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Surefire Upgrades to 5 New Year’s Resolutions chevron_left PREV: Beginner’s Guide to the Gym chevron_right NEXT: 4 Ways to “Winter-fy” Popular. Five Surefire Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Step 1 – Don’t get carried away.. There are two reasons many people fail at keeping resolutions—they set their goals too Step 2 – Set measurable and specific goals.. All resolutions should be SMART—specific, measurable, attainable, Step 3. The trouble with those New Years’ resolutions is that they are notoriously hard to keep.

In fact, research about the success rate (yes, people do research these things) is pretty grim. About 80%. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by Corporate Transportation No Comments Many of us make new goals for the coming year but only a few of us actually manage to achieve or keep our new year’s resolutions. New Year’s Resolutions can be exciting.

They can also turn into a forgotten memory only weeks or months into the new year. According to Psychology Today, “In a series of studies, researchers from the University of Scranton followed 200 people who made New Year’s resolutions over a two-year period.Seventy-seven percent were able to keep their resolutions for one week. Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 is off to a great start for each and every one of you. Did you do anything special to bring in the new year?

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Hilton Head, S.C. While there and after I got back yesterday, I was thinking about what many of us think about at this time of year – new year’s resolutions. Happy New Year! 2019 has arrived, and there are many New Year’s resolutions you can make to keep your family safe in the new year.

These New Year’s resolutions include: Become CPRand Basic First Aid-Certified A cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class usually requires only a few hours to complete, and its benefits can last a [ ]. While New Years resolutions are popular, they also have been shown to sometimes set us up for failure. You may make a list of major goals, not. Surefire LED Upgrades and Drop-ins. Surefire M3, M4, M6, M3, M500, M951, M952, M961, M962, M900, M910, LED Conversions; SureFire Forend LED Conversions. Flashlights / Survival of the brightest.

SureFire flashlights deliver the utmost in performance, durability and versatility, and they are backed by our No-Hassle Guarantee.

List of related literature:

An improved version of SureFire gell, known as SureFire II, is now available.

“Oil Spill Science and Technology” by Mervin Fingas
from Oil Spill Science and Technology
by Mervin Fingas
Elsevier Science, 2010

ability improvements include a ring-laser 9Y9 INS and installation of the upgraded F100-PW-220E turbofan.

“Air Force Magazine” by Air Force Association
from Air Force Magazine
by Air Force Association
, 1995

The TTI Combat Master Performance Package sets a new benchmark in Glock performance.

“Book of Glock: A Comprehensive Guide to America's Most Popular Handgun” by Robert A. Sadowski, Stanley J. Ruselowski
from Book of Glock: A Comprehensive Guide to America’s Most Popular Handgun
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Skyhorse, 2018

I found a clean 1050 and never did bother with the XF551, but as I accumulate more software on disk again, it may become more tempting.

“Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation” by Jamie Lendino
from Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation
by Jamie Lendino
Amazon Digital Services LLC KDP Print US, 2017

For more information, see Chapter 4, “Preinstallation planning and sizing” on page 119 and Chapter 6, “Hardware configurations and upgrade considerations” on page 203.

“IBM TS7700 Release 3.3” by Larry Coyne, Robert Beiderbeck, Katja Denefleh, Joe Hew, Sosuke Matsui, Aderson Pacini, Markus Schäfer, Michael Scott, Chen Zhu, IBM Redbooks
from IBM TS7700 Release 3.3
by Larry Coyne, Robert Beiderbeck, et. al.
IBM Redbooks, 2017

Adapter cases to improve efficiency in performance of the M-23 photoflash bomb.

“Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Reports” by United States. Department of Commerce. Office of Technical Services, United States. Publication Board
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Office of Technical Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1946

Upgrading from AKS is extremely easy, just like from GKE.

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11.36 enables significant improvement in resolution.

“EUV Lithography” by Vivek Bakshi
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A Ceph OSD needs:

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The Surefire trimmer is expected

“Managerial Economics: Applications, Strategies and Tactics” by James R. McGuigan, R. Charles Moyer, Frederick H.deB. Harris
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Cengage Learning, 2016

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  • Love the goals. Your advice is based on having a healthy mindset, so donating to someone like NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) could be a great option.

