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“The August 2009 AMV Contest” [CLOSED] *GRAND OPENING* -Closed!!Results are up! up up up!

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August Update is looking INSANE! 5 New Pieces of Content, 6.2 Nerf Marvel Contest of Champions

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Giveaway Announcement 41: Three $20 Prizes for August 29 (3 Winners)

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January Save of the Month Contest | ONE MORE DAY TO ENTER

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A HEARTY UPDATE ⁄⁄⭐️ June-August notes ⭐️

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Razer Chroma Profile of the Month Winner | August

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August 2020 Scripture Stamp Club Reveal

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For the month of August we want to celebrate the power of exercise. So, we invite you to enter this month’s Member of the Month contest by submitting a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite fitness activity and up to 500 words describing how exercise was key to achieving success. What’s up fish peoples:fish::fish: It’s time for Fishforums bimonthly Fish of the Month Contest. This month we are featuring Gourami only.

If you have a Gourami in your household, we hope you will enter the contest. Please note that if you won a previous POTM contest, you must skip one POTM. The European Athlete of the Month initiative was launched in January 2007 and is designed to recognise outstanding performances set by European athletes. Voting closes at 12:00pm CET on Monday 10 August and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards based on the combined results across voting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This month we want to hear from you how MyFitnessPal has made you more aware of your choices and what lifestyle changes this new awareness has inspired you to make.

To enter, please submit a photo of yourself making a healthy food or fitness choice with up to 500 words describing the lifestyle changes MyFitnessPal has helped you make. Dear members, You have 24 hours left to enter the Job Of The Month 9/2019 contest. If you haven’t already and would mind entering yourself by visiting the JOTM Album, you need to add just ONE picture to the JOTM Album and then link to your job thread and / or your own album in the media. All Bulldog Breeds are welcome to enter our contest; After August 22nd we will no longer accept entries. All photos will be posted within the 4 Paw Members board, and the 4 Paw Members will vote for their favorite photos until the second to last day of that month.

Winner and Runner Up will be announced on or shortly after September 1st. Welcome to the August 2015 Pet of the Month Photo Contest! This month’s theme will be: Grumpy Pets! Pet of the Month Contest; ENTER HERE August 2015 Pet of the Month Contest Grumpy Pets; You must be a registered member of Pet Help Forum and submit your photo by replying to this topic.

Sandwich Challenge: Make a great sandwich, share your secret process and ingredients, etc. August 17. Stone, Concrete, Cement Challenge: Use any or all of these materials in your project. August 17. Build a Tool Contest: Build a tool.

August 17. Make it Move Contest. If there’s movement in your project, it’s eligible. August 17. Welcome to our Frenchie of the Month Contest!

This month’s theme will be: Lazy Frenchies!!! Show us a photo of your Frenchie snoozing or being lazy this summer for a chance to win a 30 day supply of FREE NuVet Plus Supplement! If this is the first page you are viewing on our forum, then I really must tell you more about our site before you go!

August 2013 Pet of the Month Contest ENTER HERE Welcome to our Pet of the Month Contest! All photos will be posted within the Creature Keepers board, and the Creature Keeper Members will vote for their favorite photos until the last day of that month. Winners and Runner Ups will be announced on September 1, 2013.

List of related literature:


“The Bicentennial of the United States of America: A Final Report to the People” by American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
from The Bicentennial of the United States of America: A Final Report to the People
by American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
American Revolution Bicentennial Administration, 1977

I enter! many contests.

“Language Arts, Grade 2” by Spectrum
from Language Arts, Grade 2
by Spectrum
Carson Dellosa Education, 2009

The type of contest: Are the contests the same, or are you giving away a different prize each week?

“Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies” by Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman
from Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
by Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman
Wiley, 2014

Criteria: All authors, whether members or nonmembers, are eligible to receive the prize.

“Official Register 2008” by American Society of Civil Engineers
from Official Register 2008
by American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers, 2008

Thanks, laurcn‘ Your entry for the contest has been successfully recorded.

“Professional Heroku Programming” by Chris Kemp, Brad Gyger
from Professional Heroku Programming
by Chris Kemp, Brad Gyger
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I only entered because the contest organizers begged me to.”

“Hestia the Invisible” by Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
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by Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
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To be considered for this prize, submissions must contain a valid idea and meet all other criteria outlined within the competition specifications.

“Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data” by Phil Simon
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What is the point of this contest?

