no way do to “creatine”. Anyone who knows anything about training, diet, and creatine can agree and tell you that creatine doesn’t have any type of body transforming abilities. Dont believe me, try creatine for yourself, goodluck replicating his transformation. Haha “90 day” transformation, 90 days is just about 12 weeks. 12 weeks is the standard steroid cycle length. I can only imagine how surprised an unaware omar will act when he hears any info related to steroids. Let me remind everyone who is 18+ and has trained in any globo gym…your understanding in steroids, steroid use and how some of them work maybe very little. But even if you have not ever touch steroids, chances are you know and understand a thing or two. So when omar acts like he has any less of an idea than you, well one can imagine that it is an act and a selling point to prove how natural he is.

    What’s there reason I feel the need to bring any of this up? For my out burst?

    I am a fan of mr. Meadows and take and advice he has very seriously. But now any info discussed in this video feels tainted. If people in this video are going to feed bs on how they need to come clean on taking “creatine” how can i really believe anything that follows.

    Sorry for the rant, had to get that off my chest. I’m just so sick of this fake natty culture that is non stop and misleading to anyone looking to trust someone for actual info.

  • That you only need one exercise per body part done for only one set to the max every 7 to 14 days. That’s all you need, apparently. Even though real world results proves otherwise.

  • PLEASE do Buddy Tessling next. I know there’s not much to go off of but add him on Facebook and IG and you’ll see how crazy he is.

  • Eric, can you elaborate on the communities that have a hard time believing that a 500lb squat or >315lb bench? I’ve never come across these and would be interested in learning more about why they believe what they believe.

  • I also killed and snatch people. In the battle of Mordor I did a lot of Shadow ops. I can’t talk about that. Mordor was my Vietnam, lots of killing


  • Who the hell writes this material?

    “Boned up like skeletor? Hug your hogmonster? Start a family in her mouth?”

    This writing is brilliant!


  • “Your morals are your morals, and my morals are my morals.  Who am I to judge you and who are you to judge me.” Louie Simmons

    My thoughts, there’s a lot of fear mongering about it.

  • If I could communicate one thought to my fellow lifters/aspiring beasts; most AAS take 5 half lives to clear your system. So let’s say you utilize a lower dose of Testosterone cypionate. You’re looking at approximately 90 days before you can BEGIN to restart your natural test production. So longer esters such as Nandralone Decanoate take EVEN LOnGER to clear your system. I’m not saying you shouldn’t utilize PEDs (actually I think most people passed a certain age would benefit greatly) I’m just saying it’s a heavier decision than you might think. Imagine having to wait 3 months or longer to restart your natural test production

    (Oral only cycles or short esters will clear system quicker, but have their own inherent pitfalls)

  • This is easily one of the best podcasts I’ve watched, John and Mike were especially interesting to hear their perspective and they have such a depth of knowledge on the subject. Very cool.

  • One more comment! Eric is NOT lifetime natural. He’s admitted to taking what was classified as a pro hormone at the time (I believe it was Superdrol which I think is technically classified as an AAS now and illegal in the US) I personally don’t care, but this matters to a lot of people and organizations

  • What he meant by snack n grabs, he would steal construction workers Macdonalds & BurgerKing lunches & eat them! The powder wars were during the 80’s when Reagan was president…idiot…he was scouted out & instructed operators on how to servive sodomy integration.

  • I know this came out way back in February, but bruh I’ve been wanting to see somebody put John Meadows and Mike Israetel in a (digital) room together for ages. What a dream interview setup you have here. Thank you! Throwing Eric into the mix makes it even better. Hitting every angle of the conversation. Good to see John getting in there with the science-based big names.

  • The one that annoys me is “it’s harder for me because I’m taller and have longer arms, I’m only 5ft 10 myself sure I’m not tall but I’m not short either i have a 72 inch reach which is long for my height I personally don’t feel the difference what do you guys think on this??

  • Joey is kind of depressing to me because it was not that long ago that I was just like him. Eating drive through every day and all the exercise I got was walking to my car in the morning on the way to work.

    It was one of Booie’s videos that got me to go to the gym and start losing weight. When he showed that video that DDP sent him I said to myself OK if that guy can do it and he’s 10 years older than I am then so can I.

  • around 9:45… I was wondering why Omar always wear that head…dress… is it because Creatine really causes hair loss then?
    edit: Then he takes it off on 17:03…great.

  • Sometimes I keep telling myself that I m not getting enough volume… so i keep working as hard as I could.. I even workout 6 days per week….. I feel sick and down… I don’t even take supplements though…. so now I’m trying your bulldozer training and I also add extra 20 reps by dropping the weights…

  • LIKED THE DAMN VID/PODCAST: You never go wrong when Dr. Helms and Dr. Isratel chime in on a topic. Mad respect for both of those physique athletes.