  • Thank you so much!
    Still need to figure out my New Year’s Resolution for 2020, but this is so so so helpful and motivating.
    I remembered I found your channel at the end of summer break last year and was super motivated to start school and begin a new life. Similar as of now, I’ve been super lazy for the past few days after the long winter break, but this is definitely going to get me back to kick starting a whole new year (decade!)

    Thanks for always being there to motivate me and all the other lucky viewers that got to discover your channel.
    Lots of Love!

  • Hey, if someone wants to share the progress of their resolutions with strangers I think it could be a great idea to make some kind of online group, like a Discord Channel

  • I am working on being better. I have started with a clean table and the challange is to used it and for it to remain clean. Challange #1, thanks for the ideas and motivation. and I will not care if my bed is made, no more lossing sleep over this, not important for me, for now, I need other ideas

  • Yall should’ve done one for Ms Karen Wheeler. stop trying to flirt and hook up with high school boys no matter how developed they look or are.

  • Oh I have the EXACT same food preferences as you. Love it! �� Never been a sweet tooth, chocolate is the exception of course, love savoury, and never really craved meat. A year ago, I took the courage to finally put the label of an official vegetarian for life on myself and my overall vitality and health only got better since then! Not a fanatic here who’d say that everybody simply must quit meat, but I just wish everybody would find the diet that suits their body best ♥️ Good luck with your choice, Amy!

  • That podcast sounds awesome! My boyfriend and I think SO differently and it would be fun to hear about how you cultivate those differences in a marriage!

  • I totally relate to the F word. I once read by a motivational speaker that curse words just show how lazy you are when you communicate with others and you don’t care about respecting those who are listening or around you. It pushed a button of mine for sure. For some reason, I didn’t like reading that. But it stuck with me and it definitely helps me stop saying that. On top of that, I made a promise that every time I say it. I had to set aside 1 dollar like a curse jar and when I got up to 20 dollars I would have to donate it to a charity. The outcome I stopped saying the F word and other curse words and now donating to charity is a positive habit I have and enjoy. Maybe this could be something for you?

  • I don’t usually listen to podcasts, but I’d definitely listen to yours and Vin’s! The topic is spot on for me (us) this year! ����

  • even though this old video and it’s not the new years anymore i plan upload to youtube once a week each saturday so i am try it for 30 days and see the out come

  • Regarding the charity:
    1.) wonderful idea
    2.) I’d like to suggest The Neema Project ❤️

    Neema is based in Kenya and helps young women by bringing them and their children, if they have any, in off the streets and into their school to learn a skill that will allow them to earn an income and provide for themselves and their children. It’s an incredible organization that my husband and I have been supporting through our church over the past several years. I hope to be able to visit the school someday. Their next trip is coming up this summer ❤️ I’ll try to link something here for you or I’ll try to send it via IG.

    I hope this organization resonates with you and your team as much as it does for me! ❤️

  • This should be a meme. Chicken: I get really irritated every time I make it and I’m afraid I’m going to kill everyone if I don’t cook it right! ��

  • You without makeup are very pretty..your skin has a natural glow (so it seems��) what is your tricks??? I’ve heard of people adding coconut oil first thing in the morning

  • Read my blog on how to achieve your new year resolution every time…

  • Go girl! You just got a new subscriber on Insta for going veg �� I was basically eating first just fish, then just poultry, but since October only veg with eggs. Feel amazing and am determined to stay this way through 2020. Also kudos to charity ideas ��

  • Just to let you know matt, You are one of the BEST inspiration of me for making a good life. Despite i’m only 15. You are one of the person that drive me to be a better version of my self. Facing Challanges when my environment is not supporting me. Taking ACTION on my Dream, Ect ect. You are one of the greatest Inspiration.
    Thanks Matt
    God Bless Us ❤️

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    Be part of the FBE Family! Subscribe, then hit the ��!
    Notification Squad: We respond to comments the first 30 minutes a video is uploaded, so be sure to turn on notifications and come say hi sometime!
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    FBE Team

  • We are working on systematizing our donations this year too! Would love to talk more about partnerships and which ones you’re thinking of, or if you’re planning to do more local stuff. I always like to try to hit LOTS of different issues, but especially women’s issues. And dogs. Of course! <3

  • I’ve set aspirational goals this year. I’ve previously not really been a goal setter, for fear of failure, but this year I’ve set huge goals that I would love to achieve but don’t actually really think is possible. I have a good feeling that that distance and knowledge that it’s really unlikely I’ll actually hit them makes me way less scared to fail and so more motivated to really go for them.