“Security Analysis and Portfolio Management” by Sudhindra Bhat
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This contest was followed by a 15 Apr. 1685 SIR EDWARD HERBERT WILLIAM CHARLTON

“The House of Commons, 1660-1690” by Basil Duke Henning
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The sixty days specified in the contest rules haven’t yet passed since my entry was accepted.

“The Spirit of St. Louis” by Charles A. Lindbergh, Reeve Lindbergh
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  • At long last!! Thank you! ���� What a perfect way to thank Our Father for the beauties and blessings of a rough Summer. I so appreciate each of your hearts ❤️ and spirits ��️!

  • how about the refunds for people who spent resources and units on the champion boss? they mentioned before there should be some sort of compensation

  • Thank you for opening up about your anxiety. I have avoided dealing with my own anxiety and for the longest time believed it was normal to constantly feel pressure to do something, and if not something bad was going to happen. Not a lot of people talk about anxiety on this platform, and it is deeply comforting to know I’m not alone. Anyways hope ur doing good ❤️

  • as a 17 year old, about to become a senior in high school, watching your videos has made me a better person. i didn’t even realize the impact your videos had on me until a week ago. the slow pace, the honesty, the rawness of your videos has literally taught me to slow down, completely down. my life contains a lot of constant motion, and i realized…through your videos that something always doesn’t need to happen to know i am moving along in life. and for that, i grew more mature, patient, more loving with others around me. thank you.

  • Yeah I loved that this channel has grown a lot. You were at a 1,000 sub when I first saw your videos. You were the one that helped me get gt6, hell I didn’t even know they had gran turismo on ps3. You taught me how to play town of Salem and I started to win multiple times. Then I stop watching your videos for a while because I only watched videos from other people. And j come back and your over halfway to 10,000 SUBS?!?

  • hello annabelle thank you a lot for updating us! ��

    recently I’ve been getting into journaling and penpalling. I really like writing down all my emotions and what I’m feeling. It really helps my mental health. I’ve also been writing to people all around the world and getting to know them! please stay safe and hug your cats for me lolol

  • I’ve been following along since I was applying to colleges and panicking about art school. Now I have my bachelors in graphic design! ��

  • hi annabelle,

    seeing you grow artistically and personally throughout these years brings me comfort and joy. it’s clear that you always strive to do a wonderful job in everything you do. my hope is that you don’t overwork yourself and risk the loss of enjoying your process. remember that it’s okay to hit pause. we’re always rooting for you!


  • aw this is great! my dad is a dentist good luck. its definitely a high pace job right now for the dentists. enjoy this experience. be safe<3

  • annabelle, i grew up in rhode island and going to the Block is definitely a RI staple, I’m so glad you finally got to go. it’s a lovely little island. i hope you come back to visit RI sometime in the future!!:) ❤️

  • I see a clip in your video and I immidiately wanna comment on how sweet and beautiful that is. But then you move on to something even sweeter. Your life in all is sp beautiful, at the point where you stand now, and it really really inspires and motivates me to get my shit together. Lots of love ������

  • Nice to see you guys wearing masks. I’ve been seeing so many influencers without them because it’s not as aesthetic… smh ��‍♀️

  • Any word on dual class crystal? I’ve been hoarding my shards since the roadmap announcement. Got enough for seven 5*s and nowhere to spend it!

  • Cats are very knowledgeable about our emotions. They really know when you are sad etc. they’ll come and cheer you up, it’s kind of freaky but so amazing and sweet (-from another crazy cat lady)

  • That Yu-Gi-Oh reference was… I should have expected it…

    To elaborate on what this reference is about… Exodia is a series of 5 cards in Yu-Gi-Oh that acts as an instant win condition if a player can get all 5 cards held across their hand and field. Just goes to show how powerful Platinumpool thinks he is if he’s making THAT sort of reference…

  • I’ll be sitting for a rlly stressful exam soon, this video was so calming. Thank you Annabelle, always look forward to your videos!

  • The change to the Champion is great and all but it doesn’t help me because I’m still stuck at that stupid Mr. Sinister because I don’t have Heimdal. Lame.

  • thank you for sharing your experiences with us and brightening up my day. i’ve been stuck in a fast paced mentality since i can remember, and your videos remind me to slow down and admire the beauty in the world. thank you for inspiring me to show thankfulness and gratitude every day, no matter what the world throws at me. i hope you and your family are healthy and happy during this time!