  • Hi Alan, Have you ever seen stuff from Thomas de Lauer? I don’t really know what to think about him… He seems to know his shit concerning nutrition but refers to only one or two studies every time and seems way too focused on the keto diet… And the guy looks like a too good to be true body builder. I need you’re opinion whether he seems legit or not!

  • you should do one on SARMs I see a lot of people taking these things, they LITERALLY have no idea what they’re putting in their bodies you think these companies producing them underground are putting in what they say they are? Research and testing these compounds has already debunked they’re filled with volatile chemicals and hormones.

  • The guys that have come to love bodybuilding for its expression of physicality, and the esthetic of intense human effort, and the body beautifulmale and female, and the spiritual nature of the experience, and the character building as a product of hard work……………….they are the wise ones.

  • I don’t keep a log, I just train high intensity. I remember what my max lifts are and rep count from prior weeks, I just remember. How it feels during training and during recovery is what matters. If I don’t hurt much this week, I will change it next week. It isn’t a lie when you are getting great results, and I get fantastic results, so don’t agree with that one. The only log I know about is the one I drop in the toilet

  • I think Gregg should not have backed off a bit from his premise that people having trained for many years need to go to failure AND BEYOND. In Greggs video training he said that! and I agree. I’m 66 and must do this for results. Mike is defending his premise that you don’t need to much or at the least very little. Gregg was trying to not have conflict. If Gregg was like he is in his video, he would have said, “in my opinion Mike that is bullshit. Advanced trainers will make little gains without failure and beyond.” This is common sense! Gregg should not have been afraid of not backing common sense and personal experience with “scientific literature”. This is what Mike needed to hear! People want to believe Mike’s method CAUSE IT’S EASIER! Good job Gregg on your no nonsense videos!!

  • This one is a big embarrassment for me. I actually used to watch Jason’s videos and I continued to until he started with the ‘mercenary, black ops’ bs. When he started getting called out, I saw him for who he was immediately. Makes me feel like a complete idiot

  • “Deadlifts will be all I need for my back”.
    “Overhead press will work the side and rear delts pretty well, I don’t need rear delt work…”
    “Leg press is good enough, I don’t need squats”

  • Dr Mike isratel:they take shit for fuckerry!��
    I woke up early at 4:30am and watched the entire thing, I have to get to work at 7:30. This was great, I really appreciate it.

  • I’ve been waiting to hear someone (credible) explain the likely consequences of gear in detail like Mike for 17 years. Finally. Thanks.

  • What video does he say “Now ask yourself, what’s gonna get you in that strawberry pop tart? Some weak ass danty floppy fucking flowers? Or a hard body dick red throbbing muscle guy with a short temper? Yeah, me too”

  • Brofessor: I am getting tons of ‘soap for dudes’ commercials on YouTube; especially during Broscience videos. The bearded freak selling soap does NOT lift. Yet lifters have no brand soaps… This is a quand.. A bad problem. Especially because the ads wont stop. What have YOU got!?

  • An hour long pick up scam advertisement?? Nice work youtube. You got rid of pedigree and coca cola and replaced it with abhorrent garbage. Whatever makes money tho right. Great video dank nothing but love for your work!

  • Great video, as a natural lifter who has lifted for 4+ years i’m probably not the only one but I always play with the idea of jumping on a cycle to take my training further and compete in pro BB in the future. For people who just take gear to look good in the gym (gym rats) it seems kinda wasteful, you can obtain a great physique naturally but it takes so much longer than being enhanced. Although we all have the ability to make a choice, it’s up to yourself what you want to do. Even though I haven’t touched gear, I would advise someone to do thorough research and not start going that route until they are in their early to mid 20’s.

  • Ok so I’m actually a firearms I won’t say “expert”, but definitely not a “novice”. The rifle he has in the background of his videos, is one of the cheapest and most basic rifles I’ve EVER seen. No real merc, or contractor, soldier, whatever, would never have such a basic ass rifle. I carry a small rifle in a backpack that’s 10x the rifle of that basic one in his background.

  • He reminds me of a coworker I had in 2018…. I saw dude tell an elderly client a fake story about his friends dying in front of him. People like this are shitbags.

  • That was really interesting, I have a feeling this channel will be great. We do get bored of the same old shite. I mean how many times do we need to see a video demonstrating a squat etc.. These podcasts are great and this one was brilliant. Very interesting, honest people who know what they are talking about talking openly about steroids. Just so much bullshite out there. We need a channel like this. Love what you’re doing lads. Keep it up.