  • Hey guys! Just want to know if anyone wants to take 30days to be accountability partners with me on sc or reddit so we can check in on each other and motivate each other to see if we can improve at whatever it is we decide upon:)

  • OMG, when you said “Alexa, good morning, good life.”, my Alexa responded, “Sorry, not sure about that.” Are you laughing? I’m doing a Rim to Rim Grand Canyon Hike in 2020.:) Also doing the Daily Stoic every day this year. Happy New Year, Amy!

  • And this guy keeps popping even after unsubscring, clearing cache, refreshing the page, I just man don’t want to watch any of his videos anymore.

  • Hi Amy! Thanks for sharing and inspiring, as always. If you’re looking for a worthy charitable cause, there is probably no greater need than the helpless orphans in Zimbabwe. The Amos charitable foundation is a great organization that seeks to provide African medical and orphan support. Thank you for your consideration. Here is a link for more details:

  • I am renewing my resolutions for 2020 because of the pandemy. Here are some of them:
    1. One no spend day a week
    2. Read 5 books till the end of 2020
    3. Screen time limit for every day
    4. Make one eco friendly change every month
    5. Take 1 vitamin a day

  • Yaaaas! Going meat-free! I went meat-free about 5 years ago. Then started eating meat again a couple of times 4 months ago for various reasons. It did nothing for me but bring back old health issues, so going meat-free again is also on my list. It all started with meat-free Mondays. When I realised how much better I felt on the days after not eating meat I started increasing my meat-free days until I didn’t eat any more meat at all. Looking forward to following your progress xxx

  • I hired a city bike the other day. They’re so slow, so heavy and so bad. If you approach it with the “ride it like you stole it” mantra though, it can be fun, and you can do some very silly things on them. I’ll be doing it again ��

  • It has been a while that I watched you (nothing personal) but I always get happy of hearing you talk so I guess one of my resolutions is to watch more of your videos �� and I’m also in for the podcast & Instagram updates!
    I’m wanting to cut my hair and I really like your haircut so I’ll show you as an example when I go!
    Happy 2020 ✨

  • Who’s watching this December 2019? I watched this last year and had not stuck to any of my resolutions, because I didn’t listen to this.. I didn’t make reasonable goals, and tried to move too fast. Determined to make the changes this year.. one step at a time.:)

  • I have 12 week business goals trying to follow the 12 week book.

    Then I have daily health and gratitude goals. I make sure to work out everyday, eat more fruit and write down 2 or 3 things I’m grateful in a journal every night!

  • My question is why the hell they did soo much working out on the division if you literally have to divide 75 and 24 by three which obviously 8.25

  • A few of mine are
    Learn French as a second language and it’s fun
    First time event through my Nonprofit
    No drinking sodas.
    So far, I had one this year, and it was for today, but I’m not desiring it like I use to. My family know now not to buy me any drinks. I am loving Hint water. You should do quarterly accountable series to see if any of your subscribers who watched this video can give updates on their goal accomplishments. That is so much needed.

  • I watched your video 11:53 p.m. Sunday night. I worked on writing myself a letter to work on my priorities and my daily agenda. What I decided to do the day before was to decide that I was going to write the letter and I was going to get it done. I did it. And it felt very natural.

  • Just to add on to my last comment I actually went to Google Images and print it out each picture that relates to each one of my New Year’s resolutions and I have it on my wall and I see it every day and every time I see it in the morning or at night that actually gets me excited and more encouraged to follow through with each one of those resolutions this year is going to be amazing I’m so excited

  • Language: I want to refresh my french, as I’ve been fluent in the past and I’d like to be able to have a conversation on a whim. BUT I also know a little bit of Spanish, I started learning as a child (Japanese, too) but never followed up until suddenly I was traveling Mexico and Central America like twice a year and barely being able to order from a menu as an adult. All that being said, I think the most important language I know how to say thank you in is Mandarin. Living in Vancouver I feel like it is incredibly important to know how to speak Mandarin as the population of Metro Vancouver is mostly of Asian descent.

    How I am going to prioritize learning languages is going to be where I am traveling to. I would like to get to Japan this year whether it’s a big long tour or a quick trip, I just want to finally get there. Japanese is another language I started learning as a child but cannot communicate in. Like Spanish, I can kind of pick up on conversations but that’s it.