  • Annabelle, there have been some high highs and some low lows throughout this time for me too. I’m glad you were able to share that things have been difficult and not sugar-coat it, cause that’s just how it is right now and that’s okay. Here’s to hoping that we can both pull through with our mental health haha

  • i missed you so much annabelle it felt like i was catching up with an old friend. your videos always give me a sense of calmness with whatever’s going on with my personal life lately, thank you for that. <3

  • Annabelle,
    I loved all the music that you paired with all your vlog footage. You always pick such gorgeous music and it makes me feel like I’m getting a glimpse into the beautiful moments you get to experience. I’m glad to see you on here again—I never mind having to wait to see your videos. You and your family are always so darlings and I love updates! Anyways, I’ve been looking for a cat to adopt because I moved into my new apartment recently where I can have pets. I’m so excited for one. I hope I find one that is just the most precious kitty I’ve met! ☺️Have a great day and/or month. I’m glad you’ve got to run around a bit recently and make some memories. ☺️

  • They’re not even nerfing act 6 so no seatin didnt get what he wants only nerfing champion seriously wow seatin I’m very disappointed in you.

  • Wow this video speaks to me in so many ways. I’m from California, but live and work in Europe. I’ve had to cancel all my plans to travel home this summer so it has been super bittersweet not to be with my family. Seeing the sights in your video gives me a little piece of home I’ve dearly missed. Even the bit about Block Island. One of my friends actually works there every summer. I wonder if you might have run into her!

    Thank you for these updates. I’m a teacher and on-site lessons are about to resume, so I’m filled with much trepidation. These chatty videos help keep me grounded and feel connected. It is a chaotic time affecting everyone in so many ways. We’ll get through this together, one stepping stone at a time. Positive vibes to your loved ones and take care Annabelle:)

  • not tryna be gushy but i’ve been obsessed with you and your channel since your freshman year!! i’ve loved watching your life and pretending as if you were a personal friend of my own, so much so i’d reference you to my family so often my parents both know who you are because of it!! ever since i’ve subscribed to you i really found my own calling for art and realizing what i want to do and what i’d like to pursue in for my future and what i’d like to go to college/ major in was all because of you!! i did a bunch of research on RISD and art schools in my area and because i’d like to major in art history but found myself almost (a very tiny piece in this big puzzle of my life) because of watching your vlogs and your life:) i really consider you part of my family and i love your personality and ugh your fashion taste Italian kiss perfectttt but to be serious i’ve always loved watching you interact with your family and tyler and when you got your lovely cats:) your videos bring me a lot of serotonin and it makes me very happy when i see you happy in your own life. i think it’s very important to recognize when you love what someone does and praise them for it, i love your content and i love you as a whole and i hope that you know at least a few of your subscribers will always be here till the day you log off!:)) xoxo

  • Thank you for the update�� I really love your videos and and they are always so therapeutic to watch. I really respect you for your priorities. I love your new look too! ���� I also want to rock a straight Bob hair �� wishing you and your family great health. God bless!

  • … This game stucks in a circle… Every month… New Champs.. Event quest.. Lame stuff…. Take you’re time make the game easier for the New Players.. And make this Game FAIR!

  • Now, all they need to do is add the Summoner Appreciation Gold and BC boost for the month. I need to open these gold crystals I have saved

  • first: sorry for my bad english
    i have a question: does it have to be a new amv, or could it also be an an amv that i uploaded already? (i uploaded it in august this year)

  • Love that you’re trying to slow down because your videos have encouraged me to be more intentional and pause to look at the beauty of everyday moments �� I’ve been time-tracking on paper and being more productive using Notion as a digital planner, and as someone who’s been trying to build up more self-discipline and structure in my life from nothing, it’s helped a ton �� sending you love and inner peace Annabelle!!

  • Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us and I hope your family stays well and healthy.�� And oh my goodness the ALPACAS. I love Alpacas!!! ���� P.S. this is Deci lol

  • I quit playing the game almost an year ago. I just got fed up with Marvel’s shit. I hate the amount of time I have to spend playing to get little bites. The awards are crap,the champions… Always have to come up with newer and newer champions that are the best always the new champion is the shit. Always is the best of all the rest before him and you have to have him or you have to have them all. I’m tired of this shit. I remember back in the days when Ultron was the shit. He was like super hard to beat. Now… Not so much. Since then they come up with a tons and tons of new champions and if you don’t have them you ain’t shit. You can’t complete sertain quest. And the amount of gap between the difficulty levels are just… Fucked up! And I’m just tired of this shit. Fuckin crystals are fucked up. Sometimes on the rotation I see only like maybe 15 to 20 champions. The rest are not there. Why? Fuck Kabam. I have to buy energy? Really? You MF have to pay us for playing the game. Energy should be endless. Just saying… The game is not enjoyable as it used to be for me. It’s became very difficult and time consuming. It’s not just worth it. And suckers like me.made this MF millionaires or maybe billionaires. It won’t surprise me with they prices on everything.