  • John talks as if one should go as far as possible before taking gear like he did. Although he admitted to taking winstrol at age of 19…

    Typical gear users are so contradictory. They all say the same thing. “yeah I started using gear at 16… But I’d never recommend anyone else do so”

  • It would be cool to hear about enhanced lifters who cheat tests and compete as naturals and hear your guys’ opinion on how prevelant that is in natural shows and how you feel about it

  • John’s first cycle is EXACTLY how we did it back then.. ONLY PRECONTEST, LOW DOSED AND NO TEST BASE.. and GUARANTEE many top pro’s have done the same thing

  • Your point #1 is exactly why I’m not a fan of the RPE system, it’s too subjective and factors in too many variables such as work ethic, recovery, the food you’ve eaten, etc. at least with percent based training, it’s foundation is built from a hard number that you’ve actually achieved, and you can build on that. If you’re lazy, your perception of exertion is naturally going to be more than what it might really be, just the same as a lazy person might perceive a 6 hour work day in a climate controlled office with little responsibilities as a hard day at work, meanwhile other people’s “easy” day is 10 times more difficult.

  • I have figured this guy out. He makes up this backstory and acts like he’s some Elite killer. He does this to get people to want to be violent towards him so that he can claim to be threatened. He does all this because he has the mind of a serial killer. And he wants to be able to justify his killings. He wants reasons to kill people because he has a hunger to kill people. But he wants to get away with it. He’s a smart psychopath. But only so smart. If he was a legit badass like he claims to be, he wouldn’t threaten to kill people that want to fight him and fight him only. He is a potential serial killer.

  • I’m coming back to this video almost a year later to truly enjoy what is blahatism. But seriously man, I love you content. Your editing skills are on point and you always do your damndest to ensure we all get the full story. Keep up the hood work.

  • Kind of dislike how the title is “an honest conversation” but the thumbnail makes it look like a full on debate which is understandable to pull in views

  • It’s sad more people don’t take advantage of these videos. These oughta have a lot more views than “Brandon Harding revealing his (poorly planned) offseason cycle “ or some BS like that

  • After 20 years of training every time I consider a cycle I remember I hate needles and don’t want to tax my liver with orals. So I’ll stay weak and flabby and keep training and clean up the old diet

  • Can’t say how much I appreciate this podcast such open truth really does allow me to make a conscious decision about my lifting career

  • Thing is though, volume is something you adapt to too. I do more sets per workout than I used to, and it’s because I used to get exhausted earlier in the work-out. So I think one of the reasons drugged out lifters lift with more volume is because they are a lot further along in their training career and have been increasing their volume for years.

  • 53:33 no it isn’t wtf? Anabolics/performance enhancements are really frowned upon in Europe these days. The Rocky movie is not an accurate depiction

  • This is exactly the show I can only enjoy because there’s zero wasted time. The entire thing was a learning experience.
    Thank you guys so much.

  • On disability and lifting weights hu? It’s cool watching the federal government buy world of Warcraft subscriptions and gadgets for his guns and flights everywhere
    Cool guy

  • Dont consider anabolics until you are advanced lifter in your 30s-40s and has 10 years of prior lifting experience and have a clean diet and still dont see results. And consider something like TRT which may be safer and prescribed by a doctor. If your physique is that important to you, do them. And dont do a giant dose.

  • 7:01 Baddest man on the planet can bench like 90KG for 3 reps…I wonder if he can do a pushup…Wait…does it even count as a full rep, if you complete it by rolling the bar over your penis? Does that hurt?

  • I have always been told that basically the more guys on juice do the bigger they get where as I know from experience it’s easy to do too much volume when you’re natty. But what I take from what he is saying is that usually a guy on roids will train a body part once a week but smash the absolute shit out of it where as a natty lifter like myself wants to hit muscles multiple times a week which actually totals MORE volume than a steroid user. But maybe I’m wrong.

  • You know back in the day, Blaha, or as we called him, “The Blurrito,” was a force to be reckoned with. I can’t tell you how many lives he destroyed in the Korean War.. those poor china king owners.. But in reality The Blurrito was consuming all that food because he had special intel that the entire buffet was poisoned. Instead of letting those poor starving children become poisoned as well, he jumped on the hand grenade so to speak.. and devoured the poison to save the children. Another time I personally witnessed him sodomize a viking in ancient Britannia when they tried to raid his bean farm.. scary stuff man. He said the beard down there was bigger than the one on his face.. and the screams of JOY I mean anger I heard from Blurrito Boi. It was known as the Night of The Pig Cries.

  • Normally I wouldn’t tell you this, but one time me and Jason Blaha killed Hitler in a bunker and made it look like an Epstein. But it was us. Also, we snatched and grabbed 300 perfect 1922 Saint Gaudains double eagles (even though only like 20 some got made), while skydiving at a CIA black site under the Indian Ocean. Non-negotiable!!!