    Mandarin is my #1 this year.

  • Im sorry for Tom saying that he is good at video and immediately show a clip of getting over it which has a 5% of people who bought the game actually complete it and get to the top

  • 6:36 when fbe uses the square root symbol instead of the division symbol? Im shit at math and even know this is totally wrong….

  • it’s december 27th, i have 2 2500 word assignments due january 6th, and i maybe almost fully understand one of them
    i’m keeping D’Avella on in the background to keep myself calm, and motivated that i can do this
    also may be using some of his work in my assignments ��

  • Detail Therapy: Though I enjoyed the aspect of the interviews being in person I believe that you will be able to expand and have more amazing interviews without having to restrict those meetings to those you can travel to. I’m excited!

    Postcast with Partner: I actually suggested this with my husband as something we can start in the future. He liked the idea but we agreed we have far too much else on our plates and now is not the time to start. I love couples podcasts though, whether it’s an interview duo, a shoot the shit podcast, or a podcast about relationship building, I’m in. I would love to hear a podcast with you and Vincenzo. I listen to Detail Therapy weekly so this will help fill that void of not having another episode to go to once I’ve finished listening for the week.

    Dinner Parties: I also want to host quarterly dinner parties but I have a group of friends that have a monthly dinner where everyone cooks out of one cookbook that the monthly host chooses. I am an outsider and am only invited once in a while but along with only being able to afford basic groceries for myself and my pets this becomes difficult. I have tried to have quarterly events with another group of friends but then I might be hosting/attending two dinners a night and I can’t afford that on top of buying a flatbread to share with my husband once a month. STILL I want to do it, lol.

  • So hopper tried to force mike and eleven to break up
    BOI seriously eleven is basically a younger jean grey, she can get what she wants,when she wants it and how she wants it! She’s got powers for gods sake!
    I honestly don’t see what Mike had to fear
    i did skip a little of that scene cause I don’t like seeing decent people in pain even if they are fictional.

  • If Mike told Eleven the truth, she would go after Hopper and that would create a bigger problem. Eleven was already mad at his father for preventing him from seeing Mike in season 2. Mike was really mature on this one. He seemed to want there to be no problem between Eleven and his father. Even if afterwards feels obliged to tell him more under the pressure that Eleven was inflicting on him.

  • Amy, you are inspiring me. Can you do some live sessions and also have some ways people can send messages or contact you to talk?

  • Totally do dinner parties! We have stared to do them in our 1909 house here in Michigan and it’s been a blast to connect people in our community.

  • Thank you so much for this video actually one of my New Year’s resolutions is to read a book a month which is exactly how I am thought of it another way and idea that I have that I did to to get myself a to follow through with my resolutions which I have like 12 of them that I made a vision board and put a picture of something that relates to Mike each one of my resolutions and I put it up on the wall in my room which I’m pretty sure it’ll help me follow through with all of them thanks for your constant you’re amazing:-)

  • Lana is a freaking great heat magnet which would cool if that heat went somewhere useful. It does not rub off on Lashley which cheapens the feud with Rusev because it’s not like Rusev can fight Lana so Lashley is just in this awkward position in which he is simultaneously both the most and least important part of a narrative. Bobby deserves better, either give him Lio back or let him fight Lesnar

  • As an organisation suggestion to donate to:
    They are helping young girls to expand their coding skills and pursue their passion. Many girls still shy away from a career in computer science and this organisation helps them to get experience and boost their confidence and gives scholarships for girls all over the USA.
    Your channel is all about that. Learning new skills, find something what makes you happy and pursue a future that you love. I think that organisation would perfectly align with your channel goals.

  • It was so sad they couldn’t do the math problem in their head…how do you not know how to divide three quarters by three wtf. I get they were put on the spot but still

  • Steve actually won a fight when the Russian man got beat up by him.
    Also, rip alexai, he only wanted to slurp his slurpee in peace.

  • Yeah, when you see something going to happen but you know you can’t stop Lucy in time. Followed by Vinny “Hey, Babe, Babe.” Yep, you get the next holiday! ������������ ��

  • I want to get back into skating because it used to make me happy and I’m missing happiness from my life now. I want to go once a week

  • Me sitting here realizing I did the math problem with divided multiplication. “8-16-24, first slot is 8 and the 75 is easy since 25-50-75, and then we have 8.25”

  • So Sabrina and Tom have won.
    You know what it means?
    We know what it means….
    Tom gets a Get-out-of-punishent card. Sabrina does not.
    Right FBE?