  • Say what you want about all this new shit! Kabam has screwed up AW Season 19 not to mention all the maintenance problems!!! So till they come off some rewards to compensate us for these inconveniences,IMO kabam are greedy AF!!! #BIGFACTZ��������

  • Thanks for the effort you put on that wonderful vlog. Please don’t put so much pressure on you. I’m much older than you and I can tell age from 20-30 is horrible for all of us. It is nothing personal. Send love from Germany �� Everything will be fine ����

  • hello! I have also been feeling a little unmotivated and honestly a little numb for the summer holidays, watching your videos always help and I especially love these kinds of videos it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one feeling like that. I hope everything is good at home and yourself and have a nice day!
    with love, Garance

  • I’m so happy that your vlogs are these long ��✊ the way you talk, the edit and the actual content is so therapeutic, it helps me to calm down, you and oh no nina and yoora jung are my inspirations in being productive and working my ass off to get to my goals!!! ����

  • Free play players: I can’t believe we can’t get Platinum Pool and it’s only for the whales. Not fair

    Also Free to play players: look at me I beat LoL/Cavalier/Abyss as a free to play and I am awesome.

    Also free to play in three years: why did the game go down? Why didn’t the whales keep paying for this game so I can play for free… NOT FAIR!!!!

    I was free to play for year and half so I can say this!!!!

  • Herald difficulty should slightly better rewards,slightly higher attack rating and health pool if needed,and much less boring ambushes of Sasquatch like in the Canadian difficulty

  • Champion 6.2 nerf I would call “a good first step.” Not nearly enough of a nerf. But perhaps when combined with the overall act 6 nerfs later, it will come more into focus.

  • i’ve been binge-watching all of her videos especially the art school vlogs and it’s just really amazing how she could make normal scenarios look very beautiful. btw, i really love the hairstyle in this vid like GIRL you are rocking the short hair! please take care of yourself, annabelle! we admire you so much and thank you for this new vid! ����

    p.s. the color grading and musical scoring of this video is OUT OF THIS WORLDDDD. you really did a great job! ��

  • question!.you say u will take out one amv every week, once u get aqll te vids…yet there r 172 vids now, are you going to increase the rate at which u discard the amv’s or what?

  • I can appreciate the auto complete. I suggested it ages ago on reddit. No one wants to have to even load all these 1 hit fights. Just take the energy for the rewards

  • OMG Maymay How Absolutely Sweet and Adorable is your Scripture Stamp Set. You really did another Super Incredible Creativejob designing it!! The sample are amazing and the coloring is impeccably done as are the total design of each one!! Thanks so much for doing all you do and the way you do it!! YOU so ROCK!!

    Joan Smith

  • i’m so happy you went to block island, it’s an amazing place. and a piece of my heart definitely lives in point judith. i’ve been missing that place a lot lately so it made my day to hear you mention it:)

  • definiately a lot for one month. would have liked this to be spread out over a few months. Seems like they are bottle necking August

  • nice video i really love ur content but i wish i had a razer keyboard to try these effect or profiles u call, they seem really cool and nice. Ive never tried a rgb gaming keyboard in my life. Good content keep it up

  • I dont see anything insane. Well if your aim is to whale out then sure. The boss rush rewards look meh. Looks like they took the suggestion of harder content and cut the rewards in half.

  • The alpacas, hahaaa. I really wish I could support you on Patreon, so grateful for your videos here. They really calm me and I feel like you’re my big sister. It would be a dream, to meet you in person. Sending you so much love.:)

  • hey is it to late my video is made on september 1st i had a beta version of the video but i didn’t want to put it in because it wasn’t finished so can i put in the september 1st video?

  • too bad that 99% of all Android users have a bricked phone because the game won’t update also I am pissed cos I’m not going to get my sasquatch crystals until the 21st of August and I can’t be f**** asked to wait and I’m also in the UK and have marvel inside it and can’t be bothered to collect points in puzzle quest because f*** that noise

  • okay commenting again because i finished watching the video: pleasepleaseplease keep your head up and remember you are so loved not only by your family but by all of your viewers too, we love u so much and i’m sending all my love to you

  • Awesome. Mine was made using only Windows Movie Maker, and is honestly the first AMV I’ve made using actual clips from the show. But I hope I at least get something for having music probably no one else uses… xD

    It’s Naruto, so be kind. x3