    See: Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #127

  • Amy, have you thought about targeting the younger generation with your knowledge? Say, high school/college. I could have used this channel during those years. Just a thought.

  • Hello, I love your channel I also follow you on instagram. You talk about your routines and to live the life we love. But HOW do I do that. I’m trying very hard to get a business started, trying super hard to change be a positive person ect.. I want so much better but have no idea how to get it. Thank you for all you do so well keep doing what you do.:)

  • Selfies: I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been out with friends in the past where they would wait until I was out of the room to take a selfie together and I would find out later online. Sometimes it was bad timing, sometimes the initiator was a “friend” that really didn’t like me (friends off now). I’ve also been out with friends where we’re on a boat, only 5 of us, and there are 3 of them right next to me taking a selfie. Asking my husband to take a selfie with me is like pulling teeth and it’s like I’ve asked him to pick up dog poop. On NYE a friend wanted to take a picture of my husband and I together and I was super excited because we honestly don’t have photos together and no one (except the event photographer) ever wants to take our photo (or just my photo) so I was like “Yeah!” and my husband became very forward and said “Hey, sorry we’re just waiting in line at the bar, can you come back later?” so my friend left and never came back, I was bummed and my husband was frustrated I was trying to get a selfie with our full outfits and it wasn’t working out. He suggested we get someone else do it but all our friends had left for another party. SO, when someone wants to take a selfie (it is usually only my bff who I see once every couple of months even though we live two blocks from each other) I am so emotional about it. /end inappropriately long comment about selfies.

  • Please please please consider People helping peoe of Utsh. We help woman with resume writting, interview prep, and work shops that empower them. And we are not government funded. ): I would love to chat. I’m just a board member. But I can set up a meeting with the owner. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [email protected]

  • I laughed when Kalisto said he’s gonna get the intercontinental championship. You know that’s not happening bc you barely show up as is lmao ������

  • Amy, thank you for not swearing on your channel. Not that I have virgin ears. I don’t. But I hear enough from our politicians, TV, movies, etc. I’m interested in your content and learning. Foul language, brings that level down to such a lesser degree. Not that it makes a person less intelligent, but they have less respect for their viewers and audience. One YouTuber I watch is so adorable but I’m almost ready to quit because every other word almost begins with F, GD, S, MF AH, Azz and I don’t understand why. I’m not a goody goody. And slip ups happen. But I’m totally loving your channel. Keep up the great work. ❤ You’re awesome!

  • Wouod you share how your Apple Watch helps with your productivity? I’m not sure if it’s a valuable tool I should save for in productivity or if it’s just so-so:)

  • hey matt,as u are so irregular uploading videos in YouTube ( -_-),i again came back here to remind me these things before 2020�� just love your videos man ��

  • An abused women’s shelter would so much fit your “go after the life you want” theme, because they cannot make steps to go after that life until they take that biggest step to get out of the situation that holds them back. Here in Indianapolis we have Sheltering Wings, which is amazing because they help women who are not ready to leave their abusive situation come up with a plan, and so forth, so it is not just a shelter. If there is something like that in your area, you should chose that one.

  • Hey guys so I’m listing my below but follow me on Instagram to watch me gradually conquer them throughout 2020: @zuh_nay request my close friends list
    BOXING 3 days a week
    -swiming 2 days a week
    Payed all of my debt off
    get back behind the wheel
    have at least 3 months of a financial runway saved up.

  • Everybody in comments: Division problem was easy also you used the square root symbol for division.

    Me, an intellectual: Tori should have won that juggling challenge

  • I love your “little apartment” ( 2:21 lol)… wish I can be in your party, and wow, 2020 retreat! Nice But well… but I’m far away LOL… Love you so much (I used to comment here with my other channel but now I’m working on this channel more so year, good morning, good life!)

    Oh yea, after all my binging for my channel, I really need to force myself to workout everyday!!

    Held back by reading your own book a hundred million time is ok, because hey, you’ve got your own books!!

  • I would love a podcast between you and your hubby… my gf and I are very different would love to see how you both get to the goal line by taking different roads to get there cause that’s definitely us

  • I never really believed in new year’s resolutions, until I tried only having one just this year. This year, it was to drink more and more water. I simply hadn’t been drinking enough. This upcoming year, I plan on starting a new one alongside it. It’s good to set a specific goal and not to overwhelm yourself with big details or too many goals. Good luck to those out there trying their hardest to get into new habits.

    Awesome vid as always Matt. Your content is always so refreshing to see in my feed.

  • I really enjoyed this video, I think because it was so unscripted and not needing to hype a product and it was just honest and authentic

  • Can you possibly do a video (unless you already have one somewhere) on how you make sure that you remember and keep up with your goals / track your progress. I’ve tried a couple of ways, but it always seems that I forget to look at them and then they don’t get done lol. So they clearly aren’t working for me.

  • Hi, I love the wreaths for every season idea. Would you do four, one for each season which means your winter one is also your xmas one?
    Or five? One for each season but the fifth one being especially for Christmas?
    Also –
    ‘If you love something lean into it’ Love it!!!
    Happy New Year & thank you for being an inspiration.:)

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  • A great book for anyone struggling to build a habit is Atomic Habits by James Clear. It touches on all the principles Matt talks about in this video.

  • I have an idea. How about you put one ad on every video you have, and just use that to create more? make a new bank account to put it all in and just have it as a content management account. I know you and the guys hate ads but as Leon said, were all very used to it and we want to take care of you. Heck, if the videos are this good quality now, can you image what you’d be able to do with the extra money? you could be even more life changing.

  • Haha oh gosh, dogs are always there to bring joy and unspeakable amounts of poop. I’m going to be honest though, a couples podcast is not really that interesting to me, I would rather you spend your time on your channel and your current podcast. Maybe just have Vin as a guest and talk about the topic? It just sounds like you are juggling too many balls and while I adore you, I don’t like the idea. I feel like other subscribers may also feel that way and just not want to tell you.

  • Everyone’s trying to wake up early, but I’m trying to wake up later cause I always get up at like 5 am and do nothing but watch YouTube videos ��

  • Hey Matt, I’ve recently subscribed to your channel and loved all of your videos. Your videos inspired and motivated me to do and be more in life. Really thankful for you brother. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep inspiring other people. Just like what the Rock says, “find your anchor”. I’ve made you one of my anchors in life man. Again, really really thankful. All the best ����

  • If you are looking for an organization to donate to that helps women go after the life they want, look into your local Junior League. Junior Leagues mission is to help women and children, your local league may have connections to local non-profits they work with and help that may resonate with what you want to donate to as well. It’s at least a platform to start looking into more local organizations.

  • This video is funny. You know what’s not funny?? Not subscribing to the TRY NOT TO CHANNEL!! There’s nothing funny about that. It just don’t make no sense.

  • I would recommend running your own foundation and sponsor start up female companies. Here’s a few nonprofits: National Association of Women Business Owners, Score, Ladies Who Launch, Women’s Venture Fund, SBA Women’s Business Center and National Women’s Business Council.

  • Goals need whys, stop eating meat: because I don’t want animals to be tortured, because climate change is ruining our world and meat is the second biggest contributor to that, because plant based is better for my body (the gamechangers)…and because I don’t like it all that much

  • LOVE that you are going meat free! Highly suggest looking into Dr Neil Barnard he has great information on how you will be improving your health by completely avoiding meat.

  • Getting back to the gym. I was great about keeping up my workouts while pregnant, but now with a baby and working….LOL. But sitting down and making an outline of what my ideal day would look like, I think there is room for the gym at least twice a week if I move some other things around.

  • Table of contents

    1:13 Grit
    2:30 Get specific and commit to change
    3:55 Exercise: My Dream Day
    5:16 The first 30 days
    Look at your calendar and make a plan for the first 30 days
    Identify the days where you might slip off
    Set reminders
    Get things in the to-do list
    Create rules for yourself
    Use the 2-day rule
    Design the physical environment
    6:25 Motivation

  • As a newbie last year my resolution was to hit 1000 miles in the year. I ended up doing 1200, including a month or so off with a broken rib in the summer
    This year I hope to hit 2000 miles

  • Dear BikeRadar people, my NYR is to use a Concept 2 rowing machine in the off season. Please make a video called: Rowing for Cyclists. Thank you.